8. - 1 CHILD GETS SICK if; Trivers for Colthes Service OUR HOLIDAY SPECIAL Blue, Green and X GH0SS.-F Drown Klanne That model like picture IF EVERISH I I III Christmas Gift CONSTIPATED 525 M Remember we are strictly a man's store no holiday crowds here to jostle and stifle you, and our men READY TO WAIT ON YOU AS SOON AS YOU COME IN. WE DO NOT DEVIATE FROM OUR POLICY OF SELLING STRICTLY MEN'S CLOTHING-during the holi days. SO IF YOU CANNOT GE1 Look at tongue! Then ffire ' fruit laxative for stom ach, liver, bowels. "California Syrup of FigsMi can't harm children and they love it. i SERVICE AND ATTENTION AT YOUR FAVORITE STORE, STEP AROUND TO TRIVERS AND LET US SHOW YOU TRIVERS VALUES AND STYLES. YOUR VISIT WILL RESULT IN TEN DOLLAR SAVING FOR YOU GET THE HABIT OF WEARING A WARM OVERCOAT-AND YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD PROTEC TION AGAINST THE FLU-this winter and many other winters. TRIVERS OVERCOATS and suits run at ' GOOD V I M8r A Mill IB !l,-l l- 1 a. If. r t 1 1 m $20 $25 $30 i ; FROM MAKER jrrrxJ!r It ON THE SQUARE y TO WEARER BETWEEN the AVENUES pcrcn Factory 801-807 Broadway, N. BRANT H STORES Charlotte, N. C. Winston-Salem, X. C. Columbia, 8. C. Iam!astrr, Pa. Allcniown, I'a. Passaic, N. J. Da New York. N. V. Memphis, Tcuu.. NaabvUle. I'cnn. Alnnlmrhain. Aln. - Utile lUHk. Ark. . r, AaUevUlewN. ' r?& r More Than a Clothing' Sto re--A National Institution lin k ihjii. Mich. Hiiillr (feck. Mich. kMamuioo, Mich, l.nr.lng. Mich. Flint, Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. Uothar! Yoor child ln'l naturally cross and pasvUh. See If tongue In coated: this la a aura sign Ha Vittl I stomach, llvar and bowala nSv a cleansing at one. Whan listless, pals, foverlsh. full tt I cold, brsath bad, throat sors. doesn't 'st. skep or act naturally, has I ! stot.iscn-schs. diarrhoea, ramambar. a.l 11 gentle llvsr and bowel cleansing should ! I always bs the first treatment given. 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SOME CHOICE GIFTS Umbrellas $1.25 to $6.00 Canes $1.00 to $7.50 Gloves $2.00 to $12.50 Ties $50c to $3.50- Reefers $2.00 to $6.00 House Coats $7.00 to $25.00 Robes $7.00 to $15.00 Vests $5.00 to $10.00 Sweaters $6.00 to $20.00 Suits $19.75 to $70.00 Reeves talking to a former pal, who Is now employed on The Clarion, and the man's criminal character Is re vealed. Reeve learna that exposure is Inevitable and he seeks to force Mayor .Morris to pay him $5. 000 for a majority internet in the fake cannery, and then decajufi, Toby goes to the Morris home and flails Jean struggling with Reeve. He rescues her and af- I ter a desperate battle, masters the crook. BartrUQi ami Morrla, who long have been aneniJee, are recon ciled and through them the love af fair of Toby and Jean reaches a happy denouement. Mr. Ray Is supported by some of the following well known stars: Jane Novak. John P. Lockney. Donald Mc Donald. Al Flleoiv ami OUo Hoffman. Music will he axnwged by the well known Strand opoheetra. Sumach' Instantly End Stomach Distress Souring food in stomach form acids and gases which cause head ache. As soon as Pape's Diapepsin reaches your sick, unsettled stom ach all the misery stops. No waiting! Instant relief! Indigestion, acidity, gases, heart burn and dyspepsia go. Upset stomachs feel fine! Costs little Any, drug store". AT THE "MOVIES" upset"? Arty's Di&mT&siini WILL PUT YOU ON 'P FEET Around the Gift Table Every Christmas there's always one present that stands out from all others. If you want your Gift to have the place of honor, gel -SOMETHING ELECTRICAL Asheville Power & Light Co. Salesroom 102 Patton Ave. ,t1ik gai-ax. Warren Kerri(tan will appear st the (lalax theatre today In "Three X Cordon. " (iordon find three names too many, and cuts them down to Three Xs. from wihich he derives his peculiar cognomen. In one afternoon ho is refused by the jrhi he loves, a n1 requested to resign from the club, also ilInherlted by his father. Stunned, 'he decide -to go west, but he barely had money enough to Ret across the river with Archfe, who feel that there is a fortune In the' west. They obtain work on a farm and learn to like it so much, that when winder comes thev decide to open a "Pep Syndicate" anil run 'a, farm to put others Into fit physical condition. They raise a crer. of sturdy younjc recruits, and In khaki tlorclon wins the eirl's love and the respect of his father. It Is said this story clewes with a delightful climax pleasing to all. An added attraction shown on this program Is a Para mount comedy "Independence B. (Josh." Munlc arranged by Mr. Hol lingswortih, the (ralWx pipe organist. THE STRAXD. Charles Ray will appear In his new Photoplay "String Ileans." at the Strand theatre today. The etory. Toby Wetkins. I n farmer whose penchant for writing poems rouses the Ire of his narrow-minded uncle, the result being that ho qulta the farm and ac cepts a position as subscription solic itor on the Sawbert Weekly Clarion. I He meets and loves Jean Morris. I daughter of the mayor of Sawbert. and she returne lite love. Kendall i Reeves, a crook known to Uhe police as Harry Morgan. who comes to I Sawbert to work a fake bean cannery I scheme, and Toby, t the request of Zachary B.irtrum, editor of The Cla ! rion. attends a mass meeting to speak i In opposition of the project. When Toby sees Jean Morris in the audi- ence, his courage deserts him and ho flees from the hall. He overhears TIIK MAJESTIC. It Is impossible to witness the film drama. "The Birth of a Nation." and not want to say something about It. Evervone who Aa aeen it is saying omethin ejbouflt. When one has been crewded upon, pressed down and run over, it is against nature not to make some kind of an outcry. That Is the way one feels when coming out of the theatre. The thing Is vast. It is overwhelming. Nothing likeit has ever before been put upon the stage. The tension of the performance la but a single feature of It but it i that which one feels most poignantly after three straight hours. It begins In an easy way but commej-.-ces soon to find Hs muecle and goes on to the and and pounding upon one's eenaes with blows that, come neavier ana heavier, more arid more rapid. It Is not, apparent what are the grounds of th objections urged against It. nor what Is the animus of those who are scheming to hava the exhibition prohibited by court pro ceedings. ' . The National Board ot uensorsnip has approved It and when assault was made convened again and reaffirmed their approval. The popular enaorso ment which the play has since receiv ed by the thousands who are seeing it daily will require more than email prejudices or moral eccentricities to disturb. In the meantime efforts to suppress it are thus far successful In nothing so much a in giving It wider and more remunerative puoiicuyy COMPLAINT FILED TO RECOVER COMMISSION . . UNDER NEW MANAOEMENT IMPERIAL HOTEL CANTON, N. C. A modern up-to-a.t hotel. Central location. Elegant equipment. splendid cuisine and efficient service. Balsa. tl.H and $160 par day. A:ne-'cau plan. Ws solicit you? patronage. A R. SPEARS. Prop. DRIVE AWAY HEADACHE Rub Musterole on Forehead and Temples A headache remedy without the dan gers of "headache medicine." Relieves headache and that miserable feeling from ' colds or congestion. And it acta at once I Musterole is a clean, white ointment; made with oil of mustard. Better than mustard plaster and does not blister Used only externally, and in so way cat it affect stomach and heart, as some in ternal medicines da Excellent for sore throat, bronchitis; croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuraicia. con. I gestion. pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago. all pains ana acnes ot trie dock or joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chilblains, frosted feet, colds Qjf the chest (it often prevents pneumonia). 30c and 60c jars; hospital size $250 Complaint was filed yesterday in the office of Hie clerk of the Superior court bv .1. W. Wolfe. Individually and as Western Carolina Realty com pany, and C. U Sykes against J. A Hinclalr, S. Sternberg. M. r. Hoffman, Kred Kent, and F. W. Griffith, seek ir, to collect t2.600 alleged to be due plaintiffs as commission on a real estate deal, l no ciaim '""" anta, operating as the Haywood Real ty companv, authorised Messrs. Wolfe and Sykes to sell stock whiQh they nwnari in the Elks' building on Hay wood street and then themselves sold the stock to the parties with whom Messrs. Wolfe and Sykes were nego tiating. ( . MATTERS OF RECORD ' The following deeds were filed yes terday in the office of the registrar of deeds: . W. K. Shuford to Cora J. Shuford. and Anna Edwards, land on Church street. $10 and other considerations. Charles W, Dillingham and wife to M. C. Wilson nd husband, land in Black Mountain township. $10 and other consideration. Mafia H. Hull and Fred A. Hull to Coca-Cola Bottling . company, of Asheville, land on Biltmors avenue, $1,000 and other considerations. The R. Wallace and Sons plated knives, forks and snoons are tlio best. They have stood the tee of time. The mil line at lari, 21 nay wood ec 2t Wssts grape-vine branches are be tmr utilised by the French In the mak ing of paper. 35 Patton Ava. Home of Hart Schaffner dc Marx Clothes Get On The Roll. (Raleigh News and Observer) Tho Red Cross ChriMmas Roll Call is being called this week. The person who has or can get the price and doesn't answer "here" Is to be piMed, for he haan't In him the elementa of appreciation for the soldier and that great organization which has given Uelf unsparingly for the soldier. The American Red Cross now has twenty million members. The Chrtat maa Roll Call is expected to produce a membership of sixty million. That is a huge stride forward, but the American people, when Ihey go into a thing, go Into It with a vim. Every war undertaking has been accomplish ed and more than accomplished. . North Carolina In war work has measured up. Kven (n the War Sav ings campaign, the campaign that has been the hardest and moat exacting. It has a better record than any other Southern state. In th last Liberty Bond campaign It distanced several of its neighbors In the Fifth Federal Reserve district. In the L'nlted War Work campaign It far exceeded Its quota. It can be relied on to do ita duty by the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call, but It will be necessary for every body to open their hearts and there with their purses. We can't wish thla great undertak ing done. Our money must do It. And giving money Is the easiest of war work. It in the committees who 1 do the soliciting who do the hard work . next to the Kei Cross workers and I the soldiers and sailors themselves. It In Christmas season, the tlm . when loving and tender emotions rule us. Jet every one yield warmly and generously to the impulse to get un derneath the Red Cross and help hear it on to the vlrloriou consummation of Its hopen and aspirapions! AETHELWOLD HOTEL BRBVAAD. N. C. MRS A. H KINO. Prop. Headquarters tor Commercial Men. Modern. Free sample room. Free car to station. Open year round. Rates. $2.00 to tS.OS. J- Hanes Underwear is the greatest value you ever laid hands on! MiftWFWw IP mm. f M Suits . aas Buy Hanes Heavy Winter Weight Shirts and Drawers or Unioa Suits just as quickly as you can. This year, even more than before, it will be difficult to get Hanes after dealers' original stocks( are exhausted. teach year Hanes popularity increases enormously. That's because of the sensational value offered you at a popular price I We tell you that Hanes is the most wonderful underwear bargain you ever bought 4 Why, you can't buy greater warmth or greater comfort or better fit or better made garments at any price 1 Hanes seams are guaranteed unbreakable; tailored collarette snuecrles uo around the neck and prevents gaping; elastic knit shoulders allow "give" with every motion. Hanes pearl buttons are sewed to stay on ! Illustrated here are Hanes Heavy Winter Weight Shirts and Drawers. Note the three button snug-fitting, staunch sateen waistband and comfortable crotch. Easy to put socks on, too, because the legs won't flare. Hanes Heavy Winter Weight Union Suits are the last word in union suit perfection. The Closed Crotch stays closed ! Di.1 ft. (nr th Rnvi ' Ons of our big special lin.s is Union Suits for Boys. Superbly mads, leai war-pun ior mc -" ,nd combin all features of the men's suits. Downy softness and genial warmth win mothers and fathers a well aa tha boys. You can't dupUcata the via: If your dealer doss not have Hanes write os immsdiately. Underweab Greatest Winter Underwear sold at popular prices 1 GUARANTEE i W fatfmnt Hmnmt Un4rmr mbtotuflymwj thrd. Tirch nd button. IV, jusrmntw to rmiurn fear monty or gin you nm w tmrmtit if mnj nam orta". TUi tokal ry .issl. WARNING TO THE TRADE; Any gtrmmmt atftrmd m Hmntt im s mhH f Bun tnm "om" lo'- pr h. Hanes knitting co, winttcsaiem, n. c New York Offic. 366 Broadway T n mm 0) a

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