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In ov neighboring town of law,
bortoo tba post week, > crowd of town
begre decided to have a little fua at
the expense of what they supposed
to bo a nervous, skittish country lad.
Aeeeidiagly they laid some plana sad
got along all right until it cams time
to actually execute tha aaid plana.
Tba aouatry lad didn't work according
to previous arrangement and Intao
tkm of tba town hoy*, but instead, re
fused to run after having boon led
into tba trap to scare him. TVs so
upaot end surprised the town boys
that they took it upon themselves to
perform the running part of tba pro
gram. before they oould all got away
though, the aaid country lad, who re
fuoed to score, get hold of one of the
town boya and proceeded to toft about
hour much of him hide ha was going
to slice off with the knife bo hold
in his hand. The balance of the crowd
left thotr liil pi m ti4 mit+rmbU
pa alow and Sad to safety.
The big hasitod country boy waa
curtailed vrtth the turs ef affairs, and
much to tha Joy of the scared and de
salted dtp bey, did him aa km
Wagaidiag thlo happening and hos
ing to launl, brother Ashcraft of
tha Moaroo Enquirer has the follow
ing to any:
In this paper ia a story about souse
bey* la Tamhirtna taking a country
hay Md a few eights ago for tha par
paoo of frightening him with "lrigh
tha "higkwaymaa" made hia attack
aa tha boy from tha oowjtry that boy
from tha form did act do a thing hot,
ngO oat hki knlf«. mIm latifOB
1st and calmly inform him that ha was
(nine to ent him lata tittle ptripa aad
da bate whq waa playing Um part
of hlghwayaua believed fully that
the bey with tba Wag knife wae goiag
to earra Urn ap far ba bagged aad
paayed far matey. .Bat thW ia writ
tan to aay a word or two abaat tha
. fallows wha wars tks oonf odermtes of
tha “highwayman’' aad whan thair
partear get Into trouble aad It leohad
Ilka ha waa goiag to ba am to pioeoe
rna aa fast aa thair lags weald carry
thou, deserted thair maa aad Wft
Mm to Ida fata. Mow, than W aa ex
ample of tha bdily boy. tha fallow who
wants to gat op a crowd to bass or
dtstreea amps poo* fallow, fa tha,
‘hear of danger ha always shows the
with some real grit ia waatod ha W
not thma aad ha alwaya on each oe
oa stops shows to tha world that ha W
stranger fa hW feat aad Ma laps thaa
bW fast aad hta lags to cony hha
aa aooo u poaalbfa from tha danger
scab Tea, air, that exhibition by tba
, 1 ■ml.iwtim dty bloods wha warned to
have fan om of tho key from tha
eormtxy is u fine an axampU ad the
rpixit of tha kksar is yon arffl fad.
Me moro bnrikhoao abont 'am thaa
thorn W about aa earthworm. Lift
thair comindo In his dlstrims nod took
to their bools Uka scaled rabbits.
Wa do not know any of tha boys an*
gaged 1a that UttW affair down fa
lmmbertoo—it -W fay spirit of tha
thing wa are talking abont—tba das
pieabW spirit of faring aad bellying.
Tha fellow who has bam to school a
tew months thinking, tt la ap to hta
to lUatram aad hemfliata tha new
comer to school, tha bay who Bysa la
town getting they fool MUa Into that
thing that Is pm od his shoulders
jest to hasp Ida seek from rgteUng
that ha ia a little batter thaa la tha
hoy from tha ebmriry and’became ha
g«ta that Idas into his Uttla semas
hlad brain ho thinks ho mat make
spot* of, annoy and humiliate the bay
from tha oeuntry—it ia about that
kfad cf a boy that wa weald sabasit
a few truthful remarks, bat tha truo
Ma la that Om thing manat ba dona
• without doing a little caeabi.' Tea
■ taka ana pt tbaaa bally faya, mm of
tbaaa basest, whatbar ha ia loafing at
•teooi, spending Ma toddy*. money.
«r whether ha la Jaat a • tract loaferi
and task him ap in a'room with tha
hay ha waats to get ap a gang aa*
bam and lot them have H oat sons for
ama. paand far paaad. fate and ama
dia, aad that eame baser, who la so
' •• •
IB* Mot hthr T. WHktadMt
Than will ha aa “uc*t“
Tam to tha tenth verse U tho
thlrt-footth chaffer at Deni economy
and yon will mad those words: "And
them arose not a prophet einea In
teiael like ante Mesas, whom the
Lord knew face to face."
I wommond these words to all of
my race and the white ram who ere
e eking: “Who will be the next Booker
T. Washington}” La* us have done
with speculation and answer the ques
tion in the light of history. There
wlN bo a# other Booker T. Washing
ton, although he w01 hero a succes
Ta Bach Mae Hie Own Work.
When Moose passed, there was aa
othay Moses, although there followed
him e greet Joshua who was “fall of
the spirit of wisdom; for Morn had
laid hie head upon hfap.” Whan the
mighty Elijah—prophet who canid call
down Are from heaven—was swept
from tho earth by a chariot and horses
od fire and e whirlwind there was left
no other Elijah, although the sene of
the prophet exclaimed when they aew
the waters part at tha behest of Elijah
“The spirit of Elijah doth met on
Xllaha”. And we might follow his
tory and find the same results every
Each man who done big asm work
to the beat of hie ability makes K ftn
.pooeihle fit* any ether men to dupli
cate him. Bask man has Ms own
work, fills Me asm pines.
When tha lamented Frederick Doug
>u was stirring the nation with Me
orations against stormy, it was the
period ad agitation and wo needed aa
agitator. When ha died the peeled
which needgd Mm had alee died, and
the period wMeh followed Mm need
od a buildes sad pacificator, sad Gad.
never si a leas far a man to da. tha
work needed to bo done, created
Booker T. Washington. Dr. Waahiag
toa did not try to he Frederick Doc*.
Ue. He steeply took the love of hie
mm, which Douglas had, sad added
to it Ms own vision of week to hp dene
for tho world—yes 1 ataea the world
sod he died not the eeseod Frederick
Meeto^*fltelte^tkar W<k*kinct<m'
What U tha ant ported?
I da not knew wtoi tha aut.taU
tat nayra hlotoey to to bo, and l «W1
not pay too aw* attention to tho
▼towa af aalfiab eoals. who wtth ooaaaa
of ink and wortdo of talk oat thoat
aolma tha tnk of ehowfc* no what to
aoxt to bo dans. '
I believe that tho now prophet will
■Mot in
who will reveal to him what tha Lord
awnta dona, la tho earn way that Dr.
Washington was yfm vision M boo
Ua.onWtoa^ while othara
Watch toy tha play af Dr. Waahtoy
ten's activittoa through tho yoan and
indfiat far tho futon
in tho light of kto vtotoo at tha poet
and tho leaalta ho tiiuj_1
foe his mod, I bottom tho Mart ported
to to bo ona af bMteaM i^aneliia fog
*ho nayro. After ho had bofit the
yrppt Taakayoo Dtovontt^-tha word
“toaMtuto" to no tongar eoeroot—with
tta doctrine. of-1 fitnaaa fiat.
Dr. Waahiayton began tho ' tocood
Pwt atop la parting tha tael on tta
hto^ra**. and through tho National
MW aodantlfio rmapalyn for bottnaas
dovaiopmoat which bo wegwl to favor
of ladntfartal WtmMm
Bat just da God aaid to David i “I
ham booa with thaa whithonoomr
thou boat walked and kam ntofitD
**** "*'■
ettMe gloat man that am in (ha mart!
Tkon shaft nothaOd a hoeaa (temple)
»to my asms, to* a aoa .hall torfld
a house for ay-- to ^
■bum way I baitovo that (fed daeread
?**. ***** t^M ■» tha
mlopapont—tho tort gnat work that
was on Dr. Washington^ heart.
Tanng mon who plan to do work
*** ™ tawa- would do won to tldnk
over the paragraph ahem.
**+ 9mm Bwhafa Mood Nat Ap.
^Dr.Wtohtorfm, boildod we*, and
bored dr tho worid win i M"UXif
Dm* lotto. Oadraapaadmit.
Tha WOd Oaks eehoel taaehor aaye
ha tWboala— ate** tha adding
ahtoa taka* tha place oT'bnun. Bad
W>t atadkd their arithmetic lee
tea aan elaaaly tnataad of playiag
atok or playiag ‘'hookay*. than would
not hare barn .each a demand for
tkaaa machine* Cbday,
The two Twin* of tha Oatf Blha
neighborhood ware ia our Bidit thia
week, aad Mora departing far home
they bought ooma to-for cigan. The
Toro Twine mm to enjoy ooe anoth
•r'e company now than they do any
body ole*’*, aa they remind oach ether
of each other to much.
8U» Pi chan* cam* into poeeeeeion
at a new derby hat while aver at
Tkkvill#' the other day. Tha derby
t* too large at present, but glim ex
pect* tb fatten up a lot thia eummar.
A good many attended the dieeua
aka at Bounding Billow* Thursday
aigkt. The question waa one that ha*
tear yet been edttied, being entitled,
“Ought a Maa Gat Married T" The
aagarir. eld* won, aa tha judge* had
all baaa Banted oaa or more time*.
■ Tha Postmaster, who waa a —
Kapublitmu ap to tb* tea of tha last
aatkaal election, and who cunningly
«h*ag*d kit politic* a* ana wW
looking, baa decided to _
fW a while yet, oo tha
U*a Mathawaia aaya It
old fkOawa you aa*
EUt* H'Uwm'r to. ton UM.
to «* totlap dm too toid #• tto
frto P*reh at tto t “-nn
SUa Platon, toa (mb a
stay at TtaktoU, vtorc hk
tto towfira fra
ton ot tto law. Oto mmU
not aiind bafof to Jail If tto*. waa a
Httla mar* fraadoaa atoat K. t
Pota an wow bp nan wto'work
tor wac**; tnwaan by then wto
draw a salary. H* nliniaad wia aaa
J^to^optidoe^ad tto alatUac aaim
totoaia all aiaaa^ jo* aa anatotTlt
toa afeaya baa a.
wholly la
*K» Waa alia daw* it ta mu
■nry pair at toa
totonratka at al
ways too pock at* at tto iwnr. On*
?f **na la trwpmtfy waad tor *rt&-‘
to^^toBtorBcaid aw-‘
r ****
toanaalid anyway. Al^pmto^Uto
^ toSiStoSito ** **“ 1“i
tto Material. Tto ooaatajrt oMaiaa
ad atotdnc of tto toa cauntto
tknad to basgas bat. C £
My to * *“*■• kaa «a*o ta wark
both way* than wrnld to as baccy
Pota. Tto aoa wto waan don
btamlf lucky N to toa a aatra pair
to put oa who* tto ottota *sd bake
(Apologia* ta KlpMag.)
Go44m» of Fortfea. known of oU.
of war thin brows battlo Uao—
B«MotHswkooo kindly bad wo hold
TUlmtoi Pooao from pate to ptao;
OoW— of Foaoa, Mte » aon^T
.A ' • 11 '■ •
Located (a Laoiiaboqr
foa tbo practice of
bis Prof too) on.
A Bank With The Strength Of
Tempered Steel
Tb* *nondnw of thfc b*ak hi mhmii by th* mm
pcys iatotoot at tb* rat* of 4 p*r coot par hm.
Tbl* bask lavitoa yon to haeon an* of ft* rapidly
kwwtog tally of paercaa. and attorn yam ovmrj
taflky wbta with aaf*. **and aod tanmUn
Laurinburg, North Carotin*
And thus lave • record of nA ad every
iaoeat eapeeflod tnithir with a roooipt for
the akooat poid T
thiebaak. It Jo the afoot way, the aeet
m-inliet end eetiefentnrr earthed of tree*
We will-be pleeeed to have yea aeke tide
beak year place of deposit.
First National Bank
LnrtadMiK, N. C.

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