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VOL- XI— No. 10
Many Interesting Features
Will Be Included In Pro
gram Best Talent
in City Engaged
The local Kiwanis club will stage
its annual Christmas program and en
tertainment Monday night, Decem
ber 17. This date has been decided
upon, due to the fact that the fol
lowing meeting night falls on Christ
mas Eve', when all will be employed
in watching for Santa Claus around
their own firesides. Every indivi
dual member of the club is urged to
be present next Monday night and
take part in one of the best pro
grams of the entire year. Some of
the best talent in the city has been
engaged for this Christmas program
and a real surprise in local accom
plishments is in store for all who
Put the date, December 17, the
time, 7 p. m., down on your calendar
or memorandum and every Kiwanian
be there.
Results in County To Date Are
Disappointing—Chairman B.
L. Smith Makes Statement
The Annual Red Cross Call in
Rutherford county has been dis
appointing to the Red Cross officials
of the county and others who are in
terested in this great work. The
county, to date, has failed to raise
its annual quota, which should be a
source of concern to all who know
and understand how important it is
that the county should participate as
fully as possible. One-half of the
sum raised by the local Red Cross
chapter remains in the county to be
spent on local health and relief work.
Capt. B. L. Smith, county Red
Cross chairman, issued the following
appeal to the people of Rutherford
county Tuesday:
"There must be many people in
Rutherford County whose member
ship in the Red Cross has not been
solicited. They, undoubtedly, desire
an opportunity to have part to the
extent of the one dollar membership
in the great relief work which the
R r :tl Cross is doing and stands ready
to do.
"If you are not already a member,
won't you send at once SI.OO to Miss
Virginia Grayson, Treasurer, Ruther
fordton, North Carolina (50c of the
amount will be sent to national head
quarters for an emergency fund; the
other 50c will be spent in your com
munity on health or relief work)."
mm CLUB ~
Election of Officers Principal
Item of Business Pro
gram Being Arranged
Spindale, Dec. 12.—-The December
meeting of the Rutherford County
club will be held in the Rutherford
ton Baptist church, Rutherfordton,
Tuesday at one o'clock according to
an announcement made today by the
secretary, Mr. Ivy Cowan.
Chairman Frank Page, of the
State Highway Commission, of Ra
leigh, was scheduled to be present
fl nd address the meeting, but it was
learned Wednesday that he will be
unable to be present.
The election of officers for the
next year will take place at this
meeting. The program committee is
forking on a local program for this
A 1 members are urged to attend,
hdies of the Baptist church will
•sfctVfc tue luncheon.
The above picture is that of baby
Kyle Kimbrell McGinnis, one year
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
McGinnis, of 120 W. 16th street,
Norfolk, Va. She is the granddaugh
ter of the late John H. McGinnis of
this city, and a great granddaughter
of Mr. James Kimbrell, of Ches
nee, S. C.
Mr. McGinnis is v/ell known in this
city, and was at one time connected
with The Forest City Free Press,
which was later succeeded by The
Christmas Cantata
At Baptist Church
At the First Baptist church next
i Sunday night a Christmas Cantata
| entitled "The Greatest Gift" will
be rendered by the choir under the
direction of Miss Mary Harper. The
Cantata is by H. W. Petrie and is
brilliant, dramatic and effective
throughout. There are solos, duets,
quartets and choruses combining to
tell the story of God's greatest gift
to the world. Miss Ruth Meares, org
anist, and Mr. A. M. Glickman, ac
companist. A cordial invitation is ex
tended the public.
Young Henrietta Man, Killed
in Granite falls, Interred
at Floyd's Creek
Funeral services for Mr. James G.
Hames, who was killed by his wife at
his home in Granite Falls last Thurs
day night, an account of which ap
pears elsewhere in this issue of The
Courier, was held at Floyd's Creek
Saturday at 2 o'clock.
Mr. Hames was born January 28,
1893, and was 32 years old. He
joined the Goodes' Creek Baptist
Church at the age of 17 years.
He is survived by his widow, his
father and step-mother, Mr. and Mrs.
J. L. Hames, of Henrietta, two sis
ters and two brothers.
A large number of people attended
the funeral services at Floyd's Creek
Saturday. The pall bearers were |
Messrs. Weyland Scruggs, Guy
Scruggs, E. C. White, Nathan David
son, F. A. Scruggs, and Graham Cal
houn. The flower bearers were Mrs.
Milas Kennedy, Myrtice Hames, Lot
tie Elmore, and Elora Scruggs.
State and City
Tags Now Ready
City license tags are now ready
for distribution and may be secured
at the office of Mr. Caldwell, at the j
City Hall. Chief C. R. Price states j
that all Forest City cars must have a
city license tag on them by January!
Mr. D. D. Wilkins, state auto li
cense tag inspector, was in Forest
City this week and stated to Mr.
Price that state automobile license
tags were now on sale at Shelby and
Raleigh, and that all motorists must
get them by January Ist. The law
has been so changed as to permit mo
torists to display new tags on and
after December 15th. There will be
no extension of time this year, says
Mr. Wilkins, and all cars must either
have tags on them by January Ist
or go into the garage.
Husky Youngster
i'»act Date To Be Decided— ;
Election of Officers of
Lodge Next Monday
Plans are now being made for the j
annual banquet of the local lodge
Knights of Pythias. A committee,
composed of Messrs. J. A. Dennis, J.
T. Poole, and V. T. Davis, was re
cently appointed by the lodge to
make all the arrangements for this
occasion, which is one of the most en
joyable of the year, and one that is
looked forward to by all the mem
Invitations have been sent to sev
eral of the grand lodge officers and
it is hoped that they will be able to
attend. The banquet, which is to be
held in the hall over Blanton's Cafe,
will be held sometime during the
Christmas holidays. The exact date
has not been decided upon.
On next Monday evening the lodge
' will elect new officers for the com
ing year. This has been postponed
twice on account of having such a
few of the members present. These
officers will have to be elected next
Monday night, and every Pythian
who can possibly do so is urged to
be present.
Mr. E. E. Jones Dies of 'Flu*
and Pneumonia at Age of
84 Years
Mr. Elijah Edmond Jones, aged
84 years, died at home near Ellen
boro Saturday. He had been in unus
ually good health until about two
weeks ago. On November 15 he cele
brated his eighty-fourth birthday,
which was attended by his children
and immediate family, and divided his
estate between his children. He was
taken ill about a week ago with the
influenza, which developed into pneu
monia, death claiming him Saturday.
Funeral services were held at El
lenboro Baptist church Sunday after
noon, and was in charge of his pas
tor, Rev. Z. D. Harrill. An immense
crowd gathered for the funeral, and
the church was filled to capacity with
j many outside who could not gain ad
| mittance. The grandsons of Mr.
[Jones acted as pall bearers. The
' flower girls were granddaughters of
I the deceased. Interment was in the
i Bethel cemetery.
| He is survived by ten children, as
j follows: Wesley, George, Joseph,
i Jessie and Columbus Jones, and Mes
! dames Lennie Wilson, Margaret Skin-
I ner, Mary Wright, Louisa Owens, Zel
'la Melton. All of the children re
j side near Ellenboro. Five brothers al
| so survive, as follows: R. W. Jones,
[Savannah, Ga.; J. N. Jones, Forest
City; L. J r Jones, Gastonia; J. G.
! Jones and Collier Jones, of Shelby.
He is survived by 106 grand chil
[ dren and great grandchildren, also
two great-great-grand-children.
Mr. Jones was a man well loved in
his community and was a man of hon
est convictipns and broad human sym
pathy. He joined the Beaver Dam
Baptist church at the age of 14 years
and lived a consecrated Christian
life. He was a deacon in the Ellen
boro Baptist church for nearly sixty
three years. He married early in life
[to Miss Nancy Lovelace, who preced
jed him to the grave several years
; ago. Mr. Jones was a Confederate
: veteran, being a member of Company
If., Home Guards, of the Western
i Battalion, which included those of
[the seventeen years old class. Fol
■ lowing the war he became a prosper
ous farmer and spent the remainder
of his life on the farm, near Ellen
j Mr. Jones had already selected the
monument for his grave.
1 Americans spend $287,00,000 a
year for soap. There's no little boy
in this country who couldn't think
of a better use for all that money.
Club Host to Members of Cool
Springs High School Grid
The Cool Springs football team, j
with their coach, Prof. E. V. Sietz,
| were the honored guests of tLe Ki
| wanis Club Monday night. All mem
bers of the team were present and
the Club gave them a royal recep
tion. The team's record was given by
Mr. Sietz, and several members of
the club spoke on the value of the
publicity that the team had brought
to the town.
Mr. Howard Doggett suggested a
committee from the Kiwanis Club to
cooperate with the school in spon
soring athletics, and the club presi
dent appointed the following: H. H.
Doggett, chairman, R. L. Reinhardt,
Dr. A. C. Duncan, J. W. Matheny,
E. O. Thomas, and Terry Moore.
Continue Seal Sale
To December 24
The sale of Red Cross tuberculos
is Christmas seals will continue until
Christmas eve in Forest City. The
sale of the seals are being sponsor
ed by The Womans' Club. Members
of the club will be stationed at the
principal places of business in the
city, and seals may be secured from
them at any time.
Mr. W. C. Hightower, well known
mortician and county coroner, of
Henrietta, was called to the bedside
of his aged father, Mr. J. H. High
tower, of Boiling Springs, S. C.,
Monday. Mr. Hightower is ninety
eight years old and his condition has
been precarious for several days. As i
we go to press a telephone message I
from Wells Brothers, at Henrietta, 1
states that Mr. Hightower's condi
tion has not improved any, and that
his recovery is extremely doubtful.
Mr. Hightower is a remarkable man
and was in good physical condition,
despite his advanced age, until a few
weeks ago.
Funeral For Cliff side Woman
Held Wednesday at High
Shoals Eaptist Church
Cliffside, Dec. 12. Mrs. B. E.
McCurrv, aged about fifty years,
died at her home here early Tuesday
morning after a long illness. She
had been confined to her bed about
two months, and death was not unex
Funeral was held at High Shoals
Baptist church Wednesday afternoon
at 2 o'clock with her pastor, Rev.
R. C. Smith in charge, assisted by
Rev. D. H. Rinehardt, of the Meth
odist church.
Mrs. McCurry is survived by her
husband and by six children, as fol
lows: Charles, Jess, Claud and
Leßoy,of Cliffside and Bill McCurry,
of Caroleen, and Mrs. John Robinson,
of Cliffside. Two brothers and one
sister survive, and are J. D. Chatman,
of Shelby, and R. C. Chatman, of
Forest City, R-l, and Mrs. A. B.
Blanton, of Bostic R-3.
Mrs. McCurry was Miss Ida Chat
man before her marriage. She was a
lifelong member of the Baptist
church and was a member of the
Cliffside church at the time of her
Capt. Adelaide Peeler, pilot of the
Cool Springs High School football
team, was selected last week on The
Charlotte Observer's mythical All-
State second grid team. F'eeler was
captain of the Forest City football
team this season, and was the only
player selected from any of the ad
joining counties on the Observer's
first and second teams.
Sets Record
rjiT 4''
I -.if
; Ji#t SI&H
(Courtesy Charlotte Observer)
The above picture is that of
Donald Clay Griffin, five months old
son of Editor and Mrs. Clarence
Griffin. He underwent a major op
eration for pyloric stenosis at the
age of four weeks, being the young
est patient to undergo such operation
in the Rutherford Hospital, and pos
sibly the youngest in the state.
Despite his illness in the early
days of his life he now weighs. six
teen and one-half pounds at the age
of five months and is up to normal
in every respect. The above picture
was made at the age of four months.
i , I
i i
Member of One of County's
i Most Prominent Families
Dies After Short Illness
Rutherfordton, Dec. 11.—Claude
i *
Hicks, aged 59, died at the Ruther
ford Hospital Thursday after an ill
ness of two weeks. Funeral services
} :
were held Friday afternoon at the
Rutherfordton Episcopal church in
Rutherfordton, with Rev. R. E.
Gentle in charge. Interment was in j
Rutherfordton cemetary.
Mr. Hicks is survived by three sis- j
ters, Mrs. Henry Tucker, of Raleigh;
Mrs. K. A. Kutz and Mrs. L. 11.
I Revely, of Rutherfordton.
He is the last member of one of
' 9
tiie county s most prominent fami
i lies, he being a son of the late Dr.
Oliver Hicks. He was a member of ,
the Episcopalian church.
Pall bearers were Messrs. L. D.
Miller, J. A. McFarland, W. C. '
Twitty, H. L. Carpenter, E. L. !
Morris and P. M. Harris.
Mr. Hicks never married.
Resident of Lower Rutherford
Laid to Rest in Mt. Pleas- j
J Cemetery |
Mrs. Frances Harris, aged 48;
years, three months and 28 days, died !
Sunday, December 9 at her home
near Cliffside. Funeral services were
: held at Mt. Pleasant (Cleveland)
Baptist church Monday, with Rev. I.
D. Harrill in charge, assisted by Rev.
T. M. Hester.
j Mrs. Harris Ms survived by her
| husband, Mr. J. W. Harris, and
j three children, two boys and one girl. J
j She is also survived by her mother,.
| three brothers and one sister.
j Mrs. Harris was a faithful mem
! ber of the Baptist church, having
joined the Mt. Pleasant church thir
ty-three years ago.
The pall bearers were Taft and R.
iO. Cobb, Broadus McGinnis, C.
Hames, Willie Michaels and Lawrence I
Fox. Flower bearers were Ocia Jones, j
. Ona Crawford, Lena Jolley, Mrs. T.
i Harris, Mrs. Herman Jones, Olei*'
Scruggs and Cornelia Jolley.
24 Pages
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
Boy Scout Officials Make Plans
for Annual Council Ban
quet January 15.
The executive committee of the
Piedmont Council, Boy Scouts of
America, met in regular session at
Cleveland Springs hotel Tuesday
night. Among those in attendance
were President J. W. Atkins, Judge
! A. C. Jones, Arthur Winget and R.
M. Schiele, of Gastonia, Mr. G. G.
i Page, of Kings Mountain, Mr. Vern
on, of Bessemer City, Captain B. L.
I Smith, F. C. Kinzie, of Spindale and
! G. R. Gillespie, of Forest City. After
the several reports showing the
growth and progress of work as a
whole throughout the council and the
transaction of a volume of import
ant business, it was decided that the
j annual Council Banquet will be held
 at the Cleveland Springs hotel, Tues-
I day night, January 15, 1929, at 7
j o'clock. It is hoped and urged that
, full representation from every coun
j ty in the council be prepared to at
| tend the annual meeting. Make your
plans now to be there.
Asks For Clothing, Bed
Clothes, Food, Etc., for
Forest City's Needy
Demands for the collection and
disbursement of charity funds are
always heaviest upon our people at
this season of the year when we are
called upon to contribute to this,
that and the other worthy and needy
causes, and we are glad to give when
ever possible in alleviating suffer
ing everywhere. Sometimes the • ex
pression, that "Charity begins a*
home," is often heard, the trouble*
is it too often ends at the samo
place. There are times and seasons
however when this becomes a fact
and we must face it.
The poor of Forest City are
facing the rigors of winter unpre
pared and numerous calls and de
mands are being made upon the local
Family Welfare Association for
food, clothing, fuel and medicine, but
"the cupboard is bare." No funds in.
the treasury and stock of clothing
depleted. Through the generosity of
our Senator-elect Hon. A. R. Beam,
it has been possible to furnish coal
to the most needy and that is all
that can be done for our own here
at home. Mrs. G. R. Gillespie is in
charge of the association's interests
r.nd will be glad to receive any do
nations of money, groceries, bed
clothing or clothing for school boys
and girls. "Let's keep the home fires
Vacancy At Forest
City Postoffics
Washington, Dec. 10.—The civil
service commission has been re
quested to hold examination of ap
plicants for appointment of post
master at Forest City. The commis
sion will give due notice at the re
spective post offices of the date when
these examinations will be held. In
formation from whatever source per
missible under the civil service rules
touching the suitability of eligibles
will be given careful consideration.
This is a presidential vacancy.
'Flu' -Fatal To
Mr. John Weeks
Bostic, Dec. 12.—Mr. John Weeks,
of the Pea Ridge community near
here died Monday after a few week's
illness with influenza. Funeral serv
ices were held Wednesday at Mt.
Lebanon church, near Sunshine. In
terment was in the Mt. Lebanon
cemetery. Mr. Weeks is survived by
his widow.

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