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Laartaburg Mu Named by Secretary
ef War m Military Instructor at
Maryland Agricultural Callage.
It win be tntaraetlng to the frijnda
sad relatives of Lieut. Georgs T.
Everett to know that be baa bean
selected by Secretory at War Gerri
aon as Prefaaaor of Military Science
and Tactics'at tbs Maryland Agricul
tural College to eaceead Mai. Jamas
A. Dap ray.
Lieut. Everett is a eon cd Mrs. M.
W. Everett of thia dty, and la a youag
man of the finest character aad abil
ity. He baa filled tha often at First
Lieutenant of the Twenty-fourth In
fantry with credit aad distinction for
quite a while, aad baa just recently re
turned from tha FhiUiptn# friends,
where ha baa bean doing Berrios.
The honor that haa been conferred
■pen Mr. Everett la eke that briags
a feeling of pride to Ma frieada aad
relatives bare aad ala re k era.
Bagardiag his ap pc La tie wit tba
Washington Thnas of January 14th
Searotary at War Qarrieon today
detailed Ftaet Lieut. George T. Ever
ett, Ct the Twenty-fourth Infantry, as
pi cfmair af military arianoe and toe
tied at tha Maryland' Agricultural
Collage. Uantaaant Everett, who new
le rtationad at the Presidio, at Ban
Francisco, bga beta instructed to
leave at oooe to aasums Me new sta
Tba poet at tha Maryland Agricul
tural Callage' haa been vnoant since
the resignation of Major James A
Dapray, after a quarrel with tha
Uuatoia. Sobaaqaaatly, Secretary
Garrison three tan ed to withdraw mil
itary taatructiau from the collage un
ices the trustees and tha State of
Maryland constructed suitable quar
tan far the military rleeeea and for
tUw drills.
Governor Qofdaboroi^h assured the
War Department that thaw ooadttlana
wepjfi be compiled with, and relying
tm th^ pmhmamd. Wemajani Garni
ms ghee ctdara parmi ttiag tha re
V T 1
Death of Mr. J. A. Campbell.
After an ill mu of bat four day*
from paramenia, Ms. John A. Gemp
M. acted aboot 66 years, died at Ms
. homo at the Dixon Min Friday after
The funeral was conducted by JUr.
J. B. Thompson Saturday afternoon
at S o'clock, the burial place
at the McCall bmyfay ground shoot
two exiles north of Laarkborg..
Mr. CaidpbaW was a os ip enter by
prof—Inn sad was quiet, aanmaminf
—d food dtfcan.
Tho stricken family hare the gym
pathy od their friaada and tha gem
Mtowtay are the honor rods of tea'
Porhlalimhool, Olboon and tha
Pint »t tlinbith Adame,
Z'EsrzarSJzzoa—• *“‘
ay Teal, Mas Plotehrr. ,
Second Gcada—TranokLoteM Ad
TMrd Otadd Willie Ballard.
Poarth Grade Billjli Gibson.
Ptfth Grade Annie Bollard, Beasts
CHbecn, thru Oibtoa. • <
Sraneth Grade »Poway Pearson
Ughth Crude Ha ante Parrish.
Tenth Grad s—Annie MeNuOL . ,
Hattie Pee, Garb Pea, WQBs CHbeon,
HtSm Auatta, Carrie Austin, OsaorWre
Las, WilUam Smith, CSnyten Smith,
Walter Sadth, Mattie Peek, Ante
r*HJUrr Peek. LaU PaeU, Boh.
em Peek, Mamie Walt—, Mails
Jeeh WaHeta^Aagas _Wah
/Stela Pda aAdShSpjT^
Over Out sad a Quito
let* LeU Away In Oar
Increase Over Last Y
As good churches and schools Indi
cate religious and moral ad canes
imant; ae V4U kept stares, pawed
streets and walks, and a clean town
indicate civic progress, and as an
empty peer house speaks of the thrift
and energy of n people, so does strung,
well fitlad banks tall of the commer
cial and financial welfare of a com
munity, and this being true, Hoot land
county baa reason to fool just a tiny
fait proud sad eminently satisfied.
In accordance with mils from the
Comptroller of the Currency and tha
Corporation Commission, tha banks
hero, as ifatwlm, made reporta as
to their health er was bases, as the
ease might be, on December list, 101$,
end tbs reports as contained la our
last issue gives pleasing evidence arf
the good standing erf ear county la
the financial affair* of tha wueid.
There at* five banking institutions
In the oeuaty, some yeeng aad boom
old, and all in fine condition. Remem
ber please, that Heetlaed oeunty Is a
MasH county as square nsOee are
counted, bkt as the voice of mousy
speaks, It Is see <rf the Urge powers
in tbs State.
The oemhiaed resources erf sari
beaks total *19*7,19191. There Is an
deposit in tfasss banks 11*7X94*9*.
The live lnsUtmtlocu and their re
spective business powers this year as
compared with tha same period last
year, show a healthy Increase In bath
tbs total rooouresa aad tbs deposits
held In trust. Is total resources they
show n gain over Jan. 1st, 1*1*, of
*189*6*97; In dsporfta a gala of
$838*88.16. ' i
Individually they make tha follow
ing showing:
The itate Bank, Laurfeburg— .
Resources Jaa. 1st, 1016, *008*00.77.
Raeoaroas Jaa. 1st, 1016, #8*,mi*.
Deposits Jaa. let, 10U. *7d«*Mai.>
Deposit. Jaa. 1st, Wifi, *787*874*.
First National
Depot He Jan. UtT 1*167*1774709* >.
Scotland County Savings Bank,
Basoureea Jam 1st, 1616, *161*08.4*.
Rmodreea Jan. 1st, lfilfi, 8016.70690.
Deposits Jan. 1st, 1916, *144*70.46.
Deposits Jaa. let, 1016, *104*8098.
Bank of Wnsvam W.n.i,
Roeoureoa Jaa. let, ’l616. *88*9098.'
Reeoureee Jan. let. 1018, *67*04**. .
Deposits Jan. lot, 101*. *88,790.77. '
Depoelta Jan. 1st, 1818, *66,707.78.
Bank orf Olbaon. Gibson—
**■”««■ !■*» 1*U, *87*88 X8.
Issohreee Jaa. 1st, 1018, *190*18**.
Deposits Jaa. 1st, 1916, t'7 M* tl
Depoelta Jen. let, lfilfi, *98*8490
Jf Uis mcasy that le an deposit U
be divided out sseBedh.^^*^^!*
eUkstis Idea erf dMeim af the wealth
of the nation,
tkp last
The tepte of kfihan eeaah fim the
A. A M. team for the 1018 season la
present. Tbs vacancy CMaad lg th2
resignation erf Dr. Fm* Indmueu w*
bo filled at a meetings* the athletic
tapnefi to he; btid tta first orf Fsbnj
Already then are a —tTist erf can-'
Oldhtsa for the position, hut nothing
defiaite can he said yet, except that It
b pretty gsearaBy beUevnd that,Chp
«a WUston wffl actually detantioe
eatalrwfll be. Wtatih’s
tiopi, ten Correa, whs has
four yuan ae a
who bee played la the
for two seasons
Wi.jurt pOet for
ted |e a Helder and.
/•**»■ OmwBae Chavis, who was re
wMew.erf W. J. Chavis, a * ^
Wlfitai Fea Dm AdrsM
i' il > ■ •. ..—.. .
st . / *,•; , ■„<
By Harry
Aa a boy I was mocb impressed
with tha picture and tha story of a
■aa who rhaegad tha sign-board at
tha fork* of tha read. Tbs board was
■ads to paint Id tha wrong direction
and tha nu had done it for fun.
Shortly aftor tha change a maaaaogar
same ronatng for a doctor for a a an
who wed «rj sick- Ha natureUy fol
lowed tha wrong road and did not get
tha phyeloian la Uaa to save tha stek
an. Hot what dfwn did thia
■aka ao long aa tha Arat fallow eoald
bars bis fan.
Tbs practical joker holds human
safety and convenience aad eonfact
•a a small thing if he can bat get a
moment's dlrereioo eat of the mat
ter. People hara gone maimed
through Ufa or hate asms to an un
timely aad aa a sacriflas to hia swaps
af hi mini. -Oh, certainly, he may be
yapmtant aad sorry afterward and
may make many apolagipa. but this
doaa not restore tha lima he has per
Basiss ad by kU felly.
The important thing ia that ha
should hara hia laugh, hara Mi fm
Boom folks hare strange ideas of
cast if they do net hara to boot it
What pleasure is there hi the pate dr
diasiunfort of others? This man de
light* to get another at disadvantage
aad pat him ta eonfuetoa; ha wants to
see the tears flow and ia tor fha
cry trot* the Injured, oma. j
It ia usual for him to select, a wdgh
ar paraon or aosaa aap far tha 1tea's*
hi* guard to ba the Mattel at tha laaC
f horse play. Map ha it la * SfiitS
Dm* ttMr.D.D. Malta.
•././ . *, 1' , *.
fltobfea, ** ritinl
aad Helpful
Media* V
meeting of the Seel.
Teacher*' Association
« Mason's Crona last 8nt
IMh. The day was reey
disagreeable bat tbs attead
g^d. Thirty-seven oat of
the roll calL
was called to enter by
Williamson at 11 o'clock,
the invited speaker
tiiodAtkw imm*
took ep the gaeattea of a
f Soadlng Circle. After sev
1 talks, the taochenprae
[•*, decided to adopt
“ d aad oatliaed by
t. Prof. Babb aad
eUdid MeUon
ote of
id for
• was
Tto Mmda u4 ralattoaa at Mr.
Lmjt MaLnoAlfa win T,« u
Inn at Um Mti«a aiwhfw vklA
bf.ll Mm to hi. adept* torn. Flo
nM. Ala., an Monday at Uwt week,
whmi to wii aorioualy and parfcajaa
‘ mUm7 >UfcbTl **** -|M I to
i *«* oopmpod to a Ayht" • ""** j
Ftom what eaa to taanai at tto
toppaalnp, Mr. MaLaachlfe waa wit
Rwainy • Agfa badwaaa two an, and
«W-ytod to aapacato ttoto Oaa ad
•to befiigeranu. who was aimad with
a kaifa. eonttomd to «yht rofardlaa*
of tto yn.and affarto at Mr. Ma
LancUM, and la bia race atabtod Mm.
Tto first —ran that aama u
^■^^atoMThir. ban^tto dis
Mr. MrT anchUa'a brottor, Mr. D.
“ ■otoncfilto, laft aa aeon as paaat
W*. Taaaday, far tto Alabama town,
•nd to with —rthm brottor and a
•*o*or, ton toaa at tha bodaMo at Urn
yooat toaa aiaea.
Tto latoat maaaapa nectnd exm
o*T*d tto good arwa that ha had tab
U«l torn tto atoal, at tto wmmd a*
waa ta a am topofal condition.
, y- *'T W tto aon ad Mra.
B. I* MaLaaahlM. ad Waptam. and a I
Wr. A. H.I1
aouoactum. ii tS r**n «f mgm
•ad has baaa la Alabama (or arroa or

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