10 THE A8IIEVILLE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1918. COUNSEL BP It ia in the hour of tnuaual biwincu attuation that tha importance of wim banking counsel ia especially fait And it ia in this hour. that tha officera of the Battery Park Bank have been able to render torn of their moat ef fective aervke in the held of local buiineae. The BATTERY PARK BANK Oaaital Mabw Federal Kaarrva rtm araloa P-oBla IIIMM MARKET NEWS NEW YORK MARKET UNUSUALLY DULL i SKW TORK. Twe It Trading In M eurlilea durlna the eraaiar umrl i, day's seealoa was dull la the peine of etaanaftun. ihe alack market Iteelf feeing nni onn nmuMtwM by runner pr alatent liquidation of l.lbrtr bond. 1 Me condition eaparlenced a auddan Irsiiarormalkin la I ha Anal hour, whan Heavy senilis ot high grade eharea. not ably ralla, earepi over lha stuck market IT rating eatreme ravaraala of 1 to waa unarconiuanled liv anv lanatlnn other than a etatemrnt iaausd j i lafs m : r w Tdu i imlnta Tha outpouring of transportation aauaa plan b I Hrertor-OeneraJ afrAduo which again emphasised lha possibility of extending federal control war tha ralla to Ova yea re. Traneartlons In Liberty bonde attalnad anormuua urtortlna. tha fourth lU'i contributing mora titan thalr usual quota ai ina new hw reoora, .7i. in la rep. raaanta a depreciation of about l par rant from thalr Initial quotation on tha Various lhaortaa wera advanced In ax planatlon of the further break In tha frovemmant'a tatnet war flotation, thaaa raring mainly on tha caah reaulramenta ur corporations ana Inatllutlona early In lue comma year. Thla theory lacked plausibility, how ever, aa call loana ware nlrntiful at lo l4 par et'nt and long tlma funda ware freely offered at par cent, a alight reduction from tba ruling rata of lha paai month Anions ieailliur Block, Celled fllataa Hi act. mnde a better ahowlnc than other inuiiHtriaia ana eoulumenta. forfeit Inz only a Hirae traction. Traction homla fawuea ware heemr with Liberty bond but tha International e-roun ih'iii muHuv mini aaira, par value, aa kr.sate.1 f20.i00.oot). Old United Htales oonue unciianaou on call. NEW YORK T0CK LIST. A mar Beet Sugar. a Irani an t an .iinrr. r. ami Friry amer. i-ocomotiv American Unseed Sale High Iw Cloea F yom business keeps two or more horses - busv. thieres mst'oni reason whv vnn arm ' " -J wv. not using an International motor truck:' You Don't Know What It Will Do for You! That' true. If you knew how much actual caah it saves, you would buy an International motor truck because you could hardly mate better paying investment If it added only fifty cents a day to your net profits that would be better than 10 per cent interest on the ' price of a model H. An International motor truck will save more than that for any man whose work keeps two horses busy. That is not all it does, by any means, but that ehoufd ' b enough to interest you. a business man. Write for our complete figures on motor truck saving. Four Modeti c !? il "P"? K- 3.000 lbs. capacor F, 2,000 lbs. capacity G. 4,000 lbs. capacity - - Special bodies for any business. ' International Mptor Trucks Are Sold By SAWYER MOTOR COMPANY 1 15-1 7 South Lexington Avenue S; Sternberg & Co. Depot St. Phone 333. WE BUY ANYTHING and ( SELL EVERYTHING Structural Materials a Specialty AH Sizes and Lengths of I Beams A mar. a. and ilfa. American Hunar... American T. and T American Tobacco. Aiiaxionda., Contr. . Ilrkl.n !T Atlantic C. L. . All. II. and W I . Baldwin lxx-omotlva 1M Ilaltlniore and O 1 4 Beth. Hteel "H . Canadian raclflc CVntral Leather. l'haaaaaka and O. .. i fhl. M. and 81. P ... it Chi., It. I. and Pac. . II fhlno Copper I Colo fuel and Iron.. 6 Corn Producta &4 Crucible Hteel .. IM Cuba Cane Sugar. . .25"0 Krle 41 tianeral Klectrlc 1 General Mo tore 1 Great Nor. lifd 38 (Jreat Nor. Ore Ctfa.. I! Oulf Btatea Steel o llllifola Central C Inxplratloji Copper... 4 int. jner. eianne a Int. M Marine pfd.I4 International Paper. . . 1 Kannecott Copper... 14 U and N b Ti ) 44 lit 1 5J 44 hum it 111 17 mm inn mi I ii l& m 14 ti (4H 4 105 10H lotH io s 74 741 tl 61 IS (IS luo lift 7 04 HPHAT delicious mour steak that A you enjoyed for dinner! Do you realize the steps taken to get it to you fresh, sweet, tender and wholesome? . 1.5 JS . 1 15Z . it tii 4 UV ilUi 167 1(7V 164 Maxwall Motora Max. l'etroleum. Miami Copper . . . MKI vale Hteel 1& Mlaaouri Pacific. 104 N. Central 11 N. and W b Northern Poclflo 20 Ohio Cities Oaa Penneylvanla '. 57 Plltabunr Coal 1 Hay Con. Copper. ... 10 KeadlnK Hep. Iron and Steel.. 7 Seaboard A. It Heaboard A. L. pfl.. t Hlnclair O. and Hfg.. 11 Hloea-Hhaf. S. and L. I Southern Paolflo lit 101' Southern Ry., 1S I0U Southern Ry pfd t 4 Studebaker Cor 11 6214 Tenneaaee Copper... 4 14 Texas Co I 110 Tobacco Producta... 72. 81H Union Pacific 44 12 United Clear Store. 106 United Fruit t 16 V. H. Ind. Alcohol... 11 104 ti. a. Rubber 25 78' U. "8. Hteel 8 M 8. Hteel pfd 4 112 i in-n copper ii 7 Va-Caro. Chem X Wabaeh Pfd. "A".... II Western Union 1 Westlnghouae Elea . . I w iiiya-ivenana 15 Total sales, 4U2.4W. The prime quality in which it .reached you would not have been possible had there been a weak link in the chain of action and distribution. It is a big story, taking us right back to the livestock country. The breeding of high-quality cattle is being encouraged. The sleek, corn-fed steer has replaced the scrawny animal of years ago. Assurance to the producer of a dependable year-'round market is making It profitable for him to improve the quality of his product i When it fa remembered that 80 per cent of food products are grown where less than 20 per cent of consumers live, it is obvious ' that to reduce freight prevent long-haulage loss guarantee the producer a steady, accessible market modern, scientific, sani tary packing houses must be maintained at logical points. Then, there's the vital question of nation wide distribution. This calls for an ade quate fleet of refrigerator-cars and icing stations en route so that perishable products may be delivered pure and fresh. . How efficient this system has proved fa attested by the Interstate Commerce Commission in its report of July 31, 1918, where they say: The carriers of the country could not as 11 190 74S 127 1 104 104$ 101 Vk 103 77 77? 95H 964 1124 1121 74 74 "V4 rittOMirs felHIDUCTa efficiently handle the entire refrigerator-car equipment as fa now done by the interven tion of private owners." And as Armour and Company get closer to your door almost ready to put that steak on your table comes the Branch House. It is the community purveyor, with acili ties ample to your need. As Manager of the local Armour Branch House, if is my duty and privilege to constantly study your tastes and desires. Foods that yoa like are kept in perfect cooling rooms, and delivered to your dealer in first-class condition. All Armour meats (fresh or in packages) are Government inspected. Each of our salesmen is charged with the responsibility of keeping in close touch with the food needs of-this territory, and it fa upon the results of the knowledge thus gained that we plan ahead. By doing all this the Armour system assures to our community the best food the world affords at the lowest possible cost. Upon the service given depends the prosperity of this Branch House and it shall be my endeavor in the future, as in the past, that there be no lowering of our high Standard. . .; W. J. BRIDGES .' ' nager Asheville Branch Houv Telephones 670-671. AEJ M O HJ COMPANY NEW YORK COTTON MARKET FIRME3 Sew-E-Z Sewing Machine Motors Memories o' Mother will linger aweetly as she recall the .day you gave her a Sew-E-Z Motor. Let us show you this wonderful little labor, time and money-saving instrument. WARD ELECTRIC CO. "Anything Electrical" 12 Battery Park Place. Phone 449. I1 Tmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaeaaa sasaaaBsa aejaaei aaaa. BaaasaBSBSBS aaa mmm aaaBasasBBBiaMas. We are offering a SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SCHOLARSHIP with a discount of $10 on the cost of our rM,.lr F..1I r- mercial Course. One of these Scholarships would be a gift of inestimable value. If you are interested for yourself or for someone else call and let us give you details in regard to courses and rates. EMANUEL BUSINESS COLLEGE Office Open 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Phon 1100. 15 Haywood St --. uot joippea uommeretol School la the StmUs. NEW TORK. Deo. 1. the cotton mar ket showed renewed firmness today, particularly In tha case of near months with January selling up to 21.03 or 71 points above last night's closing figure and at the best price touched since the break to 24.61 for that noeltton at tha oeginnmg ot me month. , The Kenrral list cloalna- ataadv at a nei advance or lu to M points. The market Queued steady at an ad vance of 22 to 23 points In reapqnso to iirm ;ui. reuurciiiK mai in, ian- cashlre strike had been definitely set tled, and more favorable views of the goods trade. There was considerable realizing but offerings were readily ab sorbed. Liverpool deliveries, which sug- SeRted that the short end of stradlea wu eliiK transferred to later deliveries while there was also some buying supposed to I reflect the undoing or hedges against exports. There was ver4f little business In Deo- I ember but that delivery sold up to 29.50 or 70 points net higher while March ad vanced to 26.0 or 48 points above last nights cloning figures. Later' months showed gains of 26 to 29 points, and there was some buying here believed to be for southern mill account during the after noon. Very little attention appeared to be attracted by reports that all restrictions on ahort selling In Liverpool had been removed and the features discussed chiefly on the advance were the Improv ing export prospects the advance of spot preesure, and the talk of a broadening trade -demand. A revision of the differ ences applying to deliveries on New York contracts which Increased the dfscounta i on low grades may have hoi pod the near month advance. NEW ORLEANS COTTON. NEW YORK. Pec Fresh advance were scored In the mttnn nurbu uii in. etrengm or iu Increased spot trading in Texas markets and the con tinued bullish feeling regarding the ex port situation. There was much realis ing which made for reactions several times and also there were renewed bear ish forecasts on ginning and a private bureau was credited with having added 60,000 bales to Its figs res to December 13 but setbacks were only temnnrarw nnn. Ing at tha advance the Improvement was widened to 2 to 77 points. The close niioweu net gaina or u to 6 points on me musi active momns. .nnuary was uie BLronireiir mnnth n the boards and it rose 77 points to 27.90 which price compared with the urw.i quotation on middling of 29.38. Floor gossip was tnat one or the large spot viMiveruB wus ine cniei ouyer or January. The demand for this month served to widen out the already wide dlscourllH on the later positions. Kxpectations of large ginning returns In the report from the census bureau tomorrow did not affect the market. NEW YORK MONEY. PFn LI SjT ii B acLl -i Ul Ul JJ.JJ OIL BEmERBA on Look for the Triangle Trade Mark Dec. 19. Mercantile pa- CHICAGO MARKETS. NEW YORK, per 6. Sterllne SO dav bills 4.73U: comnwmhi I (0 day bills on banks 4.72; commercial 60 day bills 4.72ft; demand 4.76.80; cables, 4.(0 V-ID. Government bonds heavy. Railroad bonds easy. 'Time loans easlor; 60 days, 90 days. and! six montns b Old. Call money steadier; ruling rate 4. Lank acceptances i. WE ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR APPLES Boxes or BarrelsIdeal Xmai Gift McCONNELL BROS. fttoom 2400-2401. CHICAGO, Dec. 19. Prospects that a squeeze rninht be encountered In filling contracts for nearby deliveries had a strengthening effect today on ifecember and January corn, but later months were Inclined to sag. The close was unset tled. January 1.36 to 1.38 and May to i.ib witn mo mantel an a whole aft to 1 up compared with yester day's finish. Oats lost i to . The out come In provisions was unchanged to 35o. lower. Grain and provisions. Close' Corn- January 1.36 May 1.34-5, Oate r January 71 May 71 4 Pork January 47.00 May 43.00 Lartl January 22.70 .May 24.02 Rlba January 24.75 May 23.72 Caah Corn. Corn No. 2 yellow 1.66; No. 3 yellow npmlnal; No. 4 yellow 1.4201.44. Livestock. Hogs receipts 43,000. Market steady. Cattle receipts 1,100. Choice steers and canners about steady; other beef steers and feeders slow to 2S cents lower. Fat cowa and helfera and bulla 26 tn A eenta lower; calves 60 cents lower. Beef cattle, j dull ylth prices nominal. Prime crude choice 14.356 19.60; medium 9.006 14 35. ! 17.60. mtcnera stock, cowa and neirers 7.15CP 14.00; canners and cutters t.604j7.00. Veal calvea, good and choice 14.5049 16.00. Weatern rang beef ateera 13.75 17.26: cowa and helfera 7.25I2.00. Sheen receipts 14.000; market cloelna- very dull, unevenly lower on fat clasaea: sheep and yearlings selling sharply lower. Feeding lambs steady. Lambs, choice 14.60tol4.Si7 Uwos, diolca t.vOffi.Je. NEW YORK DRY GOODS. NEW YORK, Dec. 19.--Cotton goods were nraier today ana sales a little more active, varns ruled timet. I Wool goods auctions comprised about 8,000 pieces with prices irregular from 40 j per cent ore tn par ror some merchandise. naw sluts were nrmer. NEW YORK CATTLE. 'NKVV YORK, Dec? 19 Beeves rXtrad Ing. N Calvea steady: Veals 19.0021.OO; culls i. oe. Sheep and lambs steady; alieen 6 50 9.25: culls 4.54i6.60: lambs 12.50W18.OO: I Hogs steady at 18 00; roughs 1S.75. "NEW YORK PRODUCE. jnkiw tukk, uec. 19. Raw sugar biwuijt; centrifugal (.is; nne granulated v oenis. spot coffee nominal; Rio 7's lT'i;l (u. b round vt Butter steady; cheese firm. COTTONSEED OIL. NEW YORK. Dec 19. Cottonseed oil A necessity not a luxury You don't have to endure the chilling; terrors of a cold bathroom. The portable Perfection Heater in a few minutes make the room warm and comfortable even heats tout water for shaving. Easy to clean and fill smokeless, odorless inex pensive. Aladdin Security Oil jfiveg best results.! Buy your Perfection now. STANDARD OIL COMPANY tr4aw Jersey) ALADDIN Oh, Man! "I shall never ask Hobbs tne hla aavK-e again. "What's tha matter T" v "Ha never thinks what I have made up my mind to 4a ia right." Boston I 1 III -1 -1 -- 11111111 I 1 " a f 1 VL. coia Mtnroom. ' I fiiiJ.'lv Vfi, vWt 1 mmrrm k .:r fw: ;i i asii 1111 i i mmm Mm s ?' j:!f I IV?i V III WHhintoa,D.a Raltinnr. MJ f.rf. N f mm v ms&s aFgi i .j ' FZSZ ' 16)11 mi il I it&k " - ii m i mmm a .. mm r5? ' i if i i i mm urm ya fc i u i nils jmt. - ivimi inn ii ii;j;i'iiii.viisiiiii tL.am.:ZMi j i TinaTriai I 'I II i'r ' nil ' Hll ari.T'akBr I w I I TTiaTI y"IH .far lu I II I I i I It THE J7 - aaaaaa- pj r-y-t aEjf - Ssa-a-l a aa -i a .:.'' -' " ansa as a a " ' '- ay l i i - 1 t aranaxmpt 7 V"

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