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8ATUBDAT, JUNE 17, 1862.
Id pricnUng thU littl* sheet to
oor people, It is hoped they
preeute it m an hoDeit effort od.
oor part to promote the mord, ia-
telleetaal and materii^ standing of
oar people. We are aware of the
diflcDlUee and reepoosibUitief at-
toKling the patdioatioa of anewe-
paper; bat lesisg the great need of
aa orgoa in this seoUen to ide^ad
the prinoi]des of the Bepnblioan
party: the need of an exponent of
the ri^ts of the odored people, we
hare nndertaken the task and shM
d^nd upon the wisdom and kind-
ness of onr friends to enoonrage and
soj^ort ns.
We intend to make the Mnsua>
oaa a permanent institntion and an
oigan worthy of its name. It is in-
The Kaleigh- TSma is the l^ilcial
oigao of the BeptddioaB. Jlhrty in
the Sute. I
The Bepnblicans carried the elec
tion Oregon last week, and wi'*
clect^ Eepnlfican .lo'eQooeed|Crr
ver in the tTnited^tatee Stn^.
We are to have another negro at
Weet Point. This time he comes
from Brooklyn, N. Y., thmngl> the
iinerite of a competitiTe examina
tion. Smart chap, be.
The Liberal or anti-prohibition
party met in Baleigh on the 7tb
and nominated the following ticket
to bo voted for in November.
CoDgreesroan at Large, O. H. Dock
ery; Supreme Court Judge, O. N.
Folk; Associate Justices; C. C. Pool,
J. A. Moore, P. H. Darby. W. A.
Gntbrie, L. H. Chorobili.
This ticket was endorsed by the
Bepubliean Convention which met
on the 14th in the same city.
itanding and one aorely frlv We
ahall make H oor bosiness to get
newt, and shall ftimish onf readen
with all interesting news possible.
While we shall not be ^taring ia
bar dealings with wrong-doers, nor
slow in reoognixing merit wberevsr
fonnd, we shall devote yeoial inter
est to the defense of the colored
people and the Bepnbttean party.
The Matswon will be ftuwished
its readers promptly on the day of
publication, and will always {nide
itsfifin deiag all in its power to ad>
-vanoe the ednoational and. moral
atandlng oi oor people in the Caro-
linaa. W. C. Smith,
The colored newspaper men (rf*
the country meet in Washington
City on tho27tb intU They wiajw>ciety does not 'appear, inform us
have a grand time. Cromwell, of
the Advocate, will have everything
neeessary to make them hi^py^
dome frrther South, next time,
boys, not for our benefit, but eo you
may all see our great eountiy.
was Ther Are.
tended to fill a vacancy of long •*»■•*■•«** immaem
vrl . »»?»^rftt«ApU.ftohlWUon
OonvaMiM wsee as we iatimated Imt
li^watlsaattotrT to foUbwhlm.
lO said Senator Brpee waa the
negro to be in Congrees ?. Mr.
Lynch is in sad Jb. Smalls Is Hkoly
to got in very soon.
How do you like tbo ticket?.
Well, don’t know ; but it is bound
to win. Gueu it is the best after
all—80 say we, all of us.
As the Massxvaxx is published,
for the benefit of the colored people,
it Is hoped that all the preachers,
teachers and other public men, will
feel that onr oolnmns are always
open to them. We want to keep
standing a directory of onr churobee
and Bocieties. If your ebnrob or
■spnaiiesn Cxscvtire CemaiUee.
The followhiff is the, BepnbUean
fitats KxeeaUvnTlommiUea as elected
' r the leestti eoovmMton Id Ualefgh:
Filrt«slrle^PaleBaooJo^tf Paa-
qnotaak; second
Gaiiadayr«f >ew Hanover;
trlot, Jia.MHiirTia,ol Walce;fi
Met, WuUam P. Hendimo.of DavM:
towth dis-
Thers wasn little nnpleeeaotoees
in the ooort.iw>m at Salisbnry last
week. Two pogilistio lawyers not S®!.***?* distrirt. W. B, Mv^ of
b.iB* With ho, wLu, .o.
BCwted to their mnsolea. The Idnd-
hearted preeiding Judge, allowed
them to go free. It looks to us like
gtiqg to the extreme with leniency,
but be knows best
...Cooper A Iredell; elght-
Joba a, Ksvea, of ButberfonL
Oonmlttes at taige: Dr. J. J. Mott,
d WacelaaiaUoo);
I; John 8. Leary
TMC nrVATMiir v» bctpt.
The Baedaw iIS,«MH> Treeps Wanted—
hfthe “
The met.
tebsvwynl^aBld pattMetahls eaa-
VMaas: andwsBMpcsadbyafaetiooof
Us peny an Ibe pma that be lacked ttw
feqt^ -iMkW and
tor —*« - ——^
Is a na-
tineefllfe of Wight ccaalH, VliMBia:
hat has’BseidsdiaMoctb Carolina since
im. He. eerved in the Li«istBtaie
■;ypil*tlmei prior totbe war; and
raised the diet eompaoy foe tte famons
Fln^. cavalry.^ wMefa^SSSSt
be eerved two veeck wfasn he was made
Colonel of the StbN. a Csval?,™
wMWMiMed at ChicamMifa aim Psa
\^ebareh. AfierUwiivbe
The Convention lav-
lag met snd rmdorted the ticket put
ibnraid by tbe aatlprohiltdtion
veaMoa whi(dt mat one week pro-
Vieos, it IS the doty of all good aad
h^ BepuMlcana to lay saide wfml.
ever of pewoaal fediagi ihay diiy
have bad, and accept tUs tieU in
good fhHh.
ladividoaDy, we were (^posed to
noakUop, as wc believed the party
strong enoD£^ to srin srithout a fh^
mal unkm whk any other party
bat as the party
tho^tbeaito accept tha work of
. thaotherooaveattoa, weaeqaieeoe(
hone than axoel ne ia obeyiaf the
par^ leadere wheaavw we think
them right.
The Convention cf fiapaUiosas
wUob met in Baleigh on Wednes
day last was one of the most inteUi-'
gent bediw ef F^pabboane that
has met ia thM
Amsag tbe colored ama pineent
were Harris, Green, 0*Haia, Wt»-
•om, the LsMys, and White. It
waa a harmonioQs body, and ^oagh
Matt, Cooper and Moora ware there
Keogh, Jeakhm and
Ball, wa ase faribrmad there was bat
iMtls dasUag of arms, wUeh Is a
Mir indinariea that evarytbiag Is to
Wask smoothly. Dosl^ 4b tha
oMseofMIthe BspabUaMS in fte
8Ma for Congrimmia id laige.
Ttan ga U wat^ beyt, and dent
Mop till the lart vote is
Mow fbrn OsnfpnmlaBal
Ibii BMrIet. We
MH^Col Jdba W OaBal^bam snd
Osi Psik IBM bmdmmn bl
eM ‘Selsaawitaoraovrvmi
1 in
JJ; *• *}!« -Ml .mtiTmTo! SSSiS/n
DiJXctw!\ Oathrinsf
tor Alenmdne.
ALBXAHpnu. Joes I6.>-Tbe Kb»>
Mte has expeemsd tha hope that lAuOO
Tvks will be sborttr on their way to
Egypt After tbe reeeption he heU
yesterdsy be latonned the Europsaos
ll^hebad dlvidad the town into dis-
triets and bad made an oflloer respoasl-
blslorsaeb. He said iSO rtnglmflOT of
Bonday’s riot bad been dnemsd and
wonldbaptaoedoabcardashlplB tha
harbor, where tb^ woald be well guard
ed. ■Adidiral Seymour bos seiiM the
stsaawr Marenge to oanvey fegftivm
expremes fr^oenfi-
deeeelathe loyalty of tbs Egyptian
tcoma. Tuikieh treefs, however, are
Osrmaay and Austria are trying to
Induae tin military putj to ask the
Kbaolve for pardon. Tbe mllltaiy de
mand as a oMdltlon the (IlimlassI of
two oenAdenttai advisera of the Kb^
VtaxHA. June It—Tbe Neue Freie
Ikims ssya that Eoftand and Fiaaoe
are wflUng to mree that Turkey shall
be eawa^ vfw intervmtton ia Egypt
m a mandate^ end under tbe eonuol
ofEiiroEB,tetnotasa»or*ri|gn power
Should TartemCnm this madonand
paMetra ewmag aaosUlan m a sov-
etelgD power. Endaao^ Fratwf wfU
beiea^to aeespfc the mandate of ~
- italhsk^
. Uojd* have sent two
MsanMes MariOmm
who nhh to Mav*
out MVnNMKim.
fMesrs ef in Fadwsi Oevsfeaiest
• ' mx XXBCUTtVK.
Chester A. Arthur, of Mew York,
'^residdnt pf the United Btetm.
Ibtricriek T.^^^Kiiaghuysea,
New Jomy, Secretary of State.
Cbarloe J. Folger, of New York,
Secretary of tbe Treasury.
H. M. Teller, of Colorado, Secre
tary of the Interior.
Kobert T. Lincoln, of Illinois, Sec
retary of War.
Wm. E. Chandler, of New llamp-
shire, Secretary of (be Nary.
Timothy O. Howe, of Wisconsin,
postmaster General.
B. Harris Brewster, of Pennsyl
vania, Attorney General.
snvBKMXoooaT or thx (rwiTXD statxs.
Morrison R. Waite, of Ohio, Chief
Samuel F. Miller, of Iowa,
John M. Harlan ofKentnoky,
Stephen (L Field of California,
Wm. B. Woodaof Geo^a,
of New Jersey.
HiliVA^ JuBS iBr'-Tbe ADas IbM
earner, during tbe fag.
stmeb at Ugk IMa yesterday mcer^ -
on Tbnm Ob|W fibem and mnahtti
All tbe peenmgrre were taken jitl
breortt betw Tbe tumei can be »i
‘"^emadoo’tdler. ^ •
SmorlUt's 4iniAe.
vn* toltowtnw *c
•Mml kr en* B*Mn
B»r a* ■•■Ml M am canmmt:
Nerih Clreliia gaiheaf.
., jhnaette,
Samuel Blatcbford, of New Yoric,
Associate Justices.
EesBn sablflf wMwrwffy
L ThsiMta'aC «hs rmwiiwijli
m te iMfiW wfll ImmWio
"^iBaVlmw nnrtssgns(linr,al
" -r^.W It wii thala!
—m BmoSSSm
rafmafio&m s^mrnm m Jn
—w.a! BTiWlSrfcglt _ _
Thomas J. Jarvis, of Pith Gover
Jamee L. Robinaon, of Macon,
Lientenawt Governor.
W. L. Saunders, of New Hanover,
Secretary of State.
John M. Worth, of Randolph,
Donald W. Bain, of Wake, Chief
HaL M. Worth, of Randolph, Tel
W, P, Boberte’ of Gates, Auditor.
Thomas 8. Kaanan, of Wilson,
Attorney General.
John C^Soarborengb, of Johnson
Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion. .
Johnstone Jones, of Burks, illju-
tant tyneral.
J. MiHjood Turner, Keeper of ibe
oberwood Haywood, of Wake,
State Librarian.
, /udi3aby,
W. N.H. Smith, of Hertford,Chief
Thomas Rufin, Thomas S. Ashe,
W. H. Bagley of Wake, Clerk.
a H. Bradley, of Wake, Marabal.
A BadrMd AeeMsM.
PJffwrr tenia on Sbe
LonteriUu Xew Albany and Chlsmm
• -riaut aesideat
ywgwdv. Wben nearing While Blv
•, apru lan
leata ObaildSr
n.. AOOew
a. ll-OwMim M .OrwaUan* ««k a * U-
L iw auSito MMk. iMt MS Wwt Ma Dan
■~-K A» OaSSw am w. AW IL A VU-
"xjffl'fWjSBWi jn ■mftwi aeaw.AC a'l
A Iw akjMattai WamnManhOwamiai saS} I
« owifeTam mw - - - -—• —■—
,J^W-,O0BerwatrhaiMM«afeAa c. au
ima.taa.aaAAAAnDBiAa diwhCs
K. w. M. o. laatAAwam
• rt-FFia
•- aaoiw
'4WW atmvMWTv »%iaii«ao.
lAlOp ■
IA iISIiaS*”

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