THE ASUKVJliLK CTIIZEN, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1918. j - 7 i Gift That Are Appreciated ! jW""y J By All Women YLJC' 1 R Silk Petticoats in all shades !j 3 S3.00to$9.50 IfcLi I Silk and Muslin Underwear ) 6 Per garment j 75c to $10.00 9 I K Glove in Silk. Suede. Kid and Chamoitette. the pair fl I I I B PA. a. AA fl I Silk and Wool Sweater. ' ytrv--yi rum $3.50 to $18.50 8 A l Furs, Dresses, Coat and Coat Suit J 4 all reasonably priced. j Do You Wish (o Make Your Boy Happy lor Xmas? If so, we have just received an assortment of Boy' Leather Leggings, also Canvas Puttees, such as the soldier wear. Nothing will please your boy more than a pair of Leggings of the soldier style. First of all, they protect their feet from cold and rainy weather. A pair of Legging on your boy will gladden his heart and will be enjoyed, as this is the longest eason for Leggings for the little ones, same ?s the grown-ups. We have them in-all size.' $2.50 Women' Bed Room Slip per fur trimmed and plain with fancy ribbon trimming. On front table display at U65 $3.00 Men's Bed Room Slippers Felts and Leather, all colors, sizes and styles. Front table display at Note the YelloMgf overed Front ECONOMY SAMPLE S 12 Biltmore Avenue Your boy will appreciate a TRIVERS MAKINAW or a COAT TRIVERS OVER- $10tO$15 AN ALL WOOL SUIT IN THE LATEST CUT WILL GIVE HIM THE HOLI DAY SPIRIT $7.50 to $15.00 CAPS AND HATS $1.00 to $2.50 Extra Trousers up to - $2.25 In Serge, Worsted or Cordu roy. Trivcrs'CIolhcs On the Square Between the Avenue WAR GAMP SERVICE COVERS ' LARGE FIELD OF ACTIVITIES B)SSBBSaBSB SBaaBaaBaBBBSaBJBSBaBaa.jaBBBWSBaaBBB) Is Becoming Clearing House Here for All Activities in Behalf of Soldiers and Sailors 5,000 Soldiers Are in Its Care A iroitMiI made yesterday at the Knliit) rluh luncheon fur a memorial roiiimuiilty houw, built Jointly ly the nation! government unri the city nntl villa and It la believed (hut Ht Inxt a community huwr will L. achieved. Wretaiy Itithblna stated yeaterduy that In the near future rest room unci roiufiu t atntloii for all women of I of O.eiclty '" county will he opened if No. iM llmartway. Jual una dmir from tha i lied Circle club. A comfort atatlon for m. Idler, la being conducted In the old pool room of tha l.angren hotel by the Ked Circle aervlce and the I city Tha real room for women will I he opened by the war enmp aervlce, I although later the clDBSMiay aid In Its j mnlnlenunr. It la understood. county, la another llluatrut lot fiir-reufhliig activities of tha War Camp Community aervlce IUv. II. K. Itobblna, secret iiry ( the wur ramp aervlce, representing tha com mission on training: camp activities, eiplalned tha proposition a a tier rr.anent memorial to the aoldlera of tha county and to tha nsjn. women nMt.H tht mUyitl horB BK,t,ned. and children who hava eacrlnVed at ! the war camp eel vice la now called home for the1 wanning of tha war. i upon to help aoldlera make tha Jlut It waa mad. clear that the ,.,. khan,e from military to civil life It la to aid aoldlera In finding employ munlty bouae la an undertaking en- ment aa well aa recreation and friende tlrely apart from the memorial to be while they are still In camp. In thla erected hv cltv and countv In roni-, miH'ini 01 a nem. logemer wun inemnrmtlon of the vulor of the men and women who gave their lives for the cauae of clvWxution i the activities mentioned the J. E.GRIEDER CHARGED WITH CHECK FORGERY " i " Among those who will have to an swer to charges in the. police court this morning are J. E. Gi-ieder, white. arrested last night on a charge of forging; two checks amounting to $102 on E. W. Sharpe, and Charles Ken nedy, colored, charged with receiv ing more than one quart of whiskey within fifteen consecutive days. Ken nedy was caught yesterday wltJh 10 quarts of whiskey in his possession. MUST PAY WATER RENT BY THE TENTH N EARING HOME. NORFOLK, Va., Dec. 19. The ar my transport Martha Washington, bringing home the 118th. field artil lery, passed Capo Henry, a mile off short ton Ifcht at 7:80 and should ar rive In Newport News before midnight The residents and soldiers at the fort were brought to the beach by a mighty shout, which Was foleowedr by cheering for a quarter of an hour as the transport passed the Cape Henry lighthouse, the men giving way to their joy on beholding the steady rays of the great light that meant they were within a few hours ride pt Amer ican soli. "It was the mighty roar of 'delight ed men" the Cape Henry observer reported by telephone to the Associa ted Press correspondent. The transport Mercury, accompany ing the Martha Washington has not been- sighted as yet. Persons who neglect to pay water rent before the tenth of eaOh month face the Inconvenience of having their supply cut off, is the warning sent out by City Tax Collector C. H. Bartlett. The collection of this revenue is now In the hands of the tax collector. It Is a matter of bad memory with the people, says Mr. Bartlett, but the reg ulation in regard to cutting off water will be observed. , No living representative of the ani mal kingdom has more than five toes. digits, Or claws to each foot, hand or limb. Gifts PI are dated back to the birth of Christ. Jewels and precious stones have al ways been the leading Gifts and they will continue sq as long as Gifts are the feature of this great national holiday. Carpenter's is the store for you to visit for your Christmas. Gifts for youjenow the value is there, the price is right and nis reputation stands behind every article he sells. Mr. Carpenter, after an absence of nearly five months owing to ill health, is now in the store to serve you. J. E. Carpenter Jeweler m The next time you buy calomel ask for , The purified calomef tab letthat are entirely free of all ckening and sali rating effects. JUidial rirtsM vastly hasrstWL Ciwwtiil br rear "aVsff M. SU fcasejejsjcfcafst. Prlc 3U. , Cuticura For Baby's Itchy Skin AH dramhui Sow M. Oint BMfit af nd M. Tatetan It. Suoel. nok frM of 01- 1'erhapa few people have realised the acope of the i'n,p community aervlce In Aahevllle IU club on Kroadway and tha Ked I'lrtle hotel on Iepot street are now furnishing entertainment, food mid .ouri.Bl to hundreda of soldier and relatives. Through the club aoldieta and tullora are Introduced to fiimlllea In the city. The organisation la co-opera'-lntr with the city commissioner and the police department In controlling the vlco lawlt'saneas which la found wber.ver thouaiinda of men are Incited Tlio morale of soldier life la being In vigorated and bettered by tile home Influence which the club mnkej its principal 'aim latstxlatenc od the re-1- aults no fur are very ijrutlf yin;( lo war department, it i atated by gov ernment oincera. Scope of henk-c. It may have beeo thought t'.iat with the ending of hoatilitlea tne war camp community service would ttnd its reason for being non-e.Mtenl. Hut It is to be ranieni bored tnut Azalea. Kenllwortli. Wuyneavlllo tind Hot Rorlngs hospitals ure the h:iut now of approximately J.'i'iO soldiers i and that Asalea. and perh ips others of these institutions ill h i per manent. Aahovllle will contlapa to be (the recreation center for eoldlerx In their Idle hours anJ tho war camp service in Intended by the war de partment to be a clearing houte for all programs to give soldiers the i iftht sort of amusement as well as cluoa and hotel accommodations of the beat uoMslble standard. Soon after, the, Red Circle service . came to ABhevllle It was realised tnut there must be co-operation betwuen tha various hospital camps ind the city in the control of the small per centage of lawlessness which showed itself at times among ths soldiers. Mr. Robblns at once took up with ths southeastern tnilitary department the Question of making Aahevllle part of the military zone. Ths de partment commandant' made the necessary recommendation and this Immediate territory Is aow subject to military control and regulation so far as soldiers Tt1 matters affecting them are concerned. This means that the authority of the federal gov eminent can be Invoked for search Ing baggage for whiskey, in dealing with Immoral women and with! other problems which perplexed ths city rovernraent before it had the assist ance of .the war department and ths commanders of the camps located near Asheville. Home Influences. The club rooms on Broadway, with Mrs. E. D. Mayer of New York as hostess, every day entertain scores of soldiers and sailors. Pool tables, books, magazines and well prepared food are furnished there to Hundreds every week. The Ked Circle hotel on Depot street has been so successful in mlnlHterlng to soldiers and their friends and relatives that sixty rooms will be added soon to that hsme for soldiers. There Mrs. H. B. Kobbina is hostess. Mrs. Louis M. Bourne la in charge of the house and Mrs. H. J. Lilly of the canteen service. It often happens that meals are served after midnight at the hotel to soldiers who find there an hour's rest and refreshment aa a welcims brenk to a long Journey by rati. In the Broadway club rooms as well as In the hotel the home spirit, the thoughtful care of men who are de prived of home innuence, is Kept al ways In view. But the war camp - community service is not confined to soldiers ai.d sailors. In the Hed Circle hotel fifty railroad men are now tegular patron, and relatives of men In nr-arby hospitals are guests there al most every day. The staff which administers these and other activities-which cannot bo. mentioned in detail has found Ashe ville readv. to co-operate. it was soon learned, it was s,ild yesterday by an Asheville woman, that when ever there was anything to be done for soldiers the war camp, service was ready to do it or help somebody else to do it. 4 It does not attempt to duplicate: It proposes only to be a clearing house for information and for well regulated activity in Western North Carolina. The spirit of the service has been met in kind by Asheville people, says Mr. Bobbins; volunteers serve as hostesses at the club rooms uptown or at the hotel and the various civic organizations, as well as the city commission. have welcomed these workers Into a field where everybody saw that some body was needed but not many knew the qualifications pi tnose wno cuuiu succeed. A volunteer motor corps now helna the organization solve Its transportation problems. X Praise for Asheville. The " Asheville spirit has received another high compliment from the managers of the war camp service. Secretary Robblns stated yesterday that after careful investigation he is confident that there has been no case in the city where wearers of ths khaki, were victims of. profiteering. When It is realized that some army camp towns have made their names by-words among thousands of sol diers as they return to civil life It caa be seen that Asheville mads an In vestment whose material value was not thought of when she chose to give men in uniform a square deal. The plan mnounced for ths com munity house, to be built by the war department 'and the city and county and maintained for ths most part by the government, is another oppor tunity for co-operation between ths people of this community and ths representatives of tha natfon, it is pointed out. With the propose ;om munitv kitchen and . dining room for all the people there Is assurance that It will, ir erected, oecome me piacs which prophets in this region havs looked for these many years. Ths I plan la being carefully considered by i ill. a. i mriiituiiBu niputa, pervira is now nm accreuueu repre aentativa of the war, navy. Interior and labor departments. BOARD AGREES TO PAVE TWO AVENUES MILLINERY SUITS COATS DRESSES Bear a Reduction of From 15 to 50 In Our Great Holiday Sale ' Ths Shop for the Women Who Know City OinimbeJoners Make Plana for Hclalng BlItniore and Patton Ave nue In the Kprliur. On recommendation of Commis sioner of Public Worka Ktlkeleather, the city commissioners yesterday afternoon ordered that Hlltmore avenue In paved from the northeust , corner of Dr. Bryant's corner to where the avenue Joins the asphalt I paving near Victoria road. From the ' Rwannanoa-Berkeley hotel to Kryanfs corner the avenue will be paved with i brick. The kind of paving for the rest of the avenue has not been de cided on. The work will be done in the spring. , Tatton avenue from French Broad avenue to West Haywood street will be repaved and the Aahevllle Power and Light company has been notified to prepare for paving its car track spare. Recommendation for the paving of thexe avenues wns mude at last Haturduy'a meeting of ths board. Crcene and (loodman. agents, were granted permumlon to build a garage and Install a pump on the right aide of Hlltmore avenue below Kagls street. The work on ths pump Is to he under the direction of the street superintendent and the regular license tax must be paid. The express company waa given 'permission to deliver expreaa, except whiakey. on Hunduy, December it. The commissioner of public works reported to the board that he found that Mra. Fred Moore was not fn titled to recover damages for the falling of her rock on Charlotte street; the report was adopted. AVERY SCHOOL WILL GIVE A MINSTREL The public la cordially invited to a minstrel to be given by the Avery's Creek school on Saturday evening, December 11 at T:!0 o'clock. Th U , 1 1 H 1 IT Ml &U MIIW . V IH . Ing play ths beat that has ever been glvsn in that locality, and ars ambiti ous to enhance tha good reputation of Avery's Creek school which la now having a dally attendance of mora than ninety per cent of Its snrollmsat for ths present tsrtra. , a- , DKCUNTS CHALIjIZfGtV NEW YORK, Pc. It. -Ths Nsw Ing tonight to decline ths challenge of ths Royal Ulster Tacht club for at race ror Americas cup. in Jill, oni announced that If ths challenge was ' renewed for 1120 It would be accepted. TO REMOVE DANDRUFF Un a, small bottle bt iaderins) at any drujr store for a fsw cents, pour a little 1 Into our band and rub well lato ths soalp i with tha finger tips. By morning- most. If not al'. of thla awful - scurf will havs disappeared. Two or threw applications will destroy every bit of dandruff; stop soalp Itching . ni fail. teg hair. , ':r .. i Mf J; HfY I r . - a - l! in m Half a Century Ago y Haifa Century Ago every community could be supplied to some extent with locally dressed meat, drawing on live stock raised nearby. Now two-thirds of the consuming centers; with mfllions of people, are one to two thousand miles away from the principal live-stock producing sectionswhich are sparsely settled. . ' The American meat packing industry of today is the development of the best way to perform a national service. The function of providing meat had to develop accord ingly. Those men who first grasped the elements of the changing problem created the best facilities to meet it large packing plants - and branch houses at s strategic points, refrigerating equipment (including cars), car routes,' trained organization, profitable outlets for former waste which became the natural inevitable channels for the vast flow of meat across the country. If there were a better way to perform this necessary service," American ingenuity and enterprise -would have discovered it, and others would now be using it During 1918, Swift & Company has earned a profit on meats (and meat by-products) of less than 2lz cents per dollar of sales too small a profit to have any appreciable effect on prices. Swift & Company, U. S. A. Asheville Local Branch. Glenrock Station R. N. McCroan, Manager Jcn Bedttass S r ths various organisations in

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