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Avondale, June 3. —Mrs. ; H. H.
Jenkins left last Friday for a visit
to her mother, Mrs. J. F. Lewis, of
Scotland Neck. Mr. Jenkins accom
panied her but returned home Sun
day night.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Owens spent
Sunday at Chestnut Hill.
Friends of Miss Amanda Haynes,
of Cjfcffside, and Miss Nannoy
of Rutfejtfordton, are delighted to
know that teach in Avon
dale this comfcpg year. Miss Haynes
graduates frogftßandolph-Macon col •
lege this high honors,
while Miss Naffley is graduating at
Meredith and is also and honor stu
Mr. son of Mr. and
Mrs. Dan Wells, graduated at Cliff
side, high school last week as vale
dictorian of his class. We are proud
of his record and are expecting still
greater things of him. Mrs. Grace ]
Cantrell was voted the prettiest girl >
of the class. Little Miss Alice Mar- ]
garet Wiseman made a most attrac-;
tive mascot.
Mrs. P. H. Wiseman is Improving
slowly after an injury to her back.
Mrs. Fannie Hicks and guest
Monday with Mrs. Z. 0. Jenkins. We j
are sorry to note that Mrs. Jenkins i
has not been well for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Furman Hamrick!
and daughters, spent Saturday in*
Forest City. j 1
Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Haynes, of 1
Winterhaven, Fla., visited in Avon-;;
dale Thursday.
It May l
When your "
Children Ciy
for It
Castoria is a comfort when Baby it
fretful. No sooner taken than the little
one is at ease. If restless, a few drops
Boon bring contentment. No harm done,
for Castoria is a baby remedy, meant
for babies. Perfectly safe to give the
youngest infant; you have the doctors'
word for that! It is a vegetable pro
duct and you could use it every day. But
it's in an emergency that Castoria means
most. Some night when constipation
must be relieved—or colic pains— or
other Buffering. Never be without it j
some mothers ke?p an extra bottle, un
opened, to make sure there will aivrayn
be Castoria in the house. It is effective
for older children, too; read the book
that comes with it.
G. M. Huntley & Son I
Funeral Directors
Licensed Embalmer. I
Free Ambulance Service.
C. C. & O Depot ♦
Forest City, N. C. ♦
Now open to serve you. Call us for your winter supply of good
Clinchfield coal while prices are low. Suitable for your furnace, J
cook stove, grate or heater. More heat and less waste. It burns 2
anywhere. +
Egg lump coal 2V2*4 inches, per ton „ $6.00 J
Large Lump, per ton $6.25 ♦
Mine Run, per ton $5.25 I
Telephone: Office 283.M Residence 1511 ♦
* ——
| Mooresboro, June 9. —Th e safe of
the Mooresboro Creamery was open
ed and robbed some time Monday
i right or early Tuesday morning of
'last week.
i Only about fiv e dollars, in change,
i was taken, according to Mr. J. U.
j Rollins, head of the creamery.
| Checks made out to the creameiy
'were left in a pigeon-hole by the
j thieves, who apparently were dubious
jof taking the checks because they
j might drop a clue to officers.
' Sheriff Irvin Allen investigated
[the robbery but states that so far
'there are no clues which can be
*made public. It seems as if the com
'bination of the safe was smashed
land that something was then used to
; blow the door open.
I i U
Mr. Average Farmer broadcast
ing from Station YFBL —YOURS
I guess I should be ashamed of ;
myself but I had to laught when ,
my neighbor's cow got into the i
granary one night, last week ami ;
almost foundered. It wasn't real- j
ly funny, but he had been ai'guing j
with me just that day that cows
don't need any grain while on pas
ture. It tickled me when his cow
showed him that, she would like to
have the grain.
A cow may not know what shr;
needs but when she shows that she
wants grain, even if she has been
on pasture all day, she means it.
; And she shouldn't be treated
a little handful of nubbins, but
\ should have a well balanced ration
'just as in winter, though not quite
!so much, of course.
Feed probably wouldn't help much
if cow gives only half a gallon
of milk, each night and morning, but
if she doesn't give any more than
that she isn't worth milking anyway.
The cow that produces enough to
pay for the milking, however, should
have a balanced ration with a pro
tein concentrate.
A good ration that has been tried
out. and proved as a profit maker is
composed of 400 pounds of ground
corn, hominy, or barley; 300 pounds
of ground oats; 100 pounds of wheat
bran, and 100 pounds of linseed
This mixture should be fed one
pound for each six pounds of milk
if the pasture is good and in larger
amounts if the pasture is poor. And
don't forget to keep one eye on the
pasture; it may be pretty short and
not furnish as much feed as you
If you need any feeding hints
just drop a line to XYZ, Box 420
New Londqji, Wisconsin. Station
LlVESTOCK—signing off.
Ir. L. Leary To Head
Spindale School
! Spindale, June 9.—Prof. R. L.
j Leary will be principal of th e Spin-
Idale school next year, succeeding R.
i Wendall Eaves who resigned to go
! to Baltimore next year to teach,
j Prof. Edgar J. Hargis will succeed
| Mr . Leary at the high school accord
jing to an announcement made by
j Supt. L. E. Spikes, Other changes
announced by him follows.
I Prof. R. M. Morris of Concord,
| graduate of State college, succeeds
! Mr. M. L. Treadwell on July Ist, as
•' the latter will gt) into another field
{to work. He is here now getting
in touch with the local situation,
j Miss Margaret Hunt succeeds
.'Miss Bessie Sams as Science teacher
lat Central High school.
! Miss Margaret Causy will be suc
! ceeded by Miss Alice Heiman of
I Asheville, at the high school,
] There will be two changes in the
j Spindale faculty next year and one
leach at Rutherfordton and Ruth.
Miss Gertrude Jones of Peach-i
land will succeed Miss O'Lema (
Flack in the first grade at Spindale j
while Miss Elizabeth Davis, of ?
Hickory, will succeed Miss Flack in j
the second grade.
Miss Staples of Weaverville, will j
be added to the sixth grade of the |
Spindale school, due to an increase _
of the average attendance.
Miss Mary E. Byers of Rock Hill, |
S. C., will be added to the high j
school faculty as librarian and his- j
tory teacher.
Miss Cora Lee Skyes of Char-1
lotte will succeed Miss Fannie j
Dabbs in the first grade of th-2 \
Rutherfordton elementary school.
Miss Helen Plant will succeed
Miss Addye Henderson in the sth j
and 6th grades of the Ruth school, i
Prof. Wade B. Matheny has re- j
signed as a member of the high I
I school faculty to go into other j
work. - i
Funeral Held For
Mr. Lewis H. Wells
Caroleen, June 9. —Mi\, Lewis H.
Wells, age 58, died at. his home in
Caroleen Monday morning, June 2,
early following a complication of
diseases. He had been in declining
health for several months but was
seriously ill for only ten days.
Funeral services and burial were
held at Salem Methodist church
Tuesday afternoon June 3, with Revs.
J. E. Hipp and Z. D. Harrill in
charge. A larg e crowd attended. The
floral offering were large and beau
tiful. '
Mr. Wells is survived by the fol
lowing children: Misses Johnie
Myrtle, Mabel and Magdalene,,
Messrs;. Jerude and James Wells,
all of Caroleen; Russell Wells,
Pickens, S. C.; Mesdames " Call
Hamrick, Shelby; Ruth Atkins,
Caroleen and Duette Whitaker, Hen
rietta. Two sisters: Mrs. D. L.
Poole, of Spindale and Mrs. Texie
Bridges of Bostic also survive with
one brother, Edgar Wells of Bos
Mr. Welis formerly lived near
Salem church. His wife died
irg the winter of 1929. He join
ed Walls Baptist church early in
life and was a devoted Christian.
He was a faithful member of Caro
leen Baptist church at the time of
his death and was held in high
esteem by a wide circle of friends
and relatives.
Chimney June 9.—The de
positors of the defunct Chimney Rock
Trust Co., met last week at Flynn's
Filling Station and decided to em
ploy a lawyer to represent them and
see if some of their funds could not
be recovered. The following commit
tee was appointed to look after the
details of the work: C. V. Freeman,
Will M. Flynn and L. Logan. They
. cpnferred with Attorney W. C. Mc-
Rorie and retained him. Those pres
ent made up SIOO to start the "ball
! rolling." About 40 enthusiastic de
; positors were present.
j Ask Your Soldier Boy How "Cooties"
Got Such a Hold.
He'll tell you that the battlefronts
! of Europe were swarming with rats,
which carried the dangerous vermin
j and caused our men misery. Don't
j let rats bring disease into your home,
j When you see the first one, get RAT
i SNAP. That will finish them quick.
I Three sizes, 35c, 65c, $1.25. Sold
; and guaranteed by Farmers Hard
ware Co., Forest City, N. C. ~
! forest city boy •
! A tire rack brace for Model A I.
Fords, designed to prevent injury to
the tire rack from collision and pre-j
jven* theft of the spare tire, has been ,
invented by Robert L. Williams, eve
ning school student in the elemen- }
tary subjects for adults, at Dallas,
Tgxss« I
'. Mi% Williams' device has received |
i ' the approval of the Ford Motor Com- {
pany and is recommended by Ford!
dealers. The braces are being man- j
; ufactured in Dallas by the Mosei j
Manufacturing Company. - j.
S Mr. Williams has attended the Dal
las evening school for two years and:'
is now doing third-grade, work. He r
was born in Forest City, N. C. When ,
he was eight years old his mother
died and soon afterward he went to
Fngland with a step-brother who was j
a jockey. H e soon became a jockey, j
also, and for several years rode race j
horses in England. j c
j He returned to America, where hej
continued as a jockey until theja
I Southern Turf was closed. 1 1
f He is now a sheet metal worker J a
|at A. C. Horn's metal works, at Dal-jC
;las, Texas. j ll
! . »t
Medicine Cabinet. |Q
i Queen of Sheba —My gracious, the -A
aby has a stomach ache. jq
Lord Booter (excitedly): Page!!,y
Call in the Secretary of the Interior. C
Experience of large
the unusual reliability
of the new Ford
XX the new Ford is found in its increas
ing use by Federal, state and city gov
ernments and by large industrial com
panies which keep careful day-by-day cost
records. In most instances, the Ford has
been chosen only after exhaustive tests
of every factor that contributes to good
performance—-speed, power, safety, com
fort, low cost of operation and up-keep,
reliability and long life.
Prominent among the companies using
the Ford are the Associated Companies
of the Bell System, Armour and Com
pany, The Borden Company, Continental
Baking Corporation, Firestone Tire and
Rubber Company, General Electric Com
pany, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Com
pany, Kellogg Company, Knickerbocker
Ice Company, Morton Salt Company,
Pillsbury Flour Mills Company, The
Procter and Gamble Company, and
Swift & Company. _
Each of these companies uses a large
number of Ford cars and trucks. The
Associated Companies of the Bell System
use more than eight thousand.
Modern business moves at a fast pace
and it needs the Ford. Daily, in count
less ways and places, it helps to speed
the production and delivery of the
world's goods and extend the useful ser
vice of men and companies.
Constant, steady operation over many
thousands of miles emphasizes the ad
vantages of the sound design of the Ford
car, its high quality of materials, and
- r Three-window
Model AA Truck Chassis, 131%-infh
kS.* Wy, mE^wjt|p^g— Model AA Track Chassis, 157-ineli
Model AA Panel Delivery . . . • (780
. :^i j r -__ ■•. ~— — All pricet f. o. b. Detroit, pint freight «m*
m ~~ Universal Credit Company plan of timo
payment* ofcTt another Ford «f»M»3f
'. .. 1
Bostic, June 9—Miss Lillian Wash
burn, who has been attending Queens
college, has returned home for her
summer vacation. She is spending
this week visiting friends in Char
lotte, Durham and Greensboro and
attending Duke commencement.
Miss Alice Washburn has return
led home after spending the school
I year at Davenport college where
she won honors.
Mrs. R. B. Martin and son Bob
bie, Jr., have returned to their home
on Long Island, N. Y., after spend
ing a month with Mrs. Martin's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. E, N. Washburn.
Bladder Irritation j
If functional Bladder Irritation j
disturbs your sleep, or causes Burn- j
ing or Itching Sensation, Back-1
ache, Leg Pains, or muscular aches,.
making ydu 'feel tired, depressed, j
and discouraged, why not try the {
Cystex 48 Hour Test? Don't give j
up. Get Cystex today. Put it to
the test. See for yourself how
nuickly it works and what it does.
Vloney back if it doesn't- bring
iniick improvement, and satisfy
,-ou completely. Try Cystex today.
Dnly 60c. Peoples Drug Store.
unusual accuracy in manufacturing.
Beneath its graceful lines and beautiful
colors there is a high degree of me
chanical excellence.
An example of the value built into the
Ford is the use of more than twenty ball
and roller bearings. They are hidden
within the car and you may never see
them. Yet they play an important part
in satisfactory, economical performance.
Their function is similar to the jewels off
a fine watch.
Throughout the Ford chassis, a ball
or roller bearing is used at every place
where it is needed to reduce friction!
and wear and give smooth, reliable me
chanical operation.
At many points, as on the transmission
counter-shaft, clutch release, fan and
-pump shaft, and front drive shaft, these
ball and roller bearings are used where
less costly types of bearings ipight be
considered adequate.
Additional instances of the high
quality built into the Ford are the ex
tensive use of steel forgings, fully
enclosed four-wheel brakes, Rustless
Steel, four Houdaille double-acting hy
draulic shock absorbers, aluminum pis
tons, chrome silicon alloy valves,
torque-tube drive, three-quarter floating
rear axle, and the Triplex shatter-proof
glass windshield.
The Ford policy has always been to
use the best possible material for each
part and then, through large produc
tion, give it to the public at low cost.
* _r.
Never tvait to see if a headaeh* vilj
"wear off." Why suffer when th.-re's
Bayer Aspirin? The many niillnr.s c f
men and women who use it in ir. rcas
ing quantities every year prove :>.i; ;j
does relieve such pain. And a c >ure!v
relieves that of neuralgia; neurit;/;
even rheumatism. Doctors deciar-i
uinc Aspirin ( with the Bayer Cn;j 0n
every box and tablet) docs not afreet
the heart. Any c'"i i gstore.
Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayor Mamv'i (
c£ S&lic) *.raciU

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