asheviLle THE CITIZEN THE WEATHER: Generally i-louriy T1iurdT ami IVt day. probably ml ii Friday. CITIZEN WANT ADS v BRING RESULTS VOL. XXXV, NO. :4. ASIIEVIILE,N.C.,TlirRSDAY,ORNIX(J. DKCEMHKR in. 191S. PRICE FIVE CENTS SVK ALL SURRENDERED GERMAN SHIPS" DEMAND OF U. S. PEACE DELEGATION American Delegates Want Captured Vessels Destroyed Rather Than Distributed io Allied Nations, and England, Through Sir Eric Geddes, Has Acquiesced in this plan, it Is Declared. LESSER COUNTRIES MAY DEMAND DISTRIBUTION Believed, However, That American Plan Will Be Followed and that the Pride o the Hun High Seas Fleet Will Be Sent to the Bottom Other Plans Made By the Delegates. AIL PRODUCTS OF CHILD LABOR MUST Watch Your Step I PAY AN EXTRA TAX This Is Decision of Senate in Adopting Commit tee Report SOUTHERN LEADERS j FTttTTT AMPWTIMPWT1 PARIS, Deo. 18. The American lek'j?atos to the peace congress-have resolved to advocate the sinking of ! the surrenderd enemy warships and resist any proposi-J Provides For Tax of Ten tion to distribute them on the basis of naval losses. This announcement is made by those in close touch with the; American representatives, who, it is add,ed, feel that such,1 a position would result in avoiding contention and ma-j terially support President Wilson's declaration that the1 war was not based on aggression or the acquisition of! property. ' Engand Acquiesces Per Cent on All Such Profits WASHINGTON. Pec. 1 Adoption of n committer amendment imposing a ten per writ tax on profit from f child labor products entering Inter- state commerce, the only action England, through Sir Eric Geddes, first lord of thej,0day. Th vote on the amendment was fifty to twelve, with democrats casting all the negative votes. Debate on this contested provision and two hours' unexpected discussion of other subject delayed the progress of the bill, but leaders still hope for 1 la passage by next Monday. ""oTnoYrow the senate plana to laic up the amendments for repeal next July 1. of the existing- sone system of second-class pontage rates and eirbatl- tutton of a modified zone system. The child labor amendment, draft ed Jointly by Senator Pomerene. of Ohio, Lenroot, of Wisconsin, and Ken yon, of Iowa, is- designed to replace the child labor law declared unnon- U-BOAT WARFARE ON HOLLAND i OTHER NEUTRAL L ANDS PLANNED ; Papers Belonging to Vol. I Papen Disclosed Inten I tions of Huns DERNBURO LETTER STATED OPINIONS Papers Found By British Authorities After Cap ture of Palestine admiralty, had previously acquiesced in the American plan to destroy the captured or surrendered warships, and it is expected that some of the lesser naval powers will demand that the prizes be distributed. . Maintain Stations. JuueriiajiiuM least a year at Brest, Gibraltar and in the Azores to reu rler aid to American merchant ships. The consent of France, England and Portugal has already been secured. uaupfo and radio stations at these points will be in fcnd i?iss to respond to calls for aid by American ship- (CONTINUED ON PAGE TWO ) FOUNDATION OF LEAGUE OF NATIONS INSEPARABLE FROM ACTUAL TREATY OF PEACE ITSELF, PRESIDENT THINKS i - ; -' After ConsultingWithVarlausieaders, President Has Seen No Raesqn to Change H s Views Regarding Such a League, Is DeclaredBelieves That No Nation Should Be Master In Such a League. (CONT1XL KJj ON PAGE TWO) ACTIVE SERVICE OFFICERS ILL NOT BE PROMOTED, SAYS SECRETARY BAKER With Demobilization Men of Higher Ranks Will Be Left Unassigned RUSSIA THANKS ALLIES E F MAY ENTER RESERVE WASHINGTON. Dee. 1 8 -Secretary Baker Raid today that the war depart ment Is pursuing a fixed policy in Expresses Regret That Rus sia Was Unble to Con tinue the War NOTE RECEIVED WASHINGTON. Dec. 18 Koinial thanks' of the all-Russian government at Omsk to the victorious associated ARMY AVIATORS MAY CARRY MAIL INSTEAD OF USUAL MACHINE GUNS House Provides For Mail Aeroplanes Rather Than Separate Postal Corps SALARIES RAISED PLAN NOT I.VDORSKD denying all promotion to officers who notions for their action in requiring are on active service. The blanket , Germany to evacuate Russian terri order of November 1 1, cutting off pro-1 tory la expressed in a cablegram re motions both in the home forces and Reived at tt.e Russian embassy today overseas, he Indicated, will not be modified and the onlyi way In which officers who have been recommended to, promotion can attain the advanc ed rank is through the Inactive lift ,of the officers' reserve corps. : from the acting minister of foreign af fairs at Omsk, for transmission to the state department. After voicing regret that Russia was unable to Continue in the war to the end. the cablegram says the Omsk ng astf -XT Raker said the department was Kovermnent will accept with gratitude r nnv DaaialiinA that 1Vn a la. q.111 n I & on the theory that "M""', . , iii int: i fruciif-1 tiuuii ui missis anu He ctares that Russia should not and shall not remain In her present state, which "threatens the world with new and great commotions." "Russia notes, with profound satis faction." said the message, "that, her supreme efforts for the common cause as well as her Innumerable and san guinary sacrifices have not been for gotten. The allied powers have forced Germany to renounce the treaty of Brest: they have obliged her to evac uate Russian territories and to put a atop to the demolishing of Russia's na tional resources. The Russian gov ernment Is happy to express the deep sentiment of gratitude which has been evoked in the hearts of the Rus slan people by this act of generosity of the allies. "Russia, which is aspiring to the re uniting of her separated territories, perceives In this act the hope of mak ing her voice heard at the peace con ference and to add her share of col laboration In the rebuilding of tht life of nations on the new and un shakable basis of close and honest friendship. "Accepting as th foundation for the reconstruction of Russia th prin ciples of liberty, equality and true democracy, the Russian government la confident that the allied powers are guides In their acts by the high Ideas of humanity, equity and international solidarity, and will accept with grati tude tbelr assistance In her efforts, aiming to the regeneration of Russia; Russia should not and shall not re main In her actual state, which threat ens the civilized world with new and great commotions and which could de prive for a long time, the people al ready exhausted by fatigue, of the benefit of peace as well as the victors of th fruits of thstr victor." j ion a great many captains. officers of higher rank signed. It is regarded ssary from the point epartment. he said 1 officers in higher as the available "in all grades will demands. -e however, to cut m the honor that n. he said, and scommencled for 'lostllltleH ceased f as they enter , discharge from ins. Karh will ...five list of the ' ced grade to ommenried. o go Into the id in this way, It whs said, made, how ot enter the Mr. Baker why they van ced rank resign from PUNISHED. sm nil CLV TOES1 K JT tf Beat PIEDM 64 Pttoi . An appeal masked men ed negro sol- n Monday ror ling a sheriff, to Governor the National xlvaneement of uTJinnounced her fttiea are possible in , for which this war ive been defeated," PARIS. Dec. 18 -President Wilson this afternoon gave out 4 the following statement: "The Paris edition of the Chicago Tribune this morning in h dispatch accredited to its cor- respondent at Washington de- i' lined that before leaving for France ! gave assurance that I approved a plan formulated by the League to fdiforce Peace. 4 This statement Is entirely faUe "1 am, as every one knows." s not only in favor of a league of nations but believe the forma- lion of such h league absolutely indispensable in the maintenance of peace. But the particular plan of the League to Peace I have never directly oi indirectly endoraed " PARIS. Dec. is Aftr-r four of gathering- Views nf lenders France, Presidf-nt Wil-'on'e rl- advisers, ay he li i seen no reason t.i change his be.ief that the foundation of a league of i-.-ii'.ons is inseparable from the actual peace treaty itself. These advisers e.iy the preel lent In explaining liis definition of "the freedom of the seas" will reas sure Premier Lloyd-George that he has no Intention of demanding a re duction of the Rritlsn navy to a, point LOCAL ORGANIZATIONS ' MOTION TO DISCHARGE WASHINGTON. Ier. 1 The an nual postoftlce apprnpi-Hii ion bill, carrying a total of $:157.360,00 was p-aswd tortay by the house with an amendment requiring the postmaster general to use army Aviators for mall aeroplanes Instead of organizing a separate postal flying corps. Thla Is the first of the 192 supply measures to be passed by the house and It now goes to the senate. Pupporters of the amendment pro viding that air mail planes shall be to operaien ann maintained ny me per sonnel of the army air service under the direction of the postmaster-gen eral." argued that under this plan op-" eration of the service would be less expensive and that at the same time 1 tt,. AfllrPrl Mr WpAVPT tfl opportunity, would be given to train ! ve aBRCu "eveI Lu aviators for the army. Opponents I contended that the division of aui.nor- ity between the postolfli e and war ile-1 partment would interfere with i he I successful operation of the service. I Other provisions of the bill direct that the secretary of war shall turn over Immediately to the postofflce de partment more than 2(in aeroplanes for extension of the service The ma chines specified include 100 UeHavl land four's, 100 Handley-Pages. and ten Glenn Martin day bonrbi ..-. One hundred and seventy engines wotnd be furnished the postofflce de partment. Other amendments to the bill con tinue in effect wage Increase of fifteen to twenty per rent granted last year I road(l IO Cieras ,ri III HI Him r:"liii-vm.-9i ptri offVces and carriers In cities. Pro Vision also is inHe ivr me creawnn oi ;,....-, ,. .--.nint inne a committee native senators and nvettn, ,,M hav( hf.en involving the unsafety of the empire, but will emphasise his feeling that the plan of a league will strengthen the empire. KniiiMiniicI Advised. King Krnmanuel. who Is expected to arrive on Thursday already has been fully advised of the president s plans through conferences with Count Il Cellere, Italian amtoafsadur to the l.'nlted Slates, but the president will take the opportunity to make personal explanations to the king. The hope Is expressed by those sur rounding the president that the ex changes of views will cleiir away any partial misunderstandings which may exist In regard to Mr. Wilson's atti tude and prepare for the assemblage of the conference with perplexities removed, so that it will be ready to deal with principles and any outstand ing differences of opinion that re , main. No Nation .Master. '. in all his conferences, the president j has taken opportunity to Im.ji.fHft his lvs' ',v- it 'S said by tbfse who are au "' thorl.ed to speak for Mini, that no one 'nation is entitled to assume the Vole !f'l oi master, or iliit.ite the manner or itbe conditions of representations of ot hers. There Is some indication that con siderable headway is being mnlle In this direction and that, the mepibern ot the American mission are n w wee ing their way clearly. All express the conviction that delegates will enter the conference in a spirit of aerom inodat ion. V ASH! NGTON. I . 1 1 . PS-Psr , of faptain von rapen, ths former military attache of the German nt , bassy. here, taken from hi quart sri when the Hrlttsh oapturid PalsaUnj , and which Indicated tntt -Onnoy V planned I -boar warfare against Hoi- - , land and the Scandinavian countries, , . , in 'October 1 I c, were placsd In the ' record today In ronnsctlon With the . siBite Judiciary committee's brrng -on German propaganda. ; Plans Dlscltsscd. A letter from Or. Bernard Darnburf v the former German agent In th Unit ad States dated Berlin October 1; S 1916. dlsclosSd the apparent plan of Germany (or submarine activities ' agiilnst European neutrals. "I have' stated my opinion" ssii v Dernburg in the letter " to th . suit of an eventful f-boat war In the neutral Scandinavian eounlrlea end Holland In ths attached Copy, which please return to m. The copy referred to by Prnbur "' wa not In ths paper turned over to the Intelligence bureau of th army by th British officials'. ' In hi Utter' Dernburg sakl his statement had gone officially to Ludendeiff and from him to the admiralty staff. In it l?rn burg teld Von Papon that h rallsl Von Papen did not fully agr jvrth . him on th l.'rboat plan. - ., ! Ofilcor's Pisyloi. Th "Von Papen papers wr taken , among the personal belongings of .the officer who then wa a major on the , staff of Qsttwal Urain von tender commandant of th Turkish . forces In Palestine.. The communication from -: ;J thjK JtUh AfflC). ttd l hAt Von papen nurrisuiy iei oniy m kh in ui ahead of th British armr 'whtt li ' captured Ialetin. 1 . -k 1 . Copies of th paper wer furnish ed by th BrHlrti njllltar.Uitslllfonc offleers to th-American mbaeay t London, which forwarded them to tht . American lntlllfnc olnor. ' Ont . of them is a copy of a letur written by nr. Hinrlch F. Albert from Nes York, on November If, lll. Albert prdictd that rrldn1 Wilson's' re-election would result In Some undercurrent are Interpreted as showing Indications of regret he cause the acceptance of PreeWent Wil son's points In a general way pre vented some nations from achieving been gained if Germany's coltep-e ; flvin him "a position of had been made even more convplat. i"de,p.'nd1n H 1 .1 In reply. It has bean made plain to those with whom the president con ferred that the United States govern ment does not consider the war a vic tory of arms alone, and that victory would b incomplete without an or ganisation of nations lo guarantee worM peace. XKFKK WITH IXH'H. PARIS, l)ec. 18. President Wilson and .Marshal Koch talked for half .in hour last night. The subjects under discussion mainly were in reference to the armistice between thf allies and Germany. Mr. Wilson was moKt favorably Impressed as thtt result of this first extended conversation he bus hud with the marshal, uccordlng to Marcel Htitln, of The Kcho J e Paris. M. Hill In states that It Is most probable the treaty of peace will lie signed at Vt'i'sullles some tliu about the beginning of June and thai Mar shal Koch will lead i lie allies ,i r ules iinileillhe arch of triumph In "arls wiiriur nneen n-ays arier peace m declared. Much interest attaches .o 'lie con ference which President Wilson will (CONTINUKI? ON PAG R TWO) T MISSISSIPPI-AT ANCHOR Daniels and' Lane Discuss President's Trip to Europe (CONTINtTKO ON PAG E TWO) Support Federal Highway Law. 1',', S. WILSON SUCCUMBS TO ATTACK Of INFLUENZA PRAISE WILSON 18.- ners, club (By S. K. VVlmcir.) WASHINfrTON. D. C 1ec. The Buncombe county com miss the Board of Trade and Rol-p alao!of Ashevllle and other ore i i have written nepresentative Hiub n Weaver solicltlns his suppoit r r the Kankhead-Shackelfoi d road 'oil measure provides federal aid for l-' st j taSe i'III'MOIi, liec T,e yovern ipim today closed It;- - n o. i): trial of o.(.ressnian- l-r.!-.-: VU torl. Mei sr of V ,Ivh u kef , and four o'hpv- ; . i i - lis: ieadet.. charged with" lols'.'oc of ti-i'i Ihf- esiio-ia(. itci niiffa I .lii'i.L- i.'t;'ilis o- ( --rl; leii a i: ,oii li the defi "c i (. The i rtefi-ndants Then tiie (iefe , i- t be ' ei- t lie beiia n lo the extent of 1 1 .min iKln.i-ftO within a five-year period. Prei-ident Wilson has essentially enlnrsel Hie fa i'i ina by the represeniaues in lecommenu io . ne S(utht n rommer.-ial nexi conirree. . rauju.m.e., o. hlghWS ....!..-,., salaries of all postal employes, in-, , lni?.a,io,,!, Th.. eluding postmaster j , u, ,-,,., , Legislation providing for ar in- j f , ado f crease of fifty per cent in the a. low-1 Rav,sf,., B ., i- ancefl IU iiiun-rmn miuK(f n nil ilir hire of clerks also Is contained in ihe bill. IJKl'T. HARRIS KII.I.K.D. BRI8TOI tenn, Dec. 1. News bo Just been received here of th death ot Lieutenant Oavis Harris). formerly of this city, the aviator hav. lng fallen behind the German lines on September 27. Lieutenant Harris had been cited for bravery while before be was killed. nni;i'i!i, t,e and elnrixi lice! riciefcrf 111 ri vote me jKiup v i-o .-i n'fii e established in Sw;lr, ii..i Lv. Kopie setUatie enei 't:,K coiun. - iotd Charles Cnipl'li n. i -tiii.str. PHtXA.X s ft I I ;). JI-S.- WABHINGT N. i'ec i Repre sentative Phelan of MRahuMtu. democrat, wsh elected ihairman of the house banking and rurrei.ry com mittee today by the hones, succeed ing Carter Glass, of Virginia, who re- short signed to become seoiatary of the treasury Ado! ph Germei rar.ona ; sr ei n y of li.r wii. iaits: psii- v:-(l h (IcVi.jft :'. . rhe fli-s' wi! sirl s:ii! iv.u. i.r. iif iit.-i wneit nn.'i i a'l iciii'Me-l He l.'! h. wis hoi!) i: I-Ijip t'tlr. --;x vetrs ftgr, V. i H.r li. fmmeily chief Inves: -sw'or for the Atnerb at! Protei t'.n .eiipiie. ii- i i.ic.-Drn, W..K one -if th i.ij--" witnesses for (lie ro ernmciit. Te-'.:Me ilwi- Gei nier, ftire.s! in A 17. foi makirig alleged statements bgiiit the draft, de-lared ' roone! Theodore P.oosevelt ftnd other I had made similar s:'emen'.s. The goernment also adduced testl mon;. lo show that John K. Blelsch midt. brother-in-law of on of the defendants, who had charge of mak ing out conscientious objectors' affi davits at socialist headquarters, had registered for th draft at Jersey City, V J . and then disappeared and wij classed a deserter ANNAPOLIS. Md t)ec. M. WP governors . of the states befor ad journing their annual conference to night. Inspected the new super-dreadnought Mississippi, anch6red , In Chesapeake bay. Karlier In the dny the' governors heard addresses by Mr. Daniel and Secretary lJne who praisied Pieridenf ! Wilson for going to Europe. I At the suggestion of Governor Mll I liken of Maine, the executive.-; agreed to discuss with their respective con j gre-fional delegations the question of ment of colleges and nnivrmiea tlnuance or stuiients army unminy corps. Commenting on President Wilsons trip. Secretary Ine said. "I have seen criticism of th1) president, and so have you. for gotnp :trriHs the water at this time. The spirit which animates him in going is the spirit of this new 1.v. It is the spirit of giving your hand to youi neighbor. "It is the spirit that would make this war the end of wars. "The man who .stands as the rep resentative of the foremost democt". of the world goes to Kurope no. that - dreid' epidemic, and all I he mav march down the Chamra tiir-.-i'tr; Noitb Cj.r.1 .hi. Ibis s.iii n. , r.i.vsee. not iitat ne may rec eive tuy te'f ig-nr,e wdf ymise sonow to .very' many there being scarcely a better Government Closes Case State. Legislative Librarian i,e"".bl,r7m",l.t lVh! ndVrr'ie's Against Congressman- J Passes Away After Com- Elect and Other Socialists plicated Attack. fNrtcHrtl (o The Citizen.) ItAI.KI'.H N. C. Dec. A dis tinct eh'.-cl. Ciiiri to the people of 'tH'eiRb todiiy the news spread that W. S. Wilson mate legislative " '..i .i "Is ri. hrtd s'lirii.1' hol to influenza, "r r ither tc; com i , k- ' ions produced bs Oil l..,u,,ri:t nt lha l-i-onf-h mil t til tl , lm. Rllt' i be goes to Kurope as the champion of American ideal because he wants to see that mr of th s war comes some thing worth while. He would have been derelict, he would have been . negligent, he would have heen false In bis own conscience and false to our idea of him if he had not .too4 in T Paris in person as the chsmpicil of ibat principle which w love and Those known or more highly esteemed niein- P-ussi.i ber of the young' r rircle of the public men of the state Mr Wilson came ti lialanh twent", years ago as repre- seii'ativk In the b tihtut e of his! native county rt Caswell and later re-1 l-l-o Ml! I'M-Iliu"rni l irjuuijl" . . .. .: ... k. nnA a rion c.e, ,, in the department of stnte. I - - ,;' WoTld""1" W wo s go he was made legis-; .. woodrow Wilson In Paris stive l,br: lr.n '..nder rt special act of , rtlnesenl, not ,h. ambitions of Na the l gislature .ubhshing this di-, ',ef Mr.vla t0 mater the world b vision of the sctivltiee or the state . fol.r( bnt the Renter Pasteur, th historical commission and he had in t htHer t the nation, who come to ine oner iimr prior to inese activities hring peace, happiness and cur iFiarMf is urn HiLMivra ui iaiBiaLivs in formation that . marked hint ss especially active In all th civil acidi ties here and a shareholder and a director In numbers of th most uss ul business and social organization. gratitude from those whose live and homes he make secure." Alaska will be the meeting place for another ronferene of th gov ernors next summer, prevMbtff half of them can attand.

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