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    The La >iri
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Oftlea epataira oTw VWdi Draft Htara.
’i’hoaa No. »T.
I/ACBlftBUBO, ft. C.
OAa otbt PHaaa ft lUoar’a Draft Btora
QIHaa >fcene. Ne. 10; mklatt, Ku. 75.
Oflea orar Hald'e Draft 8tor*.
“• BARBER. .
fcSrarj afctift awr, Brat flaw ag-rtaa.
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Off c* bo. t, wMrm*, No. ft
CEL)/. “
in£y at law,
Oarafol attao *iaai
KlTBUTOft, K. 0.
All aalla paojptQ aMaadad an._
The farmer* fate—“phos
The work! i« getting smoky—
the farmer* burning tro*b.
We ore pleaeed to hear that
the telephone ie going to spread
ttnelf iu the Knead town section.
Mr. Kelly hue re*igue«l ae Poet
Master at tide place. He hae
eerve.l ue wellmuJ trill be raiiMed.
Mr. U. M. Whitaker has been
employed to look alter the busi
ness ot the uew linn of Morgan,
Uringeton A Co., over ot
' Ws Warn that that place “Joi
dan,” is on quite a boom. A
“new store,” a big saw milt and
sjvi-rai nm hassis in course of
«ouHr-^Uou. The oMfmn,
»0a Wifi UO^>tJfSS 1m» ^nlumrml
urn wfi^r duiir j
“And Teddy, ketched a eouple
olooous," sn’t that, “str—oos. -»
Old JvAs Graham, should now
pnjiA’^7 *e*id “Theodore,” au
lawtabou to hit daughter
alartha June Ann’s big wedding.
He could possibly get to escort
Jak»,s wile oat to supper.
“ W ‘ . •»
We haven’t heard a single ruaa
any hnrruh for Tillman in • three
weeks. ..
, Hr. Wbiteford Stubbs apd da
ter biles Tala, of Moreen; N. G.,
•peat Saturday and Sunday
with friends in Scotland.
Among the changes for the
new year there will be preaching
at Snead’s Grov# twice a month;
on irst Sunday morning, lit 11
o’clock, on tbs third Soiylayp,
• in. at 8:80. Tbs -'obbathHchooJ
is changed to the afternoon, ex
oept oo first 8andiyr. I
iMuatwupBorx c,' . rich
a way to char,
n km time, lor
4(» Wm abavw
'tiroes*. tan*,
*lmr» the
pony times, nor
about you, and
Would eonw to
“ - * —_
Saturday was “trade day’’.in
Mr. D. C. McNeill waa in ltock
inghum Monday on hneineee.
Mr. C'has. Livingston, of Rlv.
erton, w« here shopping Mon
Mr. D. McN. Oraharu, of Red
Spring*, waa on our streets
Mr. A. A. McMillan, of River
tou, was a pleasant Exchange
caller Friday.
Cupt. Duncan McNeill, of River
ton. was a welcome visitor in our
town Saturday.
Rev. R. 0. Kendrick preached
in the Max too Baptist church
'• i ilior evening.
Mr. C. tt. McMillan, oT"5nrTrrtr»c
was among tarn nailers at Tuu
Exchange office Friday.
Drot. F. P. Wyche has moved
big family to the Upchurch rus
Idsooe near the school bouse.
Miss Georgia Mason, who is
twnchiug near Luraberton, spent
Sunday with her parents at Con
clave. i
A very enjoyable sociable was
given the young )ieopln Friday
night at t.beLome of Mr. Duncan
Mr. J. L. Farmer, who hoe
boen living ut Johns Station for
the past three yean, has moved
hU family to tbe J. C. McEochio
p ace near hen.
Rev. Dr. lloue, presiding elder,
preached in tbs Method let church
Sunday morning nod evening.
Tbe Lord’s supper was adminis
tered .at the morning service.
The Lehr A Williams, Comedy
On., pulled up stolen _ Saturday
j" ““Wu»0 wet to Monroe.
Wo lustr that another section
of this show will put in its up
il»oronco here in about two
An adjoured session of the Un
ited States District Court k be
ing hold In WQmlugton this ironic.
Menses. Dougaid Stewart, 3.
Peeies-Hamilton Kelley.and W.
T. Jehns are Juror's1 (Mb , Soot
land county. T;
We hear Mr. c^jpn McAathur
came near losing his dWotUag
t-oudeby fire last Friday even
tog- . The fire was discovered on
the roof in time to extinguish it
before much damage was done.
It k thought the firs woe started
by sparks from the chimney,
Mr. D. L. Jackson, quo of the
newly elected justices of the
pepoe, came iq to see as Sstur.
day and provided himself with
a lot of Stats Warrant
Other magistrates in the oounty
can get their warruot blanks ut
this office and save tbe trouble
of send Ids: away from home for
''Messrs. J, B. Maxwell and W.
H, Morrison visited Sumter, 8.
C.laet Thursday, While there
Mr. Maxwell bought two new
■ad up-to-date switchboards
with one hundred drape each,
fo^ttn Leurinburg telephone ex.
^kg^njey will bs installed
or ten <bja and
i know fan
-• :-I
Tto Young Statical Stafaot U Lag S»
cumla la rto Stood Mmatof.
I harlot te Observer, Jan. SI.
O. IL McLeod, of ItobesoD
county, tbe raedicul atudeut at
Davidson, who ha* been suffer
ing front septicaemia or blood
poisoning for a fortnight, died
yesterday morning at 8:05
The Anal decline in McLeod’s
condition began 94 hours prior
to his death, when be bad great
difficulty in reepiration, due to
the abeoese in the lungs and
fluid in ttie pericardion cavity.
It wros only In the last few hours
of bis life that be loet conscious
ness. For two weeks tbs superb
young frame hod battled with
the ravages of tbs disease, and,
though tlic temperature wus al
wsrwhigbjsnd sometimes reach
ed 106 and 107, the mind*'-« | <
m wined strangely unclouded.
At tbe lost, was deliri
ous, oud with tbe Instinct of a
born fighter he spoke again and
again of hii butt Jo* on tbs foot
ball field.
With McLeod at the end were
hie mother, his best friend, Mr.
J. A_ ifrewin, and a few others.
The remain* were brought to
Charlotte last evening and to
day they will be carried to Me
thod's homo, at McDonald's, in
Robeson coiuitr, and interred
after a service in the Presbyter
Un church at McDonald’s.
Those accompanying the body
are lira Sarah MeLsod, the
mother; Mr. A. J. McLeod, ha
unde; Rev. William Block, of
Davidson; Robert Johnston,
representing the football team;
T. J. Kell, of the senior doss;
J. A. Bnewin and Morrison Cald
well, r*prs«eoOwyth* junior class
The death of McLeod mi not
unexpected. On January 15th,
while dissecting the body of a
colored woman in the medical
eotlege at.Davidson, he absorbed
in hie system a poison so dan
gerous in its Initial symptoms as
to almost preclude any hope of
•woovery. Without knowing it
he bad on the hack of hie right
band a alight, nneeoable abra.
elOB, which was tbs gateway
through which the poison enter,
ed. Us system. He did not
know hie danger and suffered no
111 effects until the following
night when he bad a chill And
noticed that there was a small
blister on his hand. This wound
was cauterised, but the remedy
came too lata He developed a
high temperature, wiilch conld
pot be kept down. DP. Munroe,
uo« o| bis physicians, wired Torfor
aaUn, the new remedy for blood
poisoning, and this was used-for
several days, but to no advau
t tge. The physician stated
that the death of the student
wee only a matter of a very few
days, but still McLeod, a boy 9
years old, held his nerve, and.
cootoww, and with a perfectly
dear brain watched clossly every
symptom* in his own cas>; even
gob* mi'far at to hold if mirtdf
m order that he fefebt see an
operation that war* being per
formed on his own body. ;
a «••*»•*•! ant. • I
Tbs beat schools will never
eradicate the evil of Illiteracy un
til there la aa affective atten
dance law in every state. ,To be
effective the law moat b# com
palsory, with sufficient penalties
to cause it to be obeyed. Tits has
been tbs experience of oJKmher
states and countries, and era
■nay not expact a different result
here in the South. Tbe sooner
wa profit by their example tha
At praaant Austria,. France,
England, Scotland, Hboptry,
Italy, Norway. Sweden,vUen
marit, the 8wise 0
German States, Bri
bio, New Zealand,
ward island, Towns
land, Sooth Ant
vinoes of Canada,
tjjro of the United I
teSnvroa-'.T-rSL fti
.With a few raln«rXa{
these laws requite
rix, seven or right yatrn, from
twelvo weeks to ton uvutbs an
nually. In all tbe—gates hi
which such laws haf J^d^eo
Jorced logger thent»Ay/-dre or
thirty years the peroqifagw -of
illiteracy has besq raises 1 to a
lulaimum. Tbsae stotos and
countries contain a ptuulstiou
of more than two hufclrsd and
fifty million people, lbe freest
and most progressist in tbe
work—more than sirhty per
cent of oil ths people eon «•
lightened and prografriva <X>
the thirty-two Kmeripm abates
having such n law or.' two—
Kentucky and West
are eoathern atetea.
has been found good ft
geest states and eoo^
probably uot prova C l»iee
UorwaaditM —^W^^ea
stne CEB TT» sent ludelt^^St
▼or of such a law ia de/eloping
rapidly in all parts ot "Jf Houth.
The following eeenitjto be a
fair summary of tbs arguments
1. Universal education ia es
sential to the material, intellec
tual aud moral weikuyi of the
state. Illiteracy ia a harden and
constant menace to public
morals and civil Hbery, and
threatenu the very existence <4
the state. The state provides
■oboola At public —pen—, cot
leeting money for thmr support
by law, and by form it a——Jury.
It therefore baa a right to en
force attendoaoo, that It* money
may not be waited and that Ite
interest* may be protected.
3. Individual welfare Amende
on tli* general welfare. J.Arlng
taken the money of
educate the chikJreq^R^WHB
the ■Hhu muat protest that mrn
apd bis children from the dppres
«on and danger* of illiterate
neighbor* sad feUow-eitisena
8. Childreo bare rights as
weU as parents, sod the-state
mast protect them In thpir rights!
Chief among the—is the rbtbt to
such education as will enable
them to lire umfal mad ijappy
lir— and beoouw intelligwr- and
self-supporting dti—as. '• The
Unpoist*ntaf this right and the
necessity of its being recognised
Inmease s* competition beromee
moiw term, tb(Msm«aAstachinery
more common, the demand for
tauntgent labor greater, govera
-"u ... _-I:. _
nwiiC wore democratic, religious
liberty more perfect, and the ob
ligations of the individual to
himself, Ills family, hie country,
nod the world more complex and
binding. Especially mast it be
regarded in tboae states la which
the right of suffrage depends on
educational qualification.
4* Such a lav cannot inter
fere with any right of parente;
Idr no parent bus a right to make
a slave of hie child or to rob it
of the opportunity of gainli* an
elementary education. Parents
who would commit this crime
agninst their children should be
restrained and punished. Such
a law cannot be a burden to
those who would educate their
children without it. As the lav
against stealing are not burden
some to booeat men, so a reason*
able compulsory bur cannot be
burdensome to parente who de
sire to deni houeeUy sad Justly
with their children^'
Alt. rsperimcs of other
rim lias demon.
jsrrJtei tbtnah laws tany be
made eflMtiVbTand »bey need
not work nay hardship os in
dividual efrieeoa.
Teachers, school officers, and
all leaders of thought la the
Booth moat begin and continue
to cultivate sentiment on this
subject, until just hum are os
the statute books end properly
Hearty SerCsHe Mis Ufa.
A runaway almost ending fa
folbr, started a horrible ulcer on Orner, Franklin
Grove IB. For four years he de
fied all doctors and uH rsmsdlsa
■ilut Uueklen’s Arnica Balvs had
no trouble to cure him. Kq sally
good for Burn, Bruises Birin
Eruptions and Im 25c at all
Urog Atoms.
Wsdasbote If. ft I.
Mathew McLendon, col.)red, of
Ao^quyUle township, fa 4 knrer
'frhoee constancy ’entitles hiiATo
better treatmentthaa ba haa jet
received at the hands of hfa
sweetheart, Ida Hasty. For
three years Mathew hoe goat
around with a marriage iicanae
in bin pocket, 4wit the girt fa ob
durate and will not eonaeut to
hare the knot tied. A marriage
Hoeneo fa only good fur 13
men the from the date It fa faeaed.
but Mathew, aa above stated,
haa had hfa license renewed
every year for three yean at a
eoat of 42.00 a year. The last
license was leaned to him a Itw
day# ago, and here’s wishing
him better lock in the feta re
then he bee had in the past in
ooralhng hfa inamorato.
Owes WmwwmiMM Mwrh>
our expense. Botanic blood
balm (O. D.| kjlk or destroys
tl» poJaon la the blood which
canoes the awful aches fa back
and ehouldar blades. • eiilften.
pahu difficulty la morW ftmeeni
toeaoi Igs. bone paisa, swollen
muaelee ana joints of rhennm
tleui, or tee foal breath, hawk.
npittfapt, dropping fa throat,
bad hearing, a pecks flying be
fore the eyas, all played out leal,
tag of eatenrh. - bottMie Wood
BaJid baecured hundred® olcaa.
ee at SO or 40 year* standing of
ter doctors, Lot springe and
potent medicines bad air tailed.
ttame cimd pateau hod
taken Blood Balm im a lost re
•01*. It is especially advised
for chronic, deop seated eases.
Impossible for any oae to safer
the agony or symptoms of rheu
matism or catarrh while or afbar
taking Wood Balm. It make,
tee blood pare and rich, thereby
giving a healthy blood supply.
Curas ore permanent and Lot
a patching op. Hold at drug
prep*Ud, eleo *mM medical Od
rfck by deacffbiug your trouble
111 Market Bira*. " WBmtattto*. X. CL
The Ftaeet, Bert Bnlected, Ch—pwtaad
On top with quality and quantity. At the bottom with low price*
lUfaOm—iBaqptTBMT f—twitlmam

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