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nit C. W. BEGAN,
Omm ap-ataba over FteUa Drug Store
'FAaaa Ny. 87.
w Arroangr-ar-Law,
Oi>a» aver Priaoa A Bloa'a Drag Irtont.
Ome» over ywid'i Drug Blow.
KvarylAtag new; tret-cloet awwtee.
_ btuanauan, a. c.
TAonea. ORjaaM, nyMntea, 6.
117 D. Bl/iKELU
OSaa In Court Ueaa. Carnfol attaadoa
given to all legal baalnna entreated to
ay cant.
An enOa rwowpUy attvaded to.
nR. D. CL MclVER,
OSU oyw Print* i. Blur's Dm| Star*
Dflles'lW No. Hi.
Curmm Mm* Slim, OtMtri, Ul
B»r>, toismt, Osrtounelss
IM. Motftotnao Pra*.
If yon have offensive pimples
or eruptions, ulcers on any port
of the hotly, aching bones or
Joints, falling hair, mucous
patches, swollen glands, skin
itches and burns, sore lips or
Sms, eating, festering sores,
arp, gnawing |«lns then you
suffer from serious blond poison
or the Iwginningi of deadly con*
onr. You may be permanently
cured by taking Botanic Blood
Balm (ll. H. B.) mads especially
to euro the worst blood and
skin diseases. It kills tbs poi
son in tlw blood thoreby giving
a healthy blood supply to the
afcctol parts, heals every sore
or ulcer, even deadly cancer,
stops all aches and paius and re
dness sll swellings. Botanic
Blood Balm cures all malignant
blood tronhlwu such as scsemn,
.. rrm» -
etc. Especially advised for all
obstinate cases that have reached
the aeoond or third stage.
Druggists, fl. To prove it
curem sample of Blood Balm
seat tree sad prepaid by writing
Blood BaIdi Co., AtUu to, On.
Describe trouble and free medi
cal advice sent in sealed lotter.
"Here, take this rifle I” cried
the excited showman. Tlie leo
pard hne escaped. If you And
him, shoot him on the spot.'*
‘•Which spot, sir?’’ gasped
thcgnqn tent boy.
A case came to light that for
persistent and unmerciful tor
tore hne perhaps never been
equaled. Joe Go lb rich of Colusa.
Calif, writes. “For 15 years I
endured Insufferable pain from
Bheu mutism, and nothing re
lieved, though I tried everything
known. 1 catne across Electric
Bitter* and Its the greatest med
icine on earth tor that trouble.
A few bottles of It completely
relieved and cured m*.’r Just
ns good for Liver and Kidney
troubles and general debility.
Only 50 cents. Sat'staotiun
guaranteed by all Druggists.
A fliv broke out in Greenville
on Thursday lust, which nearly
consumed the tobacco flection of
the pity.
| A man named Henry T. Rog
er* wm* killed by ligbtniiur nt
the penitentiary farm, near Wei
don, last Saturday, July 4th.
Snowfall ict a furious mt* in
Montana on July 2nd, and jt is
said that crops in thut section
will be damaged to a great ex
tent, if not n totul loss.
At a meeting of tho hoard of
aldormen at Winston, ou tho
3rd fast., an ordinance was
adopted allowing druggists to
sell tobacco, cigars and mineral
water on Sundays. Soda water
and cignretto are not included
lu tho new city law.
A horrible accident occurred at
Hope Mills to Harney Anlry
last Friday. While driving
a wagon loadoil with henvy
cases one of them top|n4e<| over
and throw hiiu to tho ground,
and falling on his head, crushed
it so badly Unit he ilied within
twenty minutes.
Oreat |Uci lenient pro vails in
I around the vicinity of Itoouoiie,
Virginia over llie fuct that Mrs.
Chambers is tlm motlier of tour
robust girl babies, who were
born on the 3rd instant, l'eo
pk> from all over that section
are going to see the little nut**,
and even 1‘rceklciit. Roosevelt
has ttcru not ifloi! of this happy
On the 2nd instant Oliver
(iideon, of Asheville, attempted
to kill himself simply iwcanan
he urns summoned to appear lie.
fore the tnnyor's court as u wit
ness. jin drank un ounce of
laudanum, after which lie born me
tt’Poqaggjpua au<l by strenuous
efforts oT OhyStrlan* he was tv.
g* iiUjJaWfrfg
Dr. D. W. Kjlgore, Htato (Them
ist, returned to Itolrigh lost
Thursday from Toronto, when*
he hud lieeu in altendance upon
the eighth annual meeting of tlic
American Association of Fann
ers Institute Workers, a society
mode up from every State in
the Duioit nod jirovinct* of
Canada, ]fe was highly hon
ored by being clirmmi as its
A Rocky Mount m**einl to oho
Charlotte Olieervor, dated July
fith, Boys: W. H. iAwrence,
who married llim Jhinkle In this
oity a lew weeks ago wim ar
rested to-dny on tlie charge ol
bigamy. Lawrence was em
ployed here ns n brick mason
and wn» taken In cost rely on
chaises received fromHniiiliHeld,
Va. The charges nro that he
line a wile wiio is in an hiLine
asylum. He Ii.-im lour children
One of tile most heinous
crimes ever committed upon a
human being was perpetrated
by W. A. Cable, near Hnlndniry,
laad'a awajr.
I> Mow ladapaa dance let'a declare
' Fna (adlcMUoa'a trraat eaaaa.
OM< Meade, ekaka efftkie dn|«*
. ..■
-- ■
'i, . : •••;.
a few days ago. Through a It
of fiendish anger, this contam
inate villain nod coward, at the
point of a pistol, (arced bis wife
to place her head between hie
knees, where he held and beat
the poor, unfortunate woman
until blood came streaming
down her bore skin. It was
stated at hie hearing before a
magistrate’s court that be would
kill iter if she related the matter
to any one. Upon failure to
give a bond of three bandied
dollars Coble was sent to Jail,
to nwait hie trial at the I to wan
Superior court. lie was em
ployed by the Houthern Rail*
mnd ns a freight conductor.
Arlnca A Kim Will Bwy H lack.
Y«w mmm an HA wbtn joa bay
OuuahtTUIa'* Colic, Gboha* aod Mar
Hkw» ttonady. Vrtaaa lUa Aw
fuarf yoar m uaay B yoa an not aatta
An] altar aatnjt It It It rraaywhatr ad
inIttr«l tn ba At aott rwiwlal rail;
in an for bowrl aouiplalaU aad tfca only
••nr that atnr Mk It la placcant. tab
and niaiMr.
GoU On Vor* m<»0 a T«,
A Solislmry special to the
Ctmrtotte Observer dated Jnly I
ways: Ur. Frank !L Mauney, of
QoM Hill, a uining mao of many
years’ experience and one of the
lending citizens of the common*
Ity iu which he Ursa, said today
regarding the rich strike recent*
ly made by the Whitney Reduc
tion Company nt the Barringer
mine, that be belie rad It to be
by far the greatest ever mode ill
the Southern Stats. He was
convinced that large bodies of
the oir ure worth ns high ns
$.'>0,000 a ton and that a half a
million dollar* is now immediate
ly iu sight.
Mr. Mooney woe W not basxard
tin opinion iu to the continued
l*e itn^—swedls^m greatly*
<)gv ol/masses ol pearly pure
go*t brjgLjigtua »<■■ * W'
He; eefmtymcatM: tha Whitney
|wopb do not court publicity or
cunt about issuing statements,
tb* Observer correspondent was
very glad to get Mr. Monnsy’s
testimony, which is both expert
tuid thoroughly reliable. He b
a conservative man by nature
and habit and has no Interest or
connocLion with the subject mat
ter of lib statements to cause
him to taken Kunguine view.
Yesterday ufteraoon the two
loot rein which yields this ex
tremely rich ora wee struck'by a
second level (rota the parabl
shaft at a depth of slightly more
than 100 bet, all the indications
for a much greater depth con
tinuing good. The vein wss
first struck At a depth of 85
TM r««ni(Mn at Health.
XwW—t to the loeadatioa ft
health Me atnagth. KuU Dm
cl* Gan to rh* on great toeUdto the
nelihe the aioaneh ami dpaUit or
«•»>■ to dlgeet, antnflate aad tiaae
tnnu all loada lata the kind el Mood
tliat anarMa* the tonii aad bed* the
ttoaa**. KodoHay* the Inaadattoa hr
health. Notate (tore the net. inflate
tlna, Dyeprpda, aad all dlanrdna ol the
atoeaaeh aad illamUr* urge** an eared
by th* aar of KodoL Hold hy W. K
Rhyne, (la., July 1,—An Im
promptu dual at anna length
woe Sought on the atreat barn
yeeterdny by Henry Laacuater
nod John I), tfcRne. Pietokof
heavy culibrn were mad. Each
combatant emptied hla pistol.
All fra of [euierwtar’a bullcta
atrnck, one la the cheat, oua In
tha alda and three In the drma.
McRae rrU die,
IinimaMtav wo* atruek only
once, a gintxitng ebot In the alda
of the heart. Hi* wound I* only
of the eoalp, though it la aa ngly
one. D<ith men am prominet
and well to do. The difficulty
*rrev nut of MclWa teatlfy big
In court ndrrvae to Iwitocaatar.
They met oc table the court
room, lwgMM q an rrelUng, grub
IikI each other'* left baud* mod
began ehootiag with the right.
- •
" ■ 1 ■ r
___ 1 ^fcwihUi
Other thing* being qaal, the
employe who ia salaettf lor ad*
vancemrot la the oamaffth good
laannere, a Ana, gaoioaa da
meonor, a good praam. Them
qualities are the b(h kind of
capital, even better tan money.
Agreeable deportaaot, con*
pled with good adnatlon and
ability, will often wtwbere cap.
Uni In the handsel to boorish,
the unattractive aar the 'Una
tuned will faH In act, agree,
able deportment Ja one in.
diapenaible quality wogbfc after
everywhere. There ia nothing
eke which will so qiickly open
the door to opportunities, to
society, to the harts of all.
Courtesy is to bdUoas and so
ciety what oil is to yriiiserj
Ths mss who wiusia ths race
of life ie hs who Jas staying
quantise sod who use his brelfe
"Ti e trouble wU« so many
men,” esy a mate great ex
perience, “ie that tyfr are lank
ing in the imhtiaj qualities.
For instance, you flat a eteoog
rspher who msy be c good ste
nographer soleras fceaa taka
down the word* you fetter and
ftccuratny reproaMepoen, Dvi
who ie simply a lief ne. II, for
example, yon should hats an ob
vious mistake, or B, as so often
happens in dictation/yon use a
plural where rnanUeatty ths sin
gular ie Intended, jbe Stan Of -
rapher will traosertbt it without
having either tha intftiigsoce or
tbs desire to sinks jtbe correc
tion or to call your ntteutioo to
Again, you And a good stsuog
grnpher who has absolutely so
tattiatiTe or no imagination.
Ofre him the exaqi word* to
write and ha wfl^.. Jhrita tbapn,
but give him matrijd m .sfcdaton
and tnart^^hn^yisn (t ap,
tmtar appear 1Bite dose
understand their id^ayneraaiaa,
ao to apeak, who erjtry day ‘most
ha toM tha eataa ting aad who
only do Just exactly! what they
hare to do. Another daaa ie
composed o! i&triligoot mea who
think that when uptj are em
ployed to do oertaia‘things they
most not be aaked^te do any
more. Thee* ara tha mea who
show in various way* that they
regard it aa a hardship, and in
tact aa an Imposition, to be
asked to work ball spbcrw over
time. Now, wjhta 'yon fad a
man who combines id the qual
ifications that are rtquislts he la
bound to sureeed, Man may1
think at these that their work!
ie uaappredntedy bat good men
are always in decashd, aad the
employer recognises ibfllty when
bo finds It.” *'• v ■'* • ’
wertono weM uMkr.
Tbe b net rot nd toightleot little
thine that «M erne made to Dr.«
King’a New Uto PUJe.' Then*
pOl change wanton— Into
brain-big Into RM0W-tower.
They’re wonderful if building op.
the beadth. Only 16 cent* per
box. Sold by aM Drag***. |
Hue* Hw Gwtfea Aai HmriL
jtoebeeter, 14. Y., July 2.—A
terrible tragedy occurred to
night la tb« village of Leroy,
when Un. t iUUai Baxter bang
ed bereell uud two children,
Qaodeon, aged H yearn, and
Otedyn, aged a. When lier hue
bund returned ti> the bone* at
0 o'clock he amid not get in.
He welted for xouw time, then
be broke in » window, end
■eancheri the honee. In an un
Iniahad attic over the kitchen,
reached by n ladder, he eaw
hanging aide by aide Worn the
rafbert, bin wit-tiiid two child
tm. . .
ua mam inut tout mgut
Mrs. Baxter liu'ided herliuebnud
• bottle of wine to drink. Ha
took moM of It und be wue to
rick this morning that he had tc
bo—alt a phyekiau. That the
trine wa» dragged or poieoued,
eeema probable. Tlte content#
l4hmining will be aunljrawl.
Protn iodicatiouM the woman
moat Lure carried the children
up the ladder ooe at a time.
The room wae eo low that the
boy'e (net nearly touched the
M#N Am Mar T«mr,
“I would eough dmHj ail night
long,” writw lira. Charles Ap
Phpti, of Alexandria, Indiana,
"and could hardly get any sleep.
1 bad consumption an bad that
if 1 walked a block 1 would
cough (rightfully aad spit blood,
but, when all other medicine*
failed, three $1.00 bottles of Ur.
Kings New Wecorery wfao^y
cured me aad 1 gained 88
pounds '’ It's absolutely guar
anteed to core Coughs, Colds,
La Grippe, Bronchitis and «U
Throat and lew Troubles.
Prion CO oeata and $1.00. Trial
bottles free at ah Druggist*.
•••privatein tlwTnlftk hi
eyi vania Infantry in 1861. Whan
ha retina next January ha wO
be succeed ad by another former
private soldier,Geo. Chaffee, who
snHried aa • private in the Sixth
Cavmlrv in 1M1, and will not
retire until 1006. So the first
two chiefs of the general staff
will bn soldiers who have risen
from the ranks. Dot six of the
ss rsntewi men who have been
gsaaralein-chlri of the United
States army have been Went
Pointers. Those nix raided
from Grant to HchofiaUL All
six reached tbe command in eon
eequawcs of the civil war. and
now once again the genemlcy.
Ip-ehtet has swung back to sol
diers who entered the army by
.other doom than the military
vooa or«r tbs • _
motion, and was_
everything ebook) go ud hi tbs
MUl «00d order. While in
UoB,sb*sedd: “Kow, SndHj
don't attempt any ffabts of
fancy. Don’t tey to imitat* the
thing! yon have beard, bat fast
be your salvos and write what is
ready in yon."
As a result of lido ad rice oas
little boy turned la Ibe following
“1 ain’t going to attempt no
tits of fancy; I’m Just going to
write what's in am; and 1 go* a
bait, a Mrer, two hap, aad
some other things UJ» that;
thmi 1 got aetummiek, end it.
gotiu Ita pfckla, a pfamof pis,
Fancy Lawns, Embroidery, LftOft,
Uct^aagOahitf fa Harfrrsrs Lias. Groceries. Good Flour
end MoIwwium >» bonfadmp lor«5b. OcBow
INMNBMi JP ’ **0
Have You Ever Tried Gavtord’s Shoes?
OKO. O. GAYLORD. - • Prvnrletor.
-~l« mil iiiiImi ia«n imiiii mimiIi.
°- safe ossssesisi—

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