SIXTY MILLION TONS OP MILK Hon. Arthur M. Hyde; United States .secretary of agriculture, re cently stated that dairyingiis our big gest industry/ He said that tjie farm value of dairy products year before last was three billion ■ dollars. So large a sum staggers the imagination and, without comparison, is mean inglees.' 1 : : : , The milk produced on American farms in 1928 weighed 60 million tons—twice the weight of all the pig iron- produced by the greatest indus trial nation on earth. The United States is' the. second largest gold producing nation. It would take fifty years, at our present rate of gold production, to equal the value of one year's dairy production. Our gold re serve is about four times as large as that of any other nation in the world, but it is just about large enough to pay for the milk annually yielded by American dairy''cows. . We produce 60 per cent of the world’s ’ cotton. We grow: enough Wheat to satisfy all of our domestic needs, and to export from 200 to 300 million pounds besides. We raise enough ■ potatoes to feed 120 million people. Yet the farm value of all our cotton, wheat and potatoes com bined does not equal the farm value /of our. dairy production. Farm values, however, are only the beginning of the values based on dairying. There are more than four thousand creameries, nearly three hundred condensaries, and many thou sands of ice cream factories and other milk ptbcessing plants. Textile mills are coming South be cause we can give them all the cotton ' they need. Milk plants will also eome South when we can assure them ah ample supply of milk. DIXON DIDN’T STARVE Eight years ago everybody who knew him said that P. D. Dixon, of Cleveland County, * North Carolina, would starve to death on the poor piece: of {and that he undertook to buy. Alf he took with him to the farm'was a mule and wagon, a few chickens, and a wife and two babies’. But he didn’t starve. His farm is paid for, he haa six cows, the blue ribbon bull of the county, 100 chick ens and eight hogs. He sold $300 worth of cream last year, and has money in the bank. Besides that, to show for his year’s work, he had on hand last fall 400 bushels of corn, 161 bushels of No. 1 potatoes, 133 bushels of whfat, 167 bushels of oats, 15 1930 Catalog of Jed foe on request ott strafed and con ing Valuable in* otion for the armfcf&gardener W.WQOD 6* SONS Jiirifn. Sine* 1679 si Richmond. V«. .sfetk>nWm2?Q.I meters wles of cotton grown on 12 acres of land, and 12 tons of hay grown on 6 acres. It would no doubt have been an easy matter for him to starve but Mr. Dixon must have made up his mind that he wasn’t going to do it. SROSS-EATING STOCK IS ONLY KIND TO BUY Will Rogers, who comes pretty near summing things Up just about right, had the following to say about the collapse of Wall Street stock market: “What does it mean? Nothing! Why, if the cows of this country failed to come up and get milked one night it iwould be more of a panic than if Morgan and Lamont had never held a meeting. Why, an old sow and a litter of pigs make more people a living than all the steel and and General Motors stock combined. Why, the whole 120,000,000 of us are more dependent on the cackling of a hen -than if the stock exchange was turned into a night club.” \ CREAM CHECKS RUN COTTON FARM AND CAR J. F. Mitchell, of Dyer county, Tenn., seys he wouldn’t have been able to run either his cotton farm or his Ford the past two years if he hadn’t milked four good cows. His cream checks paid the entire grocery bill, chopped 35 acres of cotton, paid for extra help used in saving 650 bales of hay, and bought gas and oil for his car. ' ' 760 EGGS EVERY SECOND The U. S. Department of Agricul ture states that in the United States every second 760 eggs are produced and $20 worth of wealth is created. Why should anybody sigh for the goose that laid golden eggs while faithful old Biddy shells out the shek els at that rate? , ..South Carolina farmers have shown a remarkable increase in the pro duction of poultry in the past few years. Only three carloads, valued at $9,600, were sold cooperatively in 1923. Each year has shown a big in crease and during the first four months of 1929, 92 carloads were sold cooperatively, bringing nearly $500, 000. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Pebbles, of Pickens County, Alabama, made a clear profit of $800 on 430 white leg horn hens from Nov. 1, 1928 to July 1, 1929. A flock of 650 hens made a Lincoln County, North Carolina, farmer-a net profit of $1,541.77 in seven months in 1928. “Fish” or “Fishes”, “I’ll take three of those little but terfishes.’ No sooner was the sentence spoken than I realized that it was not cor rect English, said Ida Miller, fish ex pert, of the New York aquarium, in the American Game Protective associ ation news service, but the fish dealei knew not the difference; and if one were to say to the proprietor of a pet shop. “I’ll take three of those gold fish,” he, in all likelihood, would not know the difference, either. Even those of us who are devoting our liveS to the study of fishes, find it difficult to remember how to desig nate them correctly in the plural. For the table we have “fish”, but when living specimens or specimens used for scientific study are meant, “fishes” is the right word. And so, while we may say correctly, “one smelt, two smelts,’ a dozen smelts in the pan are “fish," while a dozen smelts swimming in the Pacific are “fishes.” * ' As anglers, we journey homeward (if luck has been with us) with a'bag 'of “fish”; but as collectors, we return with, “fishes”. There is another nice Ferrell & Royal Furniture .%'• and Undertaking Co. Funeral Directors and Embalmers 1 Phone 80 Clinton, N. C. 4 .* ’ f**' : Chicory — is good for you! foe highest health authorities agree that fcpry la a healthful, tasty food. When feetly. blended with coffee, as in our Gold jp6n Brand, it is delicious—and it goes as. far aa ordinary coffee. Try the GnM R^bon Blend today. distinction: we say, “This is a tank.of brown trout”, (or black bass, or yel low mackeral); but “We have two or more species of trouts” (or basses, or mackerels). Then there is'the problem of the compound words ending in —fish— goldfish, toadfish angel-fish, buf falo-fish, etc. Dictionaries avoid in dicating plurals, but the proper plural is “fishes” when live specimens a,;e indicated. * . In referring to more than one ale wife or pudding-wife, we say alew ves or “pudding-wives”. 'perfectly equipped. Visitor (speaking of little boy): /“He has his mother’s eyes.” Mother: “And his father’s mouth.” Child: “Ancf his brother’s trousers.” Eugene Koon* 4-H ilub boy of Un ion Mills, produced 87 bushels of corn on one acre, winning first prize in Rutherford county and second in the mountain district. -o_-i.— To stimulate more interest in dairy ing, cream routes have been started in Edgecombe and Pitt counties. NOTICE OF SERVICE North Carolina, Sampson County. In the Superior Court. Sampson County vs. ’ Celia Williams, Abe Williams, Ara J. Washington, Jasper Wright, Mrs. Jasper Wright, Julia Cromartie, Ju nius Cromartie, Claudie Wright, Petty Wright, Mrs. Petty Wright, Wiliie Wright, Mrs. Willie Wright, Benjamin Wright, Henry Wright, Jas. Wright, Anna Wright, Arizona Wright, Nathan Wright, Mrs. Na than Wright, Rosa Wright, *Mary Frances Wright, Perry Lee Wright Mrs. Perry Lee Wright, Hubbard Bullard, Mrs. Hubbard Bullard, Mrs. Claudie Wright, Mrs. Benja min Wright. The above named defendants,' ex cept those personally served in this | action, and all other persons owning or claiming an interest in the land herein referred to, will take notice | that on the 30th day of November, 1928, an action entitled as above was commenced in the Superior Court of Sampson County for the purpose, of foreclosing tax liens for the taxes due for the years. 1922, 1923, 1324, 1925, 192(5, 1927 on the following real estate: * Situated in McDaniels Township; containing 108 acres, and b dug the «ame lands conveyed to Cato Wright by deeds record:d Registry Sampson County, B. 195, p. 46T; and B 279, p. 122. - * / That they are required to appeal and answer or demur to th^ com plaint which has been filed at the office of the Clerk of Court of Samp son Count-at Clinton North Caro lina, within 30 days from the 2nc day of January. 1930, or the plaintiff will apply to the'Court for the re lief demanded in the complaint. It is also ordered that all othei oersons claiming an interest in the subject matter of the said action shall apnoar and present,'set up an; defend their respective claims in ( months from th& date of this notice or be forever barred and foreclosec of any and all interest or claims ir or to the said property or proceeds from the sale thereof. This 26th day of December, 1929, ANNIE FERRELL, Asst. Clerk of Superior Court. jan2,9 16,23-( •———o— SALE OF VALUABLE FARM LANL Underwood Motor Company rr< vs. A. G, Warren, E. B. Warren and L W. Warren. By virtue of an execution directed to the undersigned from the Superioi Court of Sampson County in th; above entitled action, I will on Mon day, February 3rd, 1929, at 12 o’clocl noon at the Court House door it Clinton, N. C.. sell to the highest bid dm- for cash to satisfv said executior all the right, title and interest, whicl the said E. B. Warren, one of th< defendants, has or had on November 26th, 1927, the date upon which sab judgment upon which execution wa; issued, was docketed in Sampsoi County, in the following describee *ol estate, to-wit: Beginning at a stake on the rui of Long Branch and runs S 68 deg I '’oles to a stake at the corner o: the field; thence N 17 deg E 70 pole: to a stake the old School House cor ner; thence S 67 deg W 46 poles to i • thence S 9 eg Ej 69 poles t a biuht, uiitfiiue in (u utfg sn i noles to a stake; thence S 23 deg E 122.85 poles to a stake; thence S 75 deg W 52.75 poles to a stake; thence N 21 deg W 122.25 poles to a stake, A. Bass corner; thence S 75 deg W 14 poles to a stake A. E. Baggett corner; thence N 15 deg E 45 poles to a stake; thence N 79 deg W 12 noles to a stake; thence N 10 deg E 16 poles to a stake; thence S 80 deg E 24 poles to a stake; thence N 33 deg E 64 poles to a white oak; thenCc W about 21 poles to the run of Long Branch; thence up the run of Long -•"ich to the beginning, containing 98.50 acres more or less. Excepting from the above description a part of said land, Beginning at Perry Jack son’s comer at a short leaf pine, and running thence West by a byroad about 210 yards to corner of garden on Dunn and Salemburg road; thence running said road North to a ditch 235 yards to a stake; thence up' said ditch. East to Perry Jacksdh’s line about'135 yards: thence South with Perry Jackson’s line about 160 yards to the beginning, allotted to B, B. Warren as a Homestead. This the 14th day of December, 1929, i W. H. MfJORE, , Sheriff of Sampson County. ’ • • ' jan2,9,16,23-c NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE; SALE OF LAND State of North Carolina, County of Sampson. The Federal Land Bank of Columbia, Plaintiff, v VS. ■ : * ' V’V' V‘ Richard H. Holland and wife, Martha Holland, Rual E. Holland. A. S. Bethune, Trustee, Rena S. Bethune, Southern Cotton Oil Company, aha the Clinton National Famt Loan ‘a.* .a1: . „’j». A’*If Association. Defendants. ' Pursuant to a judgment entered in : above entitled, civil action on the 23rd day of December, 1929, in the Su perior Court of, said County by the Clerk, I will^on the 3rd day of Feb •-v’v, 1930, at 12 o’clock M., at the County Courthouse door in said County sell at public auction to the highest bidder therefor the following describe^! lands, situated in said county and state in Turkey Township, comprising 345 acres, more or less, and bounded'and described as follows: All that certain piece, parcel or tract cf land, containing 345 acres, more or ’rt-s situate, lving and being on the Clinton and Warsaw Public Road, j, ’bout 5 miles West of the Town of Clinton, having such shape, metes, j courses and distances as Will more! fully appear by reference to a plat thereof, made by I... Chevis Kerr, En dated December, 1921, which I plat is attached to the abstract of said lands now on file with the Fed-' I »-gl Land Bank of Columbia, and be j ing bounded on the North by the Run c Turkey Swamp, on the East by the lands of Gabriel Byrd, on the c'ou<h by the Clinton and Warsaw I Public Road, and on the West by the Run of Six Runs and Turkey Swamp. This being the same tract of •'land j heretofore conveyed to said Richard ’I. Holland and Rual E. Holland by ! L. A. iBethune and Rena S. Bethuno, | his wife, by deed dated December 13, | 1910. and recorded in the office of the l Register of Deeds of Sampson Coun- j ty in Book 344. at page 108. j The terms of sale ar" as follows: j One-fifty of the accepted bid shall be "aid in cash immediately after the I confirmation' of the sale, the balance j of credit, payable in eight equal in- | st.allments, with interest thereon at i six per centum per annum from the j 'ate of sale until paid, and secured by a first mortgage on the premises the part of the purchaser; pro-1 vidod that the purchaser shall have [ 'h"* right, when complying with the i terms hereof, to pay in cash the | "•hole or any pai-t of the credit por tion of the purchase price. Should | the cash nroceods of sale not suffice, I f,nr paying the costs of this action,! the expenses of t.h« re1". i""lnd|ng I the compensation to the Commis- , «ioner, and all unpaid twos and "j sepsments, then assessed upon Cm ! property, to dis -b'uire n"d pay of! 'he h’dgm<mt in fa»’or of tho plaintiff 1 ib full, then anv balance due upon said judgment shall lie evidenced by a separate bond and secured by a first and separate mortgage on the ■•omb'es c-i part of the pur 'hpsor, and '-ar'-f "red and assigned 'o the plaintiff. The purchaser shall • 'y the preparation and recording cf "'1 miners. All^bids will lie received subject to ■'•motion or confirmation by the Clerk rf saH Superior Court and no hid "dll hi m—cited o" reported unless it« Pinker shall duiosit with said Cl vk it (bo elfin of tho bidding tho "i.m of TO po" ™h of the amount of his b'd as a fwfe't and guaranty of eomplianco with his bid. the same to be credited on his bid when ac b' is n-v given that said lands •mil be rosold at tho same place and upon Cm oo-po terms at 2 o’clock P. M. of tho sania day unless said donsit is -oo"'-v y>odo. Every donosit not forfeited or ac«r "opted will be promptly returned to the maker. This tho 2”th day of Pecembcr, A. McL. GRAHAM. Commissioner. jar.2,9,1 (>,23,20-e NOTICE OF SATE OF LAND By virtue of ill v par ;>••• of c11 tamed i;i :v 'deed of trust nad, ,>u Doeenibrr loth, 19'?°,. by Vhl'v Barefoot and wife. Gillie F. Bare foot, to Cyrus M. Fair-cloth. tm-tm. and recorded in Book 441 at V of the Sampson County Registry, de fault having been made in the pay ment of the note secured thereby and the holder of said note having re quested foreclosure of said deed of trust for tho collection of said note, the undersigned trustee will sell by public auction to the highest bidder for, cash at the court house door in | Sampson Countv. N. C., on Monday, 'r °7tb day of January, 1930, at or "ear 12:00 o’clock M., the real estate 1 described in and conveyed by said | d"fid of trust, and which is situated in Mingo Township. Sampson County, N. C„ adjoining the lands of A. Lee. I N.. B. Barefoot and others, and ; bounded as follows: First Tract: Beginning at a stake, Weslev Barefoot’s corner at tho cor ner of his field, and runs as the orig inal line S 32 E 3.70 chains to an -in-fiol corner in the edge of a marsh; thence as another original line S 69 E 3.00 chains to a stake end nointers in said line, a corner of lot No. 2: thence as the line of lot No. 2 N 60 E 8.97 chains to another corner of lot No. 2 in an other orio-innl line; thence as that lire N 1$% W 5.40 chains to another original corner; thence *as another original line N 48 W 5.88 chains to a corner of lot 'No. 4: thence the same bearing N 48 W 11.60 chains to another original corner and a corner of lot No. 5: thence as the line of lot No. 5 S 60 W 24.39 chains to a fctak®, a corner of lot No. 5 in Wes loy Barefoot’s line: thence as his line S 21% E 16.18 chains, passing the corner of lots Nos. 3 and 4, to the beginnim*, containing 32% acres in lot No. 3 and 30% acres in lot No. 4. totalling 63% acres,’the foregoing description including lots Nos, 3 and 4 in the division of the dismal land belonging to the estate of Arthul Lee, deceased. V Second tract: Beginning at a dead m'ne on an old ditch and runs N 29 E41 ooles to a stake; thence N 64 E about 40 poles to a stake in Arthul Lee’s line; thence his line N 25 W Doles to a stake; thence S 47 W 74 roles to a Stake in a pond; thence 5 20 E 22 Doles to a stake: thence S 4 W with an -old ditch 48 poles to a pine on an old ditch; tnence direct to the beginning, containing 43% acres, more or less. The second tract' above is subject! to balance of $300.00 and interest, be ing the amount remaining unpaid on a note secured by mortgage by Wes ley Barefoot and wife to A. C. Smith, recorded in Book 420, page 321, of Sampson <3ounty Registry, and trans ferred to /T. S? Tart, and this sale will be s^bject to said balance, and i also dubjajet to J|ny unpaid taxes,' or 1 ither liens of record, if any, against ijtv of said lands. * • < This December 26th, 1929. i CYR.US M.j FAIROLOTH, ; Trustee. | FAIRCLOTH & FISHER, Attys. ; jan2,9 16,23-c NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S S ALE Morth Carolina, Sampson County. ] Pursuant to the power of sale con- . aincd in a certain deed of trust mad* ind executed by J. W. McDonald ard .vife, Kaola McDonald, to W. It. VVeather.-poon, Trustee, on June'27, 10?A, and duly recorded in the Public Registry of Sampson County. North Carolina, in Deed Book Number 404. page 457, et seq., default having been made in the payment of the note hhereby secured, and the holder of the note having requested the under signed. Trustee, to sell, the said Trus tee will on tin? 3rd day of February, ’930, at 12 M„ at the Courthouse door in Sampson County, sell to the ' IHI'-H'Sl UlllMLT, Id Lilt KHIOWI I i,met of land situate in Little Co- j liarie Township, Sampson County, North Carolina, and bounded and dc- j scribed as follows: Beginning at r. stake on the run of Little*. Coha vie, G, S. Vinson’s corner, and runs down raid river as it mean ders to a stake on said rtn, D. D. i McDonald and E. Edwarucorner; thence S 5 W 32 chains to a stake I in a branch; thence S 70 V/ 54 chains to a stake; thence S 42 West to the Roseboro and Andrew’s Chapel road; thence about West, with tfu> said ’-oad to G. S. Vinson’s line; thence N "0 East with Vinson’s line to a stake; thence N 50 E 1.f*3 chains to the be ginning containing !)4 acres, more or Paving and excepting from the op eration of this deed a strip of land 100 yards Wide lying in the East side of .Andrew’s Chapel road to he cut off from the above tract by a line parallel with *he said road one hun dred yards distant from the same, containing four (4) acres. Thi« the 24 dav of December. 1029. W. H. WEATHERSPOON, Trustee. J. D. JOHNSON, ,TR.. Attv. Jon2.9,1 '* 23.30-c y'-ry v ~j: • -rn- <•-; \ North '■ :!ua. P r - ;»*•; >"o\ :1 y. | In tb • Pupevii r Co ’ll. lamps/,n Coutav .eP. E. -Nelms, Mrs. R. F. Nelms. j The above named defendants, R. F. ;N-lints,' Mrs. R. F. Nelms, except | those personally served in this ar-j tion. and all other persons owning or i '■laiming an interest in the land here in referred to, will take notice that on tin 29th day of November. 1929, an action entitled as above was com - : vnenood in the Superior Court of ^amn on County for the purpose of foreclosing tax liens for the taxes ahie for the year 1927 on the follow .ml estate: This lend is described by motes ’”'t bounds in a n.iortgo-:n from R F. Nelms to J. II. Bradshaw April 20th, 1926, and recorded in Book-No. 420, • '’•'re oT9. Sanfpson County'Registry, oil of which is made a part of this dc'S'-ript ion. That they are required, t > appear ■■■d answer .nr demur to 1’v* eom •• t; tins 1-eon bled of the Clerk of pnn.■-••in'- cow‘-! • f comnson .Count.v at Clint- q. North Carolina, within 20 da--- rrom fh> '"th day of Jarurry, 1930. or the idrintlT wul apnlv to Mv* Cow: for •1- relief demanded in 1'v* eo-apln'nt. D is also ordered that all other claiming an i-twe-t in th * -object mattm- of the said action shall •r and present, *set uh and d? | " ”d th-e'r ; respec tive claims in (5 | mnrjbs from the da.!«. of this notice-. ’ -> foyever. barred and fe-n.-i.os -l I » n and a'l interest or claims n or of the said property or proceeds i tg sale thereof. This -3rd day of December. 1929. J. M. PAGE, Clerk of Superior Court. Jan.2,9 lfi,23-c EXECUTRIX NOTICE Having this day qualified as Exe cutrix .of the estate of A. E. Hall, deceased late of Sampson County. N. C„ this is to notify alWpersons hav ing claims against said estate to ex hibit them to the undersigned on or before one year from the date of this notice, or the same will he pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make immediate settlement. This the 17th day of Dec., 1929. MARGARET ANN HALL. Executrix. P. D. HERRING, Atty. Dec. 19 2G;Jan.2,9,lG,23-c NOTICE OF SALE OF LAND BY TRUSTEE1 Under and by virtue of the power of sale contained in that certain deed of trust executed by E. L. Carter to F. E. Wallace, Trustee, dated March Id, 1928, and appsar-ing of record in the office of the Register of Dr^’s of Sampson Countv in Book 439. rVuage 192 in which is conveyed the “••'rc mafter described land, default hav ing- been made in the payment of the indebtedness thereby secured, and the bolder of the note secured by said dned of trust having: deihanded of the Trustee named therein that he sell said property in accordance with the provisions of said deed of trust, the undersigned Trustee will offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash at the courthouse door in Clinton, Sampson County, North Carolina, on Friday, January 31. 1930, at about the hour of 12 o’clock M., the follow described tract of land lying and being in Lisbon Township, Sampson Countv, N. C., and more particu larlv described as follows: Adioining the lands of Owen Fen nell Estate C. I. Robinson and others, bounded and described as follows: Beginning at a stake on the run of Black River in Lisbon Township, cor ner of V)t No. 4. and runs thence with said lot N 55 E 112 poles to a stake-beside the path near the Cain Bridge; thence N 43 E 1138 poles to a stake at the corner of a ditch at the woods on the supposed run of Stump Branch; thence up the rutf of the said branch as it meanders about 134 poles to a gum on said, run; thence N 46 W 46 poles,to a stake r-thence N 44 E 160 poles to a stake,. C. I. Robinson’s corner; thence his line- N 11 E 53 poles to a stake, corner of lot No. 3 in piney woods: thence with said lot about N 58 S about 160 poles to a stake In a pond} ‘a* ? '.'"hi j. hence S 77 E 40 poles to a 'stake, orner of lot 'No. 2 in piney woods; hence with said lot about S' 26 W :bout 180 poles to a stake in a bot om near the school hill, N. B. Cobh’s orner: thence his line S 46 W 56 >ol-s to a ping stump at the head >f Juniper Branch with juniper point ■rs; thence down the run of said >ranch about 236- poles to a spruce line, corner of lot No. 2 in .the plan et ion; thence with said lot S 44 W HO poles to a pine on the bank of Ftlaek River; thente tin said river as t meanders..'to the beginning, con fining 800 acres more or less, and teintr the some tract of land con /eyed to C. J. Hendren by deed from T. T. Fennell, which said deed is i-'l v record' d in Deed iBook 341, page ICO, Records of Sampson County. This the 28th day of December, ! 029. F. E. WALLACE Trustee. jan2,9,16,23,30-c NOTICE OF SERVICE Month Carolina, Sampson County. In the Superior Court. Sampson County I. W. Stegal, Mrs, J. W. Stegal. The above named defendants, J. W. Stogal, Mrs. .T. W. Stegal, except those personally served in this ac tion. and all other persons owning or claiming an interest in the land here in referred to, will take notice that on the 8th day of October, 1928, an action entitled a® above \vas coni' •i-onced in the - Superior Court of ^amn=on County for the purpose of foreclosing tax liens for the taxes due for the year 1927 on the follow ing real estate: One lot located in Little Coharie township in the town of Rosebore '•nd deed from .T. G. Melvin to J. W. Sterral and wife being recorded in rV.\b!c No. 327. Page 345. Sampson County Registry; 1 lot located in Little Coharie townshin in the town of Rnsehoro and deed from P. L, wife and recorded in Book No. 411, Fa*r'» lot, Sampson County Registry; 1 lots described in a mortgage from T. W. Strgal and D. L. Herring and located in Little Coharie township m th® town of Rofioboro and b“ing de cribed in Mortgage Book No. 415, '’o-o 404. Sampson County Registry, '! ■ '■ Vi-h is made a part of this ••••• •' •! ’ m. i they r-e required to appear :v \ a -vrr ■ demur to the com plaint v '■>' h h"‘s been filed at the office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Sar,'",:C'or.-.ity at Clinton, North Carc-'ina. " 'thin 30 days from the 1st • i'u’ i ' February, 1930. or t-h" nla:"i iff - 'll apply to the Court for the 11 pi' demanded in the complaint. It is ah o ordered that all other persons clc.‘.riling an interest in the subject matt of the said action shall .arm-ear "1 present, set up and de fjnd their respective claims in 6 nyvithR h im the i'.: ■ o t f this notice. or I.W r .>d rind. foreclosed of aw n 1 'i ;mt or claims in or to 1 h • s-' id ’'r.ipe.'ty or proceeds from the " I :- thereof. This :• O’h dry of D ■'■ember. 1929. J. M, PAGE, CLvl; of Superior Court. j.an2 9,16,23-c NOT PH OF MORTGAGEE’S SALE '•Notice is h-ivby given that under and 1 v v: of the power of sale cor’amod in n certain mortgage deed, { ms. dr by Vastus Britt to Mrs. Metta | 'Wavryn. dated March 25, 1927, and t cf-rih d in Book 429. page 304, of .Saieqgpv. County. North Carolina, and .••'•cn-iiH' h certain note therein rc oit'd. which said mortgage deed and note lie • been duly transferred and assigned to L R. Underwood, default haying been made in the payment of paid ird hfedness, said mortgagee and. tronsfrve? of said mortgage will y (7e- fo • sale at the court house door in Clinton, Sepipson County, North Ca-olira, <n Monday, February 10th, 1930, at 12 o’clock, noon, to the high est bidder -for cash, the following lands, situate in Newton Grove town shin, Sampson County: First. Tiyct: Bounded on the North bv P. P. Damron and Pleasant Union Church; or Ihe W«st by D. P. Darn cron; on ’the Soiffh by Mrs. Bibbie Langston; on the East by D. P. Darn cron, containing 2 acres, more or So'-ord T,'p.ct: Bounded on the North by Mrs. Bibbie Langston and D. P Dameron; on the West by D. P. Lameron; on the South by Britt I heirs, containing 3114 acres, more or ! CS"’ MRS. METTA WARREN, Mortgagee. L. R. UNDERWOOD, Transferee of Mortgage. This Jany. 6, 1930. jan9,l 6,23,30 ;feb 3-c NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE Notice is hereby given that under and by virtue of twp deeds of trust, made by J. H. Boney and Ella Boney to C. L. Carter, trustee, the firs* dated January 29, 1921, and recorded in Deed Book 375, nage 423, and, the : other dated November 25, 1921, and recorded in Deed Book 386, page 58, both of Sampson County Registry, default having been made in the pay ment of the notes therein recited, and N. H. Carter, holder of the notes having demanded that the trustee ^ill exercise the power of sale therein conferred, the undersigned trustee will expose for sale at the Court house door, in Clinton, Sampson County. Njrth Carolina, to the high est bidder for cash, on Monday, Feb ruary 10th. 1930, at 12 o’clock noon, the lands described in said deeds of trust bounded as follows: In Tay lor’s Bridge Township: FIRST TRACT: Beginning at a stake and runs N 71 W 88 poles to the road leading from the residence of R. J. Murphy, deceased, to the Juniper; thence the road S 20 W 65% poles to P. Herring’s line; thence S 78 E 31 poles to a stake; thence S 60 poles to a holly tree; thence- N 36 E' 126 poles to the beginning, con taining 37% acres, more or less. SECOND TRACT: Lying on East side of Six Runs River, pnd begin ning at a stake at the fork, a ditch below the old bam. and runs' N 68 W 208 poles to a stake on the river bank; thence down the river as R meanders to the mbuth of a ditch, Pearsall’s line; thence tip said ditch as it meanders to a stake at the mouth of a.ditch; thence N* 78% E 106 poles; thence N 58 E 12 poles; thence JJ 75 E 26% poles to the be ginning', contaimtfgf 75acreaj mote or less. .. This January 6, 1930. ", ; r 1 C. L. CARTER, Trusted /* GRAHAM & GRADY, Attorney#, jan9,16,23,30;feb®-c North Carolina, .Sarppson County. NOTICE Bertha Stewart . ^ jBf George Stewart.. The defendant' above named WH1 take notice that an action entitled ’ak & above has been commenced in & Superior Court "of Sampson CoUrfty’' by the plaintiff for the purpose securing an absolute divorce it6W ‘ ’ the bonds of matrimony with the ide*. * * fepdant upon the grounds that th*» Jft; defendant •abandoned the plaintUL..} and committed adultery with varloU*->e# Parties unknown to the plaintiff; aflt th* said defendant will further notice tb-’t he is required to appear at the office of the clerk of the Su^,., ^ nerior Court of Samnson County, on or before the 8th dav of Februfjfy^ r"| 19?0. or within 30 days thereafter, and answer or demyr to the complaiftjf" wb’ch is th>s day filed therein, or the, *>; "liintift tv-ill annlv fo the court "for*" the relief demanded in her complai’fiV.,r!fjv| This the 6th day c* .T%pnnrw. 1930;’"^g t v Pir.u 1 NOTICE OE.sate OF I,ANDti/..M^ Unde- and by virtue of the powbr - md authorit” vested in the under* 'y. '■oT'imi'"sioT,"r by a iufigment , ’"-I the Suwerior ' Court of- .; i ■Sampson Countv in a tax foreclosure ; :•§. 3,lit on+Hled: “Countv of Sampson *s. J. F. Posey. Mrs. J. H. Pusey;*”: i-nfinr^’ered commissioner wTH'l j 'Ofpr Bnip *>t public outcry at the- j rr,o"+ TT—-sc T'onr. • Ramu'son Pnuwtyp • y ■m Srtnrday, Februarv 1st. 1930.. fit ’ 1 12 o’clock, noon, to the highest hwi-.u;’’ rler for cash the following described! i <ct of land loc°t?d in Dismal town* < -hip Famrson County, North C^dd-Q'^ line, anil described as follows: ' Tins tract of land is described ht, J •» •deed of trust executed bv Vr.':iH'.: ' | PiiwiT end ’rife +o Vire-ipia-Carolinfi Trent. Stock Land Funk M«v l*t, "d:oi/iino: the lands of M. M. Wil liams, Isaac Williams. containing ,73,., °cr°s. more or l»es. and recorded-in. Rook No. 435. Page 165. Saxhpson .. j Countv Poe"Vt*v all of which is mAfltf T j a rort of this d^scrintlon. This Januarv T«t. 1930. ,ii P.DSCO” FTTTLER, . - . Commissioner ■■ jan9.16.23.30-e •£$ NOTICE OR SALE OF LAND " ; Tinder and by virtue of the power’ and authority vested in the under signed Commi',sionor bv a iudgittiPt1 -ordered in the Superior Court' bf Sampson Countv in a tax foreclosure, suit «ntitl“4; !‘Countv of Snmnron vs. W. P. Williams. Mrs. W. P. W»Jr Hams ” the undersigned commissioner, will offer for sale at nublic outcry at , ; th» Court House Door. SgmpijoW^; County, on Saturday, February 1st, 1930. at 12 o'clock! fmon. to the tiigh*--cVi «st bidder for cash the following scribed tracts of land located 5n DU- 1 1 mal township, • Sampson Countv,-i North Carolina, and described as fol** *. lows; ; • These tracts of land are describe^,, in a deed of trust, ex°cuted bv W. P. •, Williams and wife. Ona Lizzie Wil- * Hams, to Greensboro Joint Stock Llritfi ^ Park April 4th. 1923. First Tract':'^ flortaining 64 acres; Second Traet;- J Containing 60 acres; Third Tract: C: Coptaining 20 acres; making a tiStW j •of 134 acres, more or less- and„adr mining the lands of D. W. Williams, ; ‘ George Evans, et al, and being <ie- .. scribed in Book No. 397. Page o57«^ | Romnson County Registry, all of which is made a part of this desittpiT tion. ’ ' ' This January 1st. 1930. “**•» ROSCOE BUTLER, - Commissioned. jan9,16,23,30rC. i NOTICE OF TRUSTEE’S SALE OF . LAND ; , Notice is hereby, given that uadca •/; and by virtue of the power of sale ‘ containod in a certain deed of fcfjjst' “veented bv Lena Jackson to P.Iw*f I Herring. Trustee. Februarv 19th, i 1927, and recorded in Book No. '428,'" Pac-e 661. Sampson County Regisfd#,""* and default having been made in the ’ payment of the rote thereby secnpejl- > * and the holder of said note requests' ’'2 the sale bf same, now, therefore, the;. undersigned Trustee will offer for sale to the highest bdider for cash at the Court • HsuSfPDobr. Clinton. ’1 N. C. on Febwaw^fst, 1930, “trVft "J, o’clock noon. a^Sertain tract of lain M located in MinWTRWliship. Sampsdfl <■ Coimtv. North Carolina, and describwt 1t| as fallows: ... the lands, of Venie Jack* w' ofhp”t*. and known as a nan nf +ho T I, .Ta<d-son( Strickland Iplaoa* a~d He-inni"*? at a stake on the rO» "'f Pocosin branch, a corner of 18f ■V'. 6. and ri"s thence N 10 W l2tt notes to a stake; thence N 4 E M noles to a staked-.William H. Stricto* land corner; thencg. vith his line a 87% W 62 pole* to a stake on the canal of the Great Branch; thenfi# up the canal about S 4 E 36 noles th a stake; thence N 87% E 22 poles to a stake on the tokd; thence wiftf said road S 4 E 42 poles; thencBt with said road crossing the Grew Branch S 63 W 15 noles to a stake on the road: thence S 33 E 11 pole* to a stake: thepee JT 79 E 10 poles 4^* the run of’the Great'Branch: thence, no the run of the Great Branch about 73 poles to the.-njouth of the Pocoell*? Branch; thence’up the run of sap, Pocosin Branch* Vlbopt '40 poles to ts- . beginning, containing (51 acres, more or less; the description, herein co& tain*d being according to the pi;' of W. J. Fairelothi- Surveyor, -dated’! November 8th, 1921. .and attached division of decease ' tt ^description of this tract of lari . . . Carl i,„ Jackson, in the division of the .Ian of L L. Jackson, deceased, and t corded in )>ook of orders and deer. No. 10, Page 270, of .Sampson C; being several insfancee,' a* te r and bounds; being erroneous, lr ; above description,* -‘ifcfehwr. L dead is correct. ’ / This January 1st, 1030. JfcD. HERRING, Ti ROSCOE BUTLER, Ac

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