T' I iK ECONO MIST FCEUSUEO rTXST'lXIDAT. 11, B. CnticT. .... Editor 1 L.VUB..... Business Manager FRIDAY. . .NOVEMBER 18, 1893. THE KALEIGH CELEBRATION. From the reports in the Ral eigh papers the celebration of our great victory on Tuesday and Tuesday night was the most memorable jubilant de monstration ever witnessed in the mctroplis of our State." The crowd in attendance, was very large, the; enthusiasm was overflowing and the exhibition of. banners, .transparenccs, pyrotechnics, and other mani festation's of joy were trans cendentally beautiful! Every thing wascomme il;faut, even to the'Raleigh "bad boy" with tin horn "and -trumpet. There were cavalcadts- of mounted men, distinguished' men " in carriages, pedestnuns galore, .with flags, banners and trans parenccs in all hands, and the welkin was ringing with shout and chen and good humor. Among the transparencies and their inscriptions some were significant. One read thus : "It is a hard pill, Govcrnor,but shut your eyes and swallow it." and this: "There's a hot time coming, Mr. f Russell," and tbls:. "Hurrah for 'Wilmtag ton." Thoir significance pro claims itself. The streets were one blaze of beauty. It has never been equalled. o are ;for peace, but the lessons of trouble; are put for beacons guides and warnings for the future. Russell's impeachment is one of the salutary i fruits of our past experience. . - Tho narade " and i procession 4 - m was an 'immense '.one. There were pauses for short speeches at the Capitol and ash Square. 4 The speeches are briefly re ported in the News & Observer, and they are all brigh; with rnnfrritii1itinni nnfl fOOfl cheer. ' Letters were read from nrominncnt-inen in various parts of the "State. Wo were X were struck with the. cautious and conservative tone of the letter from Governor Jarvis, Letters t were also read from Senator Daniel of Virginia and Governor Tillman, of South Carolina. From all accounts it was the most successful de monstration of the' kind ever held in tho State, as it was the most glorious victory that was celebrated, Tho celebration of thr .Vn'nrrf rnntnst of 1S?2. great as was that victory, was not equal to our glorous Vic Tory on the. 8th of November. U CUKE 0 PAT TbAt fsj the way all. drnppiiita gpll OhOVE TASTELESS CHILL TOS IC lor Malaria, Chill and Fever. It is simply Iron and Quinine In a tasteless form. Children love it. Adults pre fer it to bitter, nauseating Tonic. Price, 50c. 1 . j . OUR DEMOCRATIC VICTORY. Our victory is complete. The legislative Cpower of ". the State is ours. Demorilization and disdrganizatton exists in the State, ciry, county, judicial and magisterial .departments,, and socially. They will be purified. They must be cleansed as were the Augean stables- The executive powers of the Governor will bo so curtailed by legislative power, as to be harmless for evil. Public sen timent, which is so 'powerful in North Carolina, will neutra lize any vicious action of the Governor. Our cities and towns will be redistricted, and tho charters so altered as to place the administration of our local affairs- in the- hands of property owners .tax payers, business men sensible repre sentatives and white people. Our county affairs will be turn ed over to intelligent, progres sive, honest men, who -will protect the .finances of the counties, and who will con scientiously administer its af fairs. The; corrupt, ignorant and drunken judges who have disgraced North Carolina, will eventually be wiped out of ex istence, and the old time pride and glory of the State will be renewed by the return of the best, purest and ablest judici ary of the ' American Union. Negro and corrupt ignorant white magistrates will be re- placed by the honest yeomanry of the townships wherein they are respected and honoreJ. . Last but not least we will be releived of the degrading con tact with the negro, who, un der the encouragement of his late associates and twin broth ers, degenerate sons of white men, lias tested iue yixu. and endurance of a law-abiding and conservative people to an extent that now seems inexpli cable. That class , of people who have degenerated into worthless idlers, , and have existed under the idea that they were to hold offices and live on politics, will now be compelled to look to honest labor as tne means of existence. The police supervision of the Democratic rulers will impress upon them tho necessity of work rather than idleness. God grant that wo may bo equal to tho de mands, upon us at this time, and that we may stand togeth er in the development of tho material interests of our State, counties ' and cities, and that we may improve in the highest decree the political, social and Kitcinni interests of our dear old North State. Not . now niucn we can get. Dot row 1,'tfU a onn tAke is the principle on which we Rain patronage everyday. Racket Store. , LAST OF THE CARPET. BAGGERS. When G. Z. Trench n& marched out of Wilmington on the llth of November inst. between two sturdy policemen and put on a north bound railroad train, the last carpet bag ger left the land he had despoiled so sadly. It wa9 a dramatic spect Tf wna n. frflri& scene of re- itv-.it- . ' O tribution. It was an object lesson ,.f nn,V vrmrence. "The wicked w m v - 3 llee when no man pursucth them, tuith holy Bcripture. But God s ail seeing eye pursucth them, and soon er or later his unerring, judgment will overtake and punish them. Gizzard French," as old Joe Turner dutbed hiro.drifted into North Car olina on the carpet bag tide twenty five years ago. Sadly for Wilming ton he landed there. . His Leart leaped for joy when he wiiped the tide" water of the Capo Fear qui of his eyes and saw around him ytie most gullible and credulous popula tion this side of Timbectoo. He soon became "the African , chief of the Sambo, Jumbo tribe. Joe Turner with a genius for nomenclature that was never equalled, cocked his eye at him and dubbed him "Gizzard French." and it stuck to him -like vLuke's Iron Crown of Nesus shirts of pitch." Why old Joe called him Gizzard is hid in the depths of his . ' i. genius. -Let us pause in passing, to pay a tribute to the peculiar and marvelous genius of Joe Turner, tho hero of the reconstruction per iod of North Carolina. While old man The. Kingsberry was working up learned lucubrations about. Sir Philip Francis and the authorship of Junius, Joe was studying names for scallawacjs and carpet-baggers, and ho will ride down the .corridors of time in the chariot of Gizzard Fren ch, Oily Gammon, Geasy Sam, Jay Bird Jones, Blow your horn Billy, &c. -when the name of his associate on the Sentinsl is forgotton of men: Had Joe Turner, iortunately, died soon after he drank buttermilk in Kirk'8prison,or when Bill Moore "fell down at him,in Raleigh there would now have been & monument to his memory at every cross road in North Carolina, but alas ! we never know what is best for us until the oppor tunity has passed by us. What Shall Be Done . F0? TUB DELICATE GIRL You nire Uki Iroa ani other tonics. But she keeps 7 pile and thin. Her sallow J complexion worrits you. Per- 9 haps she has a little hacking: Y cough also. Her head aches ; and she cannot study. Give her & scoii's.Msloa ! The oil will feed her wasting $ body; the glycerine will soothe 9 tier cough, and the hypophos- $ phites will give new power and J vigor to her nerves and brain, t Never say you "cannot 5 6 6 t t t have tried Scott's Emulsion. X your opinion at once. Children especially become very fond of it; and infants do not know when it is added to their food. joc.ni $i.oo; n dmjsists. t X scott & bowxe. chemists. New York. 0CC0CooecoCC0o RESOLUTIONS. Adopted by the .White Man's Union. : IV. the members of the vrhifp Man's Union embracing most all the white men of Eliza beth City, being grateful to Almighty God, the Sovereign Ruler of nations, for Hi recent intprnositionrin behalf . of White Supremacy in the State of Noith Carolina, in euecting.tne down fall of that policy which has heen curstied bv the Republican and Fusion Parties in the State for the past four years, in- avert ing from the State! the evils that must have resulted and been at tendant uDon a different out come of the election just passed, and in placing the reins ot government in the hands of the good and intelligent citizens oi the State who have always work ed in unison for its : prosperity and the development of its vast hidden resources, do recommend and desire that all people, on the day set apar$ fori Thanks giving, render special thanks to the Supreme Ruler of the- Uni vfrtif f nr these heneficent acts. Further in consideration of tlie patriotic endeavors of the citizens in the great 1 battle that has just been fought, the White Man's Union have jadQpted the fnlloOTintr resolutions?"! (I) Whereas, The government of the State had subsisted in tne hands of venal and incompetent men for four years who prosti tuted the sacred powers of au thority vested in them to meet their 'own selfish ends Und who were fast bringing, about a con dition .in the State that was un bearable and intolerable to its best ' citizens : ; Whereas, it was anoarent l to the plainest understanding that taking advantage of the politic cal division of the whiter race, the negroes, influenced and lead on by a few white men, had de termined to seize the govern ' men t of-the State" and erect a San Domingo . to which every African in the. whole country should, be invited and from which every white man would be forced to flee or live in dis graceful contact with a vicious and brutal community; whereas, it is the dearest" dream of the negro to see the white inau his servant and the iwhite woman powerless when insulted by his race, ana as me ume spuia piu pitious for - the execution, and culmination of these faring de signs since the white men I were divided and appatently -irreconcilable. So thinking the golden opportunity" had presented! itself for the election ot negro otnciais in addition to those already, bur dening . the State, the negroes and their allies against the pro test of the conservative wiiite men. forced the nominations of negroes and their incompetent" allies in almost every county lor the Legislature and other, omces of power' and trust, and bade de fiance to: all' adviee; . ad- vice: whereas, in every place !in which the African race was numerous,their demeaner chang ed and was characterized by inso. lence and rudriess,and they open ly boasted that after the election the white people should be sub servient to theip, most: ardent wishes ; and whereas,- these inr dications of danger were consid ered by the white j citizens who saw that their State.their homes and their families r were endan gered' by the "continuation of the policy .heretofore pursued by the patty in power and the election to office of those' who stood in defence of such a policy, were turn our heartfelt thanks for their enthusiastic 'co-operation in the adoption of a policy that is totally repugnant toltbatr pol icy propagated by. the negroes and their white leaders, a policy that is consistent with the main tenance and predominance of White Supremacy and good government. (2) Whereas, There are many gentlemen of Northern . birth and parentage, who have made permanent settlement among us who are engaged in vast and ex tensive mercantile and iindustris al persuits and who are Repub licans nationally, from loyalty to conscientious principles, but who, in the magnitude iof j their vision; seeing the prosperity of the State in which .they had made their homes and cast their fortunes overshadowed by an ominous cloud that threatened to eradicate every Vestige of their cherished hopes! for the success, growth and ; develop ment of the State and society rent asunder by the predomis nance of the policy 'persued by the party in power1 and by the Qominion oi luienor men aua an inferior race, came to the aid of our imperiled j liberties and ' I beloved: 1 civilization, we here U by render thanks forjg: their? co-operation in this; dark houri for it is to theirassistance we are largely indebted in this community f orj the , victory we have! wo 2. i ''I ' ( Whereas. Many of our native citizens who have here - -. licani populist or fusion pany, upon! seeing the danger signals Boating n aanng emprazoniy over Ithe sacred shrines of gov-1 eminent forcot and sur . i ' - . v rr ! ' rendered all party ainerences, and rushed to the rescue of the State! land its institutions; we equally extend, our thanks to them' for their j patriotic action and entnusiasuc enoris in ukt half 0 good government. I (4) Whereas,1 the most of our htisiness men closed their stores and offices, and ;did such efficient service in the promotion on the triumph of white supiemacy. to them we feel gateful and extend to them the: lion's share in the phenomenal victory obtained in this community; (5) -And Last: But tn Keality Firsts and Foremost, we acknow ledge the spirit and inspiration which guided the lines ot oat tie, tjie ladies of Torth Carolina and especially those of this sec tion, who imparted courage to the meu,ktimulated them to steady and unflinching action, fired them with Izeal and I determination to keen! the homes of the land sa- oreH hnd nn re from the taint of debasing associations. To the larlies!webwe the courage that dared "and overcame tremendous odd's and to them we pledge our lives j in the future to pretect themltrom insult and harm. Whereas, Although, we seek no revenue. iiDon thoe who voted! an loyalty . to their party, nor noon those who in the past have Counseled jthe action by the negroes which has led to : the race issue iust settled, and ; We desireiihat peace shall prevail and that good feeling shall exist between all peOple, yet we here by declare that the renegade to his ra;ce who leads, the negro to ari assault I hpon the white man's dominion in government and in the social sphere, shall be left in business1 and in social life to the supporjj and comfort of tne race wuu wuica 11c diunoiw. Judge j: W Albertson, jP. Hf Williams, C. C Allen, A. H. Mitchell, M. N. Sawyer, t T vGommittee.4 KobWrfs' is the fihill tonic you want - u ; because it cures. iaoc per bottle, pio cure no cay. ' Pleasant as a Florida orange. Jror sale City Drug Store at Griggs & -Son, and Wood's Drug 8tore. V . ; II 1 Notice the grand display of Silver ware iii Seng's winuovthis week. NEW-STROM THE COUNTIES Interesting Items from' Various Parts ofthelDist'irt. A Providence Personals. Miss Lela Sawv r is visitine her aunt. Mr?. Geo. Bell, of Elizabeth City. Mr 'Charles Mo reran made anrofes- sional trip to Manteo last week. Rev. W. H. Laud, of Mapleton, Va., has jeturned from visiting Mr. Chas. Harris' family, of The Fork." Mr: Stiles Whiiebiirst is improving his residence by the addition of a con veniently arranged, dining and cook room.,-1 -V :' I "'-.'' Messrs. J. Davis 'and W.. S. Sawyer,. of Great Bridge, Va are occupying their handsome; new residence at the Wilson Davis nlace. and are carrying on house keeping in first-class bachelor tyie. j: ; Mr..Thomas M. Jennings departed this lifet 7th inst;; after long and seri ous illness of typhoid fever, aged 28 years, leaving a wife, two children, an aged father and a large circle of im mediate relatives .and irienas to mourn his decease., An honest, up right christian man has gone to his re ward. if. Pnhlif! School at Providence, tauerht bv C. E. Wood, opened Monday. I Miss Sophie ; N. WocmI, of Belcross, and Mr. Lesselle, fritchard; of "The J? oik, be gan teaching atBerea ahdThe Fork," resie5tivel7. Mondav. Thevare.eacn. successful and experienced teacheri, and are favorites in tne community. . i JVIO. Utj Doing. 1 From: what we can learn white mtn did their whole duty ,on the 8th, and the Democratic party will go in power again, I , 'j . , . .I: Captain McRoughton, of this place, will leave for Norfolk, Va. this week, where he intends to purchase his Xmas n 111 1 v d iui a vi ivi r - vaia w- t I We are sorry to announce the death of Mr. Qeoree Tarkenton. who depart ed this life near; uress wen on ine cm .... ' A. Oil. instant.!:- . i '. V . - i . . Mr. Benny Newbery, of this place is quite ill. ; i I ' " . Onlv one whito man voted the Straight nigger ticket, ami two negroes f voted the straignt :wnite man's iicsei i at our precinct SXYDER. For fancy cakes, Mine meats. Sweet ckles and all Serfs of fii.e groceries Pi go to Rollinson Stevtn & (Jo's., New Store. 69 7lKPoindexter St. If your blood is tnm, a jpetite poor, troubled with night sweats, a; bad cold or taGrippe take; Robert's chill tonic. All druggistp. L ' s: 5; VV U JL ;!Jl n - i : fiih . ti ' ' r;tr 4 Qtrano-er" having no claim upon tho Tct. nnp vfiapo! we came to Elizabeth City, a si ranger, na iut natrnnairo i : w 1 . Wig Surla to Ootantly increasing. NomaUer t uur dusidcss pus uccu the;roads, or short therops, II r--v 5 I UJ If ! mm I Boeauss we Not just a few, but all; Yes, LI" " ":", 7-n,l & Patronage juit T as! mubh.1 as patronage just BSC in these Hard Times, for the make every dollar ao aouDie; . I i L'i L I ..i 1. -i: se because we cheerfully Ufund money on any art cle not entirely satisfactory r to the DurchaleT wSSdiSt have your money unless weWe Vou good value for it. ,Woa;3 Eettei DreiarfedUah Wer before to supply the warits of te people. 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C, the following des- cnbed landfr, at public auction, upon the following terms: One-third cash, balance one and two years with0 per cent, interest from'datn of sale, or all cash at the election of the purchaser. A tract of, land adjoining the hinds of Evan Overton, fiuoch Etheridge' and others, containing twenty acres (20) more or less, frhe above described tract being rituated in Camden county, North Carolina. E. F. LAMB, ) Commissioner, October 18, 1898. I7anted-An Idea vCTio can think of tome aim pi tlrfng to palentf Vmttjvt fTrr Ma. thv nr hrinar Toil wealth. Write JOHN WE1JDERBUUN CO- Patent Attoi MJl, W tod list Washington. I. C. f r tbelr $ 1.8U0 prise oad 31 wo Bunarea iLTeauaoi www. . .ii'

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