THE "ASHE V nJ& "CITIZEN FiiiD'XT "DEC'KMUEK 20, 1918. 11 Citizen Want Ads Bring Results 6 Want sit. ntH be Mn Tint flilxrn wno) before 0 it. m. lor Insertion In ihe M lupine clay paper. riesse brine your Want ads lo Tbe Clllaaa Ofllc. Wants Wants HELP WANTED . HELP WANTED Wants Wants Wants Wants Waiiti 0 o LABOR WANTED By The iJ. S. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE For The ALUMINUM WORKS, BADIN, N C. Permtnt"fnoic work, no temporary proposition, and with the exceptional living conditions her makes it a desirable location for both white and colored peo pfo for a permanent home. For further information call at your locl U. S. Federal Labor Bureau regarding: the TALLASSEE Badin, WANTED WANTED To aell you one of thoe wonder workers, we have them In slock and are ready 'to explain and InetaJI. "Combuato Device" place it on tha door of your furnace or store. It saves 10 coal and 60 labor In filing and cleaning, pays for luwlf twice over In one season. Aak for Information and demon stration.. While tha plumber Is there have your entire heating plant aafd plumbing gone over and get everything In good working; order, thereby saving yourself annoyance and additional expense ' later. .1. R. Rich Plumbing a Heating Company, phone S64. No. il Bread way, Ashevllle. N. C. 9947-1 3-tf WANTED To buy everything In sec ond hand wearing and In house keeping goods; also suit cases and hand bags. Jewelry, musical Instru ment, etc. Will pay extra big price for men's good clothing. Any Koods sent, my price not satlsfae torv, will return at my expense. Will cali If notified, phone 2147.. Or by mall. M. Zageir, 31 Biltmore Ave. 2804-28-tf CASH for "old false teeth (broken or not) I pay $2.00 to $25.00 per set, also highest prices for bridges, crowns, watches, diamonds, old colrl. silver and platinum. Send now . and receive cash by return mall, a votir goods returned If price la un 7 satisfactory. L. Maaer. 2007 3. 5th Street, Philadelphia. Pa. P939S-3Z-30 WANTED -You to send your suite. dresses, coats and bedding here for sterilisation, cleaning and pressing. .. big steam tumbler thoroughly aterillaes everv varment. J. C. Wll bar. Phone 389. 16-tf WANTED To buy Poplar logs In 16, 14 and 12 ft. lengths 16 luchea and no In diameter. Inspected and paid for at loading point. Hill Veneer Co.,- High Point, N. C. P9601-29-80 List Yojur Property for Rent With MOALE & MERIWETHER 27 PATTON AVE. Phone 681. WANTED Second hand furniture and all household goods. 17 tfiu mitrt uvi Ashsville Furniture Co. Phone 1X51. 6234-81-tf WANTED One of the smaller Vic tor phonographs. Must be a bar rln Rtsts m-lce. Address Cash. Citizen. . .. P97-19-3 WIS BUT second hand furniture and household roods u 41 Biltmore Ave, Vhone. till. -..... ' 9SS3-8-tt Mfjoey to loan on improved real estate. Telephone 1236. ; '122-19-3 WANTED- To buy Drug Store with good location and business. R. O. Scruggs. Wayrroas, Oa. P160-20-14 WANTED-r-A few mora pupil In pri ihary grades. Also older pupils to coach. Phone 2127. 99-H-T SEE McRary and Son for your sign alntrng. 18 Market St. Phone .924. P97-18-7 RDS MOUNTED By Mrs. W. B. Weaver, Weavervllle, N. C. Phone 0. ' Ptg-17-80 TO BUY Second hand piano for cash. Must be cheap. Phone 2681. 541J-J7-tf LOST OBT Between 3 and 4 o clock on Haywood street, straw grip 16 In by 12 In. containing baby - bottles and nipple and Santa Claus. Finder return to Haywood oarage ana rs- . oe-ive reward 116-19-3 LOST Airdale puppy, almost full grown; wearing red'oollar. Answers to- name ' "Bobby Bright." Reward it returned 'to Mrs. John Morgan, Woodlawn Road, Grove Park, r - 9809-7-tf LOST -Lady's black leather handbag. containing , dollar note, cards ana spectacles in case with owner's name and address. Return to Clti ltei office. - Reward. P118-19-8 LQST 34x Flreatone caseing . from 1917 model Studebaker ' on Azalea road. Finder return to Swannanoa Garage and receive reward. ; 92-18-tt LOST On .Montfbrd car .Wednesday about three o'clock, package oon- talnlnp 2 aprons stid dreas. Finder 149.. Reward, t y- I5.T-20-1 LADY'S Hamilton wrist watch be tween postofflce and .Church street. Reward;- Return to J J Church, ..19-3 LOST At ot near Smfta Drug Store small Eastman's Kodak.: Reward If returned to Smith Drug Store; -. 188-20-1 LOST Sdnday Brlndle - bull . dogr, wearing black strap collar. Reward. Phone 8040. ' P85-11-3 , MONEY TO LOAN - A FEW thousand dollars to loan. Ap ply waiter Toms Wrmyr One Elec trical Bldg. . - 814T-18-tf NOTARY PUBLIC NOTARY PUBLIC J. M. Lorlck, . Twer doors frsn City. Ticket efflcs. , Wisna 1341V . fITM-tf CO AUTOMOBILES I REALLY AM NUT FOOLING I want to ssll some AUTOS, FORDS, ETC. Just got too many horselese carriages. 2 918 Ford Sedan, apple pie order. 1017 Ford touring, the same kind of order. Practically new, six-cylinder. Saxon, run less than 2,000 miles. ne". that's all. One Ford truck, good running con dition at great bargain. 117 Ford touring, seat covets, shock ab sorbers, and other novel patented devices I new Urea a humdinger. 'It Can Re Pone." W. T. ROWLAND A CO. 211-21 J Prhnmor Bldr. How about hitching up a little Dixie Flyer to the madam's stocking Christmas morning:? It will "pull it" on high. Talk it over with Whit. Come in walking--go out riding. Whitmire Motor Sales Co. Phone 2774. 20-3 FOR SALE Second-band tires. 2 S4x4 Goodyear non-skid, straight aide; 2 22x4 Goodyear non-skid; 4 20x3 H Goodyear non-skid, clincher; 2 I0xt Flreatone non akld, clinch-; 1 20x8 Goodyear non-skid, clincher. Also several other alxei. Let us know your writs. Dillingham Tire Co., 46 CoIIpro. Phone 2111. P134-1H-I For Sale $2,000 auto for 1,150; 1917 model, 7-passen-ger "6." new tires, new bat tery. A-l shape. B. H. Sumner. Phone 2971. 43-7 FOR SALE 1917 model Ford truck, in perfect condition. Also Stude baker-six, seven-pasaenger. In good condition, with-good tires. A bar gain If aold at once. Scott Dilling ham. Phone 901. P129-19-8 FOR SALE 1 Hupp 20 roadster In good running order; 1 Hupp touring In good running order; or would ex - change, for truok. Styers Garage, Cherryvllle, N. C. ' P124-19-8 FOR SALE Ford roadster. 1916. Ford touring car, 1917. Both in good condition and reasonable. B. H. Taylor. Phone 1764. 9928-1 1-tf TRUCKS, drays and moving vans with experienced and reliable men can be had by calling Scott Dilling ham, phone 901. P130-19-7 CADILLAC Splendid condition. Over hauled. Repainted. New top. For sale or exchange for real estate. Phone 608. . l-l-tf FOR SALE 1918 Ford Sedan In per fect condition. New tires. Just the thing for winter.- Scott Dillingham. Phone 901. P131-19-3 FOR SALE Five-paasenger Chevrolet 1918 model. Five tires, three n;w. Telephone 2890 or call at 217 Merrimon. P109-19-S FOR SALE Classiest Ford racer In town. Positively new. See me. Scott Dillingham, 65 Broadway. Phone 901. P128-19-3 ONE five-passenger automobile for sale, or will exchange for Teal es tate. Phone 16.8 or call at 77 Col lege St. P8977-7-tf FOR SALE Saxon Roadster, four new tires. First 3 100.00 gets . It. See Deppe, at Central Garage. 188-20-1 FOR SALE Ford Touring car, also Overland Country club roadster. L. M. Sutnser. Phone 2967. , P187-20-3 FOR SALE Willys Six. Chummy f our Roadster, used 4 motitns. Phone 8137. P162-20-2 See McRary and Son for your sign painting. 18 Market St. Phone 2324. . - ' P84-18-7. POSITION WANTED TWO Intelligent young women de sire employment. Experienced, Matrons. In housekeepings, practical nursing, domestic sclencs, any posl- - tions ef trust. Mrs. Harry v. west, oen Dei., ureenvuie, s. c. P128-19-7 WANTEO By young man, position as commissary man. Has had ex perience and can "give good refer ences. K. ' I., cars Citizen. .' " . J01-18-1 WANTED By young man, position' as - traveling- salesman. : Has had -experience and can give good ref erences. H, Y., cars Citizen. . . - 9J-18-7 TRAINED NURSE wants to oars for invalid in private horns or hotel. Give full particulars ill' answer. "Nurse," cars Citizen. P94-18-3 WIDOW woman living alone, in coun try wants board and care for sev eral small children. Write Box 40, Swannanoa, N. C. - P93-18-3 EFFICIENT stenographer's services obtainable. Five hours dally or all dsy. G-ood In figures. "Office," rare Citizen. P! 44-20-7 MIDDLE aged woman wants home, with wages. Address Miss Lunbo, i -Rjiilta Nn.' I. AshwrtllaV N .C ! POWER N. C. HELP WANTED IMJVKilNMENT U.KKK exsjnlna llon Ashevllle aoon. Customs, In larnal Revenue, Income Tai. Rail war Mall. PoatofTtoa ft, 100-31. 100. Experience unnecessary. Men and woman desiring government posi tion writ (or free particular Raymond Tarry (former Civil Ser vice Examiner). 66 Columbian Building. Washington. - PI 0-1 5-4 MAI K. WANTED MEN wishing positional flraman. brakrtnen electric motor- rtnia. Tennessee, N. Carolina road. No experience necessary. 8100-3160 month. Quirk promotion 3!00-8800 month position. Kama position wanted. Intar Railway Dept., SO Indianapolis, Tnd. P9446-14-20 LIFE IN81TRANCK men: Doubla your Income by securing agency for larg est company In tha world, ipaclal Ixlng In accident and health Insur ance. Cash rompensatloa and lib eral renewal. Johnaon ami Adams, Southeastern managers, ill South ern bldg, Washington. D. C. P!S-15-17-:0 WANTED A first-class automobile I repair man; must undereiand elec trlcal work thoroughly. Poaltioi open either now or January 1st. K will pay the right party to Investi gate this offer aa we mean busi ness. Write or telephone Cooper's Garage Oreenvllla. H P. P116-19-3 WANTED Woodsmen, teamsters timber cutters, swampers, laborers Also nlghtwatchm&n for bandmlll, grader for sorting table. Addresx Alarka Lumber Co.. Alarka, N. C. P149-20-6 WANTED Intelligent boy to work In laboratory. O. E. Rtocklnger. Wlnvah Sanitarium 114-19-1 WANTED Settled, responsible gentle man aa clerk at hotel. Florence, Depot street 1 5 1 -20-S WANTED At houseman. Charlotte. once A AJvo good competent maid. 81, 116-19-3 WANTED Messenger boys with bicycles. Apply Postal Telegraph Co. 78-17-3 AN experienced presser. Pack square Dry Clesnl n g Co. 189-20-1 FEMAIiF. WE will train without charge two ma ture women as teachers of short hand and will give them employ ment upon completion of the couraa. Must have at leat high school education. Call between 8 and 4 p. m. Emanuel Business College. IS Haywood St. 17-1 6-tf WANTED At once, two experienced waitresses for our lunch room. Sal ary thirty dollars per month, with room and board. Telephone or write Terminal Hotel, Hamlet, N. C. P146-20-7 WANTED Immediately, a settled colored woman, cook and general house work. Family of two. Refer enced. 19 N. Liberty. Phone 1268. 141-20-8 WANTED Settled white girl for pantry work. Experienced pre ferred, but unnecessary. Apply Htewara. Bwannanoa-uerxeiey. 106-19-8 A GOOD colored girl for work in the bouse and to help with children. Sleep at the house. Phone 701. or 41 Btarnes avenue. 116-20-8 WANTED A reliable colored woman with references, to cook. In family . of two. Apply 41 1 Merrtmon. Phone 272 after 8 p. m. ' 115-19-g WANTED First class experleneed waitress with reference. 16 Broad way. Soldlera' Club. 9990-14-7 WANTED Experienced cook with good references. Apply 227 South French Broad. 107-19-2 WANTED Millinery saleslady and maker with experience. Hood's, B Haywood St. 102-19-7 TWO MAIDS for house work. Must be neat and capable. Good wages. Call 1876. 9917-11-tf FARMS Maryland Mild Climate Farms. 150 ACRES Stock, feed, Implements all goes. 3 4,600. Owner too old to farm any more. 400 bushels of corn, pair good horses, 100 laying chick ens, 2 good cows, S hogs, mowing machine, rake, wagons, cart, full line of Implements, foddernd hay; 800,000 feet of standing timber, stumpage, worth 32,000, 1,000 cords of wood , In fact the wood and tim ber will pay for farm; new 7-room house well painted, Insured for 31,800; new barns 28x30, also ten ant house, orchard of all kinds of fruit; dark, deep loam land, grows money crops to perfection ; must be sold qulokly, on terms if wanted Other good farms with buildings; .40 acre adjoining town, 32,200: 10 acres, 81,260; 60 acres, 31,400, pos session riven at once. Call, writs or wire J. A. Jones, Salisbury, Maryland. P40-16-8 FOR SALE Farms, ail sizes and any price to suit you. In Cans Creek and Mills River Valleys, Buncombe, Henderson and other counties In North Carolina, Virginia. Mary land, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ken tucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and Florida. We have too many to list and describe. Call or write and - explain what you want, we have It. If not, ws will get It and will save, you money." Try us and se. North Carolina, Realty Company, J. H. Grogg, secretary-treasurer, 10 N. Pack Square (over Southern Coal Co.), Ashevllle, N. C. Phone 2681 or 2981. 16-tf 2,600 trees. Apples, peaches, stark delicious, etc Joist bearing. 110 acres 35,000.00. 4 miles station. 120 acres, 4-room house, 600 bear ing tree 8 miles Fletcher. 34,000. Both are very beautiful. Terms to suit. Immediate possession. Also other tthutes. T. J. Curran (owner). Fletcher, N. C. 148-20-tf LET US SUBDIVIDE and sell your farm the auction way. Quick sals and more money than any other way. Writs C i. Jsffress. Fletcher. h N. C, our local representative. W. . D. HUI Co., auctioneers. South Boston, Va. 81-16-14. FOR RENT OR SALE 800 acre farm near Mebane, N. C. . Immedi ate occupancy possible. Address J. A. Moore, 1820 Hanover avenue, Richmond, Vaw. , , . , , P9767-4-30 JUNK HIGHEST CASH PRICES paid for Copper, Brass, Rubber, Iron, Sacks, Rags and Bottles. Southern Junk Co, 11 Eagle St, . Phone 3284. slTI-V- SPECIAL Studebaker Owners Have your repair work done where you ean get the most efficient service by expert Studebaker mechanics. We carry a complete line of parts. Give us a trial and be convinced. Swannanoa Garage Co. 61-63 Biltmore Ave. Phone 126. . 148-20-tf PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT. Audita, Appraisals Investigation!! KfMciency Bystem Installed. D. G. Devenish. Phone 2487. 117 Drhumor Bldg. Iteferencea All Aehevllle Banki. We buy dogwood. Write today for full particulars. Sham bow Shuttle Co., Woonsocket, R. I. , 64-1 7-tf PI BLIP STENOGRAPHER Mian A- G. Devenish. 217 Drhumor Bldg. Phone 2497,. VULCANIZING Cases and Tubes. Special attention to out-of-town work. Stetson Tire Co. Broadway and Walnut Sts. Phone 3171. 6041-2-tf. We Can Fix It. jpiuycles and typowrtter suppllea ana repairing; umDrenae recovered and repaired; trunks repaired ami rebuilt, trunk locks put on; grapha phones ratlred; rollers put on roll er skates; scissors and knives sharp ened. J. M. Hearn Co.. 4 Battery Park Plica. Phons 448. Near P. O. 10-tf Give us a trial and then you will be one of our satisfied cus tomers. Pack Square Dry Cleaning Co., 5 W. Pack Square. Phc ie 286. P104-19-7 B. F. Dijon, The Tailor NOW running a . modern, up-todats Cleanlncand Dyeing Plant, at 421 Depot street, ..Excellent work done. Your patronage will fee appreciated. Phone 3161. y P981-7-30 MISS A, M Jf J3 TK A N U H L PuHie Stenographer. Court and CdhvSnttoi Reporter. 314 Drhumor. BldPhone 911 .-:' 6799-18-tf N. E. STORMS, formerly of the Cen tral On rage, can now be found at the Dillingham Tiro Co., corner CoHege and Spruce streets. We ap preolate your bus(ness. Pi 83-19-8 PHONE or mail, "Wttcover, the Magazine Man, 24.atnerand ave nue, your subscription, either new or renewal. Handling all the best club offers. 111-19-7 SPECIAL LN6Tlt'E. Peanuts, recleaned and fancy. Let me quote you prices. . Small orders ap preclvtert. M. W. Mnitln. Mllwau kee, N. C. , - P8S-1IM4 MONEY SPENT. 1st repainting your car is money well spent, it. win pay you to see us. "We do the work." McRary and Son,- 18 Market 'St. Phone 2224. P86-18-T HAVE you tried any. of our delicious home-made -pies . . Place . your Christmas order early. Vegetarian Cafeteria, 66 Patton Ave. PJ10-19-S DR WEXLER HMATHER8, Dentist, has moved his ofBce to Smathers building over Plckelsimer's . Drug store, 37 14 Hiitmore Ave ' . 4978-11-tf Good Housekseping Magaslne 1 yr. 31.60 II matled promptly. Wltcovsr. 24 Cumberland avenue. . 112-19-7 LET us tan your hides. For particu lars write J. R. Cheek Sons. Weav ervlllei N. C. P9K71-28-80 HOURLY nursing or massage by- reg istered nurse. Phone 1643. 118-l'9-30 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES managing operations, jom in developing lime quarry. Stone suitable for agricultur al or burnt lime. Lime, care Citizen. 71-17-7 Want Ad Rates (Consecutive Insertions.) 1 Insertion le per word 3 Insertions 2c per word 7 Insertions 4e per word 14 Insertions 7o per Word ' 21 insertions 10s per word 20 insertions 12c per word FOR, EXAMPLE: . A 25-word ad costs 26 cents', for one insertion, 8 Insertkms--M eents, T tJnerUoas 41.00, 14 -Insertions 31.76, 21 .insertions 32.60, 10 Insertions 31.00. Position Wanted Ads. are one half above, rates, ... Want Ads not run on con secutive days are strictly one cent per word' for each inser tion. ' No Want Ads taken: for less, . than IS cents. .'' . , Want Ads are payable In ad vancs. - ,- ' . BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES LOCAL manufacturing enterprise needs additional capital to enlarge plant to meet demand for prod uct. $30,000 cash or credit required. Absolute safe ty for principal. Unusual earnings assured. In vestor may act as president, treasurer, manager at satisfactory salary Investigations confidential. Principals only. Enterprise, care Citizen. 95-18-7 ROOMS FOR RENT FIN hi FURNISHED ROOM Merrl Amon section, near Wlnyah. Sunny, i steam-heated, running hot and cold water. Table board near. Private family. Phone 2$74. P82-18-7 FOR RICNT Connecting rooirm. fur nkthed for housekeeping; light, gas. telephone. Ill 60 per month, oj rattan avenue, ear line t7T--tt WELL FURNISHED, light, airy rooms, steam or grale heat, $1 SO per week and board optional. The Palme. 40 North French Broad. 9937-11-tf FOR . RENT Furnished apartment, private home. All modern conven iences. Close In. No elok or chil dren. 69 Flint St. Phone 1021. 69-15-4 BOARD AND ROOMS In private home. Also sleeping porch, prices reasonable; near car line. 221 Broadway. Phone 181. 9463-24-10 TWO-ROOM Apartment furnished for light housekeeping: will rent very reasonably for winter. 20 Clayton St., Phone 1118. 27-lB-tf TWO ROOMS Furnished for light housekeeping. Hot and cold water, bath, gaa and electrlo light. Phone 702. 146 Asheland. 995-14-tf WANTED Lodgers In furnished apartment In Mnntford section. Gas range In heated kitchenette. Phone 2127 before 3 p. m. 100-18-7 FINELY famished room, glass en closed sleeping porch, for house keeping; rent reasonable. Come and see. 191 Rankin. P106-19-3 COMFORTABLE ROOMS. Sleeping porohes, also table boarders. Con venient, close In. 68 Haywood St , Telephone 1157. 9690-1-30 VERY DESIRABLE BED ROOMS In new bungalow oppoalts Manor. Breakfast optional. 1 Edwin Place. Phone 2123. 7164-24-tf VERY DESIRABLE, ln -reflned family. , people only. 76 Phonw 816. furnished rooms Furnace. Well College street. P9710-6-80 CONNECTING rooma or single room furnished for light housekeeping, Close in. 114 Rankin Ave. Phone 889. 961S-18-tf FOR RENT Two connecting rooms for light . housekeeping furnished, I b. f. uroaa. rnone 747. PB2-18 FURNISHED ROOMS, hot water ' heat, two blocks from square; to Viealtby adults, 29 Vance street. 9646-37-tf CONNECTINO rooms or single room furnished for housekeeping. Close In. 144 Rankin Ave. 74-1 7-tf TO RENT Four desirable unfur nlshed rooms. 71 Woodfln St, P83-18-3 IT N F V It N I H H K D. THKK1S nice unfurnixhed rooms. second' floor, five minutes' walk to . car In West Ashevllle. Phone 2929 P9981-14-7 UNFURNISHED rooms. 114.60 per month 1o desirable party. Phone 930. 142-20-tf FURNISHED HOUSES' TOHN ACEE REAL ESTATB AND INSURANCE FURNISHED HOUSES i a specialty; also ths bet ter class of unfurnished houses. All slses, prices and vsrletles. See mir llrt before you decide upon a place. We also . have some attractive res idence and business prop . erty for sale. JOHN ACEK REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Exclusive Agent Coxe Estate Properties No. 16 Battery Park Plane. Phone 316 12-tf TWO furnished cottages for rent, on fAinset Drive. Sleeping porches. All convenience. Four and five rooms. Meals can be had across treet when wanted. Call 1876. 9916-11-tt FURNISHED COMPLETE "Excellent neighborhood, southern exposure, all conveniences. Reasonable Phone 8014. 9989-14-8 PARTY LEAVING CITY will rent at tractive furnished 7-room house, very reasonably. Phone 1169. - 70-17-7 FURNISHED HOUSE, part or whole. Comfortable, and easily heated. Phone 2035. . P140-20-8 The Germ Theory. (Philadelphia Record.) Something is ths matter with the ferm theory, or the blue jacket are tougher than the rest of us. A "poison squad" of 100 sailors at Gallup's Is land, Boston, have used . influensa germs as snuff, snd As seasoning for their, food, and tiave been injected with germ cultures, but have absolute ly refused to develop Influenza. On the contrary, their appetite Increased and they manifested mors vigorous health. ; - Of course, . the experiments will be continued. Those men hare got to hare lnfluena. - The germ theo tX taiiat aaA ahsJX 1m mslntslnsd. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR SALE 1 or uuick bale This being the last time following articles will be offered : One good one horse wagron, one brand new "National Cash Register," been used one month: one 1,000-foot Underfeed hot wa- UOoitmJ one .600-foot Un derfeed steSrrt boiler ; one 1,500 -foot Down Draft, smokeless, cast iron, section al steam boiler; one 1,650- foot cast iron sectional hot water boiler, two last ones second hand. Will sell cheap. We also have in our store white enameled metal medi cine cabinets with large plate glass mirrors, these with our .11.11 - S Z A 1 A J display, 01 Desi nicuei piaiea bath room specialties make ideal Christmas presents. Suppose you fit yourself up before they are gone. J. B. Rich, Sanitary Plumbing and Heating Company, No. 21 Broadway, Asheville- Phone 364. 147-20-tf ABOUT three hundred acres semi-bottom and twelve 'hun dred acres mountain land, on automobile road, convenient to small town and railroad station, near-Asheville, with splendid schdor nd "church advantages. Some timber, large quantity pulp and acid wood. Mineral prospects. Ideal place for dairy, -or for sheep, cattle and hogs. $10.00 per acre, cash or terms- In vestigate. Owner, care Citizen. 72-17-7 Pigs 100 , Poland China and Berkshire Pigs. Will sell these pigs on N. Lexington Ave., Saturday, Dec. 21st, at 11 o'clock. These, pigs have not been shipped. Were rais ed near Asheville. For infor mation write P. O. Box 232-103-19-8 FOR SALE A pair of opossum and coon dogs. Thoroughly broken, wide hunters, fast end game, with It do not hesitate for mud or water when chasing a coon, good treers, good mouths, know how and when to use them.' One 8 and one 6 years old. Good sixes. First check for 360.00 gets these dogs. One Painter female bird dog, good hunter, fast and good retriever. 325 srets her. F. S. Sauls, McCuIlera, N. C. - FOR SALE A pointer bird pup, 17 months old; nas been minted some; will point. Will sell cheap. Address Box No, 343, Morganton, N. C. P9984-14-7 FOR SALE Pair of nice, saddle and driving horses, 7 and 8 years old, weight 1,100 snd 1.150. C. R. Mc Neely. Ijake Toxaway. ' P117-19-5 THREE 3&00 6 notes, six, eighteen. ..... . 1. s 1 , miriy monins. Bcurea uy gooa Improved farm, property. Address Box 106. Aahevllle. N. C, 46-15-14 FORSALE Iron bed; tables, chairs. lounge, carpets, china press, etc., on account of leaving city. Apply 132 East St.. phone 1404. P91-18-3 FORD touring car, 1911 model. In perfect condition; good tires, price right If taken at once. Scott DU- Ilngham. Phone 901. Pllf- -19-1 BARGAIN IN AI'TO TIRES National tires are fully guaranteed, yst lowest In price. Stetson Tire Co., Broad way and Walnut St. 23-tf PIANO Hllahtlv used upright, best grade mahogany case. Bargain for cssh. See piano 42 Biltmore Ave. Phone 2681. 7-tf acre, two houses, plenty of fruit .lust outside city limits. A bargain See F. B. ingle. Phons 2846, P80-18-8 FOR SALE Block wood, sawed any length. Dry or green. Prompt de livery. Phone 3289. 9847-8-38 FOR SALE Canary birds, fine sing ers, $6 and 87.60 wkh cage. Apply 41 Central Ave. P89-18-7 FOR SALE March 1 Hatched, Rhode Island Red pullets laying. Phone 1888. fjfga-i4-7 FOR SALE Standard typewriter at a bargain; almost nsw. Phone 25. . 96i-l-tt FOR SALE Home made fruit cake, 75c per lb. Phone 1682. P88r18-7 FOR SALE Roller top desk, tables, chairs. Call phone 2802. P120-19-I BARBER SHOPS . L: Ws make a specialty of children's hair cutting. Ht. Charles Barber 'Shop, 7 Ilajwoed fit, Phons 634. 708-19-tf REAL ESTATE We hsve a very complete list of tare;! and handsome furnished and un furnished private homes In thsirt residential sections of Ashevllle. Would be glad to mke aa appoint ment to show these. Also all kinds of properties for sale.-, FORBES CAMPBELL ' 4 Patton Ave. Phons it. Snles Agents Orove Park Properties. List your property with in. if HOUSES FOR RENT. Houses and bungalows, furnished or unfurnished In every section, sf tha city. A man ready to show yon at any time. - ,.... GREENE & GOODMAN. On the square. phons ft NINE ROOM HOCSB. one block from poster", ce. Xwo five-room apart-' meats, modirn."A"n -rooms for light v housekeeping. O. D. Re veil. ofTloe over Pack Square Boole Co. Phone 121. 8114-16-20. FOR RENT- Anne store - room -faetntr the Lanrren Hotel. Apply Nich ols Shoe Co.' 8644-23-tf FOR RKNT- l-room modem, cottage, , close In; 2 porches' and a sleeping porch. N. Buckner, Board of Trade. ' U-T, BOARDERS WANTED V 4 St- .-' ' Sarasota on the West Coast of Florida, . 60 miles below Tamp. Open January 1st. Address Mrs. Chas. Balrd until Dee,' 26. Ashevllle. '.After Jan. 1st, Sara sota, Florida. 42-11-11 BOHANNON-8 COZY CORNER 39 MERRIMON AVE, . (PHONB,7lr.-. Can accommodate three guests. Large steeping porch, living room and bath. Nutritious food. The place to .rest. Orove park section. Take Oraoeesr. . 61-1 T-tf DUNNWYOHE. . Black Mountain. Corns to ths glorious mountains to get weJI if 'you hare an Incipient case of tubsreular trouble. Outdoor sleeping porches. Oood meals. Rest house.,; No nolas. Moderate rates. Sublime scenery. ! . 9947-18-89 BEAUTIFULLY furnished rooms sin. gls or suits of rooms; private or "2 connecting -baths; -and private 'fjorcheT running Water In bed rooms.. Hot water heat. Close in. Ideal- location. 87 Ravenscroft road. Phons 468, 998-I-tf PRIVATE NORTHERN family wishes boarders for nicely heated rooms: overlooking mountains; excellent board. Desirable neighborhood, rear Oraes and Charlotte ears. 19 Washington rcd, corner Broad. I -'-',' ' P9T26-8-30 WHY do you do light housekeeping when you can get. board, and home cooking bread, pies and preservsa, home-made. Call up Ills for rea sonabls prices. ' 41-16.7 LARGE downstairs room with sleep ing porch. Hoi Water heat. Also nice sunny, upstairs room. Good wholesome food. 60 Orange St. Phone 1688. 97Sl-3-tf HARMONY HALL 60 Oak (corner Woodfln, Charlotte ear line). Hoi water heat, pleasant rooms, excel lent maals, home." Phons 1696. : tv . swl "".,--.''. P9691-26-30 THOSE! desiring comfortable steam heated, rooms with excellent board at reasonable price will find smi hy calling. ' Thons 1936. 184-20-tf COMFORTABLE ROOMS Good , table. Hot water heat.- Ten mln-, -utes walk from square. Phone 9696. 63 Orange. 9717-3-tt LA RGE downstairs room with sleep ing porcn. iox water neat..,, uoon wholesome food, Phone 1688. 60 Orange St, 9718-3-tt 84 OAKLAND road finest looatlon In city for rest our patients. ' Rate reasonable. Phone 230. P28-15-I4 SALESMEN WANTCD , w'atIX'IulmaT key Register company cequ'lrss the services of a local representative for Its Asheville territory, consisting of the city and surrounding counties. -If you ars looking for a aide Hne. a salaried position or drawing ac count, do not answer, but If you . desire a contract for protected ter ritory on a vary satisfactory com mission basis, wherein commissions are advanced weekly and think, yon can qualify to sell credit eye em and sajenbooks to the local Trade, address 113.1 Broadway. New York olty, with full particulars about your -experience. Including , a post card photo of yourself. 146-30-3 LIFE INSURANCE MEN Double your Income by securing agency for largest company In tbo ' world, specializing In accident and health' Insurance. Cash compensation and liberal renewals. Johnaon and Adams, southeastern managers, 511 Southern Bldg., Washington, D. C P25-15-17-20 REAL ESTATE Tm5 b s a hie. : FOR SALE City properties of all . slxss and prices. If yot want some thing good at the right -price., call -us. Ws have Itif not, we will get It and will suit you better than you can suit yourself. North Carolina Resjty Company, J. H.,Orogg, sec- ; ; retary-treasurer, ll(i . Ji, Pack Square. (Over southern Coal Co.) Phone 3581 or 2981, Ashevllle, N C. --v 16-tf FIVE-ROOMED house, lot 100x20tf; good; barn, chicken house." coal house, cellar, young fruit 'trees, ever-bearing strawberry patch, flne large garden; ctty water; on Klec t trio street. West Ashevllle. F. W "Thomas. Phone 1236. 96-18-S AUTOMOBILE PAINTING LlNTl-NO will add a distinc tive appearance of quality and claw to-any car... Let us paint yours Frank Tiddy, phons 3304. ' SUI-14-U t

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