12 THE ASUEVILLE CITIZEN, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1918. ITEMS OF IXTF.nEST T.W11 HAYWOOD ST. Maaoor ud Brum CUlcU at HM 4 rktare Frnmr on Stand ( 11.00 ovm so oi jx """"'"f Class Water su Kn ) 11.50 lUucblrd Jim 5c and 74c llJ.Sf) Kuw-linc at Si.oo. tUrthdar kpnoiu Ilrll C art In Srta and Tahiti KnlTf. Hundrrd of llmua all (tillable for CbrUunaa Gift and Plenty ut . aargalna. J. H. LAW tl Hay-wood . v . PYREX GLASSWARE " Tho Latt Word la Cooking UtenaiU For nU by v IDE I-X L STORE 4 Partoa At. Pbooa 1IT ' DECIDE now to make useful, prac tical and needed gifu. Bet ter glaatea are moat ap propriate and tell better than words the esteem, friendship and love you hold for the recipient Charles H. Honest . OPTOMETRIST Eye-Strain Specialist M l'atton Ave. Opn. Postofflce IN MOVING IT WE QVE . your furniture the same careful handling that it receives in your own home., If you are to , move , , Phone 25 Citizens Transfer and 'Coal Company ' Corv Pattoa Ave. and Oort St. TIRES . and ACCESSORIES Richbourg Motor Co. 62-60 Broad war. . Phona 3tt Accounts of the people of Leicester Township are solicited by the Bank of Leicester, N. C 4 Compound Interest oa. . Saving Aomuats. An Ideal Gift for Dad, Husband, Brother or Any Man A Self-Lathering Sha ving Brush A Removable ventilated cap for guard. B -Genuine Rubberset Brush. C Between shaves the telescope handle forms a wet-proof top. D Cream delivered to the bend of the bristles through soft flexible rubber tube. E Warner Sh aving Cream cartridge filled with . f Mennen's Shaving Cream. F Feed cap. Turn for in stant lather at heart of brush. A gift he'll use and ap preciate for days and days for years and years. GRANT'S PHARMACY 5 East Pack Square . Agents for Crane's - . Chocolate SALVATION ARMY TO REMEMBER THE POOR tiokkts wim, nr. histhiritkd TOMORROW All Ahrlll Vol A rr Intllrtt AdvUw (he OAlcert of Worthy Havln lrnd that the ruah which Santa Clan will nuuuiiter her upon Hi nrrwjilon of hin annual vlult 10 .hi i city natt wotk will piacluda "'Im.roua drlv Ability of lila calling at a num-1 i i i .! of Aaheville home., tha Salvation i.j haa pronileed to.ald him In . rading the aplrit of awaaon ii unfortunate famllle. Adju- . im iiiiuiiMci u.. ltt,ntnt by lri, ohuraoteriatli: genen.a- - h ,: -. ntlon of the organlxat Ion : w)(h whl,.h Knivatlon arruy can ..e ..a 'irmrh hn linrtj to im v'wr(1 Soni.de orthy family of unfor-1 ,i c ,n thin family racelvre a ii. at naa baakel thia year. An mi- . program of giving haa been ' 1. 1 raiiKert and the Indication aj e th.l Mm in nil atandarda of relief um hli'h the organisation has attained ln ' th- paat will ba maintained thla year 1 Tomorrow afternoon at I o'clmk Adjutant Crook will go to tha uptown' Headquarter of the army at lift , Hi It in .ire avenue to dleurlbute ticket 'among thoaa who want to b reineiu-1 , hereri hergea.nl-Major Ball will or- . gin tha dialrilMition of tRketa at me I Vet Knd headguartera of the arinvj I at the ame time Both official wll, ; remain on duty until every family In 1 Aehevlll whlr-h la In need and which i muat h;iva charitable aid If It re meiiTbered thla year haa a ticket. On Chrunmae day the ttckete will be arood ".. . . .. . . . he expect that th majority or the application for ticket will be innd In perwon. 1J annotinrad, however, that t hi la not entirely neceewary "Any reliabl citizen of Aahevllle who knowa of a caae of need la at liberty to aend ua a not atntlng th name of the family, It addrea and the num ber Of It members and we will pro vide a ticket for Ita banket," the ad jutant ald. "W will accept the diag nosla of any reliable Aahevlllelan who report a caae to u. the omce.r con tinued. "W don't want to overlook a alngle. ramjiy ana w vmm. m. w operation of every man and woman who know of any caea deaerWnf of charity at thia trma." Each bakt to be given away thia Chrtotma will b of auch natun aa to bring- deligW to the family group which receive It. Thr will be food and clothing; provided for th old peo ple aa well aa for th children. Toy and candle and fruit will b found for tha litt! tot. Any child who get a peep Into th army baskets thla year will hive no ritnon to doubt tha ex tetence of r'anta Claua or th eficacy of that Ihdlvldual from th froien north In providing acceptable gift for th boy and girl of hla acquaint- anc. "aicknea. poverty, age, infirm ity or any other cause which con tribute to mtafortune will ba recog nised by the army this year and we want every reliabl oltlaen of thla city to conalder hlmielf our agent in re porting to us oaaea of need," the ad jutant eald. . The' pota of th organization have F )WILL II OPEN This Year's Christmas for th well tilled baaKet wun mcnl)(jh of lh J0,h (Jlvlont lh. form the army each year remember It r of tn ,oi,h englneera band, the charge. The officer In charge of th M)er or lh, !05th machine gun bal Aahevllla branch atated yeaterday that ; .. f, oveinber 2. Harry Will be different-Gifts must be chosen more care fully, to carry out the spirit of the times. Our stock is com prised of useful and enduring articles, designed and created with m view to conveying the true sentiment of today, and perpetuating the same through years to come. Arthur M. Field Co. WILL BE OPEN and you give Beats, Sweeps, Suction Cleans Let Us Demonstrate PIEDMONT ELECTRIC COMPANY Grills 64 Patton Ave. Marshmallow Topping is fine to put on ice cream, and also on hot chocolate or cocoa. Recipes on each can for using. 20c per can eJ. eJ. VAXES Groceries and Service 37 Haywood St. Phones 1715-1716. AUDITS nonopened nd J. E. WILSON BookkKse",m Public Accountant Room 105 Dronmor Bldg. ty-n bnllln for mral daya past and a hou.to-hou ranraaa waa mad om lima ago for In pursif rata-tn- fundi Uh whlrh to provide for (ha annual ieIirtlon of Chrlsim ' liara. Adjutant Crook aialao that th oollnctliina ara null al lafaclory aad I ho la uloaaod with th hearty roaponoa I iif Aalisvlli pauvlx lu lh or nil I tlon'a annual call for alii hava rrtaltoxl vrry valuable ha'p from ilia Iaoldtar of Atalea and Kanlitrurth. Adjutant Cruok told a I'ltltan rport rr elerrtay Th iiion In khaki ap i.r to hava a warm anot in thlr lirarta for tha &nvatlon army and they i i alwava IIMna to help u in many 1 aaooeiauon. ma Had crona rhar:ir. i, . i.ik. on the"na I'antacn oorpa and tha Ao.U!rd principal airaat oornara In whuh Ih.y i... . ,,.h ih.i wm ba alvvn rinanoial waya may nava .n1 ih.v hava contTlluilar) ....mu.lv Lh.nmtilvra I am arairful , lo them aa la eiery omwr ou.-ibi Ul tha omaniailin which I rprnt Tha oanv. thla aar followed mi- m fji funda tor vorin h. armv offlclaJ" did not I fK l to 1V)1, up lo the onllnt lona , f fornlT They haye hern . (ab airrprlaed. howaver. ano wh0 )ri need of aid wll. lav wa epriiired in putting iui ihe , pot but now that mey aie nnina .from tliatr trlporta. Ihey are receiving I the attention of many Aaheviile pec pie and vialtora to tna cu LETTERS RECEIVED FROM JOHNSON BOYS loiter, bearing the new that they are doing well ha been received wince the arimatlra from Sergeant Jo and I'rlvat Harry .Inhnann, ona of ,111. MIF I .11 J. .1 V.i" " wrltea from Neuvllller. r ranee, tnnt h was aent over by wav of lUHfR, Liverpool, London. Ooer. and CalaU and wa placed on the firing line In the Ypre eector. Ijiter at Tlncourt he wltne.ed the amaahlng In one . . . v. ,1,.1.. i II... , r, n klr-h ""1 "'"V. ':,..h,V ed " Japanese Tray We are cloning nut i ceived by the clerk of the Superior our atork of tray and make n (lla-jccuri from th. aecreiary of mate. The conn I of 20 on them. J. 11. Iw, 21 amhoriced atock of the company, em Haywood 81. I bracing 260 ah a re of $100 each. Is J IJ5.000 with 12,500 paid In. Of the 250 ASKS $20,000 FOR ALLEGED INJURIES Damage to the extent of $20,000 are sought by O. E. Glllwipie in a complaint filed In the office of -h clerk of the Superior court again the Aahevllle Milling corporation. Plaintiff allege that a truck of the defendant company driven by O. V. Thomae, on November 12, near Gor man's bridge, atruck a motorcycle on which he wa riding, resulting In peraonal Inturle. to hlmelf. Plain tiff state that since hjs Injury he haa been obHajed to go on crutches and declare hlmaelf to be by occupation a merchant and laboring man, depen dent for a living on hi daily work. EVENINGS. l t5 EVENINQS. her the best Chafing Dishes Opposite P. O. Phono 1S70 y jj TO COLLECT FOOD TODAY FOR NEEDY In tha pulh-a patro! wagon. .Wor.u- I ad In I'hrlMmaa color. .- ronimlliei i will maka tha round, of tha rliv :o-j day (o rclv donation, for I ha i:m1 famlllaa of Aahavttl. Tha trganl' I tlona ropraaantaU aia 'ha I'ohca Itelltfi ihartti. In rdr lo miuullfv lni0f ,n. r,,u 8Ule, situ. Maaaachu work It waa daouled lo ronaolldat , ... . ...... ., 1 aotlvltlae and tha I'olKa aaaoc'a Ion 1 daalgnatr'd to art for ih four IK(ll.a I r H I at 4 I.. t in . I. bodiea In dlatrtbmfnff ba.l:t Tha women on Mra J i '. Prlt.-Ji-aid a i ommlttea. will thia niouilii be provided with oaaketa to receive jit.t of food and clothing for thoaa who without theae glfn might find Chiixi mil rather rh.trlna Tlto-a . h,. wlh lo donate food ara aked to eiephone pollen elation, il and tha pa 1 1 ol i wagon will call for the gift. TWELVE NEW CASES REPORTED YESTERDAY; Twelve new Influenaa rae. were! yc.terday reported to the heal'.h de- ; tment with no death for tli nty-four hour ending at 1 ocloc'c , The health department feel. oni- what enoourwged In It effort to con- trol the maladv and lh omrla: in. peal to the people to lonllnui uveiy precaution and to avoid till iinnerea-i-ary meeting during the hollriiiy eon NEW PAINT COMPANY IS INCORPORATED Th. A.h.vll.e Paint company I. th. title of a new concern, papers of In corporation of wMch have been re- mare, ii are held by J R. Cavan- augn, on by urucn Dryadale. and one by Haywood Parker. RESTRICTIONS CA.CF.IJ.,BD. WASHINGTON. Dec. 1 Formal announcement wa made today of the cjm-ellation of all restriction and or der or the var tnduarlea board el- ' fectlve January and th withdrawal of a . pledges made by Industrie at the i '.stance of the board. . See How Happy He Is! He's showing his friends how well he can read now that he has had us fit him with exactly. the kind of glasses he , needed. No more headaches and eye strains for him. "Becoming glaa ot n mar" DR. J. C. DENISON. (Eye-strain Specialist) 2& ration Avenue Next door to Bon Marcho. I i iSzuLn.mms JEWELRY styles are very fluid as one may affirm by comparing with its present-day proto-type any article bought only a few years ago. But there is one article of Jewelry in which no substantial change has been made for more than a century the Necklace. One may place a string of pearls inherited from great-grandmother alongside a necklace made yesterday, and no material difference will be apparent. This is true, too, of neck laces made of many other precious stones and imitation-stones. Does not this fact suggest an idea to you? It proves that you may invest in a Christmas Necklace an expensive one if you desire it with full assurance that it will always re main a stylish and most charming adornment. HENDERSON 52 Patton Are. TAR HEEL They'i ne. STAR MARKET Three Phones-191 7 T w f aful Cateraas to a SAILOR IS ARRESTED FOR TAKING JEWELRY riMHxIorr Richard. la (liargrd With lantviiy i.f S7&0 In Valuable fmm Tnin Hklrnif . Throdora W. Hithard ab! raman ettii and only fifteen ear old acrord- Wig to hi atatenient. wan arieatad e jtarday at noon, by the police rharued I with larceny of about ITiO wor'.h of I )evelr from tha home of Mi and Mia I'hurlea 1'ienrh Toma. of Mont ford ateiiue The aallot n c.iei-t at tha Toma home Wedne.day right. ' 'hen tha alleged that! o.-.-urr.l Itlrharda I being held In the citt uil foi a hearing, bond wna fined at I, - 000. Ha did not deny the charge nnd rxpreaeed regi-et for what had hap pened I ftlchard. w l.o bu v tailed In the I i'!ly before and t well known iiei. ' arrived noine daya ago on a furlojg h Veterday morning lie went :. tha War Camp aer-ce club on Hionclw.iy and told Itev H K. I'.oblitu.. In i harge of the er Ice here thn: he had received a chei k from hum and nnuld aoon leave to rejoin ihe crew of the Mnenachu-etta Ml hour later Kichardu telephoned Mr. Knlibinn that he wna under arrem at police e'atlon The eeaman I accused of taking 'nr " 7" 1 , , ' ,,,;,t" valued l 1150. h lorktt r.r:li 00 I' M 11 ':'r- nai he aold one ring Itirherdx at ftrat refined to ar where hi home ! hu: Inter etatrd I that he wa from Ronton ! A bargain In nk-turr for framing. 1 We Iwiuifhl up Uie wlwfilc aample llne for about ij thrlr vaJui' nun of I hem are rry gixMl. J. H. laiw, 21 Haywood t. St. i .xcels all other miUsinfinecrindinfr. Why! Because of the wonderful Lstz KriasKraai Hit. You should come in and take a look it that plate. You never saw anything like it to get results. The Lets will grind wild oats, wheat screeninfrs, millet seed, (rrass eed. rve. barlev. eara aa tta eofc srftb at ! withMit lawks, Kafir corn in the head, Mile maize, alfalfa hay fine as dust practi cally as fine as flour without injuring tht pistes. One customer says he can grinq, ihelled corn and oats Into flour, for hog feed, in one grinding. With other mills he would have to grind it twice. Lett Self-AHgnIng Plates ire quickly changeable, saeat running and iharpen themselves when run together empty. One set of buhrs grinds 1000 to 1000 hnsbsls of grain outlasts three to Ave sets of ordinary plates. ' We sell the Letz because when one is sold it ghrss satisfaction and ssNs anotnar. Write for circulars, prices and J terms on Engines, Mills, Wood j Saws. Feed Cutters, Belting, etc. T. S. MORRISON & CO. Your Jeweler Near Postoffice. TURKEYS Order yours now Varlrty ot appotltoa. FT7 FEIiL -W5lBJaf5i, For Ctfristmas 1918 A generous variety of serviceable gifts for men of all ages civilian or soldier. We might suggest: Gloves for every purpos from a fine quality dress glove to a teamster's wool mitten. Hosiery silk, fibre silk, cotton and wool; colors, black and white. Handkerchiefs plain or initial, in all white or with color all prices. Neck wear in lavish assortments, newest patterns and color combinations all prices. Shirts of silk, silk mixtures, wool or cotton; beautiful patterns, all colors, all sizes. Prices from $2.00 up. Jewelry, Canes, Umbrellas, Cross Leather Goods. And, of course, all the necessary wear things in the style and quality your men folks like. - ' 1 1 Patton Ave. Telephone 78. I Christmas Trees from Biltmore Estate. All Sizes, $1.00 and Up. Select Tree You Want Lily Bowls, Narcissus, Hyacinth Glasses. Fish Bowls, Goldfish, Birds and Cages, Rabbits. Stock Remedies for Hogs, Horses, Cows and Poultry. Salt Brick, Dog Biscuits. Rhubarb, Strawberry, Horse Radish, Asparagus and Rasp berry Plants, Hyacinths. ASHEVILLE SEED CO., Our Seeds Grow Au ror yjur Cor. College and Lexington Ave. Phones 2177 and 2178. CUT RATE TIRE CO. N. A. Harrison. Mgr. .Phone 2747 Office. 3029 Res. Mail Orders Solicited, Wholesale and Retail. ' I vasV!!3ffiSl'IJ' Eight Christmas Victor Records that music lovers like best These beautiful arias and hymns hava been in greatest demand and justly sol 86561 Cantiqu de Noel 74436 Adoate Fidele (Oh Come All Y Faithful) In Latin John McCormack " At. ac Holy Night LueyMarah 45 1 ,5 Silent Night. Holy Night Lyric Quartet I 1 too Oh Come. All Ye lbWbJoy to the World Phile Shepherd Cam Upon f Angel from th ,,,.,1 '-""J Oh. Littl Town (Sing. C Heaven 3566U It Came Upon the 1 Silent Night, Holy Chriitma Hymn Come in and let us play them for you your selection for Christmas gilts. Dunham's Music House The Home ot High Grade 1319 uataiogue sj fill mm 11 jrlMffil (Holy Night) In French Faithful Watched Victor Oratorio Choru the Midnight Clear Victor Oratorio Choru Raalm of Glory Trinity Choru of Bethlehem Victor Mixed Choru Midnight CUr Victor Mixed Choru Night Neapolitan Trio Selection Francis J. Lapitino Pianos.' Cam- Ml Trinity Choir U Tnnity Choir r I nnity Chorus 1 IfJv I , 11 n Il.ll MalkoM to

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