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j*- XIU 14 '
L ery body - City
' V t0 Make Donation to
e Association Meeting
. \v ifaie Association
The ,
c-uni'anizeii ana
hich* 8 - l ' ' .
; . at >n a drive
jfiCfei'.' e --
rot money,
r ru! s(iay. ■■
. . , potatoes or
: o r})in£.
■ t ooil that i s
nvthmu ---
e work that
jt per..-r^''* e
. ... n ; Z atioii wants to do, to give
I 're are so
~ w. : that haw siekne-s
|;, \ llllt
- a:ul cannot leave
i their i' ; -"
r ; home.- .«• 'l»t must nave
aving this
~'amai: nin■> '' «">" dt >"' rt
for the bu.-i
-r nes to have a
ace to send those asking for aid,
here each case will be personally
ivestigated by Mrs. C. E. Alcock
ho will lie in charge ot* the dis
ribution 01 such funds, etc.. that are
eeded. It will do away with one
erson who may go from one place
> another asking tor help and
ot be as deserving as others. One
usiness man told nu* ot one case of
woman and little girl coming into
k store asking for help and when he
[plained about the Family Welfare
ssociation and where to go to get
?]p, this was not what she was want
g. but continued begging from one
ore to another. Now if each place
business and homes in town will
ontvibute as liberally as possible,
len they can direct anyone asking
ir aid to the organization where
ieir case will be investigated and
id will be given when deserving,
will do away with those who beg
om each place of business and also
> away with duplications, as each
ise i indexed and can easily be
'ferred tu by Mrs. Alcock who will
low whether the party is deserving.
Th, Willis Towery Post. American
contributed 550.00 to ihe or
inizal.ion just before > Christmas
with this aid has been given to
even families in the way of food,
ral anii shoes, also had a doctor to
ski- une call at the home of a wo.
an > i 1 is suffering from cancer.
3,1 A e not had this liberal donation,
is aid could not have been given,
Row when these ladies and gentl.?-
• n have consented to put on
j" drive to secure money, etc. :
" ,l Jour place of business and (
Kle -- ( '° n,, t turn them away, for'
ei T one can give something t0,,(1>
,,( 1> this work and then you can i
e to refer anyone asking for
' to the Family Welfare Associi-
B. |
'j,\v n has he on divided into I
an d a captain has been sc-!
l '' • ! each district and they have j
e tt( ' assistants to make this j
" n Thursday, Jan. 15. Every i
n 1 ending Ihe Courier will i
that nex 't Thursday, Jan. 15,
en selected for the day for
i. IU( ' an '' t ' l ' s will {jive you aj
in which to !»ok through your j
a "'l uet up any clothing that i
Bionate t> this splendid work. !
ei •" make it easy on those j
t Lj r> tllat ( 'av. if you can give I
. K l '° il white cloth string ;
an,; have youv dona-j
i When come around ;
it 0v ' ''" au ' a y with a second J
av j 1 Workers. If you are!
h ' ° m h «me that day and wish j
telephone Mrs. i
■•' and she will call I
s U " ,lati n later. Please do!
, i i: garments as we can-|
ile them
it ' held on Friday i
1! ir, • at the Citv
!(»t 1 ' • *
!:( ' captains and]
1 Ke>- , .
1 '"- sent at this meet- 1
fit -u lM ' 1 McDonald, who j
eiits I,,,luia ys here with her
, a .. •/ Mrs. B. Z. McDon-
1 party in Hick
!!;:n.u to Greensboro,
a student at X. C. C. W.
New Auto Tags Must
Be Bought Soon
■ There will be no extension of time
this year for securing 1931 auto
license plates.
i The State Highway patrol expects
to begin making arrests within the
next two or three days for failure
to obtain the 1931 automobile licen
se tags, it was announced at the
Asheville office of the patrol Mon
No arrests have yet been made
but the patrol has already begun
issuing "tickets"-—giving the per
son ticketed 48 hours to obtain i
license—and plans to start making
arrests in the next few davs.
January Session Held in Ruth-
erfordton—Well Attended
—Next Meeting Here.
The January meeting of the Ruth
erford County Epworth League
Group meeting was held in Ruther
fordton Methodist church, Friday
evening. January 2, at 7:30.
The devotional services were con
ducted by the Rutherfordton chap
Rev. R. M. Hoyle, Jr., of Ruther
fordton gave and interesting address.
The business session followed.
Committees were appointed for the
purpose of nominating new officers
for the year 1931.
Mr. Jolley made remarks in ref
erence to the expence of the differ
ent chapters when they were enter
taining the union.
The roll was called and the fol
lowing chapters were represented
Spincfale, Pleasant Grove, Ruther
fordton, Alexander, Mt. Hebron.
Spindale was awarded the cross and
banner for the month.
After adjournment Rutherfordton
served delicious refreshments. The
next meeting will be held at Forest
City the first Friday night in Feb
Bankers Association
Offers SSOO Reward
In an effort to prevent the fur
ther circulation of careless or ma
licious rumors regarding the solven
cy of our banks, the North Caro
lina Bankers' Association offers a
reward of SSOO for the first convic-
tion of any person circulating de-
rogatory statements concerning the
solvency of any banking institution
in the state
This is a good move and will put
a stop to the senseless chatter of
the thoughtless ones. However, Ruth
erford county bar.ks are in good
condition and there is no apparent
! unrest in the county, but in other
! places unealculated harm has been
; done by careless gossips,
Clothes Needed For
School Children
1 The Family » Welfare Association
jis having calls for clothes suitable
; for school wear for children of all
! ages. A girl 10 years old needs school
I clothes badly. If any one has any
thing in the way of wearing apparel
| that they can donate to this work,
please send them to the home oi
• Mrs. C. E. Alcock at once. Please
do not send soiled garments for we
' cannot handle them.
Family Welfare Association.
| Local Hotel Under
New Management
Mrs. A. W. Falvey and Miss
May me Martin, who recently leased
! the Moore Hotel, took possession
i January Ist. The name of the hotel
has been changed to the New Cen
tial Hotel. The new operators have
had the dining room and kitchen re
j modeled and painted. They are mak
ing a specialty of serving home
cooked meals. At a later date pro
visions will be made for holding
banquets and club meetings in the
new hotel.
* r * " \
Many Little Tots Made Happy
by a Visit From Santa,
Sponsored by The Coun
ty Welfare Super
Rutherfordton, Jan. s.—Christ
mas time was a happy time in the
County Department of Public Wel
fare because of the generosity and
thought fulness of citizens who, even
| though they have recently suffered
i losses, abundantly gave of their
means which proves that times of
depression tend to strengthen rath
jer than break down the works of
j charity Without one penny being
spent from the appropriated funds
of the county budget, IG7 children
were made happy with the game of
Santa Claus; meaning that 167
needy children were furnished with
a toy, a generous amount of candies r
fruits and garments.
At eventide on December 23rd,
thirty-nine spirited and happy young
sters merrily danced around a
brilliantly lighted Christmas tree
which was arranged upon the lawn
of Maple Lodge. Santa in person
greeted the children and presented
the gifts, calling each guest by
name. Many passersby lingered and
later were heard to relate a thrill
ing story of "The Bachelor's Christ
mas Tree." Added to the 39 happy
little hearts were happy older hearts
also for "It is more blessed to give
than to receive." When the celebra
tion came to a close, comfortably
heated cars awaited in the driveway
and .the children were accompanied
home, * many living miles away in
isolated districts.
Cash donations from the Ruther
ford Hospital, members -of the Hos
pital staff. Mrs. S. E. Elmore, R. G.
Howard, F. E. Patton and O. J. Hol
ler, lightened the burdens and ex
tended the Christmas cheer of the
Public Welfare Hepartmnt. Added
to Mr. Holler's cash donation was a
supply of sweet potatoes, molasses
and parts of a slaughtered hog. Due
to the unselfish thoughtfulness of
Liftman's Economy Store, many
children tire wearing nice warm
new shoes and are stockinged by do
nations from the Elmore Company.
Several little boys are diving their
cold hands deep into pockets of nice
new overcoats which were given by
Mr. and Mrs. I. Goodman.
Without the Romina Theatre's
toys and large buckets of candies,
Santa would have been at a loss in
his presentations from the Depart
ment. Added to this phase of the
spirit the women of Ruth, led by
Mrs. Creed Hampton, furnished at
tractive toys as did also members of
the Junior Department of the Ruth
fordtpn's Woman's Club. Materials
were furnished the sewing classes
of Central High school and with
nimble fingers and a Christmas spirit,
the girls protrayed trained skill in
making 47 nice garments which were
added to Santa's pack of gifts.
Changes Are Made
In Seaboard Trains
According to official announce
ment made at the Seaboard offices
at Hamlet, the Seaboard passenger
trains Nos. 21 and 22. between Mon
roe and Rutherfordton. will be dis-
continued as regular passenger trains
between Shelby and Rutherfordton
but will be operated between Shel
by and Rutherfordton daily as mix
ed trains. This change will go into
effect January 12. The schedule of
this train will be about the same.
This change of schedule will dis
; continue the present service on the
| Garoleen branch of the Seaboard
'road, but train No. 22, returning
[from Rutherfordton, will do the
| work on the Caroleen branch. Due
|to this change the entire crew of
the Caroleen branch will be discon
tinued. At present the Caroleen
! branch of the Seaboard road con
jnects with the main line of the Sea
; board between Monroe and Ruther
fordton at Ellenboio.
Bank Depositors
Hold Meeting
Rutherfordton, Jan. 6.—Another
yd A.
meeting of the depositors of the de
funct Rutherford county banks was
held here Monday at two o'clock.
Dr. John D. Biggs, liquidating agent,
made a short talk. The committees
were continued, and will work with
Mr v Biggs ii* *n effort to close out
the affairs of the bank. It was voted
to assess each depositor two per
cent of the amount which he had
on deposit at the time of the clos
ing, which will be used in employ
ing a special attorney to represent the
r / ' ' "
i i
Union Mills, R-3, Resident
Succumbs to Pneumonia
Thursday—Funeral Sat
f urday.
* ■ * —___
Union Mills. R-3, Jan. s.—Mr.
jTom aged 71 years, one
j month and. nineteen days, died at
! the hoflie of his brother, Mr. J. J.
Geer Thursday morning at nine o'-
! clock, after an illness of pneumonia
of about one week. He had made his
home vjfith his brother for a num
ber of yelrs.
Funeral Services were held Satur-
day. mornijg at 11 o'clock at Moun
tain Creekjj"Baptist church, with Rev.
M. M. Hoiitley, Rev. E. P. White,
Rev. T. Is.- Hester and Rev. C. F.
Taylor in Charge of the services. In
terment in the Mountain Creek
Mr. Gel| is survived by three
;&rris Geer, of Charlotte;
Lee Mills, R-3, and J-
J. Geer, also of Union Mills, R-3.
He had made his home with his
brother, J. J. Geer for several years.
He was a member of the Moun
tain Creek Baptist church.
Boost Gardner
For President
Wilmington, Jan. s.—Governor O.
Max Gardner, of North Carolina, w is
proposed as a candidate for the
Democratic presidential nomination
here by Varl Vrooman, assistant sec
retary of agriculture under Presi
dent Wilson:
"In a country built up on its ag
riculture," Mr. Vrooman said, ad
dressing the Willmington board of
trade, "Governor Gardner is one of
the few governors exerting every ef
fort toward aiding the farmer. I
would like to see him a candidate
for the Democratic nomination for
Mr. Vrooman, owner of extensive
farm lands in lowa and Illinois, is
here writing a book on agriculture
Cliffside, Jan. 5.—A big athletic
show and featuring two
headline attractions, will held in the
Cliffside ha\l Friday night, begin
ning at 8 o'clock. The main boxing
bout will be between Jack Blantor.
of Cliffside, 134 pounds against
Jerome Spangler, 132 pound Shelby
boy. This couple fought to ten round
draw recently. K. O. Scruggs, of
Cliffside and Tommy McCarver, of
Shelby, will be another feature. Both
bouts will go six rounds. In addition
to this fourteen other rounds of
boxing is on the card as follows:
"Kid" Blanton, Cliffside, against
Phate McSwain, of Shelby; "Jointy
John Harris against Max I'ruetl?.
both Cliffside boys; Hick Wortman
against "Pee Roy" McCurry, ami
Solon Wilson and Gene Wilson, all
Cliffside boys.
Music will be furnished by the
Cliffside String band. A small ad
mission fee will be charged, and all
proceeds will be turned over for
use in charity work, and for benefit
of the poor and needy.
Miss Susie Wilkie. of Charlotte,
spent Friday and Saturday here with
her grandmother, Mrs. Katie Y*ilkL.
Eighteen Business Houses.Unite
to Make the Day Profit
able to All Visitors.
Following the plan suggested by
the Kiwanis Club in November of
offering special bargains for visi
tors here on Trade Day, the second
Monday in each month, eighteen of
the business of the city have
united in making special offerings
for next Monday. A glance over the
offerings will convince any one that
our merchants have made real bar
gains for this occasion, and there are
numbers of others of our business
men. not represented in the big ad,
who are also going to make attrac
tive specials for Trade Day. Come to
Forest City next Monday, spend a
pleasant day, meet all your friends,
and take advantage of the big bar
gains offered by our merchants.
Below we note the specials offer
ed by the business men, who have
a co-operative page ad on the last
page of this paper:
Dalton Bros.—sl.oo chambray work
shirts for 50c*.
A&P Store—No. 2 can salmon, 10c
Courtney's Ten Cent Store—Five
pair ladies' hose. ST.OO, also specials
on candies, etc.
Pender's Store—One pound Rich
mond Maid baking powder for 25c.
with one-half pound free with each
purchase. Also rice, 6 lbs. for 25c.
Efird's—Five big specials. See
the ad.
Farmers Hardware Co. —Nine big
specials. See ad.
Piggly Wiggly Store—: Four big
beans for 47c. See. ad for others.
Jack's Leader Store—s3, $4 and
$5 work shoes for $1.95.
Peoples Drug Store—Wine' o
Cardui, 59, Wampole's Cod Live
Oil, 59c.
Stahl's Jen Cent Store—Flower
ed salad bowl, 25c.
Graham Cash Co.—lsc and 19c
outing, 9c yard.
Sanders Groceteria —Five pound?
Rio coffee, SI.OO.
Boston Store —Ladies' shoes,
$2.50 value, for $1.49.
-Gray Drug Co.—sl.oo hot water
bottles and fountain syringes for
this day only 49c.
The Bee Hive —Ladies' slippers,
Forest City Courier —Metal pro
pelling pencil, worth 50c, with each
Doggett Motor Co. —20 per cent
off on inner tubes.
Stein's Dept. Store —Men's and
boys' suits, worth $20.00, for Trade
Day only $5.00.
Twenty-eight members of the Ruth
erford County Poultry Association
met here Tuesday night. First «>n the
program was the viewing of a special
picture at Horn's Theatre, "Mystery
of the Yolk." after which the mem
bers met and got down to business.
After the discussion of many mat
ters of interest, the poultrymen also
took up the matter of opening the
Forest City Hatchery here about
January 15th. Before adjournment
the poultrymen also discussed the
proposition of a cannery here. It is
hoped that the cannery can be open
ed. as it would be a great asset to
the farmers.
The Forest City Hatchery is said
to be one of the largest in this sec
tion of the state, being equipped
with a Smith 47.000 capacity incu
bator and other modern equipment.
Mr. and Mrs. Wren Chamber
spent the Christmas holidays in
Asheville with Mrs. Chambers' moth
er, Mrs. Albert Weaver and Mr. J.
F. Weaver, of Biltmore Forest.
Beaufort county farmers saved
$633 on a cooperative purchase of
11,500 pounds of dynamite, 10,700
blasting* caps and 10,400 feet oi
fuse to be used in clearing fain
i 4 Pages
SI.OO Per Year in Advance
Building Permits
Total $7,405
During: the year 1930 the Town
of Forest City issued seventeen
building- permits, totaling 1 5T.405.
The majority of these permits were
for alterations and repairs. Among:
those for building were permits is
sued to George D. Horn and Tale
Butler to building residences, and
two permits issued to J. L. Butler
!to build two dwelling houses. Two
i permits for building garages wer nl
[so issued.
! The above figures represent a
considerable reduction in the nu v ; _
ber of permits issued over 192£>.
Widely Known Resident of the
Mt. Vernon Community-
Passes After Short
Rutherfordton, R-4. Jan. s.—Mr.
Julius Weeks, aged 72, a leading
citizen and farmer of the Mt. Ver
non community, died Saturday af
ternoon at two o'clock. He was 11
only a week with pneumonia fever,
and death came suddenly and unex
Mr. Weeks is survived by his
widow and eight children. The child
ren are Mrs. B. W. Edwards, or*
Rutherfordton, R-4; Mrs. Mossie
Pruett, of Morganton; Mrs. Bob
Morris, Rutherfordton, R-4 and Mr-;.
Gordon Morgan, of Rutherfordton.
R-4; Roy Weeks, of Rutherfordto I.
Bub, Adam and James Weeks, of
Rutherfordton, R-4. A number of
grandchildren also survive.
Funeral services were held Sun
day afternoon at Mt. Vernon Ban
jtist church with his pastor, Rev. 0.
IF. Taylor in charge. Interment was
|in the Mt. Vernon cemetery. Mr.
i Weeks was a member of the Mt.
•Vernon Baptist church, where he
'joined a number of years ago. He
| was a progressive farmer and a
! highly respected citizen of his com
A total of 20,504 bales of cotton
were ginned in Rutherford county
(up to Dec. 13, 1930 as compared to
j 17,934 the same date last year
j Cleveland county led the state with
i G0,967 bales as compared to 52,517
| the same date last year. A total -1
1759,317 bales were ginned in the
I state up to Dec. 13, 1930 while
1056,942 were ginned the same date
jin 1929.
Legion Posts Back
Oratory Contest
• The Fred Wi!Hants Post of tlv
American Legion voted at their
j meeting on January sth to cooperate
: with the Willis Towery Post in spon
. soring the state-wide oratorical con
test of the North Carolina Depart
ment of the American Legion. The-e
two posts offer to the winner in the
county contest a prize sufficient to
pay all expenses to the district con
test, and if this contest is won by
a Rutherford county high school
student, the expenses of this winner
to Raleigh will be paid by the coun
ty legionaires. «
The prizes in the state contest are
very valuable and the Rutherford
county legionaires are particularly
anxious for some local boy or gi• 1
to win one of them. Information con
cerning the contest can be obtained
from any high school principal in
the county. The committees in charu
of the county contest are: ( larence
Butler at Ruth, F. W. Jarvis at
Spindale, B. T. Caldwell at Cliffside.
F S. Hall at Avondale, from the
Fred Williams Post, and Spurgeon
Moss, Bob Rollins and D. H. Sutton
in Forest City.
A copy of the history of the North
Carolina department of the Amei i
can Legion will be presented to anj
high school entering this contest.
Copies can be obtained from W. L.
Brown at Forest City.

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