x Advertise in CAPE FEAR NEWS and help us grow. CAPE FEAR NEWS CAPE FEAR NEWS erects you and asks j our support. VOL.1. NO. 10. FAYETTE Y1LLE. N. C, THURSDAY MORNING. NOYEMBF.lt. 23. 1913. PRICE, fl.00 PER YEAR Germany Using New Tactics For Troops PRESIDENT MAY TAKE HAND FORD CHARTERS SHIP FOR EUROPE WILL Dl.SCfSS METHODS OK PEACE WITH CAD1XAL GIBBONS. Steamship Liries Spend $1,118,579.76 AND TRY TO ADJl'ST FRICTION" - BETWEEN STATE DEPART MENT OF Jl'STlCE. CLASSES TRAINED FOR IMMEDIATE SERVICE. There ia Plenty of Food and Drink and Open-Air Life That Make the Weak Strong. Report Says. Lausanne, Switzerland, Nov. 24.- Swiss travelers coming from Ger s&any are offering here some explana tions regarding the "new formation!," which are soon marching out of Ger man town so often with bands and oolors flying. Jt has been supposed that these are reserves, but now it turns out they are something quite Juffercnt. ( ' Since the Ijejrinrtinjc f the war the CJemian military authorities have completely revised the system of supplying the front with fresh troops and also of training the class call d up for service. No fresh classes are any longer trained directly for service at the front. Training in the camps is for the Ftappen service; that is, for the lines of communication and the milt tary occupation of districts overrun. Roughly speaking, there are about two million men engaged on Ktappvn aervice, and their service there lasts, according to their state of healfti and other conditions, from three to six months." The results are the fullow- First mch taken direct from ' Civil life, weaken in health by city occu pations, and not inured to hardship, are given by thia system a fairly gen-i tie introduction to military service, j There is plenty of food and drink. eommuncation with homo is la.t dif ficult; service is not particularly ar duous, and in ad iition the men have the pleasant feeling that "the cnemy pas" Consequently, the great majority of letters written home by men on Flap pen service express a perfectly gen uine cheerfulness and good humor. Second, '.lie open-air life, good locl, and regular disciplined habits have tl.e (T.- t i f rendering 11: f.-r emirt at the t'r-.t.t even m.. n vhu ha.e re peatedly i-i-n rejected a.- unfit. Weak Sight, if there is no phyo.al defect. I is found to be improve), weak ihe-tsj to be '".reritlic'iej, r.r.1 weak rserves i to be steeled. Kirther, a cn:lT of , m. n .: !..' I : ft. f..r gnrri . n -er , i.e c-wmg to .! j f- role by th. Iv uV p.rK '1111111. they ill. I -v. .-. t rv time tlo ,.?U:l.r, .ill,! ii Colo" lit r-T -e drafted tmthei th. IViell vch k'. wnd bands ''U the contrary, v. I. th. lie r. a e l:t IS'it tllO out wi:h ,yng. Tl.e aie. irafteo i--p ls incoo- p,-.';ioas!y a- p. ssi In tl." "ame .!.,'; ..? ..I f j ;b.:r p! r.J v. V there J. par :! .' " : -l:i i t' ' K- ei- .-r-iinaM Iriia r..li:' t!-' ; rta,i,-;l distil. t i ; i a f.B. ti tiioi 'irrvii.'.; r-;. n t'"if 'o this lit ippeii j l-ervice. Hut the mm' who rca. h the fioiit j fr .in th-1 Etappt-n r.ones are n-t for u' any rate lut u I h.iH.-.-t.. bei il ' aent n-eie'y to replace ls-es. The;, u -" e, it. t- 0 soeh i Pien are ie' ' r ntely -wi-l syslen-mtevil';. v it ii 1 .. ti '"" Oil th-.- .V-'.: i; bne S;'r e sou..- ,e . r... n ' A.k-j-' e.. h' ..mp.any a: il f-.eu lias sent abs.it vr.rht t- let. mei I r I 1 V on heme i w. a e.-iri-, n-i'.t.t 'of S..HU- J'o ri!'e. this mean, that 4 cvualty a'b'W .O be a erage los fa ni i a-.ia'.ties : v- t roiit h-u the eeni) ar.y is r.ot .iL'e.t in severe tiirhtinc is- abte. t I per cent per week), liut these men -ei t on home leave do net ret on on the expiration of leave. They rep "t instead to their home' district com mar, !er (He; irks- Kommandaoten i, and are drafted into new companies t"rether with men released rurest frem hospitals, etc. The new com panies thus formed are the "freih" troops which got out with flags flying and drums heating. Mackensen's force on the Serbian front is now stated to consist vrey largely of corps formed on this plan. There is a psychological reason be hind this aystem. Men who have atood for a lone me on trenck srr- ' rice in a particular aertor are not, according to German experience, the beat troop to employ for vigorous offensive in that same aector. Men fight better on the offensive cover ground which ia new to them; they are not oppressed by the memory of interminable trench life just there, and their heels, metaphoribaiy speak ing, are nut clogged by the mud of the district Several phenomena are explained by this system. In the first place, men of such and auch a regiment may suddenly be found on the western front, whereas the regiment a few days ago was known to have been in action in the Fast. It does not in the least follow that the regiment has been hastily withdrawn from Russia owing to an imperative demand for men in the Champagne. It does, per-,, haps, follow that the leave-men of companies or regiments in the East have been formed into new companies and trios1 companies sent West. Again, it may happen that from certain section of a certain front there is a sudden and urgent demand for reinforcement. The Etapnen com mands will, upon the demand, divert to the threatened point the necessary numfr of new companies on passage through available districts of theaines of communication. Hence altr a long continued period of very heavy fighting, there will be found among the killed, wounded, and prisoners on a certain sector men apparently be longirg to all suits of different regi ments and army corps. The natural impression that the Cermans have been obliged to bring up a large num ber of whole raiment is thus by no means necessarily or always accu rate. Italians Near Great Victory in Austria Iondon, Nov. 24. Italy's campaign on the Isonzo front is nearing com plete success. (tori?ia's fall is immi nent. This will open the way to Trieste, wheme the Italians can ad vance upon Pol a, the great Austrian naval bae. The greatest triumph won by the entente powers is now o,pe'te.l to come htrouth the efforts of the Itul iar. Ih'-patihe sent from .Austrian supporters on the Austrian front and. in p.'.o by the An-triaii censor in ii.aie that the forces d. f ruling the -rt.o fn.rt. are soreiy pi' -sed. They that the Au'trctns are otitmin:- I three to !ie, the Italians thu I" tiUl to tl-e fie-oi Irec.ps in every t:;;t :.:i"i-t the V"e:if l dv.fenders. ; :i i that I, .".on Italian cannons are : t.- v. up a Ireineihl v,is bombard- r!:t Tev .i!!'..-ul rep-at i-s-ieil in Vienna ye'te-,-.!..y admitted that fl'.e If.tlit.ns iiat crossl the I-on.to -r.,.rth of the (e-nia . bri-lir. he.el. but said they v ere dr. v.. n ! a. k. M in lay'j Itaiian ret.urt claimed markeil progress on the summit of Mom Sr-n M'.'V.vle, lioh .tominates the ehief Austrian ,, ret ... at to.n'.M. i ... ivp. r.'l. i:ts at A ustrian hea i i,i:irt.'e, say thai (ioo.iniii soldiers are ( .,,, 15 ihe iil-ru!e Isonzo front, the Italians lo.vum 4".0..oil men en-t;.ir.-l. All reports arree that the fo'titiiar is i-e-i.tii'-uous and that it is the Jiercost" of the cani.aign. J )j)s Ansrerqd by Plan To Alisrn China in War i Tokio. Nov. ui Important nesro-tt:.tn-!;s. ari in pree-re-s rerarding t hii'i.'s position in the war.. , i The Japanese government is silei t !,.(, the s: f ie.;, but th.- pre-s expresses i incredu'.ity at what U c ill "the hos t le i lea of ii.clu -ntig China in the en !ter,te," and asserts that irritation w ill lik vclep in Japan if it is foun i that the Lilies t .'k the lead with reference t.) i.: ., K China into (lie conflict. idol) Serbs Taken, Pristina Menaced In rhn. Nov. -i The war office to day announced the capture of 9.&00 Serbians by the German and Bulga rian armies in the operation of Mon day. The Serbians also lost 50 can nons ami 22 ma.hine guna. The Germans are advancing on Iristina from the northeast, while the, Bulgarians ere Hearing the same city from the southeast. Washington, Nov. rDifferences between the Departments of State and Justice attracted attention here today and President Wilson may have to take a hand in the matter before it is settled. The trouble grew out of the giving out for publication a statement by the Department of State charging Captain Boy-Ed and the Austrian minister with being connected with the conspiracy to furnish coal and supplies to the German commerce raiders. The relations of the two depart- ments of government are considerably strained. It has been agreed between Attor ney General Gregory and Secretary McA3oo that hereafter the State De- partrnent shall not give olI a state- ment without the consent of the De- partrnent of Justice. The "Austrian consul may ask tortf?! Pp'tnilt FaflofV u I ni w iivji oi i-iir r-iaieiiiviifc vi 9 1 nal of its authorizati omen Lrffe President TO Call Conference The following telegram from Miss Jane Adams to Mrs. Urock, explains itself: New Vork. Nov. 23. 1915. Mrs. Wnt. T. Hrock, Presi dent Civic Association, Fayetteville, N. C . For the sake of all anx ious mothers dreading that their sons may be. added to the ten million men already killed or crippled in this war will you strengthen the ap peal to be made next Friday by Fthel Snowden, of F-ng-land, and Kosika Schwim mer, of Hungarv. to Presi dent Wilson by teletrrnnhing him immediately at Wash ington somewhat as fol lows: "We use a conference of neutral nations dedicated to finding a just settlement of this war." JANE ADAMS. President Woman's Peace Party. . Mr. Wliitlock Denies Trouble With Germany New York, Nov. ' 24eBran.l Whit-lor-k. Ciiitcl States Minister to lSel .rinp.i, anived here to lay u';h. his veife on Jii.s io Y.ihre.on I'tiy. Mr. Whdio.-k is away on leave. f ab- si !n-e, and hi-; annoiiii.-enH i't that he I eM'e-ts to ret'.un to t. iiriiim i-y way j ..!' Kotterdatn tibout IV.vir.U-r 2S, put.- j an ni l' to the story : -i rnii;,..i n !aL ' tiollf: hom-ceit hmiseif man military auth.iiia in' i urn Navy League Denies Story of Expenditures Wn-hmgton, Nov. 24 The Nav Le.'irue today inr.v .,p a statement of the expenditures- of the league up to' N.ivembi c fi, in reply t criticism that , the leairue, tin;-nee;i iiy iitrc;'1 inte i ...1 , .-1 !,... ...,i.m.t.,.i .. ' from those who would profit ! the plaiis fi-r pr. parednes0.. The statement says that ?-l..v.2ti was roc4ved l.y private subscriptions and the sum of $2.S73 -iu does from memln-rs anil miscellaneous sources. Naval Demonstration In Mexican Waters ' Washington. Nov. 21. Chaotic conditions in Menico caused the eoiernmen! to dispatch the AAins luw to the -I'Ucilic const to pro tect American ptoperty and lies The Raleigh. New Orleans and Annapolis are within two dais' journey of I'olo Vampo, Mevirn, a naal demonstration -nisi take place .there within a fwc dys to impress the Mexicans. The W ins- ' low carries 275 add'tional ma rinen. Funds Transferred ' To Resen e Banks Washington, Nov. 24. Secretary McAdoo has decided to transfer gov ernment ..Xu.ridsctoS.the National Re serve Banks. The funds amount to i7,tV0.iHI and will be transferred to the Reserve Bank in the locality in which the fund are not deposited, j New Vork, Nov. 24. Henry Ford, the automobile manufacturer and 'great peace advocate, chartered a i ship today to' carry distinguished Americans to Europe to attempt to j bring about peace between the war- j ring nations, j It haa not been decided just where the vessel will, go, but it is thought Holland or one of the Scand.navain j countriea will tie visited. The party 'will sail from this port for Europe 'about December 4 J Baltimore, Md., Nov. 24. Henry ; Ford wifi visit Cardinal Gibbons, to discui-s the best methods to bring about peace. Cardinal Gibbons said he had no j engagements with Mr. Ford, but he j would be glad to see him if he will jmake an (engagement. 1 ; Ready For Work t I J X. ..1. V" i m Ti... t, , iJM;iiniJl fjlt!r. here in st?n up 0xt I Wednesday for the season. The plant. which has just, been oorr;p.i--ai!, is five stories hij-'h, with warehouse ad joining, capable of. housing the entire peanut crop of this section, and this is the largest pe:uut growing section in the South, it is claimed by experts. The power for the plant will be- sup plied by the municipal light and power plant, the machinery being driven by five electric moters de veloping 100 horse-power. About ! persons will be employed in and around the factory whose week ly salaries will amount to several hundred dollars. The plant is owned entirely by locul capitalists and is known as the Na tional Spanish Peanut Company. The president is N. H. Jpsey, a prominent and. succeTiful business man and -well known all over the State. J. B. Ed wards is the secretary arid treas-er, and It. G. Neblett, formerly of huf folk, Va., is the general superintend ent. President Wilson Working on Message Washington, No VV.iison is using his. ant.i.i'atc.i type writer in shaping .:p h.s nic.-sagt, and his Thanksgiving plans dope!..! up-m the completion of the mi su-e uhi.'n he hopes to place in the halt ii of the printer by tomorrow. Sending Ammunition: May Scud Tioops - l'i.r.s,' Nov. 21. i'ac ent " to the'l'etcle Pr -pond-! ; 's (he , lial -ia- i Ma; iiispal. li as : pan is now ru.-nn-r .'.o'.-e-i jHi'oa and tta Ru; a 'men, hut in ca.-.e it is p i j for the .l.ie.anese ;ro - .ti-.iee troops she wiil Si-r: I ef;... ! : tiua-ireii to ilisi.ee ...-..r. t ', Mapan cannot afford to : ii. it 'is siinl that Kuss'i it:- ' one-third of the nun 'i ' ea0 it . i ;-?iimc a i. ie. . od Additional i 1 OOPS Arrive at SalaniUii l.on.lon, Nov. 2 j. -ports have arrived I-V'.ir more tn'.ns huro with avUi- 1 tionat aitie-.l tr.-. t.s. ' The 1 ,1 jp I have met another defeat at the bun is j of the French in tha northe'ist fr.-nt. The Set iai.s have been sirong'y rc- j infoVi cd. j Ti:e Creek premier says that !u!e Ure.ce expects to comply with the a!- id demands, it may be.-.. me tu . es- , ary to .lisarni tro.-o entering '".i.tki territory to k'ep tlieece from l eeom- Sig a war zone. j Italians Capture- Heights Near Gorizia ; Rome, Nov. SI. ihe Italian troorW have captured the heights aV u n 1 Ciori??k tri the city is liahle to fall St any time, opening up a way to the j' Austrian navsl base. Tho Austrikns j are outnumbere.1 thr-e to one. Export of Wool and Iron From England Forbidden . . London, Noe. 24. The exportation of cotton wool and iron ore was ofTi- 'cially for bidden today. Fulton Is Ready to Challenge Willard New Orleans, Nor. 24. Ti S. An drews, acting for Tortorwh and Burns, fight promoters, has closed with Fred Fulton, the Minnesota giant, to meet Jess Willard here in a heavyweight championship fight on March 13, 1916. " ., It is understood tha. within the next few days H',0o0 will be posted with a Chicago sporting deitor, challeng ing Willard to defend his title. It is also known that Fulton is acceptable to Jones and Curley, the champion's managers. Tbefe.js; a belief here in t-porting circles that this is a move to force i Moran into accepting ,$11.0u0 him recently i" meet Wiliard. offered Wants to Abolish the Kick Over Goal New York. Nov. 21 The fooling and futile ugitation has been re newed for the ahlitton of the kick over' goal after touchdown. : There is no real' reason' why the kitk should be aliolished. Victory or ! defeat often hinire upon the success )--or faiure of that kick and it I should be left in the football rules, j Chicago scored a 14 to 13 victory i over Wisconsin this year because it made both goals after touchdown, whereas Wisconsin made only one. Vale ami Lehigh each scored a touch down in their game, hut Yale was the victor, by one point because it kicked a goal after touchdown and Lehigh didn't. Those are only two of scores of incidents this year where the kicking of a goal won a hard fought game. . . It was mighty hard for Wisconsin. Lehi;rh and the other teams to lose l,y just one point, but they had the same chance to score tht p-rlt as did their rivals. Because they failed was no fault of the mles it was the fault of their kickers. Because a game often hinges upon a taem's ability to score a goal after touch down excitement and mteres.t is add ed to the gridiron game. Kliminatine that ki-'i; would rob thn game ,of mvih of its interest, says Trunk ti. Menke. Jlans Schmidt Must Die; Appeal Is Lost H::ns t v. ho mo I th-ov h the 1 1 . !. . must ' ch ef A . The ! !-,-.! t Lighten Outof tTPa. s State Pliunr.ncy Tests i. "t'hv Mate Hnara l.- , out '-: the r, .-'a- eam:-phur- . Ray !i..i : .1.1 Hi W. i 1 -i K .bv l'r-. IV. H- -.v c.il Nt i:.-.-.- C .: Art' K v. o A'iams, I atir-ltlge. ;- H. Man. .Ih.e'.'-y. B 1;-..C. .'r . i.llllet. '.aday. ilensi-n. .11. Chui !..f.e. .1. Uaily, Kei.lsvii'e. ,-. s... Ml .,'-.i:i,.. vn-.t K F..r!y. Ahci : T Hot,;, v. 1 oweil. I,. Mal-fn, .1- , l eaks- 11. N. M.- . II. K ! I., r 1 V ; 1. M.esu! K..yet".r 1. imoiit. 1 HoyJ B. S ,1 J..mes V. W ' . . A OmCll TeleCTaphin The President Wssh.nv-vm. Nov. it More than e reeei'e-d here I 10.0C0 te .-grams w. today from the Women's Peace Move ment asking President Wilson to call a conference cf the neutral nations to work on plans for peace. It is 'hoped by Henry Font and others that jivaoe may be declared by Christmas j of this year, so-that the men now in the trenches may eat Christmas din- "Iner with their, families. PURPOSE PREPAR ING VESSELS TO HELP RAIDERS Transferred (orgou to Gej-auux Warships in the Atlantic Ocean Trial Still , in Progress. New Vork, Nov. 24. William Rand, counsel for Karl Buenz and as sociates of the Hamburg America Steamship lines, admitted this after noon the spending of the sum of ii, 11 8.&7i.76 for the purpose of out- letting, vessels to furnish supplies t he German commerce raiders. This admission was for the pur pose of keeping the government from introducing 1 00 or more witness whom Mr. Rarid designated as gro ceries and hardware clerks. At the afternoon session Fritz Sol kenburg gave a graphic description of the transferring of the cargo at sea to the Cerman "warships in the Atlantic Ocean, September 13, 1914. A storm was coming up -when a British warship hove in sight. The commander of the German ship, Capt. Trafalger, gave orders that the ship try to eitcape in the storm, but after miles of chasing captain of Tafalgar suddenly turns upon her persuer and when the two ships came with in about 2 1-ii miles of each other the German vessel opened lire upon her and the Commancia immediately re plied. We watched them as. they circled around each other ' like two game cocks for about two hours whea" the Trafalgar began toinksand the British were the victors'. The Commancia' sent out small boats to pick up the Gerrhans who were struggling in the waters and then sailed away. NEIL BLACK GETS FIFTEEN YEARS IN Sl'FKKlOit (OI KT (Jl-ITK A V I'M It Kit OK CASKS WEKK msi'OSKIl OF VKSTEKIIAY. Tht- fii-Avir. cases were tli.sposeil f in (. umiit'iimiil Superior t'ourt yes- tr-lya: II, K. Hryaii, for rnm-upport of hil lrtii aii'i ul-isuitifiint-nk, foumi no "I U ir-' M '.'-!(. , for firccaM trtfs- s r .: , i-y. C L. U .-'-, r.n 1 Lfiar P.utler, fur It, i, pr s. with IfiU e. t ' . 11 JucU..ii, t:arr ccTicealtHi - v-t i-il priih., with leave, t - ;.i.t iUuU-t, for rarryimr jcon I t it,j pi-.,s. v. 1 1 h !eave. -T : : e -t U. L hii.soii rttuilii.,, coti-"l-.-r.-f t i fV renewal. .1. ii t N i v-n? fiii y . Con -"t-!'n.!a;it "to pay witnv.e I ,U. e.l. a; tins term. I.. It. Bivw ti. usury. Continued to licit tertn. 'i iicron liiuims, iareeny. tiuilty. Tai li. ir. nihs in jail to be worked .11 1 . a is. K..y V.":;-t. i's, Neil . McKmnon an. I i.:uy dai k- .n. larceny. Co. '"tinned. tie... H;i!is, 1 claiiino,. Continued. -i icfcndai.t to gic ju.-tiuc huiij of. 2.oO. . " J. hn '"arvin, burglary; 15 years in State Prison, '.arv.n submitted to i.uru'uiry in the seccii4 .iegre. M. bytch. . ..''.atiiT. u pr..h!biticn "aw. -Cor.f tiued. Ll. n.l fixid at ;!,u...i.' 111 1'. S'.t phensoit. scniuction. : '.i.. -as ai,,i ci-ii! .nueii. Ne.l ii'.i.k sutmittesl to murder -tn te se. on I ilecrt-e anil was sentetucsi t . la y.a-s in the State Prison by .lu.ige i.e.ibee. (iermans ITse Gas In Western Front Pari: Nov. 24. On the western front the i.ermans today again at tempted sr. offensive with gas shells, h-.:t little damage was d. n.e In tha region of Ac.jua violent artillery duela raged. The Weather For Today. Fair. Washington, Nov. 24. The weather for North Carolina for Thursday and Friday: Fair with variable light noreast winds.

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