Society and Personals 1 :j2 Tbe fellewiag aaneaneoeaeet have Vh Mdni In evtlM: Mr. a4 Hn alias Altiuln Wrt aaaime tit marriage f thslr anghter, Mary sMe. to Mr. Parry Arthur Alessaasr, Thursday twelfth of Ototmbar, one tbousas nine bandrt an eighteea, Aebevllle, Nertk Carolina. J J Toe WW frleaas here of Mr. Mtr. W. taagler. aghter of Mr. emU Mr. Jaroee M. Oudssr, Jr., of th1 oily, will be Interests In tbs followlag from a PiksvlII Kentucky paper. "Thar m a Susy session of the Mod Cross Kaeoutive omnlltM at Its regular msstbly mstlng last Tuss ay. Jtev, J. R- Crawford, who baa eoeeptedly served tha ehaptar almost from Ha b(lni4ng. resigned. Mr. Joha W. lngley waa chosen to fill (bo vacancy caused by Mr. Crawford's resignation. Dr. Crawford waa tha pillar a poo which tho oeocess of tha Chap tor rested from tha beginning: bolt bb argent duties aa paotor and Minister compelled htm to foror tha on or of continuing at Uia Chapter" haad. Aad aa much aa wo approelata KM devoted services; a mach do wa atop aad espect and know wo will aat from our distinguished lady, our mew oouaty chairman, Mrs. John W. langley. With har aa our loadar wa Volte that our oouaty will bo put a tha map aa a on." lira. JUphOfioa Calhoun Avert has Issued Invitations ta tha marrlac of Iior daughter, Mlsa Edith Avary, to Mr, Char Ira Scott Nobis, lieutenant, t 'nit ad . Stats amy. an Thursday evening, Doeatnbor II, at l:SS o'clock t . tho First Presbyterian church, MarttatMrV' C. Mtaa Avery to wsll known horo. whoro aho baa frequently visKed frieods aad relatives. ' Mr. Oaorcs H.' Smathere rotarnod peeterday from a stay af several dayt at Kaewtll. Tann. '' Mr. J eaa Kleaol leave today for hla homo at Marlon, aftar spending several days bora. Mr. Nichols will o shortly r-,Nsw Tor city for a at. Mrs. Robert Broooa apant yoatarday tn Ashevtlle frosa bar boaio at way fcesvills. . Mlsa Claanar M. Jmathers. af Way- asevtiie, comas today to tho city for ansr auy an route ta Atlanta, us, Mrs. rrodarick Coorr, who has boon ponding- several day hara wrth Mlsa Kthal Reeve on Vanca straat, leaves today for bar homa at "avaanah, On. Mr. and Mrs. Frankly, af Chicago, III., have raturnad ta tbelr bona, aftar a stay of some week In thlo vicinity. a short stay before going to Florida for tna wiatar. Mr. Arnold la brother of Mrs. Paarooa. Mrs. R Walker, of Ooldaboro. apant several day tn tha alty this week. Mrs. H. B. DePaas haa returned to bar boaae at Spartanburg, after an extended stay Id tha elty. Mr. M. E. Meadows leaves tomor row for Jacksonville, Fla., where he will spend a week with Mrs. Meadows. Mr. and Mra. T. J. Cummin, who have boon hers for several months, aipeot to return shortly to their home la Tennessee. Mine Josephine Dysert, of Drexel. wa a week-end gtimt In Ashevllle. Mr. Walter Qreen, of Morganton, la spending several days In the city. Mr. John Kdmonson la here for a brief stay from hla home at Morgan-' ton. , Mrs. Hamilton McCarsy Is here for several days' May from tha eastern part of the stats, aftar which she will go to New York city, for Christmas. Mr. D. M. Coilington. of Atlanta. Oa left yesterday for hla home, after spending a few days here. i f goode's Tri i i CHRISTMAS if I Mr. T. Kust, of Charleston, & C. ent several daye here the first of week. Mrs. A. M. Waldron haa raturnad te har homa at Brooklyn, N. Y., after apendlng aeveral weaka with her par ents, Mr. and Mra. Wiley B. Brown, Mr. George Kvane. here for a brief stay. of Raleigh, la Miss Leal le Connor Is visiting frlenda at Spartanburg, g. C, for aev eral days. Mlsa Nail Mlddleton has returned to her home In Mouth)- -Carolina, after apendlat a ahort while with frlenda hare. Ir.c. M city fn Doyle apent yaaterday In from his home at Waynes Mr. J. O. 8mith leaves today far stay of aeveral weeks to Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. J. I. gllversteen. of Brevard, have been apendlng a short whll In the city. Mlaa rranca Art, af Old Fwrt. g a. guest In Aaberllla for several day. - Mr. and Mrs, O. E. Black aad email son have gone to Charleston, I. C. where they will remain until aftar Christmas, .with relatlvea. Mr. H. T- raw ! hara for brief stay from hi hams at Philadelphia. I,leut Lester Chapman arrived yes terday and will spend tha Christmas) holiday with His Dereata, nr. and Mrs. Frank Chapman, at their ham on Charlotte street. Mrs. Robert GHImer, at Wayneevllle who has been visiting at Atlanta, cmu, comas today for a abort stay In tha etty.:;;.;,:-.;; :n:,,v.;;;': ' Mr. W. jr. Decker went yesterday t PlagsJi forest, after a short stay here. ' .-, - - Mr. J. H. Arnold, a prominent, busi ness man of Ohio, Is the guest of Major and Mrs. Pearson at their heme, No. IT Cumberland avenue, for Mr. the vllle. Mr. Fred Richman, of Camp Wads worth, apent a short while here with relatlvea the Prat orytne week Mis Elisabeth Reeves and Mlas Mildrsd Crawford, of Converse college are apendlng tha Christmas holidays at Wayneevllle. Mr. Leon H. Blankenahlp, of Knox- vlUe, Tenn., Is her for a stay of ten daya Mr. W. H. Tayloe, of Washington, D. C, passenger traffle manager of the Southern railway, is spending aev eral weeks at Grove Park inn. Mr. and Mrs! w! M. McDowell have returned to tho oty from Franklin, N. C, where they were called on ao count of the suddsn death of Mr. MoDowell's father. Captain Paul Barringer, who has bean In France for Home months,, is eapected to arrtva shortly and will Join Mr. Barringer at their apartment In the "Carolina." Dr. and Mrs. & West ray Battle have returned to the elty, after a atay at New York eity. Mrs. Batrte'e daugh ter. Mass vinton juiddeu, is expected today to spend the Chribftmas holidays. Mr. Junius O. Horner returned yes terday from Chapel Hill and will epend the Christmas) vacation with his par eat. Bishop and Mrs. Honer. Miss Paulino Cook,' of Fasaifern school, arrive today to spend the holi days with her a later, Mrs. Anna Bell Pollard and Mra Leater Cook, at their home on Swannanoa road. Mrs. Grace D, Benson who ha been tn Ashevllle for aeveral months, left during the week for her home at Ht. OH-H-H! SO TIRED THEN WHY WAIT IN THE LONG POSTOFFICE LINE, Our Parcel Servic ia at Your Disposal. Com in With Your Chriatmae Gift and Let U. Wrap. Weigh. Sump, Address and Mail Them' for You. It is our wish to help you make this the moat peaceful and happiest Christmas in your life -and we are ready to give service to that end. Let us make sure that your parcels will go through the mails safely Wrapped, and meanwhile perhaps you can find Just thifi' gift suggestions you have sought, among the big assortment in our cases. Goode's Drug Store Here to Give SERVICE A pair of extra quality gloves in a dainty gift box will please any woman would you like them? Y (Beautifully soft," pliable glace in shades of grey and tan with self or black stitching, etc. ; Mocha in black and grey; silk and chamois gloves; riding and auto gloves. A special sale of black and white glace black with white embroidery; white with black. $2.50 values $100 $1.75 values $1.50 Black and white silk hose McCallum and Kayser brands. S2.50 value $2.00 $2.00 value $1.65 t Handkerchiefs, neckwear, scarves, veils, hand bags, purses all fill the requirements of good taste in the selection of Christmas remembrances. II Patton Are. Shop Early in the Morning Pfaen 78. Augustine, Fla. Aftar a atay ex week Mr. Benson expects to return to Ashevllle for the remainder of the winter. Mr. Thomas Bhlpman, of Brevard, waa a visitor in the city yesterday. MrV,Reid Ruasell of tiie students' armyralning corps at the University of North CaroMna, will return home today. . Lieut. Rupert J. Crowell ha return ed from Camp WkUUrworth and is spending the holiday with his par ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Crowell. Mr. D. H. Rioharda, of 'Wilmington, Del , Is spending the Christmas holi days with his children at the home of Mrs. Frank'R&msey at New Bridge. Miss Joella Ward and Mies Raven Hlldebrand. of Briokton, are visiting relatives and friends In Biltmore and Aaheville for a few day. Next time ask for Blue Ribbon Va nilla and liemon. Used by beat cooks. Sold by the leading grocer. Adv. PIGS 100 Poland China and Berk shire Pigs. Will seU these pigs on Jf. Ijextiurton Ave. Saturday. Dec. 21st, at 11 o'clock. These pigs have not been shipped. Were raided near AxhevUlo. For Information writ P. O. Bos SSI. t. i t CjO (jiftmasing on jriday Silk for Gifting Our Silk Stock affords a wide and excellent selection for the dress for any occasion. Messa lines yard . . , -full range of colors, $1.75 to $2.00 Satins-yard -Full showing of shades, $2.25 to $4.00 Taffetas Light and dark colors. yard Charmeuae Street shades, yard . . . .$1.50 to $3.50 and evening ..$2.25 to $4.00 Crepe Meteor Light and dark shades, yard $2.25 to $4.00 Tricolette Dark colors only, yard a $3.75 Fancy Taffetas Plaids and Stripes, yard $1.59 to $3.00 Fancy Satins Stripe and Plaids, yard $1.59 to $3.00 Crepe de Chine Light and dark colore, yard. $1.50 to $2.50 Cretonne Novelties Cretonne Covered Handker chief and iGlove Boxes, Candy Boxes, Picture Frames, Book Ends, etc. $1.00 10 $2.00 Ladies' Italian Silk Underwear At a Discount of 20 ' Italian Silk Vests Italian Silk Union Suits Italian Silk Envelopes All Less 20 A Splendid Opportunity for Christ mas Gifts. Coats a Coats in Warm Winter Materials, as Wool Velours, Silvertone, Crystal Cord, Kersey Velours. 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Cakes. Boiled Beets. Indian Pudding. Coffee. t Breakfast Spider Corn Bread Beat two eggs, add two tablespoon of sugar, two cups of mflk, a eiip and a half ef cornmeal and a quarter of a cup of water. Do not a fir. Bake half an hour. PRAISES RED CROSS. f WASHINGTON, Deo. 1. Secretary Daniels today Issued a statement call ing on ' all friends of the American navy to Join the Red Cross during the Christmas roll cair now in iprogreas. "To the president' wish that every American become a member of this truly American organisation for Luncheon Buckwheat Griddles Mix two cups of buckwheat flour with two cups of milk, table spoon of molasses, and two teaspoons of baking powder. Stir well and bake well ia small cakes on a hot well greased griddle. Serve with maple syrup. all and 0M CAROLINA COAL & ICE CO. SO Pat Ave., Drtramor BIdg. Dinner Baked Slice of Ham Wash and wipe the ham, dredge with flour into which a little dry mustard haa been mixed.. Place in a baking pan cover with mtlk and a teaspoon of brown susar. Bake until brown and tender. Indian Pudding ScaJd two cups of milk and pour over half a cup ot corn meaJ. Add half a cup of molasaee, half a teaspoon of ginger, and a little salt. Turn into a oeKing aisn tou a quart of aklmmd milk, cover and bake In a slow oven five houra. Do not stir while baking. Notice Retail Druggists No More VapoRub Direct Buy It From Your Jobber Effective Immediately, No More Direct Shipments Will Be Made Retailers. All Shipments Now Go to Jobbers for Redistribution. When the Influenza epidemic struck the country and wiped out our warehouse and Jobbers stocks almost over-night, we were faced with the problem or dlstriDuting- to tne frtrlcken districts In the quickest possible manner our daily output of VapoRub. We solved this by offering to ship direct to the retailers in these Influenza districts, by parcel post prepaid, quantities of not more than three dozen VapoRub In any one shipment, and by nhipplng what waa left from our dally production to our Jobbers by express instead of freight. This was costly, but it solved the problem for the time being. Now, however, we nna mat tnese small shipments are constantly increasing we have received aa many as 1,309 in a single mail. It is bscoming impos sible for us to fill these promptly, and Instead of distributing our goods more quickly, they are really slowing up the process. i, We believe that -wo can serve you better now by reverting to our former policy of shipping.' exclusively thru the Jobber, anil, effective immediately, no more drop shipments will be made. While we have put on a night shift and have, thereby about 'doubled eur production, we are still unable to fill our back orders and won't be able to give each Jobber all the VapoRub he wants. Hence, it will be necessary for the Jobbers to continue distributing VapoRub In small lots only. But we will be abls to furnish each Jobber at least twice the quantity of VapoRub that he purchased for the correspond ing month last year, so there ahould not be any difficulty In getting your pro rata (share. ,i We feel that th pubiie appreciates the service that the retail end whole sale drug trade have rendered the country in this time of stress. We wish to express to both branches' of the trade our hearty thanks fpr ths kind oo-operatlon extended us In our efforts to meet t hie emergency. MME. GARLAND ' Noted Palmist, Medium and Ad viser. ( Gives advice on health, business changes, travels, law suits, family affairs, love affairs, divorces;' locates lost or stolen articles, absent friends; tells names in full, reunites separated and dispels all evil influences. Gives power of secret control. Office 168 Patton Ave. Over Grocery. Hours 10 a. m. to 8:30 p. m. -arid for breakfast? What could be better than delicious hot biscuits made with A-M-C FLOUR An Aaheville Flour for Aaheville Tables. 24 lbs. A-M-C Finest Floor $1.50 241b. A-M-C Self-Risint Floor J 1.60 A-M-C Native Corn Meal, per lb. ". .05 Aoheville Milling Corporation Manufacturer of Flour, Meal, Mill Feed S32 Haywood SL Telephone 13$ Motorcycle Delivery Anything Anywhere Anytime WALKER'S DRUG STORE Phones 183 and 132. TUE MARTIN LUNCHEON TEA ROOM Asheyflle Club Buildin;, Broadway Breakfast7:30 to 9 a. m. Lunch 12 to 2:30. Dinner 6 to 8 Open Every Day in the Week Special Attention to Dinner Parties and Special Orders THE 11CK CBEU1CAL COMPANY Greensboro, fi. C FALK'S Elegant Toned PIANOS Standard Make PHONOGRAPHS MUSIC HOUSE 76 Patton Ave. Cruise's Hair Shop Msjnlcnrtng. Chiropody, Vtacial Massage, Scalp Treatment aad Kleotrolyeis. IS Haywood M. Phone la. Every six minutes a merchant Ves sel arrive aad another 4sorte eon Amerfccaji porta IVis&V1 JSP -Tommy" has won ta hearts ot the little Macedonlae enroll as shown by th awreaslea 4U-4 tajh ifcaafetasa wKfc the tMV C

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