APE FEAR NEWS CAPE FEAR NEWS greets you and asks your support. Advertise in CAFE FEAR NEWS and he!p us grow. VOL. 1. NO. 8. FAYETTEVi'lLE, N.-, Tl ESDAy MOK.MXC, NOV. 23, 1915 I'KK'E. $1.00 FEK VEAR G r i AIRMEN ARE ATYORK Two German Taubes Hovering Over Brit ish Lines. TAUBE CAimiKED tiermaa Airmen Chase English Officers and Sweep Do n With in 500 Yards of the Ground and Felt With Bomb. 't lndofi, Nov. 22.- FirW Marshall S Xir John French's recent dispatch on the- battle -tit Loo doen"t contain ; mention of the.most anxious moment ' they had dunni the fight. That mo nent wa wheA two German airmen attempted to Mo up the British fcdjuarusrs. The attack took place, according l-V a wounded Iondon Tcrritoial who tti been invalided at home. When the German made their counter attack against the Hoheniollern Re doubt during the afternoon of Octo ber 8, Sir John J-rencn u at ur moots, just behind the firing line, when a dispatch rier dashed up with the new that the German were con rentratir.fr from Taisnesto Hulloch. At the same moment two German Taube were, seen hovering over the British line. Anti-aircraft guns ere brought to hear upon them but they sailed- along unhjt,. swooping down here and there, evidently looking for some point at which they wanted to drop bomb. oN British airmen were available at the moment to beat off the Ger mans, and aa they drew near Ver, mellea French's staff had an uneasy feeling, that, they themselves were the objective. They were standing-, in the open near-Pit No. 4 when one of the Taube flex overhead, and fir med round. ... "I wonder what that fellow wants," remarked one of the staff to French.- 'lie wants me," said Grench grim ly. As he spoke he walked forward several yards. A moment later a . 'bomb propped a hundred yards to the rear, dt-moHshin' a smal lhousc in which were the plan and baggage it the staff. French called to one of his officer to pet the horses up, an-1 the wTudc stuff galloped forward put the Taube followi-d them, an.! was soon joined by its companion. They swooped down Wilhuv :t't) yards of the ground and begun o pelt the galloping staff wiih born!.?. One bomb tn, l.e-l into the rottd ahead and ciui-i-d the etfUers to leap a hrslge inlo a meadow. They continued over the tiei.ls til! they read, bed No tre Dame ie Consolation- Chapel when a Biitii-h flying machine' ap peared, coming at a great -speed. The Taubes r-M and tried to make off. for .more lirit i-h pi a ft" wen' lis tening to the scene. One of the Taul.es was brought down among the combatant at the H-.hem-.tHoi'n Re doubt, the other hciuu' damaged but en-apii;-.' to the German lines. On the body of the deal German were found minute inr.tn.i-t Kins for tt.e attack on the British head.piar ters, .and detnds showing that the "titaff" movements had, been known to the enemy for some time. The tpivfl tioti that is puzzling the staff is how the information got to the germans. Women Pray for Ces sation European War I'etrnit, Meh, Nov. 22.-' Woinett, I oo,i:. V strong, will be a..ked to meet and otter prayer for the cessation of the European war. . It M-ill be known si. "Mothers' I'eaoe lay," and the Kcmt'f in every city, town and vil lage in the V'nited States, will be ask sl to offer a prayer for the., speedy ending of the most horrible war in the world's history. ' Mr. Henry Ford, wife of the au tomobile manufacturer, will head the movement and finance it to auch an extent as is necessary. AU Congressmen and Senators will be asked to urge the President ot call a congress of all the neutral ceuatries to meet in some capital abroad to initiate a peace conference. iGermansProseeuted For Conspiracy New York. Nov. 22. The jtovern ment fired its first salvo of artillery this morning when four member of th Hamburg-American sjjip line, charged with having issued fraudu lent clearance papers and manifest were brought to trial. " ( Tea men were contemplatively sei-lex-ted on the jury. The panned of 4l was exhausted and 24 talinu-n will be brought in tomorrow. r It is charged that the real purpose of tee line was to supply . German commerce raiders with coalacd sup - Plies and that many million of dol - iars were spent in wus way. ur. Boners, the former German cur.sul to) Mexico and the most promitu nt, -r-1 man in- thi country.' ! :hi head j of the list. ' . ) Union Station at Washinjrton Threatened Washington, Nov. 22. The tunnel and the union station are jriiarded by Washington policemen t.Jihf 'ori account of a message rece.ved by, the ofliciais the iialtirni-ri and Ohio railroad. Information was received here today that there would be an attempt made to blow- up tLe union station and destroy the Clone! to night . Demand That Creat Britain Apologize Washington, Nov. . 22.-The United States government will demand that the British government render an apology for the searching by a Brit is-h warship at I'regreso, M.. of an American vessel. In thm connection it will be remembered, that Great Britain apologized to -Chilli fur vio luting her. neutrality Will Ask England to Hasten Decision Washington, Nov. i. The United States w-ill ask that England hasten her reply in regard to the seizure of the T'ennessee by a British, cruiser, and also the Hocking, which " was seized at . Halifax. The Hocking w ill be -used as a test case and the government will ask Kngland to submit any evidence she may have as to German ownership. Artillery Duels on j Joth hides i'aris. Nov. liv.-ess.int artillery duels on both soles are rai'ine in the Argon regions Germany May Make New Diive For Paris 1'iiriih, Nov. . -J-J.- It is reported that Germany , has u.U:!bk-l f.M),(Ho f re-h troops, un. it I a belie'ed that the Germans are pri'.iaring for a new drive at I'aris. Germany Denies lxss of Ships bierim. N'.v. H'J. Keport of the loss ,.f 12 German .-hips in the North Sea is officially denied by bUilm an. I ehai acteried as pure fiction. New Offensive Against Paris Rotterdam, Nov. 'J 2. - ll is reported here that the Germans arc preparing a new offensive against I'aris. Reports Violent Fisrht - inir at Gallouj I 'tmstantiTuii; Ncv. T-lno)io r'(Hrts v itit nl !:i.--lnstai.-i'lkrhtii.i: as ihpo'i - renin- Allied 'Offensive at The Dardanelles '" I,ondon, Nov. l!-. - it is otV.civ.iiy annoiinced that the allied troops- are nvaking a stri'ng oii'iisive roiivement i.gainst the Turkish i:rmy at, the Oar danelles". Bulgarians Capture 1.600 Serbians London, Nov. 22. Berlin announces the capture of 1,600 Serbians by the Bulgarians, 50 mortars and 8 cannon. The Bulgarian in the sooth of Serbia is making general headway. LARGE GUNS TO GALOPOU Military Experts of Ber lin Foresee Early End ing: of Dardanelles ivi-fit a rr. DEI LA f : COMl'EETE j j Jof Anglo-French Expeditionary ' Force.s Situation More Fa torable for the Central I'owers. It I Said. J Berlin (ia Amster-jam i, Nov. 22. Gern,:in guns of large caliber have reached Constantinople and are be ing suit to GalTipoli Peninsula. Mili tary experts of Berlm foresee an eariy endi.-.g of the larajaneiies campaign. wi'.h conif iete defeat for tb.e Anglo French .j-iitionary firees as a re sult. A vigh official of the government med the Inu-reatioiial News Ser- txiay that use situation in the Near East- as be -orrsing more favor able for the cer.tr, .! power daily. "A debacle is imminent in the Bal kans."- he sail. "The Serbian army is practically at the end of its re sources. Its retreat has been cut off and its situation is hopeless. The French and English troops sent for ward from Saloniki will be unable to aid the beaten Serbs. The Anglo French troops were small to begin with, and reinforcements can reach them very slowly. "Italiy is not expected to send an army to Albania. That region is wholly unfit for military operation, and tha general opinion in German military circle is that Italy will keep out of the debacle which is near "While Constantinople advices say .I..,.,, . . niki, it is hardly conceivable thatthel" r' """" "e , , a- -,. . .. ,e , livery of fresh meats in the city of Italian war office will consent to the . ' .,, ., , sacrifice of these forces, and it would ! only be a sacrifice if forward to Cerbia. thev were sent The Anglo- French troops' ulrea.ty there have ieen checketl at every point by the Bul- arians, who will be released : . ;, e ...!i,.,t.Ji ffi-nsive campaign against that ene my as soon as the Serbian army is .i..i,.,,-.i " ,, i ,, Germany is so confident the t.ulkan ,ign will soon end that p soon end that prepara-, Hons for tin activeotfensive en an- thi r front by the Austrn-Cerman Forces arc being made. The enter.!'.' il'ies, according to reports received here, exiif't tins offensive on the wet .nt. bi-lieving the Germans wid :V.v an. .thee attempt t.i brea! tnr.iii.vh i" l .'iris Charge Germans Put 50 Austrians j To Death in a Bog'"vcr : tl,c ,::st ti... car i!s V i. i.. Nov. -A Keuter iiis- ratih from Pttrogra.l says: ' '"1'risoners who have arriw-l at Kiitl account that the Brand-iuburg Pragoohs re. eii!ly cnught . 5i Aus trian sol.iij-rs ' m a fi-r.-st seneini: an opportunity to jriirr-.-n lcr. The Aus trians were taken to German stair headquarters where lluy were sen tenced to dentil. They were bound h-tn.l an f-ot and placed, feet f.r.-t. m a bog in whi.h they were slowiy cngulfed." Kaiser Moving Men For Attack in West Coi-.-nuiircn. Nc :. it that t 'e.i cd from pi i ate : man. riiih-oa !s a the omo.ii t-ni:-i -t to -west. .rt to . r ; cm t'ernian-. iiue, will tro.ps to It is ( pc.ted t a' violent attacl that the k in Fv to stAp the sen. line of Balkans by the tliies. The Weather . Report Says Fair Washington, Nov. 22. The weather forecast for North Carolina: Fair Tuesday and Wednesday, with north east winds prevailing. v ' ;A DAY IN THE 1 RECORDER'S COURT ; A M ATCH OF CASES BEFOKF i- HiS HONOK THAT HELD COt RT IN LONG SESSION jimmie Lwis, aasauit with deadly I weapon.- It appeared from the evi-: idence by a number of witneSaes. that Xa Romonos, Bulgarian, went!0" K- J- det-tive witnes. ' into the rafe of Lewis' for aetUement, yr. f"x '? !'or. Mr; Scott as he, Kumonos, wag not going to work for Lewis longer, and the t Wo got into a dispute over the amount uue r.raiHipx, ana a policeman was called and Komonos put out of cafe letter, however, Rvmonos, not feel-pg I aatisf.ed, returned and a tight ensued in which Komonos was slightly in- jured. It appearir.jr to the Recorder that Lewi had done all he could tlP,11''hsJ tiie U'er at - per avert the necessity of using force and ; hottle. lie was corroiiorated by Her CnaUy whtn attack was made upon jman Ha!1, wfco testified that he had. him he only used such force -as was!on-l'verjJ occasions, purchased of necessary to to put Rontons out of j K!J4'n Thompson, beer in quantities, the cafe, he rendered verdict of not j ranifir:P 'font ,three bottles to li guiltv. 1 j Chief Kelly testified that he hail Harry Buie. violating city hack or- uiance. Alter investigation the soli-"' u"" o.,"'iiues citor asked f . r no! pros., which wa3fr"m thrw that he all r.i t- ,..(1-,, liiMiov Kim uisoroeriv. drunk and disorderly, pleads guilty to cursing on the stree ts on Saturday evening and is reviuired to ray one dollar fine and the rofs neriry v adueii, urur.K,-dressed up, disorderly, and highly perfumed, pleads guilty. One dollar fine and the costs. ( Henry Alexander., disorderly, by- cursing in the house where he lives, appeared that he wa.t more than anx ious to apologize to one Martha Br-iwn, his "feance," at the hour of I a. in. Saturday night and on being refused such- an opportunity by the aunt of the fortunate young lady. Aelxander raised" a rough house. It being the effect of a lover's quarrel, the Recorder must have reflected to days of long ago and he let him off with the costs. Claud Godwin, violating city ordi- ln,,. l,,v.U .l:.. ,u. J. Fayetteville if same was not sold a: tha "M.rUl r.. i 1 ... " . . ' , i'""e.. as ' t"x"win wos nt the one who oper- "ini iimi et t i oss tire river, nut ms sou was the operatr who i"""'o'j pif;iit.ei to snow wny ne ?d t should not suffer as as a transgressor of the law. ' M. Lytch, chargyd with the tran?- portation of a large , ,,. , ntity of "fire i .," r..m t'...l.. v n . . l- . . . .,, n iin. v ileal I ill L'tll-Olil-, (iKas tried. He was not represented ' by attorney. I The ovidencfc disclosed lhat l.jtch Ihad been emidoyed by two colored ; men, uct orasng to nis te t.r.n i:y, to ; meet them at Bear.' on 1-;.i iy cven j ing !.n.i as per ae -ocra.-i.t be a, j there with '-fori" ,i:id v e tra m.-n j loaded four siiit a-os aa ..m- large (trunk of v. hat dev. ! re.! : bo wh'is i key, into the car ind a!'; -.a aboui-.i and made for KayViti viHe. Near the home of V.r D. .1. I'.rec c. jstopii - d and the nun (cases and the trunk an oai-,1 two it ir out in :::: ! : r. 1 : . i for -he ayetteviSSe, iiei-u,' cur-r-w-Rtchful M :,c:ulr. . watching the middle . f Mr. 11 -j re-entered tile car ac t I .-cmaincr of the tri,. i pi at "v. bile the spirit. . d to the In arm. of the law and his faithful mansuvers and il hagan who (': : was a "negn. -.in li M-. Uoachv, ..'.as Mr .la, k Mon-jtiait as a weiidmg gift by an organ s. n'.e.l that there ji.'.at ion of largo landowners of this the wood pile." dust j -Hu-tion. The donors nit-t arul unani- ts the whiskey car started to Fav- villo. 4he sheriff "and his car bolted ' hea i'.ong into the c;ir.- with the wh- i end of coiir-e all a daring dash for 1"; oec.ipar.ts j cd. except ma.i i r u ., ,i,i, t'ic ear: Lyteh tie ear ami l.e-k'" Wiis t.-o U.-, to .vve se :""' his fp'- -l-nck. and Mr. LitcH was put un ; i-o- ii hunting preserve. :-oml for trial yesfer.'.ay. Tilt- ev i- ! l-nited States Senator .1. lines 1' ii !iee"iy Mr.. MoHouhan, Mr. V. G. jCHtr'xe his 1-eeu ch -.-eii to c.iry the Moore and Mr. W. A. Bear !, of Bear !. I deed to Washington. N". C, was suiU thai u l.nked Mr. ! l-vtoh w.'.h knowlo'-e that he v.a,! ' : .lai'tt : as a reasonable m ... -.viuild have made ! IlSion ill Georgia investigation. er.ii, t guilty. Judg ment, 12 months in jail to be worked on roads. The whiskey to be emptied into the streets and under the laws of 1915 his car was subjected to con fiscation, which was promptly order eel, the conditions of confiscation be ing that the sheriff should first ad vertise same as any other personal proptry is advertised and sell same at public auction. Defendant appeal ed to Superior Court and bond, fixed at 250.00. CUMBERLAND j SUPERIOR COURT! COIKT ON V EN Eli MONDAY. A Nt MfcEK OF CASES W EKE 1USIH)SE1 OF. , , . A nnmoer of minor c.ase-s were Uis. pose i in in Superior Court M onay. X)oi 1'erry, vharjred with keying to i j J "' ,,u,ttl 3or "e vuiiv. v er-i j'11 ''' twelve "food lawful citizens,"! j - tmr.. yet. ! i........ w . i"1 !he m'"-t notorious Wind timers i !?ver Selected. ' ' trieil and founj ihy "f '!linr to Kdfrar I'hiHips ,!v? bottle 'f beer on tne 1.5th of Of-j ! Mr. Phillip testified that hei j marched the home several times and had found as many t three barrels i J empties. .Mr. Lige Hatch, who ! wa place"! on duty, on the . 3rd of i October,' which was ISunday, testified tnat aJ "'te men and colored men went to Ellen's house during, the day and some of them stayed as long as an hour and a half and that when they left that some of them carried pack ages of various sizes, and Jiraffs one car carried a crate of beer or a beer crate away. The verdict -was guilty, and it looks like they got a "big one." No judgment yet. Neal. Black, white man, about 25 year of age, charged with murder, had a venire of one hundred men summoned to appear at court Wed nesday morning at 9 o'clock, at which time he will be put on trial for hi life.- He is most ably represented by Mr. E. G. Davis, and Messrs. Sinclair, Dye and Ray appear with the solicitor, Hon. S. B. McLean, for the State. Roumania to Let Big Russ Army Pass Bucharest via Paris!, Nov. 22.' "Roumania will permit Russian troops to cross its territory if the forces are regarded as sufiicient to cope with the armies now assailing the Ser bians." This statement was miule today by M. Filipesco, former niim.ster of war. and one of the Vh:ef supportens of the entente in '.his toi.ntry. -'The siuiiitiuii also depends ' in hii-ge. measure on 'the ipiestion, 'Will the lw-ussians avi-ie in. lime to si.ve the Soros? " he added. "According to advice? which ha e reached me, the r.'.issi.n.s will arri-it at t,ur fron tier in a fortnight, and will ask per mission to ero.-s Koumama. The g:n- I ei nmetit wili answer yes if the forces ! p in siilii. ient number to contend .vt'ssftii'y with the Bulgarians.""- Wilson and Bride ' Voted 1,000 Acres F.aiie. rk., Nov. 22. One thou- I -and 'a. res of land will t-e presented to 1 ie-ii!ent Wii-.n and Mrs! Norman : m-tusly voted to make the present to make the pr land 'deeded to ami the future and have the the Pro.-iuent t iis n. "I he land fucf the Mississippi river (on oiitS siiie ami the St. Francis rii-o j on the other- It i.s v l! prote. teii by : ;i levt i- system- It is ar: ideal Itva'.n i Atlanta, Cu., Nov. 22. Twelve j persons were kiSied today and mur.v injured when the Central of Georgia train from Birmingnam to Macon collided with another train bearing Kennedy Carnival Company ten miles west of here. Nine cars were wrecked. Geo. Kempt, president of the Carnival Company, his -wife and several of the employe were burned to death.' OPPOSITION DEVELOPING ! In the Country Asrainst j the President's Pre- - 1 . .j j PareCJneSS 1 Ian. COMMONER ' SPEAKS . , - 'Says That the Selections of 191S Were Answer to the Frepared- edness Folic Bryan's First Fublic Ftterance. . Washington. Nov. rj. Important information receiv'e.1 here from Con gressmen and Senators arriving to- jday indicated the fact that stronr ... position is developing in the coun try against the President's prepared - jness plan's for the army and navy. j Rt,prlii iml,,.ate tha, man. ieadimj Jemoerats will oppose President Wilson's efforts to increase the navr jani army. The first public utterance of former Secretary W." J. Bryan was received this morning w hen the Commoner, Mr. Bryan' paper, reached here. It ia almost entirely devoted to oppositioa I to the President's policy. Several of the articles being signed by Bryan himself, and he says that the election of 1915 were an answer .to the pre paredness policy. If the election in Massachusetts did not declare against it it did not declare in favor of it. .Taking Rides with Mr. K itch in, tne Commoner points out, that the spe cial war tax will expire December 3 and that this loss with the contem plated Increase vill make a deficit of 335,000.000.' I Claims Roosevelt and Lane Advised Mersrer Washington, Nov. 22. Chas. S. Cellon, of the directors of the New haven and Hartford railroad, in dicted for criminal conspiracy under the Sherman anti-trust act, testified that as far back a3 1907 he discussed the merger with President Theodore Roosevelt and that when the Presi-" dent was told 'that certain Canadian roads were about to purchase the Boston and Maine road that Mr. Roosevelt said that he w.is no lawyer, but if that was the case he would not let the property fall into the hands of the Canadian road. The President sent me to Franklin K, Lab. Interstate Commerce Coin-mi-si. . in r, w ho advised that it would be a veiy bad thmg from. a military staroi point f-r the Boston n.td Maine t". fall into the hands of aliens. iAnti-Cierman Feeling uuns liigh in Italy London. Nov. 22'. A Central New dispatch from Berne slates that the bo- ef e:-t.s in dip!--niauc circlt-s that ait I'alt.in dejaration of war against Germany now is a matter of hours. Feeding against Germany is run-ni'--c- voty hih in It Ty as a result of ibe a. tiv.ty of -ui marines in the Med'terranean. bothiXebr. Republicans M'"i Back' Chicago Mayor Omaha. Net1. Nov. 22. -The name of W it!....ni t ilitle Thompson, mayor i f . ;:; ;: vo. . was ordered placed ort ho N,-1.; a-.ka pnraarv . ballots -.for th Rep.iUii :i!. too-iniatien for p-esi.lent. The Chi.'ii'-.i e ie, utile's name re-p.a.-od tin.- of Theoi'ore -KiK'sevelt. St.:te be oi" tarters f -r Tliomnson will In; ..;h-:ic! in Ciiraih-i i" a few Next Great Battle Probable in Turkey London. Nov. 21. Mililtary ex perts here are predicting that the next great battle of the war will be fought in Asiatic Turkey. The Germans are said to be with drawing great numbers of men from both the French and Russian front in anticipation of new allied offvw sive. .

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