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VOL. X— No. 21
Mr. Enos A. Sh err ill Dead—
Presbyterian Revival Begins !
March 4—Other News of
Interest •
Spindale, Feb. 27.—Mr. Enos A. i
Sherrill died at his home in Old Fort 1
Wednesday at the -age of 82 years.
.Funeral services and burial were
held at Canton Friday. He is sur- j
vived by five children, A. J. Sherrill, :
of Spindale; Henry S. Sherrill, of
Greensboro; A. L. Sherrill, Old Fort;
Mrs. Walter Holtzclaw and Mrs. Ed
Holtzclaw, oi Canton. A large ;
number of grandchildren and great '
grandchildren also survive.
A revival meeting will begin ai the
"Spindale Presbyterian church Sun- ,
day Marcih 4th. Rev. A. E. Groen- j
/eld, Bible teacher and evangelist, '
vvill be in'charge of the services. His j
subject during the first week will be j
4 discussion of the book of Romans, j
Dr. V. 0. Marshall soloist and singer, j
'/ill have charge of the singing. Seng
service will begin each evening at
7:30 o'clock This meeting is inter
denominational in character, and all I
;tre invited to attend. Prayer meet- |
vngs are being held in various homes j
jn town this week in interest c»f the
Announcement was made last week j
jf the wedding of Miss Ethel Pilgrim
ind Mr. Columbus Robertson, both i
jf this place, which occurred in
Spartanburg last December. Both
parties are from well-known families |
of this county and have the best
wishes of their many friends.
Two automobile wrecks occurred
here Satui*day afternoon, 'which re
sulted in much damage but the par
ties involved escaped •with slight in
juries. The first wreck occurred
shortly afternoon at the crossing in
front of Dr. Hunt's residence, when
a two-ton truck, belonging to the
Thomas Howard Wholesale Grocery
Company, of Spartanburg, struck a
Chrevolet touring car, driven by Mr.
Russell Morgan, and almost demolish
ed it. Mr. Morgan received several
painful injuries, however they are
not expected to prove serious.
A Buick coach, driven by Judge
James Webb, of Shelby, was dam
aged, and a Nash car, driven by Mr.
J. O. Williams, superintendent of the
Spencer mills, also damaged when
they wrecked near ETlis' store late
Saturday evening-
Mr. Luther Sherrill, accompanied
by Misses Hazel Buff and Sudie
Morgan, spent Sunday rn Shelby.
Miss Julia Morris, te&ieiher ;at Gar
den City, and Miss Ethel Morris, of
Spruce Pine, spent the week-end here
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
D. Morris.
Mrs. W. R. McDonald, -teacher at
Valdese, spent the week-end here
with her husband, Dr. W. It. Mc-
Mr. J. W. Keller and family spent
Sunday in Shelby visiting friends
and relatives.
Mr. Frank Setzer, who recently un
derwent an operation for appendi
citis at the Rutherford hospital, is
now at home.
Miss Vernelle Baker, of Gaffney,
is spending this week here with her
•Cttu>in, Mrs. Clarence Griffin aiwii
Mr. Griffin.
Forest City, R-3, Feb. 27.
Mr. Dewey Carpenter was a visitor
sit Smith 'Grove Sunday school last
Messrs. Grady Bridges, Forest
Fortenberry, and Paul Crowder
were the dinner guests and Mrs. W.
L. Crowder Sunday.
Miss Pauline Bridges spent Sun
day afternoon with Miss Ruby
day afternoon with Miss Ruby
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Crowder and
children were the dinner guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fort
enberry's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Smith spent
Sunday afternon with Mr. and Mrs.
E. M. Carpenter at Spindale.
Misses Lucy and Vonnie Crowder
spent the week-end with Miss Gladys
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Smith were
the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. R.
\j. Newton's Sunday.
Messrs, PauJ Crowder and Forest
America's Richest Girl
: t : : : :;:*-:;::::::>>%:>S: : : : : : : : wiifliE^^^^i^flEfiifi®0'^&: : : : : :: - :
( * # # //, , ( \V»*«J»**v ,, .* , .*.v.J.y
:3: •
Miss Doris Duke, 15, daughter
of the late James B. Duke, tobacco
financier, who was just awarded by ;
the Supreme Court a $1,600,000 I
Fifth Avenue House filled with the |
richest furnishings, a private rail- I
road car bearing her name, four I
automobiles, a collection of rare
tapestries, and other luxuries worth j
a fair sized fortune. She is the j
richest girl of her age ir» America.
Funeral Services for Aged
Spindale Woman Held in
Polk County Friday.
Spindale, Feb, 27.—Mrs. Mary E.
Morris, svged 73 years, died here at
the home of her son, Mr. B. F. Mo
rris Thursday. She has been ill
sometime, and death resulted from
leakage of the heart.
Funeral services were held at Mill
Creek Baptist church, in Poik coun
ty, Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
with Revs. Mr.. 'West, Rev. W. M.
Reid, and Bev.. 'G. A. Brascomb in
The chuiieh was filled to capacity
with friends of the deceased, who
came to pay their last tribute to her
noble life. The floral offerings was
profuse and beautiful.
Mrs. Morris is survived by six chil
dren, as follows-; W. 'O. Morris,
Spindale; Mrs. Emma Shehan, Gaff
nev: B, F. Morris, Spindale; James
A. Morris, Chase 'City, Va.; J. M.
Morris, Spindale .Mrs. Ada Wal
drop, Spindale. "Her husband pre
ceded her to the grave twenty-seven
years ags. :She is also survived by
twenty-three grandchildren and a
number of great grandchildren.
She was a consistent member of
the , church, a good neighbor and
Mr. A. R. Beam, local C. C. & O.
Railway agent, received a letter last
week from St. Louis, Mo., which was
brought to him partly by the.* intrepid
ilier, Lindbergh. The envelope bears
the regulation insigna of the air
mail, a red, white and blue paper
sticker, marked "via air mail." The
left end has a blue sticker on which
is pictured Lindbergh, his plane and
the words, "Lindy carried this let
ter from me to you." A horseshoe
stamped in the lower right hand cor
ner has the wording, "Lindbergh
again flies the air mail."'
It was Mr. Beam's good fortune re
cently to see this great flier. He
was in St. Louis when Lindbergh
stopped there on his return from
South America.
Tibe question is asked, as to how
long 21 person can live without fw^ci?
The kids of Forest City on returmg
from school, will say that they eat."'t
live untJ'J .supper time unless they gwt
some at once.
It is complained that people do
; not make calls as often as they
ought to, but anyway the slow debt
payers are called on frequently.
The American people can't tell
when a law is unconstitutional, but
they know when a boxer violates the
fighting rules.
Fortenberry spent several days last
1 week in Cleveland,
j Miss Pinkie Fortenberry spent the
week-end with Miss Ruth Crowder.
B. Y. P. U. every Sunday night at
G :30 o'clock at Smith Grove. Come
and bring your friends with you.
Shelby Carpenter Succumbs to
injuries Received in Car
j Wreck Near Chimney
| Shelby, Feb. 27.—D. H. ("Dock")
| Griffin, well-known Shelby carpen
; ter, died in the Shelby hospital Wed
; nesday morning, February 22, as a
, result of a broken neck received
| when his car ptungeG over an em-
bankment on Route 20 and threw
him within a few feet of the waters
Lake Lure on .Sunday night, Feb
ruary 12. He remained there, help
less, throughout the entire night ex-
j posed to the cold, and was found
! on Monday morning by two traveling
i salesmen who brought him to the
! Rutherford hospital. He was re
| moved to Shelby hospital on Feb-'
j ruary 18, in order that he might be j
| nearer friends.
Funeral services were held at his
i home in Shelby on Wednesday after
? noon, and interment followed at Pat
• terson Springs.
| The sixth vertebrae in his neck was
broken and his body was completely
j paralyzed from his shoulders down,
' j Most of the time he was conscious,
i but lapsed into unconsciousness
Tuesday night when he developed a
temperature of 108. Before he died
11 he told friends that he was driving
| alone and probably faster than he
! should have driven.
Mr. Griffin was a native of Ruth
erford county where he was bora 52
years agx>, one of a family of 17 chil
dren. He is survived by his wife and
two children. Also surviving are
two brothers Thomas Griffin, of
| Kansas City Mo.; Ambrose Griffin,
i of Spartanburg, S. C., and six sisters
j Mrs. W. H. Hayes, California; Mrs.
; M. P, Ramsey, of Lattimore; Mrs. J.
i H. Dyer, of Sheloy; Ivirs. J. D. Sans
ing, of Spindale; Mrs. W. D. Hardin,
of Shelby R-2; Mrs. W. M. Rippy, of
Shelby. His motner, Mrs. Tempie
Griffin, -of Rutherford county is also
The Forest 'City Music club held its
regular meeting on Thursday after
noon, at the home of Mrs. R. E.
Bigger staff with Mesdames R. R.
Howes, R. R. Blanton and Miss Ruth
Mears as hostesses.
The handsome home presented u
gala appearance with its spacious
rooms thrown en suite and decorated
with flowers, hearts and candles in
keeping with St. Valentine's Day. *
Mrs. Howes presided over the
meeting and the program was one
of the most interesting the club has
put on this year. Each number was
rendered with the artistic finish that
showed careful study and much prac
tice on the part of the performers.
Since the first month of the club
year, in October, each program has
been devoted to the study of opera,
and the story and selections from
'Lohengrin' closed the series which
the program committee had planned.
Mrs. A. C. McDaniel read the
story of "Lohengrin or the Romance
of the Swan Knight," as it is some
times called. It is a thrilling story
and Mrs* McDaniel read it in such a
way as to completely hold the atten
tion of the listners.
At intervals during the reading of
the story, the following selections
were rendered:
Piano duet, preiude to net 1
Mesdames J. S. Rudisill and W. B
Hamriek. '
Piano solo, Elsie's Dream, Mrs.
Hague Padgett.
Piano solo, "The Swan Song.""
from Lohengrin, by Miss Ruth
Piano Duet, introduction to Act
—Bridal 'chorus and march, Mes
dames Rudisill and. Hamriek.
Chorus, Mesdames Weather s ,
Camp, Robei*tson, Blanton, Gaines,
Biggerstaff and Ware.
Piano Solo, Fantasia, Mrs. 11. 11.
At the conclusion of the program
delicious refreshments consisting
chicken salad in heart shaped pattie
shells, sandwiches, cheese puffs. '
tie cakes decorated with a tiny heart
and coffee were served. Misses Rob
bie Biggerstaff, and Mesdames Blan
ton Biggerstaff and Spurgeon Moss
assisted the hostesses in serving.
Other guests beside the regular club
members present were: Mesdames
B. B. Doggett, G. P. Reid, C. H.
Progressive B. Y. P. U. of For
est City Sponsors Organi
The Progressive B. Y. P. U. of the
First Baptist church visited the
Sandy Level Baptist church, near
Sunshine, last Sunday afternoon and
after giving a program, assisted
the young people present in organiz
ing a B. Y. P. U.
The program, which was given in
the same manner their weekly meet
ings are held, was presided over by
the president, Mr. E. H. Freeman and
was opened with a snort song serv
ice, led by Dr. W. L. Stallings. Miss
Viola Randall then led in prayer,
after which the president explained
the purpose of their visit, saying that
, if those present would go right to
j work they would make a success out
' of their union.
Miss Viola Randall, Bible Reader's
Leader, then took charge, and after
explaining what a B. Y. P. U. is,
its purposes, etc.. she conducted an
interesting Bible drill.
Miss Sue Collins, Group Leader of
Group 1, had charge of the program,
the subject of which, was "What
Kind of a Being is Man?" Others
having parts on the program were
Miss Miriam Green, Miss Ruth Mears
and the president, Mr. Freeman.
At the conclusion of the program
a quartet composed of Messrs.
Matheny, Womble, Freeman and
Stallings rendered some special
An election of officers for the
new union was then held, a president,
secretary-treasurer, Bible reader's
leader and two group leaders being
After another song by the quartet,
the meeting was closed, Dr. Stallings
pronouncing the benediction.
Spindale, Feb. 27. The junior
class of Rutherfordton-Spindale high
school entertained the senior class at
a 'kid party' Friday evening. Games
were played in the gymnasium. Re
freshments consisting of pop-corn
balls, all day suckers, ice cream cakes
and mints were served to about sixty
members of the classes.
The seniors of Central High ob
served 'senior week' from the twen
tieth to the twenty-fourth of F''
ruary. On Wednesday morning all
the seniors sat on the stage. Friday
was stunt morning Jn which an
tion play of Lord Lochinvar was
given. Those taking part in the
play were Hazel Waldrop, D oris
Keeter, Gladys Griffin, Lucy Tate,
Vera and Dorcas Callahan, Alma
Cassady, Km ma Koon, Elizabeth
Rutherfordton, Feb. 27. An
nouncement was made here Satur
day of the wedding of Miss Nellie
Lynch, youngest daughter of Mrs.
L. W. Lynch, to Mr. 1). 1). Little
john, of Maryville, Tenn., which oc
curred in Shelby on February 18.
Rev. Zeno Wall performed the cere
Mrs. Littlejohn was a senior in
Central High school and would have
graduated this term. Mr. Littlejohn
is a traveling salesman for a prom
inent firm.
Lajos Biro, who wrote "Hotel Im
perial" for Paramount, has returned
to Hollywood after a vacation in
Europe and is at work on a new
Clarence Padger, who has been di
recting exclusively for Bebe Daniels
during the past year, will direct
Clara Bow's next Paramount picture,
"Red Hair," written by Elinor Glyn.
Miss "Kat" Wilson, of Charlotte,
spent the week-end here visiting Miss
Louise Rose.
Verner, John McMurray, Charles
Hemphill, W. P. Hall, Grover Mc-
Daniel, Fred Webb, A. C. Duncan,
Wilkie Mears, A. C.'Finch, F. R. Wil
kins, Chas. Ford, W. A. Brown,
Spurgeon Moss, Misses Elizabeth Wil
kie, Ottilee Long, Robbie Bigger
Farm Boys and Girls
' ySkJ toMM
k-21' ';!||^^;: &j&
Senator Arthur Capper who has
just introduced a bill which fur
nishes what he calls a "practical
program for the advancement of
It asks for Federal aid to extend
the agricultural education of boy«
and girls on the farms.
Mountain City Quint Drops
Cage Contest by a Score
of 35-34.
Spindale, Feb. 27. —The almost in
vincible Hendersonvnle Athletic
Club tasted defeat for the third
time this season when the Spindale
cagers won over them here Satur
day evening by a ,'55-34 score. Hend
ersonville, previous to this game, had
lost only to the Knoxville, Tenn., Y
and the Lyman Mills club this sea
During the first quarter Spindale
scored along with the visitors, but
in the second quarter they were
trailing behind, while the third quar
ter found the score 30-18 in favor
of Hendersonville.
A whirlwind attack, led by Berry
in the final quarter resulted in the
scoring of six field goals in quick
succession. With only one minute to
play the score was 33-34, and Spin
dale tossed a lucky basket, to give
them a margin of one point. A
foul called on Spindale as the last
whistle blown afforded the visi
tors a chance to t:e the score had
they made good the free throw.
The line-up follows:
Spindale (35) Pos. Hcnd'sville (34)
Berry (18) R.F. Laughter (2)
Grose (3) L.F. Williams (3)
Sherrill (4 . Rhodes (22)
Williams (1) R.G. i)ixon
Bullinton (2) T G. Orr (4)
Subs: Spindale, Yelton (5) for
Sherrill; Walker (2) for Bulling
ton; Bullington for Williams.
Green for Laughter. Referee Seitz
Mrs. Mary Snyder Critically III—Mr
Mathis Breahs Arm Addition
Built to Shiloh Locals.
Rutherfordton, R-l, Feb. 27.
Mrs. Mary Snyder, who has been
sick for some time, is very low now,
we are sorry to note
Miss Lillian Ruppe was operated
on for appendicitis last week at the
Rutherford hospital.
Miss Estolle Jones and Mr. George
.Jones have been very sick with
measles for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith spent.
Sunday night in Alexander with
their son, Mr. Wade Smith and Mrs.
Rev. and Mrs. Rimmer, of Spin
dale, spent Tuesday with Rev. and
Mrs. B. M. Ilamrick.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilford Ledbettei
spent Sunday afternoon at Mr. P.. M.
Mr. Lionel Smith, of Boiling
Springs school, and Mr. Henry
Smith and family, of Avondale,
visited their parents Sunday.
Shiloh church has been recovered
and two Sunday school rooms have
been built which will be occupied by
the young men and young ladies
Mrs. Fanny Jones, of Inman, S. C.,
has been spending some time with
her sister, Mrs. M. E. Ruppe.
Section Two
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
Dr. W. A. Ayers Scores Smith's
Catholicism in Sermon Sun
day Evening.
At the First Baptist church on last
Sunday night, Dr. Ayers preached on
subject "What Kind of A Man Ought
an Officer of the Law to be." Va
rious passages were read from the
scriptures bearing on the subject of
the officers of the law, their quali
fications and the carrying out of th«
laws. An officer of the law should
be no respecter of person, but should
treat all alike, rich or poor, in
fluential or the most insignificant, all
alike. He should be a Christian man.
An officer of the law is one of Cod's
instruments in carrying out his pur
poses and plans, as much as min
ister. The state and the laws are
both ordained of Cod, and as an of
' ficer is appointed to carry out these
laws you can see he is one of Cod's
agents. He should be a fearless
man, one who enforces the law, no
matter the consequences or who it
affects or allows self interest, public
opinion, politics or anything else to
j influence him in the carrying out of
i the law. He should not be blind (not
physical blindness) but should have
his eyes open to any and all viola
tors of the law. He should be just
as strict in the enforcement of the
law whether on people living in fine
homes on Main street or people liv
ing in the back alleys. An officer of
the law should believe in the laws he
is sworn to enforce. He cannot make
a good officer if he believes in a
half-hearted way. The President of
the United States is the chief magis
trate and he should see that all the
(laws are carried out.
He is sworn to uphold and defend
the Constitution oi the United States-
The manner of his having the laws
enforced will influence all the offi
cers beneath him down to the town-
I ship constable. Dr. Ayers showed
that we all were to some extent of
! ficers of the law and that we should
| support and encourage our officers
in carrying out the law.
Near the conclusion of the ser
mon he touched on the candidacy of
Governor A 1 Smith, for the presi
dency. He showed he was unfit to
be president on account his objec
tion and not believing in the 18th
amendment, which is a part of the
Constitution 01 the United States.
Governor Smith's record was noted in
21 instances where prohibition was
involved, and his vote was in each
instance given against prohibition.
He was quoted as being against our
public school system. Finally va
rious extracts from different Catho
lic authorities hearing on the school
system, the infallibility of the Pope,
his right of control in all civil mat
ters, their claim to be the only and
true church, the only church which
has a right to perform a marriage
ceremony, ;ill others married out of
k Catholic church living in adultery
were read
The night services are growing; in
interest. On next Sunday night a
male quartet will sing. Public gen
erally invited to all these services.
Forest City, R-l, Feb. 27. —Rev.
A. G. Melton filled his appointment
at Sulphur Springs Sunday morning.
The crowd attending Sunday school
and preaching was small Sunday on
account of sickness in the communi
Several are sick with measles in
this section.
Those visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. A.
Bland, Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs.
L. E. Anderson and son, of Char
lotte; Mr. and Mrs. Alton Home, ot
Forest City; Mr. Thomas Harris and
sons, of Alexander; Mrs. M. Splawn
and son. of Cliffside, and Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Wall, Messrs. R. W. Eaves
and Baxter Wells.
Mr. Bland is still on the sick list,
we regret to note.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Bobbins and
family, of Cherokee Falls, visited
relatives in this section, Sunday af
tei noon.
We regret to note tnat Mrs. Lester
Hopper is on the sick list. We hope
for her a speedy recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Hopper spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. B.

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