GAI FEAR IN CAP!- FEAR NEWS greets you and asks your support. Advertise in C AI'E FEA NEWS and belp us grow. VOL. 1. NO. 17. FAYETTE VII J.E, N. C, FRIDAY MORNING. DECEM BEK 3, 1915. i'RICE, S1.00 I'ER YEAR Tariff Question Will be Lively One Some Lively Tilts Expected When Congress Convenes. Washington, Oec. 2.Tbe . Ur'f will be the subject of some lively tilu in the House of Representatives "im mediately after Congress -.. nc. The aotient subject will be opened to debate when thir.PemoemUc-ka'ltri; propose the contnuation of the tax if wigar, which under the provisions of the Underwood act would end nest year. As noufi as the urn end me tit is pro posed ly the Democrat), the v.h. It tariff question will have to i? talked over, fought over, wrangled over an J thought over; in the manner of the last century.- The Republican will submit their own tariff hill proposing taxes along the Veil-known Republi can lines. The Democrats will con tend tha tthe Underwood hill needs tnly plight amendment, The high tariff Advocate will point but that the present deficit jn the national nues, necessitating emergency urea, is due to the inadequate while the low tariff diseipi ' argue that the tariff has nuth .to with the lark of revenue? in This -ase because we are fretting very few 'imports to tax. The bitterest fight in the House, will m on preparedness. Although polls taken have indicated that the admin istration's defense program will ! supported by a majority in both chambers there will be sufficient op position in the Houss to produce an interesting. contest over its adoption. Aside from the opposition led by ' ,,d Kitchin, who will succeed Oscar t'ndrewood as Democratic leader stome careful manoevering will be re quired of the preparedness! leaders in iing the rank of the naval affairs committee. This committee loses four -.: navy" members, among them obson, this session, and it will 1 i :mry for the preparedness lead ers, in order to insure success of the administration defense plans, to se lect for the four vacancies new mem Winslow Demands That Americans Be Protected San rancisi'o, t'al., Dec. 2. Ad miral Winslow, commander of the Pacific fleet, has demanded of Car ranza that adequate protection of American lives and property be given. The homes of many Americans have been looted and Hcstroye.1 by Indians and Villa troops. Austrian Peace Advocates Imprisoned New York, Dec. 2. ion has reached here that -.1 mt mbcrs of the Austrian Reichstag have been im prisoned for expressing sentiments favorable to a separate peace for Austria. It is possible that the visit of Emperor William to Vienna was for the puiptt?-e of beading off peace ef forts on the part of Austra-llaisgary Noted Catholic Divine in Great Britain Dies London, Dec. 2 In the recent death of the Kt. Ktv. John Cuthbert Med ley, P. S. B.,. the Roman Catholic church in Fngland has.lot one of its leaders. Bishop Hedley was horn in IMT, and in leot entered the Bene--dictine order, liis rise atter itng 'orUaaned priest' in l.s2,was r;tpid. It was he who pronounced the funeral panagyrics over Cardinal Manning and Cardinal Vaughan. His theidog- ical and reagious writings are well known. Dr. HisUey's diocese covered southern Wales and the neighboring district, where he presided as bishop for forty-two years. Carnegie Swears Off $5.000,000 in Taxes New York, Pee. 2. Andrew Car negie has sworn off the entire per sonal assessment of $5,000,000 mivle op on his property by the tax board. President Lawson Prudy, of the tax board, refused to give out any details as to why Carnegie swore off his axea. reve- meas- Wiflr, es" wall ing tl bers who can be J -pended up light for a big navy. There are some indications of a ht to be made against Kitchin for T jr lender,-despite the. fact, that the . i , - , " , n -Ml to take Underwoods placet .r;...hinrk.T;rT.'W,- . .......... ... .....i. y .- i esiueni wusoiis defense proirram have caused' many members to ex cuss rctrret at his selection a leader rid aome have openly declared their position: to his retention in that im ; -tutu place. The only circumstance o restrain memtiers from tHrhtin 'k. bin to the last-ditch will be the itoderness of -the Democratic ma- ority in the House and the necessity r complete harmony at all times to""'; " ' " M ""' insure measures success .of administration In the formation of the committees. chairmanship will as usual Eo u. Southern Democratic members, who under the Kile of seniority become J the ranking members of the commit-1 ees they are on. ' While every effort is to i made Ijv , Headers to hurry 'orirress home for pKmaries, conventions, and elections j t.her is little likelihood that the de- atesln the House of Representatives i will perhiit adjournment before rnid ummer aVthe earliest. The admin-1 .stration is Nxtremcly desirous of 'Iting f.'ongrW out of the way fori 1 campaign and Congressmen and Vnatorg are anvioys to get home ( to tend to their own knitting," but this' ill not. prevent an efFt on .the part ! "'some Itepuhliean meni'bers to keep i '.greis in session and irKthe l.'me-j ;ht throughout, the campaign. j The Iemucratic tauscus scheduled or Saturday, December 4, promises j produce some entertaining xleveli.p-1 lends. The possibility of a light j against Kitchin, the adoption of "a I program for appropriation bills, and j he outlining of the plan for the pre- ! ardeness measure, will furnish am-1 munition for much warfare. I Henry Ford Changes Plans But Will Sail Saturday New York, Dec. 2. - Henry Ford arrived here today from Detroit and went immediately to his temporary headquarters at the Itiltmore Hotel. Mr. Ford said that he had abandoned the idea of getting the iwys out of the trenches by Christmas, but that he still expects to succeed with, the peace plans. His ideas are to establish a perma ment court at The Hague of neutral nations of; Kurope and the United States with five representatives, each to consider ways of bringing atxiUt peace, lie said that he did not even see the telegram that was sent the Pope. He will not formulate plans 'r the belligerents, but will only aid .'.s suggestion are made in bringing about peace. ' .More Evidence Against Austrian Consul Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 2. 'The Aus-tro-Hunganan consul here gave out i statement today in reference to the charges that the Austro-Gei'mans were -.onocctel with the ammunition plots. The tonsiil admits part of the state-n.:-u of Dr. E. W. Ritter that he had ;en furnished funds and that the ustroGermahs 1 secured a statement from Dr. Ritter charging that the l.usiiania carries! gun cotton, but de nies that the affidavit was paid for. . According to the Austrian consul the money paid Pr. Ritter was for the purpose of helping him carry out ex periments and invsetigation as to gun -otton ami not for perjury testimony, as charged. Austro-German Armies Driven Back London, Dec. 2. The Times Pis natch Kiilnn tt-i corresnondent TenortA that the Austro-German armies have been defeated in the south sad are marching northward. Income and Busi ness Taxes to Cut Deficit Washington," Dec. 2. The dwind ling revenue returns of the. govern ment shortly will be greatly in- .'reasei by much larger income tax and corporation tax returns, accord ing to Democratic loaders of the House and Senate. " ' - When the iriroim;- tr;- law went into effect. Treasury experts ' calculated j that $d'),0"0,000 vou'd bs paid into I the hands of the government the first j ear. This forecast pro,-! correct. c: irT-deut that the - 'ie' - aKt f tr .-nero;-.; ? in this return , , . V. "' " ,,eisrl' -u r,er c'-,,t " ;ifoVJ?TOm?e-t also, ; The expected total of the curpoia ; .,n tuK, on account of the business boom, is certain to show a very much iS.O'Kii" increase, and from these two (Jiir. es the administration ln.pc.a to jobviato the p'.'cessity of too cirastic j revenue-raising. i;-ys at the coming so::. n of ("oii.ure.s. I i is admitted that the income thus i . I. ...I r.. ,u ... : A., . " " , ' , "l '. "-!y v.ii! have the erfect of prevent-' " , " "'r'" "eu'n?e , r' " j" f'"" th" ; News of the War in a Condensed Form London. Dec. 2 The teutonic fffcrs are pushin;; the Munten groen forces to the northeast. In the south 1,000 prisoners were captured, according to Kerlin dis patches. Italian forces are reported as landing on the Albanian coast. The Creek government lias been informed by Cermany and Austria , that if allied troops con tmue to land that Creek Mace donia will no longer be considered neutral territory. The Bulgarians hae also protested to Creece. The Unitarians have not occu pied Monastir, but the Cerhian forces are in retreat and arrange ments are being made for the Says Officials Are "Whimpering Patriots" New York, Dec. 2. The case of the indicted officials of the Hamburg American steamship lines went to the jury at 2:30 this afternoon. Judge Howe rlinrged the jury not to onsi ler the fact that the indicted of ficial furnished coal and supplies to the German commerce raiders, but if hey found that a conspiracy was en tered into the si-cure fnulse or forges manifest of records that the verdict should 1-e guilty, v The United States Germans Sought AVar, According to Belgian Minister Washington, Dec. 2. An official statement given out by the lielguim consul stationed here in reply to ex tracts of Belgium diplomats publish ed by the Germans to show that Great Britain, France and Russia entered into a conspiracy to bring on war. says that the fact that England pro-, posed to arbitrate the. matter for the sake of peace and that Germany re fused the same, and tfcWifurther fact that when Belgium was. attacked England was not able to send a sin gle soldier, to her aid, shows conclu sively that it was not England. France and Russia that wanted and brought, about the war, but Germ tay and Austria. Tews to Celebrate "Feast of Lights" Hanukkah, the Jewis Feast of Dedi cation, began Wednesday, and for eight days the festival will be cele brated in the temples, and synagogue. It is popularly known as the ""Pea! of Lights," for sacred lamps are kept burning in every orthodox Jewish home and temple, beginning with one one the first day and increasing daily until eight arc burning. Many of Fold's ' . j Party Will Not j Secure Passports- . . , Wnsh-nittoti, Dec. 2. Rtnte Depart-; fmont officials refused to grant pat s-' ports to Henry Ford' peace party to visit the belligerent nations. ", Only forty of the 2K to with' Ford neve- applied for passports and : l"t granted, Mr. Ford wasTiot amur;? : them. Grave doubts were expressed ' us to--the sailing of the'Oscar 11 Sat- ucday at p. m.- were expressed on ' account of failure of many meml-er of the party to receive . American r asjt :.i-t ' "' s Iresident and Bride Cnmintr Snulh;' "f t,u' m tht' '''' Vhinifton, Dec, ;2.- A!! idgns'rders are res. point to the- marriage of l-'i-esident Wilson and 5ir.-.. Norman 'Cult as : likely to take place 'the week begin-' nine- with the With ..f tWemhei- Th,- t'nited States ship Mayflower is; ready to teke. the President and his bride-to-be, who is to become (he, fir-t lady of the land, on their horeymoon. the southern Railway has been nod fied to have one of its cars at theie'icd it to prevent passage oi tne disposal of the bridal party some-."''1 laSt Furthermore, Dem vhere in the south nresumablv at 'ocratic senators are repeating rumors Chitrleston or Savannah. : surrender of the city lo the Itnl- garian forces. 1 lerce : herding has been tak- ing place in Belgium. Two more liritish ships are re ported sunk, presumably by Cer subm irines. Icussian are reported as pre paring to enter the lialkan cam paign. liritish casualty list is 510.2.10 for the entire war, with 1 0B.fi23 privates killed, and 6,910 oMirers. Keports from liritish front in dicates quiet, except in. France. The liritish have lost S3 ships, with a tonnage of 6,1"2. and 616 lives. ' - Thirty-five sailing vessels, with lives. district attorney, in summing up for" the government, said that if any of you Americans were in Germany and war broke out between the United States and Germany, of course, you would aid the United States all you could, but if you were caught by the German government you would take j our medicine like men- and be proud ! of it. ( He characterized the indicted ofn-; cials as whimpering patriots. , T rv -J i liryan Decides to Join Ford in Europe . Washington Dec. William . J. Bryan n will join floury Ford's after all. A telegran ruise ern re- ceiveti here er Secretary llomes, said. stcr from the form- rwM! s"u;n- ui.inmating .ootn nrancnes f S.t'aie to Roxford L.Jof Congress voted for Clark. u'.'' ! Senator Kern, of Indiana, gave his I have wired Ford headquarters in New York that I will joint party at The Hague if not sooner." The telecram was dateii Miami, Fia. Bryan will io to New York prob ibly Friday for a more complete dis ussion of his plans to join the Ford pa.ty. according to Mr. Holmes. Britain to Permit Tobacco to Germany - , Washington. Dec. 2 Ambassador Page at London cabled the Slate De-ji partment yesterday afternon that Great Britain has raised the bars on shipments of tobacco to Germany. Such shipments will lie allowed to proceed without molestation from the British government. WEATHER REPORT Washington, Pec. Weather for NticUi Carolina: Friday and Saturday fair, with rising temperature Satur lay; light western and northwestern winds. " Henchmen Whetting Up Their Swords ForVFight for Passage of a Ship Purchase Bill. Washington, 2.Administra- . tiim henchmen pB'jr;nt; their armor t ;.nd-whei.tirig up .their f words for a vigorous renewal !.'' .the t'sjrht foil ipaF!ge of. a ship piiFchase Ijill; Barling under' te de- the Sena-. last . :ei i on. - -Dfeov h r ie ij to carry the ship a I ni:-!). . ;p-'rcnase ngni The bill proposed will be aimiwt identical with that of last sc-ion. Democrat :c senators are ,p :.?.: rig victory for the measure. Witti the two leading ' anti-shipping bid oppo nents, Boot and sBurton, . out of the Senate, they ' declare the opposition will lose much of. the strength which t i the' effect t,hat several of the Ue ' publican senators who fought the bill i n, the .last session have seen the need I of just sul-h a maesure and wi! sup when it is 'introduced this Itinie. Republican leaders deny, how lever, that there will be any serious I defection from their strength and "point out en the contrary (hat the ; seven Democratic senators who 'allied i themselves wi'b the Republicans ',agamt the bill have not changed 'their minds during the adjournment. i The shipping bill fight has created i i pj-obhm of -.--electing a new lire i j !e:t pro Urn', of the 'fenate and prod la!.! y a new Democratic 'floor leader, '.'senator Clarke, of. Arkansas, the president pro tern., earned the lordinl antagonism of . his Democratic col leagues by going to the opposition to the shipping bill last session, shipping bill supporters have juietly preparing for revenge The been upon i.'larke., The plan is not to offer him re-election to the presidency pro .cm, but to select in his place Senator Kern of Indiana. It is reported that Clarke, conscious of the opposition to iis; re-election, will not even lie a can didate for the presidency pro tern. The, chief, objsftion to Kern is that he comes from Indiana, which stale already has the Vice-President, who ct as president of the senate. Also his election to the presidency pro cm. will cause a vacancy in the floor leading job, which owing to its pecu liar requirements, will be hard to fiill from the material available. The . government merchant marine is being urged as necessary to round out the administration's defense pro gram. If the country is to have ade Opposition to Clark Growing Among- r Young: Democrats Washington, Dec. 2. Organized jattempts of 'mostly , young members 0f the Senate are growing. but not lii te l ,,!ish e Hlftai tf s- jator C lark as president, pro tern, of jtne - afnate.. inc opposition came mostiy from the south, but the north r i rtts, imuicm uitoit !"" f,,r vxinK for 'nat0? Vom- rine as a desire to help Senator Pom- erine in his fight for re-election, which takes place next fail. Foreign Birth May , . Halt Pastor's Trip , ChjgK, Dec. 2.-Jenkm l.'oyd Jones, pastor of All Souls' church and nationally known as a social worker. may not be able to go on Henry's I Ford's European peace trip. When he applied to the Federal authorities ere for passports he was unable to ' lvrove his American citizenship. Pr j Jones was h:-n in Wales and came I 0 the Cnitef im. year old. vhen be was China Desires to Remain Neutral Pekin, China, Pec. 2. The foreign office issued a statement that China had no idea of engaging in the war. lbut desired to remain neutral. Dc '1'iate naval preparedness, it is ar ,;.:ed, it must have an adequate naval .auxiliary in the form of a merchant :o.i,'inc. Se, rotary of the Treasury r. cAdoo, outlining the administration's 'Vans. in regard, to the ship purchase VII says: , V "The government mustproyide puch . naval a .sii-ory without delay and .iviiite if f- r the purpose ( training sn e'-sen'.ia! and efficient nayul reserve, sf Ame:i'..cii olt'.i en an ! itainen of niiestioiK-d fci:li., to - fiur flag, no 'Vit n tinie of u;,r owr reliance for a vaval auxii iiry ail naval reserve will tot 1 a n:.ike-dii4t r a broken reed. Profound economic changes will result, from the wV(d war now raging, We must secure or economic 'as well as our physical safety. "The utilization of a naval auxil iary merchant marine in time of neuce for the e.:pai;sHn' and protec tion of our foreign trade ja of vital mport-'iiv e. The prosperity . of our uintry depends ab?olut.elyupon the continuefj growth cf . our foreign "otntnerce." ' 1 l he LaFollette iitncii'i! bill is to t i' fought "coming and going." Its original supporters propose to fight ."r its amendment so as to remedy defects which ' tho Department of Justice b"8 . found in it. Under, the rulings'- of the Department of Justice o.'U' ris of the bill most desired by- .'.Follettc have bV'cr,, rendered inef fective. On the other hand, a strong !"?.! t will be made for the complete. cociil of the bill. The steamship -irnpanies. which ray the measure will force them out of business have , been c-ontiucting ;i vigorous campaign j againt.t the bill for months, J This session's conservation program, ! will include several important piece of legislation. The conservation, measures to be brought before the Senate will be a land leasing bill, a general dam bill and a radium bill The. land leasing bill will open to development the vast areas of goev-. urnt land in the west but Will pro-" feet the public against exclusive benefit goirrg-tj) private leases. The general hill probably will precipitate one of the most interesting contests the enatq . wil see throughout- he fcession. On this question the line between the radicals add the reac tionaries will be clearly drawn. The radicals will oppose any effort to per- , mit water power rights to fall into the hands of private corporations without due return to the government and the opportunity of re-purchase. Germany Expecting: Long; war; feociaiists . X Demand Peace Talk Berlin. Iec. 2. Important Reisch -tag committees met yesterday and took up various phases of the gov ernment's legislative program. .These are of such a nature as to show that the government expects a long war. The Socialist paper A'erwaerts again took on the peace question. It de mands that r mbers of the Reich stag hf permitted to "engage in a free and. public discussion of peace terms to. insure to the government the support of the people when peace ne- i gotiations start." j Tne Berlin" "newsnapVrs generally praise the :"is h e President Ksempf !of tb Kt:i; the opening - in, -nt that Germany has. enough grain ..ud potatoes to supply the people with foixi is a notice to the allies that their .efforts to starve Germany have failed. 169 Balance Lef t by Exposition San Francisco, Pec. 2. The Pan-ama-Pacific Exposition will close its gates Saturday night with a net bal ance of 2.2Sl,l63.Sy, figuring the , municipal auditorium, the exposition's gift to the city, at its cost price of t.OSti.OOO- " This amount is $1 ,29,240.15 in ex cess of the balance of the St. Louis Exposition, H ia IH7,1S4.S5 in ex cess of the net balance of the Chicago Exposition. .

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