GAPE FEAR NEW S CAPE FEAR NEWS , greets you and asks your support. Adverti.-5e in TAPE FEAR NEWS ar.d help us grow. VOL. J. fiO. 6. FAYETTEV1LLE, N. C SATURDAY MORNIN. NOV. 20. 1915 PRICE, $1.00 PER YEAR FOOTBALL IS NOW TALKED Some Interesting Facts of Game Between Yale and Princeton IMPORTANT BFIAETIN ON COUNTY GEOGRAPHY BONE Billy Moore, the Tiger Half i back, FiunhJed and the i'lan Failed of . Execution. Chi-Pel Hill, S. C Nov. 19. Ex tension Series Bulletin No. 12 oo "The Teaching of County Geography" is now ready fur distribution. This bulletin was gotlon up for the Cni versity Mureau of Extension by Pro fessor M. C. S. Noble, dean of the Schi-ol of fCducaLion. As Professor Noble say in the introduction, "the purpose of this Bulletin is to give 1 methods and suirkrestions to those ' .' j teachers who wish to teach their j J',jAYIG Ijp'JP ln geography of their toun- j ty." In this study Orange county j TEXT is usJ as a model. , j-lrst an outline of topics is presented, and then fol lows a brief presentation of the geog- iraphy of Orange county based on this 'outline. Professor Noble is of rtht- BIG SHELLS j KNIGHTS OP T!1E FRYING I'AN t'HKQl EVP DKShTU F.KS j ,n m y.u captckk aito DKIYF.U AMi-ltOOt! 1 f" A fmiY w tnclr Sain,! Last .night Sheriff M-'Gea.hv re-i Iff I K A I IN 1 1 I " Wh nd Powerful, Kood 9 hi "hell.." j wived inforinati.Mi -'.hi -on,e ' loo?. Tllli lViTli ill I J ar,d ,he urt P' 'he world, can't ! hud been off the at ikurd. f t.eep nut cooks any longer ror !.!: a station a lew miles t .,- t of Cuvette- MEETS DEATH AT SUNRISE A Terrific Fire Upon the German Defenses in Valley of Ainse .than the ordinary Jersey commuter, ville, and that the .-ties were "hi.- 'He if ere. them g-i pay, easy hours.! to Iran-port it to Fayette-, llle hy pri. 1 ism) lots 'of "nights out," but they jvute conveyance durib tLe nki.t. -o ! BlilldfoIfirH. f Vn i r:i rv U New York, Nov. y. There were many contributing factor to Prince ton's ur.expec ted defeat by Yaie last .Saturday, but in the mind.- of the minds of most of those who saw the combat, the failure of the Tigers to merge triumphant was due largely to the fact that Frank Glick, the Princeton captain, pulled an excusable "boner" with victory in tight Jurin lb last few nVwflti-nU of play. Glick, instead of doing the expect 1 in that critical moment in the last period when Princeton had the bail on Yale's nix-yard line, took a des perate chance, lie tried to 'cross Yale by executing a totally unex pected play and be failed. It. was a hrilliant scheme and i'. merited suc cess, but liilly Moore, the Tiger half back, fumbled, the plan failed of ex ecution, and Glick, instead of being a hero is charged with a "!ir.r" play The score stood 13 to 7 in Yale's favor with about four minutes left to play in the filial period when Prince ton secured possession of the ball on Yale's 31-yurd line through a punt by (iuernsey to Law. On the first play after formation, Moore, made four - yards a routui Jut I. ML. IU-3JI) ait) id through left tackle for, four yards on the next play and then Diekerman made it first down for Princeton by ramming center for a five-yard game which took the ball to Yale's 21 -yard line . Pirkermiin was given the ball on the play and gained two more through right guard. Moore lollowtd with four yards through left guard and immediately afterward annexe! an other four yards by ripping through center for another first down. 'On the next phcy Moore gamed one yard through the line and Picket man followed by rrashing through center for a three yard gain, taking the hall to Yale's si-yar.i line and sen.imc: the Tiger rooter into a frenzy of mad ness. Il looked like a certain touch down for Princeton. Anl then Giu-k, the quartet i-ac, 'called for the piny t.,.t.. i tit .Tiger's clianc . Mi iaii-d l'-'T ti i tie Wheli it :-eelIie 1 ttl.i! tin' f r. rati to li ft'Ucb I-ovr wfiH i y h.jiliC.-. Moore nil I 1 i ki rin:; I: ;!:Tam-t Ave.i' ir.K and f.ii!oririr tb - U li?;c :.i.r.itn. In rr:!ivi't...i.'s tfii.rnj'lKil niaih ttowri from the ol-ard tine that fMur i'f !Hcks wire an lTro'-tta!'ie force. They had batterel tile Yaie l' ! tU"-! irilii -hsiU-.ti'o. 'I'hcv loot aer Hired again o?" f iu i.i.i- oi ii:est--ev-n ,i'.!tempt.s ;lie Vai' io-e wa growjng wewkcr every -ovond, it -eno-d that the play i"r tiluk to make al tluit poirst wa- to h.irl Mttorv and liukerman back at the, line. That pair ha'f'avei nie eii:ht yard in'cvery two play - and I'nnccien n.--u-l only -ix yard" m two plays f-n-- a t'Hich lown. but ( del not ,-on.l Mimri', 'r Oickerman lu-aiti-t the line .n the next play. He did 'the. ur.expei ted. He camhUl wish 1'aie by trying the imiookivl fr p-iy - a ,h- ,l !e pa-s. I he puma's w t re Ca:ico. the .l-ait wa. .snnppetl J-t tllick anl' he pu-s.-..l to lot k ? man. lh H'.-nf in ran '1-m;ii'.I YaV deft :ul c.!, 1 then, ju-t a the Yale bra -nun brvke thr-o'.!-,,h aud were idtiot la tickh- h;ni ho threw the ball at :.i!y M The 4s.i to Mosac was a bit low ani he'--ihln't .in.Ac the catch The t ail lilt the ground and bounded i- ward the sideline. Moore (t h.ied il. frying futiley to pick itup as it Ixiunced kintaliringly in front of him. but the ball always wai a bit' out of hi reach. As it hounded off into foul territory Moore hurled himself at it, but he was too late. Wilson, the Yale captain, had made a dive a fraction of a second earlier and had thrown himself over the pigskin. It was Yale's ball on Yale's 17 jrard line and Princeton's glorious rhanr for victory had gone. j.opinson that a careful reading of the outline and of the presentation of Orange county geography will uug ffesl to tea her in other eoonliw l...... i ... ! vnffj iatt iuijw toe jsauie o:.. line in teaching the geography anl history of their own county j simply wai not overlook the. fact thai j -.he Sheriff, iHpttu.- Moors and Monc- jiney are cooks, bred unci born, and so j ghan left here in an automobile and j Jkiep muvimr on. " (when they re-a.;hed the fors of jbvi I Cn.ted States Mariu Corps statis- I road i,r Mr. Have r.i.V ih..v '. j eoveriuK the iat two years, rh.,w j obr-j to an automobile and pro'. ' i greater percentage of men Jeser!.l p! actii.g rather t-u.-piciouj. ' OF ' KEI'OUT ' rir to entry) The oil: -ei s suirud to investigate j ",0,,ks" y dher clajis tha.t when two of the occupantK 'lied. lea-i : r. - entJs.efl drinif the. ptriwl. Desertions rem the Marine ( '. t . . i i .i il- IM.-PWICU rrum tne Mar v;uce e very light at all times; the aver-i Ato That a Violent Bom ;ng only -the -to v'ard the The dr.' i'r ot thi1 a jtcinoh: wau-r. bardment is Now on ' Aitois Oisirici. . ,. v. cii:iiveij to ieer.-e nis age marine considers? that the sen ice ; machine, but Deputy Moneghan waa! oiiers r.-etter advantage than nythinj 'he cmild find in civil life, and ho he Iteves the leg for travel j$d venture to i unexcelled, and, were Lytch, a Mlote' man. ; n ' r..r ,1... v.. i. y- . " "e o.-n... .uaiuie i orps r avettel!:e a ieie mo i, to l. . o ' il'iicials beiieve liiat. thi "oloet ! 1 .Pans. Nov. ly. ritr.'h artdxry is). . , ! i too Uti k and soon had him by the! ! wrist. , j The driver turned out to be M.i "who came te sth avo from ! His Wishes, and Shot to Death CI'IOSE TO BE. SHOT This is l4tw in Slate of I'tah That Condemned Person tan (hose Whether He He i II;iniird or Shot. ... . i I iiaif, ain. iv. r I tii' 11 arunvrj is ' . , . , . : ' i , story of .near own county. , ! !rAe rainin a terriric lire upon ' ,1,e fervKt' ui haVt' I was taken Wf,c United Jiutea 1 J" Hih'.r Ihe general outline for th,s study h. Jerma defens,.g in lhp vaiipy f,'n - 'fe rd to de- i (ommiss.oner W. S.- C.vk and gave 1 - th"! :lt ih under five heads: Physical-Poli- M Xglav.s tvmmuni,u. rom jj';" t!ii " men 'h.ok soiled in the sum ...f fw: " al; Historical. Political Indus- i ht, aM, . VK,Ui,t ,:Kk"y ,hv ' a?h " '"" ,n thp automobile was two ,uit ! ltttr volley Towns; Hi.story, and Edacati f..i tic trie Kach up in detail. Keabzing that a !se outbne of county geography and .history Would lt! insuflicieiit, TVofeswir Noh'e foi iown thi.i up with a resume of Orangt county geography and history For instance, among the iterni taken up under the Historical-Political head- re! jbombar iment in the Art-jia district, (The text of the communj-pje follows.: j "Jn Aitois ihere was a violent can i nonade in the fore-t of Givenchy. We concentrAteii the fire . of our trench machines on the iK-rmaiL fut:ce.sir: the uuarncs of iler.Uvouri, in the vaiie.vof the Soniiiiv, and 1'omw.urded very vigorously the renehe at Ail- these self-same "knighu of lie fry ing pan. Marine Corps, recruiters declare. ' ' .- cases full of li.juor ar.d found near t:y containing about gallons rnort of bonded whiskey lame City, 1'uih, Nov. 1th eph i!i! the' .Swedish I. W. sunrise this morning. at , : .or HO soeondra was firtsl. IIe waa I, i.n. iC, !.!.! 1 ui.X was-, ""t looi.aiy .o ins recjuesi. - , to ia e the rifle. . j The door.-? of his eel; bad been tarn- If. WAR EN'BINt; "NERVES" OF El'ROPEAN WOMEN i London. Nov. Jt.'. Neurasthenia fits of nervous deire':-ion. airioi.i) j trtl hes, on .tne norm haw: of the , E.-Jrliish and Krpnch women i-- U-iuii ! driven away by the" war! 'according to oitf he show f. ,f wiw.m te ,-,.i.,t,- was named and by whom settle,. ., , , . , . , . ' 1 he night was uneventful on the population, occupation, crop, wealth ,. , . t . , , ri-st of the front, of county, read system, manufactures, . c ? towns and schools The last fiv pages of the bulletin are given ,over to "suggestive ques tions for the teaching of county geog raphy and history, taking Orange county as a model." As Professol Noble points out. the purpose of these questions, and of the outline in gen eral, is to aid the pupil in building up his own county geography and history hy writing at least one sen ine: tine id the most striking features of the syllabus is. the collection of illustrations. .Seventeen cuts were used in the Compilation of this littie forty page bulletin. One of the 'pic tures shows the Orange county court house al Hillsboro, and the clock in the tower which was presented to the town by King (ieorge 111. ft) 1 7(y, and has been a reliable timepiece evei since. The most striking illustration is a double page map of Orange coun ty drawn hy I'rofes-or Noble. It is probably the only map of its kind in istence. The heavy bonier lines of the map show- the boundaries of ( (Hinge county as debited ;'i 1 7,"'' and 17.VI; the dtttcd lines iri ihe center f the map show Oiaori.- comy of today, after ts-n '-otii.tu - have been no-i ij; whole ot- m V- s.-t from U,t t-ty as first formed 'I j.c riui!h -;r, i tains numerous ; ;ht t il.e-es:. too K A I S E R H V I VN OTIZEU t;REEK hlN(i. NEW THEORY OF ALLIES U'. -The Daily Kx- ur. j.iiza'ietn Moan t.linwr. 4 According to the physician the war has given women so much work to do anil so many other things to think o hat - they have not got time to con sider whether, they, have "jH-rves" or not. ' Loudon, Nov press says: "A remarkable explanation of tne pro-German proclivities so actively exhibited by King t'onstantine of, (hums is being wide!" cireulntwd-m tne comment. ve give tne tneory for what it is worth. The extraor dinary suggestion is that King Con st'intine has been hyt notred by Ger man doctiirs. "It will lie recalksi that as soon as the King's illness became known to th H'EAKER CHAMP CLARK VISITS WHITE HOUSE Washington, Nov. 19. president Wilson and Speaker Champ- Clark.. eld a conference upon the question I of the President's preparedness 'policy today. In a general way it is asserted that the Speaker agreed to support the President. After the conference the Speaker I said that he did not go into, the Presi- Thev had evidently intended' to re turn or send a wagon later for it, so a.s to have ;i fii;! -upnly for Satur day's bjsira-. When lirst seen thee were two other parties, suppos.-d to be negroes, in the automobile. These took leg bail and were not arrested - - CAKRANZA AM) VILLA t-te.1 on the iiifi.le by him and whe the guards broke the door Hilstrom fell upon them with a piece of broom stick that he had com ealed in soma iiiiniier and bitdiy beat rind bruised them. After being overpowered and stra- incd to. a chair he attempted to burst S'ho bntolu llllstrom was ei.e.utc.l tor the mur- ADVANCE (.FAROS CLASH,C,T , J " : "jcf l"c. January 10, l'.ll I. A clash i Douglas. An.'.., Nov. 'j U-tween the advance guards of the t arranztstas-aml vnlista armies near Canaiiea. State of Sortora,, Mexico, is reported l.y the comnVuhder of the Carransista garrison at Agua Prieta. The Currarixistas claim to have cap fureil 125 soldiers and three machine gun's. General Villa is leading his army to defend Cannnca against capture. I.(,,t'u In ,)..!.,. I u.,,1 C.,r llo.t Kaiser he immeiiiately sent two . ,. , , " , German dehors,' Professors Krauscjas tQ his position. and fcisellijerg. to Ins brothre-in-lavv s t -g Uw MlvU hoW,,vt.r, th;U the oeiisiue. i ney remained in .-vmens a week or ten days Snow in South Carolina. Chester, S. '., Nov. 1 Si. This sec .tu n was visited by a Hurry of snow yesterday: Indication are for a gen eral snowstorm. CHARACTERIZED AS A NEWSPAPER LIE Speaker w ill lend the Jiviht lor the Presi,bnt"s nolii-wis js it is tnovvn "That the hypnotizing of the King, )at the SH.!ik(.r llas f;uill that he wi leave the chair and nppear upon the floor of the lloase as occasion may far from impossible theory is ilnindant'y' provei by a host of simi lar authenticated rases disclosed hv went history of mental science." THREE DEAD AND ONE DYIN0 FROM lltl.r.1 muhhiaIiMj, ,-aiied upon to prov i I .. ti'f h mt.ri1 (Jct;;iif-tl ut couiit TI hfVtT ol A ,11 f tJu luiiiK't -Ti 'al vimu, '(,h'.-r ctiiL can !o otairi tvi l.y writintr to' Mr. K. K. R;'.nktrt, VKH.ENT STORMS IN NEW ORK AM) LAKE ERIE Vt a.-hitigton, . Nov . l.i. Tsu great vvm.l and rain stoinis vvei over New York.'-Lake and the Atiantic coast at a velocity of from 4o to on miles per hour. . The remai kahle tnir.g about the storm in the south and nopth was that: two storms swept forward at a h'h velocity and when ncaring each other appeared to increase the rate In the Lake Krie region the winds rea. Juki the great spiVd. of 7'. miles per ho,j. wv.nooi in New tors e.ily was dashf aaiii't h building like a b af, -hiopit1.;' was'cd and a little--!: viar-oid trill vnis l,i'.c,vn ciuk-r a troily car and killed. Many tHv-ple wi-n' injured. . - Kep..rts from Xt'antic ii. N -1 . Ilo-ton, K.nhester .!)" other places r port j hiv;h winds ati 1 terrible wis storms, with coiisi,l,-rahu- ilanviire. w;.h I 'a . : .. .a . Nov. 111. -Three : c o-ad or 1 one is in the .Seli i i. oi: .-.! here at the point of a-- the result of shooting; af ih t ..Unite, Calhoun and Kto- 0UI';tlCS, 'Ayeis an i Alon.du Perkins kiil- retiuire. There is still much t ;:s to the position of Represemative Claud Kit.V i. of North Carolina on -coiitit f'of ' '".-ut that as chainnan of the; id means coriim.itee he w.H . nue foi vvhat lie lias expressed him.-cil a. lagaiiist. ,'ihi-re IS St.ll i OK if dep.-: New York. Nov l .i - ( h urniati Kebham. secretary of the Friends Peace and Justice S viety, charater ized ns a newspaper lie the statement hat tht' meeting New York was cult President's policy. It was in tended I and the stM U a!Wr wr t.,ooo tn. tii nf rd.Mte.l to 1 a mist;..,e. W.niker (iersons I, li.-1 1 . lTnpreceiiented efforts,1 50 save his ilife were made by the President of the Cnitcd States and the Swedish minister. 1 'Governor Spry yesterday indicated resentment against the President for what he termed unwarranted inter-' ference with the internal affairs of the State of Utah. Hilstrom was shot gecause of m, provision of the l.'tah laws that condemned murderer can choose th manner of execution, whether by hanging or shooting. , There were live in the firing squad and one of the cartridges were blank. The shots were fired from a black smith shop live paces away from the I'tah State pententiary. 35.0)0 RAIL MEN TO DEMAND S-HOFR DAY North Car. .iin'.a.i as ea ici' of jllnise. ! It is believed, ho.vevii, that I Kitchins efforts atrain.-v the I j dent's prepare i lies p.-.licy will m the I ' i-ile j ay, -l.ouivi 'oct'.IIlate f, to tni-i.tif 1 ;et: Wsi t ! P Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. l'.).The four railroad brothel hoods, including more than 3ml,0U0 engineers.. diremen. con- cn.pcr I nion 1 ) ductors and brakemen on all of th to oppose the I railroad ih Ibo I'tot.,,1 ,,.., . rnite in u movement to demand that runway give them an.'eiiiht hour daT at the present .fate 1 of pay. The n.en's I'.iv is at ore-, nt based on tow uoaJ l be 0:1- i Hours 11 dav. I ' ' . The l a. t-s it i k'it Wi! iCCO',,1,1 l in th- v.,i Pi c ;i o: a on her at Micaville. Kil sliot and prolah'y 'fatal v.hile a. tincr as peace- e.i eoh o Ccu. Ik- was Iv v, I niaki-r at I'-lw ar.isvilie laborer named tiooset-:. in bed at the home c-f with the tap of his heal shot off be personal an i not otT;. in case Mr. Kit1, hm . i---against the President's I and a noLt-o not continue to res; ;, i U was found l'"due the ,,c nrirrn i nue. BAYONET MAKERS ome tax on i:iw i etYiOrirt'ncy ; : STRIKE KOR A RAISE j0f raimnm v ,r. :i jthat thos' win t, The motbc'.is -1 n.u -hat tr.k- izhv k :h- v ill 1 0 viuie ; LATEsr V, V; liFLLETINS L'EPOHT ITALIAN SI (CESS N . ! li-'siH iations of general j. l-ciii men of the Hroihe: -hood of Loeo . nv.tivc Km-ineers and brotherhood of 1. -.. motiv e l ii omen ap.d Knginemea in a joint se.-sun r.-re yesterday de cide! to join the Brotherhood of Rail road Trainmen and Vhe. Order of Rail way Conductors in their move for aa eitrht hour day with present pay and time and a half overtime IvOPlC, lions i.a- oeen h.c. o an 1 a'iiiii i 1'hiiadclphia, Nov. If. - Machine shop workers employed at the Fayette R. Plump tool works. Frankford, where bayonets are being made fori bV.issia and the allies, went on strike j vestord.iv. ' '"" j i-'vii-i- tne in -.c.r. continue the :ae titi.l the sale ..! It is thouuht .uVicic-tit. to- m.vt '"TI -'ht.- . ps nipiirtant posi ed by the ltal tiyhlirig for a in the A .111.1 are pi ogresing ITALI VV IKOOI l s Mil 1-AMiBi AT SAI.OMKI the inert i'-rhn. Nov. Id.-OiVcial .Turkish ii. ,.s r.w...;. t,...,.., ,.. e. STATE FARMERS'. FNION Wr. lia, OPPOSED TO INCREAS-, have reached Sah ioki on five INC MILITARY 'transports and are Udng disemliark-.l d to go to the assistance of the An- 1 P.. The cuts ; men n h.., y they' are gettin an 1 thev vvat-t WHY CHINA HAS BEEN INVITED TO JOIN THE ALLIES ham, Nov. T.'.-The Farmers'- j I nion c-ostti its 'annual convention I w ith a trip to Chape! Hill yesterday ' i;il''cr'i,ii,n, following a morning scs-' di expedition in Serbia. 1 The Al THOKlSS R EOF EST E I NOT TO PFBUSH SONti I, Washington, N. ent to niake Chi?;n an aiiy uliMite pow ci s is pui i 'y .for reasons anit t-ccause t n.oa v j tivi: w as oev o: a i.s-ue nuint-e ; kinds of r.lles'.li r. to pass- MKS. t.LTS TR0CSSEAF WILL BE AMERICAN AND NOT FRENCH U i or PRACTICAL. ;1FT SENT . WILSON BY MARSHALL Phivenix. Aril., Nov, 19. Vice I'resident Thomas R. Marshall's wed ding gift to Mrs. Norman Gait and President Wilson, a gorgeous Navajo Indian blanket, was sent east yester day. It waa made at the Navajo Reser vation Ma Northeastern Arizona. lii-cko'yn, N Y,. Nov. I.: J. Fiw'geiui 1, entitled 'Pre In. ban M uoen, has oe-..n loue.-te-l not to publish ihe song lt is explained vh:le it does not mention M rs.. Gait, that Mrs. Gait is claimed to be a de-cent of Focahon tus and. the Indian rame for 'Presint, the Great White ' Chief, that the President and his bride would be recognized, and that it would make the incident unpleasant if the song whs published, and for this reason ! would'-add great fcvr-mh '. tlntain, France unit K.I- ,1:. v'-, .-(. U'hina heconics a party ' to th, ("j, .1. j that woiiK! settV the. tr-.ui.'e i i..Fai'an an i v ui.u i j t-n 1- t Cniv. 1 Mai'. -h, 1 res; F K e :"ii it. Grii to shiji ammunition to Ilus-ia won- , out fear, of trouble at home, or with I China. tiiicie -.1 -n ..-; tf..m . n'v'.hitig .11 tie icjo, ' , cioioti- with theoi in tnii- -,v - Ihe f.,,-n.er4 wr.t snaarciy on record as !. invr ,oij -ed to sp, nditiir any More ir.ol.vv tor an increilse m f the navy' and the armv of thv cxiuntrv. 1 i K-r I An had any ic -rata-'..-: k that j rc-usseati secretary . for this Wtl-S will he never v- then THE WEATHER , FAIR AND COLDER Washington. IV C, Nov. 19-The weather for North Carolina for the next 21 hours is as follows:. Fair Mr. Tumulty requested the authoress . Saturday and Sunday; colder Satur not to publish it.. , day and moderate western winds. . They were vigorous in their opposi- ,,,,..,.,..',. ........ t,ou u, .thi. IHiuy of the Resident. UHl "H 1 Kl Sl N K r , I OFF COAcxT OF AFRICA rKtNi tt JKtHJCS , : . Mtl'l lSt-H Ul l.liAKl.VNSi Berlin. No, 13 The war- o(IVo (gave out a report of the sinking of a Paris, Nov. 1. French troops have British cruiser rff the eoast of Africa repulsed the Bulgarians with great by a tier-man submarine, and also aa loss. , 'auxiliary cruiser was sunk. .

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