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Cotton, lb. 19 l-4c
100 lbs. $2.10
Prices Quoted
Wednesday, 2 P. M.
VOL- Xi—No. 6.
j^| rS . J. E. Bland Hostess to
Civic Club Locals of
Ellenboro, Nov. 14.—Mrs. J. E.
gland was a charming hostess to the
members of the Civic Club at her
home Wednesday evening, which
proved to be a delightful event of the
past week. Different matters were
discussed, one was that of refurnish
ing the First Aid room for the teach
ers and children of the High School.
It will be newly furnished with
! lounge, tables, folding screens, med
icine cabinet, chairs and cushions.
Tour of inspection is made each week
by the civic ladies of the different
trrades. Among those present were
Mesdames J. A. Martin, Fred Har
rill. E. E. and A. S. Harrill, W. H.
Payne, Van Harrill, Gidney Hamrick,
' Miss Cleo Burns and Carrie Harrill.
Hostess served sandwiches, wafers,
candy and Russian tea.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Pres
■j byterian church had a very interest
ing meeting at the church Tuesday
afternoon, at which time they plan
ned for a Thanksgiving program. The
, ladies of the church are expecting to
pack a box of gifts to be sent to the
children of the Barium Spring orph
anage. as a Thanksgiving offering.
There are about 17 members of the
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Pres
byterian church had a nice lunch
room fitted up during the election.
Sandwiches, salads, cakes, pies, can
dy and coffee were served. A nice
sum was realized.
The ladies of the Baptist church
will have a Bazaar on the Bth of De
cember in the Pythian hall. Nice and
palatable meals will be served, din
ner and supper. Also a beautiful line
of fancy work, of various kinds and
description will be on sale.
Mrs. Price from Henrietta, and
Virginia Helms of Monroe were
pleasant visitors at Rev. and Mrs.
Harrill's during the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Bushong have
returned from an extended trip to
relatives in Virginia.
Misses Zudie Harrill and Mantie
Smart have accepted a position in
Forest City with Vassey and Hemp
Mr. Bruce Byers and family of
Tryon were pleasant visitors during
the past week with Mr. and Mrs.
Claud Blanton.
Mrs. A. B. Jones has been quite
sick for the past few days, but is
much better now.
Mrs. J. E. Bland spent several days
in Charlotte during the past week,
visiting her daughter Mrs. Williams.
Mr. J. C. Elliott is spending the
week with his son J. L. Elliott.
Miss Alexander of the High School
is quite sick, in her absence, Mrs.
Proffit of Rutherfordton is filling
her place.
Mr. E. E. Fulgum of Wilson was a
pleasant visitor at the home of A. S.
Harrill for the past few days.
Miss Louise Teddar from Raleigh
is spending a few days with her par
ents Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Teddar.
The baby of Mr. and Mrs. Odell
Padgett is real sick with diphtheria.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett McDaniel of
i Shelby were here Monday to attend
' the funeral of Mr. John C. Mauney.
Mr. and Mrs. Pegram and children
°f South Shelby were visiting rela
tives here the past week.
The Ellenboro High School has
resumed work after a delay of two
weeks' on account of repairs to the
heating plant.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Poole
ol * Monday, November 12th, a fine
ten pound boy.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Broad Ham
rick on Sunday, November 11th, a
lovely little baby girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Watkins are
deceiving congratulations over the
arrival of a fine boy baby, born Sun
day, November 11th. Robert Edgar
Ten years ago many a doughboy
, anxious to get home and see his
f sweetie; now quite a number of them
ar ® anxious to get away from home
ln order not to see the same sweet
»« ">■ Ho. pandering .... i„ "Mi.. Tnwn
Amenca ,n the Nat.onw,de Beauty Conte.t. They are, left to right: Mi„ I.abel De Lap, Norri, City, 111 • Mi..
r ' N " C " ! Mi " Wil,ie Lou Jon "- City, N. C.; Mi., Dorcae Edna, Port Allen La •
... uc.lle Brusie, M.llerton, N. Y.; Mi« Erin Godfrey, Chipley, Fla.; Mi.. Eleanor Grimm, Arlington, Neb.'
The above picture was sent out
this week by Editor Fred J. Runde,
of Autocaster News Service, New
York City. He says that thousands
of photographs of entries in the con
test from all sections of the United
States are being gone over by the
judges, and that they hope to soon
Death Claims Mooresboro
Woman Funeral at
Sandy Plains Mon
Mooresboro, Nov. 14. —Mrs. James
K. Bridges, aged 65, died suddenly
at her home Sunday morning, near
Mooresboro. She had been ill for on
ly a short while before her death.
She was an excellent neighbor and a
kind hearted woman, a consecrated
Christian and faithful member of
Sandy Plains Baptist church. She is
survived by the following children:
Messrs. Gus of Mooresboro; Lad and
Cone of Hickory; Troy of Monroe;
Worth at home; Mesdames Buren
Spurlin, of Mooresboro; Robert Jenk
ins, of Avondale; Rob Moore, in
Tennessee; Oscar Ramsey of Latti
more; Alvin Padgett, Shelby. Two
sisters Mesdames Whitt Blanton, of
Mooresboro, and Martha Bridges of
Ellenboro. The burial was at Sandy
Plains church Monday evening in
charge of the pastor, Rev. Abernethy.
Rutherfordton, R-l, Nov. 13.—Shi
loh school opened up yesterday morn
ing with Mr. Howard Wells, princi
pal, and assisted by Mr. Clyde Dav-,
idson, of Polk County, Miss Mary
Allen, Union Mills, Miss Mary Crow,
of Oakland, Miss Nell Mcßrayer,
Miss Iris Robinson, Cliffside and Miss
Pauline Dedmond, Shelby.
Miss Grace Mcßrayer went to
Shingle Hollow Sunday to begin her
school there on Monday.
Miss Arrie Robbins of Caroleen,
Estelle Jones spent Saturday night
with Miss Velma Morrow.
Mr. Herbert Bradley, of Spindale
visited his brother> Mr. E. S. Bradley
« Mr. and Mrs. Braxton Thompson
spent Saturday night and Sunday in
Caroleen with the latter's parents.
Mrs. O. T. Aldridge and children
and Mr. Clarence Smith, of Sandy
Mush, visited at Mr. W. C. Morrow's
Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Walter Nash, of Rutherford
ton, spent Sunday with home-folks.
Misses Ruth and Pauline Morrow
entertained on last Saturday night
Misses Elva Spurlin, Odessa and Es
telle Jones, Arrie Robbins, Messrs.
Roy Mcßrayer, Leo Smith, Charlie
Nash, Robert Pintuff, Oris Spurlin
and Clyde Banning.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dobbins and
children, of Spindale, visited at Mr.
Cal Dobbins, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Champion,
and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Cole, of
Forest City were dinner guests at
Mr. B. M. Jones' last Wednesday.
*4 W
A Few Possible Title Winiers in National Beauty Contest
announce the winner of the title
"Miss Small Town America."
Third from the left in the above
picture will be seen Miss Willie Lou
Jones, Forest City's entry in the
nation-wide contest. That she has
been selected as one of seven, out
of thousands of entries, shows that
she has an excellent chance of win
ning in the contest. We will leave it
to you as to whether any one in the
Oyster and Chicken
Supper Saturday
The Auxilary class of the Presby
terian church will have an oyster
and chicken supper on Saturday
night in the building next door to
People's Drug Store. These ladies
will also have cakes, candies, pies
and many other good things to eat.
Be sure to patronize these ladies
on Saturday, Nov. 17th.
Green-Allen Wedding Saturday
Dr. Davis of Boiling Springs to
Speak—Local Items.
Harris, R-l, Nov. 14.—Rev. D. J.
Hunt filled his regular appointment
at Holly Springs Sunday afternoon.
Many visitors form other churches
were present.
Owing to the cold weather there
wasn't very many people at the B.
Y. P. U.'s and prayer meeting Sunday
Messrs. Edward Cole of Union
Mills, spent the week with home
- Mrs. G. C. Matheney, who has been
on the sick list is improving, we
are glad to note.
Don't forget next Sunday night,
November 18, that Dr. Davis, the
"president of Boiling Springs Junior
College will preach at Holly Springs
about 7:30 o'clock.
Mr. Ralph Green and Miss Clara
Allen both of this section surprised
their many friends Saturday by go
jing to Spartanburg and getting mar
iried. Mr. Green is the son of Mr.
I Horace Green and Mrs. Green is the
1 charming daughter of Mr. Lowren
Allen. We wish them a long and hap
py life.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cole and family
of Shiloh section visited Mr. and Mrs.
Matt Splawn Sunday.
Cherry Addresses
War Veterans
Rutherfordton, Nov. 13. R. G.
Cherry, commander of the American
Legion, department of North Caro
lina, of Gastonia, addressed the an
nual banquet of the Fred Williams
Post No. 75, American Legion, Satu
rday at the Isothermal hotel.
A large number of ex-service men
from all parts of Rutherford county
enjoyed the able address of the
State Commander, who dealt with
the Legion history and organization
the function of the Legion, and of
the Legion to veterans in and out of
(the hospitals, war memorials and
community service rendered by the
Legion. The Gastonia man was in
troduced by R. E. Price, chairman
for the local committee on the Ar
mistice banquet.
above group has "Miss Forest City"
The above picture was sent to ov
er two thousand newspapers in
America. "M;iss Forest City" has
gained nation-wide publicity for our
little city by entering the local con
test, and Miss Jones' many friends
here believe she has an excellent
chance to win in the national con
Bostic Woman Passes At Age
of 81—Funeral Service
Held Tuesday
Bostic, Nov. 14.—Mrs. William
Grayson, age 81, died at her home
near Bostic Sunday night of pneu
monia. She had been in her usual
good health within a few days be
fore her death. She was a Christian
lady, sympathetic, cheerful and help
ful. She served her time and gener
ation helping to "bring Heaven a
little nearer to earth." She is sur
vived by three boys and three daugh
ters; Alfred, William of Spindale and
Joe, near Bostic, and Mesdames Lon
nie Callahan, Rutherfordton; Sam
Callahan, Columbus, Ga.; David Mc-
Murray, Forest City. She was Miss
Julia Melton before her marriage.
She was a life long member of Mt.
Lebanon Baptist church. Funeral and
burial at Mt. Lebanon Tuesday morn
ing at 11 o'clock. Conducted by the
pastor, Rev. Z. D. Harrill.
Spindale Organizes
Scout Committee
Spindale, Nov. 14. —A meeting of
the men of the community was held
in the office building here Tuesday
afternoon and a local Boy Scout
committee was organized. Mr. R. M.
Schiele, scout executive, of Gastonia,
was present and assisted in the or
The council, as organized, will be
the sponsoring body or the Spindale
troops. One healthy troop is already
doing good work in town, and plans
for another troop are being formu
The following men were selected
on the council for the town:
Chairman, J. L. Thomasson; vice
chairman, T. M. Plonk; finance, G.
A. Williams; court of honor, N. A.
Gregg; publicity, Herbert Crenshaw;
troop organization and training, J.
E. Berry; school relations and read
ing, R. W. Eaves, camping, G. Lips
comb; church relations, H. H. Cas
sady; health and safety, Dr. J. F.
Hunt; civic service, S. E. Elmore.
Members at large: G. B. Howard,
W. R. Wells, L. C. Finley, Ivy Cow
an, J. O. Williams, Clarence Griffin,
B. L. Smith, J. C. Wylie, J. W.
Starnes, F. C. Kinzie.
Up to Thursday, November 8,
Rutherford county had ginned 8,811
bales of cotton. Up to the same time
last year the county had ginned 7,-
713. The state had ginned 497,126
bales up to Thursday, as against 552,-
834 last year.
Spindale Plays First
Basketball Game
j On Friday evening the Spindale
! Athletic" Club will meet the Spartan
i burg Athletic Club at the Spindale
; House. This is the first 'heavy' game
of the season. Both teams are in
: the pink- of condition and a hard
fought game will result. On Friday
: evening, November 23, Spindale will
j play the Spartanburg Y. M. C. A.
!at Spindale House.
Members of Association Enjoy
Delightful Dinner in
Haynes Memorial Build
ing Tuesday
Cliffside, Nov. 14.—The Ruther
ford County Bankers Association held
its regular monthly meeting in the
R. R. Haynes Memorial Building at
Cliffside on Tuesday night at
p. m. After enjoying a delightful din
ner prepared under the direction of
Mr. J. C. Hames the meeting was
called to order by Mr. J. B. Watkins,
president of the Association. A very
interesting discussion was held on
various subjects of vital importance
to all bankers of Rutherford County,
all members present joining in on
the discussion.
The meeting adjourned until next
Tuesday night, November 20th, at
which time it will meet at the
Farmers Bank & Trust Co., Forest
City. Those present were J. H.
Thomas, J. A. Dennis, W. M. Giles,
T. B. Lovelace, J. B. Watkins, J. C.
Hames, W. H. Haynes, E. E. Harrill,
R. L. Arial, W. B. Walker, J. L.
Taylor, J. M. Killian. W. L. Hicks.
Lunch Room in Mill—Daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Burgin Dead
Births—Locals and Personals
Forest City, Nov. 13.—The latest
addition to the Florence Mills is a
cafe or hinch room in the interior of
the spinning room. This will doubt
less be patronized by many of the
employees, and especially the night
help, who desire hot lunch. It will
remain open day and night.
Mr. E. W. Jordan, overseer of
carding, was carried to the Charlotte
Sanatorium Monday for treatment.
Mr. Jordon is suffering from neural
gia of the heart and high blood pres
sure it is reported. His friends hope
for his health and early return home.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Tesseniar, last Thursday morning a
Mary Helen, fiften months old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bur
gin, died at their home on South
Church street this morning about 10
o'clock, o¥ pneumonia. Funeral ar
rangements have not been made at
this writing, but will probably be
sometime Wednesday, in charge of
Rev. H. B. Hiatt, pastor of the local
Weslyan church .
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Ranson
Eppley last Saturday—a boy.
Mr. J. B. Hardin and family were
visiting in Shelby last Sunday.
Mr. Author Goforth and family of
Welford, S. C., visited relatives here
Mr. Walter Owens, son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Owens, is quite sick at
his home here.
Mr. Archie H. Sisk is confined to
his room, this week, on account of
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Ham
rick early Sunday morning— a big
Mr. F. M. White and family of
Alexander Mills were pleasant visi
tors here last Sunday.
Little Miles Gettys Hardin is con
fined to the sick room this week.
The Florence Missionary Circle
Nos. 1 and 2 sold cake, candy and
refreshments, Sat. Nov. 10th with an
oyster supper Saturday night. After
expenses were paid there were
$22,85 left which will go in the treas
ure to be used by the Circle.
We wish to thank all who took
'part anyway. We assure all the
i money will be used for a good cause.
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SI.OO Per Year in Adra:
Rutherford County Well Or
ganized For Carrying
Forward Work This
Year Chairmen
Rutherfordton, Nov. 13.—At a
meeting of the Rutherford County
Red Cross chapter, held in the re
corder's court room in the court
house here Monday afternoon No
vember 22, 23 and 24 were set as
dates for the county's annual Red
Cross roll call.
Prof. B. L. Smith, the county
chairman presided. A goal of one
thousand members was set for this
year. Last year 577 members were
enrolled in the county. In addition
to the members enrolled the mills
of the county donated $503.33. One
half of the total amount raised in
, the county was used in securing a
| Red Cross nurse for four months.
The treasurer, Miss Virginia Gray
son, reported that the county raised
$1117.93 for relief work in 1927 and
$277 had been donated in the county
this year for Florida and West In
dian hurricane sufferers.
Local chairmen were appointed for
each community in the county to
carry on the annual roll call. These
chairmen are as follows:
Cliffside: B. E. Roach, M. Hen
Henrietta: Mrs. Robert Neal.
Caroleen: Miss Etta Head.
Avondale: Prof. F. S. Hall.
Alexander: J. R. Moore.
Forest City: Rev. G. R. Gillespie,
Mrs. Thos. Stone, Miss Nell Young.
Hollis: Mrs. Grady Withrow.
Harris: W. V. Tarlton.
Bostic: E. E. Smart.
Ellenboro: A. B. Bushong.
Spindale: J. E. Berry.
Rutherfordton: C. W. Keeter.
Ruth: Miss Adna Norris.
Mt. Vernon: E. S. Teague.
[ Gilkey, C. F. Cline.
Union Mills: Prof. W. E. Sweatt.
Chimney Rock: Mrs. Cecil Cobb.
Nealsville, R-l, Nov. 12.—We are
having some real winter weather this
week. The farmers are beginning to
kill fat porkers.
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Nanney visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Ledbetter
Mr. L. D. Hemphill is having a
corn shucking tomorrow.
Mrs. Logan Davis is not improving
fast we are sorry to note.
Mrs. -J. P. Wilkerson spent last
week end with her sister, Mrs. T. L.
Nichols of Old Fort.
Mrs. L. D. Hemphill visited friends
at Rutherfordton Saturday and
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Williams, of
Rutherfordton visited relatives here
Mr. and Mrs. Norris Hemphill
spent the week end with relatives at
Forest City.
Mrs. E. C. Harris left Sunday for
Knoxville where she will spent sev
eral weeks with her son, Mr. C. C.
Watkins' Grocery Sold
To Mr. Beachboard
A deal was concluded yesterday
whereby Mr. D. F. Beachboard be
came the owner of the Watkins
grocery and meat market, he taking
possession immediately following the
The Watkins stand is one of the
best in the city and Mr. Watkins,
by hard work, square dealing and
perseverance has, in the past eight
years, built a lucrative and strong
business. Mr. Beachboard is an ex
perienced merchant, a man of fine
character and ability and should
make an immediate success of his
new venture. His many friends are
much gratified to see him enter bus
iness here and are sanguine of his
Mr. Watkins has not decided upon
his future plans. He will be with Mr.
Beachboard for a while and later
will likely engage in other business
here. • A

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