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Protests against the ihowlns of "The Ulrth ot a Nation" wre made to the elly commissioner yesterday afternoon by the MlnlKters' aasorla- lion, the Colored Mtnlaterlal tamtocia- Itlon and the local branch of the Na tional Association for tne aavance- nent of the Colored reople. in tne absence ot CommlMiontr Ramney, who la on leave of abnence to maKe addreaatw for the ChrlHlmoa Holl Call I campaign, the board took the question under conalueration. Th Mlnlaiara' ajunclatlon met vea- ir.Ut marnlni and auuolnted thei"' eomewnai over an ANOTHER DONATION RECEIVED FOR BAND PERMANENT OR(l.NIZ.Tlt)N rortHD TO WORK txn BAND. Acuti CampaVn to Start After the Holiday 1400 In 8uharr1pUons Reported at Meet Ins. Drwident. Huv. Willie O. Clark. Hev. . I. Ader and Rev. Ken Jam In Hor ace a committee to present to the city board the resolution adopted aaklns the city to prohibit the display o: tne film here. The action woa taken In response to a pat Itlon laid before the minister by colored nilnlstera of Ashevllle. Both organisations took the position that the showing of th'.s picture tenda to keep etlrred up rare antlpathlee which should be forgot ten. White and colored ministers yes terday urged the rommWioners to place the ban on 'The Birth of a Na tion" In the Interest of the friendly relation between the rare for which Ashevllle, they stated, ha slway been noted. Rev. Mr. Clark, speaking for hi committee, aald that one epldoee of the motion picture, which hae never been eliminated, was especially liable to excite race feeHng among thane who do not ducrlmlnas) between the gqpd, and bad characters In the film" He called attention to the report mad. by the llvr4ty Race romniaWon, which Investigated conditions here and aald that In Ashevllle white and blacka were living on term of peace and fair dealing which were remark able. H believed, after seeing the picture, that it would fan the flame of rare paasion and that it should be barred from the city. Paators Dusen berry and Thompson, speaking for the colored people, asked the hoard to keep out a picture which, they said, did a great Initiative to their race as a whole. Pastor Thompson stated thai the beat citlsen among the colored race desired to ele vate their race. "By ourselvea ws are helpleaa, said Thompson, "and we ask you to help us." Mayor Rankin stated that In hi opinion such Alms as "The Birth of a Nation" and "Uncle Tom's Cabin" did no good and were productive of much harm, although the mayor said that the lesson to be learned from the war and the reconstruction period should be taught and not forgotten. Mr.' Clark had called attention to the fact that since the picture was shown hers two years ago the colored people have proven on the battlefield their devotion to the nation and their loyalty to the Ideals of their white neighbors. Mayor Rankin thought that this fact should bs seriously con sidered. v; Mr. Btikeleather agreed w-Kh Mr. Clark that the unreflecting wars likely to reoelve wrong impressions from the plctuHiatlon of the "Birth of a Na tion;" Mr. Btikeleather, however, called attention to the fact that "Un cle Tom's Cabin," with Its distorted version of southern - life, a he de scribed it, had been shown here-with 'no protest. from the colored people-or any one slss..- . n Later the board endorsed the Bank head Shadtleford federal aid road bill and will ask the North Carolina dele gation to give It support . : J. L. M'DOWELL DIES FROM HEART TROUBLE J T. rtledsoe and rmnpnnv have .ldM 1 1 SO to the IJ00 donated ty M. V Monre end romomiy for the Ashevlllr bnlid fin.l In a letter to Mr. Moore. Mr. Hlednoo, who U spend ing a fr weeka In Ortunilo. Kla., states that he bellevp Ashex'tll will raise the necessary sum to assure band concerts here next summer. Mr. Hlt-dsoe Int-loeee a rllilng from The .Morning Sentinel of Orlando, showing tlfat the cltlsens of that town, num bering only 1,000, euhscrHied 14.060 hour for estab lishing a community Imml. Mla'ml re cently rained a band fund and ae curVd the servloea of Arthur Pryir'e famous band. The cllprllng sent by Mr. niedaoe la. In part, aa follows: "Kour thousand and fifty dollar In a little over an hour na the good for tune of the special campaign commit tee yestrrlny which Is going to raise the guaranteed money which will bring to Orlando the finest band or ganisation In the country for at leaat ten week of the present winter sea son. "Meeting with unanimous support and absolutely no opposition, the ao- Mining committee swept on and on I Carrying a Cold sAround With You? Dr. Bell's PiWTar-Honey w31 help to relieve you The first ilnta will produce gratify ing result. The second will ronvlnce you Pr. Ilell'e Plne-Tar-IIoney la un equaled. Hooneyou forget you "ever were a cold-sufferer. 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There was a unanimity of opinion over the band, all subscriber declaring that they realised the benefit that -a special ion l oaay Millinery at 50 Discbunt ;; Furs, 10 Discount ' ' Silk Petticoats Special lot, values $5X3 For $3.29 Suits, Coat Dresses from ! , 15 to so I; Reduction . Tf r. i .. is- . The) Shop for the Woman Who Know would accrue to them aa a result of ten week of superb music, or a total of 140 concerts ranging1 from twa to three hours at each concert." PAI AIS ROYAL D "ASHEVILLE'S DRY GOODS STORE" C it Gifts Come Here for Your Christmas That are Useful, Ornamental and Serviceable. This list may help you to decide what to give. 7 w. M. McDowell has returned to the city from Franklin. Macon county. after attending the funeral of his father, John I McDowell, aged seventy-four, who died of heart trou bis Sunday, morning at his home' at Franklin. Mr. McDowell, a Con federate veteran. having served throughout the war between the states with a Macon county company, had no warning of the end which came aa hs went out to the barn after eating a hearty breakfast. The Junior Order of which the de ceased was a member, conducted the funeral services on Monday at ths cemetery in Franklin. Survivors are ths widow, . two daughters and five sons: ' Mrs. Ed Harper, of Dillard Oa.; Mrs. Anna Horton, of Raburn Gap, Oa.; Hurley, Thomas and James McDowell, of -Franklin; W. M. Mc Dowell, of Ashevllle, and George Mc Dowe41. of Macon, Ga. JOHN W. GRIMES DIES . John W, Grimes, lately a teacher In ths Emanuel Business college, died at his horns on Aston place yesterday at I o'clock after an illness of Influenza followed by double pneumonia. He Is survived by his widow, who was Miss Helen Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A., Smith, of Henderson vllle, and two daughters, Helen and Doro thy. No announcement of ths funeral arrangements -has yet been made. CUTI WHEALS PIMPLES Oil FACE And Neck. Caused Itching and Burning, i Greatly Disfigured. "Mr face began to break out with small red pimples and pustules. .': The plmplss continued to get large and mors numerous until my entire fact and neck were covered. My face looked ss if it wars a solid eruption. The trouble waa very annoy mg caus ing an etching, burning sensation, and my face waa greatly disfifured. ' "This trouble lasted ten or twelve years and I anally tried Cuticuts Soap and Ointment, in between sis months and a year ! waa heated." Signed) Mrs. J. D. P. Cobb, OilsonyiUsvN. April 31, XS1S.' . , . Whan Cuticura has cleared your skin of pimples and redness keep it clear by vmr tns ooep assisted try ths Ointment for every -dsy toilet put- Absolutely notning t Ml Iim k BaS. Addraaa 'hum, -h. a, SaMa-". 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