.. ( u ....... .', THE ASITEVTLLE CITIZJiN, FRIDAY, DEUKMBEK 20, 191R. id 0 0 v c J c 1 1 ;.H . ! -r ....... i - - n f GREAT PUGILISTS COUNTED OUT BY FATHER TIME Ultimate Referee Has Counted "Ten" Over j Many Stars This Year I JOHN L. SULLIVAN AT HEAD OF LIST Billy Madden, Charley Mitchell, Terry McGovern j and Others Took Count j Easy to Play Come in and fry the Gulbrasen and you will smile as I his baby did Will There Be Music in Your Home on iiristmas Morn This Player-Piano $425.00 Christmas Terms $2.50 Per Week Mail This Coupon and Receive a Beautiful Art Calendar. Name Address F.W YoHK. ! I" illiln th- inrniitiY uf the old) -Mrt follower,, Uumo hai iirver been .ninth,'! wir wIumi .to many prominent member of the pugilistic fraternity (oul. tin film I c.iunt km in the year now ilitiw.iw to ii i'Idw. Former . Immnlons ami leaf uhioiipldnii. actio i-inicfifrs In all dltlalun. together wlili nuiiifi iuv mtiiujftiiii, eteran truliiiTx ami ottinni prominently ind.nt inert with thn grime have been Included among ihp victims of the Urtm Heuper dining the iu.it twelve month At tha head of ilio list trtandN the name of John JU Hulllvan. the former thamplon pugilist of Amerlct and "tha greatest fighter of them nil." who leaned away suddenly at hla homa at Waal Ablngton. Man . on February J. I'ntll an autumn day .' years ago whan Jim Oorbett put him down and -out at New Orloans hi n round Sullivan hart the rpiiut!on of being tha worltl'a greMtewt lighter. That waa hla last battle. He never mad any effort to renln thn lost hiurela, the crown he hail defonded to successfully against all mnifin for nutny years. When hla rarenr n a rlngman anded he took to the foot llghtn, where he waa no airxnger. ! causa back In those great rlnir daya he had nil own comp&nlea and toured tha world, reaping tremendoua finan cial retuma. Billy Mitldrn. A few weeks oo BHSPILAY TAflMJE Ladies' and Men's Hosiery, Ladies and Men's Pullman Slippers, which we are offer ins; to the Xmas shoppers at the above price. Pullman slippers of different shades, which retail at from $2.50 to $3.50. We are die continuing handling the above tlipperi. therefore it will be to your advantage to get your selection before they are sold. Women's and Men's Hosiery also displayed on same display table which are valued at $1.50, to be sold at $1.00 per pair. Also we are mentioning a few of (he many bargains in the Odd Lots of Shoe whldk are displayed in the center of store. a t $12.00 Light Grey Boots of Women's and Misses Walking XS-SS Patent to be at old 1 1 all sues. "rwb $3.45 85 pairs of Women's Bed Room Slippers all shades, e sorted sizes, displayed on front table. Take your choice at $1,445 IPaiP The Asheville Bootery, Inc. M. L. ROTH, Mgr. 47 Patton Ave. champion. In the next two yean lio twice bafet Oaorge Dixon, tha gr.ate.t of the negro featherweights, and won from Kid Broad. Eddie Huntry and Flunk Krns. Tha career of McQovqrn as ehamplnn waa brought to an abrupt end In 1901 bv Young O'orbeu at fter the deminw of i Hartford, Conn- Dunham's Music House Home of High Grade Pianos VAStiA LTIES REOrCKD. Asiri.VGTOX, Dec l.-CaeuaJ-f of the AnWlcan . expeditionary which have not been published vhlch hnve- heen Announbed of iiU;.aaaarjU PereftiBK hd been ert at noon, December IS to a of ,82. These, the -war de- partment announced today, were claselfled as follows; Major casualties. Including killed In action, dlexl of wounds, died of disease andy died of other causes, 1,680; wjonded, 64,862; missing and prison ers, 350. A large proportion of the 64,862 names - Hated as wounded are minor cases, it wea said, man? patients hav ing long elnce recovered and returned to duty. Officials explained that the total la really less due to the fact tha General Pershing's total included ma rine casualties of 1,203 killed ajid more than 4,000 wounded, which, al ready have been published by the ma rine headquarters her . Hull Ivan aa.w the passing of "Billy Madden, who had been Hullivnn'n manager when the latter won tha championship. Madden, In addition Oeorirn IjUlauche. George LaHlaoehe. "The Marine," and one of the greatest mlddtewelghts to havinf managed Sullivan, also ! tsxt ever Jived. Jd wa th handled Jack McAuliffe and Jackl?"' h.0,P'!',l.0' tw?nftM".,.- itamnuv May . Although but 150 pounds Dempaey, In the early part of April Oiarley Mitchell, former Kngllsh middle weight champion, died at Ttrlghton. Bngland. Mitchell's moat fan ua fight was with John l Kulllvan at chantllly, Francs, March 10. 1888. He held the famous American ' heavyweight to a draw In ft rounds. Five years Inter Mitchell was knocked out by Corbett In three rounds. , Terry JfoOovern, former world'a featherweight champion, died In Brooklyn on February 23, after a brief illness. McGovern wait one of the most popular fighters of his day. As a bantamweight-be waa supreme for sevsraj years, and In 1899 won the undisputed World's title by knocking out Pedlar Palmer, the English when in hla prime, IaHlanohe dsfsat ed torn of the greatest boxers the world has evsr known. Hla greatest feat was In Ban Krancleco, August IT, 1811), when he knocked out Jack Dempsey, "The Nonpareil," In 13 rounds. Jim Stewart of Brooklyn who at ons time waa considered a likely can didate for the heavyweight .honors, died of pneumonia at Camp Dlx on Sept. St. Matty Baldwin, the New England Hfhtweight who in hla day had met nearly all of tha beet fighters in hie division, died at his home in Charles town, Mass., on Oct I, a vletlm of the Influenga. "Billy" Layton, who held the wel terweight championship of the world ofr a few months In ths early nine ties, d-led at ll.ttls Rock, Ark., March "7 Clarence Forbes of Chicago, af' ons time a prominent featherweight boxer n ml later well known as an instruc tor, died on Feb. II, at the Illinois State hospital at Klgin. Al Thomaa, one of the best light weights Knaland has ssnt-te America, died at t'..iH) Dodge, Oet. 10, pf in fluenxa. Another victim of the Influensa apt demlo was Terry Martin, the Philadel phia welterweight, who appeared In the ring for more than 11 years. Mar tin died at Kllxabeth, N. J.. KMst 14. Tommy Mowatt, a widely known lightweight, died in Chicago, April 10. Dick O'Brien, a noted Middleweight In the nineties, died at Lewis on, Me., Nov. 11. Battling Jim Johnson, a ngro heavyweight, died at Lowell, Mass.. Nov, 1. Jos Tuber, a bantam weight of considerable reputation, died In Philadelphia. Oet 10, Eddie Canrpl, a Baa Franctaee bantamweight, was accidentally Killed at Hoiuexer, Cel., June 20. 'Texas Tate," a heavy weight boxer, was shot and killed at Utile Jtockjv Ark., Dot 11. : Mike Donovan, one-tome raiaaie- weight champion but In late years better known as a boxiug instructor, died In New Tort of aeameat eat March 14. lM0N JUICE WHITENS SKIN .Girls! ' Make .beauty- lotion t horn for few unto , Mqueexe the Juice ot two lemons into a bottle containing three ounces of Orchard White, shake wall, and you have a smarter pint ef the best bleach toe; and skin whitening lotion, and eomplexlon beautifler. at very, very small east. Your grocer has the lemons and any drug store or toilet t unter will up- ?ly three ounces ef Orchard White or a fsw cents. Massage this sweet- ly fragrant lotion Into the faee, neck, arms and hands each day and see how ' tan, red new, sallowness, sunburn and wlndbum disappear aad hew clear, soft and rosy-white the skin beoomeav Teal It la harmless, v. . :' . Mimcow Y$m Mew liPdDllteffs Millions of the oppressed peoples of Europe have just emerged from the darkness of autocracy into the sunlight of freedom, self-government, commercial and industrial development, and progress toward a higher civilization. r.. The POLES, formerly a strong, heroic nation, but overwhelmed and crushed by invasion and oppression, and split into fragments by their conquerors, are now to be reunited and given a free road to their national destiny. The LITHLfANIANS, doubly oppressed by -German landowners and Russian bureaucrats, will now become masters of their own lives and national affairs, either as one independent state, or in federation with other Baltic states. The CZECHO-SLOVAKS, that great race of Bohemians, Mo ravians and Slovaks which for 500 years has kept alive the inspira tion of its torchbearers of liberty and freedom in the middle ages, have now at last thrown off the heavy yoke of Austrian tyranny and claimed their place in the family of free nations. The JUGO-SLAVS, ground down by Austria, and severed from their Montenegrin and Serbian kinsfolk, have gathered their strength and seized the prize of liberty and reunion won for them in the world struggle for democracy. Watch the unfolding history of these and other resurgent races as it is told from week to week in )RK JUNK A WAGNALLS COMPANY (Publuhets of tb Famo. NEW Standard Dictionary). N I c

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