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VOL. X—No. 25
V Passes Monday After Six
Months Illness Following
Stroke of Paralysis
s * Sue Biggerstaff, aged 71
ve«fs, died at her home on East
Main street here Monday morning
at 10:30. She was stricken with '
paralysis on October 23, of last year :
and had! been confined to her bed
since that time, gradually growing 1
weaker until death relieved her'
suffering Monday morning.
A Funeral services were held Tues- 1
du* »afternoon at 3 o'clock at the !
Forest City Methodist church. Her \
pastor, Rev. M. F. Moores, was in 1
▼charge of the services. Interment
was in Pleasant Grove cemetery.
Mrs. Biggerstaff was more fa-'
miliarly in Forest City as 1
"Auis Sue." She was a daughter
of Mr. James and Mrs. Susan
Ypufpg, and was born at the old j
Young home, now included in the;
Rutherford county Fair grounds. She '
was married to Mr. I. N. Biggerstaff '
3S years ago. He preceded her to
grave in 1923. She is survived
by two sisters, Mrs. Prise ilia Padg
ett and Mrs. Tom Moore, both of;
Forest City. Three stepchildren sur
vive, Mr. R. E. Biggerstaff, assist- !
C*nt cashier of the Farmers bank, j
and Mrs. Ida :
Bridges. j
Biggerstaff was a devoted
member of the Methodist church, and
she and her husband were charter
..members of the local Methodist
ca\Hrch. She was always present at
the services unless illness prevented
her from attending.
Before her death Mrs. Biggerstaff
asked that Cicero Grose, of Thomas
ville, N. C., who lived here about
twenty-five years ago and was the
organist of the Methodist
church, have charge of the music.
Interment was in Pleasant Grove
cemetery. The large fl or a 1
attested to the high esteem
in m she was held in her native
cify, and the love of her hundreds
of neighbors. The flower bearers
were Mesdames. Charles Moss, Mary
Webbl P. A. McGregor, G. C. Mc-
Daniew, C. C. Moore, W. C. Bostic,
J. W. Griffin, Ed Watkins, Buford
J. M. Burkholder, Arthur Mc-
Daniel, Miss Spratt, with Mrs. F. I.
Barber in charge.
The Forest City branch of the Way
aide Gang will hold their next meet
ing in the Kiwanis hall, April 10, at
7:30-$. m.
Jgfarold C. Brown, "Ole Wayside"
himself, will be present at this meet
"Buck Shot" has charge of the pro
gram and warns us that he himself
>sll make a speech, but he has not
announced his subject yet.
All members of the Gang are urged
to attend and any visitor who desires
to Attend is urged to d*> so.
club is open to all, young or
oid, weak or strong, fat or skinny,
short or tall.
Jones, aged 11 years, son of
Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Jones, of Gas
tonia, formerly of Forest City, died
here Thursday at the home of his
uncle, Mr. F. M. Stallings.
He had been ill since Xmas, com
plaining of frequent headaches. Tu
mor on the brain was the cause of
his death. He was taken seriously!
ill Thursday morning and grew worse
until death relieved him Thursday
The funeral services were held at (
Round Hill Baptist church, Union j
Mills, with Rev. M. L. Buchanan in I
charge Friday at 3 p. m.
Just received a new lot of phono
graph records. Come in and hear
them. Courtney's Ten Cent Store.
Mr. and Mrs. David Bowles, of
Greensboro, and Mr. and Wade
Bowles and little daughter, of Alber
fwarle, were the guests of Mrs. Arthur
McDaniel, Sunday.
High School Dramatic Club En
tertains Large Audience
With Play.
In Cool Springs High school audi
torium, on Friday, March 23, the
Dramatic club presented a very in
| teresting musical comedy, entitled
."Help Yourself." The play was the
story of the enmity between Miss
Martha Went worth and her neighbor,
John Gordon.
The cast was splendid, and the
| chorus delighted the entire large
audience. Reid Parks played the
! part of John Gordon just as it
' should be played, and so did Martha
Sloan depict Miss Martha Wentworth,
j who is the deadly enemy—or claims
i to be—of her neighbor and former
1 husband, Mr. Gordon.
i *
Percy Likens lived up to his title
| of "the second Rudolph Valentino"
; when he played the part of Captain
| Donald Winters, Gordon's nephew.
! His army officer uniform made his
part even more realistic.
Jed Dean, played by Stanley Hall,
Ross Howard, who was Glen Mc-
Keithan, and Allen Jackson, acted by
Fred Blanton, made the audience
roar with merriment at their comical
"love scenes" and notorious acts in
trying to see Miss Martha's guests.
The "fair flappers" were Polly
Adair, well played by Bernice Ka- j
nipe, June Wentworth, acted by Mil
dred Moore. Doris Reynolds, who was
Brent McKeithan, and Grace West,
played by Marie Huntley. They J
were true pictures of "oppressed"
visitors of a hostess who kept a bull
dog at, the gate and a high board
fence around the house as protec
tion against the attacks of the hand
some male visitors.
But—the real laugh of the whole
show was Castoria Prunella Johnson,
who was Ruth Hollifield, and just as
funny as her name, Alimony Brown,
Prunella's colored beau, was well
acted by Burless Blair.
The following were in the chorus:
Mary Davis, Commie Frye, Miriam
Padgett, Viola Hollifield, Catherine
Mcßrayer, Annie Belle Ware, Doro
thy Greene, Miriam Green, Virginia
Magness, Madge Moore, Oneida
Welch, Alifair Roberson, Howard
Magness, and Von King.
Last Friday Forest City High look
ed like the New York Yankees by
pounding two Boiling Springs pitch
-1 ers for seventeen hits and fourteen
runs to win a 14 to 1 victory.
T. Blanton, local hurler was in fine
form and let Boiling Springs down
i with only three hits.
M. McKeithian led the hitting with
j four hits, including two doubles, out
! of six trips to the plate.
Forest City put the game on ice in
the first inning by scoring four runs
■ on four hits and a walk.
Keeter, local first baseman, got
the first home of the season in
the eighth inning.
Missing! ij
i Honorable Elsie Mackay, a nurse
j during the war, and an able actress,
i who set out from England with
Captain Walter Hinchcliffe (insert)
I ifi an attempt it a Westward con
i quest of the tossing Atlantic in the
1 Black-and-Gold airplane endeavor,
i No word has been heard from
i March 27.—The Train
. ing school being held at the Baptist
s church here closed last Friday eve-
I ning. It was one of the most suc
, cessful training classes taught here
. | in sometime, having an average at
f j tendance of 110 each evening and
11 five differet classes. The following
1 ladies taught four classes in the B.
! Y. P. U. Manual: Mrs. A. C. Love
. lace, Mrs. Sam Melton, Misses Etta
r Head and Ora Smart. Rev R. N.
| Childress taught the fifth class, the
i Normal Manual course. Much praise
is due the ladies who prepared the
fine suppers, which were enjoyed
r each evening in the church dining
. ■ hall. The Junior class received the
highest number of awards, the total
for this class being 48. The total
'awards for the classes combined were
104, which was a splendid number
and means more competent workers
for our Sunday schools in the future.
A training school .was also held at
the Baptist church at Henrietta a
week prior to the one here, Misses
Pearl Gillespie, Ruth Hamrick and
Rev. Childress holding the classes.
Fifty-five awards were given.
I Mrs. TomFerree is in the Shelby
hospital, where she is undergoing
treatment. Mrs. Terree has been in
ill health for some time, and her
many friends sincerely hope her con
dition will soon be improved.
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Belue and
children, of Charlotte, and Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Walker, of Rutherford
ton, spent the week-end hei-e visiting
Mrs. Martha Randall is spending a
few days with Mr. and Mrs. P. N.
A missionary play, "Miss Liberty
Gives a Party," will be given at the
Caroleen Baptist church by the Jun
ior Girls Auxiliary, Thursday eve
ning at 7:30. This program will
be rendered during the prayer meet
ing hour. The public is urged to
be present for this play.
Ellenboro, R-2, March 20. Mr.j
Edgar Price and family have
moved into our community from
Hickory. We are glad to have them '
in our community.
Miss Docia Beam spent the week
end with her brother, Mr. Edgar
Mr. Louis Neal and family spent
Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Miss Mattie Lou Bridges visited at
Mr. Ship Harrill's Saturday and
Miss Layettle Weast spent the
week-end with her parents, Mr. and 1
Mrs. B. F. Weast.
• Those visiting at Mr. J. C. Baileys
Sunday were Mr and Mrs. Louis
, Neal and daughters, Edna and Alba,
of Henrietta and Miss Beth Bridges.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bridges and
little son, A. C., spent Sunday at
Mr. L. G. Bailey's.
New shipment of Spring millinery
will arrive next week. Courtney's
Ten Cent Store.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Wilkie, of Besse
mer City, spent Sunday here with
Mr. Wilkie's mother, Mrs. C. A. Wil
Rajah Weds American Girl
Nanc >
v • V &' r '. as the bride of the ;
* * former Maharajah of India. The **
 wedding 'was held in oriental ; ;
lllp: H $ splendor at Bombay. Miss Miller WHM
Hp f§ • ■ as renounced her Christianity to jpP 1 4s SflP
■kp J embrace the Hindu faith. She is a Jf? i'lKdl
|| Seattle heiress and former Uni
" SHI versity of Washington Student.
-I Alexander, March 27.—Mr. Mon
t roe Green and son, Robert, visited
- j Mr. and| Mrs. A. L. Hamrick last
- Saturday afternoon.
Mr. Joe Wofford spent the week
" end in Woodruff, S. C., with home
1 folks.
' ' Rev. C: C. Matheny attended the
", funeral of Mr. Mon. Bridges at Lat-
I timore last Monday afternoon.
! Miss Ora Smart, of Caroleen,
, spent the week-end with Mrs. W. t.
, Harris.
; On next Friday afternoon the
I triangular debates between the Cool
j Springs Grammar schools will be he. Id
i at Bostic, Forest City; Mt. Feasant
| and Alexander. The speakers are:
1 | Affirmative, Virginia Baynard,
! ! Ories Bridges; Negative, Sadie
'. Weast, Roy Greene; Alternate, Mary
i Alice Hamrick and Lena Bell Luck
j adoo.
The query is: Resolved that North
i Carolina should 1 furnish fre'e text
books to all school children.
The Alexander boys and girls will
not speak at their home school, but
will go to some other school in the
township. The Alexander school won
the Loving cup yast year and it is
hoping to win it again. Jf they do
the cup will be their owa. These
boys and girls have excellent de
bates which they deliver plendidly.
All of the .Ucept Roy
Greene, are sixth grade children.
The public is invited to come out
Friday afternoon and hear the de
baters from the other schools.
Forest City, R-l, March 26.—Last
Saturday night Miss Pauline Cole en-!
tertained her friends with an apron
party. Among those enjoying the
party were: Misses Maudie, Ina, Ruby
and Leuna Robbins, Estelle and Joyce
Bland, Annette and Selma Hopper,
Ella Hamrick, Bessie Henson Lola
Grose, Katy Mae Greene and Pauline
Cole, Messrs. Lloyd andf Horace
Owens, Howard and Kenneth Cole,
George and James Eaves, John Bland, j
Baxter Butler, Marvin Harris, Arthur
Henson, Jack Hopper, Berryman
i Hamrick, Caldwell Robbins, William
Greene, Jack Womack, Frank Smith
and Hobert McDaniel.
There were much fun watching the
boys hem aprons. Mr. John Bland re
ceived first prize for hemming the
best apron, and Mr. James Eaves re
ceived second prize, and Mr. Jack
Womack received a prize for hem
ming the worst apron. All present
enjoyed the delicious cakes and candy
that were reserved.
Rev. A. G. Melton filled his ap
pointment at Sulphur Springs Satur
day and Sunday. He preached two
very interesting sermons.'
We regret to note that the small
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Rob
bins is very sick with pneumonia. We
hope for it a speedy recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cole's little
daughter is also on the sick list:
Rev. A. G. Melton and Mrs. Shu
ford were dinner guests of Mr. and
MJrs. J. M. Robbins
The biggest box of writing paper in
town for 25c. Courtney's Ten Cent
People Are Requested to Gath
er All Rubbish and Place
Near Sidewalk for
In order to promote the health of
forest City, and in ordfer to add to
the cleanliness and beauty to' our
already far famed little city in these
respects, next week, April 2 through
April the 6th, is designated as
"Clean Up and Paint Up Week." We
believe that citizens of Forest City
will continue their pride in their
homes and home town and that we
shall have one hundred per cent co
operation in this movement.
Trucks will cover the city both
Wednesday and Friday. Please have
your cans and other rubbish in re
ceptacles placed at the edjge of the
sidewalks so that you will not be
missed. May we also ask that you
burn all rubbish possible, in order tj
lighten the work on the Sanitary De
Elsewhere in this paper you will
find a statement by our Health Of
ficer. Please read this and know
the laws along this line.
You will recall that Forest City
was recently named one among ten
of the best small cities in the United
States. This survey was made by
our Federal Government, so it is not
just a claim. Our wide streets,
beautiful homes,'well kept yards and
lawns and the small park in the cen
ter of our square are the things re
sponsible for this national reco ni
tion. Let's make our little city even
cleaner and more beautiful.
* * *
Dr. Duncan's Statement
I was asked by our mayor to make
a statement, as health officer of the
town of Forest City, concerning
cleanliness of yards and vacant lots. !
Under the laws concerning public
health matters in North Carolina our
Legislature has enacted statutes j
which not only gives health officers ;
authority but defines it as their duty
to see that all grounds and vacant
lots in the various towns and cities
of North Carolina are kept clean, and
sanitary. Realizing my responsibility
I will have to see that this law is en- J
forced, citing those who do not!
comply, to appear before our mayor, i
Let's make and keep Forest Cit\ j
Health Officer, j
(Rev. H. C. Sisk)
Those on the sick list are Mrs. L.
Baynard, Mrs. Sallie Green, Mrs. Jim '
Green, Mrs. Levert, Mrs. Spurgeon ;
Doggett, Mrs. George Lytles and lit
tle Lloyd Wilkins.
Miss Estelle Henderson will have j
her tonsils removed at the Ruther- j
ford hospital Wednesday.
We are glad to note that Mr. Will
Gee is able to be out again.
Mr. and Mrs. McClure Johnson and
children were visitors in Spindale
Mr. John Keeter had as guests
Saturday and Sunday Mr. and Mrs.
Charlie Keeter and small daughter,
of Lincolnton, Ga.
Miss Maude McCluney spent Satur
day night with Mr. and Mrs. Olin
Daniel, of the Oakland community.
_ _ I
Jacob S. Coxc_\\ who proposes to
repeat his famous march of 1894 it
his scheme for the lessening of
unemployment is not adopted by
the government.
\ lB pages s
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
Indications Are That Confer
ence Will Be Biggest Ever
Held in County.
The Fourth Annual Rutherford
County Older Boys' conference will
convene |iere Friday afternoon at 4
o clock in the First Baptist church.
Indications are that the enrollment
will exceed that of any of the other
The officials sponsors, Dr. A.
C. Duncan, Messrs. B. D. Wilson,
G. B. Howard, Prof. B. L. Smith and
Prof. Hall, together with the mem
bers of the various committees have
labored faithfully to make this the
biggest and best conference, and have
devoted much of their time to the
The opening session of the confer
ence will be held Friday afternoon
at 4 o'clock, at which time all dele
gates will be registered. The organi
zation meeting will be held immed
iately following this, and 'officers
for the conference selected.
On Friday evening the banquet
will be held/ at the First Baptist,
church. The principal speaker will
be Dr. Ashley Chappell, pastor of the
Central Methodist church, of Ashe
On Saturday morning Mr. John
Melton, an outstanding member of
this year's senior class at Davidson
College will address the conference.
Saturday afternoon will b e devot
ed to the usual athletic events, all
of which will be held at the Cool
Springs High school. On Saturday
evening at 8 o'clock a member of the
Wofford college senior class will ad
dress the conference. Officers for
the next conference will be elected
at this time.
I Dr. Zeno Wall, of Shelby, will be
, the speaker at the Sunday afternoon
session, closing the conference.
The conference is for boys twelve
i years of age and over. All Boy
' Boy Scout troops, boys Sunday
| school classes, Boys clubs, schools,
• literary societies, etc., are entitled to
I representation on the basis of one
boy to each eight enrolled. However,
any club or organization may send
as many unofficial delegates as may
desire to attend.
I .
Dr. A. C. Duncan, K. K. K. grand
i dragon of North Carolina, will speak
• in Asheville Saturday evening at the
i court house. His subject will be
I "Americanism." A large number of
Rutherford county people are expect
ed to go to Asheville to hear this ad
The Buck Store will begin its big
Easter sale next Saturday, March 31,
at 9 o'clock. Mr. E. L. Ayers, sales
manager, is now here making all
preparations for the opening Satur
day morning. The store is being re
arranged and new stocks are arriving
daily for the big sale. Mr. Ayers
arrived too late to prepare an ad for
this week's Courier, but will dis
tribute circulars this week, acquaint
ing you with all details of the big
sale. Next week's Courier will also
carry a large advertisement for the
benefit of Easter shoppers. This sale
will be a bargain event. See from
the bills what they are qffering, and
make plans to be there Saturday
Merchants night brought out a
large attendance at the Kiwanis
club. The program was featured by
Miss Mary Wilder and her High
school quartette composed of Tim
McKeithan, Fred Blanton, Toy Sum
mers and Buries Blair. The attend
ance prize was awarded to Dr. W.
A. Ayers. Dr. Duncan made a talk
on the Older Boys' conference.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Fanning and
daughter, of Woodruff, S. C., and
Mrs. J. A. Florence antf Mr. W. W.
Smith, of Norfolk, Va., were guests
of Mr. W. L. Smitß last week.
Easter toys, candy and cards.
Courtney's Ten Cent Store.
I v/ ~ ' ' " 'J- iV t' •

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