NUMBER 32. ELIZABETH CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. KRAMER BROS. MANUFACTURERS OF itPTlON. OF EVERXIBSC partt'esVmendlngJ.OvtjuW'vpitl save time aud money Vjycallwafe'oh us or writing to us. Lirge quantities of dry lumber on hand for flooring and inside finish. Mouldings scroll work and all kinds of housetrimmings . be After ten Tears exclusive eala. can now 1 Obtained of all Draerzlsts and Dealers in Medi cines. It CURES-take notice-not ilmply helps bat CURES LIVEIl COMPLAKIT, Biliousness and Dyspepsia. Is a strictly vegetable preparation and will CURE Malaria, and all malarial troubles. Dr. 8. H. Wise, of Boston, Kj: says: Have practiced medicine 15 years, and find na qual to Hkbbctz as a L,iver Regulator.' Dr. W. A. Baker, of Madison. Fla., says : "A bottle of Hbrbinb Is worth more tnaa $5.00 worth of Qninin$ in any family Acting on the Liver in a different way from any other medicine; it is a positive care far Chronic- Constipation and is cheaper than Pills. Its peculiar composition is such, that we guarantee to core any cose of Chills and Fever or Billons Fever with one bottle. It costs bat 75 cents and each bottle eon- tains over 40 average doses, making the cost less than two cents a dose. Would you ask for cheaper medicine ? It is not a cure-all. Bat will care any Liver. Billons or llals rial Complaint. Manufactured. bfc T13LO ECerblno Oo., Successors to Wm.Cdndell.) St. Irfmls, no. LIFE OF THE HON. JEFFERSON DAVIS. BY MRS. JEFFERSON DAVIS. TO BE SOLL BY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY THE RODEO. The prospectus and complete outfit for canvassing will be ready immediate ly. , AGENTS WISHING DESIRABLE TERRITORY on this great work will please address, as soon as possible, the publishers, BBLFORD COMPANY, 18-22 East 18th5tiet. New-York. Down, down the dark canyons we ride in m flurry. The cedars sweep by in their mystical hurry. Gone into the wind are the lanq-uor and worry Gone into the west with the phantom moon. Ila! there is the lord of the hills and the val leys; , It is he that leads ih the midpumcaer sallies High into the steeps where the gray chapar ral is; It's he that leads to the long Lagoon. Whefll the wild mustard splashes the slope with yellow He has turned at bay. Oh, the powerful fel low! ; See the tpss of his head! hear the breath and t ' the'bell'owl 1 v ' - . - Haw-he 1 tears the ground .with ' his anerrr Ihoofs! ; '. Now he breaks a wild path thro' the deet, plumy rushes; 7 A lcmd bird birfi on a jnarark lmshsl- , Right oa tbroi a, !ory of crimson he crushes m iaur uic gioom uncer leafy roofs. Oh, the joy of the viad in our faces! "We fol low The cattle; we shout down the poppy hung hollow See! out of the cliff we have etartied the swal low, Ahd startled the echorej on rwky fells. Ho! what was it passed? were they pigeons or sparrows That whispered away like a hurtle of arrows? The rose odor thickens, the deep gorge nar rows. Now the herd swings down thro' the scented delis. Speed 1 speed! leave the brooks to their, pebbles and prattle; . ' Sweep on with the thunder and surge of the cattle The hurry, the shouting:, the wild joy of battle. The hills, and the wind, and the open light. Now on into camp by the sycamores yonder. Now o'er the guitar, let the light fingers wan der; Let thoughts in the high heart grow pensive and fonder; Then stars ad the dreams of a suxomss night. ' . . i-Charles.E. Markham l Overland Monthly. ' : Has lieeti to Mecca. I-fancy that it is not generally known that there is in this town a man who has twice made the perilous journey ti I X "IT.. .1 T- 1 - it i j, V. .mtTji. xiituji xruwu ue is cuueu in wit east, the "Hadji" meaning pilgrim. Mr. Brown is an Irishman by birth and a traveler and journalist by profession. Hhasjtraveled much in Persia, Afghani stan and other oriental countries. v He speaks Arabic rke a native, and in Turkish costume he easily passes for a Turk. It was in this character, of course, that he visited Mecca, for with out some such disguise lve would have been murdered long ,befon reaching the sacred city. Sir Richard Burton, whose single visit to Mecca. made hdm famous, wouia nave oeen siam by a fanatic on the journey but for the fortunate fact that Sir Richard Was a bit quicker with his weapons than was the5 would be as sassin. Brown is taken for a Mussulman in the east,, and he, says his prayers in ad mirable oriental fashion. As a matter of faefc; it is not a very difficult feat to pass as a Turk, even among Mussulmen, for Turks are of all complexions, and even a blue eyed man who spoke the language and wore the proper costume would not be challenged unless he aroused suspicion by some un-Moslem act. Sir Richard Burton's moment of danger came from a very simple neglect to observe a custom of the people with whom he journeyed. New York Star. Bear Shooting in Thibet. As I drew near I saw; ' a large bear standing in the river feeding on the car cass of a yak. Taking a gun from one of my men I fired at it, breaking ita shoulder. When my men saw what I had shot at they turned and beat a hasty retreat, shouting to me to run, that the 'wild man" might not devour me. An other shot, better aimed, put au end to the bear, but not to the fright of my Mongols, who even then would not ap proach. Our failure to skin my prize nearly broke my Tientsin servant's heart, for by it he lost his chance to se cure the gall, a much valued medicine m China, and worth eight or ten ounces of silver in any drug t hop. Mongols and Thibetans attack a bVsar only when they are a strong, well armed jiarty. My hav- ing killed one of these 1 Ireaded monsters alone seemed a feat of great daring, and the story was told to every Thibetan we met afterward as proof positive of my dauntless courage. W. Woodville Rock hill in Century. Character from the Fingers. As far as the fingers are concerned, experts in palmistry divide hands into three classes. Long, slender, tapering' fingers determine the first, and denote) delicate, trained perceptions. A subject" with such lingers has an innate fondness ( for art, poetry, music and the higher forms of literature. In the second class, the fingers are shorter, are nearly equal in length, and have blunt ends. They denote a practical, material mind, thor-, ough and reliable, rather than brilliant. , A woman with such fingers would make a careful and efficient housekeeper, and' a man with similar ones would be cau tious and thorough in business. In the third class, the fingers are nhort, thick and square, and have short, large nails, with cusluons oh each side of the nails.1 A subject having these fingers is active, athletic, opinionated, selfish', has stroug. appetites for the material things of life, and is liable to form strong prejudices.- D. D. Bidwell in New York Ledger. ' A Rude Fellow. Pretty Girl Did you see the way that man looked at me? It was positively in-j suiting. ' Big Brother Did he stare? Pretty Girl Stare? Why, no. He ran his eyes over me and then glanced off at some one else, just as if I wasn't worth a second thought. New York .Weekly. . In the industries now established in the United States, in which beautiful objects are made such as wall haug? ings, furniture, silverware, tablecloth Mass ware, articles of brass and wrought lronTstooo carrinirs and the- HV vrr excellent wagefl,axe often paid to skilled workmen. v' " . G. Tateno, the Japanese minister to the United States, has been in official life for thirteen years. In 1878 he was one of the commissioners appointed by Japan to receive" Gen. Grant. He was appointed to his present office in Marchi 1890. YOU ARE IN A BAD FIX. But we will cure you if vou will pax us. Our message is to the weak, nerv ous and debilitated, who, bv earlv evil habits, or later indiscretions, have trifl ed away their vigor of Uxlv, mind and manhood, and who suffer all those effects which lead to premature der-av. con sumption or insanitv. If this' means vou, send for and read our Book of Life, written by the greatest Specialist of the day, and sent (sealed) for 6 cents in stamps. Address Dr. Parker V Medi cal andSurpical Institute, 151 Nortk Spruce St., Nashville, Tenn. Talked Too Much. i A farmer always had a prodigious number of last words to say whenever he was leaving the farm for the city. On one occasion the hired man's patience gave out. "Mr. F said he, "you'd be an awful bad man ter die. You'd have so many last words that the under taker's bill would come in before year was dead." Christian Union. ' i Baboo bclh. One man during an examination waa told to writ an essay .upon- the' horse, which he did in the following brief terms: "The horse, is a very noble animal, but when irritated he ceases to do so." An other hm to write upon the difference between riches and poverty, and he ended by saying: "In short, the rich man wel ters in crimson velvet, while the poOT man snorts on flint." Lady Dufferin Viceregal Life in India. . Giauls Nearly Twenty Feet Tall. The gr.nt Ferragus, who was slain by Orlaudo, the nephew of Charlemagne was eig.v.i t-u feet high. He always ac companied the army on foot, there being no hur util and strong enough to carry hhn. Piute-rus in his Dublished writrxurs i tells of a giant whom he examined at Lucerne v. hose body measured 19 feet 4 .inches a:l 3 lines. St. Louis Republic. Sadder Than the Romeo Juliet Cam. ' Miss Bond Alas, Comte, papa says : J shall never marry you. Comte de Sanssou And did mademoi selle show monsieur ae proofs zat I am ze Comte de Sanssou? '; Miss Bond Yes, and he said if you could have proved you were an impbktor he might( have given his consent. 21 tm- sey's Wely. special mmm Send 25 cents. for a copy of my NEW ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE Of The Finest Ever Issued. P v - - - RICHARD K. FOX, Franklin Square, New York City. SPRING FEVER At this time of the year the blood changes, its cir culation is sluggish and the system is not 'properly nourished. The result is loss of appetite, weakness, an oppressive feeling of fullness, too hot, and Oh ! so tired. To cure and prevent Spring Fever take Simmons Liver Regulator. All na ture is now waking and everybody should invigor ate the liver, kidnevs and bowels with Simmons Liver Regulator and they would not have so much bilious ness, headache, dyspepsia ,and malaria all the rest of the yeai. You would not expect a plant to work off a winter's decay and bloom as good as ever without at tention in the Spring. Don't expect it of your system. Take Simmons Liver Regulator.

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