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Prominent Rutherford Busi
ness Man Passes In
62nd Year.
Rutherfordton, Jan. s.—William
X. Wright. 02. one of the leading
business men of Rutherford coun
ty, died Friday afternoon at 1 :35
o'clock at the Isothermal hotel,
where he resided, following a brief
illness due to pneumonia and com
He is survived by one son, Norman
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Wright, of Weona, Ark., and one
daughter, Mrs. Depont Drames, of
New Haven., Conn., two sisters,
Misses Alice and Florence Wright,
and one brother, Fred J. Wright,
all of Memphis, Tenn.,
Was With Lumber Firm.
Mr. Wright was a member of the
Christian Science church and was
associated with the Wright-Bachman
Lumber Company. He had made
Rutherfordton his home for the past
10 or 15 years, living at the Iso
thermal hotel most of the time. II?
was a native of Buffalo, N. Y., and
enjoyed a wide friendship in the
business world. He was known for
his loyalty to his friends. He was
a member of a prominent and
wealthy, family.
His sister, Miss Florence Wright
arrived here t riday afternoon -0
complete funeral arrangements. She
left Saturday for Memphis, Tenn.,
accompaning his body, t uneral set -
vices were held Sunday in Memphis
and interment was in the family
plot in that city.
; .Newton, Dtc. 29.—Search is being
made for Ed Goode, formerly of
' Mooresboro, whose bachelor uncle,
'L. L. Goode, has died leaving $28,-
000 cash and valuable real estate and
other property. Goode is about five
' feet tall and weighs about 200
pounds with light hair and blue eyes.
He wears glasses and is 40 years old.
He was last heard from in Newton
;two years ago.
A pitiful letter from his old moth
er to Newton police says in part: "I
am 65 years of age. I need my son
so very much. I am praying that you
will find my son and show him this
letter. We want him as early as pos
sible." Goode is married, and has
several children in Mooresboro.
Forest City, R-3, Jany. 5. —Miss
Mary Lizzie Millwood, charming
daughter of Will Millwood was mav
ried on Christmas Eve to Erwm
Clifford Fortenberry, son of J. C.
Fortenberry. Both are from well
known families of near Forest City.
Rev. W. P. Crowder performed the
Miss Hazel Newton and Mr. Char
les Crawley were married December
24, at Spartanburg.
Mrs. Crawley is tne attractive
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. O.
Newton. Mr. Crawley is the young
est son of Mr. and Mrs. Dock Craw
ley. We wish for them a long happy
life in their new venture.
Mr. Plato Daniel and family spent
part of last week with his mother,
near town.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brady spent
Christmas with Mrs. Brady's parents
in Danville, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Prestwood
and children, of Louisville, Ky.,
spent part of last week visiting Mr.
.S E. Blackburn and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Laxton Mayse, of
Spindale, spent part of last week
with Mr. and Mrs. A. C. elton.
Mr. Horace Sisk and family, of
Shelby, spent Thursday night here.
Those on the sick list are little
Chivious Richardson, Mrs. H. C.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Turner spent j
Christmas with relatives in Green-j
ville, S. C. |
Mr. Worth Allen and family spent j
the holidays at Cliffside.
Mr. and Mrs. Laxton Hardin, of
Newton, spent Christmas here.
Mr. and Mrs. Barney Epley spent
Christmas near Union Mills.
Mrs. Lillie McCluney and children
Mrs. Myrtle Sisk and son, spent
Christmas with relatives here.
Mr. J. J. Padgett of Concord, was
the dinner guest Saturday at the
home of his sister, Mrs. A. C. Hud
Mr. M. M. Connor, of Old Fort,
visited Mrs. H. S. Connor and fam
ily Christmas.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Hudlow spent
Christmas at the home of Mr. A. C
Mr. and Mrs. Delias Hopper spent
j the past week with her mother, Mrs.
;H. L. Connor.
Misses Pauline, Jonnie and Moree
j Crawley visited friends in Spindale
: Sunday.
Do not buy a radio until you have
triod a Brunswick. Best on the air.
Farmers Hardware Co.
The ministers' conference of
Sandy Run association held its re-
gular monthly meeting Monday morn-
ing, December 29, at the Alexanaei
Baptist church. Rev. J. A. Brock,
president, called the meeting 10
order at ten-thirty. The beautiful
old hymn, "Down at the Cross
Where My Saviour Died," was sung
with enthusiasm, after which R ev
B. P. Parks lead the opening pray
er. Rev. J. A. Hunnicutt conduct
ed the devotional service, using Phil.
3:8-17. His thoughts am} applica
tion to verses eight and thirteen were
fruitful to our hearts and each was
touched as he looked forward to the
things ahead and gave up the things
behind. "Brethern, I count not my
self to have apprehended: but this
one thins I do, s forgetting those
things which are behind, and reaching
forth unto those things which are
before," was Paul's great message
unto all. The minutes of the De
cember Ist, meeting were read and
approved. The treasurer's report
was adopted. President Brock in
troduced and welcomed into the con
ference Rev. R. G. Melton and Rev.
M. M. Huntley. A motion was made
and carried, that the Sandy Run
association Ministers' conference
meet at Boiling Springs Junior col
lege in joint session with the Kings
Mountain association Ministers
conference and the Gaston associa
tion Ministers' conference on Mon
day, January sth, 1931, in a regu
lar quarterly meeting. All minis
ters of the Sandy Run association
are urged to attend that joint ses
sion at ten-thirty o'clock.
Dr. W. A. Ayers was the speaker
of the morning. His subject was,
1 "The Paramount Values of 1930,"
| Dr. Ayers discussed some wonderful
ithoughts pertaining to the values of
11930. In part, he reminded us of the
failures in the material world, and
how God was using these things to
bring about His work here on earth.
People are learning the wonderful
lesson of putting first things and
people are coming to realize more
and more that the material things
'are only temporal and only means
|to an end and God is increasingly
working in the world. God's plan
from the beginning is one-seventh
of our time and one-tenth of our
income. Christ is the only necessity
for man and Christ is the answer to
all lives and with this great truth
which has come upon us, the next
year should be a great spiritual
awakening and revival period through
I out the land. "While we look not at
the things which are seen, but at
the things which are not seen; for
the things which are seen are tem
poral; but the things which are not
seen are eternal." 2-Cor. 4:18. Many
thanks and appreciation to Dr.
Ayers for his great soul filling mes
sage on God's truths pertaining to
man's possessions and God's owner
ship of all material things intrust
ed to man to glorify Jesus Christ
our Lord and Master.
At the next regular meeting Dr.
Welchel will discuss, "The Outlook
for 1931." How we shall face the
future. There being no further busi
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Effervescent Tablet. Both are
the same therapeutically.
TT -1
ness to attend to the meeting ad
journed with prayer by Rev. C. C.
Matheny to meet again on Monday,
January 26th, at ten-thirty o'clock.
Those present were: R. G. Mei
ton, C. C. Matheny, B. P. Parks, N.
L. Wright, W. A. Ayers, T. M. Hes
ter, J. A. Brock, J. W. Jones, E. P.
White, J. A. Hunnicutt, S. E. We!-
chel and M. M. Huntley.
Forest City, R-l, Dec. 29.—Rev.
A. G. Meilton brought a splendid
message to his people at Floyd's
Creek Sunday night.
School reopened Monday after be
ing closed for the Christmas holi
Mr. F. E. White and family spent
Christmas day with Mr. Will Put
man and family.
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. White had as
their dinner guests Christmas day,
Mr. Gillet Hamrick and family, Mr.
Elijah Holland and family and Mrs.
Carl Ledbetter and little daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Johnson spent
the Christmas* holidays with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Edwards
near Ellenboro and Mr. and Mrs.
E. F. Johnson of Union Mills.
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. White spent
last Thursday night with Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Edwards.
Mr. and Mrs. Everette Phillips of
Henrietta spent Saturday night with
Mr. Eula PhiTlips and family.
Miss Olema Putman of Henriet
ta, spent the wek-end with Miss Ethel
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. White spent
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Remedy is HomeMade
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one ounce bay rum, a small
box of Barbo Compound
and one-fourth ounce of
glycerine. Any druggist
can put this up or you can
mix it at home at very
little cost. * Apply to the
hair twice a week until
the desired shade is ob
tained. It will gradually darken
■treaked. faded or gray hair and make it toft
and gfoMT- Barbo wilt not color the acalp,
ia Beftklrj pc gteaqr and, dow not rub off.
At the National Automobile Shows
Chevrolet wins
first plaee
for the fourth time
First place at the National Automo- In fact, no previous (.hcvr>l»'
bile Shows —a j>osition granted on has ever represented su« •'
the basis of annual sales volume—is degree of quality and ad\at>«' 1 H
again awarded to Chevrolet. and sold at such low price* a- 1 a .
Chevrolet Si\.
This is the fourth consecutive time
that Chevrolet has achieved this —siri!**** *
I All !• 1 » §»■
honor. And the reason lies in the
exceptional value which Chevrolet Roadster, $175; Sport Koai-'
' i * f*! 1 *
cars consistently provide. rumble scat. SWS; Coach or
Window f'.oupc. $345; Phaeton. v
This year, in its bigger and better ard (; oupe , $535; Sport  o.j •
Six, Chevrolet is offering an out- se ai). $575; Standard Sedan,
standing example of the value which Sedan, $650. Special equip""'
has brought it such record success. Prices f. «. b. Flint,
See vonr dealer below
Model Chevrolet Co.
> Forest City, N. C.
Saturday night at Cliffside the guests
of Mrs. Ollie Honeycutt.
Mr. Will Putman and family,
spent Sunday at Mr. F. E. White's.
Pklr. Tom Tate had the misfortune
to get shot through the foot Christ
mas day. i
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Cheese flavor
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Free Ambulance Service.
Thursday, January s
ft May i.
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for It
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»«»n bring contentment N 0 hi*
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