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Do You
an or Freight? !
No one would think of riding in a
freight oar if he could enjoy the
comfort of a big, comfortable easy
riding Pullman parlor car.
So with automobiles. Most of the
popular priced cars ride like
fteight cars. This is due to the
old ihshtoned type of spring.
Many manufacturers still continue
to use them.
The Overland does not The 75 B
Overland haul the latest type of
cantilever shock absorbing
springs. As a result it is one of
the easiest riding cart in the world.
One demonstration will prove thl*,
$ 635 £ o. b. Toledo.
Z. V.PATE, D«kr
Laurel HilJ, N. C.
*Hiti km Q.1A,**
- *- - -
1 Km Appreciatiaa af Mother*.
(Brace Barton, in Every Week.)
K lady aake om whether I am in
favor of suffrage. My aasarer la that
I am In favor of mother*.
Having bcca a voter foe a number
it yean, and something of a student
it politico, I am under no illusion*
■boot the ballot.
It is a vary clumsy weapon. Poli
tics accomplishes a minimum of prog
ress with a maxima** of oxpoas* and
lull* There are ataay other a venose
of influence mere uoiet, more pleas
ant, and far more effective.
But If the Blether* of America be
lieve that the ballot will help theta
to widen their Influence: If suffrage
will extend the atmosphere of the
homo Into politics Initead of extend
ing the atmosphere of politic* into
the home, if the ballot will help wo
men to make the working conditions
of girlo better, enable them to load
happier, bigger lives, and found finer
home*—them I am for suffrage now
and forever.
It's an Interesting thing to remem
ber that the whole process of evolu
tion ha* boon devoted to ono single
accomplishment— the development of
a mother.
Nature began with tba proto xoa,
the aimplest form of life; then she
made the worm a; then the molluske;
then the amphibia: then the reptile#:
then the birds: and last of all. what?
The mammalia, as science calls the
| Having made the mothers, Nature
has never made anything since. She
considered her task complete
All up through the various stages
of hie aba bad straggled gradually
toward motherhood.
In the lamer stages there is no
motherhood, besauee there is no in
fancy. With the ephemeridae the mo
ment of birth is doe the moment <rf
death |, tive^ are bon a^llva and fljuJ J
for motherhood there.
The land-crab marchaa down from
bar menntaia-hame to the oeaahore
eaee a year, lays her agg* mtha send,
aad marchaa on again (There are
Peaslalsts, by The way, who contend
that the land-crab has the right idea
—Oat motherhood ought to be osb
aa incident in the woman's Ufa, aa ft
is in the land-crab's life.)
Evan with the higher animals the
young are dependant on the luothar
wHanoe: they are ready almost Im
mediately to (and Unleash-so
Pur man aloes Nature reserved hv
fjanspr. Aad infancy eras tad mother
Foe yean tik child la dependant
It# momr absolutely. It is
helpless, Waabie to food itself,
to walk, an easy victim to a
hour's neglect. >
ef its he glume ws unaalfiah
naas was bam iar a woman's heart ;oot
ef tea pubs grew sympathy; out of its
Woman, bsnifiUg over the Cradles
of their young, turned time# vprtuee
first: little by li tie, they hare paas
ad tkms an. A d~tb^w^to^r^
nm and dtrotkr \ aad lorn W
Unlaw web a w fanamtfaa of-wo
young, tha world would aoon forgot.
Tha weaknae > of infancy & tha
source of all a dal prngroia, “Of
•och la tha king* rm af CedVen.”
We mao in tafiaaaa gat to thtokiag
at oaraelece aa. bo port ant in tha
schema at things: hot wo aren’t.
Hardman dies, aad tha triune on Ida
rail roods atop far Ora minotaa aad
than niah on again. Wa man can bo
killed by milUona, and the ranks daoa
up dad mere amid, tha world
cannot be permanently damaged, aa
loot aa K baa ltaethers.
“What does rranoa need moat?”
they naked N speleon. "Mathers,"
was his reply.; •
“All that I am 1 owe to my moth
er," Lincoln said a handled times.
. And what waa trae of Lincoln la
true la largo dsgroc of ovary other
good maa far the world.
Fortunate are thooa man who know
It. .
warm in mu AUL
State Baart «f Haalth Talk l>nl«w
How to Itef Wm u4 Tat
Hava Trwfc Air.
Annual Statement
Commissioners’ Account
Scotland County.
Coauaimioner* Account—Office Board
County ConuuUalooere, Laurlnburf,
N. C.. D«c. lit., ISM.
Annual itatement of claim* and I tad
and ordered paid by, the Board of
Comm Union ari of Scotland County,,
to lti mambiri Mverally during the
fiaral year ending November 80th,
D. C. McNeill, Chairman.
Dec. 6, ISIS, 4 Haya in Mo
tion 9 8. X)
March 8, 1916, 9 day* in iee
aion ft.10
June S, 1916, 3 days in m«
aion 6.00
Sept. 4, 191ft, 6 day* in aea
ikm 10.00
ToUl 930.00
W. G. Bala, CoTamiaeieasf.
Dec. A, 1816, 4 daya In Ma
rion t 8 'W
18 milM traveled 4.40
March 8, 1816, 8 daya in Ma
rine 6.i»
66 miles traveled 8-90
June 6, 1918, 8 daya in Ma
rion 6.00
66 milM traveled 8.90
Sept. 4, 1916, 6 daya in aaa- ,
.ion 10.00
UO milea traveled 680
Total 940.50
Total No. mile# traveled, 880.
W. P. Parker, Commleetoeer.
Dae. 6, 1018, 4 daya In Ma
rion 9 9.00
94 bBm traveled 820
I day Inspecting Ceonty Pam 1.00
83 mil*, traveled LIO
March 0, 111* 9 daya ia sas
48 aril** traveled 1.40
I dat iaapsetlny Coenty Heme 3.60
33 mile, traveled 1.10
Jane * 1016, 1 daya in tee
rioo 6.00
48 aeilea traveled 2.40
1 day lae peat lay Coaaty Pam 8JX>
83 mlleTtravaUd LI©
■*»4- * 191*8 day. la ***
ilea 10.00
99 miles traveled 4-00
1 day* laayeetlnf Coaaty Pam 4.0©
44 aSle* travried UO
Total 98TJO
Total N*. mile* travel** 880.
I, C K. Mae*, Hiyjotor at Deads
Bx-OOMo. Clerk to Mm Beard of Case
rn! mtoa era at Beotlaad Coaaty. North
Carolina, do hereby certify that the
farayoiay is a tree rtatemeat at all
the aecoanto aodited by said Board
and ordered paid to its memhere a*v
eraity, and No. at ~n«* traveled ky
each member and that the Baud area
in eMaine 14 day* daihm the facet
Taarjao^B^Nov. OOth.lSlO.^aa^rri- ...
BefiaUr of DmIi ka-OAdo OoHfe
the Board of Cooomiodonor* Of
Scotland Coanty, North Carolina. '

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