y THE ASHEVITiLE CITIZEN, SATUItDAY- OCTOBER 13, 1917. nisV" ii Wn es.Lxei aV aJV seWli' mi Jf w ttJk n 1 1 ryw.swirMVwn I Society Personals . i . ... Of great social Interest throughout wedding party. Tba guests motored (hs state la tha wedd nc tonight or Miss Hortsnse Haughton Jonee and ... I Mr. Richard Gordon Stock ton. of Win J ston-Salem. Tha earemony will take J plaoe at 8:80 o'clock at Trinity Epls- oopal church. Immediately after wards thera will ba a large reception - I: at tha home of the bridge parents on Haywood street. " Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ralston, of ,, , Beaverdam, entertained with a 'pos- sum hunt on Thuraday evening- . In compliment to tha birthday annlvsr i aary of fheir daughter, Mies LucUe , v Halstoa. A delloioue oampflre aupper waa served, after whioh old-fashioned c game and songs were enjoyed. The y g uests present were; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ralston, Mr. and Mrs. John a Branegan, Misa Luclle Ralston, Miss Gertrude Hyder. Miss Robena Hyder, ' Miss Helen Young. Miss Annie Xoung, i m Miss Hannah Palmer, Miss Grace XuyksndalL Miss May Allen, Miss HatUe Lee. Mr. Alvin Cooper. Mr. B, C. Kilmace, Mr, Robert Johnson, Mr. t JDU rx(, Air. i;ari rumer, tar. Clyde Palmer, Mr. Prltchard Cham- . plon, Mr. Kennle Deweese, Mr. Roy " Xuykendall. Mr. Charlie Ralston, Mr. Johnnie Ralaton. Mrs. M. 8. Russell f of New York, and Mr.: Smith-Mull, f PR. WU, W rPr Z Miss Hortense Jones was the honor guest at one of the largest dinner Z parties of the season, given last eve- nlng by Mr. Edwin U Ray at tbe Bat Jj tery Park hotel. The long dinner table . E.waa placed in the -lounge and was K most artistically decorated with large r bowls of beautiful pink dahlias and g asparagus ' fern. The dainty hand m painted name cards were in keep- Z. ing with the occasion. After din m sner . the bridal party rehearsed for JJ the weddmg at Trinity church and returned to the hotel later in the eve J nlng to enjoy dancing. . Covers were laid for twenty-eight,, Mr. Ray's guests being: Miss Jones, Miss May Bernard, Miss Cornelia Taylor, of Winston-Salem; Miss Frances Oates, 5 Miss Ruth Crits, of Winston-Salem; to Arden In the morning, returning to the oity In the late afternoon. The party was composed of the bridal party and the out-of-town guests who are here for the wedding. Mrs. King Kennedy was hostess last evening at a dinner party grren at tne Battery Park hotel After dinner the guests enjoyed the Friday night dance. Th regular dinner dance last night at the Battery Park hotel was one of the largest held in some time. Several large dinner parties preceded the dance, and during the dinner hour dancing was enjoyed between the courses. - Added to the hotel guests were a number of the dancing con tingent of AshevlUe who went to spend the evening. Dancing lasted until midnight. Miss Genevive Theobold will enter tain the members of the Girl's card club this afternoon at her home on Chestnut street. Mrs. M. CL Austin entertained the members of the Esther, chapter O. E. S. sewing circle, at her apartment at the Southern hotel yesterday after noon. A delightful musical program was carried out during the afternoon. after which the hostess served re freshments. Mrs. C. D. Beadle of BUtmore estate will entertain Miss Hortense Jones and the members of her bridal party. with a motor ride over the estate this morning. A number of the members of the Country club are planning to ro to the cluw this afternoon for afternoon tea. Each Saturday these teas are given by the management of the club, J J The "Wharee" Card club meets this afternoon with Miss Isabel Cooke at her home. No. 17 Chunn street gt - 'Ws W M W Get tle Round Package Us for ft Century. (T Caotioi J'gJWold Susstlti Atk For and GET f 51 -MOHOCK THE OniCIUAL nnn mm VlHLIL,EsV IvJILIrl Made from clean, rich milk with the ex. i mlted Vm. malted in our own Malt Houses under sanitary conditions. H" "J wuln. more than tea, eeff eW Al LJ "tinn indues, tofrmhin. Jeep. AUo in lunch ubUt form for busujeesnisj. Subatltutea Ceat YOU Same lrlc Toko a Paokaao Homo ftosiertf for Men, lOomen and Children at ffhis Store Ladies AAA Cotton Hose, smooth finish in Black or White, QQ .-' Ladies' Gordon round Ticket Hose, medium heavy weight in Black or QO ' i White .V M . . .... ................. . .... '. :, , . . . eJesC ' t Ladies' Gordon Cotton Hose, reinforced heel, double tole and toe in Black or C A A, White iJUC. Ladies Gordon Silk Lisle Hose, medium light weight in Black or . , . , 7 f.JC;.f Ladies' Cashmere Hose in regular and outsize s in Black "Vf ., only .., , DC Men's Gordon Cashmere Hose in Black only White ' Miss Pearl Osborne, of Durham. k- ... ..I.,lu.a ln A 1 111 I, '77 '7 . ? V, . . r ,Z 1 . ' " several weeks. CMUU4, saiam 4yru n.iiuonuu, jar. bdb Mrs. Silas G. Bernard, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Stockton, of Winston-Salem '.Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Starr of Winston- latav t , mjciu, jar. nuu mrs. ruweii uiuiter, , . or winstor.-rtH.iem; i;r. and Mrs. wii- J lam M. Jonas,-of Oreenaboro; Mrs, f. Charles Vogler, of Winston-Salem; ' Mr, John Whitakerof Winston-Salem; Z Mr, James Gray, of Wine ton -ulem; Mr. A. ii. jsner of Winston-Salem: Mr. Lsvwrenee H. Jones, Mr. James Gray, of Wlnaton-SaleoiE Mr. Robert Jones, jar, itaipn mockion, or unapei lin; Mr. , jonn Tinett, of Charlotte; Mr, ' Mrs. Owen Norvel has rone to her former home at Salisbury, for a short Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Davis, of Bir mingham. Ala., arrived yesterday to spend a short time in the city. Mrs. H. R. . Smith and her small daughter. Miss Katherlne Smith, are visiting relatives and friends in the eastern part of the state. K.v nimn Mr Ijrnar RUrbhnn. rl " ' Jn, Ot virVii a Mr ni,; CMoago. in., are among the guests Virginia, and Mr. Richard Stockton, ol winston-rjaiem. The Twin City Sentinel gives the roiiowing: ''Mrs. John 8. Cunningham, of the Norttt Carolina insurance department, nas just oeen appointed ny Mrs. K. J, Keynoias, state chairman, represents' nmfn'. mmf 7h. tTw?I eor Andrews, are in the city for woman .-W"tM of .the t Liberty U ,hort etay en route to their home 1 " ' '. . "v." ..i. "-T". " w 1" n Tennessee. "wuieH UI UUUVU( IWIV, All, I . . , , m tr F- Orwnr left yesterday ft w Hrrf tn.i.Hr.l0,a 'or her hom Knorvllle, Tenn., after .n.,n- at.?rll0L ?; f Pndin. knight vfltlng relative. spending a few weeks at Grove Park Inn. Miss Evelyn V. Page left Friday morning for coleraln, N. C, where she has accepted a position as music teacher in the High school there, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Andrews, and Mr, contact with schools, colleges "and I women s ciuos over tne state. , "All summer Mrs. Cunningham lias oeen working in benaii of the wom en's committee of the Council of Na tional' Defense, and shs assumes the Liberty loan duties with patrlotlo araor. "It was Mrs. Cunningham, as chair man of the woman's committee for the State fair, who secured Con rress worn an Jeanette Rankin to sneak at the dedication of the woman's building at ma rair next wees. '-' "xesterday Mrs. Cunningham was the guest of Mrs. R. J. Reynolds; to day she visited the schools of the city in tne interest or conservation, and leaves tor Greensboro tonight." ,' -'A Jt Jt t " Coming as a complete surprise to the friends and relatives of the con tracting parties was. the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Harris and their son. Master George Karris, Jr., of Montgomery, Ala., are visiting rela tives m tne city for a fortnight. Mrs. A. C. Cuthbert who has been lit AshevlUe for a" number of months. leaves this week for her home at New Orleans. ,zW Mrs. S. W.' Black ha returned to her borne at Bryson City, after spend ing a lew aays in AshevlUe. Mrs. W. W. Balrd. of Nashville. Tenn., has arrived in the city to spend several weeks. Bishop and Mrs. Junius Horner and their two daughters. Miss Eva Horner ana Miss Katherlne Horner, leave to- Miss Julia Michael, of Daytona, Fla., day for a stay of several weeks at and Mr. Donald Bowles, son of Mr. and -Mra R. . B. Bowles of this city. which took place at Jacksonville, on October 11. Mrs. Bowles Is well known - in the musical circles of Daytona, where she has a host of friends. Mr. - and Mrs. Bowies are at home to their friends at No. H 8 Charlotte street Mr. and Mrs. Silas G. Bernard en ; tertalned with a picnic luncheon yes terday at their country place near Ar den, having as their chief guests. Miss Hortense Jones and Mr. Richard , Stockton and the members of - the Chicago and other large cities. Mr. William Sanders, of Wilson. N. C. is In AshevlUe for an indefinite stay. . Mr. and Mrs. Murray Downs, of New York City, are among the guests at Grove Park inn. ' Mr. and Mrs. John C. Arbogast re turned to their home on Montford avenue yesterday after spending sev eral days in Canada, where they went for the wedding of their daughter, Miss Eula May Arti'ogast. and Mr. Robert M. Horsburgh, which took place last Tuesday. Lieut Eugene Cocke, who is sta tioned at Camp Sevier. 8. C. will mo tor to the olty today to attend the Jones-Btockton wedding this evening. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Parks and their three children, who have been spend ing some time in AshevlUe, will re turn to their home in South Caro lina today. Mr. Walter Faust has returned to his home at New Orleans, after spend ing the summer months in the city. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Toung, of Chi cago. 111., are In AshevlUe for a short stay. Mrs. Ida Brlggs has returned to her home In the city, after visiting Mrs. Bam Bailey for several days at her home at Marshall. Major F. J. Clemejiger, who is sta tioned at Camp Sevier, S. C, arrives today to spend the week-end in Ashe vllle. Mr. E. R. Rankin has returned to his home at Statesville, after spend ing a ehort while in the city. Mr. and Mrs. John Hallyburton and Miss Addle Hallyburton spent some time at Morgan ton during the week. Mrs. J. Bryant O'Bannon, who has been occupying an apartment at Rose Terrace for the summer, has returned to the Langren hotel, where she will spend sometime. Mrs. N. McNaughton has returned to her home at Morganton, after visit ing friends in AshevlUe and at Marion. Mr. and Mrs. E.- C. Council, of At lanta, Ga., have returned to their home after spending several weeks in AshevlUe. . Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Brawley and their children, who have been spend ing the summer at their country place at Flat Rock, have returned to their home at Greenville, for the winter. Mr. and Mra. Brawley are frequent AshevlUe visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Charles UnderhlU, who have been spending some time In the city, have returned to Fayettevllle. N. C. Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston. Jr.. will return to the city tomorrow, after a short stay at Wilmington, N. C. Mrs. W. N. Hackney and Miss Nell Hackney have gone to Atlanta, Ga., where they will visit relatives for sev eral weeks. tratlon committee. In the place of Mrs. R. B. Hayes, who has resigned. Mra Hayes will be out of the city during the winter months Mr. and Mrs, Arch Ray, of Bryson City, tpent several days with relatives in the city durmg the week. A bridge party for the benefit of the American Red Cross will be held at the AshevlUe Country Club Wed nesday, October the 17th. The en trance fee will be one dollar per per son. This party will be open to the publto by special permission of the board of governors of the AshevlUe Country Club. Tables may be made up if desired. Same table will play throughout the party. Individual entries will be paired together at the beginning of play. Prizes will be given to the highest scores. . flaying will begin promptly at S p. m. All entrances must be made with the sec retary of the club not later than Tuesday noon. Advt. 4t A horns built In Grove Park can be sold at a profit rather than at a loss. Phone 1683. tf SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL. LOUISVILLE. Ky., Oct. 12. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Ro man Catholic charitable organization with a membership extending through out the world, opened Its national congress In this city today. Delegates from branches of the society through out the United States are attending the rebsions, which will continuo over tomorrow and Sunday. 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Sheets and Pillow Cases. Convalescent Robe. Operating Cap and Mask. Operating Gowns. Hospital Bed Sheets. Men's Pajamas. Bed Socks and Foot Socks. GOOD FRIEND TO WOMEN That's What Mount Pleas- ant Lady Says Cardui Is and Tells What It Did For Her. TODAY'S SPECIAL Best Carolina Head Rice, pound , 10c LINDSEY & COLLINS Bfltmore Avenue Store Phones 2540-2541. College Street Store Phones 2816-2817. BUY A LIBERTY BOND meets with the approval of tbe one who pays the bills and tends Us Ares. Have you tried this clean, free burning and satisfaction giving coal? If not. It's timt you didT Orders filled promptly in any M ....... ..,u DIM, ,11,1.7. ?VI4 have been paying for a quality aJ wHtp u mm (two. Mrs. Charles Lynch, of WII mine-ton. N. C, is spending a short time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Con yers, at their home on Cumberland circle. Mr. W. T. Spain of Memphis, Tenn.. la in AshevlUe for a brief stay. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Scott and Miss Julia Baxter Scott, of Charlotte. are spending some time at Washing ton uity ana hbw jrork city. They spent part or eacn summer in Ashe vlUe and are well known here. Mrs. J. M. Gudger, Jr., chairman of the Woman s Council of National Defence for Buncombe county, an nounces that Mrs. T. P. Malloy will serve as vice-chairman of the regis- New Styles in Women's Hosiery 'And the Always Popular Staple Numbers for Fall Wear. . ' Among the new styles are Colored Silks in shades to har monize with the Fall Suits and Dresses- Brown, Grey, Silver, Taupe, Fawn, Champagne, Russian Calf, Cordovon, etc., come in several qualities at $1.75 to $3.00. White Silks with Colored Clocks are $3.00. Fancy Stripes and Clocks in Black and White are $ 1 .2 5. Plain White Silks are priced at $1.50. $2.00 and $2.50; Plain Black at $1.00 to $3.00. A Embroidered Hose Black or White are priced at $2.50 and $3.50. .' 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