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Wa*o* far Wlraa.
We are glad to aw fair aaladad
thinking aeea and aaaaeiaUy married
retarded bar darataMaaatmor* than
la raallaad am by tarsalf. The fbl
adllarial aapaaring In tha KaJ
atob Hama aad Otaarrtr is the straw
which ladtoataa a ehaaga in tta dl
raedaa ad tta wind which is to Mag
jay aad yaaea Me tta borne, thnafi
a etaarar innaeytlea aad Mar aadar
ataadiag ad tha righto of the** who
■■in the home.
i “Domestic happiness as between
ba^bpod and wif<* says tba Rslelfh
editor, "has its financial aide to bo
emvsidered for when the vows of wed
lock boro boea spoken thora Is a rela
tion established fato which the dollar
mmt enter. Of coarse when the hus
bnnd U a manof great wealth or ef
to provide a retinae of servants
tha ftaanelaJ .id. ef the home sate
matteaHy adjnats itaetf.
"Not so, however, when the hoehend
is a man of small or of moderate
■aana. for In net caaaa there most
ho a mntaal andersiaadlag ef flnaacea
—and the
Rayo Lamp makes
old folks' eyes young
slow te eclat*.
«en»ci Can be
without mooring
or cbiiuney.
tMj »• — — *-«- — an
—* |
Uaa A
Attractive Personally Con
ducted Tours
Jaekaonvtlle St Augustine Pain Beach
Miami • Key West Havana
Cube M stanza* Panama
Oelf Of Mexico Ne# Orleans Mardi Ores
And Many Other Reeorta of the West Indies
Tame at fifteen, Tweety ted Thirty Days Deration. Cov
ering Many Points of Historie Interest Through Beauti
ful Tropieel Scenery in Nearby Foreign Lands sad Peace
fol Voyages on Southern Sana.
Spleaild Itineraries Attractfva Partiea
Pareemally Conducted Throughout by Mr. C. H. Oat* and
Chaperoned by Mrs. Gettis.
Write for Booklet
I Tonrtot Agents 8enbonri Air Um Railway
• * Raleigh, N. C.
“d » *o-op*r«tlo«i of efforta. Shall
the hoe band give hie wife erreei to
the money be earaa on the same tarma
with himoett? That la, If ha have a
hank aoooant dull Ka make that
«wt eok>et to Ma wife'e chock aa
welt aa hie owe? Shall ha —ohr a
or enonthly allowance to hto
wife for tho revering of u-nnhnkt nx
panoop? Shall ho attempt to make
hpaeehold purrhaaea and pay the MUa
htmealf ? Shall ho dola out to hto
wtfo money aa oho calto for H? Shall
he demand aa accounting of tho hatp
auito? Shall ho pay hla wtfo warn ?
moTeToH *1? rtisar wm^*
tho wtfo hao dutioo oonaoctad with tho
homo to porfona, and tho aimrar
moot la a large degree depend upon
whether or art there to 7ml ££
aom partaerehip betwaon tho haohaad
and wife, and whether tho wife hao
that knowledge of knolaem affaire to
enable bar to deal with tho matter of
pc re ha see and payiaente. If net, than
it to tho Srat dirty of the man U rea
der aU poootblo tool otanea la ghrfam
bio wtfo that knowledge. Whoa aotS
tioas ara each that there to a teal
hooMhold tooMflilcL Bat ba ultir1
vhBt an Um ia^fMva) rtrf mtiBiM
ao buaband haa tho right to make of
bio wife a aappUoat tor moony. If
Ao haa to make ragueota even for
email change for tho homo Ao to pat
SoaB always kora It oo that tho wife
ha»u tonotdaration aa a partner ia
Hard Work 8 pel la gaeceaa. j
Following rainbow In tha form aT
I iret-neb-quick achetaea U tha >hart
cut to fnDur*. Governor Phillip told
i tha Common:* Club of Marnnatla
| Unhroralty. Ha aaid that for arary
plunger who acoraa a brilliant eoe
oaaa thara art thouannda of failuraa
among aai who bank on tha tan of
a (ingle card la tha baatnaaa world.
Cooeervativn man an gnat baatnaaa
laadan of tha country, ha aaoartad.
Had eat what yoa want to do and
do it wall.
Dm*! ha a plangar^-don’t chaaa
rainbow—ba a conaarratlra.
Don’t harrow money mtlaaa yoa
kaaw bow yon an going to pay H
m —-=
A N« wtpoprr ia Klag
^ A^nawapaj a j, now king of Bug.
siasLum m ktatory oT jeeraaltem.
IWtlKUWo tamed out A’nuttn re
\ **■<***• NorAdUfa
* a war council at too.
W p?!.? ,*,*** *£• ocop-ed in franca
.. Editor John Delano of
M?«S3r3 g&arwa
4.“*"y “jHiapar van on Uii* aide af
KorthclHTa, and
i£Zi.k22TtiN* *® ba tba moat dy.
*• »o*t of m*n they arar
jncoortarad.1,, England. A “iWer
from Flghta^niyt bat not tSakind
tibcJhm Ground in a circle waring
Hia course u
*ie boomerang
ioornaliat ia doing mom
ar ooa man.jg Korop, <
***• ™ Arrest uy in
"*** «* w%.S» mud fl»oU_4
5!** *n %nperor and an
EVERY YEAR yoa promise yowrsslf that you ara coins to
aavau«aocaomoneyforsaxtXmas. Dim do It? Mom
of oa do not, or at hast we put it a* t»wa ba*e to
, oavaatvaa ana toon do sot have aaooth. •
Wo aio aow organMag a Pio-Money <&ab for tfaisoumaaa.
whieh will atart the first Monday in January and continue
nrty weeks. By saving •
'* * aoo
aSeoaA wam yuo wiM aaoa $tzsO ,
00a snob week you will aava |M.Q0
W 00 each waak yoa will tars MO 00
Ask as about this Club.' *•
It la a graat plan to laarn to SAVE; it u » mi wj-. to
laaro to beams aeqaaiatad with thk and mt matboda
-wWobwil! d« you lots of toodm^taryaara; and It Is a
Afoot plan to knvs aoaaa moony far NEXT tmak
Moony that yon SAVE that o&erwL ^ would
throws away. Yau don't bars to atist 7L it
Y^Tn,i!LTtW*,!Ty!!dK0Tl^ A CENT, and
you nrM enjoy it so musk. H yon aredsUndaot, you do sot
bavo to ask anybody far MONEY for JmdmA whan yoa
Voodit, yoa ana any *1 am spending fa, m mom9 »
How good It will make you faoL | 1
Coaao la Now I
i ’ ■*,
That than ia aaaea to a fertiliser than nnnHrain. Ftr in- •
Maaen, all 8 8 8 good* ana not of the earns value: tnoeh
dependa upon the value of the eonatit—»t part*, tile aw
nar of compounding. the age and the mechanical condl- .
*k». To explain further, ammonia from Nitrata of anda
just at this time ia mupfa ebeeper than the tame percen
ts* obtained from either C- 8. Heel. Blood. Fish or Tank
ago. And then, different ammonias am entirely different
in nature; some are more valuable to certain eroge than
other forma of ammonia. To# COE MORTIMER CO.
have, for more than half a oratory, made a study of the
fertiliser buaine«e; every brand or formula offered by them
to the trade is placed oi the market only after it hae bean
thoroughly tented and found to be peculiarly -ihfVH to
Southern *oiia end climate and t*i the crops grown in the
South. We make no extravagant elaima. No fertiliser
will take the place of Work. Rain, 8uoehine or Common
8*n#e; but we can offer you the COE MORTIMER CO*8.
goods with implicit confidence in their Reliability. Effect
iveness and Adaptability to your oeeda.
T. T. Covington & Son
Wholesale sad Retell Dbtrftston of FtetUsen
and Fertiliser Material*.
TkiMK P.O.Box 429
ScMrte Effective Not. 12th, Itlft
No. 18-8:88 A. tL Local for fa.
C arlotto. Opan for j£
No. 18-757 P. It. Local for j*.
toroMdlato potato,—Cool._
North. Sooth and South Wool,
ntagten to Char lotto.
No. 846P, IL Local far Wilmington oad all iatanaadtote
' nwStahT8tMpto^tR7A.^L' '“
No. 14—8*67 A. IL Loco) for WOariagtoB tad afl hlamdhti
potato,—Pullman Parlor Car Charlotte to Wtafcftoa.
For additional lofomatioc, aa to ratoo, aehaduloa, or to*
.mrratkma, call on local agant or write tho oadoraigaod.
J. Wataoa, Agent H. E. Plaaaanta, T. P. A.
Lnurinburg, N. C. Wilmington, N. C.
Mui T. Weet, D. P. A.
*_Rslrigfc, M.C.
In compliance with Section 61, Act at My 1st.
1896, entitled “An act to oiaMUia niffani gjal
Um nf bankruptcy thna^tf the UNITED
STATES,” it fe ordered If Ike Conrt tint tie
First National Bank,
Of Lmtabns,
North Carolina, be and the same ta hereby M
fnatod u a depodtnry for the money of Bank*
(Signed) H. G. CONNOR
U. S. District lodge
Patronize Our Job Department

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