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    , .-Hav January 15, 1931.
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i ALADES makeyS^l|
W (old **e?mo
- or your money back
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Are you
When your
Children Ciy
for It
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, __ _ __ f Two Sizes
DR.MILES 15e and 2Se
Livestock in County Worth
Over Half Million—Tax
able Property Over
34 Million.
The total value of all property
listed for taxation in Rutherford
county in 1930 was $34,663,301.00.
About one and four-tenths per cent
of this property or $485,806.00 is
listed as livestock. Real Estate led
with a total valuation of $25,296,-
176.00 or about 72 per cent.
The above figures' are taken from
the Abstract of Listed Taxables of
the county for the past year and
shows many other interesting figur
es. There are 345,929 acres of
land in the county which is listed
for taxes at $11,792,790. Manu
facturing properties outside of in
corporated towns is listed at $3,-
894.60 while 1907 acres of miner
al, timber, quarry and waterpower
lands are listed at $8,202. The
9417 town lots in the county were
listed last year at $9,601,124, mak
ing a a total real estate valuation of
In 1929 the total value of all
real estate in the county was listed
at $25,223,478 while in 1928 it
was $25,201,899. There has been
little change in the value of real
estate in the county the past three
years, as these figures will indicate.
There were 609 horses listed for
taxation in 1930 at $21,580 as
compared to 640 in 1929 with a
valuation of $24,448. The latter is
an average of about $38.24 each.
In 1930 there were 4005 mules
in the county listed on the tax
books at $213.18 as compared to
3906 mules in 1929 with a valua
tion of $215,622. The latter is an
average of about $55.20 per mule.
Two jacks were listed at S3O as
compared to four in 1929 at $35.
j In 1930 there was listed on the
jtax books of the county 2254 head
'of cattle, other than milk cows at
•$29,060 as compared to 1956 in
1929 with a valuation of $24,764.
The latter averages $12.66 each.
In 1930 there were 4807 milk
cows listed at $191,474 as compar
ed to 4635 in 1929 with a valua
tion of $197,337. The latter is an
average of about $42.57 per cow.
In 1930 the county had 4057
hogs listed at $29,230 as compared
to 4836 in 1929, listed at, $34,996
or an average of about $7.23 per
head. Since there were 40,449
people in the county last year this
averages about 1 hog for every 10
In 1930 there were 27 sheep in
the county valued at $142 as com
pared to 26 in 1929, with a valua
tion of $65, or $2.50 each.
There were 17 goats in 1930
valued at S2O as compared to 36 in
1929, valued at $67.
Dogs Valuable.
In 1930 there were 62 dogs on
the tax books valued at $1,089,
which ia an average of around
$17.50 each. There were a total
of 1014 male dogs last year that
netted $1,014 to the school fund
and 399 female dogs that netted
$798 to the school fund, total
The total value of all livestock
in the county in 1930 was $485,806
as compared to $498,675 in 1929.
Other Personal Property.
The total value in 1930 of all
stocks of merchandise and fixtures
in the county was listed at
$656,122 as compared to $740,114
in 1929.
The materials in process of manu
facturing and machinery, not affix
ed to realty, which included mostly
textile mill property, in 1930
amounted to $1,772, 404 as compar
ed to $1,996,937 in 1929.
The net value of above exemp
tion, of personal property, from
which exemption of S3OO is allow
ed last year was $92,158 as com
pared to $91,387 in 1929.
Net solvent credits listed in 1930
amounted to $684,498 as compared
to $840,402 in 1929.
Value of other tangible and in
tangible property in the county, not
otherwise specified, $8,222 in 1930
as compared to $51,250 in 1929.
Other personal property, listed
under some other head in the
county in 1930 was $798,111, as
compared to $886,007 in 1929.
Total valuation of personal pro
perty in 1930 was $4,601,515, *is
compared to $4,606,097 in 1929.
Total of real estate and personal
property listed for taxation in 1930
in Rutherford county was $29,793,-
497. Of this amount white people
listed $29,147,357 while negroes
listed $646,140.
Corporation Values.
In 1930 the railroad, telegraph,
telephone, etc., valuation in the
county as assessed by the State
Board of Assessment was $4,209,-
494 as compared to $4,064,988 in
Banks, Building and Loan and
other domestic corporation were
listed at $760,310 in 1930 as com
pared to $603,208 in 1929.
This make a grand total of $34,-
663,301 worth of property in the
county on the tax books last year
as' compared to $35,660,819 in
Poll Tax Payers.
There were 5167 white men in
the county last year who paid .a
poll tax and 468 negroes as com
pared to 5026 in 1929 and 469
Total Taxes.
The total amount of the 1930
taxes in this county amounts to
$783,517.55 as compared to $690,-
223 in 1929.
High Shoal Leads.
High Shoal Township leads in
the total value of real estate and
personal property in 1930 with $6,-
608,436 for white people while
Cool Springs is second with $6,-
069,100 and Rutherfordton Town
ship third with $5,975,877. Chim
ney Rock Township is next with
$2,695,258. Colfax is next with
$2,129,675. Logan Store is next
with $1,437,129, while Sulphur
Springs has $1,234,104.
The total value of real estate
and personal property in the other
seven townships of the county for
white people in 1930 was as fol
lows: Green Hill, $649,823; Un
ion, $367,943; Duncans Creek,
$356,196; Golden Valley, $412,-
717; Camp Creek; $541,064; Gil
key, $430,194 and Morgan, $249,-
836. The latter is the poorest
i township in the county with Dun-
J cans Creek second,
j High Shoal leads in the number
!of men paying p 4 oll tax with 1751
j while Cool Springs is' second with
i 1360 and Rutherfordton third with
1287. Over half the poll tax pay-
ers in the county are in these three
I townships, or a total of 4398. Thel
I othei 11 townships have a total of
3563 polls, making a total of 7961 !
polls for the county.
Logan Store Largest.
Logan Store Township leads in !
the number of acres with 39,251 ;
acres while Chimney Rock is
I close second with 38,616 acres. ,
i Gilkey Township is the smallest.
with 11,933 acres while Union is
| next smallest with 1E,052 acres
| Rutherfordton Township is the ,
jthird smallest with 13,798 acres.-
j Rutherfordton leads in total value
lof town lots with $3,803,805, and
! has mora town lots than any other
township in the county, 2971. Cool
Springs is a close second with $3,-!
784,584 with 2818 town lots. Chim- j
• ney Rock is third with $1,355,636 1
j with 2293 lots.
! r* . !
Colored Figures.
| The colored people lead in Cool j
| Springs Township with a total
| valuation of real estate and person
al property of $159,380. It has 162
j colored poll tax payers, while Ruth- i
jerfordton has 163 and the colored j
! property valuation is $154,120. j
Bostic, R-3, Jan. s.—The school
started at Washburn Monday, Dec.
29th, after the Christmas vacation,
with a large attendance.
The school was treated Tuesday
afternoon by the teachers, Principal
Lowell Glover, Miss Cary Mcßray
er, Miss Lucretia Hord, and Mrs.
Gilmore Philbeck.
There was a party at Mr. Frank
Weast, Thursday night, Jan. 1.
There was a party at Mr. Edgar
Wells, Saturday night, Jan. 3.
Honor roll, first grade—Elma
Lovelace, Aileen McKinney.
Second grade—Dewitt White,
Ruth Walker, Hazel Hollifield.
Third grade-p-Inez Melton.
Fourth grade—Aline Walker,
Milis Reed Melton.
Fifth grade—Edna Melton, Edith
Rollins, Essie Mae Bridges, Fay
Sixth grade—Edmond Rollins, Ro
bert Philbeck, Hoyle Bowen, George
Hollifield, Kermit Philbeck.
Seventh grade—Ethel Wells, Wil
ma Bridges, Milse Philbeck, Bennie
Washburn, Glenn Norville.
Report of the Condition of the
At Forest City, North Carolina,
to the Corporation Commission.
At the Close of Business on the
31st day of December, 1930.
Loans and discounts $285,716.18
North Carolina bonds 26,944.13
Banking house 25,000.00
j Furniture and fixtures.— 2,530.04
Due from approved de
pository banks
Cash in vault 7,842.31
! Other real estate 3,028.83
TOTAL $384,929.48
; Capital stock paid in —$ 91,100.00
! Surplus fund 12,500.00
Undivided profits (Net
Amount) 5,026.68
Reserved for deprecia
! tion 354.31
Installment Investment
Certificates Hypothe
cated 31,360.94
Installment Investment
Certificates Unhypothe
" cated 16,630.40
, Fully paid investment
certificates 160,115.28
Rediscounts 10,013.87
Bills payable 37,828.00
Bills payable (for bank
ing house) 20,000.00
TOTAL - $384,929.48
| County of Rutherford, ss.
G. B. Harrill, Cashier, R. L. Rein
hardt, Director, and T. R. Padgett,
Director of the Industrial Loan and
Investment Bank, each personally
appeared before me this day, and,
being duly sworn, each for himself,
says that the foregoing report is
true to the best of his knowledge
and belief.
G. B. HARRILL, Cashier.
R. L. REINHARDT, Director.
T. R. PADGETT, Director.
Sworn to and subscribed before
me this the 10th day of January,
W. L. BROWN. Notary Public.
My commission expires March 23,
Automobile glass replaced while
wait. Farmers Hardware Co.
Do not buy a radio until you have
tried a Brunswick. on the air.
Farmers Hardware Co.
G. M. Huntley & Son
Funeral Directors
Licensed* Embaln^r.
Free Ambulance Service.
BUY Your Winter COAL
NO W !
Those who want the very best call for Virginia Lee
The steadily increasing number of customers is
sufficient proof that this coal is without enemies.
Lay in your winter's supply before the advance in
price comes. Now is the time to buy. It will be consid
erably higher this fall and winter.
Forest City Seed & Fertilizer Company
Forest City, N. C. Phone 132.
you want or need
in a motor ear
THE more you see of the new Ford, the more yoa
realize that it brings you everything you want or
need in a motor car. • • . And at an unusually
low price.
Its substantial beauty of line and color is ap
parent at a glance. Long, continuous service em
phasizes the value of its simplicity of design and the
high quality that has been built into every part*
The new Ford accelerates quickly and it will
do 55 to 65 miles an hour. It is an easy-riding car
because of its specially designed springs and four
Houdaille double-acting hydraulic shock absorb
ers. It has fully enclosed four-wheel brakes and
the added safety of a Triplex shatter-proof glass
windshield. Operation and up-keep costs are low
and it has the stamina and reliability that mean
thousands of miles of uninterrupted service.
See the nearest dealer and have him give you
a demonstration ride in the new Ford. Check up
every point that goes to make a good automobile
and you will know it is a value far above the price.
*435 to *66©
W. O. B. Detroit, plus freight and delivery. Bumpers and spare tire extra
at small cost. You can purchase a Ford on economical terms through
the Authorised Ford Finance Plans of the Lnivertal Credit Company*

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