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' ' ' ! - '-- ,, THE PJBIIC GOOB OPB CHIEF STPDY. . ' ' - ; ' . ' ';. ' -i "i '..Ivl -'
The Xnias Advernse-
ing Shefet;
obscured His path; His the grand-
I est of all epitaphs; He lived and He
died that others might live forever.
A man without a. home, He has
gladdened and brightened' millions
or homes. He was a man of sor-
The dear wordy. Christunas, mar
shals legions of - precious memories
out from the oast and ' rmwns the rows, acquainted with twtW vt
future with a najo of golden cheery from HJs presence an ocean; of coftY
pcomases uut rrom the shadows lauuii nas spread out and covered M'
come :the festive times when.' Santa tne earth with itswaters of healing; ' 1 !
Claus was a verity, with his' j fat His fast prayer, was an intercession
paunch and great, rosy cheeks;: fpr His enemies, and His last sigh a
wncri, on; awawmg, STOCKings riMea i v; .yu.niiuence in ooa.
The oeonJe of O .4.-.. 'J- - - ... J , I to. burstiflff greeted: the eve. and f I The 'glory tsong of the-
r " """"""uuuiiig i-uuiiu y art: 100 inreiiigent for I ' 7. 0 1 .
me or any other merchant to dictate to them what and where to buy. teve ; the flashing Christmas g?,s sung at the first Christmas;
All we. have any business to do is to lpt thpm ,u j I frPA-firiw ;o I that mpn-nf nwico '.. j
wnat we nave for sale, and the nrirp nnHthmom 1L ; I . . ...
what to huv inn uhrl - xTJ V11" lu ueciue at me joyous giaaness ltwasainus- U1 10 man, snaiinever
fornlr -7 b"y Lookiff red light on the ingaIlaround. . ; die. The grandest of alt carols,
Day of the'children! An infan- aeaiest of alt angel hymns, time
tine laugh is the diyinest of songs I na,s ' destroyed , 'none of ? its sweet
in the ear of the Christ, who. was I ness and has preserved , all of
once a helpless babe His only promise. Peace and lamity dwell
shelter a .'mother's Moving . breast, whoe the spirit of Jesus . prevails,
The Man-Chritbok little ones m : and each Christ, day ' is a benison
His arras, and iblessed thern de mdeed to those who , see His face
daring thatjaljmust he aa they in , through' 'thi clouds arid trie mists of -trust'
and innocence, if thev would mortality. -
be heirsj .to 1 iis ; everlasting king-1 ' Cliristmas; the home day, the
im. ; j ' ' . y ; , i nnstaay! May its lessons : and .
Day of home-bringing and home- j ts blessings gladderi all hearts and .
gathering, when the loved ones I make . a truth of the common salu--
meet and unseliishfcy live m the Jiation: A Merry Christmas be
pleasure each of the , other. Tender I uPn you.
affection banishes self and man
R A C K E T G R 0 C E R Y
Badxiuarters for Low Prices. You will find dom;
ur j: lui uuu complete ijine of
H e a v y and f a be ft f 0 c e n i e s.
Tobacco, Cigars, Nuts of all kinds, Plain and Decorated China,
. Engraved, arid Plain 1 Glassware and various otherjarticlesy
' besides one of the Largest Lines of . '
so surprised when
led to pay the com-
1 . '
Xm as Go o ds
liyes'in tniir.h with' fpllnw alnri- I Cora J was
fled of the ! divine henedirtinrv of f Wff. de Jioks cal
love. Hp L - nwrt to Hivinitv 1 pltments of the season.
who rets' farthest from self, and! , MemttNa wonder, r That's the.
the gifts of J Christmas-tide are; so I onIy tnin-g I ever knew him to pay. V
teenr for the1 recipients. A time is
this when care rolls away like a
A Dollar, bill made of some sub-
scroll In the! flrP .arid 'mirth'1 and lstance that could bestretched until!
rmnH ,iii iwrn k oii.rrti lic becomes a ten dollar bill -1 would
ii u uu t 4vi.. I be
Ever exhibited in DURHAM; (Santa Claus has arr ved and will paint - u a a i1- l it?
4Ka. i,... v Jli-i x.- , . . j . , , . '"U ov cross the threshold and kiss I
ui.kvwit icu.; "cuw wiu piwii, a pariiai list ana wnoiesaie prices or i 1 I ' m .
"my Fire Works: Firecrackers, 65c- per box; 3 ball Roman candles, 60 one anotherj as" they pronoUncej a The iaw of Ashantee limits the
cents per gross: 4 ball Roman candles: 8 sc. 6 ball Roman ranH! tr po blessing iroon all beneath the roof. I . . i . . .
an elastic ' currency, wouldn't
cents per gross; 4 ball Roman candles; 85c. 6 ball Roman candles. 1.50
cents per gross: 8 ball Roman candles $2 per cross mo hall Rom
dIes$2.?o per gross: 12 ball Romani candles .CO nfr arn:5 ir hall I '. xi . ui.J.j
Roman candles 5.25 per gross; 20 ball Roman cand es $7X0: 2 ounce u - .Z a A 1
Qi7 pc Too. ci. -fkJ ' UUIIce that: it is the day of all days
blessing upon all beneath the jroof, I . . f . .
d ' a ' hktng to- 5,333: wives.
1 catcyuvcis uic ucai unca. a.a a. 1 ; ' j
Skv Rockets. 1 per eross: ounce . Skv Rnru-PtQ 4 8r
ounce SkyRcckets S2.7q5per gross: 6 ounce Skv Rockets &a en nr mco
r oi r- - i o , . ;.
r- j. .. ... Mimvugll WC Will iCIl III illmljer I J r i I ' ' ' ,w 7
lots at a smalL advance over these prices. We can make it pay. you! to and flowers, . for the Christ-day f Opposite the colored: v Baotkt
.... , . - r""-;'"- Mniuj puiuiaow, cuiier wnoie- giraies tne eartn ana lemoraces an
nr riptn ll ! inn't rrae tho nHa Di,-lo r. .. I i , ;
Mangum and Parrish Sts., Durham, N. C..' Your Friend. " . Tj -. T , " i .J He
festive joy and happiness a fitting
commemoration of- the fulfillment f Alt
Church, Chapel Hil4, N. C.
haa j a nice assortment of
phis of Candies, ToysRalsons
v.uiiuiit;iiiuiaiiuti ui int luiiiiuiivTiii nu m Ul ValUUC 1 OySKaiSO
of the promise made by the herald J Ctanges Apples, NtitsCake's,
of God in the glowing words:
'I bring you glad tidings
great joy, which shall be unto
Cracketsl Canned Goods,
Fir-Works etc.
invites his! friends to call earl v
, It is peculiarly the Christ day oXi th ristmas tricks
time when the 'beautv of His self-a I rT ,h,m- ThanklnS the Pub!ic
bnegatingiife is rellectecrin sublime I r " tal patronage, and a
majesty. Never a selfish shadow I - v '
- - f ;
'4 a'HM
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