I. V- v: ; . : , . '-;.;- - - - ." - - . - - ' ' . 4 - s- ' -. - A. . , , - DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY TOL. -1. HEDEESOJfYILLEf VOBTH CAROLINA, MONDAY. AUGUST 14, 1911 c 46 I; si..'- v v 4i . i. 'i: ' 9 . t - 3 r .; V . -a t - i WILL BE BUI Arrangements have been perfected wuicu v. hi assaie tue city of another modern, up to-date hotel. This hotel is to be erected in Laurel Park and will contain ever one hundred rooms with the latest conveniences. The need tor more hotel facilities at this popular place has never be fore been so keenly felt as it is at pre sent. The hosterly there now is full of guests and the waiting list has ever two hundred names of persons anxious for an opportunity to spend the summer at this place. Over 50 persons were turned away before the 1st of July, and more than 600 alto gether, notwithstanding the fact that no advertising has been done. No mere.,. evidence than this is needed to assurethe success of the venture and demonstrate the urgent need for addi tional accommodations. - No" better " location than the one selected could have been secured. The elevation above Main street will be two hundred and fifty ' feet. A commanding view . of Hendersomille and the magnificent scenery of this section can be better secured from this site than from any adjacent sec tion of the ' country. Tourists look ing fw a place, whence they will have -an unobstructed view of some of the best, mountain scenery ia Western North Carolina vrill find f ie view from this hotel all; and even more than they had expected. All visitors as well .as townspeople are familiar with the natural ibeauty: of this suburb of the city: and will agree that no more-promising -site" for a PROTBT ttmilORS An Interested Citizen Offers Some . - : , Tiaieiy Suggestions. ; To the Editor : . I r ' - Many thousands of . strangers . are now in Hendersonville! ' Many opportunities of practicing extortion upon these visitors are pre sented. , '' . - Quick and drastic action is com mendable when a chance Offers itself of making a public example of anyone guilty of so imposing upon the city's Visitors. - -v , . '"":-';' Any other course would be serious ly detrimental to - this resort's -befct interests. A case in point is this: A visitor here, a guest -cf theXaiu el Park Retreat was cempelled to 'pay twice fev the transfer of her-trunk ' from the depot to the Retreat. The trunk check was delivered, on . the train, to an agent of the Tranfer Comuany and the usual charge of fifty cents was then paid. : When the trunk was later delivered at the Retreat,' the Transfer Companys driver insisted upon collecting a. sec ond fifty cents, in spite of the lady's earnlst protests that the charge had already been paid, and was so indi ,' caied upon;the trunk check, i.v . The driver persisted,' however,- in collecting again, and exceedingly em '. fcarrassed at being placed in the false position of endeavoring to avoid pay ment for services rendered the lady did pay a second time. v- ; Fcv - the : sake of the principle in volved, and for the purpose of help to prevent similar, cases of extortion, the attention 6f , the Hendersonville Transfer Company wa3 called to the laatter. . ,v . . ': -'-.-. 'i The Transfer Company immediate-' . ly refunded-: the second charge ccl t Jected. In ran effort to discover the ; . identity of the guilty employees,, tvfo ':l of their' drivers were sent to the Re treat. One of them, when asked why he did not turn in the fifty cents col lected, replied that he "forgot to." : If this man is still in the employ ; of the Hendersonville Transfer Com pany, occupying a position' .offering . .countless opportunities to goi'jge the ipnblic.is not this case of extortion . a matter properly coming within ' the jurisdiction of the police? j The average man or wamon prefers , to spend a hundred dollars to being gouged out of ten cents. j Tflis one instance nas . come to ' ' light. ;-. 'irX, -ri.;. r . How. many others are there where the visitors : have kept quiet ? v ? ; Farsners in tfte Senate 'y Leslie's Weekly "has made a classi 4fieation;:fUnited -States senators ac- cording to profesion as follows: Law ?.yers,? 61,f bankers 5;; business 8; far- mers, ;-'4; journalists, '3; i mining. 2 ; mantifacturers '2;- author, 1 ; docter 1; occupations notA-given, 4.1n com menting on these -figures the Augusta - Chronicle says "those who '.. have as- - pirations in the direction .. cf . - th e United States senate had better study law if. they ever expect to get there.' By the way, is it possible that there are only four farmers in the senate? If so, South Carolina furnishes half the number, Tillman and Smith both being farmers. , A. :. Air m- iii EDATB100.000 UMBEL 'hotel could have been found else where in the "state. The peopld. behind this movement are men of unquestioned financial ab ility as well as of stern moral worth and the, suspicion ' of their failing with this project is not to be;ccusid ered for one moment. They are the same type . of men who never . take a backward look once their ; hand ; has grasped the plcugh and, in this in stance, there will b& no question of a false start or a weakening : of en thusiasm when the crucial time comes. - There is no doubt that this hotel will be in readiness for the season next year and it will be a decided ad- dition to the buildings of a public na ture in this section. Nothing will be left undone in the erection of .this hotel which will add to the conven ience or pleasure of the guests. No halfway measures will be taken but it will be thcroughly modern in every particular. ; ' - ' . .- ; Plans for the erection'of this -hotel arc now- beir.g drawn by vth wo"I kno-wn yoi-ng architect,' '.Mr- .IT, C. Meyer, who is now camping near- t'nc nronosed site, and giving. Iris best ef fr t.?. to preparing- acceotablc'.' plans. - Later: Dr. Child, President of tpA Peoples? Banlr, will . oranir?.- a ' FtoO ccnr.:'any , for the erection of tbis'hrtrl. to bp capitalized at , $1.00.000- vfth privilege of beginning-wc k-as soon as the. f.rst $25,000 a's'-raised. Ttt :s expected that, this amoimt . y.r!H hps raised in the course of a few days and tbat work will begin shortly. THE SMM ID PM (ILS We have heard it said that, if the Spartanburg girls could see some of the tight-wad Spartanburg lads blow ing in their coin on the summer maid ens around Hendersonville they would not believe their - eyes. Spartanburg Herald. . ' - ; And when the allesred "' "tisrht-wad ?;:aitanburg lads" first beheld the superlbeauty of the "summer maidens aiound Ilendei sonville," they "would net. believe their eyes," either. ". ' ; Their first glimpse cf the dress pa rade, a daiiy occurrence on Main niieet, was. a revelation to them of girlish loveliness in its most intoxi- tiug masculine unbalancing forms. True, some of the forms were delight fully suggested by the tight-fighting, scant skirts the dear creatures wear, but that detracted not, one little bit from the Spartanburg visitors pleas ure. They gazed, open mouthed, wide-eyed, unbelieving and incredu lous, at first. But they were from Spartanburg, yoa know.' and thev were mere men, after all, so it took tnem not long to awake from their hypnotic trance and get in the game. The allegation that these boys are "tight-wads" is indignantly - refuted, denied, and hurled back into the very teeth of the Spartanburg Herald. They came here parched, athirst and hun gering for girlish beauty. . In Hender sonville, right here in Hendersonville, famed as the natural home and habi tat'of the prettiest girls in the world, they- found a refreshing oasis of beauty and in the perfectly natural re-action they ARE blowing in their good Spartanburg coin in a manner pleasing to themselves and most grat ifying to the visions of .loveliness, na tive and visiting now herel l : Of course, there are depressing prospects, for Spartanburg girls, of a financially hard winter. But in the meantime there isn't a single, solitary Spartanburg tight-wad in Henderson ville. Not one. Ask 'any girl here ask the candy stores the drug stores the livery people the. garage plu-toc-rptf? ask anvore (--: tbem, and if you tell 'em you're from Spartanburg they immediately . send . to the bank for more change even before you say what you want. - - Spartanburg boys-tighwads! Perish the thcgtjght! Every visitor here from Spartanburg- bs's . scads of - suds to burn and the girls know it SlniniPRsOIf-nflows. Friends in ITenderscm-ille have re ceived the following: Mr.' and Mrs. Furnifcid sMcL. Simmons request the . pleastire of your company at the marriage of their ' - daughter Ella McLendell ' ' ' '-.to -;v.-;" ,. . Mr. Wade Meadows on the afternoon of Thursday the twenty-fourth of August at four o'clock , : ;. Christ Church , : : New Berne, North CaroKna. - . ' - v?' f V: - ?.-.-..il SHORT LOCAL IMS. Mi$'s . Florence , Sevier of Spartan burg was tne guest 6;Miss iCate Owen ioi ihe week-end. Matthiesen's Alkahest Chautauqua band numbering ton men reached tae city tcJay and will be heard at. the Auditorium for .'several nignts. " Mr. John J- O wen of Spartanburg, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Owen." Rev.-T. J. Mullinax of Marietta, S. C.,, who combines farming with cleri cal duties, is in the city today. - Mr. T. E. Ccggins of Spartanburg who has been spending a few days in the city, returned to hisfliome yester day, s : - The many friends of Mr. E. G. Still well will be glad to see him again in the city after spending a. year at C j. nell and taking a summov course, at the University of Pennsylvania. Miss Mar jorie Scctt Vil 1 have charge' of tee. serial - cohima of the Asheville-Citizen this. 'week wliile the regular, wrixer io onjoyin;; her vaca tion.' Miss. Scott. ig an -adrt at. thk worX and will Htcznotzlily nil the' vr: cancy. - ' '- - ''"'- -'-.- -. ; Mr. Jimmy Ffrlov ."suft'e'red. 'a very painful accident Sal.irdliy rJgbt . while putting- a tireT ca an-. atictjjjobile. . " In &.,i-;e. way ...he -'got. liisj caught ir. tho-tia-.sii:!i.?i.j-.i iv cl r.:id one of bit ur.rois. vas broken. - .1 '. - T7. B. Ccoper, u wholesale 'mer chant of.,Wilmingtca aiul .President of the American National Bank reached the eft!' yesterday and will remalr; several days with his family who arf . spending the summer at Laurel ParT -Retreat. Mrs. G. M. Bailey and daughter Elizabeth, of Houston, Texas, wh are now staying at Overlook Park will arrive in the city in the course c- a few days and spend sometime at r,.e iiotel liates. Mr.- Bailey who is a '.so, expected within a week or two is tne jLditor of .the Houston Post anfi srColonel jyon the staff of Governor Hooper.-'- . " ; f. ; Messrs. L.. Sternfeldt and D I? Morris of Montgomery, Ala., reached .e cny iast nignt and will sDend sev etal weeks here and at neighboring points. Mr. Sternfeldt is the Associ ated f-ress correspondent at Mont gomery ana is well kno.vn in Alaba ma through his newspaper work. Mr. Morris is the official weather prog- nosTxcator ior tne government at thi; point.; Mr. .Stowe Croase of Lincolnton 7. C, at .present' connected with tin GvJ Id Construction Co., at Waynes vie was in the city yesterday, leav ing last night for Brevard where he expects to spend a day or two before returning to the city. Mr. Crouse was a former student at the Univers. ty and will return there this year to pursue the study of law. Mr.-Crouse has spent several summers here and his numerous friendswill" be glad to welcome; him back for a few days. " ' . j. ' T ' J L -, '" ' '.' From 10 to 11 o'clock, this morning Dr. C. F. Reid delighted his audiencf at the auditorium. : His subject wap "Christian Leadership" . and he han dled it like the master hat he is.' The audience was deeply J moved " and swayed by the eloquence arid earnest ness of the sneaker and it is an as sured fact that the Bible hour will be oae of the most popular features of tbe Chautauqua. All are invited and no admission fee is charged. . Raleigh, NaAug.. 13. William R Yerby. salesman in vh.the;Glob Clothing store. his ,' : wife.'?; ' Mrs. Ada Austin Yerby, ; L. J,- Norris. andHay wood . Pentiy, a negro hackman. are held in jail by the police here, pending investigation of the murder ; of J. B. Bissett, whose body was foimd by the rd PHPt of the city last jiirbt with a bullet wound in the chest that rang- o-1 fowgH tb P'rt . oav-ritt.-1 artery. ' Mrs. Yerby- admits she and Bisset and Norris were driving in the ack last night, and that after Norris left them, mad - because they could find no "company" fo him, that she 3Tid -Bissett" drove ' to tha -woods where "Pissett's body was found. ??b says she had told the two. -men tn husbsid wy? at home drunk.: Mr Yerby : say - that wh-ett 9 . stont. jmau. wKom she didn't kr"-w. and who iwoe baclr coat? or shirt, ; rushed unon them and . phot Pispett, rn ,t,f ;? bck pud doye home. TJ?,-?nd"irifi;:.of BissAtt's. body was 'ervpTted - to 'fee by- Norris who insists thrt be knew - roth'ng- of- te--yliv''vvtV. t.?e br.ily was f on lid. He also foiml a re volvpr rar t"3 sceTie. and 'Tive"r'' tbat to the police ?wbo , say-tbp-,r wOf nrove It wa his. Yerbv ef o'-f1-. in sists . tbat he " knew notbins: th wboe pffair until officers c&rpt f f1"0 him and his wife pn "Qfvfr'. - t?" j naekTT?.an insists he knows notmng or tbe killing. ' ' : V ?. - . -''- '- MM CLASS PI EASES The - native mountaineer ' singing class, twenty-five sweet voices under leadership of Professor R. K. Oir, w-iiich appeared at Laurel Park Casi no Uuniay afternoon, scored an un .taliliod success. i-ic.ily five hundred people listen ;1 ap)-eciatively to the odd time re igloa nymns grand old sacred songs rendered with a spirit and an under standing of their meaning to be found only in the people of Western North Carolina. The concert was cf about one and a half hour's duration and the Casino was filled by a keenly at tentive audience. - So successful, in fact, was the oc casion, that efforts are now being made to have the concert repeated cm' next Sunday afternoon. In that case. c:.e ci ova, great as it was yesterday, ill ooVotiess be doubled. The con cert was all that it was expected to "Vr r. every sense and was most thor oughly enjoyed by these fortunate arses present. It is estimated that not less than three thousand people visited Laurel Park during the day. The street car line carried most of these. An al most endless procession of vehicles and scores of automobiles carried '.iundfeds. The park ceemd to be lit-oi-pily full of people from 4 o'clock on. T!e street car service v.-?3 e-.-ellent. Tbere wer no annoyinrr decays t! thousands' were carried o-f ?ti k.?. ' C? Ve ' e j) t v i ne any wam nii a t'me -n!n 'tlc?5te-'r-:L but it rent 'v: ."r-r,-"? ra". ;"'''e7S''r.,r,3npviih'?'s PTnyg. o:''" "' ... r '"aj-'rity rv-Ae fo Crr 1 f-nrlnpr. c cfel d-ep of Jt ' '- old frtr and ton scattered p.lnnsr through the rnlle of shaded -?1ks ?cCd rths per.etrnttnr the rstrte ;f ever Laurel Park cnnlusle--IcrT-Mstrated its utiitv. its ror-r-''-' to Hendersonville. Tt wa? yrtnr ' -when the thousands florked thn from town and enjoyed Nature in hn" happiest mood. STEEL RAILS The first consigment of steel rail? for the street car line reached the city today and will be unloaded and placed within a short time. Their aggregate weight is in the neighbor hood of 87,000 pounds and it thought that they will be sufficient to cove; aearly one-half mile of trackage. Other consignments are expected tr. - each . the city in the course cf v ew days. The rails now on the yard "at thf railway station give conclusive evi !ence to, the 'mcst -skeptical that the -;treet car proposition is to be push ad to "successful fruition and that ?re long Hendersonville can boast l p street car line along with her other numerous advantages. - At the Palace. So great was the crowd at this nlae last night that standing, rojm was at i premium and it was hard to even est oast the front door. The reporter was imong the unfortunates and while he failed to; see the pictures he heard iome exquisite music. It is safe to resume the pictures were eood - thev Tever have "been otherwise. The c hestra" seemed to be nlavincr under i sort of inspiration and it was well vorth while to stand en the outside itid listen to music s; superbly rend ered. - The poet who remarked , to the offect that music hath charms . to oothe the savage beast must havp heard this musical aggregation in ac tion somewhere Just before he pen ned those oft-quoted lines. " -, V AT THE LYRIC.: - r'A large crowd witnessed the., last performance of the monster, troup which has been holdfng the board" here for the past week and the varl- us actors and actresses ' acquitte themselves well. For " the ensuirg 'yeek two diTe-e.r.t teams vill enter tain. The f." AVree nirbts of tbl- week,will p - female nerformeT in a'delightCur Mttle sket.ch.v Tbe last three nights, anotber team will occimr the stage. A laTe ero'i .wjjl be cr?f Monday night to gre- tf"? new tcan"'. and if adyanc? jnot'eeo ro'int for any thing they will be "' ,r?paid for their trouble. ; TAIXTtlD ?TfEY. n'j iri " tt-") r-fvik ln.vi rtii-r- rdnrd n for Cost of Srit. Washington, Avg. 11. A check for $-42,353.69 was received today by te department of justice from the Stan dard Oil. Company as payment of cos n the dissolution suit brought by the government under the Sherman anti trust Taw. .ftrr -Fire's St 'T. - 9r Senife. rPo-tland, Maine. Aug. 11. Lindlsy Murray Stanles, formerly a member of tbe state senate, - .announced -his candidacy today for, the I'rited Stat senate tc succeed William Pitt Frye. i . ; l - 7" - RlAOH city OPENING OF THE FINE ADDRESS TO LARGE An immense crowd of people 'wit nessed the opening of the Chautauqua last night and heard an eloquent ad dress by Dr. Reid of Nashville, Tenn. Promptly at 8:30 exercises were begun with a song by members of the different . church choirs of the city, followed by a prayer by DrR. H. Grinnan of the Presbyterian church. Rev. J. W. Moore of the Methodist church then made a short talk com mending the Chautauqua movement In strong terms as a factor in the moral and intellectual advancement of the life of a community. He then introduced the speaker of the even ing, telling in a few well ehojen words of the service Dr. Reid is ren dering the cause of Christianity In this and other countries and express ing the pleasure of having such a powerful force with us for the ensu ing week. The subject of Dr. Rcid's' theme was: "The Far East." With an easy, fluent flow of words and a clear, com prehensive understanding of his sub ject he immediately began a most in structive and lucid expounding rf conditions as found In the Chinese Ejirwire Among other things, he showed that China instead of being one of tbe more recent nations typified by tbe common laborers to whom we hand our weekly accumulation of linen, has a history antedating that of any other nation and that the real China man is far superior to the ones usual "Baby Siiow" m 25 The "Baby Show to be given here on August 25th. is to be tbe biggest event, in its paitieuldr.linc, ever hap pening in the Scuth. The prizes are all valuable. In many instances- the pifzes are far above the advertised value. There are a large number of classes wltL suitable awards for each. Tle Inter est in the show 8 very manifest It will undoubtedly be entirely success ful but the actual entries being made are somewhat delrypd. It is desirable that all entriog be made at once. The babies will be or exhibition at the Auditor!! uri nn A n gust 23 and a rare sho-v it wflj be, ia quite needless to state. The cost of entering is but nominal SI. ort for i the first entry and .". c. U- each succeeding ol.-ss. If a rh'M is enter ed in four elates, the co?t v.v.jld b" nut 51...T with a pf.fbiiitv .!' v.! In ning anywhere from ten to fiftv f!.-i. iri-e3 aside fior.i the honor, to be gained. rniXTETI IIEIH TO FOKTI'XEI -Toport Say ifKitJOO Awaits Karry T. Graham. Peoria. 111., Aug. 11. Harry T. Ciabam, a pi inter, whose home Is In Tampa, Fla., has fallen heir to SU'&.OOrt. it is sr.id, by advices from tbat city yesterday. Graham disappeared from Tampa soveral m:ntbs ago. The ioHce of Peoria, where he formerly worked, were reqvestedt to forward any In formation regarding him. He was recently discharged from a local hos pital. ' Yesterday through an aftenoon paper, was the first intimation he had of his good fortune. BOY TIKED OF LIFE AT 15 Worked 15 Honrs a Pay for Sixty Cents Turns cn 'da. New York. Aug., 10. Phillip Cdicn. 15 years old, was before Judge Hoyt. in theChlldren's court fday cVrg ed with trying to commit suicide by Inhaling gas.' This note wa3 foml In his room.. I am tired of life. I have had to work for 13 hours a day In a sweat shop. I have earned enly 0!) cents a day. I have been awpy from father for two years and there havo been days when I went without acythlrr to eat." .. To Judge Lnyt the boy. said: "I didn't see any, use to live any longer. There didn't seem to be any chance for me to get akng In thl world. I cues? I vnq rMprwirr" and didn't vlrnow what I w?s do5n. Give rrte ere more cnarce and I'll make good." The In dire ?nrke Wirdq of enrmr- acement and irptr"ed Ifenr.an S'm on, agent of the Jewish society, to take care of the boy. rr Cotfen Pest Fonml fn (3?ortrH. Macon. Ga Aug. 11. A new crtton nest (! " 1 -- ? "M7Tiing ex rert. . Tt br JeFtr"" " acre of c't' v-r s brflliflnt re1 in color and attacks plants, stalk and leaves, leaving it iritbered and dead. Tbe rsest it is said is snreading rap idly. - t 5 . CHAUTAUQUA CROWD ly seen In this country. That tbo Chinese are placing: the Bible In (heir schools while In some sections of our own country we are trying to dispense with It. Through repren ntatlon made by the missionaries opium will soon be driven from tbe borders of China by Imperial decree. With tht completion cf the I'anaam canal America will be In ioslUon to domi nate the commercial trade of this country and that for Industrial rea sons If for no other Ihe evangeliza tion of China would,, be profitable, '-very American hs caune to fe-l greater pride In his nation hers one of the square deal given China when the other world powers were bepln nlrg xr parcel this nation out among tJ . uisehes for commercial exploits Hon. also for the heretofore unheard of policy of returning a larpo part cif the Indemnify fund resulting from th Boxer uprinirg. Ten itii"b can net b pM rf the address of Dr. Reid. It was Illumi nating to even the closer student cf history, and to the major itortJon f tbp at:dl?ne it was full of rtartlir' farts of on fdcrable significance. Au address cf this nature I11 l.ear fruit for years to rome. Tonight at S:o Vatth'ensen' Al kahcrt "and and OrchoHia will ! it tbe Audito lum. Two hours of Mi'i'e II whleh foloK. lurt ord ntwil'-tt'-i vviM bo Intorsperneil oiiRht to prove extremely !rf-o!tr;g nnl enjoyable t t'lrrr 'ttcT'JTfT. ROADS Saturday's lesue carried a partial list of the speakers who will al lrrps the citizens of this county toiimtrow CH f Kin n nnflf t m rt rm.. n Jk -t v v va pi,vfu iMUl Ulltl III ' . rf? .especially on the Henderson lllc ureenvuie nignuay. A large crowd Is expected tomorrow and It Is hr-' ! that much good will result from this meeting. The list of speakers fo this occasion which includes some of the most prominent nun of th state gives the promise of an enthusiastic and profitable gatheing cf pet tie Intense ly interested In the proposition of bt ter toads for tb county ot T'r son. The Increase of vehicles rf the increasing numler of r.iftornobll Ists touring the mount.-iln t this j"t'rn r.n'i tt r'jiosl ;-i .mtlvo that hls courty offer pn f v - wn-U r rny other cttuniy , In this t r wy cther pait of the state. Te tneetlrg which will take place nt th co nt house tomorrow at 1 1 :oo n. m. Is for this purine. KILLS DOfl HE COFLIiWT TUTV. DNconsoIate Hatband Potions Pel of His Dead Wife. Boston, Aug. 10. Disconsolate be cause of his wife's death and becauM he cojld not buy back a pet dog. sold Just before her death, WIlHam Dcley, of 18 Maryland street. Dorcbetter, af ter petting the dog, put a piece ofcyan Ide of oUsslum on the little pet's tongue, killing It Instantly. In court this morning Delay was found guilty of cuelty to animals, but so sympathetic were the lawyers on both sides and the Judge that the case was placed on nie. and even Michcal Magner, owner cf the dog, raid that be would make a present of the $15 the value of the dog, which Daley offered to pay In sittclment. FOR TELEPHONE T.tLK A MlfSRO IS LY.CHEI. I'sed Ingulfing Lanznaire Ihcr the Hire to Younir White Woman Crowd Too, Him from Jzl Farnifrsvllle, Tex.. Aug. 1?.-Commodore Jonrs, a negro who i:.'J In sulting language In nddr?g a young white woman over the te--phone, v.a hr.nged by a mnb yegter day. Jonrs was arretted Tburr?.y. Lat night a crc.vi of 7 tmn and lovs forced an tntratfe to the necro's cell, march-el r,j, tf, tri(, frWni outskirts rrd oinpe'lej IjIth tn ri'ir,, n trje. phone pole, fcm whf-b be wis foieed tt J imt v.Ith a r.-.ne around hh n'. l.t0 Pftind, t Tlretr.fr f-T I'm ' Nev.bnrg. X. YM Aug. 11. V.T.h'a concuF.s!on fhaVIng the eerth for miles around, the dvnam'te rfer bouse of the New York ATfduct blew rn. The buiVKr.g hci.pes i.ioo int.inds of dynamttp. Tbe structure was blcn-n to spl.'rteta. Tbe Hrsslrn care taker at the sbaft Is ml8r;rg. Tbe ex. ploplon occurred a few minute before 16 men dn to re?ort for work, arriv ed at the scne. Mr. H. K. ConneJi of partanbtirf, wa? a Fur-day visits In the city. WW

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