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VOL. X—No. 37.
V Home of Prominent Doctor
and State Klan Dragon Is
The home of Dr. Amos C. Duncan,
prominent physician and grand drag
on of the Ku Klux Khtn in North
Carolina,- was completely destroyed
by fire Saturday morning at six
o'clock. The total loss will amount to
approximately $8,500.
Dr. Duncan was the only one in the
house at the time and was asleep
when the fire occurred. His wife and
children were out of town visiting.
. The fire was discovered by Mr. J. B.
Meares, who immediately turned in.
the alarm. The fire truck responded'
and a short time later the truck be
longing to the Forest City Motor
Company was pressed into service,
and with the aid of volunteers an
effective fire fighting corps was
organized, which kept the blaze from
Neighbors and volunteers assisted
in removing the furniture from the
house. Practically all of the furnish
ings were brought out, but much of
it. was damaged from rough handling.
Dr. Duncan had let the contract
to paint the house the day previous
and much of the furniture was bunch
i ed into one or two rooms in order
to give the painters ample working
This accounted in a large meas
ure for so much of the furniture be
ing saved. All of Mrs. Duncan's and
the children's clothing was burned,
also the bed linens, much personal
belongings and some valuable papers
0 jrere destroyed.
After the arrival of the fire
fighting apparatus the volunteer fire
companies soon had the fire under
control, but not in time to save the
house. While it was not burned com-
Aetely down it is a total loss, it
being impossible to rebuild the part
that was burned.
The origin of the fire is unknown,
but it is thought that it was caused
. fyy rats or a defective wire. The
A VAuse was partially covered by in-
A sorance.
Dr. Duncan has not made any plans
for rebuilding as The Courier goes
to press.
Rutherfordton Lady Weds
i I Greenville, N. C., Man
* 1 Monday
Rutherfordton, June 19. —A mar
riage, charming in its simplicity, oc
curred on Monday morning at tht
k ) home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Reid.
of Rutherfordton when their eldest
daughter, Marie, became the bride
of" Mr. James Morris Boyd of Green
-♦jplle, North Carolina. The Reverend
j Mr. Latham officiated.
Lohengrin's Bridal Chorus was
played by Miss daire Reid as the
bridal party entered the living room,
- and McDowell's "To A Wild Rose,"
during the ceremony. The only at
tendant was Miss Dixie Reid.
After an informal reception, Mr.
and Mrs. Boyd left for a wedding trip
to Blowing Rock and Savannah. They
expect to return to Rutherfordton for
a'; few days, and from there, go to
Atlantic City. They will live in
Greenville, North Carolina,
Mrs. Boyd was a student at Eliza
beth, Flora Macdonald, and Queen's
College and! a teacher in Forest City
» . and in the city schools of Greenville.
Mr. Boyd, who was educated at Wake
-'Forest College, is a business man of
Only the family of the bride, Dr.
and Mrs. George P. Reid, Misses
Claire and Ruth Reid and Mr. John
*?Reid of Forest City, and Mr. Ben U.
• Ratchford of Cornell University were
present. "
Rev. and Mrs. Chas. B. Trammel
and little son, of Washington, N. C.,
are visiting relatives and friends in
county. The Rev. Mr. Trammel
made a wonderful record in his
\ charge at Washington, and is gaining
distinction in tip; ministerial field.
Houston, Tex., June 20. —The
twenty-sixth! That is the date to
ward which everyone here is looking,
for on that date the Democratic
National Convention opens its doors.
Many will be the colorful person
alities taking part in the sessions. Of
course there will be Clem Shaver
with his gavel. And everyone looks
forward to the k«[yj#>te speech of
brilliant Claude G. Bowers.
Bowers, a New York editorial writ
er, historian and editor, attracted
great attention by his address at the
last Jackson Day Dinner, which is
Funeral Services Held Wednes
day—Mr. and Mrs. Dew
ey Beheler's Child Dead
Rutherfordton, R-l, June 18.—Mrs.
John Amos was buried at Shiloh last
Friday. Rev. A. G. Melton conducted
the funeral services, assisted by Rev.
M. M. Huntley and B. M. Hamrick.
She leaves husband, four girls, Mrs.
Dee Banard, Misses Ila, Lou and
Laura and one son, Mr. Clyde Amos.
Her grave was covered with masses
of flowers.
Miss Lena Allen of Forest ; City
xpent Sunday with Miss Velma Mor
Mrs. W. K. Collins, of High Point
and Mrs. Kiser, of Gastonia, spent |
Saturday night at Mr. George Mor
row's and attended the funeral of
their sister, Mrs. Crawford, near
Rutherfordton, Sunday.
The nineteen months old child of
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Beheler was
buried at Shiloh Monday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Baxter Jones and
son, Mr. Oscar, of Polk County, and
Mr. and Mrs. Gilford Ledbetter, of
Spindale, were dinner guests at Mr.
B. M. Jones' Sunday.
Mr. B. H. Allen and family of
Forest City visited Mr. and Mrs.
James Dobbins Sunday.
*** *********
* Rutherfordton, June 19. — Mr. *
* J. D. Smith, of Forest City, *
* Route 2, has been appointed as- *
* sistant recorder, according to an *
* announcement made here today. *
* Mr. Smith's duties will be to re- *
* lieve the recorder and take over *
* his duties in case of sickness, *
* or at any time he is unable to *
* fill his duties. The statue creat- *
* ing the recorder's court provid- *
* ed for an assistant, but until now *
* there has never been an assist- *
* ant. .. *
Democratic Convention Highlights
considered a masterpiece. It is be- j
lieved this speech led to his selection'
as the keynoter. It was beautifully
written, effectively delivered. Every
one is sure Bowers will surpass him
self at this convention.
Senator Robinson is expected to
be extremely active at the conven-j
tion, and New York's bright, well
dressed Mayor Walker, a brilliant,
shining personality if ever there was
one, is expected to put real "pep"
into % the proceedings.
William G. McAdoo will be there,
and will, it is believed, play a prom-
Last Thursday evening a party en-;
joyed a delightful picnic at Pine
View Lake near Shelby. Those join
ing in the pleasures were:
J Masses Myrtle andl'ljitiith Doggett,'
I Christeen Roper, Mildred, Rubye and
' Delia Collins and Messrs. George
•■■••j 1
Stahl, Marion Dickeiis,; Of Ocilla, Ga.,
Clarence Parks, "Cap" Freeman,
Newton Ferree and George Lambert,
of Asheville. A portable Victrola and
ukeleles furnished music for dancing
later in the evening.
— % \
Mrs. J. L. Rumple, of Spindale, Has Waited Tea Months
to Hear From Ex-Soldier Son.
Ten months of silent waiting have
revealed nothing of the whereabouts
of William Jethro Rumple, former
Spindale worker, who disappeared
last August, according to a tearful
story told Thursday in Charlotte to
a reporter of The Charlotte Observ
er, by his mother, Mrs. J. L. Rumple.
Mrs. Rumple, who makes her
home with her daughter, Mrs. W. C.
Lindsay, in Spindale, said that she
had asked the police, to assist her in
the search for her lost son and would
call upon the veteran's bureau for
the same purpose. He was in service
in the army during the World War
in 1917-18.
Mrs. Rumple stated that her son
was all she had to depend upon. "If
I just could know where he is. I am
afraid he has been killed, he never
fid this way before," she said.
Since the war, she explained, her
son, who is thirty-two years old, has
at times shown an inclination to trav
el. She said she considers it possible
that her son has been' overcome by
wanderlust, but that she couldn't un
derstand why he hasn't written."
"My neighbors have told me to
wait," she said, "that he would write.
inent part. And then all will be
greeted at Houston by Jesse H. Jones,
Houston philanthropist, financier and
publisher, who became the hero of the
city when he led the fight to have it
selected for the convention. Jones
has thrown his hat in the ring, too,
as a favorite son of Texas.
Other convention personalities will
include, among many, John Taggard,
"Big Bill" Brennan and Governor
Moody of Texas: Sector Heftin* the
prominent orator, one of the most
forceful fighters in politics, is ex
pected there, too.
Miss Lilah Gordon King gave a
lovely four-course dinner party on
Monday evening at 6 o'clock in honor
of Miss Sara Firesheets, of Reeds
ville who is the guest of Miss Lois
Plates wefce laid for eight: Misses
Lois Moores, Sara Firesheets, Doro
thy Doggett, Kathleen Alexander,
Dorothy Edwards, Mary Logan King,
Kathrine and Lilah Gordon King.
Miss Claire Reid has returned from
New Jersey, where she spent several
months with her uncle.
n.imi i.i
SET . j
' ' '^l
--———  11 i s ii n i ~ »
I have waited and waited, and now
I am going to call upon the public to
help me find him. I have waited as
long as I can."
Court Will Continue Through
out This Week—Several
Cases Continued
Rutherfordton, June 19.—The
special term of superior court for
trial of civil cases, which convened
here Monday June 11, will likely con
tinue throughout this week. A crowd
ed docket faced the court at the
beginning of the session, and the ses
sion has been slowed up on account
of a number of cases being continued.
Since the last issue of The Courier
the following eases have been dis
posed of: v
W. A. Warlick vs. C. B. Justice.
Case dismissed. Non-suit. Plaintiff
appeals to supreme court. The point
of issue in this case is the claim that
land sold by Justice to Warlick was
Chambers and Turner vs. Martin
Burnes. Cloud on title to land. Court
declares that, land is owned by Mar
tin Burnes.
D. Childress vs. Chambers and
Turner. Mistrial. The defendant was
sued by plaintiff for damages aris
ing out a business transaction.
W. M. Owens vs. Dr. Thompson.
Claim for damages resulting from
automobile wreck. Parties agree to
abide by decision handed down by re
corder's court prior to appeal.
M,rs. C. B. Justice vs. Citizens Bank
& Trust Co., executors for Rev. J.
B. Carpenter. Court award Mrs. Jus
tice SI,OOO for services for late J. B.
Edith Martin vs. Claude Martin.
Divorce granted.
Several cases have come before
the court during the last week that
have been, for various re&sons, con
• ' .. . .. *.•» .-5
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Randall, of
Asheville, spent Sunday here with
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Keeter.
Forest City-Alexander Plays
Lincolnton Today at the
Forest City Hi Park
Lincolnton will come to Forest City
Thursday (today) for the first time
this year in a Western Carolina
League game. The team has suffer
ed quite a lot this year because of
the lack of interest on the part of
local fans. The team needs your sup
port and is counting on you to help
the team in the league.
The season is just getting under
way and there is still plenty of time
to have some good games. One of the
features of the game Thursday will
be "Ladies Day." All ladies are go
ing to be admitted free. Now that the
business houses close at 12 noon it
will afford a pleasant afternoon for
you business men to bring your wives
to the game.
"Lefty" Edgens, hurling ace will
be on* the mound for the local nine,
while "Slick" Harrill will do the
receiving. Cooper, a new chunker, has
been signed and also Wall and they
will be available for relief duty. Joe
"VVofford, Laughridge and "Flash"
Bragg Will cavort in the outfield.
Blanton, McKeithan, Moss, and Ham
rick will be on the firing line.
Let's show the boys that we are
v _
* *
* Rutherfordton, June 19. —Pen- *
* sion checks for Confederate vet- *
* erans and their widows have *
* been received by the clerk of *
* court and are now ready for dis- *
* tribution on proper identifica- *
* tion. There are seventy-three *
* widows on the list who vill re- *
* ceive $50.00. Forty-one soldiers *
* in the county will receive $lB2.- *
* 50. Pensions are paid semi-an- *
* nually. Notices have been mail- *
* ed to pensioners, but in case any- *
* one on the list has not received *
* notice they tnay secure their *
* check by calling at the clerk's *
* office. *
r >
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t ft J
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
Mrs. Isaac Crawford Dies Af
ter Undergoing Operation
on Wednesday
Rtftherfordton, June 18.—Mrs. '
1 .> ' v
Isaac Crawford, aged 60 years, died
at the Rutherford Hospital Friday
afternoon at 5:30, after undergoing
an operation on Wednesday, for gall
stone. She had been suffering for
some time with this ailment, and went
to the hospital for treatment Tues
day, June 12.
Funeral service was held at Jlills
Creek, Baptist church, near Chimney
Hock, Sunday at noon. The serr&es
were in charge of Rev. L. M. Epley
and Rev. H. C. Sisk, of Forest Qity.
Mrs. Crawford's husband preceded
her to the grave five years ago. She
is survived by ten children, Mrs. T.
P. Wilson, Spartanburg; G. H. Craw
ford, Rutherfordton; Mrs. jj. C.
Flynn, Greer, Si C.; Mrs. H. A. Blue,
Greer> S. C.; Mrs. W. D. Harris,
Shelby; Mrs. C. R. Dalton, Chimney
Rock; Mrs. John B. Smith, Ruther
fordton; Mrs. G. H. Dalton, Ruther
fordton; S. M. Neal, Charlotte;
Clyde Crawford, Rutherfordton. Two
brothers, J. C. Hyder, of Shelby and
Jim Hyder, of Spindale survive, also
five sisters, Mrs. John Grant, Ruth
erfordton; Mrs. Kistler Collins, High
Point; Mrs. Acy Miles, Gastonia;
Mrs. Erwin Nanney, Cliffside and
Mrs. George Morrow, Rutherfordton,
R-l. Forty-nine grandchildren and.
one great grandchild survives.
Mrs. Crawford was a member of
the Baptist church, having joined
Bills Creek more than 46 years ago,
and was a member there when her
death occurred.
• 3' 3 " ■ !***? .
» ' " *
! ' »
Mr. C. L. Sams, bee specialist, will
be in the county Monday, June 25,
and will address the bee keepers at
Mr. Watson Clarke's, Rutherfordton,
on the American fowl brood diseases
of bees. All bee keepers are urged to
Jbe present and Mr. Sams.
j Will Give "Mile a Minute"
Here Friday, June 29
The progressiveness of the Forest
' City Womans' Club is shown in the
fact that soon this organization will
engineer an immense affair in the
1 way of a local talent show. So suc
' cessful has been the Womans' Club
in any project it has chosen to lay
its hands to, that Forest City is
looking forward to June 29 when
unique songs, clever dances
and many wise-crack lines which are
woven into the musical oddity "'Mile
a Minute," will delight Forest City
This show is under the direction of
Miss Lucile Smith. She arrived in
Forest City this week and is now
making preparations for the show.
The large cast includes many hum
orous character parts, and a number
of attractive choruses with colorful
These characters wiil be played by
local people, and the show will be
put on by local talent.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thomas enter
tained at three tables of Eook on
Tuesday evening in hono'r of Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Young. The invited,
guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Young, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Minish,
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. King and Mr.
Mrs. E. O. Thomas. A delicious salad
course was served by Misses Helen
Thomas and Ethel Young.
with them one and all, win or lose,
1 but we want them to win. Don't
1 forget the date, Thursday. Ladies ad
-1 mitted free. Come out and enjoy a
' good game.

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