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Progressive Farmer of Colfax
Passes—Funeral Held Last
Wednesday at Bethel.
Ellenboro, July 7.—Mr. Burl
Thomas Hamrick, aged 55 years,
died at his home here Tuesday af
ter suffering several days with pneu
monia. Funeral services were held
at Bethel Baptist church Wednes
day at 3 o'clock with Rev. Z. D. Har
rill and Rev. L D. Harrill in charge
of the service. Interment followed
in the Bethel church yard.
Mr. Hamrick is survived by his
.widow and eight children, Mrs. Lil
lian Burns, of Bostic; Clarence
Hamrick, of Cliffside; Odus Hamrick,
of Boiling Springs; Walter Hamrick
Cliffside; Summie Hamrick, Moores
horo, R-2; Broadus, Bonnie and Cliff -
ford Hamrick, at home. Five broth
ers and one sister also survive.
Mr. Hamrick was born November
26, 1875, and was 55 years, four
months and two days old when .:o
died. He was a progressive farmer
of the Ellenboro community, and
one of the leading citizens. He was (
a member of Bethel Baptist church,
where he had been a member fjv
a number of years.
N '
Ellenboro, R-2, July 7. —Rev. I.
D. Harrill filled his regular appoint-|
ment at Concord Baptist church Sat-
urday and Sunday. He delivered two
very inspiring sermons. i
Concord Sunday school is growing (
rapidly but there are still others that I
we invite to come. ,
The revival meeting at Concord»
Baptist church will begin the first j
Sunday in August.
Misses Ruth and Alice Harrill;
were the guests at Mr. F. E. Phil
Misses Darcus and Mabel Jones,
entertained with a party Saturday,
night in honor of their guest, Miss i
Blonnie Morgan. There was a large j
crowd present and all reported a,
nice time. j
Miss Leah Harrill spent Sunday,
with Miss Xantippa Padgett. j- ,
Mr. J. C. Bailey has recently pi?r-;
chased a new Ford coach.
, i
Mrs. Clyde Merck entertained the i
Home Demonstration club at her
attractive home Friday afternoon.:
Miss Laura Howard delighted her'
hearers with a lecture on "sweets"
, i
after which she demonstrated "de
I I Ford Car Gives fj
High Gas 1
Mileage I
Forest, City, N. C., July 8, 1930 V 5
■ Doggett Motor Co., §
Forest City, N. C. H
Gentlemen: — S
You will probably be interested in the results H
of our Woco-Pep Mileage contest held at the 5
Fair Grounds on July 4th, with seventeen cars B j
contesting. S i
The winning car was a Model A Ford which £}
made 52 miles on one gallon of Woco-Pep. The §
winner of the $25.00 cash prize was Mr. Gene B
Ross, of Forest City, R-3. Hj
Yours very g
R. C. Alexander, g
Sec. & Treas. S
Doggett Motor Co. |
{serts". Among the number present
| were Mesdames C. Watson, Os
'car Padgett, W. A. Bridges, W. W
; Jones, Calaway Harris, L. G. Bailey
Walter Bridges, Misses Ada Watson
! Gladys Harris, Julia Price and Betr
j Bridges. Home made candy was serv
• ed.
H. B. Doggett Thanks
Voters For Support
1 I wish to thank my friends for th
j splendid vote you gave me on Jul\
'sth. While I went down in defeat,
Icame up a Democrat., It has been ru
jmored that I intend running in th
j November election on the indepen
I dent ticket. Such a thing has neve]
entered my mind. I shall walk ui
ito the polls in November and sup
'port the Democratic nominee.
r (
| Harris, R-l, July 6.—The farm
jers of this section are having some
'very dry weather.
! The senior B. Y. P. U. of Bostic,
'came to Holly Springs Sunday night
and gave a very interesting program.
A large crowd was present to hear
Messrs Edward Cole, Berrymon
Hamrick and Rector Robbins visit-
Ed at Goucher Church, S. C., Sun
day, where Dr. M. A. Adams is pas
( Mr. and Mrs. Landrum Robbins
and family visited at Mr. N. M.
Splawn's Sunday.,
Many of our people went to the
() river the Fourth and jllev. David'
Roberts preached a very interesting;
j sermon at 11:00 o'clock after which:
! dinner was spread on the ground.
• Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cole and fam- j
jily visited at Mr. J. T. Robbins Sun-'
'day afternoon.
! Mr. Chivous Padgett, of Concord,
i section, was a pleasant visitor at
; Mr. J. N. Cole's Sunday afternoon, j
• Misses Lillie and Ina Robbins;
1 spent Saturday night with Misses
! Elsie, Etta, and Ellie Mae Cole.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Cole and family
! attended til's preaching service at
' SKiloh Sunday afternoon. j
j Messrs Edward Cole, Rector and
, Camon Robbins, Misses Maggie and
J Myrtle and Maude Robbins attend- :
;ed the musical program at Cliff side
Saturday night.
, . |
J. G. Shields of Halifax county,
'harvested 100 acres of Abruzzi rye !
'with his new combine last month,!
and reports a saving in time and ex- j
Spook Has West Main Street
! Residents Wondering What
He Will Do Next.
I Take this with a grain of salt-
Forest City's latest is a ghost, a
real ghost, a ghost that goes around
I scaring widows and little children.
Many tales havfe been circulating
i around town about this ghost. Some
' say that it is a big white thing with
ia blood-red face that floats around
jin the air, that can make itself visi
i hie one minute and can disappear
I the next. It is reported that many
j have seen this ghost, including
| many negroes, wh 0 immediately
j "turned on their fan and ran to
| their homes, where now many of
| them dare not venture out after
j It is reported that "Doc" Phillips
with two negroes was the first to see
this ghost, which since then, by ex
aggerated tales by those who have
heard of it, has developed into an
'"evil spirit." It was about 2:30
o'clock Monday morning a week ago
and Mr. Phillips with two negroes
came into town on West Main j
I street They saw a queer looking
'person walking down the sidewalk,
dressed like a woman. Judging by
the size, broad shoulders, etc., this
'person was evidently a man dis
guised as a woman. If it was a man,
he had on a small hat, a blue dress
,that came to his knees, black stock
ings and a large pair of woman's
shoes. He carried a ladies' pocket
book and wore eye glasses. He had
!an unusually large amount of roige
lon his face and his lips were painted
| red. "Doc" Phillips is said to have
: driven up to the and spoke to
jthis party but could get no answer
! from him.
j Going through a pea-patch be
hind Dr. Lovelace's home this man
is said to have tried to hide in some
| bushes near Dr. Reed's porch. He
then went down to the sidewalk and
: went between the homes of Ray
i Horn and Charlie Harrill and has not
been seen since then,
j This man was also seen by others
in the West End who called for the
police. Chief Chas. R. Price stated
that when he got there no trace of
; the party could be found. He was of
I the opinion that this man was eith
er an escaped convict who could find
jno other clothes to wear, or someone
'trying to play a prank. He also stal
led that this man could have been
| disguised like this for the purpose
•of robbing some home.
j It js said that Several ' negroes
• saw this man and thinking he was a
; spook were greatly frightened. Since.
| Monday morning this man has de
j veloped into a right nice ghost. Some
| very interesting tales are told about
| him. One is that Chief Price saw
j him at the high school building and
; chased him to Spindale, the ghost
j floating through the air in front of
j his car. After chasing the spirit for
I sometime, the tale goes, they caught
up with a car, and the ghost float
ied right into the car and disappear
Chief Price is still investigating
I so far does not have any clues.
;R. W. Carswell, night watchman at
j the oil mill, who furnished the above
j information to the writer, was of the
opinion that it was a young man
who lives on West Main street try
ing to play a joke on someone.
Cotton is / dying in Alamance
county and is being plowed up and
the land planted in corn.
Craven county farmers delivered
14,000 bushels of cucumbers, grown'
j under contract, to the local pick
-1 ling factory last week.
Use Courier Want Ads for Results
PENCIL ryi j 9#
Louise Rice, world famous graphologist, 1
can positively read your talents, virtues
£nd faults in the drawings, words and- i
what nots that yea scribble when "lost
in thought".
Send your"scribblings"or signature
for analysis. Enclose the picture of the Mikado
head, cut from a box of Mikado pencils, and
ten cents. Address Louise Rice, care cf
Bostic, July B.—On Saturday even- •
ing, at the Bostic school auditorium ;
will be presented the play; ' All on |
account of Polly." This is one of the i
most delightful and entertaining pro- j
mictions ever given here. The cast is •
made up wholly of the best local tal- !
ent under the competent direction j
of Prof. Guy Michaels. Throughout;
the plot runs the thread of comedy'
mixed with a few pathos as true to J
life. The location is a rich Long Is- (
land home. Into fthisl atmosphere J
comes sweet Polly Perkins from New j
England to reform things, as aptly j
portrayed by AJba Padghtt. "Baft,
jove" Peter rawther the funniest
thing you ever saw-played by Steve j
Kirksey. Thomas Harris also stars)
in a leading role ,while the remain-j
ing cast is made up splendid. A
small admission will be charged which
will go to benefit the First Baptist"
church. So follow the crowd to the
school building Saturday night, for
get your cares and enjoy an even
ing of joyous fun. ,
Business depressions are realities
and at the same time products of a
general state of mind. Because peo
ple are alternately optimistic and
pessimistic it is difficult to eliminate
the cause, but a little clear analysis
will show that mass phychology is
largely responsible.
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I 1
I LEMONS An L d 7uW doz. ~2Sc I
$ 'ks. so° j Coffee, 1 lb. Maxwell H. 36c
yE ullydl 100 lbs. $4.90 I
£j| | Matches, 6--5 c boxes 15c
m MASON JARS SQUARE | Silver Dale Peaches 19c
I' Small, 6 for 25c ts
lj[| * GALLON $1.19 Large, 3 for _ 25c
1 MC HAMS N t lb. 17c I
■ Pot Roast ot Reef lb. 20c J Pure Pork Sausage lb. 17Jc 0
1 a Steak " 36 c 8
White Calf. / .fffnF
with White Liz- Crepe Solo v ]]t
ard trim. jflmr Calf, with Tokiv
Also in Elk Calf trim.
%=M\ seoo W
E i> Pair —^
"The Shoe Store" Spartanburg, S. C.
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