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—Only SI.OO per
yestr in County
VOL. X-—No. 27
Miss Reba Matheny Wins
First Place in the High
School and Miss Eunice
Hardin, Second.
\, V 1
V The. preliminary examination pre
ceding the State Music Memory
contest was held Saturday morning,
April 7, at Cool Springs High
school with pupils from both high
and grammer schools participating.
Miss Reba Matheney, Route 2, For
est City, was the winner from high
school, with Miss Eunice Hardin see
s' *>nd.
Doris Ledbetter was winner in the
„ grammer school group, with her sis
ter, Frances Ledbetter, coming sec
Mrs. R. R. Howes, chairman of the
Music club, presented the prizes in
absence of Mrs. R. W. Minish.
The five dollar gold piece given by
Minish to the high school win
ner was presented to Miss Reba
Matheny, and the similar prize of
fered by the Music club wa.> pre
sented to Doris Ledbetter.
These four young ladies handed in
to the judges splendid papers and we
hope to see them among the leaders
if the State contest when it is held
in Forest City, Saturday, April 21.
Rev. Roscoe Smith to Address Stu
dents Sunday, April 15—Play
on Friday, April 20.
Rutherfordton, R-l, April 9. —Fri-
day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock the
Shiloh boys went to Oakland and
played a very interesting base ball
The score was 20 to 1 in favor
of the Shiloh boys, although the
Shiloh boys beat, the Oakland boys
JP jAwed good sportmanship and are
Vood baseball players.
We hope to play them many more
games in the coming season.
A The players for Shiloh were as
follows: Banning, catcher; Nash,
pitcher; Mcßrayer, first base;
Abrams, second base; Wilkie, short
stop; Tate, third base; Lollar, left
fielder; Dobbins, center field; Ruppe,
right field. Home runs: Wilkie 2;
Tate 2; Abrams 1.
Commencement will be held at
Shiloh Consolidated school on April
15, 19 and 20. The program fol
lows: Sunday, April 15, 11:00 a. m.,
commencement sermon. Rev. Ros-
C. Smith, pastor First Baptist
jrhureh, Cliffside.
Thursday evening, April 19, 8. :00
o'clock, operetta "Over the Garden
Wall," primary grades. • Exercises
by upper grades.
Friday morning, 10:00 o'clock in
vocation ; 11:00 o'clock recitation
and declamation contest; 1:30
o'clock, afternoon, address, Supt.
Clyde A. Erwin; 2:30 o'clock after
t noon, Field Day exercises; Friday
Patl) Across the Hill" by the Dra
matic club.
The primary grades, with their re
spective teachers, Miss Mcßrayer
Robinson and Dedmon enjoyed an
I Easter party- picnic Friday, April
*-t>. Leaving the school building at
10:40 a. m. the youngsters were di
rected by their teachers as hostesses
to a nearby silvan dell were the us
ual egg hunt and Easte.r contests
were participated in. Lunch was
served picnic style. Prizes were
awarded in each grade to the boy
and girl scoring highest, after lunch
a gleeful story telling hour was
joyously observed. - Every pupil
voted his or her teacher a most en
lertaining hostess. On returning
the party was concluded with Eas
ter basket favors awards to each
An operetta, "The Maid and the
Golden Slippers," will be given by
the Primary grades at Oakland
school Friday night, April 13, at 8
Everybody come. No admission
Endurance Queen
Photo shows Mrs. Lottie Moore
Schoemmel, of New York, who has
set a new world's record for endur
ance swimming, remaining afloat for
thirty-two hours. The former rec
ord of thirty-one hours was set by
Edith Johnson of England in 1880.
Spindale Quartet Will Be Heard
From Asheville on Air Sunday
Afternoon From 4 to 5
Spindale, April 10.—The Spindale
quartet will broadcast a sacred! con
cert program from Station WWNC,
Asheville, Sunday afternoon, April
15, from 4 to 5 o'clock, according
to an announcement made here to
The Spindale quartet is composed
of Messrs. G. B. Howard, D. C.
Cole, T. O. Hendrix and J. W.
Starnes. These four gentlemen are
widely known over western North
Carolina, having filled a large num
ber of singing engagements at va
rious times and places.
Mr. Cole is director of the Spin
dale band and the Methodist church
orchestra, while Mr. Howard is di
rector of the Methodist church
choir. Mr. Starnes and Mr. Hen
drix are members of the Methodist
choir, in addition to being members
of the Spindale quartet. All are
musicians of ability and those who
tune in next Sunday afternoon may
expect an excellent program.
Forest City has many things to
boast of, not the least of which is its
pure water supply. Mr. F. C. Dorsey
informed us Monday that the last
montly report received from Raleigh
gave the water plant a clean record
of 100 per cent for purity.
Program in Charge of Mr. F. I. Bar
ber—Joint MLeeting of Ruth
erfordton and Forest City
Clubs Next Monday.
>. The Kiw&nis Club devoted its
luncheon hour Monday evening to an
interesting program on Kiwanis edu
cation. F. I. Barber had charge of
the program and proceeded to make
the club know Kiwanis better by dis
tributing a questionnaire to each
member. This questionnaire includ
ed some fifty questions on the or
ganization, objectives and practices
of the International, district and lo
cal clubs of Kiwanis. Part of the
hour was taken up with singing in
preparation for National Music
Week, May 6.
There will be a joint meeting of
the Rutherfordton and Forest
City clubs at Forest City next
Monday evening.
Forest City lost to Rutherfordion-
Spindale Central High school Tues
day evening in the first preliminary
of the triangular debate. The Ruth
erfordton negative won over Fojrest
City's affirmative he»-e, while For
e.-t City's negative, debating against
the Kings Mountain affirmative at
Kings Mountain, won the decision
by an unanimous vote of the judges.
Spindale Warehouse Will
Receive and Grade Eggs
For Shipment Next
The Farmers' Federation of North
Carolina are making an attempt to
establish an egg market for the
farmers in the territory which it
serves. Car load shipments will be
made from Asheville until the
ket is more firmly organized. Eggs
are being collected at all Federation
warehouses and graded and then for
warded to the Asheville warehouse.
Beginning next Saturday poultry
men of Rutherford county who wish
to sell eggs through the Farmers
Federation are requested to bring
their eggs to the Spindajle ware
house, where they will be graded and
crated. Cash will be paid for eggs
at warehouse. The eggs will be
graded into three grades, Grade A
includes eggs reasonably uniform in
size, regular in shape and with clean
sound shells and yellow only slight
ly visible. Twenty-five cents per
dozen will be paid for this grade.
Grade B includes eggs with reason
ably clean sound shells, yellow slight
ly watery and average weight of
24 ounces per dozen. Twenty-two
cents per dozen will be paid for
grade B eggs. Grade C includes all
other edible eggs except guineas and
pewees, and will sell for 18c per
When graded these eggs will be
taken to Asheville where they will
be included in with eggs from other
points and shipped.
It is hoped that the egg market
can be developed to such extent in
this county that carload shipments
may be made direct from the coun
ty, instead of sending them to Ashe
Local and Personal Items of Wide
Interest—Gump-Zander Wed
ding Staged by P. T. A.
Caroleen, April 10.—Mrs. Thomas
Moore, of Charlotte, has been visit
ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. H.
Holland for sometime. Mr. Thomas
Moore spent the week-end here.
Miss Pearle Neal, spent Easter here
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
H. Neal.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy R. Harrill and
children, Mrs. Long and Mrs. Nancy
Blanton, of Hendersonville, spent
Sunday here visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.
E. Robertson, and Mr. Ben Robert
son, and other relatives and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Holland and
family spent Sunday in Greenville,
S. C., visiting relatives.
Misses Elizabeth Hames, Ruby
Smith antj Annie Lou Cartee spent
the week-end in Charlotte, the guests
of Miss Mattie Lou Harris. Miss
Harris returned home with them for
a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hamrick and
children, spent Sunday with Mrs.
Hamrick's mother, Mrs. John Toms,
of the Mt. Pleasant section.
Mr. and Mrs. Bureu Phillips, Miss
Berta Lee High and Mr. Robert
Neal were diner guests at the Iso
Thermal hotel in Rutherfordton Sun
day evening.
The P. T. A. of the Caroleen Elem
entory school is giving the Zander-
Gump wedding Saturday evening at
8 o'clock, at the Caroleen Elemen
tary building. The widow Zander
gets Uncle Bim Gump. • There are a
number of the funny picture charac
ters taking part in the weddirig. Some
of those who attend the wedding are
Maggie and Jiggs, Uncle Walt and
Skeezix, Rachael and Andy Gump's
new baby Goliath and also Min
Gump, Mutt and Jeff, Barney Goog
le, Mary Mixup and others. There are
forty-five characters included in the
ulay. If you are able TO laugh be
on hand Saturday night at 8 o'clock.
There is plenty of fun from the be
ginning to the end. Admission fif
teen and twenty-five cents.
(Special to The Courier)
Pastor of Firsjt Bap tils t
Church, of Asheville, to
Be Principal Speaker.
Mr. Schiele to Speak.
The April meeting of the Ruth
erford County Club will be held at
Cliffside on next Tuesday, at 1
o'clock, according to announcement
made by the secretary, Mr. Ivy Cow
an, of Spindale.
The program committee has ar
ranged to have Dr. R. J. Bateman,
pastor of the First Baptist church,
of Asheville to address the club. His
subject has not been announced.
Scout Executive R. M. Schiele, of
the Piedmont Boy Bcout Council,
of Gastonia, will be present and will
speak to the club in reference to the
Boy Scout work in Rutherford coun
Special music will also be a feat
ure of the program.
The Wake Forest Freshman For
est City High baseball game was
rained out in the second inning here
Forest City was leading 5 to 2
when the game was called. Laugh
ridge and Likens each hit for a cir
cuit for the locals. Forest City
made eight hits off Lewis, Cash
and Edwards, while McKeithan let
the visitors down with three singles.
On Saturday afternoon, at 3:30
the local highs will meet the Ash
ville High school team on the local
Miss Viola Randall spent the week
end with relatives in Charlotte.
Henrietta - Caroleen Triangular De
baters to Go to Chapel Hill—
Senior Class is Entertained.
(Special to The Courier)
Henrietta, April 10.—Mr. Thomas
Wall and Mrs. J. F. Sherrard and
children, of Hendersonville, spent
spent Easter with their mother, Mrs.
H. A. Wall.
The Sophmore class entertained
the Seniors with a trip to Flat
Rock last Wednesday night. A fire
was built on the rock and tha jolly
young people enjoyed a weinie roast
and marshmallows. The high school
teachers, Misses Ethel Robinson,
Bertie Lee High and Miss Reid
chaperoned the party.
Mr. and Mrs. N. J. James and
family spent the week-end visiting
in South Carolina.
Mr.. and Mrs. W. S. Moore and
family spent the week-end in Char
leston, S. C., where they visited the
Magnolia Gardens.
Mr. Robert Neal, formerly with
the grocery department of Henrietta
store has succeeded Mr. Bruner
Beam in the clothing department of
Caroleen store.
Mrs. Jess Hamilton, of Mt. Pleas
ant, is visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Edgar Neal, Mr. Hamilton will
join her this week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Hand spent
Easter with relatives in Atlanta, Ga.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Asbury and sons
spent Easter in Charlotte.
The Henrietta - Caroleen /High
school debaters won at Elleqiboro
and Hollis and will go to Chapel
Hill to compete for state hon-
I ors. The members of the team are
I Sam McAbee and Maebeth Scruggs,
Ruby Brindle and Russell Shytles.
Rev. F. H. Price preached a spe
i cial Easter sermon Sunday morning
| from the subject "The Empty
i Tomb." Special songs and music
had been selected. Mr. B. H. Moss
led the singing. Mr. Harrill Ham
' rick and Mrs. O. J. Mooneyham
with violins accompanied by Mrs.
: Clyde Mahaffee on the piano gave
* a special selection.
"Big Bill"
€ I mi 11
Photo shows "Big Billf Tilden,
former tennis champion, en route to
Mexico City as a member of the
American Davis Cup Team.
Judge P. A. McElroy to Preside over
Two Weeks' Session—Jurors
Are Drawn.
Rutherfordton, April 10. The
Spring term of superior court for
trial of criminal cases will adjourn
here Monday, May 14. Judge P. A.
McElroy, of Marshall, will preside
over the two week's session. A
heavy docket confronts this session
of court. Jurors were drawn last
week., and are as follows.
Jurors, First Week
F. R. Logan, G. A. Matheny, W.
A. Rucker,J. R. Bennett, C. D. Davis,
W. E. Owens, W. P. Watkins, O. B.
Biggerstaff, B. B. Doggett, K. E.
SimpsoQ, O. L. Melton, J. H. Flack,
F. C. Dorsey, Alton S. Horn, D. W.
Andrews, J. L. Morris J. C.
Guffney, W. S. Moss, J. W.
Carlisle, J. H. Boone, Conway Ken
nedy, B. B. Waldrop, G. W. Blanken
ship, C. B. Harrill, Nat Fortune, Paul
Smawley, R. L. Robbins, P. C. Haw
kins, J. S. Mc Curry, G. M. Huntley,
J. E. Padgett, W. N. Young, B. K.
Hampton, R. Ledbetter,, G. H. Blan
ton, Oscar Duncan.
Second Week
J. W. Lattimore, J. C. Powell, P.
C. Hensoin, J. H. Burwell, J. M.
Brackett, Rodney Brown, J. C.
Ross, Will Henson, Batey Wilson,
Braxton Elliott, J. A. Toney, C. M.
Holland, Jr., D. T. Crawford, W. W.
McKinney, B. R. Hicks, W. E. Geer,
E. M. Roach, Z. B. Hawkins.
All Sweet Potatoes Stored in Local
Curing Plant Have Been
All potatoes stored in the Forest
City Sweet Potato Curing House
have been sold, says Mr. O. J. Hol
ier, president of the Farmers Fed
eration in this county. Approximate
ly six thousand busTiels of potatoes
were stored in the house last fall.
These potatoes have been in big de
mand due to the fact that the uni
form curing gave them a flavor and
and quality not found in potatoes
in hills. The past season has been
very successful, thinks Mr. Holler,
since potato storing and curing is a
new process in this county and the
Forest City curing house is one of
the first to be erected in the county.
A meeting will be held at Green
Hill this week, at which time the
farmers of that community will lay
plans for the erection of a potato
curing house sponsored by the Far
mers Federation.
The Grammar Grade school chil
dren, of Alexander, will give a circus
next Saturday night, beginning at
7:30 o'dock. Admission will be
fifteen /and twenty-five cents. The
public is cordially invited to come
out and see the performance. You
will/not regret it. Come early in
order to see the side shows before
the big performance begins.
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P®r YMr ia Advance
Townships Annual Contests
Win Be Held at the High
School Building Begin
ning at 8 o'clock.
The Cool Springs recitation and
declamation contest will be held ai;
the High school auditorium Friday
evening at 7 :S0 o'clock. In this con
gest, there will be two representatives
from each of the following schools:
Alexander, Bostic, Forest City, and)
Mt. Pleasant. The whole prograr..
will not last more thar an hour since
the speeches will average six min
utes in length. This is the third an
nual township contest. The public
is invited to attend this -contest.
The two winers at the different
schools receive two dollars and
fifty cents for winning the contest
in the local schools. These repre
sentatives will contest for a five dol
lar gold piece and the honor of be
ing the best declaimer or best read
er in the township.
Dr. W. C. Bostic, Sr., gives the
prize for the best reader and Mrs.
Minnie Flack gives the prize for the
best declaimer.
Chief of 'Sunshine' Society Pays
Visit to Forest City Branch
Tuesday Evening
The Wayside Gang: of Forest City,
met Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock
in the auditorium of the Graded
school building. The regular busi
ness program was held, after which
the speaker of the evening, Mr. Har
old C. Brown, B. D. ("Bachelor Di
vinity") of Charlotte, was introduc
ed by "Old Sol" in a very pleasing
manner. Mr. Brown is the origi
nator of "The Wayside Gang"
which he started one year ago
through the columns of the Char
lotte Observer. Mr. Brown is an ex
globe trotter, being an actor for
years, who finally had to give up his
stage career owing to failing health.
It was then, he said he felt he had
fallen by the Wayside and when
things looked and seemed the dark
est, the idea came to him to start a
"Wayside Gang," getting people in
terested in those who were shut-ins
or handicapped otherwise, by sending
them letters of cheer, magazines or
such articles as disused phonographs,
records, small radio sets, etc., that
they may have stored away, and
which would fye appreciated by some
bed-ridden one who finds the time
passes drab andj dull. By such
marks as these, they bring a gleam
of happiness and rekindle their
faith in brotherhood, aiding them
morally in effecting a cure if not of
body, at least of the mind.
Mr. Brown, though a cripple him
self, has a brilliant mind and a
cherry smile which has and is bring
ing cheer to hundreds by his poems
and witty payings which are publish
ed daily in the Charlotte Observer
and "By The Wayside Magazines,''
which is published monthly: If you
know of some shut-in who enjoys
reading, subscribe to the Wayside
Gang Magazine, by sendSng your
check or one dollar bill to Miss Myr
tle Wilkerson, Forest City, B. and L.
office, Forest City, N. C.
Ellenboro, April 10.—The Wo
man's Betterment Association of
Ellenboro, will hold a basket sale,
Saturday, April 14, from 1 o'clock
to 6 p. m. in the Wright-Beam build
ing on corner of Railroad and Hen
rietta streets.
Mrs. A. B. Bushong, president of
the club has made a large collection
of baskets and trajys made from
reed into different designs which
will be sold at reasonable prices for
the benefit of the club.

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