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Funeral For Beloved Woman
Held at Sandy ' Plains—
Local News of New
House Community
Ellenboro, R-3, Dec. 17. —Mrs. Joe
Davis died December 7, at New
House. She had "flu" and contracted
pneumonia and only lived a few days.
She was 76 years old and leaves one
son, Cliff Davis and three step-chil
dren: Mrs. Willie Wort man and
Stough A. Davis of New House and
Mrs. S. P. Stewart of Gastonia. She
was a member of Sandy Plains church
and was buried there with her pastor,
Rev. G. P. Abernethy and Rev. W. M.
Gold in charge. She will be missed
in the home and county.
Mr. Elijah Jones and family of i
First Broad were in our midst Sun- I
day. j
The weather it a bit rough at j
present. Looks as if winter is close j
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Forest City, N. C. Rutherfordton, N. C.
! at hand. There is an epidemic of 'flu'
{in this section just now. Almost every
i family is in bed. Some are up, but
,are staying at home. So it is a bit
; blue just now for the time of year.
' The schools are about at a standstill,
so it is about time to close down for
. a few days. Our roads are real rough
! for winter. Seems as all our tax goes
'for something besides county roads.
•We feel we are not getting our share
jof money.
There was a small attendance at
j church Sunday on account of sick
iness. Hope it will be bteter soon.
! Miss Fern Morgan and Dorothy
j Green visited Mr. J. F. Green Satur
j day night.
I The box supper was a success at
'Hollis Saturday night.
) Mr. W. G. Davis visited O. C.
•Waters Sunday.
i Occasionally, although it is only
| once in a blue moon, someone runs a
J classified advertisement in The
j Courier that doesn't produce satis
j factory results.
j When they complain we always j
{answer: "Why, our classified ads al-!
ways get results if they are proper
ly written."
Now it appears that we've got to
I give instructions on how to write ads,
I and so we submit, herewith, a few
jgood examples. Ads such as these
are bound, at any rate, to get atten
For Rent: Flat with eight rooms,
and two baths on the trolly tracks.
For Sale: Good Jersey cow that
produces six quarts of milk daily and
cook stove and a Ford.
Wanted: A boy to deliver fish that
can ride a bicycle.
Wanted: Salesman that can sell
eggs not over forty years old.
For Sale: An auto by man leaving
[town with new upholstering.
For Sale: A piano by a widow
with large legs slightly scratched.
j Health of the hens will be improv
! Ed and egg laying will be more prof
itable when the birds have green
| feed throughout the winter.
The Newland 4-H club in Pasquo-
Itank County reports that 91 of its
! 92 member completed their projects
! and turned in reports to thfe county
I agent.
I Prominent Citizen of McDowell
j County Had Active Career
i ■
Marion, Dec. 17. G. W. Crawford
died at his home on Morgan street
Sunday morning at 5 o'clock after
an illness of some time. For several
weeks his condition had been very
'grave and although the news of his
death will not come as a surprise it
will be learned of with great regret.
| Mr. Crawford was 81 years of age
and one of McDowell County's old
est and most prominent citizens. He
held the postmastership of the city
, for twelve years, and was sent to
I state legislature for a number of
years. He was a prosperous farmer
l of the Montford Cove section in his
young days. He also owned a large
amount of real estate in this city
and county.
Funeral services were held at the
j First Baptist Church Monday at 11
' o'clock by the Rev. P. D. Mangum
j and the body was laid to rest in the j
j Marion Oak Grove cemetery. He is
| survived by his wife and the follow- !
ing children: Mrs. W. C. McCall, Mrs. '
B. L. Ashworth, Miss Ellen Craw- ■
ford, James W. Crawford and Ernest'
M. Crawford, all of Marion; Mrs. A. j
D. Stoner of Biltmore, and Mrs. A. i
M. Bonner of Raleigh; also one sis-'
ter, Mrs. Columbus Hall of Montford
Cove. .
Mrs. Dazel Williams, of Spindale, .
was a granddaughter of Mr. Craw
Raleigh, N. C. Dec. 17.—Black
walnut timber and nuts will be plen- j
tiful in Rowan County for future -
generations of landowners if the plan
now being promoted by County,
Agent W. G. Yeager is carried to a;
successful fruition.
"Mr. Yeager, cooperating with the '
rural school supervisor, has begun!
one of the most important and :
unique projects with the school chil
dren of Rowan County that I have !
observed in a number of years," says
R. W. Graeber, extension forester at j
State College. "About 6,000 school
children are now engaged in planting j
black walnut seed about over their j
home farms. The children are plant- !
ing seed from the best trees with the j
idea of starting small groves on each ;
farm. In addition, they are preparing j
exhibits of seed which are entered at
each rural school. From these, the j
three best exhibits will be carried to j
a county-wide contest and the win- ,
ning exhibit there will be used to fur- j
nish seed for planting black walnuts j
on the 60 or more rural school i
grounds of the county." j
Mr. Gaeber says that the plantings i
are being carefully supervised and ,
will be conducted as a club project
under Mr. Yeager's direction. A ;
number of the schools have reported (
that 100 percent of their pupils have ;
begun their plantings and no move- >
ment started recently among the j
young people has proven so popular (
as this.
Mr. Yeager reports that the plant
ings on the school grounds will be
carefully tended until the trees are
beyond the nursery stage which
insures at least a few trees around
each building. Appropriate prizes
are being secured to award to those j
j children conducting the work most
i efficiently. Prizes are also offered
for the exhibit of nuts which the
1 young folks are bringing to their
| school houses.
! Releigh, N. C., Dec. 17. H. K.
Sanders of Person County and W. G.
Yeager of Rowan County have been
awarded free trips to the silver anni
versary celebration of extension
work to be held in Houston, Texas,
next February by reason of the ex
cellent programs of soil fertility de
velopment which they are following
in their work as county agents.
Mr. Sanders is reported as having
prepared the best plan and program
of any agent in the South and as a
result will be asked to speak on his
work at the Houston meeting. Both
he and Mr. Yeager will be given gold
medals and certificates as further
rewards. This contest was sponsored
by the southern soil improvement
committee of the National Fertilizer
Association of Atlanta, Georgia. The
association offered six free trips.
North Carolina and Virginia, as one
district, was offered one trip but be
cause of the excellence of the two
plans presented by the North Caro
lina agents, an extra trip was taken
'from one of the other districts and
i awarded to this section.
' The awards were made to stirnu
. late interest in soil improvement pro
, grams recommemded and approved
!by the experiment stations and ex
i tension services of the South. A
■ large number of farm agents enter
ed the contest. Members of the judg
ing committee were O. S. Fisher of
the United States Department of
Agriculture; W. B. Mercier of
Louisiana State University; I. O.
Schaub of North Carolina State Col
lege; T. S. Buie of Clemson College
and J. R. Ricks of the Mississippi A.
& M. College.
The winners in the contest were
selected on the basis of a uniform
score card which took into consider
; ation accomplished results in soil
improvement in the county; methods
iof putting the programs into effect
and plans for future soil improve
ment efforts based on an analysis of
the situation as is exists in the coun
Forest City, R-2.—Miss Ella Trout,
,of Spindale, spent the week end at
Mr. B. iG. Moore's.
i Mrs. P. H. Smith has been sick for
! the past week but is improving.
i Mr. Howard McDonald, of Boil-
: ing Springs Junior College, and Ken
neth McDonald, of Boiling Springs
High School, are at home for the
' holidays.
) Mr. E. M. Diveney and family vis
ited in Spindale Sunday.
1 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Yelton and
son, Jack, visited at Mr. T. L. Mc-
Brayer's Sunday.
Merry Christmas to The Courier
iand its many readers.
! Mr. J. F. Womble announces that
I he will take a load of books to South
; Mountain Industrial Institute for the
(library, also groceries and clothing.
, If you have any of these things you
'wish to contribute please turn them
over to Mr. Womble at the Southern
depot and he will see that they are
j delivered and proper credit given to
each donor. Help out a worthy cause
iand you will enjoy Christmas to a
.fuller extent.
Christmas Gifts
To Please Men!
Everything in the line of haberdashery for men at the lowest
prices in town.
We have wonderful shirts, ties, collars, handkerchiefs, gloves,
socks, everything a man needs and wants.
Delightful Christmas gifts in the shape of novel haberdashery.
Conservative ties as well as "peppy" brightly-hued ones, plain
white shirts as well as striped and colored shirts, something in fact
for every taste and mood.
All our merchandise is of the very highest quality—all our prices
are the very lowest possible. Do ybur Christmas shopping here.
Petty's Shoppe
C. A. Petty, Prop.
Forest City, N. C.
Mr. W. L. Horn, well known mo
tion pictire owner of Forest City,
was shown signal honor in being
elected a a member of the Board of
Directors of the Theatre Owners
Association of North Carolina at the
J Convention held at Charlotte recent- .
In writing to Mr. Horn, Anna
I Aiken Patterson, publisher of Week
» ly Film Review, Atlanta, said, among
I other things:
"I am particularly happy to learn
!of your election as a member of the
board of directors of the Theatre
Owners Association of North Caro
lina during the convention last week.
Today's issue of our paper carries
[the story.
"With the management of the or
-1 ganization in the hands of men of
! your caliber we are confident that
j its accomplishments will be of in
i estimable value —not only to exhibi
i tors of North Carolina, but of the
| entire South.
"We congratulate both you and
the organization upon your election,
and assure you that Weekly Film
Review stands shoulder to shoulder
with you in the work you will under
take. You can depend upon
whole-hearted support."
~ f
Twenty-five dollars reward for ev
idence leading to the arrest and con
viction of the party, or parties who
entered my home Tuesday, Decem
ber 11, and stole open face silver
plated man's watch, medium size
Waterman's fountain pen, sterling
silver etched knife, small pearl
handle knife, broken pistol, bird
shape salt shaker, pair gold hinged
bracelets with black and white setting
and other articles. j
My home was also entered on Oc
tober 12 and among the articles stol
en were boy's new yellow raincoat,
man's open face gold watch, Shaeffer
fountain pen, knife engraved with
name and compliments of Asheville
An extra $5.00 reward will be giv
en for the information or the return
of the gold bracelets as they were
the property of my mother. Mrs.
Charles Ford, Forest City, N. C. It.
Whereas, God in his providence
has removed from us brother E. \y
Jordan; And whereas, the town and
community have lost a good and tip.
right citizen; the Loyal Order , t
Moose a faithful and loyal member
and his family a loving and devoted
husband and father.
Therefore, Be It Resolved, by
Forest City Lodge Number 1689
Loyal Order of Moose, that we ex
tend to his family our sympathy and
deep sorrow in their hour of bereave
ment and commend them to Him who
doth all things aright; that this reso
lution be entered upon the record
of the Lodge; a copy sent to the
family of the departed brother and a
copy to the Forest City Courier for
Forest City Lodge Number 168*.»
Loyal Order of Moose.
A Cambridge professor has been
urging that diplomas in love-making
be granted after a course of study.
A successful student, we presume,
would get the Degree of Bachelor
of Hearts.
—————— m
♦ v
t Rutherford \
t County Maps
it Reduced to SI.OO |
Every school and every |
individual should have one J
it of R. E. Carpenter's Ruth- ♦
it erford County Maps.
]► This complete county ?
map, made to sell at $2.00 ?
J[ can be purchased at this i
Jt office for only SI.OO. J
It Mailed to any address for j
!t $1.25 cash with order. j
J[ Call at the Courier of- i
Jt fice and inspect this map J
Jt —the best and most com- |
it plete ever made. t

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