THE ASHEVTLLE CITIZEN, FRIDAY,' DECEMBER 20, 1918, The Mammoth Furniture Store If you want to give Her something for Christmas and you can t decide, come in and look at our beautiful selection of Mahogany Piano Lamps. We have just received a new ahip ment, to buy before the stock is picked over. Price $15.00 to $27.50 J. L. SMATHERS & SONS Phone 228. 15.17 Broadway. HIGHWAY FORMALLY MAY ERECT COMMUNITY INFANTRY COMPANY OPENED YESTERDAY! HOUSE IN ASHEVILLEi TO CONTINUE SERVICE Ahevlll.iulrt-mUle Kuail Kmil, for Tratrt (Viniiy null City (H1I claJs Hrremil. H HKHI(; SM MITUtY HDH IWNN FXI I.MVs l-I.W (M'ltrral ItuyMiT Win. l lmi Mlllllu Mum llol, I Miviim I mil athial (Itianl . rtt-orguiilril. KiMnrt tluti Hear t-n .position fur Honer r'jlalllliil Jointly li, i;(it. rrniiiriil and .hrtlllr Chriitma Stationery 50c, 75c, $1.00 and up. Choice Stationary and Correspondence Carda tlrniyi acceptabls Thousands of handsomely bound Christmas Uooka. Office OutHttw N Patten An. Rogers Book Store Cimmnlil Prfnltra Hi 4shviia Why Not Tfiis Range for a Christmas Gift? Northup-McDuffie Hardware Co. No. 33 Patton Ave.. Headquarter!. Phone 142. HOUSEWIVES are searching everywhere for a better way to save in food and fuel. You can find the answer to these vexing problems in the efficient ' Cole's oven Raiaee It saves M. wt -U suVtjrtra .beantot Move. t gives , warm floors for the littls folks. Oven shoulder high saves stooping and backaches. Oven and flues made of cooper-alloy iron, the strongest rust-resisting iron known. We personaU." invite you to see this remarkable fuel saving modern range. 3!H All obstruction to the Aahrtllle I lend isonvlll hlihiv were re moved Thursday morning In Ihe pree nc of lh cltv and round rommla tfonere. representatives of th Hoard uf Trade well as other Ua.tmg rtil sell The highway Is now open for general travel til the wiv ilouugh At the present llmr K.incouibe comid haa a t welt r. n.!l pavement from I'ack auuarr l.ito the villaii uf Ai.lti., ona and one-half mil, from ih. Hen derson countv line, tin- put ma of i w hlrh stretch lis emiv i.k poar'.hle i spring la vouched for by t'liairiuin II j A Patton nf the round bom. I (iiini) road enlhueiuat.. i he freight . of a doren or more a hi omubtle wit-' J lirssed the highest opt-nlna und werrt passed by half a inuiit nuihlnea. I In- iMCupanta or which expii-a-ied pleasure i at learning that all (.bairutllon on the road had l.een remove. I The aula II 1 1 '"' njllotiat gut i u i.. i nt II unpated portion of the load is "a Id j '''"" would uKMiine th.- l,n.. lo b In fair condition, bring; of olil I '" of Hie coal of mi in: rm n, e macadam In Buncwano county and of piopoalilon is not intended lo aatid day In lleneleieon Cha Irinan : 'h P'ace "f the aoldteis' mem I'atton experts the pat in to he com - 01 iu 1 unw being planneii i. the Mem pin. I wltuln thlttv d.ta after thr,,""''1 nilaaion I: planned 10 work la atartU nnxl Bprlng All I he 1 ""Dplv ihe neel lona inco leiognied II Kie. tlon of a Mriuuiial 1 om in 111. In lluuer In ehrlllr .1 piopoerd bv Koiailati rv llmu K ul.t.inM. War t aliip coiiiiuuiill nr' vu e ercrrtnit, at tile liirrLlug the ltouii club vrnridat I'lie .in, Hire would be iledlcaieil lo the 11. en who item fiolli lluncollibe to nill! for Ihe tl.i'lull nrid would H I no corn llii'lliljra I e The wai rltlc of Ihun- ho at h.. me bought bond vioikril fur tlie l,l 1.1 uh 01 111 o 'in ' mood behind the men in .he bittle line" The I. nil, In, , ; pl,in,el M h peimaneiii in t nion nnj :he II r eHl I fuild. Would be fill inched by Aeheillle tmd il, e .0111111 and I reaeite 1 11 fn 11 1 r v org4llUatbu for ao'iue loiur. according lo In 11 ciii rioui 1 11 (IN marerial will ua plaied on the gioun.t and an effoi I will br mad to Mtnbiaah a rrord In road building til nee till road la a part of thr fa moua Dixie highway, N Hu.knrr. mi rrtnry of the Hoard of Trade made photugrapha of the road opening to be furiilHhrd to 111 Dixie Highway maga- ame NEGROES OBJECT TO "BIRTH OF A NATION" 3 Banish Those Headaches dae to stomach troable. ceM. beat srvagaeaa. (rlppe, or other cause tha easiest, qaickast, saiest way t banish headache tortnre Is to atnalv lake a llttla CAPDDDIE the pleasant, palatable. Iloald headacke aaedlcbie. Dees net contain acetanilide er "dope." , kin CAPUDIXK Is not like Uldna; ntedlrine; It Is pleasing to the taste.' Being liquid It Is quickly assimilated hence Its prompt action and quick, welcome relict. Try It. Trial slie 10c 3 doses. Larger sizes 30c and Me? also by the vac an amy uugj store soaa loaniaui. Fin for Nntralgia LT7rr?irYTn Fins for LaOripp ror a conniiuniti huu-e ttheie ihe people of the countv might rind re.i and comfort The Ide.i, an explained y Mr. Hohbliis, im-i nl.. a coniniiin Itv kitchen and dining loom It would be i place where m.cbria might leave lhu i hildren while hey went shop ping or where the farmer In town on bumiien might Mud u good lunch t leaxouable price lium ili coiuiiiun itt' kitchen mtiglK Would be sertcl to funilllr. anttvhere in ihe cltv Kor the next few tvara Ihe coin- j nuinity hotixe would be especially tlt Ming foi the entertninnien: of aoldiere hoapend thelt reiiedtiou hoiiriihete or who atop In the cilv en louta to j their home towun m AutleH arid 'berhaon other h(oiiii:tU in thin h..V tlou perni.ineni. the proponed hoine would nlwivi linil u work to do for thoae who anted theTr country in the great war The Kotary club wbl eoou announce ile names of m committee which will inveatlgate the niattpr In all detnlln protest on the .and It In thought that the community oloted minister 1 house will t no diwtam date he '- Aahevllle's maintain lis months I l Hi t loll re. rt ed la "IIHKIII l.etiemi II l Koiell laiiailel to an liopilrt UCiria, It . tbl ttlied I. lent .lohn II 'iit!iet. Mug' of llie ...ilibaii) follows le.,vr milrbi tt til .011- 1 1 II ue In aer lei u ill I, I eo I Ka u xu ' lo'i of I I hv national g lal.l 'o I col ga n ia j (lull of tloopM fl olc till, xlute hum in irei . 1 e r. t in n '' I I A III. a ua r dan, e ii air . i.catteie.t iIiiuomIi hi h i i luaiulli-a ofl Ihe titu.. an. I t. i : i piohaolt n.i' I hi. .. li- null, la'e liel veai, llie Aalle tllle coiupant la considered a necee "mi Inn II ut ion In an emi rgencles ' ll'al mat aiiae II ia lo-Jiettd that a1 majolltt of the looal I n fa l.t i l men ' w-lll welcome the oppoituoUt lo con-j linn I It.-1 1 drllli and be 'cult to' set ip the cam in ii ii it t or llie state! should thet tie needed A auii-esaor to Cabin In Thomaa J Hai'kin hue not el been named l 1 1 f ll expect.. I that Ibis ii, ill.-: it II: be art t led In I he ueai f nt ui .- Thrte will lr no driii next Tlium dat evening, the compant lielna a : lowed that night off a. nail of iin l loll f I Oln dull Chrielmaa vac. Ladies I el your New Shoea for the I lolidayi be a pair of the Favorite Dorothy Dodds the shoes that the best dr eased women la America wear. We carry a complete line of Dorothy Dodda. Men who are returning from the training- camps should coma hera , for their footwear. We have the shoes that will fit you, at'; the right price. k KXTRA I ver ready to serve the people. Our entire Staff , of expert shoe salesmen will be "on the job' to see that you are comfortably fitted. STORE WILL REMAIN OPEN NIGHTS TILL XMAS Tine Qolbe "Greater Asheville's Greatest Shoe Store" BIG STILL SEIZED . BY REVENUE MEN A meeting of th Ashet-llle Min iate i-s' asaociation la called by the prealdent. Hev Willis (J Clark, recior of Trinity Kplxcopul church, for Fri day morning at I I o clock at the Y. M C". A . to i onwder part of the leading and laymen of the city against the,sured. The Koturiu ng ilated t hnt t hey presentation In this cltv of tha mov-i had advocated such a building ror lug picture entitled "The Birth of a several years and that will, It is be Nllon." scheduled to be shown at lleved co-operate In every ponaihlo tha Majestic theatre on Monday, way wilh tha government in this Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, project. By this protest the negroes hope lo The committee on u state dog law forestall any possible excitement of mad Its report advocating some mea race feeling that might be conse-suie for the control of canines, as a quant to the presentation of thia pic- protection to good dogs and to Ihe ture. even though on such an occaaion 'sheep industry. The report was adopt negroes are theatre. Ore of the largest stille found in months was mptured Tuesday in iienoeraou coiinlt hi Keteuiie of 11 I. . L - X- tl, ei Mark I.. Keed and others Three ihouautid gallona of beer i poured out und a number of large feruimitrra were seized Dei, u! Marshal .lohn Y Jordan rs l in iicl vesterdav from llendemont Hie where he attended the trlul of W H Walker, charged with Illicit distilling In lJolk count! Walker wa held for IJiatrlci court irlal under $StlO hond - LABOR MEN . ENDORSE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL not admitted lo the j Official Local Weather 4 2 THE OUTBURSTS OF EVERETT TRUE BY CONDO ' .wecc:Ycst thnk Ma I X". K. Department of Agrk-ulture Uealher Bureau. Loral Weatlier Data r"or Heornilsw IS 1918. State of weather at S a. m . clear. Htat of weather at t p. m., cloudy. Relative humidity at a. iry, 47 per cent. Relative humidity at 12:30 p. m., S4 per cent. Relative humidity at g p. m., 40 per cent. Wind directten at i a. m., south. Wn.d-tirectl60 at S !.': in., sauih- eaM.. Time of sunrise. ?:! a. m. Time of aunset. 6:18 p. m. Ivoc-al Temperaliire Dal a. S am S S p.m 50 a-m. ..... .3i 4 p.m 50 10 a. m 4 3 & p. m 43 11 a. m 45 , p. ni 47 12 noon 46 7 p. m 48 1 p. m 43 8 p. ni 44 J p. m 4 Highest, 60; one year ago. B0. Lowest, 37; one year ago, 14. Absolute maximum, 64 In 1902. Absolute minimum, 11 in 1916. Arverage temperature today, 43. Normal, 37. local Precipitation Data For This Month. Normal. 4.06 inches. . Greatest amount, (.51 In 1914. Least amount. 0.80 in 1903. Kor last 24 hours ending at 8 p. m , none. Telegraphic Reports of Temperature t'nr joaay. Station: 8 p. m. Max. A8HEVILI,K Augusta St. 44 SO 48 48 54 66 48 66 84 36 64 56 44 50 50 5 50 56 32 34 (3 72 68 68 70 . 74 66 56 38 42 44 52 46 50 44 44 48 66 36 46 ed and the club will stand behind any reasonable bill that Is introduced when tb legislature meets in Jan us ry. Capt. Verne Rhbade. former for ater in charge of the llsgah forest a member, after hating received hla commission at (.'amp Taylor. He made an Interesting talk, saying that tha training had been of great value even If a large number of men were disap pointed that hostilities ceased before ihey got into action. Captain Rhoadea expects to leave .soon for Washing ton where he will engage in research work in forestry, . lie expects to keep his residence in Ashetille; he told the club that he hud refused offers of positions in other sections he preferred Asheviile to any other place that he knew of. . The club enjoyed an luncheon at the Red Circle hotel on Depot street and the members cx pressed gratification that thia home for soldiers and their friends had opened In the city, President K. B. Galer reminded the Rotarlana of tha necessity of co operating with the health department in all efforts to rid the communlry lnfluenaa. All citizens, said Mr. Claler should give their aid In preventing unnecessary meetings, thereby elirain atlng three-fourths of the ruin nor of Infection, according lo the estimate or ins neuiiii uiui-mia. "OICEH HARROW Collar 23 CENTS EACH CLUETT. VXAMOSK Co. Oic CaAtr I'eiilial Labor union last night en dorsed the plan to erect a fireproof hospital as a memorial to the men mid women who gave their Uvea in the war The following committee was appointed lo confer on tha matter with Ihe memorial com-mlsalon : Presi dent .1. H. I.lndsey, C. C. Worley, K. R. Klckert. At Ita meeting this week the Car- I pentera' union alao endoraed the hoa- pltal idea N a metnorlal to soldier. For Itching Tartar There is one remedy that seldom fail to stop Itching torture and relieve akin irritation and that makes tha skJa soft, dear and healthy. 1 i a Any druggist can supply yoa VrltH temo, which generally overcomes all skin diseases. Acne, eczema, ttcn pun plet, rashes, blackheads, u moat casea give way to seao, , Frequently, minor blemishes disappear overnight. , Itcbin usually stops instantly. Zema Is safe antiseptic liquid, clean, easy to use and dependable. It coats only 35c? an extra large bottle, f LOO. It Will not Stain, is not greasy or sticky and ts positively sale (or tender, sensitive aims. ..: TU K. W. Roe CarraUod. O , ..if I If v UaaaMaw i Only A Few Days Till Christmas Do Your Shopping for Gift of Jewelry of Every Description at IV. V '.' '. ! 9. Is Your Family Free From Colds? Coughs and Colds don't linger when Dr. King s New Dis covery is used You owe it to your family to your self to keep this standard remedy in your medicine cabinet. For almost three generations it haa been the. And -choice cold and cough relief nf mill'ons of people, young and old. Helps to bring quick relief lOBen cheat-stuffiness, reduce fever, sooth irritated throats, check coughing. Sold by druggists everywhere. 60c and 31.20. FEARS FOK STEAMKK. NOW, TrteN ST UP AWD RUN VOLR. OLD CA,H Off- TH6 ctcjossihc:, teexsr- IT vFT : ' mm OveR-r I ' " NORTOLJC. Va.. Dec. 19. Fears were expsvssed in shipping circles to day for the safety of the Argentine steamer chowcow, now overdue three days, out of New York, for Hampton Roads and Norfolk. The steamer sailed from New York, Sunday, night for this port, in the teeth of the storm at sea. and has I not arrived or been reported. I Dizzy? Bilious? Constipated? Don't permit yourself to become constipated, as your system immediate ly begins to absorb poison from the backed-up waste matter. Use Dr. King's New Life (Mils and keep well. Try them. All druggists. 76c. Advl. COULDN'T RAISE ARM TO HIS HEAD mm Mint Flavor Jiffy. Tall comas In fcesh frnlt flavors for desserts. But It also comas In mint flavor, to make instant garnish Jail. " Tha" mint flavor comas ssalsd In a vial, so It keeps Its atranarth and freshness. It makes a grssa Jail with a wealth of fresh mint flavor. larva with cold meats or roast lamb. Or mis In meat scraps be fore coaling aad make a meat loaf of h. Try Loganberry Jiffy-Jell for a fralty desssrt, and Mint for a gar nish JslL . Tbsy wUl delight yoo. tMMahrCb At rr Graavr'a Jifrr-JaU-VYaakla, Wbeoaaia Hasn't Had a Sign of Rheu matic .Trouble Since He Took Tanlac Has Gained Thirty-one Pounds. "I have actually gained thirty-one pounds on three bottles of Tanlac and I now feel like a new man in every way," mid J. T. Hawklna, residing at 835 Johnson Place, Memphis, Tennes see, some time agu. t "I was Just racked with pain from rheumatism for a wnole year until i couldn't hit a lick of work and was just up and down, mostly down, all the time. My Joints would swell and cramp so I couldnt raise my arm to myhsad--cwiidn't comb my hatranrn when 1 stopped over to tie my shoes, the pain would slmost make ma cry lout. loud. I got in such a shape that 1 1 couldn t eat anything without auf i fering afterward and nothing I tried i in the way of medicine helped me any at all. "I only weighed one hundred and eight pounds when I started -taking Tanlac and now I weigh one hundred and thirty-nine. My Joints don't hurt anymore and I can bend over and use my arma at work with as much ease as I aver could. I can sat anything I want and as much u I whth and feel like a new person alt the 41ime." Tanlac is sold In Asheviile exclu sively by league's Drug tttore; In Bilt mor'e by the Biltmore Drug Co., and In Handersonvlllo by V. V. Hunter, and hv leading druggists everywhere. aVdv EL TT.iOrmTDTTiAl lUUillUliLM mm i . 23-25 Biltmore Ave. Phone 887. Special for this week, 3-0 size Bracelet Watch, fitted with Elgin and Wal tham movements. 20-year case and bracelet. $25.00 value. Finkel- stein's Special 'Offer $16.95 Special for this week, Ladies' Bracelet Watches, $10.00 value. QJ Finkelstein's Special Offer tjDeiD 12-piece Rogers Community " par plate , and highly ' plated ' ' Silverware, of 6 knives and 6 forks. $5.00 vahns d0 QJf Finkelstein's Special Offer $) 3 $7.50 value AK Finkelstein's Special Offer tjyDentO j ' l 1 i . TTS Toilet and Manicuring Sets French Ivory. All cut in prices to... $2.45, $4.45, $6.95, $11.95 Your Daughter or Sister made happy with a Ukelele. for this week. $5.00 value genuine Hawaiian Cocoa wood . $7.50 value genuine Hawaiian Cocoa Wood . will be Special $3.75 $5.75 Rogers' and community par plata 26-piece Silverware, latest designs. $8.00 value-e- (fr QC Finkelstein's Special Offer PJ7s3 $10.00 value $7 Finkelstein's Special Offer V I tD In Mahogany and Oak Chests $13.50 value (fA Mf Finkelstein's Special Offer 4V7tt) $15.00 value Finkel stein's Special 'Offer . $16.50 value Finkel stein's Special Offer. $10.95 $12.45 Boys' Leather Leggings, value $5.00 Men's Leather Leggings prices to $2.95, $7.95, $9,45. r $2.95 reduced in $4.45, $5.95, Remember the 15 Extra Discount this week on Trunks, Hand : Bags and Suit Cases. We Have Hundreds of Other Bargains Too Numerous to Men- , tidn. Any Purchase Not Satisfactory Your Money Will .Be Re-, funded. Don't be misled. Be sure you are at H. L. Finkelstein's be- -fore making your purchase. ''" "

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