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County pf fcrt
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and Others
VOL. XII—No. 40.
Total Vote Exceeds That of
the First Primary—Hardin,
Jones, Blanton and Deck
Were Nominated.
Approximately twenty more peo
ple voted in the second primary held
last Saturday than voted in the first,
primary held one month ago.
W. C. Hardin Won over his op- •
ponent, H. B. Doggett, for nomina- (
tion to office of sheriff by a ma
jority of 451 votes. J. P., Jones,
George Blanton and A. W. Deck,:
were nominated to office of coun-,
ty commissioner, eliminating H. H. j
Tucker and W. G. Harris. A total,
of 4,876 votes were cast in the com-,
roissioners' contest., J. P. Jones led j
the commissioners ticket with George
Blanton a close second. A. W. Deck
defeated H. H. Tucker for third _
place on the board. j
Based on the sheriff's vote a total j
cf 5,203 people voted Saturday, as;
compared with 5,187 voting in the j
first primary for the same officers. .
All precincts reported a quiet day, (
no disorders of any nature occuring. j
The returns were received Satur-;
day night by Mr. J fc. Anderson, j
chairman of the Board of Elections i
and Messrs. P. C. Rollins and W. J. j
Mode, also members of the board j
of elections, in the recorder's court j
room in the court house. The returns
were immediately telephoned to the 1
Rutherford County News office, j
where the official board was placed.»
The street had been previously rop- .
ed off from the postoffice to the in-;
tersection with Route 20, and ap-j
proximately 2,000 people filled the j
huge arena to get first-hand infor-1
matiqg on th& elertroflk|
Mt. Vernon was the first precinct
to report, the registrar, Mr. York, 1
bringing in the' returns at eight ■
minutes after eight. He was follow
ed by Owens, Union and Avondale !
precincts. By nine o'clock fourteen
of the twenty-seven precincts had
reported. They came in slower after
this. Rutherfordton reported about;
ten-thirty o'clock, leaving only Cool
Springs No. 2 to report. This pre-;
cinct reported their returns shortly j
after eleven o'clock.
Dr. A. C. Duncan is one golf en
thusiast who is bringing renown to j
the city by his success in winning
a silver cup every now and then, j
The genial doctor's latest exploit
was to win another cup at the an
nual open tournament of the Tryon
Gclf and Country Club on July (
In the first flight, Fred Webb, the j
Bobby Jones of Shelby, was winner,
with Dan Rion, of Tryon, as runner (
In the second flight, J. Hamp I
of Atlanta, was winner, with
Duncan as runner up, for which j
the local man won his fourth cup in
£ If competition.
The Hewitt Auto Works has been |
growing by leaps and bounds and,
has proven a most popular and profit
able enterprise since its inception.
The latest addition to this en
terprise has been the addition of a
painting and ducoing department,
which has been placed under the
capable management of Mr. J. C.
Hushing, who comes to Forest City
highly recommended as a man of ex
perience and integrity. He was
formerly in business at High Point,
J-andrum and Tryon, coming hefre
irom the latter point. He is thor
oughly familiar with every detail of
the painting business and with his
experience and ability, should get the
i ew department of the Hewitt Auto
Works on a paying basis. His com
ing is an added asset to the growing
city and a forward mqve by Mr.
Hewitt in maintaining the city's
P'estige as the business center of
the county.
Rev. J. A. Brock, pastor of the J
Caroleen-Henrietta Baptist churches,
opened Daily Vacation Bible schools
at Henrietta and Caroleen Monday.
Over 300 pupils were enrolled dur
ing the first day's session. Much in- j
terest is being shown in. .the schools, j
Funeral Held at Late Home j
Tuesday Morning—lnter
ment at Pleasant Grove.
' Mrs. Cyntha Ann Hardin, aged 69,
died at her home on Church street!
: here Sunday after a lingering ill— |
.ness. Funeral service was held from j
j her late home Tuesday morning at I
'9:30 o'clock. Interment followed in j
| the Pleasant Grove cemetery. Rev.
Z. D. Harrill was in charge of the
service assisted by Rev. L. N. Epley. j
1 Mrs. Hardin is survived by her]
husband George W. Hardin and five
I children, as follows: Mrs. J. M., Wil- j
i liams, Forest City, R-2; Mrs. Cleve- ;
;land Harrill, Spindale; Mrs. J. M. |
! Jenkins, Forest City, Mrs. Arthur j
! Jenkins, Harris and Dewey Hardin
I Forest City.
Two brothers survive. They are
!S. Harrill, of Forest City and D. j
1 Harrill, of Forest City, R. F. D.
, Pall bearers were Messrs Chivous;
i Williams, Frank Williams, Paul Wil- i
I # 1
I liams, Charles Williams, Coy Wil- 1
j liams and Martin Harrill, all grand-;
sens orf the deceased.
The beautiful floral offering was,
! borne by Misses Allie Mae Williams, i
Jennie Hudlow, Pauline Hudlow.
i Morie Hudlow, Virginia Hamrick,
Inez Hamrick, Grace Reid Jones,!
'Butelle Gamble, Bessie Jones, Katp
| Padgett, Mrs. Edgar Huntley, Mrs. .
' Baxter Freeman, Lela Harrill,
—_ :
i - 1
j Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Bostic, Jr., ;
announce the birth of a son, William
Chivious Bostic, 111, born Wednes
day evening, July 2.
Rutherfordton and Spindale to
Hold Election Sept. 9.
Local Board to Discuss
Matter Friday.
To date Forest City has taken no
action in calling for special election,
asking for confirmation of the re
cent sale of the city's public utili
ties plants to the Southern Public
[Utilities Company, of Charlotte.
| However, it is expected that this
matter will be brought up Friday
' night of this week *when the board
! At a joint meeting of the boards
of aldermen of Spindale, Ruther
| fordton and City, (recently
held in Spindale, the matter was dis
cussed, and Rutherfordton and Spin
j dale afterwards selected September
9th as the date for their elections.
. Registrars have -oeen nailed for Spin
; dale and Rutherfordton, and a new
' registration will be called for. All
who register and fai) to vote in the
special election will be casting a vote
'against the proposition, as the vote
'will be agaijist the registration.
! ,
! The Pythian Home Entertainment
•Class will be in Forest City Satur
day, and will give a concert at the
Ihigh school building Saturday even
' ihg at eight o'clock., This class is
1 made up of children from the Knights
of Pythias orphanage, and their ap
pearance here is being sponsored
by the Forest City Lodge, No. 82,
Knights of Pythias. A small admis
sion fee will be charged, all of
frhich will go to the K. P. orphan
; | The program which these children
: ( will give, consists of fifteen numbers
cf vocal selections and readings.
By Charles H. j
- i
iA,:**, " i
The textile industry of the South, if it has done nothing j
I else, has afforded the opportunisr fp r many good men to at-j
| tain positions of responsibility through the development of j
their native ability. One of the latest examples of, this is D. j
D. Little, who is awarded Today's Bouquet for the genuine in-,
terest he has always taken in the residents of the mill villages!
jwith which he has been identified. That Mr. Little's efforts:
have not been unappreciated is shown by the fact that just yes- j
terday he was elected president of a string of mlils in this sec-!
tion including the American Spinning Company of this city. !
W y? >•
Mr. Little is a unique type of sociated, such a degree of good will j
' mill man, as viewed by a news- as perhaps is rare. Throughout the
paper man, .There is none of the air years in which h « has bee n connect-!
» , . . ~ . TT w ith the textile industry, Mr. •
•of mystery, of pomp about him. He x .,,, . . , . , . ' j
I Little has made friends in each com
|is easily approached and is just rfs munity where he has worked _ j
j easily interviewed. He speaks out in friends who have been drawn to him 1
j meeting, and otherwise, to# and because of his sincerity and his in-'
(While his views may not-Always co- mankind. j
incide with those of his fellow mill Today's Bouquet, is awarded Mr. j
executives, he is both firm an 4 sin- Little, ,*rho is both one of the most
! cere in his convictions. Unique and one of the most deserv-j
| This friendliness, this thing of be- ing of that large army of men who !
|ing "one of the people," has j*re engaged in the textile industry j
:for Mr. Little the genuine goodwill -of the Carolinas.—The Greenville)
iof those with whom he hasi)een as- Piedmont of June 24, 1930.
j- jfH;* *T !
1 • i
, Funeral Held Saturday wo*
j Young Forest City Mother'
—Burial at Mt. Creek. ;
i ' JH
Mrs. Ollie Lee Arrowood, ag£d 28, j
died at her home here Friday, after,
I ' 4 jS
Jan extended illness. Funeral
i vices were held at the Missiqpary-
Methodist church Saturday 'after
noon at two o'clock, witli brt* pas
tor, Rev. Hill Kiser in charge of the
service. Interment was in ifee I£ou»-
;tairt Creek Baptist church
is We*
i children, as follows: Bonnie Mae,
Henry, Wilford, Eugene and B. G.,
all at home. Two brothers and two
sisters survive, as follows: Bob Head
pnd Burle Head, of Earl, and Mrs.
Cautus McDonald, Forest City, R-2,
| and Mrs. Louvenia Williams, of
Earl. i
| Pall bearers were Messrs Ralph
Bradley, Howard Freeman, Baxter
Freeman, Lawrence Pinson, Bud Sisk,;
Roy Baynard. Flower bearers were
Mrs. Hester Freeman, Mrs. Lawrence
' Pinson, Rhoda Condrey, Georgia
Baynard, Ruth Freeman, Mrs. Ralph
Bradley, Mrs. Charles Owens, Mrs.
! Ethel Nanney.
\ Mr. Reid Wells, of Erwin, Tenn.,
is visiting his parents, Mr. and
i Geo. Wells.
Official County Vote, Second Primary, July 5,1930
Sheriff County Commissioners
* -S 1 .22 Sic
*j *g 60 i £ -s 2 » •*
b • « -= .
3 ° » =' g i *
PRECINCTS & K " | " * *
ißutherfordt'on | 526 150 2771 172, 460; 555| 500;
Ispindale 234! 176 117| 202| 239| 368 ! 241;
I Green Hill _ 63 31 53! 22 l 62 88 5C i
'Pleasant Hill _ 10 17 24; 1| 23| 24 4|
j Union « 30 24 18. 62| 64] 47;
j Sulphur Springs 66 128 117 43 1431 126J 83.;
Owens 46 19 18 11 j 471 51 49,; j
i Haynes 50 66 75 22 j 98 j 62 89;
Cliffside 129 152 195 69 248| 238| 78j
Henrietta 116 70 50 46 158j 1471 146j
Avondale 74 70 56 71 118! 115 64;
Caroleen 90 94 75 96 140 j 138
(Colfax No. 1 179 90 69j 218 174| 231'; 68j ;
Colfax No. 2 69; 160 721 140 1571 185[ 51 j
Bostic 57 37 171 85 44 1 84 39i |
Cool Springs No.i 1 92 174 66 j 159 2001 194 1 119
Cool Springs No. 2 299 365 206 j 423! 483! 474j 282
Cool Springs No. 3 124 149 46! 156 208| 200: 161!
Duncan's Creek 26 32; 11 41 451 42j 20,
' Golden Valley 53 46 20! 101 64; 75! 4|
Logan Store 117 111 31 120 114 129 177
Mt. Vernon 56 28 24! 34; 62' 55! 57:
' Camp Creek 110 34 83 26 124 106 79j
Morgan 57 29 24 60 50 27| 58;
Chimney Rock No. 1 54 39 35; 51 62; 35' 63 j
Chimney Rock No. 2 31 17 26! 23 37! 20| 26;
» Gilkey 57 57 25j 32 95; 97| 68;
5 TOTALS j£B32 | 2371 Y836;244213717[3930 [2 703!
— —— •—r
n|i6B at Home of Daughter,!
jjjjys.' Pink Robbins—Fun
■Kfcl Held Tuesday Af
i jftufis, July B.—M,r. Sylvius (
S| aged 84, died at the |
his daughter, Mrs. Pink
HB: here Monday n\oming at
f« : after a short illness.
•'tf&eral service was held Tuesday
|t . o'clock at Holly
terment was in the Holly Springs
Mr., Padgett is survived by four
children, one brother and three
sisters. His wife preceded him to
the grave several years ago, and he
lias been making his home with his
daughter, Mrs. Pink Robbins, since
that time. Eight grandchildren an-1
20 great grandchildren also survive.
; The pall bearers were grandsons,
as follows: Smiley Champion, Willie
Champion, Olin Henson, Henry Rob
bins and T. Padgett.
! Mr. Padgett had devoted the last
years of his life to collecting objects
i of interest, of more or less histcri
! cal value, and had accumulated a
I large collection at the time of his
j death.
All members of the Woman's Club
are asked to pay their dues at once
to Mrs. G. C. McDaniel, as the year
book for 1930-31 cannot be printed
until dues are paid for a complete
membership list. Please attend to this
at once, as dues must be paid before
they are entered on the year book.
Mr. D. P. McDaniel Passes Af
ter Long Illness—Fun
eral Wednesday.
ClifFside, July 9.—Mr. D. P. Mc-
Daniel who has been ill at his home
on Fourth Ave. East for several
weeks died Tuesday morning, July
Bth at two a., m. Mr. McDaniel had
been gradually growing weaker for
some time and his going was not
unexpected. As we write this Tues
day morning the tentative plans for
the funeral are as follows. The
funeral service will be held at the
ClifFside Baptist church where the
deceased was a member at two o'clock
Wednesday afternoon. After the ser
vice at the church the body will be
taken to the Sandy Run Baptist
church at Mooresboro and interred
in the cemetery there. Rev. J. A.
Hunnicutt assisted by Rev. I. D.
Harrill and Rev. D. G. Washburn
are expected to conduct the service.
Mr. McDaniel is survived by his
wife who before her marriage was
Miss Gaza Bridges, daughter of the
late Mr. and Mrs. Thompson Bridges;
one daughter, Miss Patience McDan
iel at home; four sons, Bernard Al
ton and Herbert of ClifTside and
Phifer McDaniel of Dover Mill, Shel
by. He also survived by his fath-
C. Lovelace, one sister,
brothers: Rev. Ed McDaniel, of Lat
timore; 8., C. McDaniel of Caroleen;
Dewey and R. A. of ClifTside. Also
six grandchildren.
Mr. McDaniel had made his home
in Cliffside during the past twenty
years and has a large number of
friends who will mourn his passing.
Harrill and King Sponsor In
-1 dependence Day Celebra
tion—Large Attendance.
) ' Several thousand people gathered
the Rutherford County Fair
I Grounds Friday and celebrated the
Fourth in grand style. The celebra
tion held there was sponsored and
managed by Harrill and King, real
estate dealers of this city, and prov
'ed one of the outstanding events of
■ its nature held in several years.
! The day opened with an automo
bile race in which a number of cars,
.not worth over fifty dollars, parti
cipated. A gas contest, in which
model A Ford cars participated was
next held. Pony and mule races, a
boxing match and a negro ball game
completed the morning program.
A battle royal between several ne
gro boys opened the afternoon pro
gram at one o'clock. This was fol
lowed by a horse race. The next
hour was taken up with athletic
events, such as fifty yard dash, 100
yard dash, running and high jump,
i A boxing match was held at 3:30
followed by a Charleston contest
|and another negro ball game. \
contest was next held to determine
; who could walk around the fair
ground track in the quickest time.
Prizes were awarded to the man
who had the largest family present:
also to the man bringing the largest
number of people to the celebration
cn any kind of a vehicle.
A big boxing match was held at
8:30 o'clock, which was largely at
' Rides, shows and various kinds of
entertainment were features of the
day's celebration. A nice display of
fireworks was given at nine o'clock,
16 Pages
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
Southern Public Utilities Offi
cial to Address Ruther
ford County Club on
July 18th.
Mi*., John Paul Lucas of Charlotte,
editor of the Southern Public Utili
ties Magazine and vice-president of
the Southern Public Utilities Com
pany, will speak at the July meet
ing of the Rutherford County Club,
according to an announcement made
Monday 4 •
, The July meeting will be held at
Gilkey Friday, July 18, at one o'clock
Mr. Lucas is an excellent after
dinner speaker, and is much in de
mand. In view of the proposed sale
of the public utilities plants of Spin
dale, Forest City and Rutherford
ton the speech of Mr. Lucas should
be timely and appropriate.
Mr. Lucas will also speak before
the Rutherfordton Kiwanis Club Fri
day evening, July 18.
The public is cordially invited to
attend the Rutherford County Club
meeting at Gilkey. Anyone desiring
to attend the luncheon should notify
the secretary, Mr. S. E. Elmore. A
ccrdial welcome awaits any who may
wish to hear Mr. Lucas after the
luncheon period^
Death Takes Martha
Frances Morrow
Martha Frances Morrow, seven
years old daughter of Mrs. C. D.
Morrow, died Friday afternoon at 4
o'clock in the Rutherford hospital,
of enlargment of the heart.
dence Methodist church. Rev. M. F.
Moores, pastor' of- the Forest City
Methodist church was in charge of the
service. Interment was made in the
Providence cemetery, beside the
child's father, Clyde Morrow, former
county motorcycle officer, who was
killed in an accident three years
The child is survived by her moth
i er, Mrs. C. D. Morrow, one broth
er, "Buddy", aged five. She was a
granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.
W. Rollms.
Pall bearers were Messrs. Dave
Glickman, Grover Riser, Lloyd Lit
tle, and J. L. Butler. The large flor
al offering was carried by Misses
Martha Moores, Catherine Bradlej 7 ",
Martha Alexander, Madge Watkins,
Gladys Allen, Blanche Allen, Hen
rietta Price, Joyce Tate, Martha
Jcc\n Harrill.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hair, of
Pineville, are receiving congratula
tions over the arrival of a lovely
little baby girl, Mary Catherine Hair,
born Thursday, July 3rd, in Presby
terian hospital, Charlotte. The moth
er is well known here, formerly Miss
Mary Long, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Long.
Mr. Macon Hewitt, Jr., of Chapel
Hill, spent the week-end here with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. He
and round and square dancing clos
ed the program.
Thrilling airplane stunts were
featured throughout the day.
Forest City defeated Spindale in
both morning and afternoon games
5 to 3 and 10 to 1 Friday. Shippy
cutpitched Jim McKeithan in the
morning game and Little and Lee
led the hitting for Forest City. Mc-
Keithan and Branch led for Spindale.
The morning game was played at
Central High and the evening game
was played at Forest City.
In the afternoon game Pete Fow
ler allowed Spindale one hit, a dou
ble by Branch. Only 18 men faced
Fowler in the last six innings, Mc-
Keithan pitched both games for
Spindale. Lee Bragg, and Cross led
the hitting for Forest City.

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