16 THE SUNDAY CITIZEN, ASHEVILLE, 0, NOVEMBER 4, 1917. IN THE RELIGIOUS WORLD A STATESMAN OH HIS KNEES The International Sunday School Lesson for Novem ber 11 Is "Nehemiahs, Prayer." Neh. ch. 1. is.ooo.ooo if Messages WI7 jU'n!jMMMljM'MYt!lMljll'llilllllliljll''l''llllij'l'lll''j'''i'l 'I'I'l' IlendersonvIIIe Automobile Co. 4 (lac) Hendersonville, N. C. " , .- . Ajrents for America's First Car : HAYMES Polk, Henderson Ban combe, Tnuuylv&nia an.' Ratberford Counties. A POSTAL BRINGS A DEMONSTRATION (By William T. Ellis.) I r : , ' THE UNIVERSALCAJl ' Whorever Ford car . have pioneered, ' Ford service ha kept pace. It U the factor which strengthens the personal i elation between' Ford owner and iha Company. .Ta get. the beat pos aibla aervice from your Ford car, bring It here when It needa attention and get the benefit of Ford supervision throughout. We use the genuine Ford parte and rive you the benefit of the regular atandard Ford price. Touring Car 130,. Run about $845, Sedan $.45, Coupelet 1605. Town Car f B95 all f. o. b. Detroit. On display and tor aale by ' ' . Pf Iriourg Motor f . 51-60 BROADWAY A "-TJHTEBS FOR THE KAISER By Carolina Ticknor of The .Vigilantes ; knitting for Germany I .They're mak Ing sweaters for the Valeer!" I'm dad nose of aar friends ara dolna- It: U you Know anyone who is, Just tell I i one oi tne miwimio at u pr?- tfrop Into the local room of any large newapaper after the copy la an In, and It will be easy to hear a flip pant discussion by the young reporter concornlns the out of dateneiw of reli gion. Bpiclng their talk with oon iderable profanity, these voung men will demonstrate how such modern and wlae men of the world a them selves are quite superior to that out grown thing called Christianity. Then go downstairs to where the editorial writer have their office along with the men who control the destinies of the paper. Probably no profanity will be heard, and a surprising pro portion of the men will be found to be members of the church, and occasion ally speakers at religious convention. The parallel la significant, but Its prin cipal point Is that a little knowledge of life tends to Irreverence, wnereaa a broader grasp of human nature and human history makes men religious. The reporter .will have outgrown their frivolous attitude toward the sublimities by the time they have graduated Into editorial offices. In like fashion, one may find the clerks In the dSDartments at Wash ington, Ottawa and London, quick with clever sneer and gibe at religion, out presidents, premiers, cabinet officers, and other leading statesmen may be found during their hours of ease read ing or writing the book of religion and philosophy. The Inventor of the Oatllng Oun, Dr. Oatllng. once said to me, when our convention chanced to fall uDon hi friend. Mr. Ingersoll, that he thought Mr. Ingersoll was a very able man and a very clever man, but by no mean a 'truly great man, for every great man la possessed of the spirit of reverence. May we not add that the greatness of the great consists in the recognition of the greater? The coronation of a king, or the inauguration of a president, is a religious function. Our present lesson takes us Into an orleatal .palace. W find one of the confidential servants . of "the great king." a man with constant access to the royal presence, forgetting hi pride and privileges and bowing low In prayer to the Lord of Hosts. Old Bhushan, that scene of royal pomp, never witnessed a nobler spectacle than Nehemlah's prayerful concern for welfare of Jerusalem. Nehemiah when ha bant upon his knees than when ha stood before the conquering Xerxes. Religion and A flairs. There is a suspicion widely preva lent that the writer ot religious litera ture do not know real life. They dwell In an artlflcal atmosphere of piety. They meet only their own kind. Like some preachers, they are out of touoh with men in the everydayness of life, where men meet men and the trade of each la forgotten. That religious talk and teaching la often perfunctory and professional i cannot be denied. Some of the standards they hold up will not endure the fresh air and the sunlight Nevertheless - and notwithstanding religion is for real men and for strong men, for the statesmen at the capital and for th farmer at the ,ilow. , Tht - Jum now there is a big drive on to ecure sweater or our boy In camp, and for $hoaa going off to Frano. Our olditrs, Who are aolna out t stand between us and the gun are cqld The,! ivu vivn is caning lor a million hlrriets nd sweaters, and thousands or devoted women are working over time trying to fill this great demand. . Wool is expensive, soma of our women sre going without the things v they want, yes meea -a order that -the may Duy n. Bom of our women srould gladly knit If they could buy the nec essary wool but they have not the money. And in the meantime, there , are inoasanas or women aoie-uodled, and well-to-do, knitting pro-Oerman iweaters for themselves. Knitting for 1 A few days since 1 visited the werst- Aa -counters or several of our big de partment stores to get some wool to finish up e soldier's sweater. : Before these counters I found that women were lined up three-deep purchasing wooi ana neeaies. i looked at Xhem sun sacisiacuon; our women were v certainly 'awake to the needs of our Dove." , - And then! ' 1 suddenly dlsoovered lhat they ; were buying pale-greens, and pinks, and blues; only one woman in a dozen was caning for the gray, nr khaki. , - ' - r ' t These were the scrap of conversa xlon , which greeted my astonished sars: "I'm going to mak mine yel low trimmed with whitel" "Nell, you look sweet In green." "I've got a pat tern that fit me like a glove." ."I've made me a red one, and a blue, and now rm going to make a. blaok.'' I turned away In wonder. I couldn't at first understand. They were well dressed, well-fed and seemingly in telligent and well-intentioned. What was the explanation? Tbee .must tie some sufficient rosson?- - Suddenly, all in an Instant, the an swer was flashed upon me. "They are her that Major Murphy, Red Cross sent time. The astonishing growth of commissioner in Parts, has cabled: the Adult Bible classes, the popularity "We need at once l,B00,0oo sweaters, of the laymen's missionary movement, 1.500.000 muffler, 1,100,000 pair' of the Imposing pared of the Holy ooks, 1,500,000 wristlet; they must I Name society, all testify thatNhe come before oold weather. , Everyone l miah. the relis-lous man of amain.. Has here looks to Amerloal We urge you I many successor, and that the man en oenair or our aoiaiers ana tnose or I who is out in the busy world la also our allies who will suffer In their fro-1 often apart In the cloMst o! private en trencnes, ana aiso on Denan or I devotion. thousands of French and Belgian I Mews From Home. reiugees. Begin snipping at once. i nn. 'n.nin nft nn . Tltrla which had come to his knowledge and ro to hi sens of responsibility Nehe miah found that his Influence and position and statecraft were tot equal to the emergency. Like Lincoln, he was compelled to turn to Ood for help by the conviction that h had no where els to go. The glorious para dtx Is forever true, that the shortstt route to anywhere Ik try way ef the throne of heaven. C-m.enwd fer Inv. d one beyond our roach, concerned for grave national ills, concerned fcr pooi. distraught China and for in Imperilled Christians of Turkey, w can but follow Nehemlah's statmn like example and carry their case to the Klnff kings. . . '. A Model Prayer. The larger Dart of this first chanter of the book of Nehemiah Is taken up with the prayer of the cuobearer of the king. . It contains all the elements of a model. Prayer. First, there the finnble mind of the suppliant. He wept and mourned and fasted. Ar rogance cannot prav. It Is with rea son that men pray from their knees. it is. more important to recognise that ood ls on the throne than to know that we are in a position of need. Nehemlah's prayer exalted Jehovah "that keepeth covenant." The old fashioned prayer of our forefat' i which recoo-nlaed the greatness and sovereignty of Ood, have gone some what out of fashion, but the flippant familiarity which has In sorri cases succeeded them, is no Improvement There muet' be a true spirit of rever ence before there can be any l prayer. ' This mari prayed a big ' prayer While it is true that nothing that ' great enough to concern one of Ood'a children is too small to be taken to him in prayer, yet it Is also true that no worthy prayer nr be made ep wholly- of small and selfish netttlor. In Nehemlah's case v see fulfilled the Psalmist's word, "Pn for the peace of Jerusalem." He carried a nation on his heart. The religious and physical conditions of his coun trymen brought tears to h' e" and anguisn i nis soul, unat is tne Kind of prayer that Ood delights to answer. . Frank, square, open dealing with Ood characterized Nehemlah's peti tion. He confessed his sin and the stn of his people. He pleaded no merit of hie own. All that he asked was of grace, and not of right. Knowledge of the word of Ood en ables one to pray In accord wit; will of Ood. So Nehemiah pleaded the promisee, and he recited Ood's way and . words with the chosen people. Then he left It all with Jehovah, trusting that he might have ' favor with the king when he should appear before htm. He knew that the heart of Xerxes was In the hand of Jehovah. The close of his petition showe that calm assurance which is the first re ward of tih prayer. "'I 1 HOG3 AND THE SOtrTHBRN FARM- ,.ER-8 OPPORTUNITY. , ... JUKE JULY AUG. SEE OCT. KOV. DEC JAN. FEa MAR APR. MAT 1 .600.000 Messages NOTE Top Curve shows the Ions: distance traMc for last 12 months of war. Lower Cunre shows samei traffic dur ing last 12 months of peace. When hogs last week touched tt a hundred on foot in Kansas City, rec ord were smashed. Yet despite these prices, it was reported that receipts that day were only It, 000 head, whereas 30,000 head la about a nor mal day receipt at thia season. The fact t that the northern corn-feeding High Tide in Telephone Traffic This chart shows the extraordinary growth of the . long dis tance traffic in the Bell System "under war conditions. It does net show the tremendous advance in the price of raw materials, which enter into the manufacture of telephone equip mentmore than doubled since the war began. It does not show the increase in the price of labor and the shortage of both labor and materials, which hare set a definite limit to the increase in telephone facilities. The entrance of this nation In the great war was the signal for the Bell System to pledge its entire service, unreservedly to the Government As our military strength grows, and we become larger partic ipants in the great war, the demands of the Government upon our service will continue to increase, and must always be met. An exb-aordinary increase in telephone traffic, due to the un precedented commercial and industrial activity incident to the war, must also be adequately provided for. ' . like the other resources of the nation, our resources must be conserved, and we appeal to the American public, always patriotic to the core, to assist us in meeting these extraordinary conditions by avoiding as far as possible wasteful and extravagant use of the service. ASH EVIL LE TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY (. ' . Low Cost Menus . e river tied up at Mosul, opposite the ruins of old Ninev-ah. reputed to be the most Inaccessible city In the Turk ish empire. Early the next morning I had a visit from a man . who said that he had seen the American nag flying above my tent,' and he had made to come and speak with , me.' be-' cause he also was an American.. He Was the' only American within a radius of a hundred or miles, ana it seemed good to him to see the old flag once more, and to be able to have speech with a fellow -American. Throughput my sojourn at Mosul he was at my service, showing me many and varied courtesies, all because I was a man from home. That is human nature. . An unlet tered boyhood friend from the old home back in the country towa, can have the ear of the public man in his private office, while men of affairs cool their heels In the outer office. Who has not seen a busy city man Breakfast I reading the little home paper with Bait Mackerel 8oak the more interest than he bestows upon Bea1cfaat v -' .' Grapes 3 Broiled Salt Mackerel Oreatned Potatoes - . ; . . Coffee ... '' I rtV Vt "v- ." lynncheoa ; " Au Gratin .Potatoes I Toasted Oatmeal Bread 'Prune Sauce Cookies f Tea, Dinner Baked Maddock Baked, Potatoes Baked Macaroni Boiled Fruit Cake Cheese Coffee Broiled fish overnight in cold water. Drain and broil over a quick fire. Spread with a little melted butter to which any -of the metropolitan Journals? In all this we see mirrored Nehemiah the dweller in a king's court who sud a few drops of lemon juice has been i1 cam" "PP" tw" "Len,hff f Jf": added.1 Boiled Fruit Cake Boll five min utes a cup of raisins, a cup of cur rants, -a cup of water, a cup of sugar, half a cup of lard, a teaspoon each of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. When cool add two cups of flour, a tea spoon of soda and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Hake one hour in a VS". ' Z IUUUOI., U.WI. X11IB UIUKVS' a IWO and a half pound loaf. As It calls for salem. Forgotten were the pending affairs of state and the latest court gossip. The city on Mount Zion, the home of every true Jew s heart, might be lying in ruins but It meant more to Nehemiah than all the splendid paitucee of Shuehan. iicrorm Tiint Hurt uusiness. Thirteen years have elapsed since His drastic reforms, while for the' ultimate good ot the returned Jews, had created an as- DIM EOT WATER IF TOJ DESIRE A EOSY COMPLEXION By we eant help but look i -better and feel better after an Inside bath, f !??!',no. butter and no milk " qulte eortment of bitter enemies. He had I.,, i .- i r r"-" - Crutches attached to a belt Instead heathen Wives, and each wife had re- af MrtonHin . hi- ,..-r.. :MHraa to ner nome ana to ner irme are an English invention: Tells How To Slrengiben Eyesight 59 per cent In One Week's Time In Many Instances .'.A. Free Prescription Ton Can Have Filled and Use at Home. , , rh'ladeiphia, Pa.- Do you wear jrlaassst -Are you a 'victim of eye ' ttraia or other eye weaknesses? if ao, " yon will be glad to know that accord ing to Dr. Lewis there ia real hope " (or you. Many whose eye were fail ing say tHey have had their eye re . stored through the principle of this wonaerrui rree prescription, one man spared the trouble and expense of ever getting classes. Eva trouhlen nf mnnv descrlutiuna m.v ha nn.rf.,u i - unrenxiy ntrt h J-.r ' ,1V:" " practical man - " 1 UltO. I to foment a feud. Reform, does inter fere with business, especially with bad business. Yet he has scant devotion to principle who will countenance wrong for the sake of temporary and temporal benefit. No more shameful defense of the liquor traffic, for in stance, ha been offered than the one that it brings in a revenue to the state. the implication being that the Jingle' of this gold in the public coffers drowns all sound or widow weeping, and children's suffering, and strong men's delirium, and prisoners' re proaches. Tne conditions in Jerusalem caned urgently fo the help of a strong and H.f. 1. ,h f," DUt ctlv- rirIRr . .A . t ""il such as Bparta possessed when t.ie The city needed walls. but most of all it needed the wallc active drug store and get a bottle of non-uptOL laDiets.. Xrop on B laoiet in a I and allow to bathe the eves tWo to four time ,iun. Tou should notice your eyes clear up perceptibly right froni the start and id eta.. Dm. nn- " o...Sc.l im.iUI ,u fourth of a glass of waer soldiers. "Behold the wn'ls of Spuria . dissolve Vuh this Ti'uld -7alUl Vry man a br'Ck!;' 7he nred rt-o , rn. ,i I of our own communities today is te 1 of our own communities today is te need for Spartan men or better, let us say, for true Christian men, who put public welfare above public pro fit. China's need In this turbulent hour is for men Turkey's crls!-) finds her unable to secure true men fur the rescue of the nation. The prayer for the day in, "Ood give us mrn!" The Praying Courtier. Overwhelmed by the news from . , . - . r- - . . , . ,w vu.i. . ii. flume, i.riifiuiaiti n iiv rv vma w iiam out glasse. but after using this prt IMredienUsr well know to eailoeat eys speo-1 been an anterraa of the Amer-can ecription for fifteen. daye ev.rythlu , k'"-!?? P- Whai?i- says. after trying It: "I was ilinoit mfiamm.ti.n w -.-i., uu blind; could hot-see thread at all. M"your Vyei are boThVring you' 7"n New I omn read everything without a little, take steps to save them now any glaaaee and my eyes do not water befor it is too late. Many honelesslv ny.Jmr- At Bl.lht he? "fould pain blind might have been saved they .fifUlfwa7Ik.ha'n;e ? A ladv who u-d It mva- Th. .i: .. ""V71 notnrr praraineiiT rnyttri.n to wnaa U..W. J a-- The at the shore article w.Mlmiittd,iiid: "Bon Opto mosphere seemed hasy with or wilb U nrf remsrk.hl. reaedy. Its conrtituinl To look one's best and 'eel one's best Is, to enjoy an inside bath eacm morning to flush from the system the previous day s waste, sour ferments. tloi. and poisonous toxins before it is aosorbed into the blood. Just as coal, when it burns, leaves behind certain amount of Incombustible ma terial in the form of ashes, so the rood and drink taken each day leave in the alimentary organs a certain amount of Indigestible material. which if not eliminated, forms toxins and poisons whidh are then sucked into the blood through the very ducts which are Intended to suck In only nourishment to sustain tne noay. If you want to see the glow of healthy bloom In your cheeks, to see your skin get clearer and clearer, you are told to drink every morning upon arising, a glass or not water with a teaspoonful of limestone phosphate In It, which is a harmless means of washing the waste material and toxins from the etomaco. liver, kidneys and bowels, thus cleansing, sweetening in& purifying the entire alimentary tract, before putting more food Into the stomach. Men and women with sallow skins, liver spots, pimples or (mjlld com plexion, also those who wake up with a coated tonpue, bad taste. na.ty breafh, others who are bothred with headaches, bilious spells, acid stom ach or constipation should begin this phosphated hot water drinking and are assured of very pronounotd re sults in one or two weeks. A quarter pound if limestone phos phate cort very little at the drug Bt -re but is nufflcient to demonstrate that Just ai soao and hot water rleansis. nurifle- and fresh?n b i 'n on the outside, so hot water and l'mestone phosphate act on the in side ortrans We must lways con sider that int-rnjl snnitat'on is vast! more Important than outside rleanli nn. because the s".:m pores do not sb"rb ItTvpuriti" Into the blood while M, bnel por eo - Aflvt. farmer can't see mtich money In hogs even at J 20, if he has to feed them si corn, i..- But here Is the southern farmer's opportunity. The government has fixed the prioe of the wheat crop now oeing narveeted at IZ.S0 a bushel to the farmer, and the price of the 118 crop of wheat at 1 1. This means that corn will hardly go lower than 11.25, which la full double the average for he past ten years. In ' turn, this neans that hogs on- foot will range 'rout $11 to $15. or better, since the log-raising states of the north and est depend mainly On corn as hog fed. j- , Now any man who knows anything tbout the south's possibilities as a :heap-faed-produclng section knows that there's big money In fit and f 15 tog, provided, always, w utilise the advantages nature ha given us and 'ppend on feeds other than corn. In -ther word, by having a good Ber muda and bur and white clover pas ire, with adjoining patches of pea luts, soy beans, velvet beans, chufas, sweet potatoes and alfalfa to turn the i hogs on In turn, we can, by using of from one to ten dosen each over aonie corn to harden them, "lay it all various distances, and out of this nunv over" the northern farmer when It 'her only Sil, or about . per cent, come to produoing cheap pork. This were broken, and about one-third of is not theory, but fact proved by our these were broken so slightly that experiment stations and our best they could still be used." Many mora farmer. farmers should use the pracel poet for With these fact In mind, we be-i regularly sending both fresh eggs and liere one of the best Investments we . fresh butter to town oustomera It is caa make this fall with some of our easy to get suitable containers, and surplus funds will be to buy a few nine times out of ten Mrs. Farmer good brood sows and go into hog-will welcome such an opptrounlty to raising in a modest way, letting It sup-;add to her income.- The Progressive plement the other farm activities, rather than supplant them. There' money in hogs, and there Will con tinue to be money in .them for the man who raises and fattens them on cheap home-grown feeds. The Pro gressive Farmer, Farmer. Retaliation intended. Passing through a military hospital, a- distinguished visitor noticed a pri vate In one of the Irish regiments who had been terribly injured. To the orderly the visitor said: "That's a bad case. What are you going to do with him?" "He's going back, sirr replied the TJSE the: parcel post. The Parcel Post ia certainly a god-! i send to dairy farmers and pouitry- raieera. Weld, in his "Marketing of orderly. Farm Product," cites the fact that "Going back!" during investigation made by the Unit- surprised tones. ed States department of agricalture "Yes," said the orderly. "He thinks "there were shipped S.lll eggs in lots he knows who done it." Tit-Bits. said thS visitor, In seems clear. I caa even read fln til'ri s.rrrtr tt to tmnjrtln erriht Drtnt without ' I , h-iia-a,. . per ent l eae week's time In many Innt.nort ( h tluiininil. kn ,"" rrnino tne tsonef . R can heentainrd rnm any ir . glasses ca. 0oad irartM mn4 J.oneof the wry few pnpara- bow fi 1 rd them in a reasonable time tka I feel atauuld be kept on band for resular m and tnuUitee mora will be able to ia aimoat ererr (ulir. Ufcsalatataitdtybj trengthen their eyes ao a to be the leading druggist , Advt. I do about it?" His practical bent appeared at once. As Kipling savs of the American: .- . - "He turns a keen,, untroubled face , Home to the instant need of things." flora beaet by the dire Condition' ENJOY the crisp freeh air of the mountains and the Invigorating excrci you ran get by a Horseback Ride Beat itiitvciin be bad at J. H. CREASMAN OPr:f DAT AND WIGHT. Jr-efr Hill more Ave. PhobP SO. "Sol; You're going to make the world safe for Democracy, eh? "Yes. but first I'm going to make It Unsafe for VAutocracyl ft

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