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VOL. XII —No. 33.
Rutherfordton Lineman Passes
After Receiving Electric
Shock and Broken Neck
Saturday. 4
Rutherfordton, May 21. —George
C McNeill, age 37 years, lineman of
, he* Rutherfordton, Light and Power
Co. died in the Rutherford hospit-j
;:1 Wednesday morning at 7:20 o'clock
f injuries received Saturday night
when he fell from an electric posit.
. fter coming into contact with a
high powered electric line.
\lr. McNeill climbed an electric
ieht pole to connect the lights in a
01116 Saturday night and came in |
contact with a high voltage *rirej
-.vhich carried about 2,300 volts. He
fell about 18 feet. Realizing that
he was shocked, it is supposed that
McNeill kicked his climbers loose and
that let his body fall. His neck was
fractured in twio places. He was
immediately taken to the hospital,
where he remained conscious most of
the time until his death. He is sur
vived by his widow, three small child
ren, his mother and one sister, Mrs.
Edgar Hill, of Rutherfordton.
Mr. McNeill was a native of Georgia
He came to Rutherfordton in 1919,
and has sinc£ been connected with
the Rutherfordton power and light
epartment. He was an active mem
ber of the Rutherfordton Baptist
church, and took an active part in
the Sunday school., •
Funeral services will be held Fri
day morning at ten o'clock from the
Rutherfordton Baptist church. Inter
ment will be in the Rutherfordton
• A
To Decorate Graves
Of World War Vets
The American" Legion Posts, of
Forest City and Rutherfordton will
cooperate in placing a wreath on the
grave of each World war veteran
buried in Rutherford county on na
tional Memorial Day, May 30. The
Posts have appointed special com
mittees for that purpose and they
will make every effort to locate
every grave and place wreaths on
The people of the county are re
quested to donate wreaths to the
Legion Posts for that purpose. The
ladies of the Legion Auxiliary will
receive flowers at Forest. City or
Rutherfordton. Donors of flowers are
requested to bring in the flowers on
Thursday, May 29, so they will be
on hand on Friday.,
Every veteran is requested to re
port to the committee graves of ex
foldiers in the county, especially
those of soldiers who have died since
the war, or the graves of ex-soldiers
last resting place is unmarked.
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Watkins are
receiving congratulations over the
arrival of a little daughter, born
Wednesday, May 21. The mother was
formerly Miss Sara King.
Rutherfordton, May 20. —C. L.
> s am?, of State college, will be in
-utherford county Monday to assist
Mr. Patton in a bee study course, j
?ney will hold a session at the home (
oi ' Mr. J. H kf Walker, of Rutherford- j
on > R-l, Monday morning at 10
o'clock, at Mr. B. B. Sanders at
2 ostie at 6:30 p. m., the same day.
All bee keepers and others interested
ar e cordially invited to attend.
A meeting of the Rutherford Coun
ty Simmons Club was held in the city
tall here Tuesday night* which was
attended by a good representation
;''om practically all of the townships.
county chairman, Z. O. Jenkins,
"resided. Plans were made at the
to register and vote as many
Emmons supporters as possible.
Miss Marie Hughes had her tonsils
Removed Wednesday morning and
H icing nicely.
Local Boy Hurt
In Charlotte
Eugene Keeter of Forest City was:
slightly injured in Charlotte Wed-j
nesday, May 14, at 4:30 p. when'
he was struck by an automobile driv- J
en by Mrs. B. B. Bishop of Tryon,
at Mint and Morehead stt^ets.
Witnesses said tnat Mr. Keeter.
was running to get .in an automo- i
bile when the Tryon car struck him. '
Mrs. Bishop driving west on
Morehead street. Mr. Keeter was'
taken to the Charlotte Sanatorium
where he received treatment for his
injuries. He was able to return to
his home here Friday.
Republicans Hold Enthusiastic
Convention—Hamrick Re-
Elected Chairman.
Rutherfordton, May 19. —The re- ■
publicans of Rutherford county held
an enthusiastic and largely attend-'
»d convention here Saturday after-!
noon. It was a harmonious and op
timistic meeting. Brownlow Jackson
of Hendersonville, republican candi
date for congress of the 10th dis
trict made an address, discussing the
general organization work of the
The county chairman of the ex
ecutive committee, Fred D. Hamrick
made an enthusiastic address and
discussed the platform. He was re
elected chairman. The convention
endorsed the candidacy of Attorney
J. S Dockery of this place for solici
tor of the 18th judicial district.
The following ticket was named
for county officers: Legislature, Fred
D. Hamrick; sheriff, J. Edgar Mc-
Farland, Rutherfordton; register of
Blaine B. Logan, L6g»r'sta
tion; clerk of court, . W. Gordon
Scogginj Union Mills; county com
missioners, L. Purgason, Bostic, R.
I.; Okie Biggerstaff, Forest City, and
G. Arthur Callahan, Rutherfordton;
board of education, E. E. Smart,
Bostic; Mrs. R. E. Price, Ruther
fordton; B. and W. L. Smith, Hen
rietta; coroner, Tom E. Keeter,
The platform adopted unanimous
ly calls for the abolition of the of
fice of county treasurer, to be com
bined with county accountant, fa
vors rigid economy in county gov
ernment, pledged the people that the
republican board of county com
missioners would issue no bonds ex
cept in case of fire to public build
ings or dire necessity, advocated the
abolition of the county recorder's of
fice and condemns the present board
of county commissioners for deposit :
ing $332,000 in the banks of the
county without adequate security
'"■ V
Rutherfordton, May 20.—Com— '
mencement exercises at Alexander
Schools, Inc., at Union Mills, this
county, a home for motherless and !
orphan children, said to be different j
from any other institution of the I
kind in the state, will come to a J
close Friday with the seventh grade !
graduation exercises at 10 o'clock in l
the morning and the high school
graduation program at 8 in
the evening.
Dr. J. W. O'Hara, of Asheville, su-.
perintendent of the Mountain Mis- j
sion schools, wili deliver the address
in the morning and County Super- j
intendent Clyde A. Erwin will speak,
in the evening. j
There are 20 members of the sev-j
enth grade graduating class, and 12 j
high school seniors. j
Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock, as a j
feature of the commencement pro-)
gram, a reading and declamation
contest will be held.
, Mr. and Mrs l , Clyde Hardin and 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harrill moved this i
week to the O. B. Biggerstaff apart- 
ment on East Main street.
Misses Ruth Doggett and Mayo 1
Mayse will spend the week-end with
Miss Thoy Templeton in Charlotte.
h4 W
~ £ .
Sixteen Receive From Four
Months to Ten Years Sat
urday Morning—Others
Rutherfordton, May 19.—Sixteen
men, white and colored, were given
sentences here Saturday morning,
ranging from four months on the 1
roads to ten years in the state pri-!
son when Judge Walter E. Moore!
! # I
handed out sentences for violators 1
tried during the first week of the
criminal term of the superior court. 1
Tom Walker, Sam Small and Hen-,
ry Warlick, three young white men
who were tried on three charges
of storebreaking were sentenced,
Walker and Small each receiving
terms of three years in the gtate
prison. Henry Warlick was. given a
sentence of two years on the roads,
isuspended for a period of five year?
i provided he showed good behaviour
j during that period and paid the
; costs and a fine of S3OO. Attorneys
ifor Walker and Small gave notice, of
j appeal and bonds of SI,OOO each
i and appeal bond of. .SIOO was assess
1 E. C. Hilton, young white man,
tried earlier in the week on charges
of forgery was given a sentence of
three years in the state prison.
Leroy Green, negro, also charged
with forgery, drew a two years pen
i Tom Moore and R. L. Teague were
each given a pen sentence of ten
.'years for housebreaking.
1 Howard Walker, young Forest
City bby, was found guilty of fora
ery, but on evidence offered to sho»jP r
: him mentally incompetent and ihal
his father had made good, the. checks
which he had forged, a sentence if
months was imposed,
ed on good behavior.
! In the" case of Gil, Lewis and Ar
chie Taylor, three young white men,
brothers, found guilty of store
breaking, the two younger brothers,
! Archie and Gil Taylor were given
from three to five years in the state
prison, and Louis Taylor, the eldest
was given 5 to 10 years in state
J Rube Miller, found guilty of lar
ceny, was given two years in state
| prison.
! Roland Hamilton, negro, -was con
' victed on a seduction charge and a
'sentence of two years on the public
roads of Rutherford county was giv
| Perry Suber, young negro, a form
er employee of the Jones Grocery
i Company was convicted of embezzle
ment. of money from the company
with which he worked. He was given
a two years sentence on the Ruth
erford county chain gang. Attorney
C. O. Ridings made an appeal to the
judge t 0 send the negro to the coun
!ty home. The judge's response was
that the negro would not, stay there
two weeks. "Very well," replied At
j torney Ridings, "you try it, and if
he don't stay, I'll take his place."
This brought chuckles from the court
| spectators,- but the judge was set. in
; his course, and would consider no
'substitute for the road sentence.
In the- case of Dude Kennedy,
, charged with violating the prohibi
tion law, the jury returned a ver
' diet of not guilty. Fred Biggerstaflf,
, also charged with violating the pro
hibition law, was given a six months
road Frank Elliott was al
so given a four months sentence on
the same charge, and John Miller
was fined $25.00 and costs, and giv
en a suspended sentence for a pro
hibition law violation.
In the case of Clarence Phillips,
the judge imposed a sentence of
three months.
A mistrial resulted in the case of
Leon Wall, charged with non-support.
In a larceny charge against Kate
Ford the jury returned a verdict of
not guilty.
Zed Han-ill pled guilty to a charge
of reckless driving, and sentence was
suspended on payment of the costs
of the case.
Furman Gladden was given a
twenty days' jail sentence for jail
Matthew Watkins, young negro
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11l •*» I
H —|!
| Commencement Speaker
W* I
a " J9 I
Dr. Harrold D. Myers, of the Uni
versity of North Carolina, who will
i deli' ver the annual commencement ad
dress at Cool Springs high school on
1 Frijiay evening, May 30.
I $4,500 DAMAGE
C fey House Burned Friday
j fight- Home of Fred
! Smart Destroyed Sat
I '
I i *.i
i he residence, belonging to Fred
Snmrt, on Broadway street, was prac
tically destroyed, together with all oi
• his househould furniture, Sundav
I " v * A
at 4 o'clock. The cause-ci
fht fire is undetermined but is irr
lieved to have been started from s
defective t wire. Mr. Smart and his
family were sper■dirsr the night with
relatives and were not at home wher
the fire started.
None of the furniture was saved
the entire house being a blaze wher
neighbors were awakened by th
crackling of the flames and turne'
in the alarm* The loss is approxi
mately $2,000 and was covered b]
Friday night about 10:30 o'clocl
a house belonging to Mr. H. E. Cof
fey, of Alexander, located in th
Florence Mill section of this city
was destroyed by fire. Mr. Coffey
was moving into this house, part o1
: his furniture already being in it
when it was burned. The damage tc
| this house was about $2,500. It was
Forest City has suffered a largt
loss from fires within recent months
five residences being destroyed ir
the past two months at an estimatec
j damage of $15,000.
; Rutherfordton, May 20.—Th(
Charlotte division .of the Baptisl
State Woman's Missionary union will
meet in Rutherfordton at the Firsl
Baptist church on Thursday and
Friday, June 5 and 6. Abojut 30C
visitors and delegates from 19 dif
ferent Baptist associations are ex
pected to attend. A full two-day's
program will be given.
Ittatherfordton, May 20.—Mrs.
U. Si.. Gibbs, of Chimney Rock town
ship, near the Rutherford-Polk line,
was in town Monday afternoon and
exhibited balls of hail that fell re
cently in hep section which had been
preserved in an ice house. Some of
them were as largi as a hen egg.
The Romina Theatre will give pass
es, good from May 31st to June 15th,
to graduates of the local high school.
One paragraph on the passes reads:
"May we take this opportunity to
extend our congratulations for your
accomplishments during your last
high school year and wish you con
tinued success in your future en
Dr. Harrold D. Myers To
Deliver Literary Address
> v •
Dr. W. W. Peele Will Preach Baccalaureate Ser
mon—Fifty-One Members in This
Year's Senior Class.
The Cool Springs township school;
ivill close a very successful school >
term this week. The commencement!
exercises will open Sunday evening,
with the baccalaureate sermon. Di\
Wi. W. Peele, of Charlotte, will
preach the sermon, ,and services at
the Forest City churches will be sus
pended on that evening ,in order to
allow as many as wish t 0 go to the j
school auditorium. Special music will
be furnished by the church choirs
and the congregation.
The program for Sunday evening
follows: Prelude; Invocation; "Come
Thou, Almighty King," Congregation
led by choirs; Scripture; Anthem
"Send Out Thy Light," Introduction
of Speakerf Baccalaureate Sermon;
Hymn "Tomorrow" Congregation led
by choirs.
Senior Play.
On Tuesday evening, May 27, the
senior play will be presented in the
school auditorium. The title of the
play is "What Anne Brought Home."
The characters are as follows:
Sam Bennett, —Kenneth Bostic.
Mrs. Hattie Bennett —Lila Gordon
Alma Bennett —Madge Moore.
Herb Hardcastle— Sj&lem Suker.
. , " v' ■- fc-. it -
ffefory Bennett —James Moss.
Anne Bennett Purdy—Delle Wof
' Dudley Purdy—Fred Blanton.
Nina Bennett —Leona Hardin.
J. T. Raymond—Rudolph Blanton
! Time—Seenimek. ,
| Place: A small village in the
northern part of Indiana.
A small admission fee will bt
, charged. No reserved seats.
Piano Recital,
j On Thursday afternoon, May 29
at five o'clock, Class Day exercises
will be held in front of the hig>
school building.
1 Miss Katherine Goggan's piano re
cital will be given Thursday evening
at the high school building. A list oi
the numbers of the piano recital art
as follows:
Duet—Tiny Waltz, Roger Cok
and Charles Moore. Kinscella.
Solo, In May, Katherine Blanton
Martini.. v
Solo, Evening Bells, The Raii:
Song; Bernice and Frances Dorsey
Solo, Melody with Variations
Marie Huntsinger.
Solo, Fall in Line; Russell Blan
ton, Southerland.
Solo, Vesper Hymn; Dorothy Hunt
singer, Kinscella.
Solo, Long, Long, Ago, Mildred
Mcßrayer, Kinscella.
Solo, At the Party, Martha Greene,
Solo, Home, Sweet Home, Margar
et Hamrick, Kinscella.
Solo, Slumber Song, The Robin,
Eugenia Harrill.
Solo, Memories of Spring, Dorothy
Turner, Bert Anthony.
Duo, Sonatina in G, Melody in F,
Bennie and Johnnie Washburn,
Cleminti and Rubenstein.
Solo, Stolen Kissed, Marjorie Pad
gett, Walter Rolf.
Solo, To a Wild Rose, Sybil Moore,
Solo, Hunting Song, Bennie Wash
turn, Mendelssohn.
Duet, Amaryllis, Mary Frances
Harrill and Teacher, Ghys.
Solo, Valse (|racile, Doris L|ed
t>etter, Horatio Parker.
Solo, Lotus Land, Frances Led
jetter, Cyril Scott.
Solo, Scottish Tone Poem, John
lie Washburn, MacDowell,
Duo, Sonata No. 3, Doris and
Frances Ledbetter.
On Friday morning, May 30, the
leclamation and recitation: contests
will be held in the school auditorium.
1 4 Pages
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
A list of the contestants will be giv
en next week.
Dr. Harrold D. Myers t 0 Speak.
Dr. Harold D. Myers, of the Uni
versity of North Carolina, will de
liver the annual literary address Fri
day evening, May 30. The program
for that evening follows:
Girls Glee Club, On Music's Wings
by Mendelssohn.
Awarding of Medals, Mr. C. C.
Trio—(a) May Music, by Bliss;
(b) By and By, by Dvorak.
Introduction of speaker, Supt.
Clyde A. Erwin.
Address, Dr. Harrold D. Myers.
Awarding Diplomas, Mr. J. W.
Eakes. * ,
Boys' Glee Club, Sleepy Hollow-
Tune by Kountz.
Fifty-One Seniors.
The following is a list of > the
names of the senior class of the Cool
[Springs high school. This is the lar
jgest class in the history of Rutther
' ford county. Charlotte high school
has 252 in its senior class. This is
only five times as many as the local
senior class. This is only a ratio of
5 to 1. This shows up well for Coo!!
Springs high when we stop to con
sider that has a popula-^
Springs Township. This would ljiake
the ratio of seniors at Forest City
twice that of Charlotte in propor
tion to the population. .>* «v ;
 Kenneth Fred Blanton, Ru
dolph Blanton, Sarah Bridges, Joy
Brackett, Jessie Blanton, James Car
son, Charles Duncan, Tom Dorsey,
Dorothy Dogg£tt, Mary Frye, Roy
Freeman, Alfred Gilliam, Hoyle
( Griffin, Claxton Horton, Al
bert Harrill, • Oscar Harrill.
Inez Hamrick, Alma Hardin r
Leona Hardin, Sara Holland, Pearl
Erwin, Alice Keeter, Charles Kirby.
Lila Gordon King, J. P. Lewis, Gladys
Long, Woodrow Matheney, James
Moss, Eleanor Meares, Kathleen Mc-
Murry, Virginia Mills, Katherine
Moore, Mary Moss, Madge Moore,
Joe Neal, Margaret Neal, O'lema
Philbeck, Jack Rudisill, Zennie Ran
dall, Christine Sutton, Salem Suber,
Carter Thomas, Lee Tate.
Frances Tinsley, Rosaline Thompson,
Ruby Toms, Reid Washburn, Anna
Belle Ware, Delle Wofford, Horace
Yelton. A
Mt. pleasant Commencement.
The Mt. Pleasant Grammar school
closed one of the best sessions in
the history of the school Friday, May
16th. The progress of the students
and the average daily attendance was
far above the average for the school.
The commencement program was
very entertaining It was varied and
in such a way as to keep interest up
to the highest pitch all the time. The
following was on the program:
A group of songs by primary
Reading, Mattie Smith.
Awarding of certificates and diplo
Friday afternoon at Coon Creek
Little Orphan Annie, Mary F. Ran
Negro night school, Grades six and
Group of songs, Grammar grades.
The following received diploma?:
ifarshall Matheney, Eugene Walker,
•'lay Hunt, Bruce Price, Robert Ail
ed, Paul Toms, Henry Toms, and
Jlanche Towery.
Misses Catherine Mc-Brayer and
fcuby Moore, of Davenport college
spent the week-end here with
heir parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben
ilcßrayer and Mr. and Mrs. W. E.

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