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VOL. X"'~ No - 7
li e B. HAYNES
takes own life
. L Physician of Spart
prommen gullet Into
anbu . S , Health Blamed.
Brain; necl
 C. Nov. 18. —
m hea)th) Dr.
»° y H-ivnes, 51, fired •"> P istol
Bi- xter '• h ead at his home
kulle V" t lv morning and died al
lel'e -mtU- *'» ,e of hiS fam ' ly
» osl .™ S " hen he committed the
was at home * her
I' f« a compete nervous break
liW™ f Haynes >n October last
forced to e,, ter the Chick
,iue to his
health He al» stayed at a Char
lotte sanitoram tor some time. Re
cently the nervous border with
, li( . he suffered , became acute
and physicians advised him to re
enter a hospital for treatment.
He is survived by his widow; his
•mother," Mrs. S. C. Bland, Forest
(X C.; two sons Baxter Haynes,
Jr., New York City; John Haynes,
a student; a daughter, Miss Mary
Haynes; four sisters, Mrs. W. W.
Hicks Mr&. Ollie Harris, both 01
Rutherfordton, N. C, Mrs. L. E.
Anderson, Charlotte, and Mrs. Alice
Winn, dean of the Greensboro Col
lege for Women at Greensboro, X.
,C and two brothers, Dr. Frank
■ Haynes, Charlotte, and Charles
■ Haynes, Durham, N. C.
Doctor Haynes was nationally
■ known for his work in combatting,
■vellow fever and malaria in Cuba
■after the Spanish-American war. He
■was manager of a hospital at Pres-
Iton, Cuba, and for his services ren
■dered the island was made an hon
■ ovary member of the Cuban health
■ department and was also awardeJ
■an honorary degree by the Univer
sity of Havana.
Since the Spanish war his work 1
■a> a physician brought him steadily j
■ ir.Jveasing prominence, particularly
■a« a specialist in internal medi
Doctor Haynes, a former member
■of the state board of medical ex
■ cminers, was born at Forest Citv.
■Rutherford county, North Carolina,
■in a son of John and Willie
■Hayno- The Haynes family had
■lived in Rutherford county for
■many years.
■ Lake Lure, Xov. 18.—From pres-
Heni indications, the Lake Lure P.-T.
ail set for a prosperous and
■Stable season. Its membership is steadily and much interest
■ nianif. >tcd w the year's tv")- j
H At the Ociober meeting, Mr.?.
■" uus Morse jrave a delightful
fceron the "History of Hickory Nut
a topic on which she is con
an authority, and which she
■ !ace( ' fl '°m the days when De Soto
■ !st Penetrated the wild erness.
■ November meeting had three
■Ptakci.s; a greeting from the new
■"• ni pal. Frederick Sams; an in
■ l ' n " ia 'k on "School Lunches"
M.» Laura Howard, Rutherford
■ M and a helpful
I"- ° n For Children"
■ -Irs. Augustus C. Wyatt, who was
B,. a ned ™ London, England. Mrs.
■' " s ' Uc ' many amusing bits con
■ e her experience while
I'f"™ ior the year are: Presi-
Louise Marsh; vice
■ Piincipal Frederick Sam?;
Secretary ' Mrs - J * w
■ahi-V' lecort^ng secretary, Mrs.
- J -
4Vtle chosen as grade
■atie- v, " T  a "Khlin, first
Aj ' * second and third
■d fifti,*"""" J ' L Jlorris » fourth
■ Kr adea; Mrs. M. E. White
and Mrs. J. W
? seventh grade.
'n T!. e Rough
} : ave all the gems of
jwy fcg " U ; u ln ' e in my library."
let Rotlce that they are
This is to notify the public
that no one is authorized to take
subscriptions to The Courier,
outside of this office, except Mr.
B. E. Roach at Cliffside and Mr.
V. M. Abernethy at Avondale.
Anyone giving subscriptions to
any one else will do so at their
own risk. Please bear this in
mind if appro *hed by anyone
except our authorized agents.
Fifty-Two Names Added Since
Last Wednesday—Special
o£fer Continues to
December 15th.
Since last Wednesday a total of
fifty-two names have been added to
The Courier's rapidly growing mail
ing list. Last week we reported
nearly two hundred new names, and
prior to that several hundred had
already been reported.
The Courier's special offer of two
yeara for one, in Rutherford county,
will be continued through December
15th. See announcement to that ef
fect elsewhere in this issue.
The names added since last week
Dewey Rhodes, Bostic, R-l.
Ei'win Jones, Bostic, R-l.
C. S. Hemphill, Forest City.
B. M. Blanton, City.
J .E. Matheny, Bostic, R-l.
Burl Womick, Forest City, R-l.
R. P. Robinson, Forest City, R-3.
Gaither Harris, Forest City.
B. M. Ferree, Ellenboro, R-2.
E. A. Toney, Mooresboro, R-2.
R. C. Ledbetter, Forest City, R-3. j
A. I. Moore, Cliffside.
B. T. Jones, Sr., Mayesville.
T. B. Reed, City, R-2.
A. L. Magness, Bostic.
L. G. Bailey, Bostic, R-2.
J. A. Jonnson, Forest City.
Joe J. Hardin, Forest City, R-2.
R. L. Williamson, Forest City, R-3
G. C. Ledbetter, Spindale.
W. R. Carpenter, Bostic, R-l.
W. J. Philbeck, Bostic, R-l.
H. E. Parris, Gaffney, R-9.
B. W. Jones, Gaffney, R-9.
Louise Lemmons, Cliffside.
C. E. Sparks, Caroleen.
Ruth Lewis, Forest City, R-2.
Mrs. Clyde Chesson, Newbern, N. C
C. L. Morrow, Forest City, R-l.
C. K. Trout, Forest City, R-l.
G. A. Silver, Avondale.
H. L. Reynolds, Rutherfordton, Rl-
C. R. Hoyle, Rutherfordton, R-l.
Nollie Biggerstaff, Ellenboro, R-2.
J. D. Brown, Forest City.
Mrs. Chas. Ford, Forest City.
Miss Fannie King, Forest City.
V. L. Crawford, Forest City.
C. S. Trout, Forest City, R-l.
B. H. Price, Forest City.
Reuben Mcßrayer, Forest City.
A. S. Harrill, Ellenboro.
J. Worth Morgan, Forest City.
G. W. Morgan, Union Mills.
Thos. Harris, Forest City, R-l.
W. A. Fowler, Cliffside.
Dexter Jones, Henrietta.
Mollie Seay, Caroleen.
W. B. Hamrick, Davidson.
0. J. Mooneyham, Henrietta.
Robert Holmes, New York.
Mrs. C. D. Hicks, Shelby, R-5.
Two Found Dead
Near Lattimore
' Lattimore, Nov. 18 —Emmett
Weaver and a Mrs. Doistsr were
found dqad Lattimore jearly
Weunesday morning. A small boy
who was rabbit hunting, came across
the bodies in the woods near Latti
more. A coroner's inquest was held
Wednesday morning and the verdict
of the jury was that Weaver shot
Mrs. Doister and then killed him
self. The identification of the bodies
was made possible through some let
ters on their persons, but their resi-
I lences are unknown.
Utility Gas and Electric Co.,
Proposes to Build Plant to
Serve Three Towns.
The Utility Gas and Electric Com
pany, of Chicago, 111., this week has
solicitors in Rutherfordton, Spindale
and Forest City signing up prospec
tive subscribers to the proposed gas
system, which they expect to install.
The company requires four hun
dred users of gas in the three towns
before starting operations. The plans
of the company call for the installa
tion of a large gas manufacturing
plan at Spindale, which will supply
the three towns with gas. Mains will
be laid to Forest City and Ruther
fordton from plant, and will
furnish each town with the necessary
The proposed plant and equipment
will represent a cash outlay of from
$150,000 to $200,000. The company
will work local labor only, and the
project will afford employment for
one hundred or more men for a per
iod of ninety days or longer.
The company expects to begin
woVk on the new plant and the in
stallation of mains just as soon as
the necessary four hundred sub
scribers are secured.
Mr, Harry Long is soliciting sub
scribers in Forest City, and anyone
interested in installing gas should
get in touch with Mr. Long.
County Singing
Convention Sunday
Rutherfordton, R-l, Nov. 18.—
The Rutherford County singing con
vention will meet with the Shiloh
Baptist church Sunday. The session
opens at 10:30 a. m., and will close
at four o'clock.
The convention will open at 10:30
by song and and an address
of welcome by L. R. Roach. The res
ponse will be by Charles Roberts.
This will be followed by singing by
the Shiloh choir and at eleven o'-
clock a quartette by visitors. Sing
ing by the Mountain View and Ada
ville choirs will be next on program.
Dinner will be served picnic style
from twelve to one o'clock.
The convention will re-open at one
o'clock with singing by the congre
gation. This will be followed with
singing by the Bethany and Sulphur
Springs choirs, and by visiting quar
tettes and choirs.
A short business session will bring
the convention to a close.
The Womans' Auxiliary of the
American Legion will meet Friday
afternoon, at 3:30 o'clock at the
heme of Mrs. Ernest Robertson. All
members are urged to be present.
Spindale, Nov. 18. —On next Sun
day, November 23, the new Lutheran
Mission in Rutherford county will
hold its first service on its new loca
tion in Spindale. Beginning with
Sunday's service divine service will
be conducted at the new location
every Sunday morning. The mission
|is now located in a vacant store
building situated in the western end
!of the town of Spindale on Highway
|No. 20. The building has been suit
ably remodeled to fit the purpose for
which it is to serve, that of a Luth
eran chapel.
Everyone is cordially invited to
attend the services. If you have no
church home, make our church your
church home. The pastor, Rev. Lsshe
Frerkiny will gladly discuss with
you the principles of the church or
the conditions of membership.
Preaching service Sunday is at
11:00 a. m. The pastor will base 'his
emarks on the text Mathew 18, 20:
"Where two or three are .gathered
together in my name there am I in
the midst of them."
Laconic Tourist "lnformation
given out here?"
Tired Clerk—"lt has."
Funeral Held at High Shoals
For Mrs. Ben Biggerstaff, j
Aged 59.
Henrietta, Nov. 17.—Mrs. Ben
Biggerstaff f aged 59 years, died at
her home here Tuesday night, Nov.
11. Funeral services were held Wed
nesday, Nov. 12, at High Shoals Bap
tist church at two o'clock. Rev. J.
A. Brock, of Henrietta, had charge
of the funeral service. Interment
was in the High Shoals cemetery.
Mrs. Biggerstaff' is survived by
three brothers and four sisters, as
follows: G. P., Willis and Grover
Burgess, of Henrietta; Mrs. Joe
Smith, of Rutherfordton; Mrs. J. S.
Wall, of Forest City, and Misses Em
ma and Florence Burgess, of Hen
Pall bearers were Broadus, Worth
Glenn and Alton ■ Biggerstaff.
Buren and Paul Burgess. The flow
er bearers were Mesdames Boyce
West, Sarah Holland, John Moore,
S. B. Jolley, Misses Louise Wall,
Sabra and Mary Burgess.
Christmas Seal
Drive Opens Saon
The annual Christmas seal; sale
drive will begin here Thanksgiving,
and will continue up to Christmas
The Woman's Club is sponsoring this
year's drive, and the ladies of the
club, under the general direction of
Mrs. A. W. Falvey, chairman of the
seal sale committee, will canvass the
The seals are sold each year and
the proceeds are used to fight tuber
culosis, the white plague of the coun
try. Part of the proceeds from the
drive in Forest City will be retain
ed for use in health work in the
Forest City schools.
All business firms are asked to buy
and use these seals on their letters.
Beautiful posters, a replica of the
seals, will be placed in the windows
of the different places of business.
Slight Changes In
Election Returns
When the Rutherford County
Board of Elections met to canvass
the vote cast in the election of No
vember 4th, some slight changes
were made in the totals as official
ly reported in The Courier of Nov.
6. This was caused largely by the
recount of the Logan Store vote,
and a check of the Green Hill pre
cinct vote. The final totals, as an
nounced by the Board of
Weaver 5329? Jackson 4487; Mc-
Swain 5291; McLean 5208; Mode
4548; Cpffield 5195; Hamrick 4874;
W. O. Geer, 5447; B. B. Logan,
4485; W. C. Hardin, 494G; McFar
land 5075. Hightower, 5424; Keeter,
4632; County Commissioners: J. P.
Jones 5235; Geo. Blanton 5481; A.
W. Deck 5090; G. A. Callahan 4836;
L. Purgason 4564; O. B. Biggerstaff
4913; Board of Education: J. C.
Haines 5264; J. T: Harris 5248; W.
W. Nanney 5314; W. L. Smith
4650; E. E. Smart 4604; Mrs. R. E.
Price 4617; Solicitor: Pless 5524:
and Fisher 4545. Mrs. Minnie F.
Blanton received 5550 votes.
The first three amendments voted
on in the general election were de
feated in the state. The referendum
regarding the World War veteiann
loan was carried in the state.
The vote on the amendments in
Rutherford county follows:
First: For 1425; against 3801.
Second: For 1864; against 3165.
Third: For, 1544; against 3212.
The vote on the referendum was
For 2845; against 2719.
Caroleen, Nov. 17— "The College?
Hobo", a comedy play, will be given
by the faculty of the Caroleen Ele
mentary school, at the elemental \
auditorium Saturday evening, be
ginning at eight o'clock. A small ad
mission fee will be chaiged.
At the request of numerous
of our good friends in the coun
ty who have not as yet had time
to take advantage of our offer
to give all Rutherford county
subscribers this year's subscrip
tion free, and because we have
not had time to notify all of
them of the offer, The Courier
has decided to extend the time
to December 15th.
Hundreds have availed them
selves of our offer and all have
been grateful, judging from the
expressions made to us. The
low price of cotton and the gen
eral bad year for our farmers
prompted us to make this offer.
Remember, this offer of a
free year's subscription to The
Courier will positively close Dec.
15th. It is this: Pay us one dol
lar and you will be credited
with two year's subscription.
Send in your subscription to
day, while you think of it.
Ellenboro, Nov. 17.—Mrs. Gidney
Hamrick i dejightfully entertained
Saturday night honoring the 23rd
birthday anniversary of her daughter
Miss Vera Hamrick. The home was
beautifully arranged with a quanti
ty -of potted plants and ferns. Sev
eral musical selections were given,
both vocal and instrumental. Miss
Hamrick was the recipient of many
beautiful and useful presents. A
large number were present. The
party was given at the country home
of Mrs. Hamrick.
Friends from Ellenboro Baptist
church, and others interested made
a visit to the Alexander Home for
Motherless Children at Union Mills
Sunday, carrying with them a boun
tiful Thanksgiving offering, consist
ing of quilts, sheets, clothing, shoes,
groceries, potatoes, meal,
canned fruit, candy, and other edi
bles. This was also a tour of inspec
tion. The home was found to be in
splendid sanitary condition. There
are 211 children being cared for and
Mrs. Claud Blanton proved a de
lightful hostess to the members of
the Civic Club when she entertained
at her home Saturday afternoon. Ihe
rooms were tastefully decorated with
a profusion of flowers in pastel
shades to give the appearance of the
fall months, merited by the glorious
sunshine of the past week. An added
feature of the evening's entertain
ment were the several piano selec
tions by Miss Mildred Rogers. Sev
eial songs were also given.
The Civic Club is doing much in
the way of improvement of the town
and community. Being the oldest
organized club of t?ie town, it has
sponsored every good movement in
the way of progress:veness.
At the conclusion of the evening's
reception the hostess served a salad
course. A large number were present
Mr. Paris rrice, son of Mr. A. B.
Price, who has been connected with
the Union Trust Co. since its opening
here, has resigned and accepted a
position with the new National Bank
here as assistant cashier.
Mr. Price has had six years' bank
ing experience, commencing with the
Ledbetter National Bank and later
with the Farmers Bank. He is thor
oughly experienced in the banking
business and has always been held
in the highest esteem by his em
ployers, being particularly noted for
his efficiency. He will prove a val
uable addition to the staff of For
est City's 1 new National Bank.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Randolph
Treadway of Wadesboro, N. C.,
Nov. 15, a baby daughter, Betty
Ann. Mrs. Treadway before her mar
riage was Miss Elsie Green cf this
20 Pages
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
Not Guilty of Murder—Super
ior Court Adjourned Satur
day—Many Cases Dis
posed of.
I Rtiiherfordton, Nov. 17.—The*
I fall term of court for the trial of
n criminal cases adjourned here Sat
| urday morning after a busy ten
j days session. Judge J. H. Harwood
presided at this term of court.
The last four days were consumed
with the hearing of the Herring
brothers case. The Herrings, Clifford
and James, were on trial for the
alleged slaying of Harvey Propes,
of Golden Valley, on September 30.
After a hard fought court battle,
I the jury returned a verdict of not
I guilty.
The case started Wednesday morn
ing, and one day was taken in
selecting a jury. Over 100 men
were summoned before twelve were
selected. The jury took the case
late Friday afternoon and re
turned a verdict Saturday morning.
R. L. Huffman, of Morganton, and
W. C. Mcßorie, of this place, ap
peared for the defendants, while
Fred Hamrick assisted Solicitor J. W.
Pless, Jr. Large crowds attended
the trial and much interest was
shown in the outcome.
Other cases disposed of since last
week's issue of The Courier follow:
State vs. Albert Short. Verdict of
guilty. Judgment that defendant b(»
confined to jail eight months and as
signed to work the roads of this or
any other county, not to wear stripes.
State vs. H. H. Womack. Judg
ment of court that defendant be
confined to jail two years not to wear
stripes, and pay costs of case, a to
tal of $150.00. Appealed to supreme
court and bond posted.
State vs. Geneva Squaws and Delia
Hamilton. Confined to jail 90 days.
State vs. Sam Taylor, Deck Tay
lor and Floyd Connor. Each defen
dant given four months jail sentence,
to be assigned to work on road*?.
Sentence suspended upon defendants
app?aring at each term of criminal
court for three years.
State vs. C. O. Phillips. Judgment
of court that defendant be confined
to the county jail six months and
assigned to work the roads oi this
or any other county, not to wear
Dewey Gilbert. Sentenced to stale
prison for eight months.
The case of Gar Burgin and !>-?
Philbeck, charged with conspiracy,
was continued. The cases against the
eight officials of the dofunct Ruth
erford County Bank and Tiust Co.
and The Farmers Bank and Trust
Co. were continued.
Suspended sentences were giv.n
| Garland Davis, Harvey Deaton, Sam
Allen. J. L. Cochran, Will Medford
and Walter Lowery for various of
In the case of state \s. 0. C. Er
win, former recorder, a nol pros was
taken, after the county commission
ers. state and county auditors agree 1
that the failure of settlement was
at least in part due to bona fide claims
made by defendant for creditors to
which he claimed to be entitled, and
after stating that the account was
settled to the satisfaction of all con
cerned a nol pros was taken.
The grand jury parsed upon all
bills brought before them and ad
journed Saturday. Among, the bills
returned were true bills against L.
C. Cobb and J. M. Fteck, officials of
the Chimney Rock Trust Company,
and J. Lloyd Taylor and W. B. Wal
ker, officials of the defunct Ruth
erford County Bank and Trust Com
jpany, alleging irregularities in office.
The cfty library wishes to grate
fully acknowledge a donation of
several very valuable books by Dr.
and Mrs. Moores. These books are
of great benefit to the library an i
patrons of the library will continue
to remember the kindly cooperate
' spirit of Dr. and Mrs. Moores even
'though they are no longer citizens
of our community.

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