NORMAL GIRLS WILL it v vi(Tzi Ti :ef-a w tAr,,va cni trw REMAIN ON CAMPUS tun, 3 ARE NOT GOING ROME CUM8TMAS FOR "and don't forget, Santa, to bring a box of NUN N ALLY'S" Unusual Action U Rrult of Ieulk Recently Beat-bad by Student's Co u mill Hone School Out .- lasMcdDQaassJ f IS J e IS AVUrt A, 111 Oirli of Iht Normal and Collegiate .natltute will not go horn for the Christmas holiday thla year, aa thay hava dona In put years. Tbay hava daclded to continue acholarattc work during tha time that usually la dsvot d to vacations. In thla manner. It la hoped, tha time loat during the epidemic of influents on the campua will be made up. Another purpoae will be aerved by keeping the glrla on tha campua in that the continuance of achool dutlee will not -expose the , young ladlea to influenaa aa would be tha case in the event of their dismissal. The stria of the atudant body realde la various parts of Weatern North Carolina and their traveling exten sively at this particular time, it Is felt, might aesult in exposure which would prove disastrous. The girls j nave voisa 10 ii me annuunosa sourse In splendid spirit and are quits willing to remain here. They are dis appointed, of course, that thay will not be able to spend Christmas snd New Tesr's wsek with their loved onss but they realise that thla Is a bad time for traveling In thla section of tho slate. They axe familiar also with the necessity for making up the time that was lost front class rooms and study halls when ths majority of ihs members of the mmpui population were suffering with Influenza. Two or three days will be given as holidsys during which there n 111 be relaxation from work but the young ladlea will not leave the ?tmpui oven on those oocaalona The Christmas spirit will not he lacking from the school community during ths holidays, lacerations f forage appropriate to the seaso.'i will ussd !n profusion about the col'.eg" buildings and a huge Chrtr-iiia lra which Is to be erected In the chapel will be robbed with heneflclx! results. Santa Claus will be there to make the distribution of! gifts, it Is announced, having sent word thai he will be more thin glad to uid the girls in the enjoyment of the holiday far from home. Kach day's express brings boxes from loved ones and they are being kept Intact pending the raising of the tree. Their contents will be placed on It and from It they will be distributed among the young ladles. While the decision of the girls to remain here breaks all precedents. I heir iiarents have heartily concurred in their action, after being informed of the situation here. The decision was reached at a recent meeting of the students' council, the governing hodv-'of the oollege. It Is composed uf representatives of the various . -!! ami organizations, the Normal lieing one of the schools of th stale which has adopted student govern ment. The gills of the Home school left fstercly for their homes and they iv ill ret urn. to Asheville to resume i heir work on the second of next month. They are Just recovering from nri . attnrk of influenza which affected iti.i 11 v of them and the management feels' that the vacation at this time needed by the younger girls. I' or that reason they are being dismissed for the holidays. It Is believed that ey will derive great benefit physl- lally rrom tneir outing, mere nag heelT no case of Inluenxa among the Normal student!! for several weeks, the disease having; been conquered ntirely during the early-part of the epidemic In this city. President Calfee said yesterday that the Normal girls v.'UI be given a vacation as soon as improvements in conditions are such ,- to encourage such action. He hopes i hat all of them will be permitted to return to their homes for a brief visit .luring the early part of next spring. Instructors at the Normal will be re quired to work this year, of course, during a season which they usually devote to the pursuit of pleasure. 'i hey have expressed themselves as ietiK entirely willing to perform the . iities of their profession at this time, i,cmeei in view of the conditions i hich make their work necessary. Two -hundred and twenty-Bvo atu ileiiKt and teachers will remain on the Normal campus during the holiday xeason. One hundred and sixty stu dents and teachers aire leaving the Horn school. A very few of the younger girls of lest nam 1 depart- Nunnally's Delicious and Chocolates Bon Bons The Premier Candy of the Twentieth Century m Put up in Sealed Packages from one-half to jive pounds The Acceptable Christmas Gift for All MAll ORDERS Filled Promptly and Greatly Appreciated 8 ItSlrl mem-- 1 - Nunnally's fine candies, born in the city of Atlanta over 25 years ago, adopted the policy of shipping by fast express instead of freight to all agencies to insure freshness (this policy stands today) and immediately '.'Covered Dixie Like the Dew," butafter a quarter of a century of ever increasing popularity Nunnally's have broken the ban on section, and are now known and bought over the whole country. Twenty-five years ago they had one factory ; now they have factories and shipping points in New York, Washington, Norfolk, Atlanta, Savannah, Jacksonville, Birmingham and Memphis. hey are shipped and sold in nearly every city, town and hamlet as far east as Boston and north as Cleveland and Chicago and west as Denver and Los Angeles and all over the south. We ar& Proud to be the Exclusive Selling Agency for NUNNALL YfS for Asheville and vicinity. Twenty-five years ago we sold barely $ 1 00.00 worth of Nunnally's a year. This has increased year by year till now our sales will amount to more than six thousand dollars yearly. Could this be done unless it was of the very highest grade known to candy makers? " If you have never had a package of Nunnally's, come in and get a small box of "Chocolate Covered Nuts" or a "Box Bountiful," and if you do not say it is the best you ever ate at anyN price it will cost you nothing. We have just received fresh by express nearly a ton of NUNNALLY'S for our Christmas trade in all size packages, now opened and displayed in our show rooms and windows, and we will be most happy to serve you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas ' RAYSOR'S DRUG STORE , .... ... ... . - . .. . . r .. . v Exclusive Agency for NUNN ALLY S - jiuu jui, i gga Says Cold Weather Brings Return of Influenza Public Mint Be Careful to AtoM A Second Epidemic. Easier To Prevent Than Cure. What To Do. "Encouraging reports of the fewer cases of Influenza In this vicinity enouia not allow u to relax our vlel lance or to become cars less .in the belief that the danger is all over. ay a well known Authority. With the coming of cold weather there is apt to be a return of this frirhtful ep idemic anu us seriousness win depend on the extent of the precautions, tak en by the public, to prevent infection. When the air Is full of influenx germs, you may be constantly breath lng them Into your nose and throat. But their danger may be avoided and you may make yeuroelf practically im mune to infection If you destroy the germ before it actually beflns work in your uiooa. , 1 Burins; the recent serious epidemic, which hit Asheville so hard, most sue. ccesful results were obtained by many inrougn ine simple breathlns; into the lose, inroat nna lungs of the medi ated all' Of Oil of Hvnntel. Prhhh1v no oeiier, saier or more sensible pre caution egnmsi jntiuenza, urippe, Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis or Catarrh of tha nose and throat could be em ployed than to f o now to the nearest drug store snd get a complete Hyemei outfit consisting of & bottle of the pure uir or nyomej nd a little vest- fiocket hard rubber Inhailing device nto which a few drops of the oil are poured, , , , Carry this inhaler with you during ium im men naii. nour or so put it In your mouth ..and draw deep breaths of its pure heaiinr germicidal air into the passages of your nose, throat nd lungs to destroy any germs that may have found lodgment there. This simple precaution may save yen a eerioua illness and the lose of sev eral weeks work. It Is pleasant to use and not at all expensive ss the inhaler wHl last a lifetime and fur ther supplies of the OH of Hyoenei caa. be had at any drug store for a few cents. - , -: Hundreds of people In this -vicinity used, Hyomei In this way during the reoent crisis and avoided danger. They noum noi negitici it now ror tne an- ver la bv no means nvsr. Smith'. ment are remaining here for treat ment for influenaa and some of the teachers are staying to attend them pending their complete recovery. Ninety-two students and teachers of the Asheville Farm school, which is managed by the same denomination as the Normal and Home schools, are away from the campua having been dismissed when influenza struck that school, as was announced in The Citl- ten a few days ago. those who forget to appear fifty cents fOT their bad memories. A dollar was colic - ' from two defendants at Wc' 's session when they said thr. Peers' summonses to ap- pe it sufficiently Impress their to bring them into court. Three gamblers paid 114 and the coete each in cases involving a "skin" game and a fourth alleged member of the party failed to appear. It was ordered that his bond be forfeited and that a capias be issued for htm. A number of cases of a minor nature were disposed of and Judgments were issued m a long list of actions con tinued from other date. Several mem bens of. the Will "Weaver household, ordered Wednesday morning to change their places of abode, appeared to show that they have been observing moving day and that they sre at work now earning honest livings. DIXON ROOMING HOUSE BEING INVESTIGATED tana HLnraAdrt. Six Defendants Face Police Court " Judge-Faulty Memories Cost Own ers Half a Dollar. EDUCATIONAL RALLY AT BIG IVY CHURCH The bulk of the world's supply of paper la made from spruce and other soft woods, the auppliee of which are steadily diminishing. The greater part of the Thursday morning session of tha city police court wae consumed in the hearing of evidence pertaining to conditions in the depot section following a raid in whlda air arrests were made. B. F. DUon. whose rooming house was vis ited by detectives Sunday night .was arraigned on a charge of operating an Improper establishment. W. L. Cross, a local oublto service chauffeur, faoed a r.harars of violating the motor laws bv permitting his automobile Ao to4 used for immoral purposes. B. S. extenders, N. P. Pathmos, John O. K'ararmhalas and W. S. Blankenship were alleged to have vlaited the DU on rooming house, two women gave startling testimony agalnet the de f.iutmu and no cases were preferred against them, it being evident that the detectives oeciaea to . use mo-m vu evidence for the state. .The cases we,re nera open unui m morning after the prosecution had rested, ths defense announcing thaj it dsslred to introduce the testimony or severe character witnesses before a decision waa rendered. Those wit could not be secured yesterday and it was ordered that they be eum- mnned to appear at inie morning iw- sioa of the tribunal. The greater part of the evidence neara yo"'" revolting and tne eiaminnu two . young women aeveiopon iotm y.Ar nf nnh a vile nature that the hidae aeveral times oTdored the court room cleared of all peroona under six teen year 01 age. .iTAta nharsina the opera tion of automobilee without eat light resulted in. tne conviction defendants and defendants In half a doaen- charges ot a sirntla? mature in which, continuances had been g ranted until yesterday also were adjudged Juilty. , jo bjivht " - udge Glenn tellins; the -drivers that If thev do not violate tha motor laws wniin now and April 16, he wiU dismiss the cases against them. Sev eral automobillsts who ha-d been sum moned to appear failed to do so and capiases were ordered issued tor their arrest. Judge Glenn m charging Bamboo trees do not- blossom until thirty years old. The need of the money which North Carolina Baptist seek to raise In their million-dollar educations) campaign will be presented to the members of that denomination residing In the Barnardsville dlHtiiCt Sunday morn ing s.t 11 o'clock by Judge Jeter C. Prltchard. The educational rally will be held at the Big Ivy Baptist church and It is believed that it will be large ly attended. Judge Prltchard has mads a spe cial study of the need of the Baptists in this state from an educational standpoint and he knows In what channels the money which it i now sought to raise will be spent. He has spoken on this subject a number of times u.1 ready in the state-wide cam paign and his addresses have been heard with close attention by large audiences. Low Cost Menus. Breakfast Sliced Oranges Minced Tongue Bran Muffins Coffee 18,000 People 3,000 Hone I U Ih Vi 1 cost vwn ill i IV .s s $500,0001 IJ XJfS 000 Scene MAJESTIC ""SfSrZ THEATRE Luncheon , Italian Macaroni Graham Bread. Jelly Caka Apple Sauce. Tea poons of molasfes. a teaspoon of salt, a cup and a half of bran, half cup of flour, a teaspoon of shortening and a nuarter of a teaspoon of baking powder. Bake In ,. moderate oven about twenty. five minutes. Dinner Cold sliced Tongue. Baked Potatoes. Baked Turnip. Celery. Cottage Pudding legglesn) with Lemon Sauce Coffee Breakfast Bran Muffins Mix s cup of sour milk, a teaspoon of soda, two table j TODAY f end TOMORROW Paramount Present CHARLES RAY 'STRING BEANS' A photoplay of dramatic interest, action and ex ceptional heart appeal. Children 10c Adult . ..... . 20c War Tax Included Luncheon Italian Macarorti Boil half a pound of macaroni In boiling water uir an nour ana Oram, put two tablerpooos of corn oil In a frying jir. vvnen noi aaa one onion Chop ped ana wlien brown add two cup of tomatoes and the macaroni. Cover ana simmer ten minutes. Turn a baking dish, cover with gratsd cheese ana orown in the oven. Dinner ouage ruatung mix naif a cup of sugar", a tablecpnon of oleo, a tea spoon of soda dissolved in half cup of milk, two teaspoons of cream of tanar sirted into two cups of entire wneai nour, a little salt and a tea spoon of lemon extract. Baka la round tin. ' . Lemon Sauce Cream together two ' tablespoons of flour and a tablespoon' of butter. When smooth add sjlowly a cup and a half of boiling water, half a cup of sugar and a teaspoon of lemon extracly Herve hot. In the recent fighting toward Da mascus, one section of Arabs march ed seventy miles In twenty-lour hours, fifrhtlng part of the way. IB n mmMm f Perfect Ventilation Complete Change of Mr Every 15 Minute STRAND ORCHESTRA TODAY J. WARREN KERRIGAN -in- "Three x GORDON" Sensational episode and gripping icenc in photo play adventure. SPECIAL Added Feature "HER FIRST MISTAKE" Mack Sennett Comedy Perfect Ventilation Complete Change of Air Every 15 Minutes Children ...... 10c Adults . . . . . . . 20c War Tax Included GALAX PIPE ORGAN TODAY "Hnd of Vengeance" Chapter 4 "Lonesome Luke" Comedy and Broncho Billy Western Drama Also GOMOUNT NEWS tt TOMORROW "A FIGHT FOR .MILLIONS" Chapter 9 Featuring WILLIAM DUNCAN and HXTH JOHNSON Also Dandy Two-Reel "Big V" Comedy PRICES. Children . . . . lOe Adults - 1S Including War TK . . NEW ORCHESTRA J .

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