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Or ders fi:om the c untry are solicited and desired bv me.i Orders frdrn a distance will he promptly at t!njle to. Mr. 31 '50 -ly. BlinU R-oa llads'fo Order. J.J:.P.,MnsELiN.jii. uujv!ni Lisu & ST A.TIONEBi iNo. West Mam Sf;roet; June 30-1 y NORFOLK. VA. HENRYV.NrFrEYER 1 P(HTSM()UTII, VA., CTOJZkO MERCHANT i 1 Ap DEALER IS 'Zumhrr, PrbthkuK, Limp, Coal, Salt, trnr7 vmt rt, Jari 1, '59 ly K2EXEIZAL . 1 j . 11 WID3. WATER STREET, 1 ' OiLP;)L!C V v PnrtienUr attqntion z'vn lo tire sae and niir- chsfl of Qatv, A nl all kiuds of produce. March 10, f ly. S. w. seldni ;Tt SE5.DNER. A. M.VN'UFACTiUitEP.S AND DMALP.US IN tWH'S. YfltfT anh boys' riBTHmn, Jt.VD rrKXTLE.ifWX FiihxismxG GOODS, Ul Atx .till -street. .Norfolk, Va. Ukkkhkxckj P.'T:iW & Co. . A'lv-rt U('iA i-o. : B'lrrn-s fc Bu- Odoin uax & Ui'Cl-un. :.I.r. .11 7f 7v. If J- II JB 1 r my Tu.r.itft'ra'l ki-,d- of irohititu- an . .1 din '-0'Zv 1 , f' f.'. vny, wjn'ii r-q'iir CIt A K L K.S ,.I i" K D 4 HKNKY JoaOAj?. I ' C J WKolrvd A' tail Con feet oners, Mann-i-R final Cnndif. And deal 7 T . facta Art of tf'ca tr in Forwjn. a. tigiir. Prrsrrv A j t f M ...... A. T f,I 'a m T Toys, -Fancy Go, A sir PROP lx, Firricorlts. A; lETOlKOF JOKDAN'S TEffETia Store. 'No.'TV-E.iKt Mn'n Xt.rav.t. Vi,.t .w t2 ! South Church Street, Norfolk. Va. Jan. jl '59 1 y.. R iTI'SJIUIl & CO , Eonmssinf iju'Rrrhajjts.' mNb sin? - No iJJTlOANOKE SQUARE, NORFOLK, VA ' N. R.iStteclil 1n? nU of Corn; Wheal, Peas, Brans and Produce f toty description! ' Jan: 1 '59 1 v. No. l8. Maix Sheet. Norfolk. Vtotn-ta. Dealer inWatchis,! Clocks ; Jewelry. Silver Ware. nd Fancit Goods, i Watches. 'Clocks! and .Tewelrv. neatlv renaired. and warranted to gjive satisfaction. AlsoEhgra tinsj neiitly executfld at .the shortest notice. - , nov, iae53 ly , , . S TRA tfOERS CA N FIND A T -. 1 W. SEABttRY & SONS, TSo. 13, Eagt side Market Square, 1 t - A call is politely requested Jan 2tf-Iy . JL. J. NOCK. 1 . M. J. RTA2f. ... ' a.j, xacit &cr.. V. Importers and DMern'jn Fine Bra ndie, tfine Oins, lViskies,C(ikrsJc. '' Also, a general assoi-tm'int of Domestic liquors. v -fvi 4UJWUY pnu uavorlarays on band. M O No. 22 TOde Watfei-Street, NORFOLK, VA. Jan. 1 '59-ily: OCEAN HOUSE PORTSMOUTH VIROINIA 1 WATT4 & EMMEESON. ROB'T J. WHITE, Proprietor. Jan. 1Tj59 ly SCHiMIT&..SELDNEBi: y , .j.;. IMIjORTERS AND . ;;t ; f Commission Merchants; I r, . I " . ' WINKS; LIQUORS, f - -L.eat and Cliowini?! Tobacco. 1 ! MANUFACTURERS OF 1 SEGAUS:' JVbs.ill fe 13 i7aa 1177 Mitrr! Xteil TTnTTnTTT TTo 1 uij F. GGS. ; with , - . ; JtlJillM,; NICCODEMUS & CO. 8 AND DEALERS IN ; JORE ON & DOMESTIC, LIQUOR, FVEY- DESCRIPTION! l i No. 383 Baltimore Street; IarclT24J '59 ll. BALTIMO&Z. I .... . '- , 'jm'". J" II S. fD 3 ET S - ? 1M A N UF A O TXJ HE it O" Sash, DoofS, Iillndskotddings, Brackets Scroll lyorlLof :11 klndft. riainiwj, Turning t& Sawhq dwe to ontet. 1 1 V it, 4& . j . at Northern prices or , no chart e, Corner of Washixgtos an4,KiKd ifjnrcetisr June 2 '59-ly ! t'OIlTSMdUflrk. IMPORTER $ MAXOF&CTURE& OF AND DEALCtlS IN EVERY . DKSC III PTIO'N OF glSs icit t i g&p (jr 03 :Kbf r? r-VSIgn'illned Gun, :;i ; . '-; ; Nro. 75 CnCBO a. Street, : ,NOIVFOLX TA, 2T, B. Repairing NeafTy Executed, an 14-ly. XOS. 193 & 15 C11VUQI1 ST-., NORFOLK, VA x-y: : TERS AND DRAFT AtA:, LAGER IiEER,$c . A full ttock lvravs on hand. Orders I from the country Solicited and prokapily attended to. lenus stiicuy casiv. July 0 UTffJ 1SI K UO Ft ANT TAILORS, Main &tiI5iectianl;s iliH, NOEFOLKvVA, i 1 WIII2RE may be found as "large and Xtell selec ted stock, as in miv Kirnilar establishment in the chantry. ComptLsiug all shnd.?s.of Cloth, of 'the best makers, afil. a irreat Vurietv of Faucv". Gooils. such alFancv Gas-i meres'" Fauev D-rills. Fan cy Silks and Marseilles, r.lso a 'Cvrnr.iera -assortment n r urnisianjj uooas suca as snats. araWers-, half) fuise, haudkorcliitfrf. glovq., " in f;ct every i : Inner nei tuning to a Gentleman's Wnr.lrobn Wp ' employ none but the bet latent in our outiinsr de- partrnent. anl guarantee S'itif action" in every in stance. When you visit oiir city leave your meas ure and order. . mar. 3lr9 lv. Sash, -Till ndand Dior ISiinufaclory : Wood Turnina in all if. Branches. To q . 12 & 37 . Cor. Ch n r cl and Va I oto streets..' U9f:17t. Va. CARPENTERS and BUILDERS lrom-the Country and fteisrliboriiiv Towns will fin if tn 'heir In'terest to eull b -fore purt-hasine elsewhere. is nil orders received bvi me will lie'promptlv at- tpn led to a ud n catly exec oed. Nov. 1 8 '58 1 v WliooialeiOace-oandSoarHoue. I. 1!IA1&BURGX2!1 & co:; ; 38 Main Sr (Orposms JotixspN'si Hall) tfbrfoffc, Va, . I.;!' TAVR tVte pleasure of akiii: the. attention of 11 I)-':Uts a-id jTnstnors t th;ir. entens'Vh ' Stock of ill kuvU !f (yt-vih rind. StfaoHiinf Tobacco. rtir''-:, Oar Stock is om.-tete: AVe- ai miking aHditi'irt.-i f our Stork weUlvj from uv, re ur exten.siVe-. W 'iou-9-l and Imr rt nr .TT..use. in New York-City. .'We are nabU l n o3er as low prices as an y U ne iitii North.- Ord'rs thiiukfaily received, and satisfaction' ITUaranteed. , (Ito'-n in otf Y,rk, 100 Villiam St.) Anr 1 2B 5ft ti mK WARRANTED. , rZT BEST SEWI AG MACHINES IN CSE SaUI, vTeb iter & Cts, Improved Tight JStilch Seitiny Machine. J. D. (illiSEblN, JR., Agent. No. 6 IPcsf Main Street, Norfolk, Virginia. THE unqualified preferppce which the various industrial- and mechanical associations,. nnd hest judsres,-throughout' tho country have given these machine-; a well a the great Satisfaction they have unf irndy afforded the numerous per sons to whom we have sold them hre, and in thia yicinitv are the 'most convincing evidence of their uperiority over all others, for Fatnily and Planta tion Purposes, and fullv warrant us in pronouncing them the bent Fanidv Swins Machine in use. Thev mke a strong lock-'tich that cannot he unravelled or pulled ont. t Thtv will stih, hem, fell, ouilt bind, and gat lierf They are perfectly simple, and the management of them easily acquir ed. ... ...( ' '.".'? . . , -M ." ' Samples of work sent by Mail on applica tion to '-' 'ii'.'' t'? ij- . - . ' ';.. v JiV: J. D. GF1ISELTN. Jr., Atrent. Bookseller and Stationer No. 6 West Kain St., (under rew Hotel,V-f June ?.0-tyl - A'orfolk; Ya.'.. 'P';D.IGWACT5Ef;&CO.f-:- No. 8, Union Street Norfolk Va; AYE just opened of'th'-ir own importation one of thii largest and mast select stocks ot hn- glish, German, and French Double and Single Dack and Bird Cruris' ever .offered in this market. Also, a larcre lot of other Sporting Goods, such. as Powf der Flsks,Shot Belts aird Ponches, ! liamond Grain Gnnpowler, Elys Waterproof Caps and Me, talic G"nf adder, and ja great runny" other . articles too tedious, to" name. y Sportsmen - Jiud al 1 others wfro trzay want an'y thing in our line, will find : it greatly, to .their advantage, to" examine our stock before purchasing and we pledge ourselves to give tnem as goo f an article as vney can ouy cisswnere and save them moner besid?. J .r .: t-'- r ' 4 Pistols oPV)t Doan, .Adams & Dean, ..Allen, Warner and other, makers, M Manufacturers pri. Ces. ' V.'r'".)-' ' Jan.. 20 59 lv. t A. W.4SMALL & Ck 5 f STASXrTACTrjRKIlS AND TEALKS IN : TIN y SIIEET ;- IlO)K; COPPER; JAP ANNED No. 12, West Wide Water Street 'V I--.a .:tT NORFOLK, YA". ' -tL Stoves of ;e"t8ty variety for Cooking And "Worming purposes. 7-; ; ' : T - ETin W ark Wholesale and "Retail j Lamps tot fluid and Oaf Oil. .,. : ." . " Wooden' ware, such as Buckets,' Kest Tubs, &c. joonns. vtuiiits aiui ripes ior uuiiuincs, anu Job Work of all kinds done in r the most snbstan tial mannerv:. v. -. v A - ' ,v.i ItEPAtrjNG".flr5TlLL, "WOM. &c . '. "Workmen seut to any part of Yirginiannd North Carolina to, execute work, .anc1 warranted in every, instai.ee : -. . '7. H'.:.' r i - Ellierial Oil and Camphene by the. Gallon or ftar rel. ',' - , . i June,; 11, 91 y .rA aoams notrE.: ;l r -Co3?ner of Hanover and Pratt i 3 ts ;;:;ii;Af4TiMoitE.,M rr : .-, 7 c jo jApkMS", Px opr e,t q r,:; v y t&m This hotel hat t all the metdtrn improvement of xc first data house; Fore r"d" to SI.25 per dsy: '--"- -March 24, 59 I 1: 11 - . . JESSE JrTEATES. A t fo r n c y ?Rlrd cuiiieiio r 'at "tavr ' mukfbeesbor6' n. c., : ' ! " - mTILL practice in the County and Superior V V Conrtsof Jlertford, Bertie, Korthamptor and Gates.; , . f -; ' . " " .. JOHN W. MOORE, Murfreesboro.' '-If. " " . ; PRACTICES in the Courts of nertford, Ber tie, And Northampton Coantles. - All business pertaining to his profession faitb fully attended to. - i- - Oct. 14t1858-ly. - ' . W.' W. PEEBLES, r law, A TTENBSthe Courts of Bertie. Hertford, TTaT- nu i jruiampton countie?. Pariiciila attention given to the collection -of claims Feb 25,1858 tf 1 !. CHABLES F. CAMPBELlw . .rrZ:: dkntist, WILL prnrtlceis profession in Marfreeboro and Edenton.. Pr..C. may-he found at Floyd's "S. Hotel" tvhile at Edenton nnd atts: J-LO? siter's-Hotel" in M arfreshnor ATI , pierforined in the possible manner. lv H-E mile, Dentist. RESPECTFULLY inarms the people of Mnr frecsboro' and .vicinittr. that be will x;, promptness, attend to nil business pertaining to hi profeNiioft. Avhfn called tm by. letter or otherwise Letterslft with J. Mi Trader. nnA W: t. be attende 1 to by the return bol. - ' ; , eeth extrficted by electricity witbonl pam. Plymouth N.tV Ma 12 '59 ly. f Marinfactunr of Ccrftc7rrm Suite, nJ vther Carriage. . MVJiFRKESBORON. C. Z? All work warranted to! be ' of superior quality, and at as Tow prices as" at any other Man- uiacxory mine country. I ' Repairs done on the most accomodating terms, and at the bhortestnotifW - " , f Feb. 3 '59 ly. LASSITER'S HOTELr MUR R E ESB OR 0 UG II, N. C Jamks II. Lassiter, Proprietor. ' HPniS House is "situated in the mt misinAq A part of the Town, and will commre well -witii Hotels 'in larger places. The subscriber nledlr. himself tojive satisfaction to persons stopping with hi ui. Persons coming by tb Boat will End t ccnvetSTicic rn waiting at the wharf. Jan. 27 lS39-ty Ft KEc!t'.ilns Hotel. T ' E n'-cr h r. hnvine ecently purchased the elirriMo. vitH)f ;,n joiiiTr.od ions rnMic hon-f in Mw-fr-eWo known as the St. Nicho las Tlotfl. respei-tful'v inf'?rnis hi friend, the pa trons of th et;hlishm"nt. and tht puhlic gener al'lyj that he wilf spare'no pains pr etp-ne to pe p.erve th well-earntd tpuhirity rf the lnu?. Th centra1 position and it proxitnitv to the two Fe male CoHesre. birg -nearly in front of both o! them, render the location eminently convenient to persons visiting the place ."ither upon business ot pleasure. The large lot for mules and horse? fronting tbe strct aff o-ds to drovers an excellent ppportunity for the xii?bition of ihnir stock. On the premise are two large a"ry stables, two well provided with pumps,: and umplo supply of cool and wholcsom vater.X Hacks will be in waiting upon the arrival f the boats, and guests will be provided for with conveyance to any point desired May 121859 ly .f; ; UNITED STATES HOTEL. GATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA ' ; John. Brady, Jb., Proprietor. TH'7 subscriber having, purchased this well known Vstablishment, and refitted it at great expense, is prepared to' entertain j persons travel ing in this portion, of the country ? .- i - , ' - His table will at all times lc furnished with the luxuries .-of the-season, -His bar supplied with liquors of the choicest kind. His stab.les and yards are unsurpassed in Eastern Carolina. ' 1 ; ' It will afford him pleasure to do all in his power 10 ma te his'gUess comfor table. - Dec 23 '58-1 y WHEATi GROWERS1 AT-If-iTENTION ! .- Piiot- ..mapK'S SUPKR. PlIOSliATJJS OF L1MK, Superior to Peruvian Guano, forCotton, Tobacco, Gram, and all other Crops, to bo applied' at i any hoeing or plowing; C -i-? i:''r "n"-':---i ' - : Testimonials froni Jiundrtds chorhaxc used it for tenyarsA ..-,v.w. . ,,-' -f .5.. r : Made af calcined bone", : Peruvian Guano' Sul phuric AcidV Sulphate of Amonia and'dried blood. Ao; variation in quality. In strong new sacts loo lbs each. " ' .':r!';M:;:.r.: ?:.. .;:-"-'-"t Tt!t- PtTOSRh One hundred nount of the Vltrogenlxed Super- Phosphate "will equal m eifcct .una. lasting power 185 pounds of the Best Peruvian. Guano. , . The Yl C.'Ptanter copies from tie Washington fZW C.J.O'vpatch the following-from a correspond eutjn 'Beanfbri.cp. Mjfch'th, 1839: ' ':'!. !' haVe' experimented some with grain crops, and; found .thitats "auperabundanc4 of ;Amni'oni gave a , most luxuriant growtli to. the -pluut, ; but did not supply the minerals equal ; to the demand of the: erainzi" -Hence, lrfy wfceiit crop grown upon guano - weighed fifty-three lbs, while that grown Tip- gard to the elTect of .Phosphite ott'Cotf.in writes; ,"AYe Jia,ve no hesitation in saying that the a-ldi ti'on of sirdtrTWrt worth (f5 inlVew -York for 206 lbs); of the-Super-f JlophateT to the acrehas in- creased the-yield of those parts ott Which it; wa pnt to the value of not less than twenty .dcll-irs per ncre'OTey those on, which it was not put, both being othcrwise'tr aled similarly. . i Jlxfract frotn I'Neio 2'w'lancT 'FafrrSer April ICth, 1 8"0. Judge French, of Exeter; N.-lL, siys : -We have tried everv "rariety;of frtiliEerand hnve n)ore; faith in"M-pe's Supr-Phosphate of Lira thun in any other Biauufeuid article of the kind i rc'!";..,: Vi. :- - -. -,?r; i A?an of'Phbsphat'e "for expetrnTen also circn- Aitrogenteed Supercrhospbat3 of Lime, per ton of 2000 lb, vf . tfji , t.. -;h-; 52pQ Mape's Super-Phosphate of :-doy : Vr t ,47 00 Cotton & Tobacco" S. of Lime, ' ; 42 00 Potash Super-Phosphnte of do ! '.t.STO on MapfTs Phospnate ot uime weigoea iy mne ro sixty-one lb peyMhU' " v tl h v' - ? Col. E. N. Fuller, of Edist(tl4laTtd.S C, in re I tar, Ac , can bo had free of ft xpepe.oB application " ' " 1 Sole Agent f or Va. and C.; ' J1 Ji3' a 0 k I V-2SrvC., OCT. 26, 1859. . I - . - , . , .. K OCSt3TlTl05S On Senator Dovsy'ayf views of Popular Sovc . reignttf, its expressed in Harper JIa- zihejfor Scptevilh, 1859. - In erery nation jinder ITea-veu, civilized, seniKbarbarous, or lavage, where shverv haJ caisica ia rj 10 na ai tu aDalOTous to our 7Sw a;Oi-1.iCTs tne contf -Mtrt their slayes a3 propertj.4asl)eertTespccted ; and on no ocUasion has any government struck at ihbse rio ht3) except as it would Ftrilco at other prop erty.v Etc? tie ITritisV ParliamehV when it emancipated the West India slaves, tbotih it was lcgisiaung iorj a people three thousand miles away and nc-ipmsentea, Tjerer denied eitherthe legal ?6r he natural riijbt of tbe slaye-otvnef. Slare3 trerer admitted to be pro perty, and tne Gortrnment RcknowWred It. Jby paying their masters one hundred millions ot dollars for the ; privilege of setting tbeui free. ; ; ' - . . . Here, tben, is a spHieS oT "property wbic'li is of transcendent importance to the material interest of the Sonth-'which the people of that region think it rifcbt and mcritorioiTs in the eyes of God and g.jjid ia -n to hold tvbxh 1 l&saT.ciicmea by tlie jsneral sense of all man kind among whom it lus existed vfbich wa legal only a short time-ago in all the States of the Union, and was thfn treated as sacred bv every one of them wlich is Guarantied totbt."1 ownets'as hiUcn as any other pro j erty is guar antied by tbe Constitution ; and M r. Douglas thinks that a territoriil legislature, is compe tent to take it away. We say, No ; the ?u prtvne legislative power of a sovereign State uuy itrguuieiii m lis iavor. wouia be a mere x 1 11, waste of words. Mr. Dousrlas does not denv s it, and it did not require the thou:?anrth nart of his sagacity to see that it was undeniable. lie claims tor the territorial srovcrnmcnts the grounds that those governments are sovereign have an uncontrollable and independent power over all their internal affairs. That is the point which ho thinks is to split the Democ racy and impale the nation. But it is so en tirely erroneous, that it must vanish into thin air as so m ai it comes to be examined. A territorial government is merely provision al and temporary. It is created by Congress ior me ueeessary preservation oi order and the purposes of police. 1 r4 povrcr3 conterrcd upon f'rT-j po act, wL.ih is i.he jhimged or 'repealed at;!- pleasure of Con gross. ? m most ot those ac tuo power has been expressly rcscrrod.to Congress of revisin ' the territorial laws, and the power to repeal them oxisj without tueli reservation. This was' asserted in the case of Kansas bv the most disilnguihed Senators in the Congress of 1 8:xG. Ihc President appoints the Governor, judges, and all other otljeers whose appointment is not otherwise provided for, directly or indirectly, by Congress . iven the expenses of the terri torial government are paid ont of the Federal Treasury. The truth is they have rio attribute or sovereignty about them. ; The essence of sovereignty consists in having no superior. nut a territorial govern raent has a superior in the United States Government, upon whoso pleasure it is dependent for its very existence in whom it lives, and moves, and has it3 bein who has made and can uuuiake it with a breath. ' ' ::, Where does this sovereign autnonty to de prive men of their property come from? This transcendent power which even despots arc cautious about using, and which a constitu tional monarch nerer exercises how does It get into a Territorial Legislature ? Surely it does not drop from the; clouds: it will not be contended that it accompanies the settlers, or exists in the Territory before its organization. Indeed it is not to the people, but to the gov ernment of Territory, that Mr. Douglas sajs it belongs' ' Then Con cm-ss must ' give the power at the' same tirae that it gives the.Terri . torial Gavernment. But not a word of the kind is to be found in any organic act that ever was framed. - It is" thus that Mr. Douglas's ar guraeht runs itself out into nothing- "But if" Congress wmld pas.i a statute ex prefely to give this'' sort' of power to the Terri torial Governments, they still would not have it ; 1 for the Federal Government itself does not possess any control oyer raen'-s property in the Territories. ' 1 That such power, does not cxit hi tho Federrd' Government needs no proof: Mr. Douglas admits it fully and freely. It is, besides, establishing by the solemn decision of Congress, by the aent of the Executive, and by the, direct ratification of the people- acting in their primary capacity-- at the polls. Tn addition to all this, the Supreme Court have deliberately' adjudged it to be an 'unalterable 4rid:undeniable rule' of eonstitntional law. ' A. This acknowledgment that Coilgress has no rjoweri "authority or jnrisdief ion over the sul -jeet, literally obligta Mr. Ihi-aiH to -gite up his doel-lnc, or els to maintain it by aertln Vofxnaybe given b,,'tonirc' to t. Territorial Government. The rl-iht to abolish African arery in a Territory is not eranted Kv the Conlitution to Gonsmssi it is withheld, and "therefore the rae asif express- ly prohibited. Tet Mr. Do'iilas declares that tha n.vnrL ; th r,n rwhw earr delegate it: the jreneral rule, in his op;n- ion: bein?? that Con frress .eatmot . deletate the 'powers it possasscs, but. may cfefegaTi suh, and only; such, as Coogret' , cannpt, exercise under thfCont?tutibri!',i By,turning to page f2:l knd'l tfie VeiTef VilT ee that tliMM- toundiag propoeititn i actually made kttiui tuou uuu ucpnve a man oi nis property. This proposition is bo plain, so well estab lished, and so universally acknowledged, that 11 m 55 Ci -v V jest or irony, but solemnly, soriously, ifjid. no doubt, m perfect good faith :On tliisllrinci- pip, as ingress cannot exrrcise the poler to' mate an ex post faeohtn. orW.lavISrm&innf- the Otliginon of contweta. therefore ttikvAn - thorke such lavrs to " be made. by. thf $ town councils of-Washington city, or the 'levW court fcf the District ? If Conirjess passes arlact to ..unga.inan witnonwmi it is voulv-af the juu-fswi.i noxaiiowir to ue executea; .at the power to do thxs prohibited thing can Uj con - euimionaiiy given by ingress to a ienUpnal IgisUtyrel : , .1 e admit that there are ceriaih poir etowedupon the General OovvT-nment S be- rfe in their nature indicia! nr exeeutivp OTithl th cm Congress cm do nothinz. except r see that they are executed bv the proper of officers. Itis abo trn6 that cni?T?s haVrer: tain legislative powers which cannot bedfega- ted. Kut Mr. Douglas should have knowri hat cort.stitutionaHy exist. "VulSnybody say that such a power o as a matter of policy, or for reasons of pkblic safety,- to be held by the. pfovisiourl goVn- inents ot the lerntonea : Lndonbtealjyi no true patriot, nor no friend of justice and ider, can deliberately reflect on the probable ctjstse- nnenecs without dpr.Trratimr tnm ?.: tv,;a-a i -fei. lhis power over property is the one hih. t -n i -v v - i l . . ... . .;.; I f?-a!?!d' the tCraP,on abe lH always greater than any other. It is tfrc l that the Bubjects of a limited monarchv wlleh their King with the greatest jealously. N(W . ; public bas iv; failed to impose strict liit-nia-tions upon it. All free people know. thaj if they would remain free they must compel-the Government to keep its hands off their pfifite property ; and this can be done only by ty-Jig them up with careful restrictions. Aecoruihiy, our Federal Constitution declares that 4iio fir son shall be deprived of his property excepfjjy due process of law," and that "private propfty shall not be, taken for public use without plst compensation." It is Universally agreed fUt this applies only to the exercise of the potter by the Government of the United States. are also protected against the Slal Govern ments by a si miliar provision iu the State Cti stitutions. Legislative robbery is therefortj t crime which cannot be committed eitheriy" Congre33or by anv Stac Leglsiatare, u'llesjit De u ne in lit e r oi.wi so. me iuu a ui- tal . law of the land Hut if the TerriCtffjal Governments hare this power, then they. h ye it. without any limitation whatsoever, and jn are"omntpotent in reyrd to alrtneir intciijal affairs, for they are vottretgnx, tcitlwuta C$$ ti'u'ioh to hold then in cheefc. And thls:i nipotcnt soverelgrity is to be wielded by a w men suddenly dfawn together frm all p'arU pf America and Europe, unaccqiiainted with 5e another, and ignorant of their relative rigjs. But if Mr. D ju'.ss is right, tho'e governm5is hafc alt the absolute piwer of the .llussan Autocrat. They may take every kind of p;i?f erty in mere caprice, of for any purpo.e of lu cre oV tifafice", without process of law. and wh out providing for compensation. The LegiJi-tdre- of Kansas, sitting at Lecompton or Ltr rence, may order rite miners' to give ujevejy ounce of gold thai h-is . been dug up at Pile's Peak. ' If the authorities o'f Utah should sc a ba i of marauders to despoil the emigrants crossing the Territory, their sotereign righto dosp so cannot be questioned.. A new Tetf n tory may be organized,' whieh Southern Jn think should be. devoted to the Vulture of c4t on, while the people of the" North are equ-Bly cefain that grazing alone is the proper busiiiRs to be carried on there. - If one party, ly agii dent,' by force, or by fraud has a lnajorityu the legislature; the negroes are taken from jje planters ; and if the other set gains a: rwlitijd victory, it is follow by a statute to pi uo 1- r 6ie graziers of their cattle. "" SucH things can &t "be done by the Federal Goyernment,. nor jjj the government of the Slates i ; but ' if M?, Douglas is-not ml?tiken, they can be done y territorial "governments. Is it not every wy belter to wa.it ilntlll the new.inhabitants- knjw themselves and one another; until the pohjy of the Territory is settled' by some .ex periee and above all, until the great powers of a rj ereign State ?re regularly conferred upon thy n.l nrnnarl limits 1 1 fi nrVPnt t h atPtQ abuses whith always accompany unrestricted- power in human hands? ' '"jt There is another consideration" .which "V. Douglas shoulJ h ive bo'en the last man to"ovr look. The preset Administration of the deral Government, and the whole mocraic party throusrhoat the country, including t. Douirhis, thought that in the cans of Kahs the qnestion of reUining or abolishing slavey should not be determined by any repreoen tive body without giving to the' whole ma.xif thc'people an opportunity of voting m it. DoutUs ciirned it tanner, ana warmiy oppuri the Constitution, denving even its validity, tk- Icnnsft other and undisputed parts of it had also been siibmittcl to a popular vote. rtef he is willing that th whole alavety diputeri any Territorr; and ali on-wribnS that can ari "S T . f ; her.prorty. shall he deeded , atone by Territorial T.natnre.without anys.ibm .p ac.au. .rw T wt.-j r P meant thefree lorn of tne peop.eTrota the restraints of law and order : now it me a a OVernTT1ont wniCn "nai ruirmcm wiw a'fV . t. 11 - 1- ? .ttk -. M 5 of iron . It Fwing4 like ft pendulum- troLO-oljB ! side clear over to the thefl u. Mr. DoutrlaV opinions on this eubieet 4 ' sovereiTTf trritnriat 3rerrments arc very gular-but tlio reasons he has proruced 0? rvrt them are infinitely ;.rove curious ftui. tyc -'instance, he "nhnw thai .TeiffeTrf onee 'Qt dneed into the 'b'-l Cpnyress of the Condet4r tie ''jtfun fer e DTaramtntpf thp TtrriJ 1 he tras not talking .about powers Trhicrq be- so ,Iur. lTVm conceding the power, fought longed to eitherjf these classes, but abiit a fP"VS- it for even long years. ' . r ?. legislative jurisdiction totally forbidden the Theie is another thing in the article vrhich, Federal Government, and incapable of ing fc na not come from a distinguished senator delegated for the simple reason that it doe not an(la very upright gentleman, would havo r to :: t! .t U. I -S The "t I . :j cf s : tny anderery . 1 -j n quired, tncS Potera, Bbntg, . Mrncges Pro f Lading. -togetLer -""3 incidtnt to "a c err 1.!' (err. ftre . J tl at our work .-.l.liM.ment in ihi :-nffc-i:!;try, in atcurv liT"ry. f n ries, ca but no calling: t!.,;:i tl. 0 il: of -'new States,! r like sovereign this 23 a ch was rcjccte4 r.rds referred to Douglas arguca cccuie a puit'cf not mak:i:r :nt!.i or independe 1 ; t b' : : . ; a n ;1 1 ! mere expeiliiit 1 bv Conorr .1 r r - -r j by Jefferson himself, t t :ir. I unoh it as if it 1:1 1 w 1 I our fundamental I v.. 1 Again : He l-a, -.s tithc St-fcs ve to ihk I tederal Uovcrnn.cr.t the fair.c powei which 1 colonies hey Lad been v. iliir-to. concede to the Bntish rrovcn;r:cn t. and kept those VhM as colonies they had claimed fUr tUmieU ' f -tl he win read, a c -it inon si-h...'l hiituirof the tne GunsuruTion, he will Cud the tvro fullovr- I 'no facts fully established iT. 1 bat the Federal I Government has "power to lay and collect I taxes, -duties, iniposts, and excises ;" .'inid.,2' I That theoolonie3, before the It evolution, utter ' j ly.xefiwcd to be taxed by Great Britaian; and, 1 rt t,v. . j iiuiuj auu lua.cii mi, uutuauau , riCA tfiA rriWtr wnw? j nnl wvi r lr say : "mat slavery exists in Kansas by urtue r of the Constitution of the United States."- What 3It; ljuchannn did say was a very djf- ferent thing. It was this; "It has been sol- cmnly adjudged bv the highest judicial tnbo- . noi vnn' f i " J nl known to our Jaws, that slavery exists ia r o.ua.ia uy virtuo oi me - VOnstUUMOU oi ma Umted. 4it.." Everbody know3 that S? tr ... . . r ... . . ....:. i:i.i-..i. " v V' l"1 tl1"- a WJJ Wa P'3 i iriw'Yiw.Turi cs ti iiui Tne artiiimcntum iad honiinem is not fair. and we do not niean to use it. . Mr. Douglas has a right to change his opinions whenever he pleases. But we quote him as we would &riy other authority equally high in favdr of truth. vVecan prove by himself that every proposi-V tion he lays down in Harper's Slagaiihe ia. founded in error. Never before has any'publio -man in America so completely revolution iteit his pplitiedl opinions in the course of eighteea. : month. We do not deny that the change, itt heartfelt and conscientious. W,Oflljf. lniist' . that he formerly stated his propositions much, uiore clearly, and sustained them, with far. ' greater ability and better reasons than hd dues now. . " , . ' "When he took a tour to tfcf Scjuth, at the ' besinningof last w'interho made a speech at . , New Orleans, in vhicli he announced to the- . people there that h'epnd his friends in Illinois acceptrd the Dred Scott derision, : regarded' i as property, and, fully admitted "the right tory ria Ind. e, aod U hoid"-hlur there" as olner property j hll. In 1849. h vbled in the Senate for what was. called Walker's amendment, by which it wa proposed to put all the internal affairs of Cali . frnia and New Mexico under the domination of the' President, giving hinr ajmost unlimited, powcrt legislative, judicial, and executicet over, the internal affairs of those Territories. (Sea tOth Cg., p. .) ; Undoubtedly thi was' a " stranTe way of treating sovereignties.5 If Mr Douglas is right now.. he was guilty then of most atrocious usurpation. . : , " : . ' Utah i as much a soverign State as any'. " other Territory, and . as perfectly entitled to ' enioy the right of self-government. On . th'e 12th of June, 1857, Mr.' JJouglas ' made a " speech about Utah ct Springfield, Illinois, iu which he expressed his opininri strongly in fa--'' vor otjhc ab.mfu'e and unconditional' rrj)idl (tf : "the organ ie act, blotting the territorial gocern ment out pf exitevee, and putting tha people under, nnd cr the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the United S?ate3, fib n, fat,' arsenal,, ripcl.'. iar7. of maga-etne: He does not eeeni to have, had the lcact idea thn.'that he was propoainj-";" fo extinguish a sovereignty, or to trample upou' t!ie sacred rights ofl aa indepehdeni peo-" pie. y -.j;;:, . . ;' . ; , Tne report whieh he made to the Senate ia on the Toneka OonstituliOn, - enunciate a very different doctrine from tht of the mag-' azine article: It is tiue that the lanjuar is a. li.Hie rlon'dy. but no. one can understand tho following sentenres to signify that the territo-, rial governments have sovereign, power to takt away the property of tlte inhabitants : . The sovereignty of a Territory remains in' aleyantr, suspended the United StatrsV trud for fTwpcopfe until-they sJwtlb.; tuJmiJ ted info' the. Union as a State. : ' In Oti mean: time they are admittted to enjoy and exercise ' all the rights and privileges ci sol f govern -J-ment in md ordination to the Constitution "of theUmteJ States, and obtoiknck to thb: OttniNld law,' pftwd by Conpjroetf in - pnnw.f ance of that instrument. These rights and privileses are ail derived from the - Constitu tion through the act of Congress, and must be, exercised and enjoyed in iubjection to air the limitations and restrictions which that Consti tution imposes ' , . The letter he addresed to a PMladelphh rxYcet'n'ir, in February, ,1858, is more 'explicit, and. barring some anomalous ideas concerning; the abeyance ofhe power and the fu-wwior.' of it in trust, it is clear enough . ' ' - -"7 v 1 " Under our terrferial : gyslehy, M j equire sovereign rower to ordain and establish cohsti-; tuCions and goyemnient. While a tenitorf may and should enjoy" rail the rights of self' government, in obedience tcf it i' orqdnic laws' it is not A sovereiok Towrfi. 'The sover- 1 ... If . rr . ' - . ' , f'n'yoi iernwr remains t wfrMc, ipended in th? United States, ir JrttAt for Va. neopi when they benrmea State, and cannot be. to 'thdrnnm frtm the hands of th trustee, and vested in tli people of a Territory without th consent of Congress." r1. cv ' 1 The report which he made "in 1 the niw month, from the Senate Committee on Terri tories, is equally distinct, and rather more phalio aiast hia new doctrint :- . . . We are r description f f as Csrds,'!;. Writ, Ler.1-"-. grammes, J) V. with everr "! country 0.... . Orders fn : -attended to. shall be .u r. or the furii cr and mnf rwil f i iK;cn open to some imputation, oi uniairness. . j He quotes the J'residcnt s message, and begiha ' I in ine miauie ot a sentence. ie trotesses to ill-- f 1

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