THE AgmmLLE CITIZEN, SATUItDAY OCTOBER 13, 1917. r LANGREN HOTEL European"! Modern - Fireproof -l - A chotoe hotel la a ehoioe looatlos a"bo leading MWMrdit hotel la tha Carotlnaa 200 Rooms of Solid Comfort It C'i ;r V I: Ifcaotna; ovary erealag oa to tooC 1'" - - . Guy S. Lavender, Mgr. KEN MORE HOTEL COlOfBBCUX. nUCSQCABTEM . . WATNMTILLB. . 0- ThMWvfttmt too TwftM tempi Room 4 ft. PKABa. Trap. AETHELWOLD HOTEL BXKTAxn, . a mxa. a, Kara rp. BtMaaartan for Commercial Mm. Moder. Freo sample room. ' , Free oar to etat-on. Opaa mr round. Kates, M.ta to It.. THE IMPERIAL HOTEL CAHTOW, V, O, ft, at GELEB, lDjB, " '" AMKBICAlTPIiAir. " " Rata. M-M Par Do?. Special Bates by the Week or Month. , NEW HOTEL BURNSVDJLE 39 Broadway. Nice, clean, weH-fumiihed room. Table board, $4.00 perweek, or 25cper ainglemeaL JOBBERS, STEAM FITTERS PLUMBERS, CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS ' New Pipe, Black and Galvanized, all sizes., ' Car lot orders solicited. We carry in stock t constantly 50,000 feet prompt delivery. See t for prices. Wholesale only. ; , S. Sternberg & Co. DepntSt , , Phone 333 OH BE- BROTHERS STER 'AH the qualities which you look for In roadster design and construction. There is generous room for the passengers. The seats are tipped at the most comfortable angle. The luggage space is extra large. , The car is steady on the road at all speeds. , Roadster or Touring Oar, IISI.V la Canada. 9115 Sedaa or Coupe. 11111. Ia Canada, (II . ' AU prloas f. o. b. Detroit) . ASheville Automobile Co. : 18 and 20 Church St MARKET MEWS " DRY GOOD RIVIKW. V KEW TORK, Oot. II. Cotton rood' market. became atronger and mora active during the wee. Advances iam v--In aav.ral ImuncM brought prices to th. highest lavela of the yesr. There Is noUt Ins Hks a boom In buying, and ery Uttl. peculation, moat operator. oonOnln pur. .Lu. aiuaJ needa that are wall d.' fined and that have been deferred because of th. uncertainty in tne raw wiuto look. It now seems settled that high cotton Is Inevitable. Mill, are ap 11 r .up piled that many of them bav. declined to .inn nn rlotha. and at different time. A.trtn-' thi waek minV COod. W.r. With' drawn from sal. Fin. bleached cotton, have advanced on. cent a yard. Print cloth, were quieter at the end of th. weef while sheetings ana ami. war. mo iiu nninmi Mtinn. are varv firm. Or. ders for wah fabrloa and wnit. foofli from th. retail trad, for spring delivery In southern and market, hav. been owning In freely and In larger volume than a year eeo. Mill. an. unable to .ecu re a full production In conaeoueno. of labor oondltfona, whll. In eastern manufacturing centre, another wag. ad vance of ten per cent goes Into effect In kim place, on Monday. Quotation. r follows: Print cloths It-Inch, 6 id', a. ll.aft'. HL MVfc.lnoh 64x64 S, lie: brown aheetlnga, aouthern standards ltc.: denims. 1.10's. Indigo, lie nominal; tub hn i.nniu-a. 'l&e.: mint.. IS Ho. .tap!, gingham., IIVjO.; dree, ginghams, 11 tic and 17 fro. H. 0. L. WOEEIES LATIN-AMEEI0AN3 SANTIAGO, Chlla Oot llr Repr aantatlvea of labor and trade organl' satlone from nearly all of the Latin- American republic assembled here tndav for a conference on the blah coat of living. Since the beginning of the Euro Dean war the price, of nearly all the neceasltiea of life have inoruuftd to auoh an extent aa to be come almost prohibitive In the larger cltlea of South America, it ia leu that nnleea an early aolutlon la found for the problem great hardship and ufferlnr will result among the poorer claaaea REASSURING. Proud Wife (to nervous friend In automobile) 'I feel ao aafe with George driving now he has joined the Red Croaa. He la learning nrei am, and knows where' all the hoapttala are." London Opinion. SOUTHERN EAILWAY. The Southern aerves the aeuth. PublUhed aa Information net guaranteed. EFFECTIVa" aiPTIMIER S. 1(17 Baatarn Time. Trains Arrive from No. Jacksonville, Savannah, Columbia and Charleston 1:10 p.m. Ko, 11 Blohmond, Norfolk, New Torn, .rniBaeipnia, Bal timore .. t: p.m. Ko. U Chattanooga, Knoxvllle, , , . vk e m p a i a, v.uicinnau, Loulavlll. and St Loul.. 1:11 am. No. It New York, Philadelphia. Ho. It Murphy, Wayneevirlo. . , , :lo a.m. No, IV Murpny, nuwviu ... ;.v p. m. No. 11 G o I d b o r o, Raleigh. . Greensboro 1:1) n.m. No. 11 Charleston, Columbia and Spartanburg 1:10 p.m. No. II ClnclnnaU, C hi e a go. Momphl.. N.w Orleana Birmingham .....j.... ..10:10 am. No, If Salisbury and th. Bast.. 1:40 am. No. 1 Spartanburg, Atlanta, -. Macon. Montgomery aar New Orleans -ll:lt am. No. 101 Bristol, Knoxvllle and Chattanooga ,10:1S p. nx Taalna Deoart Far' No. It Columbia. , Savannah, Jacksonville, Atlanta. Charleston and Wil mington No, 11 Knoxvllle, Chattanooga. M S m p a i a,, ' Louisville and fit. Louis 1-5J p.m. No. IS Richmond, Norfolk, lo- rmi east 1:ES n.m. No. It New York, Phlladelnhia, wasnin.ion nu .;d p. m. No. IT Waynesvllle. Murphy , , 1:30 a.m. N. 1 Waynesvllle. Murphy . . 4:10 p. m. ma. H BalelKh ana ooiasooro. . s:iv a. m. No. 11 Knoxvllle, Chattanooga, Birmingham, New Or leans, Memphis, Cln- clnnatl and Chicago t:M p.m. Ha It Charleston, Columbia and and Spartanburg 10:40 am. No. H Salisbury and east t:00 a.m. No. 41 Spartanburg 7:00 a.m. No. 101 Bristol, Knoxvllle and (jnaiianousT w;iv m.m, Trains and 10 Ooas. p.m. LIVKHPOOL COTTON. LIVERPOOL Oct II. Cotton spot quiet; price, higner; good middling 10. bl middling 10.07; low nklddllng 1U.17: soot ordinary 18.81; ordinary 18.12; sales I.0O0 bales. Including 1,600 American. Receipts Ji.iHMI bales, inclualng ll.sUtt American. Future, hlirh.r: old contracts. (flx Dtices:) October IK 17: Uecember-Jan uary 18.10: January-February 18.10; March April 17.M; May-June 17.74. NIW YORK CATTLE. NEW TORK. Oot. II. Beeves steady. Steers .00 13.0O; oxen t.MOt.lOi bulls t.WW.W: oows 4.80O8.15. ' - Calvea steady. Veals 11.80 17.00; culls 10.0 .000; graasars 1,00; western. (.28 Sheep and lambs Irregular. Sheep 8 00 Vil.uo; euiis .vva7.v0: lambs lB.wiif is.2 oulla li.00ftl4.uu. Hogs receipts I.2O0. Steady, at 11.000 is.fu; rougn li.evoM.ou. ' CHICAOO MARKIT. .' . CHICAGO, Oct. U. Heirs weak, 40e. under yesterday's average; bulk 17.18 18.10: lie-ht l.80(fl 18.30: mixed 18.76 18.60: roiurh 14.70&14.K0: dhts 11.780)17.7 CatU. weak. Native steers 7.1017.60; western steers 4.2t14.76; stockers and feeders 8.164yll.80; cow. and beUers 11.86: nalvaa I tAAiaaa. Sheep , weak to Joe. lower. Wether, t.00 011.80: ewes 8.604111.46; swabs 18.000 18.1. .... AT THE "MOVIES" AT 'I'll K STRAND. Roscrfe fFattyl Arbuckle, will be seen at the Strand again today in his latest comedy. "OH Doctor." rnia pioture contains eeveral very funny aituatlona in which "Fatty" and the acrobatic AL St. John take advantage of. Two aingle reel dramas will also be ahown today in oonneotion with the Arbuckle oomedr. Deal's orchestra will acoompany the plcturea today , . VI th appropriate muatc. AT THE PKINCES8. The alzth Installment of the Fight- ins- Trail entitled "The Ledge of Pes- pair" will be the main offering at the Princess today. This aerial Is break n all record a; the Princess eveiy Haturdav when one eDlaoae ia anown. William Duncan, atrong man of DhotODlav and Carol Holloway, .who made her reputation risking life and limb before the camera, are the atara in this great production. Two a-ood comedies win aiso os shown today In connection with "The Ledge of Despair." AT THIS GALAX. Marguerite Clark will be seen at the Galax again today in her latest photo play "Bab'a Diary." This ia tne nrat or tne aeriea oi Sub-Deb" atorlaa which apnea -ed In the Saturday Evening Post, and which Mary Roberta Rlnehart made so popu lar all over the country. Dainty Mar guerite Clark has been a particularly happy choioe tor the capricious and wholly delightful "Bab," and every one who hasn't already fallen head over heela in love with her will tumble moat willingly when they aoe her in these charming stories. As the ir repressible girl filled with the joy of living and loving, Bab geta herself into all aorta of funny aituatlona by pretending to have a lover, and when the imaginary sweetheart actually ap pears on the acene of action her con aternation givea her an Involuntary bath when ahe tumbles Into a tub In her efforts r tor escape. You'll love I every moment of this fascinating tale. Professor Houingawonn wui accom pany the pioture again today with apecial appropriate mualo on the pipe organ.- ' . ';....! The humming bird, brilliant in eolor and the smallest of birds, is peculiar to th American continent. KaSTT EiF07 CLAHS GREECE CAIl SHATTER ...t. .'.f,3."-'.''.j VJ &. 7 J Oraooo om cokfl th wati deafi oat aa foro a Aaolaloa la tha MM Oaorcto Xwaae. BalnJ Jnat Mat by tho bow Venice. Mat f ovoraiaoBt of Oreoo to thi vtutoa Btata. "With, Amarloan aid in maniU lone, grala ajul coal. Orooso eaJ cut ta vropoood pa3armaa nj Mr m nrainv CATSKHJj AQUEDUCT. KBW TORK, Oct. II. Today was red-latter day for Father Knicker bocker. It marked th completion and formal opening of the Catsklll aqueduct, which ia to guard this and future generations of New Yorker? against thirst and diseaeea by distri buting to every part of the metropolis dally supply ot 600,000,000 gallons of pure water obtained In .the Cats kill mountains, a hundred mile distant Th completion of the great water eystem ia to be made the occasion for three-day celebration, wnicn was opened at noon today with formal ceremonies at the city hall. At these ceremonlea the guest of honor was George B. McCleUan. who was mayor of New York when the construction of the CatskiU aqueduct was com menced in 196t. The new aqueduct system is to au- persed the old Croton water system, which has supplied the needs of the metropolis for nearly three-quarters of a century. Tha building of the CatskiU aqueduct, the Ashokan reser- voire and other parts or the system Involved on of the greatest engineer ing undertakings In American history. operated In two aee- NOTICE. The undersigned, as assignees of Aslievllle Lodge, No. 608 of the Benevolent and Protective Ordef of Elks, hereby give notice to all cred itors of said Lodge forthwith to sub mit their duly verified claims to them at their banking house on Patton Avenue, in Ashevllle, N. C, In order that said claims may be considered, passed upon and allowed, and re quest all debtors of said Lodge to make Immediate payment of their debts to ths undersigned. All mem bers are requested to pay their dues to October 1st, , This October 9, 1917. Wachovia Bank A Trust Company, By W. B. WILLIAMSON, ' Assistant Trust Officer. Assignees of Ashevllle Lodge No. tOt B. P. O, E. mt-10-10 , . Old Folks Best Friend That's what many call it for it put vim and vigor into old stomachs; rich, ted blood into Id veins; sound flesh oa old bone. Drink a glass of this delicious, dige. teat with each meal - Shivar .Ale PORE DIGESTIVE MOMtTtCS WIT1 SHIM! IIMEIMl VATEI MB SINGES Your grocer of druggist will refund your money oa first dozen if you at not pleased with result. Bottled and guaranteed by th cele brated Shivar Mineral Spring, Shot ton, S. G If your regular dealer cannot supply yea telephone ELLIS & BEADLES DUtrUBtar far AieeriO STREET CAB SCHEDULE In Kffect June 117.' 2TLLICO AND RBTTdW- 1:00. :!(. :80 A. M. . . riverside park :u aaa every li minutes until 11:00 p. m. DEPOT .VIA BOUTHS1DB AVENUE- 10 a. m. and every IS minutes until l :ll m.. then every TH minutes until 1:48 p. m., then every l minutes until 11:00 DEPOT VIA FRENCH- BROAD AVE KUB 4;00 a. m. and every If minutes until 11:00 p. m. MANOR 8:00 a. m. and every it min utes until 11:00 p. m. CHARLOTTE! STREET TERMINUS 8:00 a. m. and every 15 minutes, unto 11:00 p. m.; 11:10 car runs through; re turn leaves end of car line at 11:00. PATTON AVENUK 8:00 a. m. and every 15 minutes until 11:00 p. m. EAST STREET 6:00 a. m. and every 15 minutes until 11:00 p. m. GRACE, VIA MERRLMON AVENUE 4:00 a m., then every It minutes until 1:00 p. m. BILTMORE :00 a. m.. and then every 15 minutes until 1 ;00 p. m.. last car. DEPOT AND WEST ASHEVILLE VIA SOUTHSIDE AVENUE 6 : 10 a. m., and every 16 minutes-until 11:00 p. m. Sunday gchedule Differs In the Follow. Ing Psrtlculsra, Car leaves Square for Manor 5:00 a, m., arrive Square 8:15 and 8:80. then every 30 minutes until 8:80. Cars leave Square for Depot via South aide avenue 5:30, 6:45, f :0, . 6:15, 6:80. 7:00, 7-30, 8:00 and 1:80 a. m. Cars leave Sauare for Depot via French Broad ave nue 6:16, 6:80. 6:45, 7:15, 7:45 and 8:T. Car fer Depot leaves Square 8:45 si m., both Southslde and French Broad. , First car leaves the Square for Char lotte street at 6:00 a. rp. and every 30 minutes until 8:36; next 8:45. First car leaves m, oquaxa xor juver side 8:30, next 3:45. . First car leaves th. Square for West Ashevills 6:15. 7:00; next t:80. First car leaves Square for Blltmoro 8:30 a. m. and every 10 minutes until 8:00 o'clock. . " With the above exceptions, Sunday schedules commence at :00 a. m., and continues same as week days. On evening when entertainments are In progress at the Auditorium the last trip on all lines will be from entertain i raent, leaving Square at regular, time and ; holding over at Auditorium. ..... Car leaves Square to meet No. 16, night tram. 80 minutes before schedule or aa 1 aouaced arrival. , - ' , e. SPECIALTIES THE REAR FENDERS Studebaker originated the crowned 'fender. Notice the graceful curve shown in the illus tration abovesee, too, how the curve of the fender follows that of the wheel This means a clean body even after a run over the mud- tj; J T1: a-. AmJaa la tuesc aui i ui cuttuo. auiji vfo . another of the : - Special Studobaker Features 40H.P. Four : $985 O. K. Auto Supply & r Transit Co. 61-63 Blltmoro Avenno Phone 126. 60H.P. Six $1250 THE OUTBURSTS OF EVERETT TRUEBY CONDO See. THAT SKINNCD l0S ? Yes. Hom; rir You Do that 5V X ..didn't, ;;.iq viTr b' 'the ' NsCeTeT; ' r j,.,- f P"1' ": SlDBvVACK IN TRONT "" I 'ff'f iCJLI V Or YOUR. -PROPSRTY , br-rrr-. - . I " .aii l Urtlile Tn UAirf fSC..-. AV IT HxeD, AMO IF IT 'SNTLlt-s,. jTJx DONG, I N ViAT XI MS. tim Ai I'LL PAT YOU AivOTHSft Efjf M A j .-wg aS . Ill BMQ Hal aft I 1 " oHaa. XasT l 1V1XJTT AND aJEFF Jeff Thinks There Are Many Kinds of Fish. CCopyrignt, 1MT. H. C aher. . Vade ltarli Feg. C. a Pat Off.) -BY BUD FISHER

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