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Caagregstioo af Spring HIU Baptist
Church Dedicatee Haadeeme New
Church House.
At Waaram Sunday the congrega
tion of Spring Hill Baptist church
held dedicatory exercise*, which
marked the completion and occupancy
af the handsome and commodious saw
church hou** at that place Tbs dedi
cation sermon wai preached by Rev.
M. I.. Kaslar, manager of the Thom
aarilla Baptist Orphanage. Mr. Kee
ler was 15 year* ago pastor of the
8pring HIU church and. It la stated,
la now the only man in the state who
ever served the church as pastor, ex
cept of course. Rev. W. E. Goode, who
ie now serving the Spring Hilt folk.
It h stated that a largo crowd was
present Sunday and a moat plseaant
service was held. In addition to the
sermon by Mr. XeaUr, Mr. Bay Mc
Millan, a promising and popular
yang aaaa of the Spring HiU section,
made a moat Interesting talk.
1b* Spring Hill congregation earn*
months ago decided to build a new
church aad reluctantly, but wisely, it
is thought, voted to move front the
historic Hill to ths growing and prog
ressive town af Wagram, which la
■mat two miles from tbs old site.
Spring HIU church la a landmark b»
. the history af North
tista and has b
(batch at Wi
l eataaeat sf *_
aad U boUt af
and la ^ fat
LurUni'i First Municipal Christ
mm Tree a Pleasant Feature of
the Holiday Season.
Lourinburg’s first municipal Christ
man tree waa a splendid success, and
was most eminently symbolic of tbe
Chrictmas spirit. Monday evening,
December So, appropriate Christmas
exercises war* held on th* lawn at th*
court house, whore waa planted. In all
Its primeval beauty, a magnificent
holly tree. About the trae, which was
brilliantly Illuminated in colors, gath
ered ■ larr* crowd, representing a
major portion of the city's popula
Service* were conducted by Dr.
Rose, Rev. JaaMS Long, Rev. R. F.
Bumps* and Rev. J. B. Thompson.
Special Christmas music and carols
wen sung by u eel acted cbeix, as
sisted by the congregation.
Th* committee, which had in charge
the collection aid distribution of gifts,
hold opua house Friday and Saturday
In the store ropm next door to th*
Model Pharmacy and there received
from Umm who offered thorn, a groat
quantity of Christmas good tea, as wen
aa things mors substantial. Tims*
war* distributed Christmas day among
th* needy of the community and a
•pedal effort era* mad* to me that no
on* waa fergsttun,
Th* sue cam of Urn venture was do*
largely to th* unselfiih effort* of a
number of people in the aty, whom
name* are net known readily and who
perhaps would not eure to nave them
in the hnfelight Th* tre* utUt stands
on th* court aouss agnate and th* eng
feetlon ha* base mad* that M WeJd
not b* a bad Idas to plant i an
those fur annual turn, and which
would add to th* beauty of the uuust
Drj W. C. Cridwtl ud Mia Ethel
Dumber IT.
Dr. W. <1 CaldwsU of tUa city aad
Min Ethel Seamen wen married
Wedneeday, December 37. et the
bride's boats at Statesville aad after
a Short rtatt to Dr. Ce Id welt's eld
kom at Canned. the Doctor aad Ua
bride caaae to Lanrinberp aad are
atogftag with Mr. aid Mrs. K. E. L.
The bride bolenra to cae ef States*
sine's ben faaU&a aad U i yeaf
wiair of cettare aad poeaaaaea the
£$*£2? dFcSmS*
baa Wit If an.
ad aada a pad
bastes to coagrata.
Mat aeraaaeat raidatx ef city
am! wfetbeTaTplaadld addhfee to
social Ufa of the community.
Siec* December 27 we here
mailed oet letters te every ■ ab
ler, ber, whose name la on our
subscription book and whose
subscription Is not paid in ad
vance, aanoenelec the fact that
The Exchange is te be here
after a cash-ia-advance paper.
In short, the chaage means
thst wa are putting eur sub
scription business on n rash
basis and the paper will not be
sent to any one whose subscrip
tion is not paid in advance*
after this issue. *
It i« useless for us to giva the
why of this change. Wa sin
cerely hope that we may not be
mltundoretood ia any instance
and that our friends and eub
•eribere will land us their bfor
ty Co-operation in adopting and
making practicable the cask
"With malice toward none and
good will to all," ia the spirit
in which ws are working. It
it sirflfcly a business proposition
aad aa such, we have decided
to inaugurate the system and
stand or fall by tbs results.
We are proud of our subscrip
tion lists and, with a few pos
sible exceptions, we know ev
ery man whose name ia on oar
list Is as hsnaet aa a summer
day ia loag; aad there is hard
ly a man among them that wa
would net lead meaty all we
had if he needed it—aad treat
him to^ayj^ hack. But we
paper without tb ad
vance. Hot * era
afraid to credit him, bat be
en see we can not wait for the
money aad continue to publish
a newspaper.
Good aa thane folks are. whoee
■ernes it is oar boner te have
«i oar subscription lists, they
have permitted ue to be aasfaer
ransed at times osM account of
ably prompt with the payment
of their soberrlption accounts
Aad we are f arsed to tsho this
•top in self defense
We most sincerely hope that
no one who received one of the
tetters will take it to boast aad
feel aggrieved. A few—a very
few—we have been told fool
this way about it. Bat, we
are glad to aar, ao one has
come to ua aad mid bo was
hart or Insulted shoot M. We
would rather have the good wol
of a eu beer! bar than have Ms
uJMM on eur list « foSie atom- •

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