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VCL. XII— No. 50.
Outstanding Baptist Minister
Will Conduct Month s Ser
vice at First Baptist
p . , h. Haymore, of Georgia,
v -;'*rconduct a revival meeting here
F ; :'st Baptist church during
the entire month of October. Dr.
Haymore conducted a two weeks
n 4ing in this church last year and
s ". , va « voted by the members of the
t h U rch to have him return next
ronth. The sinking will be in charge
ct - Mr Q. L. Frye. of Hickory, who
•. now assisting Dr. Broughton in a
«. r ies ct meetings at Rutherfordton
Baptist church.
Dr. nay more is one of the most
able and successful evangelists in the
South. For a number of years he was
pastor of a church, but he received
so many calls to conduct revival
meetings, he gave up his church in
order that he might devote all of
his time to the evangelistical field.
Dr. Haymore was at one time head
of the evangelistical work of the Bap
t:st state convention of Missouri.
When Dr. Haymore returns to
Fcrest City next month it will be
the second time he has conducted
meetings in this city and the eighth
time that he has held revival meet-
I ings in churches of which Dr. Ayeis
was pastor. Another unusual feature
! is that Dr. Ayers conducted six re
vival meetings in churches of Dr.
Haymore's, before he gave up his
church to enter this work.
At present Dr. Haymore is con-
I ducting a meeting in Missouri, where
;he is meeting with much success.
There are seven states represented
t in the meeting.
Prof. Allison H. Hunnic-utt, head
of the schools in Hendersonville, and
Governor of- the Carolinas District,
was a visitor to the local Kiwanis
Club Monday evening and the speak
er of the occasion. Many ladies were
present to greet the district gover
nor and the attendance was good.
The governor spoke on "Consti
tution Week," and brought a mes
sage of cheer and approbation to the
local club, complimenting the local
organization on the manner in which
they had kept up their membership
and work during the severe period
of depression prevailing during the
year. It is the fighting spirit main
tained by the club and the people
at large that has enabled Ruther
ford county to withstand the diffi
culties besetting them during the
year, according to the speaker.
fhe speaker was introduced by
i Prof. Chas. C. Erwin, principal of
+ -h& local high school. A splendid
nusical - program was furnished by
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Glickman and
-liss Katherine Goggans.
Among the visitors present were
J. b. Jones, Mrs. R. L. Rein-
Mt, Mrs. T. T. Long, Mrs. A. C.
Duncan, Mrs. A. M. Glickman, Miss
Katherine Goggans, Mrs. A. W.
Hunnicutt and son, Wilson, Mr.
Hunnicutt and Miss Louise Lattimore.
Th? Kiwaniar.s are planning for
teachers' night for the next weekly
meeting, September 22.
Florence mills
buying local cotton
F has been reported, according to
Mr. W. W. Richbourg, cotton buyer
c - Florence Mills, that the com-
Was not buying any cotton on
local market and he asks The
j urier to correct the erroneous re
l'nt. Richbourg says that Flor
ae Mills is not only buying local
!' • °n at the highest market price,
t • !r i addition is paying for the
•'•uiing to the mills of the local cot
The Post office department is in
king sealed bids for mail messenger
from the local post office from
to- railroad stations. Time for
| n --tt?ng bids closes Saturday,
' i -"-ib:r 20. Information may be
Ctprob, Inter-natl Cartoon Co, N Y ~
Four-County Fair Opens In
Rutherford Next Tuesday
Held To Court For
Robbery At Hollis
At a hearing held in Rutherford
ton last week Alonzo Gregory and
"Red" Melton, white men of South
Carolina, were bound over to super
ior court under a bond of SSOO each
on the charge that they participat
ed in the robbery of the Grady
Withrow store some time ago at
The two men were arrested at
Gaffney several days after the rob
bery by Deputy Ben Cooper of
Cleveland county and a Rutherford
officer. On the stand they denied en
tering the store, declaring the goods
they had were left in their car by
some others they had transported to
that section.
A federal postal inspector, it is
reported, may take up the matter as
the Hollis postoffice is located in the
Withrow store.
Their many friends were interest
ed to learn this week that Mr. Gro
ver Kiser and Miss Mary Sue Thomp
son had been married in Monroe on
June 6th. First of the week the
happy couple left on their honey
moon, meanwhile notifying their
families and friends of their mar
riage in June. They are visiting At
lanta, Chattanooga and Erwin, Tenn.
after which they will return to make
their home in Forest City. The an
nouncement of their marriage came
as a pleasant sunrise to their many
friends here and elsewhere.
The bride, one of the county' =;
most attractive and popular young
women, is the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Thompson, and has been a
teacher in the county schools.
Mr. Kiser is one cf Forest City's
well known young business men. be
ing the popular proprietor of Grov
er's Soda Shop. He is the son of
Mrs. M. J .Kiser, of Spindale.
The Women's Auxiliary of the
American Legion will meat Thurs
day afternoon at 3:30, at the home
of Mrs. Spurgeon Moss.
Every member is urged to be pres
ent and any one desiring to join are
cordially invited to be present on
Thursday afternoon at 3:30.
Mr. Robert Holmes has returned
from Tuxedo, N. Y., where he serv
ed as counsellor at a boys' camp this
summer. After a short visit to rela
tives here he will return to New
Yck City to acc?pt a portion.
Will be Biggest Ever Held—
Polk, Henderson and Mc-
Dowell Counties Will
Have Exhibits.
The Rutherford county fair will
open next Tutesday morning, and will
continue through Saturday, Septem
ber 27th. Several thousand people
are expected to attend this year's
fair, which is claimed by officials to
be the biggest and best yet. Every
effort has been made by the manage
ment to secure the very best and
cleanest amusement features avail
Henderson, Polk and McDowell
counties will join in with Rutherford
in putting over this year's fair, and
hundreds are expected daily from
those counties. As 'usual, Tuesday
will be school day, when the school
children will be admitted free of
charge. Special exhibits are expected
from McDowell, Polk and Henderson
counties, while several individual ex
hibits are also expected from these
This year's premtum list amounts
to about $2,000, and is very much
the same as last year.
The Krause Gre-ater Shows
will be on the midway all week with
clean shows, at least six rides and
legitimate concessions. The Ohio
Fireworks Company will furnish fire
works each night. The fireworks this
year are said to be the most brilliant
ever exhibited in this section. The
program will be changed each night.
The free acts in . front of the
grandstand will be one of the fea
tures of the Fair while many local
attractions will also be put on.
The local attractions for the week
follow: Tuesday afternoon from 2
to 4 o'clock with C. S. Royster in
charge: Charleston contest for
whites, Charleston contest for color
ed, 100-yard dash for boys over 1G
years of age, 100-yard dash for
boys from 12 to 15 years of age, 50-
yard dash for boys under 12 and 50-
yard dash for girls from 10 to 15
years of age. For these contests S2G
in cash prizes are being offered.
Fifteen dollars, $5 for first prize and
$2.50 for second prize, are being
offered for the best pony to cart on
the track and best pony under sad
dle on the track Tuesday afternoon.
Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 4
o'clock with J. W. Whitesides in
charge: Mule running race, two
heats, first prize S2O second sls,
third, $lO, fourth, $5. Best buggy
horse or mare shown to buggy on
President of Black Bear Trail
and Prominent Banker to
>•-. Speak Here Friday.
Mr. Hugh Mcßae, of Wilming
ton", president of the Black Bear
Trail, prominent banker and real
estate developer, will speak at the
Rotherford County Club Friday,
at%ne o'clock.
The September meeting of the
Club will be held at TLe Dutch Grill,
on Highway No. 20, between For
est City and Spindale.
Mr. Mcßae will have an interest
ing address for this occasion. He is
well known as one of the outstand
ing bankers and developers of east
ern North Carolina, and during the
past five years has been spending
much time in developing the Black
Bear Trail from Florida to Canada.
In addition to Mr. Mcßae's ad
dress a discussion on the county
fair will be held, also a discussion
of other important matters.
Young Radio Operator Files
Application for Permit to
Build Station.
Permission of the federal
commission to build and operate
what may be the first and only radio
station ft the county, is being sought
by Geo. si). Tate, 319 East Main
street, operator of amateur radio sta
tion W4AIS.
Young Tate will probably seek the
interests jpf the business firms in the
county ii|,crder to finance it. He has
already wintten W. Van Nostrand, of
Atlanta, acting U. S. Supervisor of
Radio, for information relative to
the proper procedure to be followed
in securing a radio broadcasting sta
tion license.
If permission is granted, said
young 'fate, who is one of the best
amateur radio operators in the coun
ty, and who now operates his sta
tion in his room at his home, will
build this station and have charge
of its operation.
The letter to Mr. Van Nostrand
did not specify any definite power
under which the the station would be
operated, but he will try to have
something of 500 watts or less. If
the commission grants the request,
Mr. Tate said the station would be
used to advertise local firms and the
county in general.
track pair mules to wagon on track,
first prize, $5, second $2.50.
Thursday afternoon from 2 to 4
o'clock with Dr. A. C. Duncan in
charge: for best saddle horse, first
prize $5, second $2.50.
Friday afternoon from 2 to 4
o'clock with D. J. Long in charge:
mule race, two heats, first prize S2O,
second prize sls, third prize $lO.
fourth prize $5.
This year's fair is being sponsor
ed by the Rutherford County Agri
culture Society, with C. F. Cline,
president; O. J. Holler, vice-piesi
dent; Z. O. Jenkins, vicepresident:
and F. E. Patton, secretary. Each
township of the county also has a
vice-president on the executive board.
Mr. C. W. Mayfield, superinten
dent of the swine department of the
Rutherford county fair, urges all
hog raisers to bring their hogs to the
fair this year. Mr. Mayfield has se
cured a large number of extra prem
iums in addition to those mentioned
in the catalogue, and he thinks that
perhaps the management will be able
to give prizes to all exhibitors.
Horse Racing.
Horse racing will be another fea
ture of this year's fair. Among the
horses which will be present for the
races are Vallie Vonstraw, owned
by a Mr. Patton, of Kentucky; Son
yia Vollo, owned by Mrs. Rogers;
Mocorne Patching, owned by Dick
Rogers; record 207V2 (North Caro
lina record) ; Worthy Joe, owned by
E. C. Connor, of Concord, record of
207 Vi' These races will be held
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
A negro fight will be held Satur
day night.
Forest City Rejects
Sale Utility Plants
Vote Tied on Sale of Electric Plant to S, P. U,—
Water Plant Sale Defeated by
Narrow Margin.
Fisherman Finds Hair;
Is There Body in Lake?
While on a fishing trip to Lake
early last Saturday morning
with two other men from this city,
Mr. C. S. Hemphill caught on his line
something that has developed into
quite a mystery. This catch of Mr.
Hemphill's „• was a bunch of human
hair believed to have come from the
decomposed body of some suicide or
victim of some murderer.
The fishing party consisted of
Messrs. Hemphill, J. E. Vassey and
W. L. Brown and they were fishing
in Snug Harbor about 3 o'clock Sat
urday morning when Mr. Hemphill'*
hook caught on something in the
'aka. Pulling in his line he discov
ered that he had a bunch of blond
hair that had come from the body
of some woman. This was later
turned over to Sgt. A. A. Price, of
the local police department, who is
now investigating. County Coroner
W. C. Hightower was also notified
of the matter.
There is no doubt about this hair
coming from a human being, whose
body, it is believed, is still in the
lake, for had someone thrown this
hair into ,the water it would have
floated on the top instead of sink
ing- So isv known, however,
no One in this county is missing, but
if there is a body of some suicide
or victim of foul play in the lake,
it could be from some other locality.
Having been much impressed with
the numbers of cars and shoppers
coming into Forest City on Satur
days, and being of an enterprising
turn, Mr. J. L. Butler took it upon
himself to count the number of car?
parked here cn Saturday afternoon.
August 23rd. Beginning at the For
est City Motor Co. and counting
East as far as the Doggett Motor Co.,
and counting those cars parked on
the side streets so far as visible in
passing by, Mr. Butler counted 07S
cars cn this date.
Again last Saturday, Mr. Butle:
counted the cars and found that
there were 028 on this date.
This number of cars parked in the
city gives the reader some idea of
the numbers of visitors coming into
the city on Saturday. And, of coursj,
there are more cars and more peo
ple in town after supper than in the
The ideal location, the excellent
parking facilities, the welcome giv
en by the business men and the un
excelled shopping facilities in For
est City is bringing visitors here by
the hundreds. And, by the way,
these good people are doing a won
derful work in promoting the pros- 1
perity of the county by trading at
On next Sunday morning the ser
vices at the First Baptist church
will be in the form of a "Family
Day" service. All families are asked
to sit together and the pastor, Dv.
W. A. Ayers, will deliver a special
sermon for the occasion, using the
subject: "A Swarm of Bees Without
Stings." This sermon will be of spe
cial interest to the children.
Miss Ruby Collins left for Char
lotte this week, where she will enter
training at the Presbyterian Hospit
al to prepare herself for the profes
sion of a trained nurse. She expects
to serve three years at this well
known hospital.
16 ;Pages
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
The voters of Forest City Tues
day refused to sell the public utili
ties plants to the Southern Public
I Utilities Company. The vote was
| extremely close, that on the question
jof selling the electric plants being
' j a tie, and the sale of the water plant
, j being defeated by fourteen votes.
The vote in Tuesday's election fol
( lows:
Electric Plant.
1 For sale electric plant 385
?• Against sale of electric plant . 242
: Not voting 143
Total vote for sale 385
[ Total vote against sale 385
Water Plant.
' For sale water system 378
Against sale water system 240
Not voting 152
Total vote for sale 378
j Total vote against sale 392
r A total of 770 voters were regis
r tered for the election. The ballot
- ing was against the registration, and
5 all who failed to vote automatically
; cast a vote against the sale of the
i plants.
May Call New Election.
Public opinion in Forest City fa
vors, to some extent, the calling of
a new election. Under the town char
ter a petition signed by one-fpurth
of the voters in the'special election
automatioslly calls another election.
r 'A total oi 770 voters registered,
which would require 193 signatures
to a petition. That section of the
' town charter dealing with the c?.s ?-
in hand follows:
14 •
Article 10 of Section 10, Charter
of the Town of Forest City, as pasc
ed by the General Assembly of 1925,
; "The board of commissioners shall
have the right and authority to call
an election to be held at any time
upon the written application of
twenty-five percent of the qualified
voters of the said lown for the pur
pose of voting ujon any question
which the said petition may request
them to submit to a vote of the citi
zens of the town, whether the same
be for the purpose of voting bend.-?
for any purpose whatsoever or for
the purpose of ascertaining the wish
es of the inhabitants of said towr
upon any other question of public
ipterest. The said board shall adver
tise said election so ordsred for a
period of thirty days in some news
paper published in Rutherford coun
ty and at the Mayor's office in said
town and no special act shall be
necessary to authorize the said com
j missioners to order any such elec
j tion. The said board shall also hav*;
i authority to call as many elections
i under the provisions of this section
!as they may be petitioned to call
j for in the manner hereinbefore s?t
' out, and may call more than one
j election to be held for the purpose
j of voting on the same question, if a
I petition be. filed as herein provided,
/requesting said commissioners to call
I such election, notwithstanding the
| fact that other elections may have
' been held for the purpose of ascer
j taining the wishes of the citizens of
j the town upon the same question
j theretofore."
Mr. Wilson Crocker was injured
land Horace Yelton and Lee Hill
I suffered minor bruises when the car
jin which they were riding left tne
'.highway and turned over near Mar
' ion Sunday. The car was driven bv
i Mr. Horace Yelton. Young Crock ;r
jwas taksn to Marion and placed In
the hospital. An examination reveal
! sd that he suffered internal injuries
As The Courier goes to press his
condition is reported as being somo
what better, and fie is expected to
be home Thursday.

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