THE AHUEV1U-K Ul 1'IZEX, JITOWPAT, PKCEifBEH ID, 191?.. "SIUK'ALL SUBREHDEHE D HUN HPS DEMAND OF I S. intVTIXl'KD I rtuM PACK OXKl II- BOAT 1 FAR E HOLLAND AND pinpin distrew and facilities will W afforded for w'fi repairs and puppiip. Will Ue Naval Crews. Altlioucli t lie plans have not Ihtii developed, it is believed in naval circle that tlie shipping board desires the eontinuance of the manning f it hm with naval officers and crews until private capital is organized to undertake the great task of operating thousands of mer chant vessels. The other naval establishments in Kurope have been ordered abandoned as rapidly as Kssible and progress in this direction has already been considered. The United States navy had twenty-seven aero stations aJong the Knropean coast, the material from which ex cept at Brest. (Jibralfar and the Azores is being shipped home. Naval transports relieved of carrying munition Mill hereafter convey. food supplies. It is expected that the army also will soon be able to use a number of transports similarly on eastern voy ages. Transfer to Reserve. Demftbilization of naval personnel has been ordered to proceed rapidly on the basis of the transfer to the reserve lists of nien and officers of good character and physique. The needs of the new merchant marine, it is calculated, will absorb 'as large a proportion of such re servists as is desired. OTHER NEUTRAL LANDS PLANNED (roVTIVl'KP KflOM PAOT flXK FOHWl or LEAGUE . f : II TREATY OF PEACE . hav with King Victor Kmnianue'.. who I expected to arrive here tomorrow. It ha been wild bv president's i associate that he will go fur'her I'iio the eubject of lial..' position it the peace conference (n hi conversations with the king, having already had several in form I talks din-nig the vovss from Apierian to France with Count Ifcvlhn am basaador and high commissioner to the United State. as well as a !ls cuMlon of these notations yeMerrt.iy. It ii known the president feels I lie warmest aympathy for th renwm which led Italy t enter thj Nevertheleae. the tentative llnei laid out tn eoneequence of en Investigation bv Colonel House reepec'lnir the prob- ' sola extent of territory which should go to Italy on the principle of racial or linguistic de;rmlna.ilo do not fully accord with the idea 'of the Italian aovernment. which feel that it rhould o-further th3r i Indicated by thla Outline, f This ono ef the Mibjeete whieh' Mr. Wilion dlsous4 with Count lt C,llere,,whom hi I be lieved to have, told the axtept to wtucu tli America representative ' r '. wiiliua to ad- in the forthr-omlntr' In formal conference with tHe arejiuer of the enteiHa government support or Italy' condition ,a,rlata out or the Another rw, we, flay kcntPreal-J dent Wilson inaonr loiay excepi lor a ride In .eIotd notor 'ar. Theonry conference on; hi program, wa one with Gabriel Hanotaux;Vv formerly French foreign mlnlierV 'l; , ;' i- wntosr dkmghtbd. N.-vj PARIS. Dec. 1 $.Preidentr Wilson gave hia personal mprelon today at a meeting with repreaetrtAtlvee tof ' the American preaa of hie- experiences thua far in trmnce. At the earn time Announcement - war , made that Oie member of the' American commission to negotiate peace would meet dally with tfie press. The ' preldnt. In response to a suggestion said; "I have benrasked to say a few ward tn regard to my reception here. The re oe pt Ion was ao tremendous that j t do not know what to say. t was delighted with lt,but I was delighted for a special reason, which Is not per sonal. ."I was saying to several, of our Trench friends that I understood it because I saw in the eyes of the crowd just the feeling that 1 had for . them and was aware that It was hut a sort of reciprocal feeling. But thai moved me very much because that, of course, meant more than mere generous- cordiality on the pnrt of these delightful people. It meant a thought ful background to the thing which waa very welcome, and to come Into that sort of feeling In this wonderful ly beautiful city made a combination of emotions that one would not have all the American activities are centered. Hafore the president's arrraetirne American delegates conferred for two hours regarding gsneral plan, nun pin out work end dividing U Into sections. Progress was reached In the forni;i I Inn of Important branches of work unriar the guidance ut Amer ican professor who now have practi cally perfected their Inquiries. No difficulty has yet been rear lied If .tilnna i Ine wi fir witn expended and expressed the hop that such warfare would be "restrained within Hie limits ctHireded to It" In the ex change between Washington snd, rterlln To gle tlnie for ilie nrepsraMnn if voluminous dtx unitMitM to bf put In evidence, the seiuiie comni'it"fl de rided today to postpone nf'er Isnuary 1 the uppearaiuo uf A Miti hell f'aliner, alien prupeny lustodlan ALL PRODUCTS OF CHILD LABOR 1ST PAY ANJEXJRA TAX .rnNTrvnrn from vnr. nsr. atltutional by the Supreme court. Sen ators HrlwKjk, of fieorgla. and Over man, of Vorth Carolina, lad the fight on It and on the roll call these sena tors voted against the adoption: Bank head, of Alabama: Beckham, of Kn tuckv; Hardwlck. of Georgia. Msrtln, of Kenturkv: Overman. of North Carolina: Pollock, of South Carolhw ' plmnrona. or North Carolina: Smith, of Georgia: Smith, of Smith Carolina: Thomas. f Colorado:- I'nderwod. of Alabama, and Williams of Mississippi. fioos to Confemme The amendment whlrh will to to conference when the senate -pusses the revenue bill, Is said to have the presi dent's approval. Constitutional ques tions principally were raised ' sens to the number of delegates which will reprexent each country, the ar-, tors speaking against the amendment. rival of the British delegstes belns; They also declared that Its primary awaited. The clnlms of the British I our nose, la not to rslee revenue, but to colonics to participate in the congress Is receiving serious consideration. At the some, time It Is feared I hit unless some limitation la placed on the number of delegates the confer ence will become too large to ac complish results. It Is understood that the British government propones to have five delegates at the peace table and that the 1'nited .State will have three )ep raxenlatlves at the. conference. The original plana contemplated Hie conclusion of the conference In April or May. Although there have been many delays and some confusion In the preliminary work or organira tlcrn, some of the delegates, the Ameri cans Included are optlmtstto that the labors of the conference can be finished by that time. . An outstanding development toloy was1 the denouncement by President Wilson of a publlnhed story that he had accepted a plan formuUted by, fhe,htague to, enforoo pere; Ah of ficial statement wads it plain that the president -believed.- that n league ot nations was Indispensable to the main tenance of peace, but that he bnd never directly or Indirectly endorsed the particular plan of the league to Enforce 1'eaos. 'SyFDMUND.VAtSCE: COOKL Now aoag of oy to the d err I re-toy rroa r lol. loving lips. Tt (oar long years of darkening fear Has Cbrtotaaas been la eclipse. Bet in it last, are the dark clouds paat. And (no Olel ftong slugs again And'TeaM on Earth" bas a newer birth And (ho era re Oood will 19 men'" Good will to friend, good will to fo. An4 tbatiuodoee of will shall the German know, for grRxfnesa Is justloio high and low. Id the loot, long year be thall make amend. As make then be Shall and must Ho efcall kaow as last as bis onlr friends, - VbO bavo forced, him to bo just W bare eased bla saul from its Worship of Might Al tk derir altar of Sbreckllc hkelt Wo boar ao ualle 10 rot nor palace ' Boca D so w have won the fight And when wepunlsh we are not Hsnnlsh. Bbt tbe neaaare of Right la right ' So ball to the boys who ho brought the Joya Of the Old 8ong berk agate- And "Pear on Karth ' may renew it worth And the brave "Good wfll to men' Oood wfll to the fronds wbo win too goal! Oood wilt fo the-foe who rh rives hi ol. 1 Ad shall pay. la the flesh, as tb eeeaone ntH And 00. a we send our sons adrift. .With our glad and grateful prayers Oar beam are fall, bot we bHng no gtfi Which la worthy to rnstch with What Offt rould we offer onr 8r'ee-men WJbj karo broegbi back Cbrlatataa Ut Earth aga. FORSYTH OFFICIALS ASK CUSTODY OF SOLDIER t the decision or the supreme court tn holding the former child la bor act unconstitutional. Advocate of the legislation, Includ ing Its author, declared congress has the right to im. Its taslns power to desl with other subjects snd confident lv predicted amendment would 4e aus twined by the Supreme court. . Ah retained in the, bill, the amend ment ImiKMM the tender rent tax on profits from products entering later state commerce from mines and qtiar ries employing children under aixteen year of aare. and from mills, factories and slnvilar lnduatrlal establishments employlim children under fourteen ,now years, or those between fotirtoeu nn slxteeen for more than eight hours dally. An amendment to the postal aone section of the revenue bill was Intro duced today by Benator McKellaf.-bf Tennessee. It providos for a none ejfa tem. with the committee's pyovUton for a-rare of on cent a pundjtdr tne fltwt ISO mils retained lnVof ytind that Jlrtitt,. thd. mndjrtOnt , pro- Will Confer With Colonel Macomb As to Winston Salem Riot. ' MONEY tn a STOCKING A stocking i not the proper place for money, aa ell wise men are agreed. But It'a a mighty fine place to put Bank Book at Christmas time, thereby serving to leach the Children where the proper place is to atore up their pennies. CENTRAL BANK & TRUST Company tn rack aq o o u u a r fl uiiiiiiuiiniuiuiiiiiiiiuiiiuiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiii:uiniiiiMiimiiiiniiiiiiiimtrf BILL TO PEACE CONGRESS tISitttsjtti SIX PER CENT ;; -, v i a mighty low rate of interest to pay on a dwelling; mort gage loan at any time, fow when mortgage money "i ao carce thia rate is particularly lew. When to this i added a ten-year maturity and easy monthly payment the proposi tion is unequalled. Thia is exactly the service The Equitable reader. Talk to ua about it. . . J. J. CONYERS ' " "0-- 27 Amer. Nat'l Bank BIdg Phone 682. 'iiiiiitiiiniinniiiHs Would Hare Bill of Rights 1 Incorporated in Organic! Laws of States. Dale's Shorthand and Typewriting School Room 4 and 5 Harking Bldg. Office open from 9 . m. to S p, ro. CHATtLOTTE, Ni Dec. 1 In acceptance of an lffvltaflon; civil au thorities of Forsyth county. North Carolina, are expected to lay before Colonel A. C. Macomb, commanding Camp Greene, duMng a conference here tomorrow evidence tendlne to that James Duncan, a negro soldier, should ' he given into civil uunuuy lor inei tin - a-nnrg! niuwin&t PIULAOELPHIA. Iec. IS. A Mil uf rlahts which It is proposed shall he Incorporated In the orawnlc laws of new'snd enlarged-statjs that may be established a result of the world war was adopted at the final session today of the American Jewish ron arrees snd will be presented 10 the Versailles peace conference ty a delegation of nine representing the out of the killing, during the rlotsjJews of the United mates, of November 17 at Wtnaton-Salem, ! The delegation which was increased of Charles .1. White, a white man. ' tram ftevn to nine and elected hv the After Colonel Macomb refused re cently to release the negro, a board of urniy offloeuef iveaMaated snd it whs announced Wyigrit tliiit lunr!an was a prlsonkrftn Z y ft camp and snswered all rill citl. t'ivllian Ijniugut from "iTLKNTY OF WORK. OHARIVTTE; N. C. Dc.-M. That "bard work . and plenty of it" 1 In prospect for southern spinners, after a short period of readjustment, de' pendent largeU- upon the time ra-. ouired to raoraranise ocean shipping. waa xre announcea concensus 01 opinion of about Ofty leading south ern! spinners here today to attend a conference of members of -the South ern Hard Tarn Hplnners association and of the Houthern 80ft Tarn Spin ners association. The spinners sold they expsoted a heavy, demand throughout the world, and especially from Eurpoean nations. Rome were Inclined to favor heavy manufacture in the meantime In anticipation of great Increase In yarn consumption ONLY ONK BHOMO call Tn ret the renutne. LAXATIVE BHOMO Ql'ININR Tablets QUININE." for full name wHneeacs Ijruuglit from WitiHton- vldea for a graduate Increase la rate, ( Kalem prior to that investigation said cue recuKuiwi j-ruu(--t&i ua t nv nenru soldlpf who U thounht to have fired the maximum being sda ;nts a pound ffir senond-class mall . matter , ent 1,800 mile or nior. PRESIDENT - GETS, m - PAPAL: LETTER T" the hot that resulted soon afti'rward In White n 'dath. Hlh army ufflcers slated the hear ing wns invited by Colonel' ojiatomb t ns ;i courtesy and not necnurse he I entertains dtubt of the ucoura-y of I the army records and other military' evidences of the accused negro's) Innocence. ON FIRE AT SEA. PARIS, Pec; 1. Th pajml ..leUer presented to president WHuoii today br Mgr. CerretU. th -pl V"di - seoretary.. of state, pleaded ror a- pnivrlarvT n. is i..hoir r ami onricesna'd SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 18 .11.1. .n.-lnlv Armenia , and ! rmy transport Logan, which Pntan.l. The Dopes letter a, so e.- congrenn, la aa follows: Judge Julian W. Mack. Chicago; Htepheu 8. .Wise, New York: Louie .Marshall, New York; Colonal .Barir Cutler, Providence, R. I.; Jwvob De Haas, New Torlc; Rsbbl B. L Lein- thal, Philadelphia; Nat hum Syrkln Nsw York; Joseph Barondeaa. . New York, and Morris Welncheveeky, New York. Bernard Q. Rtciiardo, New York. Is secretary of the delegation which la under instructions to leave for Kurope as soon aa possible. 1 Mr. Marshall, rhalrmun of the com mittee of Poland, In presenting the mil or rights, explained it waa draft ed Jointly by committees that have been considering- conditions In Rua sia, Poland, tiallc'a, Lithuania, Ukral- nla. and the si ova nations. SAYS HE IS DELEGATED TO RUN UNITED STATES (eorge Shrrrlll Taken By Sheriff MIUIkMI Warrant. Into CnMtody 011 Jaianity LEMON JUICE WHITENS SKIN Girls! Make beauty lotion at home for ftfw cents ' The left here December 4 with a contingent 1 4. preseied the hope of a Just and durable 1 of troops for Siberia, caught lire ut ! oeacs being reached through enllght- ; sea at midnight last Monday, but 1110,4. AITQt CHRIKTMAS MQITOR. Look for signature of K. W. Cures a Cold In One Day. 0c. OROVK. Advt. MORIO TRANSPORTS COMING.' NEWPORT NEWS, Va , Dec. II Two army transports, the Martha Washington which will bring the 118th Infantry. and the Mercury, which will bring 800 wounded soldiers are scheduled to reuch here tomorrow. Civic organizations hav arranged a rouaine reception for Wie men when they land, probably Friday morning and the military authorities have m irraail t. n.pmtl t Vi a 1 1 1 r-v r.fflmanl h. m ' -'.-.. w.,. u iu iinif. mis to parade through the principal streats is as wen as I can put It off hand." 0f the route to Camp Stuart from their 'ship Automobiles will be provided for VISITS UK.. "QUARTERS. ; those of the wounded who are well ". PARIS. Pec. 18. President Wilson enough to take part In the home today paid his first visit to the head-1 coming celebration, quarters of the American mission. I . conferring briefly with Colonel House, 4V4.4.4.aa-va.aaaa. ticners ana inspecting tne organitation now rapidly taking shape Mr. Wilson drove In an army motor car to the Place De LaOoncorde where REVIEW POSTPONED. f WASHINGTON', Dec 18. Postponement from December 24 to December 28 of tha revlw of the Atlantic fleet by Secre tary Daniels ;it New York was announced tonight at the navv department following receipt of mewage from Admiral Mayo. 6 BCLL-ANS Hot water Sure Relief ELL-ANS FOR INDIGESTION 4 4 I: 4 4 4 4 peace being ened action. ...... Pooe Benedict also spoke In behalf of. the now countries arising from the partition of the doal monarcny, men tioning especially Bohemia. The pontiff asked President Wilson to help thoee countries to reallso their ambi tions regardless of race and religion. "PIXIK FTjVER" DERAILED. CWATTANOOGA. Tenn.. Teo. 18 The "Dixie F'lyer" on the 'Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Loui , railway, (roni Chicago, en route to Jackson ville was ditched at King's Bridge, seven miles east of Chattanooga to-nlp-ht, seven cars leaving the rails. Only one person, the baggagemaster, was serioualy Injured, althougti Jha passengers received a shaking up. The passengers were brought back to Chattanooga and routed over the Southern railway. RICHMOND, Va.. Dec. 18.- Following the announcement of Prohibition Commissioner Sidney Peters that detectives had been placed on all boats and trains running south of Washington., furls rlevciopeii today that "dry" f detectives were scattered all over Union Drops are so popular in the I ine state- on one train in the army that about 200,000 pounds are eastern shore district last night, names were subdued and sue was proceeding on her-way. tho . marine department of the chamber of com merce announced today, DO YOV KNOW THAT FREIGHTER ASHORE. NORFOLK. Va.. Dec. 18 The American freighter Helen, believed to be the former Lake steamer of that name, from Milwaukee, Is tonight hnrd and fast ashore off Cnrrltuck Inlet on the North Carolina roast and In a precarious rendition. 'hat the craft, in ballast was en route to a southern port, little Is known here of her. CAPTAIN FORD DIES. needed every month to fill the de mand. This, however, 1 only about 1 5 per cent of all the candy our sol dier boys get away with once a' month One thousand tone of American su gar consigned to Herman firms three years ago has Just been turned Into chocolate candy for our boys In France. It was confiscated by the French government as contraband of war, and was held In bond until a few weeks ago. when the Y. M. C. A. bought It and turned tt Into candy. It will be necessary to continue the conservation of wheat flour next year in order to pile up reserves against a possible short crop throughout the world, on account or laoor shortage. Now that we ure getting used to bread made from mixed flours, and liking It better, we shall feel It no grfit hard ship to continue. It w estimated that the hotels, restaurants, clubs and din-, ing-cars of the country saved, from' October 1st, 1917, to August 1st. 1918; between 175.000,000 and 200.000.000 pounds of wheat and Its products as well s 150.000,000 pounds of meats and 50,000.000 pounds of sugar the raid netted forty quart nnd 4 several prisoners. In .another part pf the state 200 pints were f captured while reports from other sections are that many were arrested, having amnller f amounts of whiskey on their f person. Declaring that he ha Iie,l dele- , . A . . . . i. . . e 0f.. . i.. . v. I gt&Lr-u iv la.r i un i ,t ,i, nituiia ill iiiv United States during the nbsenoe of President Wilson abroad, and threatening to become violent, f.eorge Kherrill, a young white m-ui of the Fall-view district, waa taken into custody yeaterday by Sheriff Mitchell on an Insanity warrant and Is held at the county Jail, pending a hearing before Clerk of Superior Court John H. Cathey. Sheriff Mitchell received a call by telephone yesterday stating that young' SherrHl was threatening per aona) violence to memhera of his family, and asking that the sheriff take the young man Into custody pending an Investigation as to hi Hiinity. The sheriff left immediately, and found the young man at hia home. Sherrlll appears to be well edu cated and to have a comprehensive grasp of affairs of the nation at the present time. Ho assured Sheriff Mitchell that he had "underground wires" to Washington and had been left in charge of the government by President Wilson during the latter's absertce abroad. The sheriff brought the yountr man to Aahevlllo and placed him in the county Jail until the clerk of the court can have a chance to pass on his sanity. ions into inces of ( utnl vnu bleach - T- Nqueeze the Juice of two lemons thto a bottle containing three ounces Orchard White, shake well, at: have a auarter pint of the beat ine and skin -whitening lotjoh,, and complexion beautlff, at vefyt very am 11 "cost. . . - ",: ' Your grocer has tne' iemoni and arty drug store or toilet c lunter will supw ply three ounces of Orchard"-White for n, few cents. Massage mis' sweet. ly fragrant lotion into the.. fire arms ana nanns eaci tan, redness, sallowne windbUrn disappear soft and. rosy-while Yos! It is harmless. Adv. ..If i (taynr.i r is,sani I and -h(r I the skin- ...V 4k MISS LEE'S WILL PROBATED. BIG DAMAGE CASE WILL; GO TO THE JURY TODAY Arguments were practically eoni pleted yesterday in the Bickers .Vv, Cohen et 41 case which is now ' On trial in Superior court, and It l.i i, pected that Judge'P. A. McElroy Will charge the' Jury this morning jujej tura the over to it. , MANN A CANDIDATE. WASHINGTON, Dec. IS. The will of Hiss. Mary Cufltis Lee. daughter of General Robert K. Lee, was admitted to probate here today witn tire regis trar of wills, in which sire made -bequests aggregating 8157.000. WASHINGTON. Dec. 18. Repre aentatlve Mann of Illinois, republic leader in the house today fornqallj announced his candidacy for speak of the house In the next copgre. which will' be controlled by ' repubj Means. , ' , rnnimunHi- nf fh itnlt f iIia i cnaraen fleet now returning from Hiiro- fol'l' at .lackswn ille. pean waters. Admiral Mavo 4 , hr,sPl,al hr,e of Dne" formed the department 'hat hnd weather isi delaying the return ing vessels, and it would he im- possible to reach New York until the day after Christmas. It will be news to moat houeewtves NKW TOR K, Dec. .1 8 Captain ! ,h. W ca" be J" lrm Harry W. Ford. r. S. A., of w sou sua-.. the Saxon Minor rr .".' " K . V who recently wa 1 - , Wiat niaites the fruit Mice ?ell Is the motor transport certain ingreuwm " tn::, i.-i., ,i,.j i ., nn.ih lh nrsent in iuui iiij-i wi p-esident -f corporal Ion, from muma. 4- WIIJ BE DISCHARGE!). Gifts That Are Useful are in abundance here. Perfumes, Toilet Waters, Candies, Ivory Sets, Hair Brushes any number of practical gifts. "it J. S. CLAVERIE, Mgr. t Phones 55S-5S7. WASHINGTON. Dec. 18 Pald employes of all state, county and local food ad ministrators will be dis.-hiuse I January 1. . 1 -4f----4 I more than in iinv fririt. retin ie lunet ' I nhundant' in .fruit that is not quite: 4 rihe enough to eat. 4l There are about .800,000 , retailers ii i I the . United States who eel. chewing i'srum. Great Britain a-nd Canada have 4 recently recognised the manufacture 4 1 of ohewing gum as a war eesenttai. .iwi- mn crave chewing gum when 4 'they cannot gvt water, and vast quan- titles are being supuuea 10 tne amea krmles and navies From The Peo ple's Home Journal. Orve reason com has become pop ular is PostToasties Novr was such corn flakg mot 4. 4 4 EX Sl G.N POr DIXORATBD. 4 WASHINGTON. Pec. 18 Rep- rexen-tntive I'ou of North Caro- 4 lina was noiified today that his son. Ensign Edwin 8. I'ou, who was killed In n seaplane accident a' Tudy, Frame. October 28, was awarded posthumously the war croee by the French government. The citation accompanied the rrnsH said that Ensign I'ou a few ilay before his death attacked two euluiiarinej which were ap- pronchlnK all'ed convoys and on - October tt, deetroj-ed a mine 4- placed in the route of the con- voys. TT T 1 J 1 0 1 - 1 . . . i - - u. Clothes. Shoes, Hats and Underwear for Every- mer'1$ body .... Men's Furnishing Goods .... SilkHosf. develop- M until vmt - j ----- .... Emb'd and Initial H'd'fs . ... Ladies' Waia through three battles are shown nds ot soldiers in 00 people partlol- I of the story. Thres re used to give the thrilling effects of over miles of terrl- bullt up to be de The total cost ot tkin was 1n The-neigh" 0,800. Five hundred seamstresses worked ths to make the cos- thet people; 10,000 were worked Into the. by the women while -T 1 . 1 . i. , o V I wuinv musiin were 1 hese Die reductions are on Ladies Coats, ouitsi regaiia of the ku kiuj r-v . - f . -. a- 1 .' ' TnA Vet with all thiaN a Dresses, Silk Dresses, Girls Goats and Men,s ancr t"-y of iwe and ro- ' I throurh the vast snread and rrtps the heart of The narrative is filled miles. A symphonic) nies the action and force to the drama. Skirts, Kimonos, &c Fancy Goods in gnl variety . . . .Rugs, Comfortables, Blankets, Robes, &c. .... Trunks, Suit Cases Kit B Shopping Bags and Purses . . . . Umbrellas, Fine Clothes at Great Big Jleduci Colored Suits and Overcoats, our newest goods fr makers.: A fine opportunity for you. Wnnl.rvew Goods and Silks ---Velvets and Velveteens ---Plaid and Str Km. Romper Cloths and Galatea ---Percales and Madras Suiting, mcno Flannelettes and Crepes Wide White JVinens and Lfnencs-- chief Uinen Huckabacks and Brown Linens Crashes Diapers flnlh. . fcmirht-lihnrallv hut we hsven't enouh of most goods to see us well th ririarrin riinh. . "There are others." lu fact we are all In much the sa Don't dtlay more than you have to.' unnecessary movements no stlc school haa In hotograprw of - pupils - tneir action. t 1 1 a a Inventor haa patented toothed wheel thai single ruruiaa

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