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Why not Consult
thority on SEEDS.
Ferry’s Seeds, Coble’s C,i’Oceiy»
Ck)tton Hulls and Meal, Gobie’s
Editor J. 0. Foy of The Meb-
ano Leader, was the gues t of our
town Friday.
oak stove-
Phoae No.
wood. Will deliver.
221. H. F. Bass.
Miss Mamie Holt spent ^ Sun
day at Graham the guest of rel
Fresh Buckwheat Flour, Coble’s
Will deliver for cash f;o6d oak
stove wood. Phone 358L,
way Store Co,, Burlington, N.C.
His many friends were d-slight-
ed to see J)r. E. L. Moilitt of
Asheboro, N. C. in ourrr idst one
day last week.
Automobiles, yes,''v:rite to
Ford Garage Co.. Greensi:«or6, N.
C., for 1912 catalog of the ne^v-
ost Ford Cars.
McClure v;rio has
b:;en visiting r:.Iattves af Iiig:b
Point returned to this ci>y last
Buy a Ford because it i s a Bet
ter Car, not because it chear-
e See large display ?.d,. in to
day’s issue.
Mr. Edward Murray a .«tudent
of Oak Ridge High Scbi3ol is in
town the guest of relati ?es for a
few days.
Miss Ruth Hall of Eloil College
spent Saturday and Suu,i.dav the
STuest of her parents Mr, and Mr?.
II. J. Hall.
Mr. J. Alson Holmes, a mer
chant of Mebane, R. F„ p., wjw
a business visitor in ouif bity Fri
Miss Katherine Bryai,!., a mem
ber of the Graded SchocI facnlty
't Friday for her horae at Dur-
liam to be the guest cf: her pa
rents Saturday and Suaday.
Miss Nellie Davis who is a stu
dent at Elon College, came home
Friday to be the gfuei'it of her
parents, Rev. and Mrsi, T. E.
Bavis Sunday.
FOR SALE-One seS eia horse
power gasoline engine, good as
new. Too Hgbt for my use.
Phone 611 Snow Camp, or ad
dress F. L. Spoon, Kartshom,
:n. c.
Esq. R. J. Hall has recently
^opened an office in connection
with the Burke-Williams Under
taking establishment. He will be
pleased to have his friends call
at his office.
Miss Ella Howard of Yancey-
ville, N. C. came by Gleiicoe last
Saturday and accompanied her
sister who teaches the: e to this
city to be the guest of !^!iiss Ruth
Dameron Saturday -and Sunday.
Wanted, to , trade Treasury
stock for second hand 2X> or 25 H.
P. furnace boiler fov machine
shop. Call or address.
Holt-Engine Co.,
BurlingtAij, N. C.
Gardenmg tjjne _ will
soon be here. BURLING
TON DRUG Co. have
iust received a fresh sup
ply of Woods, Seeds and
can furnish what you
need. Buy early and get
Nvhat you want.
The Struggle Discourages Many a
Citizen of Burlington.
Around all day with an aching
Can’t rest at night; ,
Enough to make any one give
out.” ,
Doan’s Kidney Pills have giv
en renewed life to thousands.
They are ^or kidney backache;
For other kidney ills.
Here is convincing proof,, of
their worth.
N. Foster, JNIarket St., Gra
ham, N. C., says: “I am in a
position to recommend Doan’s
Kidney Pills highly. They cured
me of a bad case of kidney com
plaint besides helping two other
members of my family who were
similarly afflicted. My kidneys
acted so frequently that I was
obliged to get up often during
the night and ihus my rest was
broken. There was a severe
pain in my back and my head
ached a great deal. When I
heard one of my neighbors speak
highly of Doan’s Kidney Pills, 1
got a box and after using ther^.
a short time, I was compleielj
t or sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents
[for the United States.
Remember the name—Doan’s
—and take no other.
Mortgagee Sale of Personal
Under and by virtue of the pow ,
er of sale contained in a certain j
chattel mortgage executed by B.:
H. Henderson on the 28th day |
of July, 1911, to L. E. Gattis.^to
secure the payment of .a note for
$75.00, and interest thereon. I
will offer for sale at public auc
tion, at the First National Build-
at 12 o’clock M., in the City of
Burlington, the following describ
ed property: One Jersey Cow,
One Bay Mule and One Gray
Terms of Sale Cash.
X.A.Gattis, Mortgagee.
iRdtan XiliBd On Tra€k.
Near Rochelle, 111., an Indian
went to sleep on a raih*oad track
and was killed by the fast ex
press. He paid for his careless
ness with his life. Often its
that way when people neglect
coughs pnd colds. Don't risk
your life when prompt use of
Dr. Kiri'r’s :^ew Discovery will
t-.em and so prevent a dan-
«rous throat or lung trouble.
It completely cured me, in a
short time, of a terrible cough
that followed a severe attack of
Grip,’' writes J. R. Watts, Floy-
dada, Tex., “and I regained 15
pounds in weight that I had
lost.” Quick, safe, reliable and
guaranteed. 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottle free at Freeman Drug Co.
'T M i - ‘•I. / {
Life IS just one dinjred blizzard
after another.
Vou Risk No Money if You Try Thia
We want every one troubled wiUi
indigestion .and-dyspepsia to come to
tour store and obtain a box of Kexnll
Dyspepsia Tablets. They contain Bi.-iy
mnth-Subnitrate and Pepsin carefiiH.v
comblned so as to develop theU' gresir
est power to oTercome dlgestiVe dis
Rexall DyapcpiSla Tablets are very
pleasant to take. They tend to soot|ic>
the irritable, weak stomach, to
strengthen and invigorate the dig^tive
organs, to relieve nausea and inflges-
tion, thus promoting nutrition and
btlnging about a fepllng of comfort.
If you give Bexail Dyspepsia Tab
lets a reasonable trial we will retunj
your money if you are not satisfied;
with the result. Three sizes, 25:
cents, 50 cents, and |1.00. Bemem-.
bet, you can obtain Rexall Remedleas
only at our store—The Bexail Store.
gjjf fiip ;;a:{ wwemmm
A Difference
R. F. D. No. 1.
We said the weather would
better in Feb.
W. L. Spoon of Winston spent
a few days on No. 1 last week.
J. J. Sharpe and wife who
have been sick for sometime is
able to be out again. Also Dad
dy Moser who has been confinea
for several months with a sore
leg is getting better.
Miss Blanch Groves of Graham
is spending some time on No. 1
visiting J. J. Sharpe.
A. P. Bryan who fell and
broke a rib when the sleet was
is well again.
L. L. Isiey and Hazel Fatter-
soh done some good work on our
road with a split log drag last
week. Let others do likewise.
Prof. Taylor, of Mt. Airy,
took charge of Friendship school
Monday. Prof. Homaday goes
home to begin his spring farm
This writer wants to buy 2 or
3 setting hens at once, aiso we
are in position to supply a num
ber of settings of white Orping
tons eggs. Shoule any one be in
terested see Or write us.
No public official, sworn to do
his duty, should await public
sentiment to give him a stiff
backbone. He should have a
backbone of his own and move
vigoroiisly against violators of
the law.^ This is good advice to
the officials of Burlington.
If you see one of these ‘ ‘hand-
me-down” stores all plastered
over with great ‘ ‘fire smoke and
water” bargain sale signs. It is
a sign some folks are going to be
Notice of Sale of Real Estate.
By virtue of the power con
tained in a certain deed in trust
executed H) the Piedmont Trust
Co., on the 25th day of June,
1910 by Y. W. Lee and wife,
Fannie Lee, arid dtiiy rog-isterer;
in the office of the register o!
..leei;s of Cuunty, it,
Book No, 49 01 inertgHge deeds,
pages 117-124, to se'-uj e the pay
ment of a certain bond, and the
holder thereof having applied t»
the Piedmont Trust Co., to
niake sale of the real estate there
in conveyed in accordance with
the conditions contained in said
deed in trust, we will expose to
public sale at the highest bidder
for cash at the Court House Door
oi the County cf Alamance, N.
C., on Sat. Mar. 9th, 1912 at e»
leven o’clock A. M., the land con
veyed in said deed in trust, to
Two certain lots or parcels of
land adjoining each other and the
lands of S. E. Jeffrey, W. B. Ma
lone, Joe McAdams, Sarah Coble
and others, lying and being in
Burlington Township, Alamance
County. North Carolina, delscrib-
ed as follows:
No. 1. Beginning at a stone
on Joe McAdam's line, and W.
B. Maloneys corner, thence N.
84 3-4 deg. W. with W. B, Ma
lone's line, IS..^^ chs. to middle
of public road from Burlington
to Glencoe, N. , C., thence with
said road towards Glencoe 270
ft. to a comer in middle of said
road, thence S. 84 3-4 deg. E.
18.57 chs. to Joe McAdams’ line,
thence with said McAdam’s line
S. 10 deg. W. and parallel with
first line to the beginning, Ma
lone’s corner, containing seven
and four tenths (7.4) [acres, more
or less. WlKMWiM
No. 2. Beginning at a stake
in Glencoe road, thence S. 80 3-4
deg. E. 10.67 chs. to a stake,
thence N. 10 1-2 deg. E. i.88
chs. to a stake 8 ft. from Jos.
Christopher’s line, thence N.
83 8-4 deg. W. 10.67 chs. to a
stake in Glencoe road 8 ft from
Christopher’s corner, thence S.
10 1-2 deg. W. 1.88 chs to the be
ginning, containing two acres,
more or less, being all of the
land conveyed by W. B. Malone
and wife to W. T. Walker Nov.
26, 1904.
This the 3rd day of Feb., 1912.
Piedmont Trust Co.,
Spit, Quit, Fit. 1
Hines, Ala.—In a letter from;
this place, Mrs. Eula Mae Brad-j
ley says: “I used to spit up all I|
ate. I was tired and sleepy all’
the time. My head ached, andi
I could hardly drag around. Since
taking Cardui, this has entirely;
quit, and now I feel quite fit. ”
Mrs, Bradley suffered from ner
vous indigestion. Cardui builds
up the nervous system, and
strengthens the womanly consti
tution. That’s why Cardui help
ed Mrs. Bradley and why it will
help you. Try it. ,
Frofessional Cards |l
W, A. llornaday
ipouti iloiiidaay
OHIcearid IlcspitH.l Ollice iMione S77
415 Main St. H(’sifl**nce Phone '282,
between the stock speculator and the real estate in
vestor. rhe stock buyer fe rich today and dead
broke to-njcM^w^ Ttbc real estate; investor has
something that (iahnpt. get a way; SQmething that in
creases in value all the tithe. We have some real
estate bargains that mfeaQ big money to quick buy
ers. Got a little money you'd like; to double with
Burlington, -North Garolina
. • T.
For Results, advertise in The
C. A. Anderson M. D.
« '
Office hours 1 to 2p. m. 7 to8 p.m.
First National Sank Building.
Leave day calls at Bradleys Drug
Dameron & Long
otfee in
Pledmoot BslMing
Pbone • 250
lalt-Nlchslses BMg.
Plione 100'S
John H. Vernon,
Attorney aua Counsellor at Law,
Burlington, N. C.
Office over Bradley’s Dru^ Store.
Phone 6d.
Of Land.
Household Goods, &c.
I, H. C. Ciuii^lman, witt seU at PiribLc
at my j^ee in 1^^
John R. Hof£tnan,
Burlington, North Cairolina.
Office. Second Floor r'irst N»tiona!
BaiJt Building.
Surgeon Dentist
Foster Building
J. N. Taylor, M.D.
Physician & Surgeon.
Ufficc in Piedmont" Building.
Office Hours.
;8:00 to 10:00 4:G0 to 6:00
■ (Last Friday m February, 1912)
The following property, to-wit: F^-three
and one-hajr acres of Luiij, with good bnild-
ings, good prchard and good w^ of waten
Entire stock of Merchandi^, Farming Tods:
One Threshing Machine: Otte Wh^ Dr%
good as new; One 1-horse Wagon and Har
ness; One Bliggy and Harness; Set of Black
smith Tools; One lot of Cat Feed; Houselwld
and Kitchen Fnmitare; and many other artides
too numerous to mention. All sitnat^ in Pat
terson Tp. Also all my outstanding accounts
if not settled by that day, will be offered for
sale te the highest bidder.
R. No. 1, Rock Greek, N. G.
I You Have a Right to
^ If you have the am-
§ bition and energy, to-
f gether with an honest
§ purpose to earn it
We Will Help You.
The first stepftoward financial indepen4ence is
to own your own home. Begin now. Don't wait.
You have waited all these years and you are
still paying rent.
WAY.” Invest a few dollars saved each week
or month, together with the interest, taxes, in
surance and maintenance money—-namely. Rent
-that you have been paying to the “Other Fel
low" and soon it will be
And not the some body’s ^
house to rent. Others by the a
score have tried the “Piednnont g
Way” and found it easy. Will you? v
Call and talk it over with us, %
keal Ettate Jepsitaent.
North Carolma. J
Phone No. 76
to Tli
|>rei»ident Taft I
i^hting dottra on
been iinposBibio,” sb
SiMfton correspond
;lJew York Tftbune,
the President to ass
jights or to resentr
^he machMsations
. Ibeen P’
nonainatioij ' That
it was a pei^onal i
continues this writ
two developments
stirred combot
him at last Everj
toward ufiderminin
of and respect uue t
arouses all the Presi
tisni tfli«, white hea
second ^ace, tne
evidenoe that a comi
by Frank A. Munsc
an enoinnousanti-Ti
those wiio regard t
anti'tMst law with ;
•ercised upon him tl»
is undoubted
Taft ■« Teocint utten
actemed by a vig?a
a'quality of popui
he had n^ver sli
This-is why word
from the White H
theiBoosevelt boor
blows as any coimr
Me. Tafthas eait
the«pirit of the f
not roll UP his ^1
voiee to whoop «iioi
issue or fad as GSd3o
Senstor LaFolletTte
whoopers can* vi4io
love of itandwlioo]
are«qually ancdngt
He has not that
dian-like gift of
moze or lesscoirvic
wave of popular sei
bear him to the for
heiis weak as »K ;
andas a practlal j
8?roog as a man.
reason that docs n(
con fictions of pitbl
his poHtical initere
confase them:«'£h
or unconsciously, i
convictions dear,
for what he deei*ns
ciple, totally regar
er it is popular c
He will fight hard
comes gravely en(
he feels stirred.
indignaLion has
comaativeness whi
endangered prir^e
he is showing ti:
anger of the paiksFJ
the revived spirit
suppocters every
President has be
fightii^ leader, an
for tlie,country, tt
which he upholds
so-ttlicsd Progrei
their .hold upon th
ity of the people in
Rock Creek R
^ Rev. X F. An
otaley attended qui
at Cane Creek Sati
day and visited rel
T Stagg
and,, IS visitiing at 1
i^n's. He is ac(
Grant Hinsha
ville Ind., who will
days meeting .at Ca
Miss Rodema )
night with I
N P. Wright.
Mr. and Mrs. W.
of Burlington are
JatiTes on this rout*
Mr and Mrs. X ]
or Chatam spent Fi
•plwood Thompson'^i
Palmer Scott
»8 visiting his chi
^ Mr Garland T
^*^ay night at J
. Mr. Law«on Pik
and Mrs. Rufus Tb
t M^ Cleo WrighI
bother, Mr, K P.
w ^ nij^ht,
Mr, Rufus Thomp
Sit Thui^
Jjs brother, Mr. L.
fiftn***’ ?• Stephei
visited relativ
■R>e Trials Of A ’
E. E. Young
kiK®* yt., “and was
gestion till l began
JJg s KewLife Pi
dv^ an exa
™all stoma
troubles they
dy cents

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